Dan says Andrew, you have been put up twice by your own alliance and there were other options.

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 125pm

1pm When the live feeds come back Andrew and Talla are out in the backyard talking. Talla says that she doesn’t know everyone’s game.. but.. Andrew says yeah well you can’t, you don’t see the diary rooms or other conversations.

Talla comments on how it was great to have Dan in the house to talk to. She bring up how Alec and Peter wanted to copy him. Andrew says that he would never come in here copying someone else’s game. Andrew says that Gary is in here messing up our game. Talla says her vocabulary has shrunk .. LOVE IT! Andrew says the other thing with Dan here is that he is here compiling information.. but I don’t think that’s true. Andrew says all we know is that I am on the block. Talla says and I will be up next to you tomorrow. Andrew says we don’t know that yet. Talla asks where is Dan. Andrew says I think he is in the bathroom. Talla says he is bi-partition. Andrew says bipartisan? Talla says yeah she had good talks with Dan. Talla says this was the best day of my life. Andrew says that he wishes we knew what was up with him (Dan). Talla comments that her brain is full of stuff. Andrew asks her 24 times 50. Talla says we all know it’s not full of numbers. Talla says this is the best thing I have ever earned.

Meanwhile in the bathroom. Jillian is talking to Dan in the bathroom. She says that either way she is going to talk to them before they vote them out.. She says I really don’t want either one of them to go home. Andrew joins them.
Big Brother Canada April 21 2013 145pm

1:25pm – 1:45pm Andrew goes into the storage room and starts talking to Dan. Andrew says that he was worried that Dan would be going around sharing information. Dan says no I, if I was doing that it would have already gotten around because you guys would have already shared information. Andrew says that he feels confident .. Emmett, myself and Jillian.. Talla doesn’t know this.. we are the east coast alliance. Andrew brings up how he did have a final 3 deal with Emmett and Jillian. Dan says but not the situation has changed. Have you asked for Gary’s vote. Andrew says a little bit but not really. Dan asks how do you feel about Emmett as the tie breaker. Andrew brings up how he was mad at he Emmett for putting him up on the block. Dan tells Andrew the only thing you care about are votes now. You either need Jillian and Emmett or Gary and Jillian. Dan says you have been up twice by your own alliance .. and there were other options. Andrew says yup. Dan says I just grasped that. Andrew says I know what I need to do, I need to get Gary’s vote. I think Emmett and Jillian will do some of the work for me too. Dan says you have a couple plays if you feel safe then you don’t need to do as much. Dan finishes the conversation with .. you need to think about how comfortable you are and if not you need to take action… They leave the storage room.

1:50pm – 2:05pm Andrew and Dan continue talking out in the backyard. Andrew brings up how he doesn’t see any of the jury members voting for Gary after getting voted back into the house. Andrew says and the jury members don’t really care for Jillian either. Dan says that’s not good for her but that’s good for you or whoever she is up against. Andrew comments on how he is jealous of Emmett’s looks. he’s soft spoken and what he’s done in his life. Emmett joins them. Emmett leaves. Andrew starts telling Dan about Alec. Dan comments that he is going to go check out the bathroom. Andrew thanks him for the conversation.

2:10pm Jillian and Emmett are whispering in the bathroom.

2:20pm – 2:30pm Andrew and Jillian are in the bathroom talking. Andrew comments how I know you guys put me up twice and you did it for whatever reason .. but it doesn’t matter as I won the veto in that first time and then Gary won it so I would have been up any ways. The conversation turns to talking about the veto punishments. Andrew says that he buzzed in for all of them. He says that Gary is quick, I wouldn’t want to go up against him in a gun fight. Talla joins them. The camera then turns to the hallway were Dan is listening in on their conversation. Dan joins them. He questions Jillian about her kiss with Jillian and points out that she didn’t hold out her arm to push him away. Andrew gets called to the diary room. Jillian says that she feels like she wants to play whatever hand she is dealt. Dan says but you still have to make a decision. Jillian says I could take the safe route or I could choose the risky route. The conversation turns to Jillian’s past relationship and if she will date Emmett after they get out. She says yes, he’s a good guy. Meanwhile: Gary and Emmett are in the bedroom talking. Gary is telling Emmett about what the Jury house were saying about Jillian and Andrew. Emmett says that he knows all that. Emmett says that he won’t take Talla to the final 2. Gary tells Emmett you, me and Jillian need to talk later because I need to know where Jillian’s head is at with Talla and Andrew. Emmett says yeah later.

3pm Jillian is told she has completed her punishment as a bathroom attendant.

