BB16 HOH Spoiler “At least I have a friend you don’t know how lonely I’ve been”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations:  ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-21 22-07-04-185

10:05pm Cody Wins the HOH

BB16-2014-08-21 22-10-00-406

10:11pm Cody having won the HOH is about to call Donny and Nicole out.. doesn’t do it talks about the competition instead.

BB16-2014-08-21 22-09-03-928

Derrick and Frankie very happy.

BB16-2014-08-21 22-08-18-579

10:13pm Kitchen Donny and Nicole
Donny says he talked game to Christine figured he had nothing to lose. After he told her he got called into the diary room. When he came back Christine had hauled everyone up in the HOH to tell them.
Nicole and Donny know they are both going to be nominated and one of them is going home.
Donny – At least I have a friend you don’t know how lonely I’ve been
Donny – it’s a insurmountable Obstacle we cannot beat 6 people.. We’re not giving up we just realize it.
Dony jokes that it might be double eviction on Thursday and they can head home in the same car.

BB16-2014-08-21 22-17-32-662

10:18pm FIREROOM Cody, Derrick, Victoria, Caleb, Frankie and Christine.
Cody wants Donny gone this week.
Derrick warns them about being behind closed doors with Donny and Nicole because they’re going to try to pit them against each other.

BB16-2014-08-21 22-31-06-865

10:24pm FIREROOM Frankie, Cody, Christine, Victoria
Mocking Donny’s attempts
Frankie – As longs as we keep shutting them down every day like we did with Zach
Cody teases Christine that she’s going home this week. Christine – Awww Cody I hate you
They speculate about pandora’s box being deployed.
Cody says in the Diary room he was talking about how much he’s not liking Donny. Brings up Donny making a comments about Cody’s manners when Cody farted in front of them. (Cody is big with his manners)
Cody – Honestly I F** pissed off at Donny.. He makes these little comments and I’m f*** tired of it.. I want him to go F** himself..
The Diary room told him that wouldn’t be good for his manners
Cody told the DR – obviously I’m not going to do that
Victoria – I hate his comments
Christine – I hate every word that comes out of his mout
Victoria – he just can’t win the POV
COdy – It won’t matter just send Nicole home.. I don’t want him to win the veto.
(Hate train is starting up again.. hurry :( )

BB16-2014-08-21 22-45-04-333

10:41pm Derrick and Frankie
Derrick asks him where he’s sleeping tonight. Frankie – Back in the HOH room”
Derrick – you’ll have to give him a hand j*b
Derrick teases that he might have to give Cody a HAnd .. whatever you have to do for the team.
Frankie – I think i’m starting to get a little more attracted to him today he said my a$$ looks good in these jeans..
Derrick – you think he’s gay .. If you guys end up dating after this.. It’s a double win keep the money
They agree PAndora’s box is coming into the game.

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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236 thoughts on “BB16 HOH Spoiler “At least I have a friend you don’t know how lonely I’ve been”

      1. I can’t believe Victoria sat in the room with all those guys while they congratulated themselves and she still has no clue they are in an alliance. They weren’t even trying to hide anything from her, talking like she wasn’t even there. How can she not see they are in an alliance?! She is officially the worst, most stupid player in BB history. It’s utterly disgusting that she was even cast for the show much less stayed as long as she has.

        1. The HG with zero BB IQ is cast every season. They go 1st 2 weeks or like Victoria last way longer than they deserve. At this point it would take Victoria next to Derrick or Cody on Thursday for her to get evicted. Derrick has her penciled in as his F2 and a 500K cheque. She stays at this point over Christine, Frankie, Caleb, Donny or Nicole. You want to get on the jury sit beside Victoria on eviction night.
          For someone who has done nothing she sure has a warped sense of her place in the game! She is mouthy, arrogant do nothing lay about! Have less than no respect for this troll. Another smart mouth Christine will find herself out the door before Victoria and that will be sweet justice.
          Funny but the whole season was set up by AG, likely unintentionally, to favour a huge alliance. They used the BOB/duel HG’s now they get the 1 HOH at just the right time. Nicole and Donny go next 2 Then its Derrick/Cody/Victoria versus Caleb/Frankie and Christine will go with HOH if she can get an ear. Caleb and Frankie better win F6 HOH or 1 then the other are going to jury. Best guess Frankie wastes the next HOH getting Nicole/Donny who ever is left.
          F4 revised….. Derrick, Cody, Victoria and Christine. That is enough to make me sick. But it is definitely possible!

