Cody’s HOH Room “you are so much cuter now that Hayden and you are together”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations:  ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-21 23-05-05-094
11:05pm Nicole is telling them all about her experience being evicted, Where they took her etc etc..
Victoria fills Nicole in about cutting her own hat up so that Zach couldn’t have it. They say he doesn’t know it’s destroyed yet. Victoria corrects them says says she told him in the goodbye message.. Adds that he was really pissed at her for taking the hat.
They fill her in on the Zach saboteur event a couple days ago.
Nicole tells them her and Hayden had a talk about seeing each other. They kissed in the jury house. She regrets not kissing him after wining the jury competition. Nicole says Hayden had mentioned moving to Chicago which is only 1 state away. Derrick jokes that Hayden is a floater he can move wherever.

Nicole says that Hayden really likes her when he got evicted he was telling the handlers being apart from her made him realize how much he liked her he enver felt this way about a girl ever. Caleb jokes that Hayden got lucky he was able to tell Nicole she was drop dead gorgeous and she fell for it. Caleb told his girl and she told him to Drop dead.

BB16-2014-08-22 00-01-14-663
11:41pm Living room

Nicole – that was such a weird comp to get back into teh house
Christine and Frankie agree
Nicole – At first I don’t think I understood it I was like Is this really going on
Frankie – you didn’t have to have skill..
Feeds cut
Nicole – I can’t believe there wasn’t endurance today.. I thought it was.. you didn’t have one last week
Frankie – 7 straight mental HOH’s in a row
Caleb – they would have called that somewhat physical
Frankie – it’s like saying the Veto competition was physical because we had to walk.. no no rose
Nicole goes back to describing the jury house says they take really good care of you.. They never got to watch full episodes but there was a lot of movies to watch.

BB16-2014-08-22 00-02-02-248

12:03AM Cody gets his HOH room
Christine – damn you got a good looking family
Frankie – Your mom looks so hot
Derrick – Cody does your brother have highlights or is his hair lighter
Cody – His hair is lighter.. my mom is blonde.
Cody got Poppa Roach album and sour sticks.

BB16-2014-08-22 00-06-17-116

Letter from mom
Cody Bear you won HOH YA so excited that you get to have some of your favorite snackies and fun stuff you deserve it.. I’m sure it has to be tough but remember to thank go everyday for the fun you have and bless with where you are today and the rest will fall into place just were it was meant to be. I’m not going to lie I miss ya.. But I know you are right where you should be rocking the house with your new friends. Your new summer family will love you just like we all do so stay true to yourself love you baby boy keep your head up everyday you wake up because every new day is a blessing

Cannot wait to see you make yourself proud love mommy xoxoxox

12:14AM HOH
Donny – You going let me sleep here tonight
Cody – yes sir go right ahead
Frankie – Umm that’s awkward cause that’s where I sleep.

BB16-2014-08-22 00-33-21-115

12:30AM HOh Nicole, Cody, Christine and Victoria
Nicole says Hayden made her breakfast for her in the mornings.
Nicole says Hayden and her watched the Notebook last night. They want her to keep talking about Hayden, “Do you hold hands, did you get his cuddle points up”
Cody – You made him a pro cuddler
Nicole – he’s a pro.. he went skinny dipping..
Christine – Did you see his stuff
Nicole – No we ran inside
Cody – We
Nicole explains her and the two handlers, hey are always with them.
Nicole talk about the game with them but is was more like what would you have done differently, what would you do if..
Nicole doesn’t think anything will happen between her and Hayden because he lives in California and She lives in Michigan.
Caleb, Frankie and Derrick join them. They comment on how much “Pounding” is going on outside.
Cody – Nicole you are so much cuter now that Hayden and you are together
Nicole – Thanks .. We’re not together .. together..
Frankie – will you be cuddling other people
Nicole – I dunno probably

They start taking about Jocasta bottom lip shaking when she thought she was going to start talking in tongues. Caleb – she was about to cut loose

BB16-2014-08-22 00-44-50-393

12:45AM NINJA Caleb

BB16-2014-08-22 00-55-08-602

12:57Am Everyone sans Donny is hanging out the HOH mostly Caleb and Frankie goofing around and chit chat.

