Paul “Da is being a f**k hole about it. She’s shown her cards & is a sh*t head & needs to leave!”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 17-22-48-769

5:15pm Living room – Da tells James I need to talk to you. They head into the London Bedroom. Da says I might be going on the block. James asks why you? Da says she went and talked to Paul about the replacement nom. Paul said he might have to put me up be I trust you and you trust me. He said he couldn’t put up Vic, Nicole, Natalie, Z because they started freaking out. So you would risk me?! He said no one wants me gone. He said that I should trust him if I go on the block. I don’t even know where I stand in this house. Everyone is allowed to freak out and not go on the block but I’m the one that has to go on the block?! I said Vic is the perfect person to go up there so you don’t have any blood on your hands. He said someone might take sympathy on her because of her knee and vote out Vic. With that same logic people might take sympathy on her and vote me out!! Da says I’m just tired of it. I went through 3 weeks of bullsh*t with Frank and Bridgette and now I have to sit on the block with her. Its like I can’t catch a break in this house. I could understand if I was out here doing dirt and it was like DaVonne karma is catching up with you. I haven’t even started to work game yet. James asks have you asked Paul what is his reason for putting me up? Da says he keeps saying he hasn’t made up his mind but at the end of every conversation he says he would talk to me first about it. And what if his true colours is for me to go home? James says it would be game over unless you have a round trip ticket! Da asks am I going to have to stress every damn week in this house?! There are people sitting with their feet up eating grapes.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 17-33-21-015

5:30pm Backyard – Corey, Vic, Paulie and Nicole talk about Da going up. Nicole says she is going to try and do something to get out of it. Vic says we’ve got 4 votes right here. Paul doesn’t want a tie breaker. Paulie says it might unanimous minus 1 or 2. Corey says so that makes it not unanimous. We were undefeated this season minus 1 or 2 loses. Vic says and James is 2 votes (Nat does what he does). Nat joins them. Paulie messes with Nat about her going up.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 17-58-27-548
5:55pm James heads up to the HOH room to talk to Paul. James says you’ve got your girl down there freaking out. Paul asks really? What did she say? James says she said its not fair. Paul says I didn’t say anything. I just said I was thinking about it. James says she said if you put her up it lets her know where she stands in the house. Paul says I don’t know what that means. James says just that she’s at the bottom. Paul says At the end of the day I want Bridgette gone but its up to the house. James says Z said she is going to vote to keep Da. Paul says so Z and Michelle will keep Da. James says that Da said whoever goes up next to Bridgette they’ll go home. Paul says she’s just saying that for sympathy so I won’t put her up. Paul says what Z doesn’t know is that Da was wanting me to put her up. That’s her best friend. That says something about her character. It says that she would do that to me in the future. Paul says I trust you and I trust Paulie. I will talk game with you two but everybody else .. nope! I made an effort to get Bridgette out but if the house wants Da out so be it. Paul says that Bridgette has two targets… One being Z and Nicole.. James says and Michelle. I’m not going to lie if she (Bridgette) wins HOH my a$$ will be puckered. Paul says mine too.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 18-44-28-676

6:35pm HOH room – Paul tells Vic we could be up here talking about d*cks and people would still think we’re scheming. Vic says I still think people think I am alone… which is good! Paul asks so you would put Natalie and Nicole up? Vic says now that I know how much Paulie wants Z out I would put up Natalie and Z. If I can do it for him, I would rather than have him feel the backlash for that.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 18-31-24-647

6:30pm – 7:10pm Paulie and Da head into the safari room. Da says you’re a straight shooter and I’m a straight shooter too. Paul was playing with the idea of putting me on the block. My thing is we’re all supposed to be working together. Why was I chosen? Paulie says he said to me that people that have been on the block before handle it better and he knows that you won’t come after him next week. Da says this game is about trust and I’m trying to trust. You, him, Z and James are all I’ve got in this game. When it is my time, you are the person I am going to expect to come and tell me. Da says with everything we know about chic (Nicole) I don’t understand why we aren’t going after her. Paulie says it might have something to do with him being connected to Corey. Da says it almost feels like within our group .. I’m at the bottom of the totem pole. Why am I worth the sacrifice?! When won I ran and jumped on him… if I go home on his reign .. how will that look!? Da says I trust ya’ll .. its just pre-veto good. Post-veto not good. When that time comes, just let me know. Paulie says I will, I know you would do the same. Paulie says I’ll try and talk to him later. Da says whatever happens I would just like to know. He doesn’t want to touch her (Nicole) because of Corey and he doesn’t want to touch her (Natalie) because of James. I need a man. Paulie asks you want me to be your man? Da says no you’re my brother. Paulie says any other season that would be a reason to put someone up. Da says just keep this between us, I don’t want Paul to think I don’t trust him.