        2. They could tell Victoria that they are in an alliance and she still wouldn’t realize that they’re in an alliance.

        3. After 3 or 4 days of Derrick ignoring Victoria, she began to worry that something was wrong. Ya think??? After being told that Derrick had been in the huge alliance since the beginning, Victoria doesn’t seem to find any contradiction over his claims to her that she is the only person he talks game with and she is his only ally. Victoria, use your brain…Derrick is just another crow. He’s not real, sweetheart.

        4. Caleb isn’t far behind in the clueless department. He still thinks the bomb squad is alive and well, has no clue about the detonators. Too bad Zach didn’t try to fill him in on that, he might gotten his vote and been able to turn things around for himself. Oh well, it will be fun to see Caleb’s face abd reaction when he realizes what a dupe he’s been most of the season.

      2. Cody is the HOH… But in name only.. Derrick will control what Cody does, I don’t think there is many people who would argue with that fact. It’s Derrick who will continue to pull the strings and whoever he wants out whether it’s Donny or Nicole will be the target. Cody won’t make a move on his own without Derrick’s approval.

        1. Derrick has controlled practically ever HOH since his own when he booted Devin.I don’t know why he is even worried at this point,he has to know that he’ll make it to the finale. And when he finally takes out the last of his group, they’ll smile and wish him luck. He has just that much power over them.

    1. Hello Mrs Derrick, hate to break the news sweetie, but your lazy hubby ain’t winning crap!

      Donny FTW!!!! Yeah, buddy!

      1. What is this fascination with Donny? He has a beard, sure, he is sweet as pie and reads his diary room lines like a champ, but really his greatest game move this far wasusing the phrase “tickled pink”. He doesn’t deserve to win, he doesn’t deserve Americas favourite but he will get it it regardless I’m sure. Not because he deserves it, but because of everyone that goes AWWWW every time he opens his mouth. If Donny was as good as some of you claim the game would have turned around at Jocasta and these guys would have been picked off one by one by Jocasta, Nicole Hayden Donny and Zach. But here we are week whatever the hell it is and everyone is still playing the “houses” game. These last two seasons have been just awful:(

        1. I totally agree! Donny’s game sucks too. He seems like he’s half retarded -esp the way he speaks. I actually think he’s a didler. Shave that dirty beard.

    2. Wow!! so we have to watch him and Christine all over each other AGAIN this week, Cody’s the man……….NOT!! He talks so much cra$, he’s just a little big man. This game has been so bad and boring and now it’s over. Really don’t care if any of the BS wins. BB you blew it big time.

    3. I wouldn’t count Donny out just yet. Frankie and Derrick said they have one more TA mission. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not a mission that put a dent in Derrick and Frankie game. Their TA mission may be to go against the house with the vote.

        1. I mostly think so because this season has been so predictable. There haven’t been any surprises. Each week we know who’s going home. One thing is for sure Production hasn’t intervened, because this season sucks. I think they’re going to change it up because this is ridiculously predictable.

          1. Agree. Why can’t BB learn from Survivor? Survivor has had 4 winning seasons in a row. I can’t even remember when BB had a good season. Probably when Dan was on it. Wasn’t that 2 or 3 years ago?

            1. Agreed, not since Dan and Ian where the final two in Season 14 or actually when Dan when in Season 10. BB has not had a good couple of years. This season is going to go down as one of the top 3 worst seasons UNLESS there is a HUGE twist this week or next. CBS can kiss is ratings goodbye if Derrick and Frankie stay in the game. The only way ratings go up is if Derrick and Frankie only make it to top 4.

