Big Brother Spoilers Price of Veto Results

POV Holder: Gary Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: Gary and Andrew
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots Gary


Gary in a prison uniform


Andrew in a mohawk

9:28pm Backyard Emmett and Andrew

Emmett: “I cannot believe they brought someone back in if there was only 4 people left”
Andrew: “Yup it’s ridiculous”


9:31pm Dan says it’s either Talla or Andrew going home this week regardless of what Gary does. Dan adds that there is a chance of Emmett getting rid of the person he wants this week and still coming out looking “Golden”

(Gary Won POV)

Dan helps Emmett determine his next move. The talk is geared towards getting Andrew out. Dan says the best game to play is the one where you don’t need to win anything to stay in the house.
Dan also drops the idea that Emmett might have a better chance

Dan says he’s experience bitter jury before. Says that two people on the jury during of Big Brother 14 said they would have voted for him if they had known he did all the things he did.

Emmett wants to keep Talla around as long as he can because “She’s useless” .

(Video coming)


What the hell is Gary eating.. (Looks like poo)


10:02pm Dinner


Andrew: “Is Shane and Danielle still together” (They are not)
Dan laughs “No comment”
Andrew: “Because he didn’t seem too into her”

Dan: “I can’t believe you guys get liquor that’s crazy”
Emmett: “You a drinker Dan”
Dan: “Not so much.. my wife’s family are big drinker.. i’m super chill.. I don’t like going out.”
Andrew: “What do you like doing.. play video games”
Dan: “Ya.. I work out, run around the neighborhood.. It’s a game about being social but i’m not that social of a guy”

Dan: “Jill… you and Emmett pretty serious”
Jillian: ‘I have a crush on him”


Throughout this conversation at the dinner table Dan points out to everyone about Andrew’s Big Brother knowledge. Andrew seems to have pretty good knowledge of Big Brother 14.

Video uploading.


10:49pm Jars

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I would have wanted andrew to win the veto but anyway… andrew is in hrave danger and i don’t like it


Agreed, very sad for Andrew. I think it’s a given that he goes home.
Only Jillian could have a small interest in keeping him. Emmet once again sits pretty, he knows Jillian and Gary on his side, won Talla over (including making her feel like she owes him, although before he put her on the block instead of Peter… hello!? Remember Talla? ), perfect moment to get rid of Andrew who he knows has a final2 with Jillian, only danger: one bitter jury member for him. Gary already said he wants Andrew out for sure and just made a deal with Talla.


Comment: GARY should never been allowed to come back.If Andrew is voted out than I am so done at watching.It is fixed for Gary to win.


Yep, pretty disgusting. And “The Price of Veto”…what is that? Even the name of that sounds rigged.
If Gary wins, this season will forever be scarred with an asterisk beside the “winners” name.


Would be hilarious if Gary and Jillian voted out Talla for emotional reasons. Wishful thinking, they’ll both do what Emmett instructs them to do.


Judging by Andrews mohawk, I’m assuming it was a “how bad do you want it” comp they create so they can give the POV to anyone they want. Wow.
I’m really hoping this is not the case. If so…………..unreal. The rigging will not stop until production chooses the winner, deserving or not.


I also personally feel that the marketing department at @chevrolet or whatever should be fired. A bad, bad decision to put their name on that.
Taking it too serious or not (hey we get caught up in it), I’ll always remember the POWERSHIFT and @chevrolet whenever I decide to buy new vehicles.
Poor decision on the part of @chevrolet if you ask me. I won’t support them. Sorry, flame me whatever. That’s how I feel. They’ll never get another dime from me.


Yup me too, done watching! Andrew is def out, no need to watch how the rest is being produced into a finale. Hope he at least wins some kind of favourite houseguest prize!

BB US > BB Can

Yeah, this is all messed up and I am not understanding this one bit. And before you jump to conclusions, this isn’t about the Power Shift. I wanna know where are all the damn mullets. All those people in the house and not a single mullet, WTF is going on. How can this be BB Can without any mullets in the house?


Avenge Topaz Gary!!! 🙂


Hahaha! Good one, Damon
Go, glitter, go! Lol
Yes, getting Gary back into the game is unfair, but so were all of the other powershifts!


If Emmett and Jillian vote out Andrew, Gary will steamroller to the end ….. and win.