Christine start rubbing Cody’s head says Cody is better looking than his brother.
Derrick says of course she will say that he’s HOH.
They guess that nominations are tomorrow.

1:03AM Caleb runs down grabs Victoria spins her around.
Victoria – that’s fun

Back in the HOH 1:09AM Cody is saying Zach got a lot of Applause when he left but there as the roar he was expecting. Derrick says Nicole had more cheers.

1:20AM Frankie, Caleb, Cody, DerrickTelling Nicole in the HOH about the last POV competition the black box one.
Caleb feels he’s been screed on his HOH with the type of HOH pictures he gets. says the one was blurry.
Everyone clear out of the HOH leaving Frankie, Jocasta and Nicole.
Cody says he told the DR he wanted to go to bed early because they have a early start tomorrow. Production tells him they aren’t getting up as early as

1:29AM Derrick and Caleb Kitchen Derrick, Caleb
Derrick pointing out that once again Christine was useless in a competition. Derrick I told her this is your comp.

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Omg NOOOOOOOOOOO, I actually feel a little depressed…

Lil' Sebastian

I thought you weren’t allowed to talk about what happens in the jury house? Judd got berated by production last year for doing it. Maybe they’ve just stopped caring about this season too…


They haven’t enforce any rules this season which is one of the reasons we have this hot mess.

Roisen Dubh

Donny rules. Bustin Cody’s chops in the HOH room and goes to sleep. He ain’t going out quiet. Go Donny!! Keep pushing Cody’s buttons.


LMAOOOOOO I was actually screaming of laughter when Jocasta was in the lead. If she returned I would have pissed myself, although I was close enough, when it was a tie. I bet Allison Grodner tied a rope around her disk, and yanked it off the table last second. If Jocasta returned, it would have been the funniest thing to ever happen in Big Brother history. ANYWAY. Cody being HoH? ZZZZZZZ Wake me up when there’s a Power Shift (which the best seasons in Big Brother are filled with).


Man, another boring week. I wonder who Cody is going to put up??? I wish someone–anyone–would make Derrick work somewhat to earn the title.


I agree Ron. Another boring and predictable week. Derrick has done nothing to earn his spot in this game. So tired of the same people running the house.


uhmmm…”Derrick has done nothing to earn his spot..” are you even really paying attention to what is happening in the house or are you just watching the edited shows and forming that opinion?


Summertime sadness!! It’s Unfortunate …. Donny or Nicole will go home:( Wahh


This season is a disaster. I am in utter shock and disbelief that the “bad guys” are still running things. This is absurd, none of the people who have been running the house or people who have been aligned with them have even smelled danger. Literally every week Derrick, Frankie, and their minions have evicted who they wanted to and on one part I guess that’s an accomplishment but it’s making for a terrible/boring season to watch. There has been no momentum shifts whatsoever and this group has been on top from the beginning and it sucks to watch. I don’t think this week will be any different unfortunately, it killed me that Zach got evicted this week and now Donny could likely leave this upcoming week. I truthfully don’t know if I’ll watch if/when Donny gets evicted, I barely can pull myself together to root for Nicole (she’s so goo-goo-gah-gah over Hayden I kind of want to puke). This season definitely had potential and a few entertaining houseguests (Zach, Donny, and Devin) but unfortunately couldn’t deliver due to the lack of momentum shifts in the game. It’s almost about that time to throw in the towel on this season.


Think about how the season would have been different if BB had enforced the rules. We would have had penalty noms maybe loss of votes, etc. Instead we have a bunch of fratbrat bullies. I so miss the old days.


Omg, fratbrat bullies. Best “alliance name” ever. #fratbratbullies


Actually I am looking forward to the time when these idiots realize that they should have used this opportunity to get Frankie out of the game. They could basically get Nicole to promise them anything to stay. There are not many opportunities left to get Frankie out. If they dont do it now Frankie may have it…..

