“Come on JC come to this side where we’ve literally f*ed up .. ” – Rocks


POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 23rd
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Kaycee Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers Slip n slide HOH tongiht. This is my favorite

Spoiler alert! Watch the HOH competition play out LIVE on 8/16 on CBS All Access with a FREE trial.

10:37am Rocks and Kaycee are the first up. Talking about what happens when they are evicted. Kaycee tells her she’s wearing the pink shirt Bayleigh gave her.

10:52am A bunch are up now just chit chat..

11:09am Rocks and Haleigh
Rocks – it’s not that I would be blindside I just really want to know there’s an outfit I want to wear if I get evicted.. I wanted to know my finale dress.. I know that sounds stupid. .if I’m not I don’t want to pull it out.. if I am I kinda want to know..

Rocks – I totally get what JC is saying, How is he supposed to trust us. Come on JC come over to this side where we’ve accomplished every single thing we said we would do.. It’s Come on JC come to this side where we’ve literally f*ed up ..

11:16am Rocks and Sam
Rocks talking about wanting to know if she’s leaving because she’s got a whole outfit planned.
Rocks – I think everyone tells you you are staying until you actually go
Sam – mmmhmmmm
Rocks – I feel like I have the votes to stay
Sam – why did you tell me to tell everyone I was going to vote for Kaycee
Rocks – I didn’t want the hacker to switch your vote remember I changed my mind because we needed people to feel secure.
Sam – nobody knows who the hacker is still
Rocks – no (rocks still doesn’t know who the first hacker is lol)

Rocks – if I have 5 people voting for me and there’s 2 votes for Kaycee, the Hacker cancels one vote. It’s 4 to 2 if somebody flips it’s 3 to 3. but in the horrible instance I’ve been talking to the hacker the hacker could cancel someone else votes and flip and someone else flips it could be 2 to 3 I need every vote.
Rocks – everyone is so shy where they are voting
Rocks – it’s all f*ed up because of this hacker
Rock – people don’t think you are voting for me because your voted for Baylegih and put me on the block..

11:24am Tyler is showing Scottie how to shave his chest.
Tyler – now be real f*ing careful I’m telling you..
Tyler – don’t do a stupid look on your face..
they laugh that someone is making a gif of them right now. (I was recording in case he shaved a nipple off.. lol)
Tyler – don’t never go over the big part.. that the danger zone.

11:31pm Feeds cut to reruns.. it’s HOH lockdown. When the feeds come back houseguest will be getting ready for the live show. Our next live feed update will most likely be for the slip n slide Head of Household Competition. Weekly summary and top gifs of course before that. Thanks everyone for the support this year it’s been so much fun. Looking forward to spending the weekend with y’all watching the feeds in the middle of the night 🙂 🙂

1:00pm Rocks and Scottie chit chatting about hair. Rocks says she thinks she’s OK but she doesn’t want to be too comfortable.

1:03pm Rocks and Sam
Rocks says her assumption is the Hacker is Angela .. she did a risky move.. they will cancel out one of my people they will cancel fes.. (LOL)

Sam asks what happens when she tells everyone she’s voting for Kaycee and she doesn’t she votes to keep Rockstar and they find out she lied.
Rockstar tells her not to lie say she’s voting for Rocks to stay.

Sam – I wish I could leave here.. I would love to get the f* out of here..
Angela tells her if she stay tonight she needs Sam on her side so stop talking like that.

Sam – everybody sneaking around being sheisty with each other I just want to slap the shit out of people.. the whole thing is stupid.. it’s stupid..I’m going to hulk out of this f*ing shirt
Rocks – do you want another shirt
Sam – I want to throw up..

They hug it out.. Rockstar whisper in her ears if she goes home she wants Sam to send all these people to her. (LOL)
Sam – ok..
Rock – don’t give them a reason to put you up.. If I leave.. there’s less of us..

Rock shows the outfit she wants to wear if she knows she’s going home.
Sam – I want to punch myself in the face right now
Sam – I can’t believe how much weight I’ve gained in here.. I hate what this place has done to me.

Sam – Everything I have is a 3 or a 2 and now I’m like a 5.. cause I’m a f*ing COW..
Rocks – STOP ..