Yep, and Dan just handed him Talla as an ally.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

OMG, don’t Emmett and Jillian just remind you of Shane and myself?




What if Gary also signed up for the Mohawk task Andrew ended up with? We’d never know. “I already have one, bitches! But I still expect my 20 POV points anyway!” (Maybe that put him over the top!)


Gary won…well, bye Andrew. Hmmm im finding it very hard to root for anyone in this game. Gary is delusional if he thinks he is going to convince Emmett to drop Jill next. Honestly I don’t think Gary wants to win badly. Wouldn’t Talla be the perfect person to take to the final two. He told Dan that Talla is his target. It’s obvious that Gary just wants the attention all on him and Talla is apparently taking the attention off of him.


maybe it’s Talla’s turn to leave the house.


I dont want Talla to leave the game, she is entertainment gold. 🙂


Andrew should’ve realized he was in danger the minute he s up as a pawn.

Pawn = not important in persons plans.

Second giveaway? The minute no one was happy you win the veto. The fact he is on the block again and still thinks he is not the target means a) he is in denial or b) he is a complete moron.


Yes u r totally right! Andrew has been a smart player so far, it’s frustrating to watch him trust Jillian and her “final 2” promise. Has Andrew even tried to talk game w/ Dan?


Nope. He sees no point in him being here because no matter what happens their (the east coast 3) “plan” will always be followed thru.


Time for Talla to go home. Please keep Andrew in the house!


Terrible week, Gary comes back and Andrew will most likely be evicted.
I gotta say, for me anything Gary does and any moves he makes from now on don’t mean anything to me. Even if he’s the one to break up the Milkmance, the fact that he was evicted and brought back so late in the game makes me root for anyone else to win BUT him.

So yeah if he makes it to F2 he’ll plead his case and say all the moves and comps he’s one. I just don’t care coz he lost. I love twists, but only in moderation.

If Andrew survives I will be in shock. After he goes I’m rooting for either Jill or Emmett to win. I want them taken out but not by someone who was evicted and brought back at Final 5.


Well this game is about powershifts and canada decided to bring him back so maybe you should take it up with canada? Quit btchin


Calm down I can btch all I want this is the whole point of the forum , to btch about who you like, who you hate who you think deserves to win and who you think doesn’t.

Almost every post is about someone ‘btching’ about something, if you wanna call it that. Much like you ‘btching’ about my btching’ .Pot, meet kettle.

BB US > BB Can

Well said Queen. Apparently Name can’t handle opinions different from their own. They need to change the way they think, not you Queen.

Name, I don’t want you to think like me, I just want you to think. Might give that a shot sometime, rather than worry about differing opinions as you will never change them.

That being said, Gary is a terrible player and that is the second time Canada has brought back terrible players. Clearly that audience would rather be amused by silliness rather than good gameplay. Just sayin…


Canada did not decide to bring someone back. It was Big Brother. Canada did not have a choice to NOT bring back someone into the house. Therefore, it was all Big Brother’s doing. We were just PAWNS for Big Brother.


All I can say that after BB intentionally changed the winner of the game, by returning a jury member, I think that big brother should even things up by giving Andrew the DPOV.


I would prefer a Gary and Jillian finale. The jury would surely slap Jillian in the face for all her lies, and she deserves it. Gary will take it all. Sweet, :-)…


did Andrew self evict or something? They r all eating at the dinner table w/o him, weird…
I am not a huge fan of this Dan twist, It kind of came off as if Dan had a task to go into the house to help Gary advance and he’d get a bonus lol. I don’t get why Gary feels so entitled to win, he was funny the first time around, just irritating this time around!


Obviously Gary was going to win, it wouldn’t make much sense to have him come into the house only for him to leave the following week. Could this game be any less interesting?


Finally. Some excitment around here.


I wish Dan could mist Emmett into putting up Jillian. COME ON DAN! Get it done!


That would b amazingggggg tv

BB US > BB Can

So with Dan being in Canada, wouldn’t that be Canadian Mist?