2:40pm – 3:35pm Emmett has a quick conversation with Talla out in the backyard. He tells her that he wants to tell her something later. Talla asks should I be worried? Am I going to be sh!tting bricks? Emmett says no, you will be happy. Emmett goes up to play a game of chess with Dan. Emmett tells Dan that he is opening up peoples minds in the house and he is closing them. Dan says you sure are hustling. Emmett talks about how he wants to get to the final two with Jillian because he knows he can beat her. He says that there is no speech that she could come up with that would be better than mine. I have an answer for every move in this game. Emmett says that he doesn’t want to be in the final two with Andrew. He says that if he is there with Gary.. Gary won’t get the votes because he got a second chance to come back and people will be pissed about it. Emmett asks Dan what he thinks of him. Dan tells Emmett that people are attracted to you and know you are a threat but they aren’t really scared of you. Dan says that he was worried about coming in here that it would be seen as an unfair advantage for someone. Emmett says well you can see how it doesn’t benefit me. Emmett tells Dan he would like to talk to him after to shoot the sh!t and get pointers on his game.

3:50pm Emmett starts telling Dan about Liza and how she was poison. He tells Dan how he said this chick is poison and I’ve got the cure. Dan says this chess game is like your game .. I see moves where I can take you down but you have pawns in place to take me out. ..Not that I am here to take you down. Big Brother comes over the speaker and says Dan we need to do a complete … Then the feeds cut out.

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Andrew is an idiot for having no doubt that his east coast alliance is loyal to him. OMG I thought he was a smart player..he is not


He’s a loyal sort of “trust and honor are everything” kind of guy. So while he’s ENTIRELY certain that Talla is the one leaving this week due to his East Coast alliance… I won’t be surprised at all to see them turn on him because he’s a bigger threat. And if that happens we might see a side of Andrew that is more like how Tom reacted.


I bet Dan gave Andrew advice how to throw every pov competition to stay safe


Okay, listening to the 1st convo between Andrew & Dan I am disappointed, perhaps being on slop for a week has affected Andrew’s brain? He’s coming across as thick as Talla! Dan is trying to get him to re-think East coast alliance & Andrew just keeps skating around his points. I’m really hoping once he walks away, Andrew will rethink everything again.

But yeah, he’s not presenting his game very well to Dan. Course, maybe he’s just melting down after 60 days of Lala babysitting & the Gary twist just put him over the edge…

Dan even saying “it’s happened before that a strong alliance turned” — Wish Dan would mention how confident Matt felt in his alliance, he was even the brain’s in it & they turned on him when he least expected!

Despite how stupid he’s being right now, still hoping for an Andrew Save…


I love seeing Dan make everyone finally think about the game and open up their eyes a little


i think andrew has lost the plot big time. keeps repeating the same points/stories over and over again. the talk with dan clearly showed how stupid his game really is, i hadn’t realized it was that bad before lol. now i think that andrew really deserves to leave this week. this stupidity should not be rewarded. almost as delusional as peter at this point. his head is not in the game anymore, instead he is concerned about how famous he will be when he gets out. really disappointing to watch.


So first they don’t play Gary’s goodbye message and then supposedly Canada votes him back in ( only in Canada can you not lose a game when you have clearly lost) so why don’ t they write Gary a check right now. Come on, he didn’t even stay up 24 hours he was constantly falling asleep and big brother had to keep waking him up. Seriously if that had been Emmett he would have been DQ’d for sure. This has become so fake it’s sickening to watch. What’s more sickening though is I keep watching… Hopefully Dan will say hope u guys enjoyed the week cause it was all a dream.. Gary get back to the jury house where u belong and let’s replay this week in one episode! That would be ideal, then maybe it might show that the people who go into the house actually have a shot at winning and not have been carried through the game by the producers


I just noticed that not just Andrew, but Emmett also thinks game an awful lot. But, while Andrew is always so vocal and public about it, Emmett is a thousand times more “chill” and subtle in his approach. This latest Dawg update highlights the clear difference in tactics. Emmett tells Dan that “Dan is opening up people’s minds in the house (which is exactly the assignment Production has given Dan), and that Emmett is closing their minds right back up again.” Dan says, “You sure are hustling!” Emmett adds, “I have an answer for every move in this game.” I believe him. I think Dan does, too.

Dan just also got Andrew to admit that he’s envious of Emmett, about several different things in his life, and Jillian just admitted to Dan that she has sincere feelings for EmmettI, is planning to take him to the final two, and that she would like to continue their relationship outside the house. I think Dan leaves the house with a ton of respect for Emmett’s overall game. Even Dan’s closest allies in BB were worried that “the other shoe could drop, at any moment.” Emmett just doesn’t give his close BB allies that same feeling of insecurity, even when it is warranted. That’s a valuable skill in BB. I think I’ve been unfairly viewing EmmettI as mainly just a comp beast. I now think that Emmett has got much more of a well-rounded BB game. (Pardon me – I’m a slow learner!) 🙂 I also think a big part of Dan is glad that he’s not up against Emmett himself this time. Emmett would clearly be mist-proof.


