Dallas “On my mothers life you will have my honour and loyalty”

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV March 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: Dallas and Ramsey
Current Nominations: Maddy and Dallas
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season –

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV March 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: Dallas and Ramsey
Current Nominations: Maddy and Dallas
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

Want to watch the Big Brother Canada 4 live feeds but live outside of Canada?
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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track, read our alliance help guide.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-29 11-14-06-033

2:10pm In the HOH room – Tim comments on how Nikki says that Maddy and Ramsey kissed. Dallas says she’s got a boyfriend bro its dirty. She’s got no loyalty. Nikki says I could be friends with her but deep down I don’t trust her. Dallas says she wants Jared to go, the brothers to go and then you (Tim) right after. Her phony attitude is pissing me off. Tim says you two were like brother/sister. You looked after her. I wondered if you felt like game aside it was a bit of a slap in the face. (When Maddy got Nick to use the veto to get Loveita out of the house during the double eviction.) Nikki comments on how Maddy was just making out with Nick and now she is with Ramsey … and she has a boyfriend. Dallas says I can sit here and give you my word. I know that you have people pitching their cases and they’re waiting on you to give your word. As long as I’m in the house Jared and the Raul are my targets. Maddy’s targets are Jared, Cassandra and you’re not long after. Tim says he told Cass she needed to give a mapped out plan on how the game would look with Dallas still in the house. Nikki says I trust Dallas’s word over Maddy’s word. Tim tells Nikki do you realize what this would mean if we do this we would be going after Jared and the brothers. Dallas says not the brothers, I going after Jared and Raul. If I’m in the game I’ll always have a target on my back over you two. Tim says if I work with someone.. I would never do what Maddy did. You never go against the grain. Dallas says my word is good and I’m good in competitions too which is good for us. Cassandra joins them. Dallas says If Maddy stays in this house you will never know where her head is at. If you keep me in this house I will make a final 4 deal with everyone here (Nikki, Tim, Cassandra, Dallas) Tim asks where does Joel stand with the group. Dallas says I like Joel. Tim says I don’t think Joel wants Jared gone. Dallas says I give you my word. I will be the shield for you guys. I have a hard time going home over her (Maddy). She is just so phony. Tim says if we were going to do this we need a plan. Dallas says I can get Joel in here for a cosign. Ramsey is too close to Maddy right now. Tim says its food for thought.. nothing I do will be a knee jerk reaction. My game is that we make good tv. Its not my decision it will be talking with the girls and I guss the brothers. But we don’t want Jared and Rual if we are going to do this. Dallas says on my mothers life you will have my honour and loyalty.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-29 11-34-40-015

2:40pm – 3:15pm Tim says he wasn’t saying what I needed to hear. Anyone can take out Jared and Raul. I could do that but I couldn’t take out Mitch and Joel because then the whole house would be after me. Nikki says no one will vote the brothers out. Tim says no, everyone will. Tim says that side is just gross… Ramsey is gross, Joel is gross. I don’t want to work with that. I wouldn’t even want to win against sh*tty people. I don’t want to play against stupid people. What do we know about Mitch?! He’s a great guy but we need to know what he wants, what he thinks. And no one is questioning it. Cass says he told that if he won HOH he would put Ramsey and Maddy up. Lets just stick to the plan and vote out Dallas and then get out Ramsey and Maddy. Tim says Dallas has already made promises to Ramsey and Joel.. its very messy. Why don’t you two girls just do what you want. Cass says Maddy’s word means sh*t .. she’s been in 3 showmances and has a boyfriend at home. Dallas the first week, then Nick and now Ramsey. Tim says if we rock the boat now .. there’s just less security. If we rock the boat now we turn all these good people against us. Cass says she now sees that. Tim tells Nikki imagine if it was me and you at the end as a coo.. and we decided to kick out the Canadian at the end. Nikki says don’t say that. Jared joins and asks what that conversation with Dallas was about. Tim says that Dallas was trying the only thing he can .. to totally shake up the house. .. But that would involve going against good people like you.

3:40pm Dallas and Joel are playing a game of pool while talking to Ramsey about travelling. Joel talks about going to Brazil during the world cup. Over on the backyard couches – Nick tells Mitch about how his dad thought he was gay growing up.