              1. They may have fair ratings this season, but CBS may as well cancel BB after this season because I do not see most fans coming back next season. I do not think I will unless CBS/BB find a way to get their heads out of their butts and “fix” this season. OMG, Chen called Christine out about cheating and wow no penalty nomination for her or anything, and cannot stand another of the Christine/Cody cuddle/screw show. Hope her divorce papers are waiting. Cody is disgusting as well.

                1. I’ll bet they will think twice now before throwing another comp. They even talked in the FR about not throwing anymore comps. Christine looked like she wanted to crawl into her shirt when she was called out. LOL!

      1. RIP Donny!

        I hate to say this but I can’t see them letting him get to F6 where he plays every veto. They won’t let him stay if they have a choice. My guess is Donny’s luck runs out and he isn’t chosen this week or next.

    4. Derrick is smart to cut Nicole and Donny out by marking the line. at this point, no one would make big move as they all know at the end of the day, winning comp is very important for their personal game. I like Donny too, but I do think he made a mistake by trying to talk to Christin , cody, mostly he shouldn’t try to point to Derrick as he is running the house now. he should try to allian with Derrick and stable his position first, then cut his head off when the time is coming, it is too early to show his card now.

      1. Exactly what I thought too… though like Derrick said, Donny had to try whatever he could. I think Donny knows that Derrick was the one to convince Cody to keep Donny on the block (from long ago). Plus, he probably figures that Derrick is the only smart game player in the house – talking to him wouldn’t matter.
        I wouldn’t lose hope for Donny yet though, still a long game to play (evil grin). Peace.

      2. Why do people want Donny and Nicole to win? they sucked at the social game and got dominated by Derrick, sorry you don’t deserve money for getting outplayed to the point where you can only sit in the house and sulk until you’re evicted see ya later losers

        1. People want them to win because they are actually DECENT HUMAN BEINGS. Derrick by far has played the best social game this year and out of his merry gang of degenerates he is the most deserving hands down. But I have a hard time giving him too much credit due to the fact that he is a cop and thins is kind of just another day at the office for him. He hasn’t proven himself, he’s just proven that good police work wins big brother and that he is not above the high school mentality of putting people down to fit in with the clique. I could care less if he wins or not, but I would like to see him go just to see what happens when you take away their only brain.

          1. I don’t think the HG’s know Derrick is a cop. He told them he was something else. However notice how he wears those gawd awful frames when he is plotting – like he’s hiding behind them.

  1. So Derrick is in control again. He hasn’t had to fight for his spot at all. This season has sucked so badly. At least last season there were actual shifts in power.

    1. If BB had allowed Nicole to be safe for the week they would stand a chance, but I think like Frankie said it will be some form of a luxury, Pandora’s box, or something to keep them safe. Who knows if Nicole becomes safe with the veto or something maybe they put up Vic as the replacement then Nicole and Donny get someone to flip to get her out.

      1. i don’t know why people saying Victory has no clue to the game, she may like mirrio more than comp, but she is very smart to avoid any conflict , key low and and stick to the powerful people who has been carried her all the way to almost end of the game. she even doesn’t need to camp for herself!. I dont think she would be in danger only except the moment that production interfer the game
        !( like 2 pov at the same time, so both donny and nicole are safe. padaro box etc)

        1. You are giving Victoria wayyyy too much credit. She has no idea what she is doing. Thats why she doesnt do anything. She sits around following Derrick all day.

        2. You act like Victoria actually has the strategy to “lay low”. She doesn’t! I would have no problem giving her a little bit of credit if she had ever said “I’m going to lay low”, but that’s not how she thinks she is playing the game. She actually believes she is playing the game actively and thinks she is a real competitor in the comps. She isn’t even aware there are alliances (other than her and Derrick)! I mean, come on! If you think Victoria is “playing the game” by any definition, you’re just as stupid as she is.

          1. you know what, nothing is important if you can’t make to the end. more far you go, more chance you get to win. done done done

            1. That’s it!!!! All season, she has an alliance with the mirrors in the house!! I can’t believe I missed that. Think about it, she looks at every mirror in the house every day. OMG. She is top dog in the alliance because mirrors don’t talk back. This girl is very strategic…. :/ Hmmm. Scratch that.
              No. I think not. She is not even smart enough to start anything. How does this girl even survive in the real world?