Hairless, Worthless, Orthodox C*nt

Uh – maybe Veronica should lay off laying on married men.
Her 2nd best game move, after cutting up her own hat is to get closest to the married man as protection.
By the way – she talked about being naked/semi-naked all the time at home while her dad is around. HMMMM
The other trollop with the big nose should really keep her hands to herself and stop giggling like a child when Cody’s around because HE’S GAY girlfriend. Wake up and smell the gluten.

Just Sayin'



First off its Victoria


I love Donny “You gonna let me sleep up here tonight” making fun of frankie LMAO
Also Nicole is just awkwardly sitting in HOH because there’s no point since she’s going on the block


I absolutely hate how Frankie acts like the HOH is his room. Really? Ugh. So detestable.


Donny throwing major shade at cody is making this sad situation a little bit better lol! Especially loved it when he said he thought cody was dumb but hes actually a genious… the sarcasm Donny!

Cody is ugly on the inside

Papa Roach………..what a doucher.

Veronica's Big Game

He’s also gay – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Yes, he is Jersey-shore douchey.


It’s no surprise to me that Cody has sh*t taste in music.


I don’t like Cody but Papa Roach is not bad music. Dont’ knock a music group beacuse of a fan

Beware of Crows

lmao @Donny asking Cody to sleep in the HoH room and Frankie getting pissed.

Fakies a Bitch

Wow. “Most twisted summer ever”? “Expect the unexpected”? What a joke.

Cody's tampons

Well I was gonna call out Donny when I won HOH but *snort* I’m just so pissed off, that I’m gonna let him sleep on my bed and go cuddle with Christine.


Is there a point anymore for us to watch the live feeds? Nothing is going to change for the next few weeks unless a DPOV or Coup de Tat is used-but it feels like production couldn’t care less about Nic and Donny.


I agree. Cody is Derrick’s shadow so nothing will change

Donny Rocks

I actually cancelled my feeds last night. I’m just tired of all the ugly talk. Can’t handle Cody’s snot-sucking and Christine’s monkey laugh or Derrick’s F-bombs. Or, one more of Caleb’s stories. I’ve had MORE than enough of Pinkerella’s toddler-like prancing about. So yeah, I’ll just be keeping up via this site.


Lol Cody is such a pansy, he says he is going to go off on Donnie and then let’s him sleep in the hoh room.


What the heck is wrong with Cody… Does he only go for married, or unavailable woman? Christine, Nicole, Brittany, Francine (Frankie). He has no shame. I really dislike him. I don’t think that I’ll be able to stomach him on his HOH power trip this week with him threatening to call people out every five minutes, or dry humping Christine. Please just lock herself in the HOH room and don’t speak this week.


Dry humping Christine? Ewwww.


Cody doesn’t have the brains/balls to backdoor Derrick this week. Hell, hes let Derrick backdoor him all season.

If there were ever a season of BB that desperately needed a Coup D’etat.. this season would be the one.


Cmon simon and dawg….atleast make the poll top 5 disliked housguests! Making it too hard for all of us to decide hahaha


If Derprick was as smart as he thinks he is he would convince NoBallsCody to go after Fakie and take him out now. He knows he can get the others to get rid of Donny and Nic but this would be the time to get rid of his biggest competition. But Derprick has begun to believe his own lies.


Eviction order Donnie and Nicole the next two weeks, Caleb, Christine,Frankie, Cody. Victoria and Derek In the finals. What a lame season

HOH? What's the point,

What’s the point in having HOH’s if the same guy (Frankie) sleeps there every night. No one should be allowed to sleep in that room unless you are the HOH, it makes no sense Nd somewhat negates the privilege of winning. He thinks he owns that room doesn’t matter who wins, he’s NEVER moving out, lol

Roisen Dubh

One Poster nailed it last night. Frankie is a horny housecat.


Seems like the Have nots has gone away too. Production just doesn’t give a damn either.

I haven’t been able to watch since the double eviction – if it wasn’t for this site, i wouldn’t even know what was going on. For those of you who paid for the live feed, you got ripped off.