I knew this would happen, oh BBCA you never cease to amaze me. Andrew was golden and now because of some stupid powershift he will lose 100K. This pisses me off, it was blatant rigging by bringing that dumbass back and then introducing Dan to help the players. The only reason Dan came in there was to save Gary’s ass and I wouldn’t be surprised if the comp was rigged to ring Gary’s buzzer before anyone else. I hope Talla goes home now and then Gary follows her right after (not likely but one can wish). As I predicted last week, Gary will be brought back and taken to F2 by the production, we still need more powershifts….


While I agree that Dan certainly came in to help the underdogs… I don’t agree that this screws Andrew over any more than he was already. Emmett had already nominated him, and NO amount of Dan’s coaching could have made Gary win the veto. The milkmance was already talking about getting Andrew out last week when they put him up against Peter–so this is just their second opportunity to do that.

It still sucks, though. Andrew has played a pretty good game, and I was rooting for him to do something unexpected… though truthfully, that doesn’t seem to be in his character. He’s sort of a “honor/my word is my word” sort of person, so he would never have put Jillian or Emmett up due to the “final 3” deal. =/


Finally some excitement around here


wow, wish people would quit with the gary coming back into the game …. it’s a game and they do it all the time in BBUS. it’s awesome that the people in the house have to worry about it each year … keeps them on edge and the game a little more interesting. we all comment things like emmitt put up jillian …. hoping that dan can put this in emmitt’s head but i don’t see it happening because if he win hoh he is safe. haven’t they been the winner for last month? it’s what got them this far. it has always been that the last floater to leave the house becomes one of the most important people in the game. seen them in the f2 on BB and even win survivor. maybe if andrew was a little nicer and a little bitter in the last week he wouldn’t be in this positon. how you treat people goes a long long way. gary’s saving grace wasn’t only getting voted in but having a good relatonship with emmitt before he left. so hope he wins next week as i just don’t want emmitt and jillian in the final … they both have to know they have a better chance going to the f2 with someone else.


They have never brought back someone late into the game in any season of BB US. Final five is ridiculous since they’re two steps away from the finale.

BB US > BB Can

I wish Gary was drawn and quartered by a team of Moose.


hope gary will win hoh next week. put j & e up. gary wins veto. doesn’t matter who goes home as long as they up the showmane.


I don’t see gary putting up emmitt he already believes that emmitt will take him over jillian which is a smart move on emmitts part so he may put jillian up with talla and get emmitt to vote her but to be honest it doesn’t matter who goes up. There are 4 people left in the house after andrew leaves whoever wins hoh guarentees themself a place in the final 3 the pov in this case is more important then hoh. The only way the hoh has the power is if he wins pov if any of the other three win they pull themselves off the block and have the final vote so you see the power isn’t with the hoh it is with the veto holder and whoever isn’t on the block As for dan i get the feeling he is rooting for emmitt not so much jillian but emmitt and i think it was kinda cool him being there to honest i will always love to see dan on a bb he is awsome! and he isn’t telling them what to do only trying to help their game.


emmitt putting jillian would be stupid to all the milkmance haters. Andrew is obviously going to go because regardless of whatever fake deal she made with gary she is the weaker player of the two so it only makes sense the chances of her winning the next hoh is slim so either gary or jillian will win it. I don’t see how andrew will stay all in all he is a strong player and there is no reason to keep him and more then likely it will be a 2.0 vote. Andrew is more likely not to hold a grudge and realise it is just a game.


Dan just gave away the fact that he’s been watching the show — talking moose? HAHAHA!! They are gullible. The look on Talla’s face was hilarious!!!!


He saved himself though because him, Andrew and Emmett were talking about it.


I got the feeling earlier that he had been watching the show when he talked to emmitt in front of the memory wall he said to emmitt he was a big fan of his game but if he wasn’t watching the show how could he be a big fan. Honestly i think andrew is definetly going and i think emmitt will get jillian to vote to keep talla letting look like emmitt had no call. I knew emmitt through this veto why wouldn’t he this way he didn’t have to make a choice.


Lol I was surprised that Tala composed herself and didn’t blurt out something like “oh that’s supposed to be secret” right in front of Jill!


I can’t believe she didn’t slip either!! Shows she’s a little smarter than she lets on!


Do you know what clip he said that in? I can’t seem to locate it.


Are there any players still in the house who haven’t talked to the moose?

Bill from Halifax

I don’t think any of the players in the house have talked to the moose.


Only Peter, AJ, and Talla have talked to mooses, so actually, Talla is the only one left in the house that knew about the giver of missions.