      2. I am hoping for a Pandora’s Box with something along the lines of… Cody gets to meet Zac Efron if he chooses to open Pandora’s Box, and then BAM! The consequence for opening Pandora’s Box is that both nominees, namely Donny and Nicole are removed from the chopping block! Mwah ha hahahaha. Now THAT would be production helping to save the good guys AND make the fans HAPPY!!!!!!!

        1. Since the bob is over that means their is a slot for another competition…it could be a have not one since we have t had one or a luxury and maybe somehow they can win something to keep them safe

  2. Depressed. I love Donny so much, and now for his final week, he does have a friend. It’s a good thing…I guess. Big hugs Donny!!!

    1. People come on here and say it but I am seriously considering not watching the rest of the season. The only reason I may watch is the fact that putrid Frankie and arrogant Derrick can’t both win so I will take great satisfaction in watching one or the other get punted. I have never disliked two houseguests more (with the exception of Amanda last season) These two are certainly not masterminds, they created this big life raft of people within the house and surrounded themselves with either stupid, delusional, loyal no minds who can’t think for themselves type of people. Only one person can win but these fools seem to think they all will win in the end

      1. If you ask me–that’s BRILLIANT game play to surround yourself with a bunch of dummies. I’m still rooting for Derrick to win because he’s the only one who knows what he’s doing. I just wish someone–anyone–would make him work a little bit harder. But I don’t blame Derrick for that. I blame BB for hiring mostly a cast full of dummies.

        1. I agree that Derrick is the only one using strategy, but he has revealed an arrogance and a sense of entitlement that is off-putting. Maybe even more off-putting than the very same qualities in Frankie. I hope someone coos in his ear that he is a winner for making it so far and that he will love getting to enjoy relaxing in the jury house and getting to have a phone call home. Those words will make him feel oh-so-better and will leave him with a kindly impression of the caring individual who tells him that.

    1. Would be awesome if Donny won veto and then Nicole found diamond power of veto… that would cause a ruckus like bbc2 when that happened with Allison… just sayin…

      1. we can hope for POVs for both Nicole and donny, but i doubt if it is going to go that way. I think we can assume production is more interested in seeing this very long term alliance make it’s way to the very end of the show, then implode on itself, that is what they would like to see, not a flip of a couple of members over to make a new alliance the way BB often goes, and the outsiders gain power.

        I was suprised to see Nicole did not have immunity, that just makes the entire buyback stupid. Who else is going to go on the block other than someone who is already been evicted, it’s a waste of time as a twist to have someone come back and them not being immune for the first week’s eviction.

        and Cody won somethng. Yay cody, the absolute worst possible one to win to effect any change whatsoever. we can’t even hope for an attempt by Derrick to get Frankie or Caleb split up, something Derrick should be taking the opportunity to do now, rather than his intense hatred of Donny and getting Donny out.

        What I want to see is Donny be HOH and Donny be HOH when Derrick gets voted out. Derrick obviously isn’t winning anything, so he won’t win POV. All it would take is to have Frankie on the block next to him, or say, Cody, and voila.

    2. Only hope for him to make it another week. But like he said he/they can’t beat 6 now. I’m so sick of how this played out.

      1. Well, why doesn’t Donny and Nicole do something?! Since they have nothing to lose–they should try to create some kind of drama amongst the 6. Yes, they seem like nice people. But now is not the time to be nice.

      1. Not a troll. Players coming back into the house is unfair for the other HGs. You guys would hate it if Frankie came back into the house. Just because you like Nicole doesn’t make it fair. Eric Stein said he would not vote for a returning player even if they were up against the worst player.

        And yes there are people who want Derrick to win. The people who want the best strategic players to win.

    1. Nicole is coming back to jury. What? Is English your second language. For your information, it should be: Nicole is GOING back to jury.

      1. Always love when an idiot tries to act cool and plays the composition card. Would work if you could actually spell correctly. Question marks are your friend you idiot.