7:15pm – 7:30pm Storage room – PP – Paulie says I know Da came and talked to you. Paul says yeah and she is being a f**k hole about it. She’s shown her cards and is a sh*t head and needs to leave the house. I never cared. I just need you to keep your boys name clear. We need to have a conversation with Vic and tell him to shut the f**k up .. he keeps talking about final 3s. He needs to shut the f**k up. AND Da threw Z under the bus. And that’s her best friend. That says something about her character. In the future she could do that about me. Paul says I don’t give a f**k what Z says .. you know you can ask me. Paulie says there is nothing anyone can say about you that I would question. If someone tries to say sh*t I’ll be like f**k this wh*re. Michelle joins them. They talk about how annoying Vic is. Da joins them. They talk about how Vic woke up after having a WD (Wet dream) and wanted to reenact it to everyone. Paul says what I want to know is who’s bed was he in? Da says yours!

8:15pm – 9pm HOH room – Paul and Paulie – Paul says if you’re ever on the block I am campaigning for you. Paulie says if you’re on the block I will be trying to pull you down. Paul tells Paulie I’ve told you things I haven’t told anyone else. Right now I want Da and Z out of here. Next week we really need to sit down and talk to Vic. Paulie says if Corey was more subtle I wouldn’t mind working with him long term because I think we can beat him. Paul says I think Da should go this week for sure. I told Bridgette I am going to have to Sh*t on her again when Da goes up. And even after Da goes home I told her she can’t come up and friendship me. I think the first chance we get we should clip her. Paulie asks who is next week? Paul says Nicole and Natalie. If we play in the veto we have to not win. Paulie agrees its like a chess match knowing when to win and when to lose. Paul says I know Michelle and Nicole would never put us up. Paul suggests telling Z about Da offering Z to go up on the block instead of her. Paul says I think James is a straight f**king shooter! Paulie says 100%! We just need to figure out people future strategies and then clip them before they happen. I’m going to go and talk to Bridgette and really cement this in. Paul says I already did today, do it after the nom ceremony. Paul asks should we keep Natalie. Why should we do it just because all the girls want it. Let them do it. Paulie says she is always another vote for James. Paul says unless he goes before her. I would never put James up. Paulie says I would never put any of us four up. Paul says me neither. These people are playing on strategy and we’re playing on Friendship. No amount of money could make me stab a friend in the back. My morals come before anything. 500K never cared! Paulie says I’ll play in the HOH to win. Paul asks who would you put up if you won? Paulie says Z and Michelle. Or Z and Natalie. Paul says we don’t own Bridgette anything.. she owes us everything. Same with Vic the only reason to keep him around is for him to take shots at people we don’t want to. Paul says this week will be tricky once Da goes up she is going to spit all kinds of sh*t.

8:30pm London bedroom – Da tells Michelle I might go on the block. Michelle asks why? Da says its not solidified. Just please have my back. I think people are starting to feel bad for her (Bridgette) with her leg. Its not set in stone but he said if I have to do that.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-31 20-26-42-405

8:40pm – 9pm Havenot room – Z and Meech talk about Da thinking she is going up. Z says I think me, you and James will be the only ones to vote to keep her in. Meech says I’m not afraid of her, I’m afraid of Bridgette. I just hate all the butt kissing. Michelle says I need Bridgette gone for my game. (Then win HOH and do it yourself!) He promised us. I should have used the veto on Frank .. and Bridgette would be gone. I’m going to tell him that. Nicole joins them. Z asks if Nicole would vote out Bridgette. Nicole says I’ve always said I would. I’m down to do whatever everyone wants.

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Geez Louise

As much as Day was one of my least favorites at the beginning of this BB week, I can’t help but hope she stays so that Paulie’s cocky @$$ feels unsuccessful in his attempt to rule the entire house all season!


Yeah that, but i kind of what her gone because of her two last goodbye messages. I can’t wait to hear hers.

Crazy Stuff

Please tell me why three of the girls popping pimples on the guys back. Michelle and Natalie popping pimples Paul back and Zakiyah popping pimples on Paulie back. This group of HG is horrible.

Crazy Stuff

Okay…Day might be going home. BUT… I can’t wait until NICOLE roll up out of the house. I don’t care who go first just as long as they get her out. Don’t matter as long as NICOLE get her PINK SLIP TOO!


at this point, I could care less how the rest of this cast treat each other. they deserve the uncomfortable hell climate they created for themselves in the house. the strategy conversations go from the dudes talking about “BONE” to the girls crying over and over again trying to win a date than the 500K. Da better wake up and campaign now, because if she thinks she a pawn, she got another thing coming.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Agreed. Those goodbye messages were childish as hell. Da is really teaching her daughter how to be a sore loser! I would say keeper so maybe she would take a shot at the other side but she can’t win sh&it!!! I’m most impressed with Pee Pee. Between the two they want women to die, punch them in the face or call them whores. Perfect for each other! Dickship!!!


This is a game… it’s just a silly game! Stop bringing up these players children!!!! The game is about scheming and tricking to win money!!!! Da’s daughter should know it’s a game and only that! James has lied, he has kissed Natalie and laid with her yet you haven’t said a damn thing about what his daughter is learning.. just Da huh??? Get a grip!!! Talk about the game and not their kids, this isn’t real life… its a game! Talk about how she was petty, she wins nothing, and she is clueless this season… talk about that but shut the hell up about peoples kids!