Bill from Halifax

Addie you are correct, I forgot about Talla.

Or rather I have blocked her from my mind. I fast forward through any Talla screentime because I find it impossible to even listen to her mindless prattle anymore.


Soooo… a thought about the power shifts… sure they have caused chaos and many have been upset stating that they are not fair… but really without them what would we have to watch and get riled up over… it would be all kissy kissy Jill and Emmett time all the time and I don’t know about everyone else, but that is not something I would want to watch. There have been a lot of unfair things happening in this game but you have to admit that regardless of the outcome of them, whether it be the player you are rooting for getting evicted (AJ) or Topaz being totally disadvantaged by the HOH which was ruined by production airing her thought process, you have to admit their actions have all been entertaining and have caused a lot of talk over the show. I really wanted Andrew to go all the way but since Gary re-entered the house and could cause the demise of Andrew, even though there is no one else there I am really rooting for I will still watch because with Gary in the house it at least will be more entertaining then it if was just J&E and a third wheel… could you imagine… I really hope one of them goes and soon… but that is just me and I don’t find either of them entertaining… I record afterdark and it is great to be able to fast forward through their makeout and game talk sessions!


Dan’s comeback on the moose was priceless shows he does know how to turn things around. i would love for him to talk emmett into putting up jillian love love love to see her go what a difference in emmett when he interacts with the others instead of smooching with her gary is going to make it more interesting this week thank god it was so boring watching the emmett and jillian show.


Agree being so late in game and bringing back controversial player sounds rigged.
Now that bbcan can read this (as it sure seems many didnt use their bb points and vote as not too obvious on their site) and see majority view they can give pandora box to Emmett and he opens it to receive the new reverse veto prize and the punishment is all at have it’s till final 3


Well all left to say for me is: for season 2 they should just hire some actors who don’t care about playing the game or being played by production. Either make it a people’s choice concept (where the viewes… I mean Chevrolet, votes a houseguest in or out each week) or for heaven’s sake let the HOUSEGESTS PLAY the game.
Why would anyone audition for a following season when you know at the end of the day nothing lies in your own hands in this “game”?


i think giving the audience some power is a good thing, but the order of events still has to be predictable for the players, otherwise the twists just prevent good strategic gameplay. bringing someone back for final four with jury knowledge is ridiculous. still don’t understand why they didn’t have a pov for the instant eviction, without even telling the hoh there wouldn’t be one. topaz would have made a different decision had she known that or even if she had known she could be heard by the house. being hoh shouldn’t ruin your entire game.never. don’t do that again bbcanada please.
the public saving a nominee from eviction would have been fine too, there just shouldn’t have been a replacement nominee (who then went home). its all so messed up, but its the first season hope they will learn from their mistakes. the twists didn’t add that much excitement but caused a lot of damage to the gameplay of random unlucky houseguests.


I’m loving this!!
I hope Andrew takes his own advice and doesn’t campaign lmao..
Shoe is on the other foot isn’t it now Andrew.
Thank you Karma aka BB Producers
Now I just need a twist that involves bringing Topaz back and then I’ll be happy

Shakira Stan

Girl, if they bring Topaz back, then I can go buy myself a coffin cuz I know I’ll die happy!


Talla making a deal with gary is funny the chances of her actually beating jillian and gary in a hoh comp is laughable but that talla deal with gary makes no sense it really doesn’t matter who goes on the block talla could win hoh and put emmitt and jillian up but if one of them win pov then he will go up and then they would have the only vote.

The Shield

……… Stay Tuned


Looking forward to watching Andrew follow through on Dan’s task!!! They just cut the feeds though. Booo.


He did it! and then Emmett got called right to the Diary Room.. and she went and kissed Andrew again~ not a mushy kiss though.


What scenario is there that would allow Andrew to stay? What are the chances?


I hope Andrew reminds E/J that it’s only Jillian against Gary next week for HOH since Talla is useless, the beast coast would have much better chance of going to final 3 if they keep Andrew.


Yes, but you at the final 4 so they have to think that this is the time to get a strong player out and emmitt knows that andrew is going to cut him after final 3 so from emmitts pov it is him or andrew. Gary just did the dumbest thing he had a conversation with jillian telling her that they need to get rid of emmitt after final 3 really dumb move.