  3. Ugh. Wow all I can say is there better be a twist this week to save Donny and Nicole. Or else there’s nothing to watch from here on out.

  4. Ok. Now its officially the worst season ever…Production better have some Pandora’s boxes and dpovs lined up because this “most twisted season ever” is about the most predictable fiasco I’ve ever seen..gosh this season is actually making me physically ill.

    1. The viewer ratings are already slightly below last years, which was one of the lowest rated seasons ever. This is all with Zach in the house, too. This week will be so boring.

      “Twist after twisted twist.” Great call, Chen.

      1. Actually last year’s god awful season had the highest ratings ever. People who had never watched before were tuning into to watch the dimwitted racists get their comeuppance I guess.

    2. I paid for the live feeds and probably have watched a total of 15 minutes (and those included Frankie’s “coming out” party)

    3. Come on there have been worst seasons! Though I must say this one is moving closer to worst season ever week after week. Has to go some to beat last seasons t u r d fest but it’s really trying hard. Might be the last season for the franchise at this rate.

    4. Scenario: Cody gets a Pandora’s Box. Inside is Zach sporting a new pink hat and sharing the news with Cody that he is replacing Cody as the HOH and is replacing his noms as well. Not to worry though…Cody is safe and all of the other alliance members are being rewarded with new pairs of rose-colored glasses (guaranteed to prevent reality from creeping in). Nicole and Donny sit happily munching on large bowls of Fruit Loops.

  5. Wow this just sucks :/. They really are nasty peopel. Oh let’s hang up on the peopel that have no one in the house and Shun them. How date they try to play the game. Ridiculous. They have no brains. They can’t seem to understand they have to take each other out so why are they letting Derrick tell them Donny has to go .

    1. I understand it is a game but it disgusts me watching how these people treat Donny and now Nicole. Like Derrick and Frankie are actually assholes. Frankie isn’t even just spreading lies he just trash talks everyone – that isn’t a game thing he’s just a gossip in real life. I hate all these people Why why why why why

    2. Can’t believe Derrick doesn’t want to take this chance to get CD to put up Frankie and/or Caleb. With their number of HOH’s wins against the number that Frankie has won. This may be their last chance to be in power.

  6. Well now that Derrick’s HoH, oh I mean Cody… I just almost want Donny and Nicole to leave together, it would suck to be in that house alone with those dipshits. But perhaps production will be nice and give one of them a power and the other can win veto! Only in my dreams I suppose… It would be a nice twist though.

  7. Might as well fast forward to 2 Thursdays from now, and that is when the real games start. Unless Donny or Nicole win the Veto, one of them are going. Cody is still a punk for not “calling them out”, and Derrick is mentoring his “children”. I swear almost nothing changed from Week 1.

  8. Wait so you’re going to call Donny and Nicole out now right? right? I guess not because you are a pathetic player that has bent to Derrick’s beck and call at every possible moment.

  9. And Nicole coming back was for nothing. I hope more twist are to come if not I’m calling bs on most twisted summer because it has not been!

    1. I don’t understand having someone come back from jury, but let them be nominated right off the bat! They don’t have an opportunity to build anything before they are on the block and out the door again.

      And where are all the twists? Battle of the block was new, but other than that everything has been anticipated by the houseguests.

  10. This is going to be an awful week…. :(
    and I can’t even hope for some entertaining arguments because it will be the gang bullying Donny and Nicole…
    (and the 2 of them aren’t confrontational enough to sit there and fight back) I hope Donny stays and Nicole can cause as much chaos as possible :)

  11. Cody is a pu$$y. All he does is talk, he cant do sh1t. First he talks big about putting caleb on the block as a replacement nominee couple weeks back and then he talks about putting Donny and Nicole on blast but wont do it cuz he is all talk. He made it this far by sucking Derrick’s d1ck.

  12. I hope Cody gets Pandora’s Box, and out jumps Jessie and makes him do exercises.
    I hope Donny wins the veto where he can take himself and Nicole down and put up Derrick and Frankie, now that would be good TV.