Sam – you really are my only person..
Sam mentions that Rocks also has Haleigh she’s Rocks number 1.
Rocks – you’re the person I hang out with the most
Sam whumpers how she doesn’t have anyone
Rocks suggest Sam does everything she can to help Rocks stay.
Sam – should you go I will be 100% alone.. everyone will do their thing when I need somebody..
Production – SAM please put on your microphone

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Based on my live feed stalking and OBB intel, I believe the following will happen tonight:

Haleigh- cant vote as HOH
Kaycee- can’t vote as nom
Rockstar- can’t vote as nom
Faysal- Hacker will cancel his vote

Tyler evicts Rockstar
Angela evicts Rockstar
Brett evicts Rockstar
JC evicts Rockstar
Sam evicts Rockstar (she got fed up with Rocky’s constant negative talk)
Scottie votes to evict Rockstar (if he’s smart)

I have honestly been at a loss for words this week. Let’s hope a new HOH brings some true strategizing absent of non-stop ineptitude and the unending verbal game of ding-dong pong.

edited to add: Thanks SImon. I’ll see you in November 😉 LOL

Regarding tonight’s HOH comp: I imagine Tyler, Scottie, Sam, Angela, and JC do very well. Kaycee could surprise me. I think Brett could likely break a bone (lacks agility and flexibility). Faysal could actually take a fall, too. But, if he sustains any head trauma…he’s done. Also, I would not at all be surprised if Tyler goes for the cash prize. I wouldn’t put it past Sam or Kaycee, either.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

If Scottie or Fessie win HoH you can pretty much count on a repeat of the last several weeks; Haleigh would still be calling the shots.


Sam is working on that jury vote today. Lol. That’s what I think. But anyone who has that girl figured out is a genius for sure. I’m thinking she votes out Rock as well. I’m not sure about Scottie tho. He is so infatuated with Haleigh. It will be interesting to see what he does.

Looney Liberals

That sounds good to me and I’m hoping that Fes or Scottie get voted out next.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Myself, I’d put up Haleigh and Fessie, with Scottie for a possible backdoor. I’m fairly convinced that if Fessie won the POV he would give it to Haleigh.

Bayleigh Bursts a Vein

That sounds like a good plan and if Fes got voted out after winning veto when he was on the block…….priceless.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Sadly it would be consistent with their game play so far this season.

– Bayleigh went home with an “immunity idol” in her pocket; which she didn’t tell her own alliance about or offer to use it for one of them.

– Haliegh wins the Hacker Comp, uses it in the stupidest way and only succeeds in blowing up Bayleigh’s game.

– Haliegh is HoH and another one of her alliance will be going home; all while she thinks they have it in the bag.


I feel like Tyler will be gunning for hoh. The following week he has his power app to use when he cant play in hoh.

Botox Pelosi

I hope that pinky promise between Sam and JC was for real.


What was the pinky promise. Guess I missed it.


At 1:59 this afternoon, Tyler and Brett were in the kitchen and heard the guys outside, building the comp for tonight. Not sure exactly what they heard, but they may have a heads up what the comp is. Fes comes in and asks what they heard and Brett starts laughing and says, “Put the slime over here. It’s the slime competition. It’s supposed to look like ice.”


Wasn’t that Faysal? I remember him telling Brett they (the guys out back) were talking about sailboats, when Brett asked him what they said (the comp builders were talking loudly). Brett laughed and then made that statement about the slime.

Houka Inumuta

Who’s excited for Tyler’s eviction party next week????

Also, I cant wait for Scottie to win the HOH tonight!!!!!!!

Is anyone excited for Scottie’s HOH week?????

Gentle Gentle Lamb with a man bun

His EXCITION? What the heck is that??

Scottie the Bespeckled Rodent

I want to see Scottie get caught on the wrong side of the vote tonight.



Bayleigh Bursts a Vein

Rocks will explain it to you.


doesnt tyler have his cloud app that he can use for 2 more weeks. i thought i herd him say that on last nights show.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes he does. If Fessie or Scotty were actually able to pull off the HoH tonight you can expect Haleigh to be crawling up the winners arse for once and demanding that Tyler get backdoored…which of course he would be expecting and we would see yet another complete fiasco for FAULTEE.