In the storage room – Dallas and Cassandra talk. Cassandra tells him she is sticking her neck out for him. Dallas says he’s going to talk to Tim again tomorrow. Cass tells him that Tim wants specifics.. get out the macaroni and show him you’ll go after Ramsey and Joel before us. Dallas says for sure I will. Cass tells Dallas to say, if he wins HOH, he would put up Jared & Ramsey. Cass tells Dallas to tell Tim if they save him this week he will take one for the team and take out Ramsey next week if he wins HOH.

4pm – 4:20pm – 4:55pm Tim gets the HOH camera and tells the house guests they have to make a calendar photo shoot for each of the months.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-29 13-23-36-943

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-29 13-25-12-939

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-03-29 14-18-06-490

5:20pm – 5:30pm Backyard – Dallas says that Maddy slept with Maddy last night. I asked him if he got his pinky stinky and he said no. I told him to not get wrapped up with her. She was laughing about you saying you wanted to go see her. Nick says she looks bad and I look like the nice guy. Dallas says If you guys want to get the last laugh on this b***h here is your perfect opportunity. She is trying to make you look like a sucker. Nick says he’s not worried.

In the bedroom – Nikki goes off about Tim and how she had asked him this morning if she could have a bath in his HOH. She says she cleaned the bath tub so she could use it and then she found out that Tim made a bath for Cassandra. Tim told her he won the HOH room fair and square and can do whatever he wants with it.

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Tim’s reason is getting pretty flimsy. OH Dallas never came to me and gave me a reason to keep him has become oh Dallas won’t go after the people that I haven’t been able to control.
Let’s face it, Tim wants Dallas gone because Dallas hasn’t been on the Timmytrain. His good people bad people assessment is a showboat to shine on everyone in the house. The reality is if he gets to the end against someone that possessed an independent mind he can’t say that he should win over the other person because he dictated the other person’s game.


tim ain’t gettin rid of maddy, he want’s on that ho train the boys be ridin


she is playing what the boys want
is funny


That some funny s**t right there!!!


Tim is a phoney baloney, he sucks.
Nikki is a sweeeet honey bunny, ya!
I hope she wins!!!


I cannot listen to Cassandra’s stoner voice anymore. When she doesn’t have the munchies she’s lying and if nothing else people will keep her as the Victoria of the season just to win. She’s just a pig pure and simple. At least pigs are cute.

Furless Bat

Thanks for the insightful and intelligent comment Maddy.


No respect for Maddy or Ramsey. He’s the self-described charismatic man sleeping with the girl who will give anybody a happy ending if it works for her game. She looks really scary in the night lights but Ramsey (if he was what he purported to be) is a disgusting hairy ugly slut.


As much as I want to see Maddy go, its a better game move to take out Dallas now because he’s more of a comp threat and it will be harder to get him out later in the game.


Tbh, Dallas won one physical comp, one luck comp. That’s not exactly a beast.
Maddy won one mental comp that her competition (Mitch) threw.
Ramsey won one physical comp, came close in a second and threw a third.
Nick won one physical / puzzle comp and one physical / balance comp.
Realistically Nick and throw the comps Phil as well as Ramsey would be far harder to remove than Dallas.

Good grief eh

Finally, people talking game moves, not name calling. Thank you both!

I agree with taking out Dallas over Maddy this week. Had Ramesy stayed on the block, I could be persuaded to vote hime out, but he is not. So Dallas should go this week, just my game thoughts.


uze all hate on Dallas ..why?
hes great at comps
and a great campaigner when on the block
thats what viewers want…we dont want people to roll over and die!
hes a good bb playe !!! and entertaining!!!

winner winner chicken dinner

from your mouth to big brothers ears

Gross People

I don’t know if I’m taking this too much into knit picking context, but I believe Tim is a bit vain. He does’t want to work with “gross people” (in his words: Ramsey, Joel, Dallas, Mitch) which is why he is having a hard time accepting Dallas’ offer for a Final 4 deal.

What does he mean by “gross”?
Does he only want to surround himself with “good looking” people?


Who wants to bet “The Powers That Be” plant a seed in their production pet …. TIM that taking out Maddy is a better bet, since Dallas provides more to the show?

Watch within the next day Tim is going to change his mind and want to take out Maddy! (fingers crossed).