Thanks Simon and Dawg for the work you put into this site. I’m sorry you guys have to watch the feeds to do it.


This season could’ve been golden. Why didnt they keep the BOB going for one more week? Giving Nicole the 1st HOH and Cody the 2nd? Why go thru the trouble of bringing someone back if you are only going to render them powerless?

Roisen Dubh

Here comes Derrick Hijacking Cody’s HOH again. It looks like he’s planting the seeds for Nicole to go right back out of the house. I’m laughing if does it again to Cody.


Woo Hoo Cody,…..I bet you a skittle you don’t win again.


I am sorry but I just find it wrong when some guy says your ‘Mom is hot’, even if he is gay. Man I wish Cody would backdoor Frankie, and no not the fun way, the way in which Frankie leaves this week.


I don’t think cbs cares any more about bb. There’s no twists, no food comps, no luxury comps and thus far the HOH comps are at their lamest. This bunch are breaking all kind of rules and cbs is not even bothering to enforce them.

Zach should not have been evicted and BB should have enforced the renom rule. Had this happen, Nicole’s re-entry would have gave them (zach, Donny and Nicole ) a good shot at flipping the house and finally the power shift we all wanted.

It was fun watching dirtbag finally crack and sweat a little. Shame it was only for a short time.

I don’t think there’s anything that will or can redeem this season. Oh well 🙁

If BB comes back next summer, they should take all twists and comps from the last 16 seasons and randomly throw them at the HGs. Make it the most twisted season ever because the HGs will have no idea what’s what to predict and prepare.

Donny for America’s favorite!!!!!


And enforce the RULES!!


BB should just not come back next season. Not until the producers have all been replaced.

The past two seasons have been shit. BBCA however, and the other international shows (UK and AU) are all much better than the US version now.


The only thing proven this season is that bullies and bad behavior prevails and rewarded. Way to go cbs! This social experiment/game for this season affirms the wrong message. So sad.


Missing Zack SO much. Love the way he went out though. No fake hugs required.


Zach is better off in jury. Emotionally he was breaking down. Now he can hang with Hayden and get his head together. He’ll be alright getting out of the house.

Capt Obvious

Pertaining to Production trying everything to get Frankie to the F3, did anyone else notice how obvious this was based on the exit interview with Zach. With the 25% chance of him going back into the house with a chip on his shoulder to be gunning for Frankie, Julie overly played up the whole ‘Zankie’ showmance and got the crowd all riled up about it in front of him.
Zach(who is extremely driven to up his popularity and Twitter followers) sees this and now thinks if he were to get back into the house, going after Frankie would cost him fans.
Way to play all the angles Production, well played.


Yup, I noticed that too. It’s almost like she was encouraging the “Zankie” relationship. That way if he were to get back in the house his heart would be softened towards Frankie because of the positive reinforcement from Julie & the crowd. Meanwhile in actuality tons of ppl hate Frankie. They are giving Frankie a great edit by making it look like he actually wanted Zach to stay. However, they leave out the part where Frankie gets vindictive and says he wants to “ruin Zach.”


If only Donny or Nicole could have won. It would have been a hoot seeing the other players scrambling. This season stinks. A house full of mostly mean-spirited people, won of my favs gone for good (Zach) and my absolute most fav (Donny) probably following him. And for all you folks who keep saying “it’s just a game”, I agree. But I’ve been watching BB since the very first season and it’s just not the same.


Totally agree with you! It’s probably not the same because people have learned how to float by in this game with the overuse of the throwing comps, backdooring, large alliances, etc., etc., that there just isn’t much “game” anymore. Then add to that a bunch of young, attention starved, naive kids = BORING!

Nicole The HO

Nicole is now throwing Donny under the bus. Ugh!


First of all Nicole is far from being someone you could call a “ho” you must not know what a ho is! She barely even let Hayden kiss her. Yo have guys like Frankie talking about how stretched out his ass is and rubbing on every guy. Christine (now there is a ho!) grinding on Co-tex and frigging herself on camera. She is young and immature but very clearly not a ho!