    1. I hope the Pandora’s box says that his HOH picks are now safe this week and he must put up two different people. This season blows.

  13. I am so happy Cody won and he beat Donny in the finals to do so lol!

    Get Donny’s ass out and if not him then Frankie! :)

    Of course people will hate on this post but I really give zero fucks!

  14. I am not watching the cbs show. Can someone tell me if they are showing how mean they are to Donny and are isolating him? Or are they giving him a bad edit and giving Frankie a good edit?

    1. They aren’t showing any of the atrocious behavior or name calling on the show. Frankie and Derrick are both getting amazing edits.

      1. Donny got a bad edit tonight. They painted him as a liar. I guess they need to make Donny look bad so that Princess Francine can win America’s Favorite. Mean people suck.

  15. I think production did try to rig the comp in Donny’s favor because he has been studying the dates but he didn’t pull it off which sucks

  16. UGH!!!!
    I havn’t ever been like this before, Cody being in power is so terrible. Either Nicole might be walking right back out or no more fear the beard. :(

    Please throw a DPOV or something!!!

    1. Derrick telling the others to not ever be alone with Nichole and Donny is just like an abusive boyfriend checking up on his girlfriend and never letting her out of his sight. He is a controlling freak. It actually creeped me out when he was getting angry and telling them this. Bad role model for a lot of people watching the show to see him treating the other houseguests this way. Especially the way he taunts and manipulates Victoria. His last talke with her where she was begging him to tell her he loves her and him trying to keep her under his thumb. That conversation was right out of every bad movie about a controlling and emotionally abusive spouse. I understand game play and lying and strategy but Derricks behavior is really more distasteful for me because of this underlying creepiness. I hate Frankie but Derrick makes my skin crawl.

  17. Please just them be ladies and gentleman this week when they send Donny home.
    No need to be jack offs and torture him any longer, he’s had his fill of their poor behavior.
    But with that being said, please feel free to start torturing each other at anytime!!!!

    1. I don’t see them doing anything that might endanger Frankie, no matter how much the crew is secretly pulling for Donny just like the rest of America.

  18. :(

    Hindsight is 20/20 but I was telling my little bro we needed Hayden or Zach back because they can compete with the likes of the dumbfu**s Cody and Caleb on a physicality level whereas Nicole can’t. Nicole just isn’t a Rachel or Jannelle but I wish her and Donny the best this week.

    It’s frustrating as a diehard BB fan that me and my bro are going to have a really tough time finishing this season.

    Hopefully next year is all stars (which it should be) and we get Zach or Donny back… Just read the tweets from the one and only Dr. Will and others like Evel Dick, Jannelle, and Rachel and you will understand how respected Zach was this season

    I think I am done with the hastags this season but as a loyal fan I will finish out the season and want to THANK SIMON AND DAWG ONCE AGAIN and will continue to make purchases on amazon thru you guys.

    Simon, Dawg, Donny, Zach are the highlights of this season for me!!!!
    Can’t wait for BB17 Allstars 2

    1. Its also annoying to do a competition with memory of the game when Nicole has been in jury house not playing the game for a week. And where are endurance competitions? Those are always the best. Production really fucked up this season.

  19. Great now the bomb squad can peacock strut around the house again and we can watch Frankie, victoria and christine fight over who gets to share the hoh be with cody

  20. I just want to hug Donny, I get that they don’t want him in the house but why do they ignore him? It’s cruel how they have treated him.

  21. Wow…Derrick gets rattled very easily. Did not expect him to be so obvious. He is losing his cool. He has gone from Mr. Behind the Scenes, everyones best friend, lead other people to do his dirty work… crazy obvious dictator in one day. Why? Because little Nicole has come back and she wont be his puppet. Really Derrick…is she such a threat? Remember it is 6-2…your boy Cody is HOH…nicole and Donny have already said you are the puppetmaster and no one listened. All you had to do was let Cody do your dirty work, sit back and play Mr. Niceguy, but no….instead you flit around like Frankie on sugar overload, demanding that no one be alone with Nicole or Donnie?!
    Who are you?! I literally cannot wait until there are just 5 of you left and you all turn on each other. It is the only reason I am still hanging around watching.