Sorry but Da uses her child as a strategy to get sympathy.
She also had a DR session crying about what her child will see.
If Da uses it then it is fair game to turn it around on her.
James only talks about his kid when asked.

Crazy Stuff

Paul tell Paulie he never cared about the 500k. Then why is Paul in the house playing the game. Let’s keep it real!

Powder Puff Girls

I think he wants Reality fame w/ = $

Keeping it Real

I have to agree that it seems Paul is in this for the fame over the $$$$$!

Yet, since BB brings out the worst in these houseguests, Paul will be remembered in a negative light from those who see the truth on the feeds (or read it)! He constantly wants to punch people in the face, has a vulgar vocabulary, and “never cared” about much. So despicable! Over the years there are few houseguests I have been impressed with as being of solid character…a truly good person. I can easily say Derrick, James, and Natalie are…..and there are others, it’s just they are in the minority.

I heard Nicole say they get 1K per week on BB. That’s pretty good pay! It’s more than I make as a 7 year Texas teacher. But I honestly could never play BB. No matter who you truly are, it’s awfully difficult to be under the microscope and be subjected to so much misunderstanding. And I certainly wouldn’t want my worst brought out for all too see.

I’m so sick of the BB edits. The tv audience is not getting the truth. Only the feeders and blog readers see the hateful antics. And WOW….they edited Nat as a dumb bimbo……NOT COOL!

I’m still rooting for the nice people, which IMHO includes Nat, James, and Corey.


I just love how Da is campaigning and she’s not even on the block yet. Lol!

***And I agree Paulie is cocky, but I think Da is just as bad. Did you hear her good bye messages?


To Simon and Dawg, thank you for sticking this out, especially when you have little to no reason not to. What would it take for either of you to reinvigorate hope/interest in this season?


Right and unfortunately there is not even a hand full of people willing that have the guts to turn the house upside down because they are scared of becoming a target.

I think I remember a season where America got to pick a house guest to comeback. I don’t know who I would choose to comeback and shake things up (probably Frank or Day) but it WONT be baby voice Bronte (the girl that tried to show her boobs to James for information lmao!)

TX rar

Im voting 20 times a dat for Vic to get CarePackage 2. That will give hime some power next week and wont waste any votes on a possible evictee. Im tired of jow this group picks on anyone not in their circle. They still act like they are in high school 🙁

CarePackage 3&4 should be saved for Bridgette & James. I want to send a msg to the house that America doesnt like the mean guys/girls. I just wish there was a punishment we could send in. Now that would be fun to vote for (Meech, Z, Paulie, Paul).


Send DA home, quickly. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

How about production does something to shake up the game? This season had some promise but it is quickly falling apart.


Oh I wish Paul would put Z on the block.


I thought during the argument Zaulie had that made her panites wet, she agreed to volunteer next time as pawn since she wasn’t doing anything and disappointing him. Guess that ain’t happening.
I had high hopes for Z (I was hoping for another Jameka from Season 8) but she is nothing more than a lovestruck puppy.

Michelle's eyebrows

these people are pathetic and are a disgrace to former houseguests who actually played the game. These people are literally writing out the 500k cheque to Paulie.


I totally agree. He’s going to win, easily. The final two will be PP.

The season is boring…boring.

I don’t know Simon or Dawg do it…I really don’t.


and the funny thing was when he just about said that. He was talking about how Cody took Derrick to the end and doesn’t regret it and how he’s glad that he has Corey and Paul like that. Then he says I’ll take care of you guys. To me that meant, i’m winning i’ll make sure I throw you a couple bucks.


That is because Paulie is so good, I don’t understand why everyone is complaining about Paulie potentially winning. He is an excellent big brother player and it is fun to watch. It is nice to watch someone who actually understands the game play it. Do All of you whining about Paulie’s play want someone like Bridget or Vic to win they are completely unaware that big brother is actually a game…

Franks fumes

Sorry Paulie fan I just can’t handel that tool…Douchebag squared!


I agree with you


Day feels the way she is feeling because people stopped talking game with her. The same as they did with Frank. It’s he nature of the beast and she should know better. Now is the time for her to not bring up game but to play the game and start being people friends and not talk about targets.

Okay James has lost his mind and so has Vic. Day told James about her predicament as friend cause she trust him he ran straight to Paul the same way he told on her to Paulie. James is lost and is acting as a pawn cause he is worried about losing the pu@@y he never had.

Vic is talking about putting up Zak to alleviate stress on Paulie. Now they are getting blood all over their hands for Paulie. Paulie didn’t even have to rub feet for that much consideration.

I’m praying to the BB Gods for one good fall out to bring the house to their senses. All it takes is for someone to tell Victor he is the first guy to get evicted after they get the girls they want out. Or someone tell Zak, Paulie is playing her. I want to see the house broken up so everyone lace up their boot straps and start playing for themselves.