I have to agree. I’m not fond of Emmett, and a few weeks ago I would have said that I do NOT want him to win because all he does is coast on Jillian’s heels… but I’ve since realized that he’s probably one of the only people left in this game who is still strategizing and orchestrating things. He has used Jillian to do his dirty work almost the entire game, has Andrew COMPLETELY trusting him (which will probably be the lad’s downfall), and he might even have Talla and Gary convinced he’s on their side.

He has positioned himself beautifully. At this point I wouldn’t be upset if he won… in fact, I think Emmett’s gameplay is fairly well described in his conversation with Dan:

Emmett: “You are opening up people’s minds in the house and I am closing them.”
Dan: “You sure are hustling.”


I agree Jim.. Many, many, many moons ago I posted that I thought Emmett was the puppet master running the house..I still think Talla could be his downfall. Why because he under estimates her. She is close to Jillian. Sees talla as his chess piece not his girlfriends or his opponents pawn..Has to much confidence in his control over Jillians emotions.. And may lose valuable votes sending a member of his alliance to the jury house before Talla and Gary. .


I just watched Andrew talk with Dan. It’s one thing to talk about the house strife with the other HGs, it’s a totally different thing to tell an outsider (Dan)

I am done with Andrew. He’s an idiot. He is soooo convinced that emmett will keep him just because they have the east coast alliance. And he knows emmett so well that emmett wouldn’t do that.

Andrew’s problem was he was so realistic about game and how ppl would react (let them campaign, complain, it’s natural) that he thinks he has a finger on the pulse of everyone in that house. That he couldn’t possibly be fooled at this point in the game. And he won’t back down! If he doesn’t smarten up he will be out! Andrew, for crying out loud, you should be going after jillian’s vote and guarantee of F2. And working on Gary too. He is so confident that he only needs jillian and he has emmett. He is wrong and will pay for it.

Goodbye Andrew!


Why did Dan need that big suitcase? All he has been wearing is swim shorts, that red t-shirt, and he had a couple red head bands.


So basically Dan was there to convince them all that they need to team up and get Jillian out while they could cause she is a threat for winning comps and lying to all of them. Only no one noticed.


I absolutely hate Jillian but everyone wants to take her to the final two.I really hope Gary wins HOH and put Emmett and Jillian on the block. Some people should consider taking Talla to the final two, althought she has the stooges votes, a lot of people do not respect the fact that she is a floater. People should have turned on Emmett and Jillian a long time ago.


Oh my god, Andrew has gotten so cocky. I can’t stand him anymore. His humor has gotten obnoxious and the fact that he uses sarcasm to mask his being a complete DB … pot meet kettle … is such a douchy move. He is getting on my last damn nerve. Gah!


Is there an ‘off’ switch on Talla somewhere because she just does not shut up. If there was it should have been a challenge to find it. Oh wait, that is a challenge for all of them every day.


Andrew can’t get past his hatred for Gary being back in the house at this point. Plus Andrew wasn’t very smart for making a F2 deal with Jillian knowing how much she has lied to everyone and that she is still with Emmett. That was his dumbest move so far. He must have known it would get back to Emmett after all he does knowing Emmett has been in Jillian’s ear for every HoH she has had.
At this point I don’t see Andrew staying. Not unless by some chance he finds a hidden POV. You never know, Dan asked everyone if they had looked for hidden items and they all brushed it off saying Alec had looked but that was some time ago now. There might be something hidden in the house with Dan saying that. LMAO wouldn’t it be funny if Talla found it.


spot on jim


Although I love Gary Glitter I’m really rooting for Emmett to win now. I pegged him pre-season as an early eviction but I think his gameplay has been perfect so far. I realized it when he was running through past events with Dan that he’s positioned himself quite well throughout the game. Although it’s not exciting TV to see Jemmett constantly in power and in the HOH for an entire month Emmett *alone* has been running the house. I think the only thing that will screw up his game is Dan showing everybody that Emmett needs to be taken down and quick.

Bill from Halifax

I hoped the houseguests would have learned more from Dan.

He kept trying to tell them to start at the end game, and work backwards.
– Who is it you want at the F2?
– Do you want someone you can beat? If so, who is that?
– What third person will help you get that F2 person. These questions will define who should be @ F3

Instead they are guessing what kind of competition it *might* be next, and who *might* win or not win. That stuff is all meaningless.
Right now does Emmett want Talla or Andrew in the final 3. and if he sends Andrew/Talla to the Jury house would they still vote for him.

My own thoughts: if they take Talla to the F2 I predict Talla will win. The Jury members are vindictive enough that it would be their final middle finger to whoever is F2 with Talla.

A person who by all accounts should have left week 2, but stayed in the house ONLY because noone thought it was important to put her out, I think it would be completely fitting if she won it.

And then I will proceed to hang myself.


OMG Bill, that post was so smart and ended so funny, you almost made me pee my pants. LMAO