Turns out Sam was right about Haleigh “Lemme go get my bikini on and try to squeeze more info out of Scotti” flirting her way through the game. If you don’t want grandpa to hear about it, don’t do it.

Scottie the Bespeckled Rodent

I’m hoping that once Rocks is gone that Sam will come back to Level 6.


Dream on.. Tyler’s safe until his app expires in two weeks.


I hope your right. I just don’t know when l6 will start targeting each other or at least take a shot should one of them be pawns.


Scotty has said he practiced the sling thing at home

Looney Liberals

That was pretty smart of him. I bet if Scottie would win HOH that he would try to backdoor Tyler.

Hopefully they trap the rat Scottie before that happens.


what was the sling thing?


You say this every week. Move on already dude it’s not going to happen.

Houka Inumuta

I guarantee you. it will happen eventually. Scooby Doo just keeps postponing his eviction that’s all.

Haleigh's Melanoma

They say even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while, but in your case I’m not so sure.

Bozo Bernie the Socialist


Who works the Slurpee maching while you are posting online?

Tyler rules!


You’re weekly diatribe on Scottie winning HOH combined with Tyler’s eviction is almost on par with the certainty at least once a day I’ll mutter Rock-N-STFU

No offense 🙂

Looney Liberals

Hopefully after tonight you can put that to rest. Fingers crossed.


Dream on…


So everyone is thinking JC and Sam are solid to vote out RS at this point? I want to make sure I am prepared for the blow if there is a chance she is staying. The point she made about not blaming JC for not wanting to team up with the Hive was probably the most sensible thing she has said all season.

BT Switcheroo

Is it because you want to make sure that you are wearing your best outfit, in case Rox gets evicted?

Scottie the Bespeckled Rodent

That was strong!


Slip and slide means Tyler will prob win but praying fes or scottie pull it out.


Fed is gonna crash n burn Scotty practiced but Tyler has a two week cloud gift still so slip sliding away Haleigh or maybe Scotty if yes I’m saying Angela pole vaulter wins


I hope you’re right and tyler doesn’t go for it. Fes prob is going to fall a bunch so all my hopes are for Scottie


I’m thinking this could be JC’s comp. His center of gravity is so much lower, yet he still has plenty of both strength and endurance. And as a dancer, he is very agile and graceful. I can imagine Tyler and Kaycee doing well, also.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I don’t think I can stomach another week of the Hive idiots holed up in the HOH. Angela has long legs; KC’s ankles may be a problem for this rough endurance comp. I agree Scotty & Tyler would be my front runners.

Like literally

how many hours for the live show? any alteration? i’m in Europe so if someone knows where i can watch cbs online that would be awesomeeeee

TylerForThe Win

Try this. Not sure if it works cause US can’t watch on it. My husband says he used it when he was deployed oversees.


Simon, you like the slip-n-slide comp? I hate it because there are so many hard falls and I am fearful that someone will end up with a brain injury or some kind of heinous injury. I guess I am a little sensitive because I recently slipped and slid and broke my ankle. I guess I’ll watch with one eye closed.


Fes can talk them through their brain injury, he has years of personal experience.


This comp always worries me for that reason. Potential for serious damage.

Gentle Gentle Lamb with a man bun

Wear the outfit Rockless, wear the outfit….


Stripper outfit? Sexy witch costume? T Rex outfit? Burning man stilts get up? Star Trek uniform? Audrey’s blanket? Sam is going to skin Tyler and make Pockscar a skin suit? My curiosity is peeked.


10 Thumbs UP BBSniper!

Hi my name is Scott

I say…….Audrey’s Blanket for the stomp outta da house!

Peter Holeczek

That’s not a man bun… it’s a saddle horn


Will this be the first time in awhile at we don’t have anyone returning to the game. Next should be double eviction week right?


At final four, they’re going to send back in Frankie and Paul.

King Silva

Never speak this idea into existence again please!

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

As if suffering through Mr. Pectacular wasn’t enough.



No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Just threw up a bit in my mouth. Bluhh.