Even though I don’t care for Paulie at this point he deserves to win the five hundred thousand. 🙁

Only can wish

I agree with you except Paulie winning the money. Truthfully, none of them deserve the money at this point. JMO


Da is incapable of playing a social game. She gave Nicole the cold shoulder during the episode when they were on the couch. That simply puts out a big red flag to Nicole and she’ll never trust Da now.


The most ironic part is day hasn’t even been nominated yet and she’s flipping out. Tiffany had to do this for 3 weeks straight and Da’vonne ran around saying how unstable Tiffany is, how paranoid and laughed at her crying.

Hmm I think karma has reared its ugly head Da’vonne.

TX rar

Yep. So give Vic CarePackage 2. People will have to come to him next week and I like the power dynamic flip. It might humble PP and mess with Meech & Z’s heads bc they are getting Americas votes.


Paul your ass must be jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth.

Care Package 2

Nominate a girl, hoping she would use them to take out one member of PP. Michelle? Nicole?


I like how Paul told James he’s so trustworthy. James was like yeah if you watched my last season. So a guy that gives his word in front of everyone that he won’t put you on the block and does so is trustworthy? Two years in a role? That’s reason enough to put him on the block and f$ckboy James had no argument. Paul is a douche and so is James

donut licking ho

Rarely have I been as disappointed in a players character as I am with James’. He is reminding me of Shelly.

You don't need to know

They need Da gone like now. she is so annoying. Also, Bridgette is vulnerable right now & she already has enough people gunning for her so she probably won’t want to do anything else to get even more blood on her hands.

Unbattled Block

Hate to say it…but this season is fast becoming (gulp) BB16


Just like the houseguests against Day and Zakiyah we know why some of you hate them so much. You don’t let them make mistakes or have a bad day, but Tiffany, frank, Bridgette and company can do as they please. Kill yourselves worthless bums!

F. O.

You first!

Powder Puff Girls

it is really hard to shake of the #meangirl stamp that Z, Da, Michelle created for themselves. Da’vonne has not made alliances she has turned everyone against each other.


And Frank and Nicole didn’t???? Why is it ok for them and not Da?

Powder Puff Girls

Da’vonne took the first strike! got caught!

Franks fumes

Because Da started all the weird ass rumors in the house to start with and hasn’t stoped lying since…Maybe that’s why.


I agree I know what it’s about. Typical.


Hate?? I haven’t read a single comment that says they “hate” either one of them. I don’t care if they’re purple, they get the same criticism as everyone else. Every single player on here has been criticized, so it’s odd that you’re only pointing those two out.
Actually, odd is too nice of an adjective. I’ll go with pathetic instead. It’s people like you that perpetuate racism in the world by throwing out trash like that claiming people are criticizing them based on the color of their skin.

Bottom line IN THE GAME OF BIG BROTHER, z is a terrible player. She’s there solely to hook up, can’t win a thing. Day can’t win either (in TWO seasons I might add), her entire game is planting seeds and those little seeds and poor gameplay are what got her in the predicament. Not the color of her skin. LOL do you even see how dumb that is?


Vote Paulie the package this week, he is already getting his way so it will be a wash and will block him from the remaining packages. Since bridge looks to be safe this week vote her the package next week when it may be more needed.

Read People

The care package works starting Friday… So the vote between Da/Bri will basically be over and a new week will begin where anything can happen


About the care packages, I really wish everyone on here would stop telling others who to vote for. Who do you think you are? Paulie?

TX rar

No one can see where the vote count is so SuperFans here want to work together to get the best people the prizes to improve the GAME. Paulie is arrogant and mean. What’s with him copying Paul so much (hair, clothes, words). Z asked him directly if he just wanted their relationship to be business a couple times, he said no but is stringing her along and then complains to others behind her back? He should have manned up and told her yes. UGH


Bye Da’vonne *cries*

Wake up!!!

Paulie needs to go very soon. Vote block to Bridget, Safety for Nicole and Co-HOH to James. Maybe Nicole and James will wake up by then. It would be hilarious if Victor is the one to get Paulie. I want Z or Da gone this week. Da is a liar and Z is a 5 year old who is a disgrace to women. She is more immature than her preschoolers. James, Corey, Nicole, Natalie and maybe Michelle need to band together. May not be enough intelligence and balls to do it though.


How about people make up their own minds about who they vote for?


To any body calling Day a liar and a mean girl and at the same time supporting Nicole is just a blind weirdo who sees what they want see and believes what they want to believe…..sorta like Trump supporters.