Can Gary DQ himself from having the veto?


How about Gary, in his prison outfit. I actually find it to be strangely symbolic. It’s kinda like Gary made an “illegal escape” from the Jury House, managing (with Production’s help, of course) to finagle his way back into the BBCA game…..

Shakira Stan

I’m so beyond proud of Glitter, all those points I spent on him wasn’t worthless!

Glitter girl, you’ve gotta win that HOH next week and break the milkmance! I can’t wait for the drama to unfold live on television!


Say what you want about all the twists but right now things are getting good. Now, let’s see Andrew campaign to everyone up the Wazoo to stay just like he hated other people doing right before they went home.
Right now I feel it is in Gary’s best interest to not talk to Talla about going with him cause He needs to wait and win the HoH 1st. If he does that then bring Talla along and get rid of Emmett. Providing Talla isn’t voted out this week.
For everyone saying how unfair it is they brought someone back this late when 5 remained …. yeah production could have done it earlier but no matter when a house guest comes back there are always viewers and players that hate it no matter when it happens.
Besides I would rather see Gary there and actually win comps. than Talla who hasn’t won a single thing.

The Voices In Danielle's Head

Whew we…what a year it’s been yall. Since I left the BB house I come to find that CBS made me look like a Stalker. And they even added a bit of crazy to it as well. That wasn’t very nice. I also learned that I wasn’t well liked last season, by the viewers especially. But I understand how yall could be confused. Most viewers tend to believe everything they see on TV, so when CBS edited me to be a crazy stalker, yall believed it. Bless your souls, so easily confused. Then BB Canada airs, and I was shocked when I learnt that they had a BB show in the South Pole. They sure do talk funny down der in Canada. But there is something that bothers me, why was Dan picked over me, it’s not fair. It’s always abowt Dan. U see what I did there, abowt, like a regular Canadian, eh?

PS Shane, you miss me don’t ya?

Loves the Drama

LMAO hilarious


Many here have complained about the milkmance being in power this last month & how they’ve been together right from the start. I think the way a lot of alliances were set up & so quickly, has to do with the fact Canada is a lot smaller than the States. In BBUS, the players come from different parts of the country – so there’s no shared history, outlook, regionalism like there is here. In fact, there’s some great competitiveness between States that the players embrace.

Here, there were 3 from Nova Scotians & yes, I know Andrew is technically from Newfoundland but lives in NS now. There were several from Toronto (Scarborough is Toronto – you can stand on a corner with 1 foot in Toronto & 1 foot in Scarborough), several from Vancouver. The hook-ups were: the 3 from NS. Peter & Alec (BC), Emmett & Jilian 1st, then Andrew aligned with them (NS), Gary & Topaz (Toronto). Not a surprise that final 4 (before the twist) has 3 people from same province.

I’d think there’s an easier trust, warranted or not, when you come from the same area…

Just food for thought.

BB US > BB Can

Is it just me or does Andrew look like he’s been celebrating 4/20 in that 3rd picture from the bottom of this page?


Obviously am disappointed Andrew didn’t win Veto but with so many twist in the game, gonna keep the faith something funky will happen to keep him around

Will say though the way the Gary “twist” was handled – not being sequestered & then able to blab intel to select houseguests only & now Dan coming in & maybe not out & out saying what people reveal in Diary room but man, definitely directing the players thinking into actions to take, – if I was thinking of applying for Season 2 (never happen by the way!) I would make the decision to just blow smoke in the Diary Room, to not reveal anything that could be used against me. Cause maybe next year they’ll have as a twist, the HOH winner doesn’t get a letter from home but instead a DVD of all the Diary sessions. I mean, they’re damn close to that now.

The Shield

Next shift I go inside the house with a VETO and I give it to Andrew and tell him you been Shielded.


Everyone here is so butthurt hahahaha


People complain to much here, They complain that big brother fixed it so gary would get voted back in why is that you think gary has no fans well by not true I voted for gary over ten times. People complain that gary won veto and if Andrew goes home its fixed well by if Andrew won the veto would you then said its fixed. People this is a game. Everyone seen how Gary flipped out when he was put on slop the first time to take a punishment of eating slop the rest of the game. I thinks gary would have done just about anything to win that veto.


wheres the pics of talla booty shorts? lol