Cuddling on the Hammock – “Love is in the air everywhere I look around.. Sabrina go downstairs you’re gonna have a frown”

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 22-20-34-482

1:20AM Sabrina and NEDA

NEda asking her who she would vote out Andrew or Jon. Sabrina says she is closer to Andrew then JKon but Sabrin thinks Jon has a goodness about him, She claims it would be a difficult vote for her.

Neda calls what her and JOn have are sibling love, “When he grabs his junk and makes me want to puke”

Sabrina brings up how Neda told Allison to sleep with Andrew. Neda says that was so a joke
Sabrina – “But she’s a whore bag”
NEDA – “Jon I have a closer connection to but as People they are equal
Sabrina agrees.

They start talking about Jon’s girlfriend Janelle, They agree Jon is a good catch. Neda says Janelle sounds like a very accomplished person, “She a really good catch to”

Neda and Sabrina trust Kenny but not as much, Sabrina – “He gets me nervous sometimes.. don’t you find he’s massively grumpy?”
NEda- “Ya.. I don’t think i spend as much time with him so I don’t see it.”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 22-32-31-988

1:33pm HOH Kenny, NEDA, Sarah, Sabrina, Rachelle, Arlie and Jon
Going over the pros and cons of getting Paul or Heather out. The boys want Paul gone. Sabrina says getting Heather gone is a bigger benefit for them than getting out Paul. Kenny says Heather is a lost little lamb they can guide her where they want. Paul is more inclined to do what he wants. KEnnt know if Paul wins HOH him and Andrew are going up, he doesn’t think Heather will win HOH and if she does they can control her HOH. Kenny – “For me personally, keeping Heather would be the best option. Paul has a vendetta out against me and Andrew”
IKA joins them.
Kenny asks her what her thinking is.
IKA says it’s better to get Heather out, Paul is a target and he’ll always be the target it’s good to keep a target in the house. IKA adds that HEather has been lying and if she would listen to what Heather is saying two boys would be nominated this week. .
Kenny points out that the POV could have gone to Paul or Heather easily he brings up the HOH where Paul was able to talk people down and win it. Kenny had already gone to Heather and swore on everything he feels dear that she would be safe this week. IKA says she’s not asking Kenny to vote out Heather he can still vote out Paul. Jon chimes in that he also promised HEather she was safe.

Andrew joins them.. says it makes sense to him to vote out Heather.
Andrew “I need 100% assurance this c*** sucker doesn’t last another week”

IKA says that Paul and Adel called her “Ghetto”, “Whore because I had two children out of wedlock.. if I was playing on emotion Adel would be gone.. gone”

Andrew points out if they keep[ paul in the game they aagneutteing whoever is on his team during a have nots competitions will be on slop. IKA thinks Paul is playing up being a old man who is physically incapable.

They bring up Heather getting Hurt during the Power of Veto Competition. They wonder if Production will give Heather immunity next week because she’s bent her knee. IKA doesn’t think so.. Feeds get cut to hush hush.

Arlie, Kenny and Jon say they cannot vote to evict Heather. They count the votes Rachelle, Sarah, Sabrina, Neda and Andrew will vote out Heather.

Andrew “New girl will vote to whoever we tell her to vote for”
IKA says they can get Adel to vote anyway they want.
Neda wonders if “New Girls” vote is Canada’s they shouldn’t have a narrow 4/5 split.

Sarah – “can we make a deal that new girls doesn’t hear about this conversation.. theres still the suspicions that she’s Canada’s player”

Kenny says if this week isn’t double eviction it will be next week. They explain to Andrew how the Double eviction works.
Kenny/Ika/Sarah – “It’s like a whole week in one night”
Andrew – “Jesus christ”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 23-13-24-838

They agree to reconvene. Everyone gives IKA a hug and head downstairs leaving Sabrina and Archele in teh HOH with IKA.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 22-51-53-229

1:46m backyard Allison And Andrew getting very close..