Da’ is a huge threat because she is playing the game and not willing to just follow the leader.
I know there are a lot of folks who think she really isn’t playing or playing dirty but:
Da’ has come in 2nd with two HOH comps (she tossed one to James and got the 2nd highest score in the last one); she is perceptive and intuitive (she discovered the twin twist last season and has pretty much nailed every HG this season) and she knows that Paulie is the leader and that the Showmances are untouchable…hence her wanting to go after the showmances. Poor James, his whatever it is with Nat is so low priority for Da’ she does not even consider it a showmance.
I know folks says she lies but everything she has said has truth in it…more than likely embellished, but still truth as opposed to others who just flat out make up stuff. Yet, despite this, she still has the ear of the house, folks still talk to and confide in her.
If she goes on the block, I would love for her to blow shit up as there are 3 scenarios that can come from that:
1. She goes home (she will be evicted, no way she stays and Bridgette goes)
2.The HGs realize that they are handing Paulie a half million dollars, wake up and play the game. At this rate, even turning on themselves will be boring and predictable
3. She gets evicted, has the round trip ticket and hopefully the Take Two ticket because if she does return, she will be back on the block unless she wins HOH.


I agree with you but she’s soft on knowing what’s truly going on around her. She’s right about getting rid of the showmances. Problem was she told James and James ratted her out. That’s why she’s Paulie’s target. She talks too much when she shouldn’t and she talks too little when she should. Why is she not questioning Nicole in front of people on a daily basis about what Frank said? Why isn’t she doing it and having Bridgette confirm it. It’s unfortunate that she’s going to be leaving this week but she didn’t open her mouth about the right things.


Jazzy, I give you that and I will admit, was fully expecting a blowup during the competition. Not sure what she is thinking but I am keeping fingers crossed for a round trip ticket! Maybe 3rd time is the charm for her

Ghost of BB past



Da made a big mistake in telling Z , Michelle, Tiffany, and James that the couples are together and we have to break them up. Z is a couple and talks to Paulie, James tells Paulie and Cory . Da is smart, figures things out, but blows it by opening her big mouth. She should learn how to keep things to yourself and act don’t talk.

Only can wish

Am I missing something…how did Da throw Z under the bus? All these lies are going to catch up with the guys very soon. OMG, the guys make me sick.


She said to Paul what about Zakiyah. As if to be saying Zakiyah hasn’t been on the block put her up. She told Zakiyah that she mentioned her name but i’m not sure if she was specific about what she said

Only can wish

That’s what I thought. Paul and Paulie is going to start mess between Da and Z now. SMH


VOTE DA’ FOR ACP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t know if Da’Vonne believes her own lies. She is the one who tried to target everybody, Tiffany, Frank. Nicole, the couples. Every time there was chaos in the house it was mostly started by her. She keeps throwing her friends under bus, that’s why no one trusts her.


spot on

Crazy Stuff

Nicole started the lying first to Frank about Day then Frank got on board with Nicole. Most the stuff comes out of Nicole mouth is Day Day Day. So Nicole started all this mess. The when Day started throwing Nicole name around Day is shady. Come on Nicole is by far a trouble maker as well. I can’t wait tell they send her packing for good.


yes. nicole sucks too. but da is at least as bad and i would say, worse.

Judy J.

Paul has no fucking backbone. He’s a whiny loud mouthed pussy who acts entitled as fuck. Also I doubt Da was “throwing Z under the bus” she just knows that over Bridgette, nobody will vote Z out. Im also sick and tired of Paulie “controlling” everything. He’s such a pusher about everything. He’s been hoh for 3 weeks in a row. Over it.

Only can wish

Da needs to talk to Z before Paulie gets in Z ear about the conversation.

Powder Puff Girls

I think Da was subtly suggesting to put Z up as a pawn instead of her. Then she ran to Z and told her she was not trying to throw her under the bus. Da was putting out fire. What gets me is why did Z did not question Da’vonne about this further. I would have been suspicious of that comment.

Ghost of BB past

Never seen so many house guest not want or care to win comps every single week. These people are mind numbing. How long till everyone quits hiding and actually plays?!


I think BB could fix this by paying the HG’s differently. Lower stipend. Bonuses for getting farther in the comps/challenges (added to your “weekly” pay). Nothing for the first 2 or 3 eliminated/penalty:slop, unitards, etc. Shows they are looooosers… Then more $$’s per each higher placement. Same thing with VETO. HOH: Monetary bonus. Same thing with jury, but weekly pay is based on your entrance, i.e., first week only gets “x”, second week gets “x +,” third week gets “x++,” etc… Salary based on “performance,” like a Sales Rep is compensated… There is nothing like unlimited earnings to motivate people… well… “most” HG’s… 🙂

Ghost of BB past

Feel as we may bout da but at least she has actively tried to work angles. Besides frank and Paulie she’s the only other one who has tried to play.


James better go to bat real hard for Day to stay if he wants to stay in the game. Can’t believe how these people are playing emotionally and not logically. They are handing the PeePee Twins the money and they know it. They are not focused on winning the game at all. As long as they get to jury and have a Nomance, they are satisfied.

Powder Puff Girls

James missed the boat when he put Frank up, so did Da they knew Paulie was running the house. Da was more focused on getting rid of the vets. Da’vonne has no true alliance with anyone else. Z would vote out Da for a kiss from Paulie. I do not expect any surprises out of James I think he will follow his leader knowing he is at the bottom of the hit list.