LOL I only gave you a thumbs up because it was such a funny comment. I say hell to the no at the thought though!


Tammie, I sure hope so! They’ve given us plenty of twists. No battleback needs to happen!

The 2010 United States Census

What do you mean? What about the twist where Paul returns to the game next week with 5 weeks of safety, 8 friendship bracelets, and the ability to replace noms each week, cancel 3 votes each week and getting to be the only person who gets to play in the veto comps?

BB Fan

Yep, that sounds about right


And he would still lose HaHa!


And finish runner up


LOL Census…nooooooooo Paul!!!!!


I doubt there will be a double eviction before tylers power app is done. How would he use it during the time restraints of the double?


Since it’s still viable during DE I would assume he would talk to the DR prior & say can I just stand up & say I’m invoking The Cloud (no?). I mean they can’t say it’s good for so many weeks & then not allow him access to it.

Then again, I also think Ty would like to find a way to not have to use it & get to the end & use it as part of his F2 speech (how he never had to us it b/c of his game play)

Like literally

JC for HOH! just because I want to see his obnoxious self for a week and turning bad on fess ORRRRR the opposite want fessy for the win so he can accomplish his dream of putting up Bret and the thousand of arguments he is gonna have with hay! YES PLEASE


Fes would make for a fun and chaotic week.


He’s been so bad at comps. I’m starting to think the only way he’ll ever pull out a win is a luck comp. But it would be interesting to see what he would do.


He’d do what Hayleigh tells him.


Question about Sam

For those of you who watch the feeds, did Sam have a conversation with Rockstar where she comforts her with something along the lines of : Don’t worry Rockstar. Neither you nor Kaycee will be going this week because I’m going to self-evict. ??? If she did say that, was it just to shut Rockstar up or is there a realistic chance that Sam will walk out tonight?


She said to Kaycee that she didn’t want either of them to go home. She would prefer if she went home herself.
But after that, she did tell Kaycee that she would vote for her to stay.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It wouldn’t change anything if she did self evict; BB would still go on with the normal eviction and RS will leave unless JC goes completely Fessie.

another name

she’s still talking about self eviction, but, at that point i think she was also on her fifth or sixth helping of a toxster diatribe. how many times can you listen to somebody make the same whining argument about privileged spoiled richass kids before you start to ‘yes, dear.’
anyone else notice that the level of kookoo that comes out of sam is equivalent with the amount of time she has spent listening to rock bitch, whine and moan?


Hard to tell with Sam fom one week to the next. One thing I do know is that girl is psychotic. The things she says about physically hurting a person, she’s creepy at times.


If Sam is playing the game, this vote will screw her over if she votes to keep Rock. There will be no redeeming her status after it.


Don’t u talk about my Sammy


Sam is staying. Once again, heavy medication saves the day!

Scottie the Bespeckled Rodent

I like Sam but she does need to chill out.


Sam won’t self-evict. If she wanted to leave that badly, she would have by now. I’m telling you…it’s all an act.


Maybe all the talk about Sam self evicting is the reason why we haven’t seen a double eviction yet, numbers-wise. Production could be keeping that in their back pocket for now.


I thought it was because Kaitlyn failed the easy challenge that they expected her to win


I think Tylers power app plays in as well. The time restraints during a live double may be an issue if he wanted to play it. And it would basically extend the length of time it was good for by playing a full week in an hour.


No it isn’t. The girl is mentally ill and they need to let her leave the house.


I’m warning you


No she was given assurances from Tyler and is fully back with him all the way cause she adores him and he adores her it is the most real relationship in the house. And sweetly innocent as it is freindship not sexual


We literally have leaks from production that say she tried self evicting because she felt betrayed by Tyler. Stop.


Personally I think it’s Sam’s game strategy which coincidentally started with jury btw. So, she finds out who for sure is getting evicted, then tries to flip the votes (knowing it won’t happen) & then can use that with the juror to get their vote if she reaches a F2 seat. “But I tried to save you”. Funny how last week “Bayleigh was her only friend” this week “RockHound is her only friend”. It seems far too coincidental to me.