Second, I believe she is only trying to get cody to not put them both up together as that is the only chance they could both be safe this week. Yes it is a long shot but she has to do something. Get a clue before your next post please!


I am no Nichole fan but I agree that she is being pretty strategic in trying to LOOK like she is throwing Donny under the bus. I don’t think she is actually throwing him under, BUT she has to LOOK like she is so that Cody doesn’t put them up together. I think it’s a lost cause but at least Nichole is more strategic now than before she went to jury. Another thing, if either Donny or Nichole win POV it could be a diamond POV or a coup d etat. That WOULD make the season interesting again…..especially a coup d etat. If CBS wants to have their ratings go through the roof, that would do it!


I have a feeling that Donny/Nicole is not down and out yet. I think Pandora’s Box may come and when Cody opens it, I think maybe DPOV or two will come into play. Hope to God Niconny would get it; and use it. It’ll be soooooooooooo good to see their faces when they pull out their DPOVs!!! They’d definitely will shit cement! Also, you see how Derprick is already putting down Disgustine’s performance for HOH?


The rule is that if you are HOH you don’t have to open Pandoras Box. Derrick will tell Cody NOT to open it. If I am not mistaken, Pandoras Box has ALWAYS been opened but there is no way Derrick is gonna risk a possible coup d etat or Diamond POV being release. No way he is gonna let his total control of the house be put a risk. If CBS wants to save this season and increase ratings, they have got to make the POV ceremony something more than just a normal POV. I think that the fact that Nichole was NOT given immunity (which is usually done for returning jury members) that there must be something else that production is going to do to equalize the house power center. Nothing would make me happier than to have Derrick get angry when he starts to lose control of the house. Just look at how he is now grooming and treating Victoria. The way he is now talking and treating her is like a pimp treats his ho. Not that she minds but it makes him even more disgusting to me. “Ohhhh, I love you Derrick. Oh Derrick, I said I love you!” HA, what a foolish girl.

Maria L.

Re: Pandora’s Box…If production do it quickly, Derrick won’t have time, to get in Cody’s ear. Here’s hoping!


The only good thing that could come out of this season for me is if Donnie or Nicole win veto AND next HOH AND send Derrick home. At this point id rather any one of them even Victoria and Christine win over him. He has yet to sit on the block I would love to see that day but he knows he has it in the bag. He’s playing undercover cop with kids, not BB. Closed door policy with Donnie and Nicole, really? Like it’s a questioning room.. Everyone follows his rules no questions or thoughts even considered. His game needs to get blown up real soon these people are literally handed it to him.

I loved last season amanda ruled for a while but aaryn elissa andy and others did at least try to go against the grain.
This seasons a cast of sheep

Donnie for the win!

Maria L.

What surprises me, is Frankie has not caught on to Derrick. NO, I am not a Frankie fan, but I thought he had some smarts. smh


Freaking Frankie coming up to the HOH room with his entire bag without even asking Cody beforehand if he could sleep there!
This guy isreally too much for me.
Good for Cody to stick to not letting him sleep over, despite Frankie’s embarrassing attempts of guilt tripping him.


LOL at Jocasta taking the mock out of Christine in the Jury House! Don’t think she’s getting her vote”




Just to make sure: Did Julie Chen mention anything about a double eviction next thursday? I don’t remember her doing so.


This season is a joke. I hate everyone but Donny and Nicole.
Every one of the three stooges Caleb, Cody, Frankie think they are the one running the game.
Frankie the fame whore especially makes me so sick.
I think he needs someone to help him pick up the names he drops everywhere.
Christine is an idiot. Does she know how to count? 8 ppl left she’s 5th in a 5 person alliance?
Victoria would actually need to buy a clue to become an idiot.
The only smart ones, the only real players Donny and Nicole have no votes to stay
because the bottom feeders are all ok with just staying in for another week at a time.
Derrick has zero game. He hasn’t done a thing and is going to win by default. Sad.