Dallas’s best argument is that his word is better than Maddy’s. If they don’t vote him out this week he will keep them safe for 2 weeks. All he needs is 5 votes. Maddy can’t be trusted with her word and Dallas is more trustworthy.


I don’t so much care whether Dallas or Maddy stays in most regards. The major thing that makes me move more to the keep Dallas side is just watching Tim’s reaction if he fails to get what he wants. Look at the reason he’s no longer team Joel: Joel didn’t nominate the people Tim wanted nominated. I’ve read both praise and critique of his nomination strategy, but since then he’s been getting more and more argumentative and demanding. To Cassandra the whole vote my way or we’re done with you, the keep Maddy because Dallas didn’t say he’d go after Mitch and Joel and Tim can’t do it or the house would come after him (wut… going after people that don’t have strong outward ties will send the house into a frenzy?), and now another argument with Nikki over something trivial that she will hold a grudge over if there is no vodka delivery to help her forget. His saving grace at the moment is the guys are too moronic to see their own strings. I want to see what happens if one of his pinocchio puppets decides he wants to be a real boy.


I like to read the comments to see what other people think about the game and the players strategy-wise. I understand that sometimes people also like to comment on the houseguests and how they like/dislike them which is fine, but STOP with all the hateful namecalling. Just because an HG is acting a certain way does NOT justify you commenting that they are a “pig”, a “bitch”, or a “slut. That just makes YOU look like a hateful jackass.


Funny the player who has suffered he most from HOHitis … aka power trip is TIM.
First he said he’d do the nominations based on who the house wanted out (meaning he knew the majority of the house wanted out Dallas/Ramsay which his who he wanted out).

Then he said he’d allow the POV winner to replace the nominee but once Ramsay won he changed his mind b/c it could have put one of his people in danger.

He threatened to take out Cassandra if she didn’t vote how he wanted (Dallas).. which is funny given he said “he didn’t care who was nominated or who left”.

Then he told Maddy this information (which means it will get back to Cass).

He said he couldn’t save Dallas w/o a worthwhile argument like a promise to never nominated/vote out him/Nikki… so when Dallas offered a final 4 with Tim/Nikki/Cass he had to come up with another excuse.

Then he upset Nikki b/c she cleaned out his tub so she could have a bath and when she got upset that Tim gave it to Cass he responded I won this right fair and square to which Nikki then tried to leave the BB house causing production to shut down the studio and Tim to say she was throwing a tantrum.

He’s also told both Jared and Phil/Nick he wants them to win and will work with them for that to happen.

AND stupidly he’s told Cass, Nikki and Dallas how someone needs to target Joel/Mitch for eviction. At some point someone is going to tell Mitch or Joel what he said and he’ll find his butt on the block sooner than later.

Bottom line Tim is trying to set up this game to win and to take Nikki with him as his F2 partner,but IMO his power trip is only going to back fire b/c now Mitch & Joel will want to take him out. How Love/Kels
returning effects that will be interesting. What is interesting is Tim was really entertaining initially, but he’s quickly become greedy now thinking he can win and I’m finding my initial like for him has shifted.


From a logical and strategic point of view it’s in the best interest of people like Phil/Nick, Jared, Raul, and Tim to want Dallas out first. It increases the odds of them winning competitions themselves. Dallas’s major point of campaign is also his greatest weakness imho. Nobody in that house (besides Ramsey) is EVER going to trust Maddy. They’ve not been able to stand her since week 1. They don’t care that she got out Loveita (I mean they’re happy, but they still dislike her), and they certainly see through her pitiful attempts to integrate back into the fold.

Did Dallas learn nothing from Loveita failed nominations of Christine and Cassandra? The Floaters and T3W alliance knowingly chose to keep Cass in the game because she was known to be untrustworthy and above the radar. They got rid of blunt Christine instead. I mean he’s still got two days left, but the only votes I see definitely for him stay are Joel and Cass (and Cass’s vote seems dependent upon Tim’s “blessing”). Ramsey is too shifty to get a good read on (and he put Dallas up on the block this week anyways), and Mitch will vote with the majority.