I can’t see her risking pissing off Ty/KC after promising b/c they’d cut her off. OR ….she’s just cray-cray.

Trackin the Kraken

Buh Bye Rock I can picture how Tonight’s Interview will go

Julie : Rockstar , What do you think happened ?
RockStar : Umm, I think i got evicted
Julie : Who do you think flipped ?
RockStar : Umm, which week ?
Julie : Lets just skip to the recorded messages the HouseGuests left you

Swaggy's Missing Brow

There are four recorded messages I want to watch: Angela, JC, Hay and Fessi. I’m sure that Hay and Fessie’s will both start out with the usual disclaimer, “if you’re hearing this something happened…”.

Yes, something happened, The Hive and Haleigh.

Correction: five I want to hear. It will be interesting to hear what Brett might say.


I agree i think this is strategy so no one will worry about getting her out shes not a comp beast she will fly under the radar.

Botox Pelosi

Julie : Lets just skip to the recorded messages the HouseGuests left you

That is the line of the day. LOL


Every morning I enjoy my morning coffee ?? and updates, even if I watched the feeds all night. Also like your little side notes ?. I do use your sight when ordering from Amazon, thank you.


I love the slip n slide. JC should do well but no way does he want an HOH right now. I don’t see Brett wanting it either. He’s got to maintain his secret spy status. I think Fes is just going to wear out if he takes a few big falls but he may really want this. But my guess is L6 takes this one. Sam is making me nervous. I feel she’s playing the game. Did she finally see the negativity in RS and realize that wasn’t good for her ? She also said those people up there have no loyalty to each other. Something like that I think she’s back with Tyler but she’s so all over the place. I cannot wait for this vote tonight. Seriously who would want to jump onto a sinking ship besides those already on it. They would still jump on. Fes doesn’t even understand how he got stuck with those people. I will be completely shocked if Kaycee gets voted out. But you never know what happens right before the vote.


I think this will be a good comp for Angela, Brett, Tyler and Scottie. Fes is lethargic, Haleigh will falla lot and become frustrated, JC will be over it, Kaycee will just suck- as usual, Sam will be schizo and Rocko will be in jury house :p


Haleigh won’t fall, because she won’t be playing

It's finally Thursday!

As the outgoing HOH, Haleigh can’t play in the HOH tonight.


Just give ty ty the money! ?

Old school.

I can send money to a p.o box.
I don’t make payments on line. I really want to help.

Dr. Bronson

Go Angela!!!!
Good luck 🙂

Bayleigh Bursts a Vein

i think Angela is going to step up her game now. I think she was laying low for awhile on purpose.


That was short sighted of Angela and Kaycee to write the #6 on their hats.


They had been joking that they could wear L6 team shirts and the Hive wouldn’t catch on. Wearing the rainbow suits last night and writing 6 on their caps has proven their point. Hay temporarily wondered about the 6 but still didn’t think Angela and Kaycee were part of a team, she just thought it was some sort of mystic sign or something they were kidding around with.


Yeah but I really don’t think it matters at this point, especially because there are only 4 remaining out if the 6.


Looking forward to slip n slide tonight. Used your link Simon and Dawg to subscribe to live feeds. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed of what’s going on. You make me laugh everyday with your comments too. Every time you say “buckle up” I’m already laughing before I even read it.


Simon and Dawg….you guys are the best. I don’t have the time (or the patience probably) to watch the live feeds. I thoroughly enjoy your commentary. I felt like a mother hen last night when the trolls were attacking you guys. Keep up the great work.

On a game note, I’d love too see the Hive do something. I always root for the underdogs but this year it’s darn near impossible to root for them. At least in past seasons they knew what they were up against and tried to break up the big alliances. These fools week after week can’t even figure out the votes and when given extra powers like Bayleigh’s app and Hayleigh’s hacker power couldn’t even use both of them correctly.
I am rooting for Tyler. If anyone would have told me after the 1st episode I’d like the “surfer dude” I’d never have believed them. I also think that Brett is playing a very good game. The best thing that could have happened for him is Winston’s leaving.
Can’t wait for tonight and the Hives faces after the votes!
Thanks again Simon and Dawg!