I heart zach

I hate This show right now 🙁


Ok, first, Victoria is just plain irritating. Whining constantly, checking every mirror and expecting Derrick to blow smoke up her bum. Grow up child, it’s not a Fashion Show and no one cares how you look, play the damn game! It sounds like Derrick is getting tired of it too, maybe he will decide it is time for her to go this week instead. Oh wait! Cody is HOH and he gets to decide the nominations. Guess he will have to wait until he wins HOH to do that. {insert sarcasm here. hahahaha} Next, if I was any of their parents and they talked about Donny like they are, they would definitely hear about it when they got home. How disrespectful can they be? I’m really getting sick of it. They are no better than Aaryn, Amanda, GM or the rest of them last year. There just hasn’t been racial slurs. PLEASE, let there be a miracle to save Donny once again and make the others eat their own!


I am so disappointed… I love this show but right now cbs you’re killing me. I understand doing things for ratings, I know Frankie is big for ratings… But if you are going to spin things I wish you would have given the returning jury player immunity, or give her a special secret pov some reward that could send the BS(bullshitters) into crazy mode. Right now BB is rewarding mean dishonest people( I know it’s a game but…). I’m hoping, along with many people that there fingers crossed there will be a twist that would benefit the good side (Nicole and the beard 😉
I bet Christine might be feeling some jealousy with Nicole back in the house and is soooooooooo much better than Christine on both looks, cuteness, personality, and likability that Cody might be cuddling or flirting with Nicole. I think that is why Christine really went after Nicole. I know Christine is married but I feel bad for her husband, Christine follows Cody like a puppy tongue dragging and everything, she is inappropriate and so PATHETIC. She is always touching Cody, looking at him, playing with his hair, she obsessed with him. If he went in for a kiss she’d be in I think… I don’t know Tim her husband but I know he could and deserves better. She’s the girl in high school the total nerd who was obsessed with the most popular and hottest guy and he didn’t even know who she was. Now put her in this house she loves getting attention from the boys I’m pretty sure if zing not left shit droppings in the closet and the guys told her to go lick it up, she would especially if Cody asked her. I can’t stand Christine she’s so stupid and annoying that laugh so makes me want to pierce my hearing so I never hear her again, I want her to get a taste of her own medicine I hope Nicole can give that knife back to her and shove it up her cheating ass!
She is a waste of air time… Christine is just a waste period!!!! Can’t stand her! Come on Nicole and Donny kick it into gear and start talking about all the dirt and info you have on everyone that you know and use it create some havoc I’m the house, shake things up!

Cheryl from Jersey

This is the worst season of BB. I didn’t watch last season and I’ve been watching since season 1. What a bunch of idiots. The woman are so dumb. They follow the men around and do their will. WTF? Why wasn’t there an alliance with the women? Christine blew it up. If she thinks they’ll take her too much further she’s nuts. The only reason she’s all over Cody is that she probably never had so much attention from a hot guy in her life! She’s ugly inside and out. Derrick is a d-bag who is running the house and they all sit back and let him. All season they kept putting up the same people and not one person noticed this?? OMG. Did you give them all lobotomies? I hope Donny or Nicole win this game. Please BB, next season, let’s get back to the game and not just have all young horny kids in there who just want to hook up!

Maria L.

OMG…Lobotomies! Gotta love it!


Why does everybody think Nicole can be nominated? Isn’t she automatically safe for at least one week?


No. She is not safe. Usually the returning player gets immunity for a week because they don’t play in the HOH comp. Nicole played in it, so she doesn’t get immunity.


Unless BB does something unexpected, this season will have a dismal ending.

this is getting boring

This sucks that Cody won HOH. I really wanted Donny to win. Here’s hoping a twist will come and Cody will have to put up Derrick or/and Frankie.


Canadian Big Brother was so much better in every aspect. The houseguests,the challenges and the gamesmanship. This big brother is stale even with the new aspects they added this year. Canadian big brother competitors had personality these guys are all just lemmings.