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 23-14-17-260

2:14AM HOH Sabrina, IKA and Rachelle

Sabrina is crying again.

sabrina says when she went downstairs to get Andrew for the meeting Paul was at the stairs and he sang to Sabrina.
Sabrina sings the verse – “Love is in the air everywhere I look around.. Sabrina go downstairs you’re gonna have a frown.”
Sabrina – “Like are you the devil
Sabrina says she doesn’t want to speak to Andrew jokingly says to IKA to backdoor her

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 23-30-41-382

2:15AM Backyard Andrew and Paul
Andrew yelling to Paul to stop drinking the orange juice because he’s a have nots and the entire house will get punished. Paul drinks it and Sarah starts swearing. (It wasn’t orange juice it was mustard and water)

Kenny, Andrew and Jon head to the hot tub. they talk about their chances of getting a girl to vote out Paal. Jon doesn;t think Neda will. Sarah joins them, they tell her they want to vote out Paul.
(watch the video Paul pushes Andrew)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 23-33-48-513

2:35AM Bathroom Sarah and Sabrina

Sarah says getting out Heather is not helping the first 5. Sabrina says the way this game is shaping up they should just write the cheque to Andrew and Kenny. Sabrina says Rachelle has no idea how to play the game. Paul joins them and makes up with Sarah about the orange juice incident.
Paul – “Two injuries in one season.. I don’t think that’s happened before”

(Video Coming)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-15 23-53-54-975

2:51pm Pool Andrew, Sarah and Sabrina Counting votes to see if thy can send Paul home this week.
They figure there is no way they can pull it off without upsetting the status quo in the house.
Sabrina – “it’s really stupid to expose ourselves for Heather”
Andrew does think Paul and Heather are equally useless and it really doesn’t matter too much.

Sabrina says that IKA cannot get to Jury.

They go over their boot list, Heather, Paul, Adel, New girl, and IKA is last. Sarah says the new girl could win HOH and they’ll get her to put up IKA.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 00-36-04-343

3:30AM Sabrina and Rachelle
Sabrina says Andrew just ask her if it would “Rile” her up if he got together with the New girl. Sabria – “That f***ing girl needs to go.. it’s 24 hours and you already sleeping in his bed”

Sabrina is pissed at Allison she wants her gone next week.
Neda joins and Sabrina retells what Andrew told her.
Neda suggests that Andrew is playing Allison.
Sabrina – “He’s not playing a game he likes her”

Sabrina – “She’s a hoe.. He’s a Hoe are you f*** kidding me.. He’s stupid”
IKa joins them and Sabrina retells what Andrew said to her.
IKA says Andrew and Allison have told each other that they like each other.
Sabrina says she was starting to have an actual crush
Sabrina – “who does she think she is Kobe Bryant swooping in”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 00-57-01-135

4:01AM HAmmock Rachelle is calling herself Angel and holding her eye open. JKon and Arlie are running around like jokers. Many of the house guests seems wired right now random chit chat and weird sh!t. No word on Heather.

Sarah and Kenny are in the bedroom in the dark talking but of course there is no audio.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 01-10-42-259

4:07AM Neda, Rachelle, Andrew, Allison and Sabrina around the hammock

Sabrina tells them a story about her ex boyfriend where they both fell in love instantly. She says he was like David BEckham “No joking.. he was the hottest guy on the planet.. 6 foot tall blonde super model.. not normal.. ”

Sabrina – “And it was like BOOOM oh my god Sabrina.. oh.. ahh.. and all of a sudden we were both like ahhh get away ugh I don’t like you.. we fell hard and fell out har”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-16 01-11-36-289

4:12Am HOH Heather, Jon and IKA
Heather has crutches. IKA asks her where she fell and the feeds cut to the hammock….

4:35AM Hammock Andrew and Allison
They talk about Teenage mutant ninja turtle movies, Andrew describes a rave he goes to every year where they dressed up as the ninja turtles.


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If Paul really said that to Sabrina then he has my respect


Wherever Sabrina is; there’s Rachelle. I can’t wait until Sabrina goes off on her and Rachelle develops a personality of some sort. This girl is soooooo boring.


At least get players who know what big brother is. Several times I have heard players say they haven’t seen the show. Sabrina said a little while ago how she loves that she got the chance to be on the show because she could always see herself being an actress on tv. Going to the end with the 2 biggest comp threats is beyond stupid.


Rachelle is a lost puppy and she has ZERO personality and I doubt Paul sang that song. It’s just another example of Sabrina’s psychoticness


And Andrew is a super-douche, plus his hairline is backed up like rush hour traffic….


LMAO!!! LOL!!! Hahahaha! That is funny as all heck


Paul has some serious problem for a dad, a 43 year old adult and a “motivational speakers”. He suck, and the orange juice thing was kind of a big F U to the big brother game. Get him out!!


Please let the house get punished for Paul drinking juice! Let the mayhem ensue

Johhny (the European one!)

I’d suggest Paul should have to drink his mustard juice.
Muast have been quite a lot of mustard wasted to get that colour in this huge bottle.
You don’t waste or play with food, ergo he should have to drink it.
Just sayin.