Tennessee Nana

I rarely post but have enjoyed your site for more years than I care to admit. This has, by far, been the MOST entertaining in quite a while. Thanks Simon and Dawg for keeping us all informed. And thanks to (most) everyone for your funny and insightful comments. Can’t wait for tonight’s show!!!!!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Angry Sam is in the house…and she’s not happy. RS has been haranguing her all morning. Someone should ask RS if she’s ever heard of the Incredible Hulk.


Always happens later in the day when the meds are wearing off!!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

JS to the rescue!

another name

the hoh is the infamous slip/slide, the winner will be determined by who is able to start each lap with sufficient thrust, maintain even rate of speed, activate their core to sufficiently maintain minimum excess movement and inertia correction. These have been the hallmarks of the strategy employed by each of the previous winners of the comp. of course, the amount of crisco on the lane has something to do with it as well. lol.
I still say Angela has the balance edge. i still see tyler and scottie with sam somewhere in the mix having more ability to work longer at a steady rate. i still say fes brett and kaycee will have the better ability to generate the required force. i still say Jc will take off like a human cannonball because of lower centre of gravity and muscle mass.
what i envision: kaycee being too cautious. Angela being slower than the others. scottie getting a little gangly in his course correction. fes trying to bull china shop it. brett trying to put on a show for the camera. tyler having difficulty finding a rhythm in the beginning. Sam thinking she’s at the county fair, and going off course in search of cotton candy… and jc being a cannonball that nobody bothered to aim.
Brett goes for the money. Scottie goes for the money. Sam goes for a smoke. Fes has one big fall that totally jars him and dents the floor. JC makes at least one inappropriate comment about that one time at a circuit party that makes Orwell live in fear.


Good thing JC and Brett are dependable…I would be very nervous if it was all on Sam to keep Kaycee safe. If L6 wins the HOH, who does Hay try to throw under the bus to save herself this week? I can see her flipping on Sam, Fes, or Scottie with little success.


I think JC would be stupid to vote Kaycee out. Votes will be known at this point. But he still makes me nervous. He’s so mischievous. But he is smart so I think he’s good. Just don’t completely trust him.


Too bad if Rockstar leaves tonight. She’s comedy gold!


I’m glad she’s leaving, but would love to see her do the slip and slide comp tonight!

Hi my name is Scott

Was comedy gold but like any good comedy, the jokes start getting old and tired and just not funny anymore. Rocks has jumped the shark already


Sam and JC are so hard to read. I think Blockstar will finally get axed, but I can totally see Kaycee being blindsided too.

This season is amazing!


OMG… Sam is ready to self-evict again. Maybe they should just give her 76 eviction votes tonight (one for each of her personalities).


JC has an unfair advantage in the slip and slide due to his many years as a midget bowler

King Silva

Tyler or Angela needs to win this damn slip in slide competition!

I am nervous the virgin rat will have a good shot to win though…

team peanut

why do I have this really bad feeling Sam is going to screw things up and keep Rocksnot.

Pity party of one..or two..Sam and Rocksnot. That is why they are so close both are so busy feeling sorry for themselves. And they are both bat s*** crazy.


Good Grief, I surely hope Hay isn’t an English major at TAMU……she just said “Tyler, your speech was reffiting”
Girl, it was Riveting(for sure!)

kathy rockwell

Haleigh is going to be so pissed that she doesn’t get to play Slip N Slide. She said that was one of her favorites and better get to play in it. So sorry Haleigh, NOT.

Miss Conception

Julie Chen’s interview with Rockstar will go like this” (Julie) “Rockstar,what happened?” (Rockstar)”Well,Julie,first I would like to thank my legions of faithful fans that I know have been with me through this incredible journey. I feel that I have let them down with my short time in show business,but I assure them all that I would have won this whole thing if it was not for that bit**h Angela. She is jealous of me and my looks and figure. I know that there is a fat contract waiting for me to be on “Survivor” as well as “The Amazing Race”.So,look for me in the future to “burn this motherforker down”. By the way,I am not delusional,nor clueless.(Julie) “Huh”?