My observations on HGs

Bridgette – I flip flop on my opinion of her from week to week. She is either a loyal player and is now the victim of a poor decision or karma’s a b****. However, aligning with Frank may not have been the worst move; I now see her going up each week as the main ‘target’ but act more like a pawn as the HGs take out the real target sitting next to her.

Corey – Not much going on upstairs but appears genuinely happy and becomes himself around the guys (sorry mom, I’m not gay); I think he likes the attention from Nicole but will always stick to his bros.

Da’vonne – Likely going on the block and home this week; it may be fun to watch as Da’ gets whiff of what is going on with the votes and starts reacting as we first saw in BB17. Really didn’t like her in the beginning, went back and forth this season but feel she messed up her game with all the lying. I would love to see her stay for the drama it will create but kind of hoping she finally leaves the house (no RT ticket either). At least then we will see the rest of them really show their true targets instead of always implying ‘Da is next’ blah blah blah.

James – I can see 7th place for him again; he may win the double and get a target out but he will likely follow them the week after. He spent all this time with Natalie when he should have been building better alliances in the house and not playing his leader Paulie’s game.

Michelle – Mean and insecure girl, please send her to jury ASAP.

Natalie – Genuine, likeable, pretty and as such, a target for the mean jealous girls. Not quite a floater game; she does have one obvious alliance and can do well in endurance comps. We may see her win something but she will likely be carried a little further than cut.

Nicole – Oh Nicole, you came to play BB, you told us you were going to play hard but it seems you are only interested in the final rose. I am not looking forward to the week her or Corey are on the block; lots of whining and crying over losing him (she will assume he is leaving over her, lol).

Paul – I wanted to see him evicted early on then he quieted down and I thought wow, not so bad, hopefully he can go far. I regret wishing that; I want to see him out last Paulie but really want to see him go to jury early on. So annoying, obnoxious and rude.

Paulie – He will likely win the game; they all seem to follow him and the ones that would make a move are either on the eviction list or no backbone to do/say anything. His arrogance is warranted but I still dislike him.

Victor – He may last a couple more weeks but I don’t see him going too far. He would have to win every comp after that (HOH or VETO) just to get to F3 and I don’t see the majority jury giving him their vote. Never cared.

Zakiyah – Please let them evict her either before or right after Michelle. Mean, delusional girl who’s only interest is making it to the fantasy suite date.

TLDR – Some initial drama but overall HGs playing Paulie’s game and/or the Bachelor; expect the ‘expected’.

Corey's slippers

I agree. Corey’s always going to stick it his bro’s! Holla!!!


James isn’t doing anything to help davonne. He’s such a shit the way he doesn’t include Natalie in anything important. He’s playing big man and the little lady should shut up and look pretty. Once again he’s playing someone else’s game. I really don’t know why he’s so beloved. Ugh and double Ugh!!! He’s a one trick pony and I wouldn’t bet on him.

James.. just no dear

James sucks. Do not understand why he is high in the polls. Ready for him, meech and Z to go!


I think the only reason he’s high on the polls is because he lays low, doesn’t cause too much drama, keeps his friends close and his enemies closer, and let’s face it…out of all these yahoo’s he’s not THAT bad…right??

mm What?

Everyone in there is palying paulie s game! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ! So why are ou mad at James? He was never strategic… He was brought back coz he s a nice guy , not becasue he was a good player. Did you watch his last season? If you think that James of all ppl will be the one to plan out a strategy to flip the votes you are nor perceptive enough…James is not loyal and I don t understand where this perception came from that he is…He turned on Day, Becky and voted out Jackie..the only person he was loyal to was Meg…which caused her to go out beforehim coz him trying to save her was besically threatening the HOH….do you want him to threaten paul? Coz that is the bestgampley you get from James….He s loved coz he s a good guy at heart not because he s good at game, he s one of the least motivated hgs tbh


Paulie can go suck an egg. Smug arrogant jerk.


Bye Da!!!! lol

James Lames

Can’t stand James. Nothing personal just can’t stand his lack of game. Put him on a boat with Paul and send them away plz. I’d like to see how the cards would fall for nat with James gone. Oh yeah nic and Corey and get on that boat too.


Can we all agree that Corey is a waste of time ? Yes? K bye.

Powder Puff Girls

I would like to see some GAMEPLAY Corey, Nicole, James, Bridgette, Natalie turn on the PP’s. Split the house and start playing to win. If one of them wins HOH we will see what they are made of HOH especially during double eviction. I am a big dreamer!


Da sucks at this game no matter what way you want to spin it in her favor… why do you think her name keeps coming up and how she makes crap up constantly abt everyone and it never happened… poor me poor me why cant i get a free pass like everyone else… Dont care! You talk mad crap abt ppl constantly and are soo negative and catty. Super crappy attitude on life and it rubbed off on others and started all the cattyness with most the girls. Ever heard of being around negative ppl all the time starts to make you negative… She started that crap with the girls and one by one the more they were around her they each started doing it more and more. BYE BYE DA cant wait till you leave!!! They should of brought a vet back who can actually play the game.