To wake up and see Co-tex won HOH was depressing! Knowing he and his butt plug master will not be running around like roaches trying to save themselves is NOT how I wanted that to play out. Hopefully CBS will live up to “the most twisted season ever” (doubt it) and somehow Donny and Nicole could both be safe this week. Anything to switch up the boring frat boys. As a viewer of 16 seasons like many here it is amazing how such a good show has taken such a slide in the past couple of seasons. Like so many others have said, they really need more comps like in the past for have-nots and offer $ and prizes to HOH to “twist” the game. Hell they can’t (or won’t) even enforce their own rules like they did in the past.

The other thing they need to address is casting! We do not need 13-14-15 people all from the same age group with one toke “old” guy/girl. These lazy and downright PIGS the last two seasons who can’t even pick up after themselves unbelievable. When Co-tex was looking for his hat every room had clothes all over the floor, They sit around in the kitchen with shit all over the place, dirty dishes and open food containers.

Some people have said that CBS is trying to gain the “tweeny” age group as viewers. To then allow Frankie to talk about putting cock in his mouth and opening his hole up wide (he is so stretched out he whooshes when he farts he said) and the other countless things he has said (and others as well talking about stroking and what not) is not something I want my 14 y/o daughter to be watching or listening to.

I don’t want to be one of the ” I am done watching this show” people I just hope CBS and the BB staff see that the majority of faithful viewers are not happy with the current direction of the show and will make some changes to the format/casting and get it back to the interesting and exciting show it was in the past. We can only hope.


I love your comment and agree with you (to quote an oft heard house phrase) 110%! But it would be even better if you directed every word of it to the attention of Mr. Les Moonves!! And to all you posters out there the best way to get their attention is by hurting their pockets! DO NOT BUY ANY OF THE PRODUCTS IN THE COMMERCIALS FEATURED DURING THE SHOW! OR the ones that are clearly product placements in the house! You know, as I just typed that, I realized WE really CAN control the house by making our voices heard by the RIGHT people and not just by pissing and moaning to EACH OTHER!! Food for thought?

Caleb's a Jackwagon

Twistiest twisted summer ever- come on big brother! Twist it up! This BOB crap was bunk. I want a real twist! Tell the houseguests, woops we forgot to tell you that this week the HOH will really be the nomination, and one of the nominees will actually be HOH. Welcome to the twist! And give the other nominee some super power!
And why is Nicole not safe for the week? What’s up with that? Production must like the way the game is going. Otherwise they would did something- Pandora’s box, DPOV,… something!

Caleb's a Jackwagon

* would have did something


Does anyone know if BB has already been given another season? Will they for sure be back next summer? Also, does CBS read any comments online or do they take the viewers opinions into consideration at all? I have emailed them a dozen times this season & I’m sure I’m not the only one. We are the viewers that give them their paychecks, why do they not care what we have to say? They are coming across with an attitude that they have given up on this show. Maybe it’s run it’s course? I hope not, but if the last two seasons are any indication, I don’t see it lasting much longer.

Pandora's Box

Cody wins an afternoon handcuffed to Christine’s husband and a DPOV up for grabs for the other houseguests!! Maybe he’d like to have a cuddle with him too.

Nana B

Amazing how fast Frankie went from his booty buddy Caleb to humping Cody again. Calab and Cody had a few words between themselves the other night…so wouldn’t it be good if scorned Caleb would turn and team up with Donnie and Nicole as it seems he has been dissed by the pink cockatoo that he has been standing up for all week. Caleb is easily swayed and he needs to be used for some good for a change.
TVGN went a little overboard on the Zach farewells last night all of them with Frankie molesting him and then the little Frankie mugging the cameras at the end. Come on Zach was about more than that and if a farewell (which was not done for the others) had to be done…should it have not shown some of his good moments with other HG’s. Notice how Julie had to make a big deal of the Zankie showmance to Zack. CBS is so biased and I would hope they would decide to make the show more interesting and shake things up with the Frankie/Derrick thing. The way it is being portrayed both on and off screen is like it is the Frankie show and that is just wrong.