Hi my name is Scott

And cue Julie with the response of the High School Principal from Billy Madison. 🙂


Just finished watching last nights AD. Looking at Sam’s face when she was talking with Tyler, her face said it all, she LOVES Ty. During their first hug, she had her arms around his neck, Confirmed it, she loves her Ty.

She says she’s gone from a 2-3 to a 5, still looks good.


I’ll contact Amazon drone delivery to see if they can provide 1 & 2 and a note to Ty to help with 3.

Simon, just sent you a second contribution to your retirement fund.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Agree. Sam is a cute girl. She needs to stop comparing herself to Angela – that girl would make any woman feel physically inferior. She’s a beautiful combination of genetics, discipline & hard work. Just enjoy the view and own it.



another name

Sam’s discussion with JC about him now being her person. She’s securing a secondary ‘thing’ (whatchamacallit… oh yea, alliance pair). Meanwhile i’m flipping back to the curb stomp “that’s terrifying.” sure, like he’s gonna say no.

Hi my name is Scott

Did anyone catch that around 2pm BB time Fes telling Brett that he tweaked his back last night. Said he got up overnight and tripped over………..Rocks duffel bag!!! Rocks manages to find a way to sabotage the Hive even while she sleeps. A sore back will not be a benefit in the Slip n Slide comp.


Wonder if he’s just saying that so he has an excuse if he doesn’t win the comp..

Hi my name is Scott

Great point!


He’s in the Hive News Bears pre third act, no excuse is needed.


The slip and slide… Aw man, I wish this hoh comp would have been last week so we could have laughed ourselves silly watching Rockstar fall on her bouncy butt…. Lmao


I’m wondering if they are going to show a clip of Haleigh holding court while in the bathtub, while a bit tipsy. That whole thing was one of the funniest conversations to date. I laughed the entire time. Her thinking she was mesmerizing Tyler being in her bathing suit in the tub. Just too funny.


She thought she was so sexy but she shaved her feet. I know I am probably the only one that noticed that.


Omg. Her feet ???? I was completely exhausted watching it. I can’t believe I missed that. Lord. How sexy of her. Lol.

Hi my name is Scott

T minus 1 hour 30 minutes and counting!!!

who me?

I REALLY dislike that freaky little sneak! 3:23 PM Thu Aug 16 PT by Scott3325
3:01 PM Sam/JC in BA.
Sam: Rockstar ….. I don’t know. I feel like everybody always tells me what to do.
JC: This is my thing. I do not like dirty things. And I’m not going to throw anything. Other people according to me telling me that other people…blah blah blah
Sam: Mm – I don’t like that.
JC: I don’t like that. Because if they…
I know some other people like if you talk to them they will be straight to you. And like Kaycee is one of those. She will tell you to your face.
Sam: Yeah but Rockstar’s more fun!
JC: Yeah but we’re already like 80% sure next week is double eviction. And Rockstar is more fun. Blah blah blah. So she has our back. We don’t even know who she’s working with. You know what I’m saying? I have no idea. She is …
Sam: I know she’s with me. I don’t I mean…
JC: Does she? Does she tell you what you want to hear? You know what I’m saying.
Sam: Yeah.

Botox Pelosi

I would trust Charlie Sheen to hold my stash before I would trust Sam.

FU! I Took a Pee on Hillary's Bed with Russians

Sam needs to get down and get dirty. Of all the women in the house she needs some d1ck to continue in this game. Angela is cold, Hay is a dirty tomboy, KC is gay. Sam needs her pipes cleaned. Unfortunately there are only gay men in the house. I think this is why she needs medication.

FU! I Took a Pee on Hillary's Bed with Russians

Sam is so pathetic chasing after Tyler. The wounded bird is gay.

FU! I Took a Pee on Hillary's Bed with Russians

The vote to evict RockLobster is 6-0
Hayleigh- “Who flipped”????

Botox Pelosi

Loved that!

FU! I Took a Pee on Hillary's Bed with Russians

Does Sam realize that they have teams in this game?????


This is by far the best site to get updated with a good level of detail when I away from the live feeds. I had things to order on Amazon (in my cart for now) using your link. Thank you!

I’d be amiss if I didn’t say your biases show (commentary on the convos), but at least you are on the right side of the vote:-)