Lol I feel like I’m the only one enjoying all this drama! Come on yal all would be bitching about how boring and predictable this season is if Bridgette was for sure going on. Hate Paulie all you want least he’s giving us some action this week. Can’t wait for Day to go up and watch her self destruct, it’s going to be a good week! This will causse I big rift between alliance just the action we needed!


I have a feeling that this week will be the most boring double eviction ever. $100 dollars says that they vote out Da and then Bridgette.

James.. just no

Sadly u r probably right. If they don’t use it as a shot to get Paulie out I just can’t…


Even though several people want her gone, Da’ isn’t going after Paul. She’ll go after Nicole, Vic, Corey, etc. It really doesn’t benefit him to get her out.


So not pleased with this season! Why, oh why is everyone within the house doing everything Paulie wants??? “Paulie, who goes next…?!” He has everyone agreeing Da is the biggest target? Ugh!!! No words!!! Wake up people, or just write Paulie the check! I wanted to like him due to being Cody’s brother, but he is not Cody. Cody was humble, and did not think he was the king of the house. Paulie is always bragging, and has such a huge ego! Praying Da, by some miracle saves herself, and turns the house around!


Also, why are the girls still trusting Nicole? She has proven not to keep secrets! Would love to see her up and out prior to jury! Plus, not sure what hg has the guts to go after the showmances… Ugh

TX rar

All the remaining HG go to jury. That’s why Frank wanted to stay an extra week to get his returnee pay + stipend. I wish he was still in house . He was playing the game . Frank for AFP !!


Seems like the round trip will be for james or da


And last week everyone said that Frank had it.

The Roach Coach

I hate to say it…
Paul’s speech/convo with Da was amazing! 10 out of 10…

Crazy Stuff

Oh…was that a speech sound like a bunch of garbage coming out of that mouth. I am sick of him. Paul can go.

Reality Check

You know this season is bad when Nat Nat is the houseguest I am cheering for. All the other houseguests are so unlikeable.

James does not even talk strategy with Nat. All he wants is that kiss.

Nicole thinks that ratting out the girls to Paul and Paulie will lend her in a good spot. Newsflash, they think you are expandable too.

The others cannot win an HOH or a veto to save their life. Big Meech who is a foul mouth individual with no morals. Rico Sauve Vic who looks like a younger version of wwe Scott Hall (arrogant Razor Ramon) and now you see why this season is unbearable to watch.


Here we go again we James, Nat Nat goofing around, not talking game and letting the master rule the house! No respect for James at this point! James knows Nat is on the girl hit-list, and yet he is not trying to flip the house. All he cares about is getting to jury with Nat so he can continue trying to get a kiss! News flash, once Nat is in jury with no chance of winning, she will not continue the fake flirtmance! And Z who will not become Paulies wife, so wake up/ speak up to save Da. Open your mouth and give thoughts – if you have any. I do not care for Meech, but atleast she is speaking up how she feels to the master Paulie. And Cory, goat buring Cory, nothing there, waste, you and Nicole go home and apply to the bachelor. Please hg’s think for yourselves and go against Paulies plan for once!


How dirty are Corey’s feet??? If he doesn’t shower before going to bed, I am putting him in the dirty boat with Z.
Z is not Da’s ally. At all. She just wants to be Mrs, Paulie.
Paulie is saying he wants Da’ gone because she said his name and his minions are all agreeing with him. Waste of space Corey wants to know why she doesn’t like them. But I do hope he does confront her about the showmances comment so she knows that James cannot be trusted.


Corey is so freaking weird. I feel like I’m in a Edgar Allen Poe story where the phrase, ” never more” is repeated over and over. Except it’s Paul’s, ” never cared, never cared,never cared.
Instead of it being a Raven it’s a parrot.
Corey’s creepy eye – omg I think I’m losing it . LOL


Can’t wait to see these guys evict Ratcole!!!

Da's braids

I’m starting to wonder if Z is being held there against her will.

So anyway...

Please stop showing the pimple popping session. This is just plain gross. YUCK!


Paul is Paulie’s butt boy. He deserves nothing but the door hitting the back of his ass!!

Da's braids



I hope Day has the return ticket if she gets evicted. I want to see how PP will try to cover this move plus they need to be taken down a notch or two. They’re pretty obnoxious now.

Side note: why are Vic and Paulie morphing, talking and looking like Paul. Friendship and never care are the two stupidest things that keep coming out of their mouths. Ugggggggggh!!

Victors patchy beard

Vic was all big talk before coming back in house that he was gunning hard for Paulie when got back in. You all wanted him back. It took his puss ass five mins in house to fall in line and start sucking Paulies Nads like rest of house.


Yeah I had a feeling that was going to happen. Right before Vic was voted out, he was told straight up by Paul not to trust Paulie etc but Vic refused to even give Paul’s advice a second thought. Unfortunately, Vic is just a bit too gullible when it comes to the game. He is a good competitor though.

But this is why I was really hoping Tiffany would come back, hoping with her there Frank could start getting some numbers on his side. It would then be a clear divide between the house. But nope, Vic is back and unfortunately he’s still going to roll with Paulie.