On a side note the more I think about it, the more I see Kelsey lasting longer if she comes back into the house. If Loveita comes back in, she’s really going to have to work hard to get Jared and Raul on her side. Kelsey on the other hand isn’t going to be in a terrible position if she gain Joel’s trust. I also get the impression that Loveita would be like a reincarnation of Sindy with an S. If she’s lucky she’ll get a week of safety, and thus a spot on the jury, but if she doesn’t win HOH the following week she’s more likely than not going to end up back on the block next to Ramsey or Joel.

The problem is that Kelsey left the house being perceived as more honest, while when Loveita left the house the HG thought they had finally gotten rid of their biggest snake. If she can get a secret thing going with Jared and Raul she might buy herself more time in the house, but I think Raul still wants Joel out and that’s going to be problematic.


I love when nicki goes off on Tim …..because in her moments of anger… Is when she is most honest ….she describes him to a tee—he is narcissistic,self-centred(he always talks about himself)and he is Lording over the Canadian players :by condemning players that don’t follow him…case example :Dallaz dint play his stupid game in the begging …Dallaz must leave.

Ps was watching the live feeds and think people are kinda-bullying Joel —don’t want to say bullying because its a serious issue and don’t want to make light of it —but today in hottub ..the sun was out all the houseguest are out there …nice sunny day ….Joel says something along the lines of I hate onions —Jared an Tim especially start to make side comments ,Tim says,”something pussy” for not eating onions everyone laughs, this went on for a while making side comments about him — felt bad for the guy—-its weird —I get the house doesn’t trust Joel ‘s game anymore —but that isn’t an excuse to mean to him all time now…its kinda like now that he has crossed the house they feel they don’t have to put up with quirky awkwardness —-which is 100%bullshit —-Joel is trying so hard to fit in again–feel bad for him —they are cutting him no slacks –Tim ,Jared ,Raul, Cassandra Main culprits….(.Phil sometimes)…I want lovieta to comeback in the house so the HGs see we have Joel’s back …..the ass kissing Joel will get when lovieta comes back will be astronomical…the fake houseguest will go back to liking Joel’s quirks as opposed to mocking it as they frequently do now…which I don’t mind I want a normal week for Joel even if it means fakeness from HGs –anything is better than how the are treating him this week—it’s been rough for Joel this week –maybe I am bias because he is my favourite player –sweet Joel 🙂

Another thing people kept calling Kelsey a mean girl but not a word on how Jared is a mean boy…I swear he is–he bitches about the emmet comparison,mocks Joel etc —I want to shout and tell him …Jared you don’t even measure up to Emmett’s shit….Jared calm down , your not that great and take several seats –Rant over!!!!


Given that the global commercials are already touting the house divided by the vote angle…
I’ve been expecting a split vote to happen. Actually i’m hoping for it because it becomes an actual declaration. A full boat vote would really be a let down.
I’ve made my peace with whichever houseguest returns in a lot of ways, but I still hold the opinion that one will have less personal bias in gameplay than the other, and entrance of one will cause more catastrophic shock and awe than the other, but I won’t be bothered obscenely either way.
What strikes me is the so-called “good” people have never been that good, and for the most part the so-called “bad” people aren’t so tremendously bad (with a couple of exceptions). So part of me just wants to see a blood bath, but I don’t know about spending the night on the feeds if it’s all of one or all of the other at once it gets to the 9/8 houseguest point.


It’s so annoying how people want to keep the “nice” people in the house. The ones who have an easy time getting along with everyone else and are more worried about appearances and pleasantries rather than winning the game. This game is not about playing it safe and being nice…except for when the time calls for it! Everyone in this house gets so butt hurt over who is good and who is bad and how that correlates to them “deserving” to stay in the house. They think if someone isn’t nice then they don’t deserve the money…well you are in this house either for the experience or the money. You are going to have to adapt your personality to be social with different personality types, or be socially manipulative to turn others against each other. That means you will have to be fake with some people (“not nice”), tell lies (“not nice”), flirt (“not nice”), and you might have to be a bit of snake (“very not nice”)…


I appreciate Dallas’s campaign/desire to stay as much i dislike Tim’s game play. Tim’s strategy has gotten ugly really fast .

Misogyny Overload

Are you guys listening to this misogyny! Gay men are highly problematic in the way handle their male privilege in relation to women.

Straight men are absolute idiots on the other hand. Their discussions are mind numbing. And to think I thought Tim would be a feminist.