Amelia — They need to start taking the prize money away as a punishment but if do a punishment they probably just turn off the hot water off again or put ALL hgs on slop.


Anyone else think that Rachelle and Jillian could be long lost sisters??? like honestly the way she (rachelle) talks and looks… its sooo weird…

Johhny (the European one!)

I can litterally see 0 % similarity between the 2.


HEATHER???? REALLY???? She is the only one within the “girls” Alliance that believes in the “girls” Alliance even if she is not part of the “girls” Alliance. IKA you TOOL!

Persian Princess

Anyone else not getting sound from cam 1 and 2??… Live feeds

Persian Princess

lol Me tooooo!!! Especially when they have Sabrina ranting with volume, and the love birds cuddling without lol


better yet.. this is how I feel when the audio is off on the feeds, YET I can hear the commercials louder than ever.




Omg Sabrina is acting like a jealous schoolgirl. She is calling Allison a slut but what does that make herif she was trying to do the same thing? She really needs to grow up, it’s so painful to watch her whining all the time. I wish big brother would let the fans punish a player every week, send a person into solitary confinement for a day.


So agree ! Or Slop & Silence – no talking ! Punishment for talking – another day on slop !


These flip-floppers !
Paul – his apparent reasoning process SHOULD seem to them to be flawed, therefore he’s dangerous to anyone.
Heather – from both boys or girls perspective she should seem a malleable vote, therefore useful to the better gamers.
Both – minimal Comp threat outside of standing & that’s been done. Plus now Heather is injured.
Paul should logically go, from THEIR perspectives.


I’m surpirised at Andrew wanting Heather out. His best play is Paul. I figure Kenny will explain that to him on a smoke break Sunday. They need 6 to save Heather pretty tall order at the moment. Andrew has bigger problems and it starts with Allison becoming a target for the girls. Allison’s own fault mind you. Allison would appear to be a reliable vote for Andrew and Kenny IMO. Maybe Andrew and Sarah both move off Heather and on to eveict Paul. Brina would flip out or more likely follow the pack.

Little secret by Thursday it will be unanimous one way or the other. It’s still a house of sheep….. bah bah bah

Andrews Charms

Please please please don’t tell me Allison is actually falling for Andrew and his BS.

LOL @ Andrew feeding her how he “Understands” the spot that Paul is in. Then telling her how he himself gets heated and passionate, okay Neanderthal whatever you say… barking out the orders like hitler asswipe.

Sabrinas Rampage

Um Sabrina is definitely going to have to self evict after Andrew and Allison’s little makeout/ fondling session on the hammock.
Just a little disappointed that Allison was all bark and no bite, unless this is part of her own personal game play since Andrew is such a guy when it comes to a pretty girl, we’ll see.
All in all I feel this little thing they have going on is Andrew’s ego wanting to play the part of ultra supreme pimp… and he was making fun of Kyle as being a douchebag LOL okay Andrew, just two nights ago you were all winking at Rachelle, then hours ago you were tellling Sabrina that she had a chance with him maybe and things could have happened between them sooner had she not been all saying they were brother and sister…. now you’re all over Allison, glad you conquered her, now it will be on to the next bigger better deal when you get out of the house… yawn you bore me Andrew.


I hope they do a show that shows Sabrina’s stalker-ish behavior… crushing on both Kenny and Andrew and going bonkers when a new girl enters the fray. seriously, she is truly the worst human being. ever. crying when boys don’t treat her like a queen, or when they pay attention another girl


Sabrina has low self esteem.


Looks like “New Girl” is the new “N” word for the season…….


The only time Sabrina had a boyfriend that looked like David Beckham is in one of her fantasies which she seems to have every hour on the hour.


Wow that’s a pretty catchy tune I can’t stop singing it in my head.. Hmmmm Love is in the air hmmmhmmhmmm Sabrina go down stairs you’re gonna have a frown! LoL! Paul is so wicked and childish he enjoys acting out and pissing everybody off and he enjoys it, he’s very sadistic. As a viewer that shyt is funny as hell. He’s so alienated from everyone in the hose he’s resorting to getting any type of attention even if it’s negative. Dugh dugh dugh da dugh di di di da di dugh. Sabrina go downstairs you’re gonna have a frown.


OMG sabrina is just sick, she just lose her mind on a boy who never ever said he was going to be her boyfriend! And she said that she liked Kenny, but she’s sad because of Andrew and Allison…!!! One thing: The catchphrase from big brother australia of 2012: TAKE IT EASY PSYCHO!, if you watched that season you can see that Allison is just like Estelle!