Big Brother Canada 4 March 29 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV March 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 28th
HOH Winner: Tim Next HOH: March 31
Original Nominations: Dallas and Ramsey
Current Nominations: Maddy and Dallas
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita
Have Nots No havenots this week

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track with our -alliances/”>alliance help guide.

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I heard that Mitch and the brothers might want Maddy out instead of Dallas. Who is Mitch actually loyal too?


Loyal to….$100K


The Prize Money 🙂


As of about 11 / 1130 Dallas explained his plan to Phil and Mitch saying don’t tell Jared.
Dallas left. Jared arrived. Phil left. Mitch told Jared. Mitch got Jared to agree a 5/3 vote to get rid of Dallas was best because it revealed disloyalty and justification to target the 3.
Mitch stayed in the conversation at the couches. Gathering information. Not sure if he was gathering for Jared, or for his own self interest. He didn’t reveal a preference as of 1200 / 1215 am eastern time. It’s only Tuesday, and Mitch always floats with the majority.


Is Kelsey way off base here? So, she thinks the brothers, Joel and Mitch have this super awesome alliance?


Is Kelsey way off base? Are Mitch, Joel and the brothers really in this alliance?


I don’t know if I’d call them a alliance, because Joel, Mitch, and Phil/Nick are definitely still Floater like strategy wise, but they have been having a hand in most (if not all) of the evictions so far and have worked together most of the game. Joel is seen as being more with the Dallas/Ramsey/Maddy side of the house while Mitch and Phil/Nick are seen as being more with the rest of the house. But I still think all 3 (technically 4, but the brothers are 1 player) are loyal to that 100k check first and foremost. Thus I don’t think they would bat an eye lash if they had to turn on each other.

Kelsey is actually getting more on base by realizing they were behind her downfall in the house. Phil wanted to get closer to Jared, Mitch wanted to take Kelsey’s place, and Joel wanted to give more power to the Floaters by taking a shot at one side of the house. Now the other “side” is under fire this week conveniently.


Kelsey is right and wrong. Loveita tried to build a group with Joel, Mitch and the brothers. The brothers said it was too early, but that they should all build their relationships. Mitch and the brothers made a tentative deal to share info and game talk. The brothers have been nice to Joel and have a social relationship no deal. The brothers don’t know about Joel and Mitch as allies, but suspected it.
They aren’t a foursome.


Kelsey gave away a big secret – she is a superfan. She could not possibly know that people talk late at night about their plans in the game unless she watched the show. She said she was there to ‘make friends and memories’. Nothing wrong with her lie but unless someone watches season upon season of big brother, they would not know this key fact.


The current season’s group had late night game chats in week one, two and three. Kelsey was part of all of those chats.


She can know people talk late at night without being a super-fan. She was in the house! and shes watching it now!


I really like how Kelsey and Loveita are having such a fun time together and coming to these great revelations. Kelsey looks like she’s ready to bust up in that house and take guys out left and right. They’ve certainly learned a lot from one another, and I don’t mean just the information. Loveita started the game playing too hard, and Kelsey started not playing hard enough. I think they’ve used this week wisely to find the right and even footing of how they need to play the game.

Also I love the fact that they figured out that Joel, Mitch, and Phil/Nick having been pulling the strings of the game from the shadows so far. Kelsey girl you should have noticed in the house that Joel only visited the brothers at night lol. I’m really feeling team Kelvita. I wish they could both come back into the house.

I really enjoyed that shave fight too. Good times.


I notice that Tim wants a 4/4 tie.
He stays empowered because he gets to decide which 4 he goes with on eviction night.
Tim likes chaos. Giving him the choice is foolish. He could make it backfire.


Maybe when things like this get under my skin it’s time to stop watching big brother. a) Mitch’s voice sounds like a coffee percolator and it’s fuching annoying as fuck. b) The word ‘legit’. c) Cass’s fatass getting listened to whenever she talks; why don’t they just say go away? d) Ramsey’s hairy ass acting like a woman gossip and sleeping with the troll. e) The troll. f) Nikki’s fake freak-outs. f) Joel’s sneaky fukking sociopathic behaviour. That’s it. I’m sorry but this is the fukking worst and most see through behaviour. Cass is quickly turning into ‘Mama Cass’ inhaling everything edible and it’s disgusting to watch.


Sounds like Mitch wants Dallas to go this and is suggesting Joel be a swing vote and flip to vote out Dallas. This would make things interesting for next week. If Maddy or Ramsey won HOH they’d be a bit indebted to Mitch, Jared, Raul, and Joel whereas Phil/Nick, Cassandra and Tim would be in the crosshairs. But then again Maddy’s known to bite the hand that feeds her so she could turn on them in a flash, but she likes Jared so maybe not.

If Mitch is successful in getting Joel to flip and vote out Dallas than he stands to gain the most from this eviction. Phil/Nick, Cassandra, and Tim assume he’ll more likely than not vote with Jared and Raul (and secure 4 votes for one “side”). Jared, Raul, Maddy, and Ramsey will all be pleased he voted with them. Tim still wants Mitch and Joel out, but I actually think Mitch would be in a secure position going into next week. Well that’s if Kelsey or Loveita don’t blow up his game lol.


Kelsey wears that damn Red and Black Shirt EVERY DAY. I dont change my clothes everyday if they aint dirty, but dayum bitch, change your clothes


Does anyone know how bb is deciding who comes back?


No idea, and apparently we won’t find out on Thursday…


It did rule out a Public vote as many had predicted..My guess it will be a bunch of questions with the highest right going back in the house.