So, now Paul is talking nasty about Victor? So hoped Victor’s return would’ve turned the house around and instead he is back to being a nongamer! I can not take the elementary behavior spreading throughout the house. At this moment I am liking Da more and more! And to me Nat is just playing to the cam, and working toward AFP, which is why she latched onto James, thinking this will help her win points. Still find Bridgettes giggling annoying. Please stop playing for the cam and start playing the game!!! My last comment(s) for the evening because currently the BBAD is too annoying to watch! All hg’s hanging on every word Paulie says, playing to camera, etc. not sure what can save this season! Yuck!!!


Answer to your question … what will save this season? Evict Paulie followed by Paul, Vic, Corey, Nicole and Zak in that order.


Da is not a huge target. The house is just a bunch of scary wimps who constantly back stabs while accusing other’s of the exact same things those that are in their “clique” does. Da and Zakiya will be most hated for it no matter what and will be less tolerated by those chocolate haters. Read these comments and realize what Da is being hated on for then recognize what she has in common for that exact same thing in another houseguest that miraculously is fine with and not a threat because she’s not chocolate. If i say i don’t like something, that something is going to be just that regardless of whose doing it….I DON’T LIKE IT!


Da, Michelle, Z, Paul have all been mean it is not because they are chocolate. Da has turned on everyone she has aligned with. They do not trust her it is not racial.

Z is in the cliche and I do not think Paulie will cut her that early he may take her to the end = easy win. I think he is justing saying that to keep his peons trusting in him.


So people who don’t like Nicole and Michelle. Is it because they are Vanilla haters?

Sesame Street

If you watch the chat rooms on the live feeds they’re on Z and Da by far!! Every mannerism they do. Eating, how they laugh, doing their makeup, doing their hair, how ghetto they are, and the list goes on and on. Others are made fun of but not to the extent of how Z and Day or treated. It’s sickening. It’s got me questioning this shit now. Now that Tiff and Frank are gone Day is the only who will make it interesting this season. I hope she has that round trip!

Straight BS

You are full of it. I watch the live feeds myself & interact on the chats as well. People dump on all the house guests its nothing new. The problem w/ Day is just plain & simple: she doesn’t have a clue how to play the game. Day never interacts like she genuinely wants to have a normal conversation she comes across as paranoid or either grilling for info. On top of creating alliances & then immediately turning on them, singling out someone she doesn’t particularly like in her alliance or trying to pit others in her alliance against each other too fast & too early. Day has no foresight into the game & really no strategy. Anybody can sit around & find fault in others or make up lies or rat out other players that doesn’t mean you have great game play. Another one of Day’s problems is she sits around all Day. If you cant win comps & are proven to be unreliable & a shit stirrer then you better execute your strategy & play ballsy so that you can maybe reel in some players on the outskirts to maybe do work for you. Amanda(BB15) was great at this strategy b/c not only was she good at strategy but she also acted as a meat shield for her 4 person alliance while at the same time coming up w/ plans & trying to execute them. She offered something for the others to rally behind or help protect. Day never offers to protect in anyone, offer to reciprocate any allegiance if she gives info or even remotely seem interested in what others may want as she comes across as it is all about her to advance further in the game. You have to scratch someone’s back if they scratch your’s in this game, especially early on. She pretty much sits around like she is Queen Sheeba of the house w/out actually providing any real promise to control anything just everyone protect her while she points out things about other house guests. Day is just a lazy player who production trots into the DR’s to make it seem like she actually knows how to play & try & take credit for other players actual work. Wouldn’t be shocked if she doesn’t have the round trip ticket as I believe production wants her to stick around to appease her delusional fans & to show a little sympathy for her lack of skills. I am a little puzzled that last season she was the one who knew to get up & pick up the phone on the 7th ring( I believe wanted to pick it up but Day was adamant about getting that ring) & miraculously she was able to come out of DR & figure out the Twin Twist before anybody had a clue sitting on the couch talking to Jason. All of Day’s downfall in this game & last season is b/c her lack of real strategy, her mouth, her laziness & just in general her sorry ass attitude. Face it, it is what it is.


I dont know why anybody would want da’ to stay even a week longer. Da and james dont have the backbone or support to get a big target out (paulie or paul) da is so focused on getting nicole out n corey and then what? She wldnt have the votes to do it? Nobody trusts her not even Z or Meech, they say they can’t trust her at all and shes too paranoid. Everytime there around her she just grills them for info cuz no one is telling her anything. Shes a waist of space just like james and a lost cause with no power but to annoy everyone!


I’m pulling for a Victor/Brig/Nat/James alliance and I know vic and brig are working together secretly since there the under dogs. Vic knows he can’t really trust Paulie its just a matter of time before he wins hoh and if given opportunity say double evict he will foresure take a hit at paulie as long as he has numbers, same with brig or natalie as hoh. These 4 need to come together or get picked off one by one. These are the only ones i see wanting to get strong players out.

Ian's Lament

Michelle is just crushing a bag of chips.