  22. I don’t even get the feeds. Just looking at those pictures of Cody and Frankie are nauseating. Cody thinks he’s the man. Oh boy. Boy, the game’s got to be getting boring even for them.

  23. Wow this season has sucked….. So predictable, boring, and a SCUMBAG alliance controlling the game. And I though season 15 was AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! This season is definitely challenging it! Wake me up when it’s mid September and this garbage show is over and a show where people actually have balls (SURVIVOR) is on!

    1. Good and bad; Nicole and Donny are safe and they get to choose who’s getting evicted that week, Derrick! Ha, seems a bit of a stretch to also get rid of Derrick along with already being safe but I can dream. Cody’s consequence, he gets his one and only evicted. Now that would be epic.

  24. Hoping for Pandora’s box that releases a power for Donny or Nicole to find that keeps them both safe and Cody gets to spend some time with Amanda who gives him advice on how to be man. C’mon production, keeping Donny or Nicole around really won’t hurt your little pet, Frankie that much, will it!

    1. Nah, DPOV, Coup da’ tat, Pandora’s Box, and any other form of protection is reserved for Production’s Pet Frankie…

      1. True, Once Frankie finds himself in a bind, THEN DPOV/Coupe de tat will appear. Pandora really doesn’t do more than inflict pain on the HGs but doesn’t materially impact the game. DPOV/Coupe de tat saves him to ‘play’ another day.

        1. I hope you are wrong about production only working to make Frankie look good or to keep him BUT I am beginning to see that may be the case. If production doesn’t do something to get rid of both Derrick and Frankie and give Nichole and Donny a fighting chance, then the season will go down as one of the worst in history.

  25. The two HoH’s twist totally screwed up the season they should’ve ended this twist after like 4 weeks at least the power would have shifted for Nicole’s HoH’s and may have stirred up the game. The only thing I’m looking forward to is FameWhore Frankie’s face when he DOESNT win Americas Fave and everyone else’s when they realize people legit hate them all. Especially Christine Derrick Cody Victoria Frankie.
    The only thing I can see happening is the “duos twist” that allows people to be nominated as pairs and taken off as pairs… Like in season 13. Wouldn’t that awesome

  26. It would be great if Cody/Derrick realize NOW is the time to back door Fakie if the opportunity presents itself. I hope some paranoia sets in and Cody grows some balls and doesn’t do exactly as he told. I could only hope. Props to Derricks game so far. I am team Donnie and Nicole but Donny just started playing the game a few days ago. Outside of his impressive comp wins he hasn’t really played.

    1. He tried to play. The problem was every time he would try to talk to someone to try to work with them they would think he was manipulating them. Then, they would run off and tell everyone else and laugh about it. Every. Time.

    2. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Cody did put up Frankie! It would be like Christmas, your birthday, winning the lottery, Derrick being put up next to him all rolled into one.

  27. Worst case scenario. Why is production favouring Derrick, when clearly he is hated by all of America and Canada! We need a Double Veto Twist now.

  28. I just want donny and Nicole then the game will at least get interesting this is worse than watching paint dry the same thing happens every week

  29. Nicole needs to plant seeds that everyone in the jury was going to vote for Fakie cuz of his comp wins. Maybe that would change things up.

  30. Would be awesome if Donny won veto and then Nicole found diamond power of veto… that would cause a ruckus like bbc2 when that happened with Allison… just sayin…

  31. Well Cody finally won…it’s interesting how everyone is hanging around him. Christine is so insecure…..she’s afraid she will miss out on something. Frankie makes me sick…..why does he think it is necessary. ….he’s such a pig. I think other than Donny and Derrick the rest of the guys are a little gay….Frankie is full fledge gay but Caleb and Cody have tendencies….why else would they let some skinny ugly dude hump on them. This is worst season and I have watched them all.

  32. Christine — “Donny’s fans are going to be so pissed”
    Frankie — “I find it ridiculous that he thinks he has any”

    OMG what a douche!!!

  33. Shame on you all for your behavior thus far. Your mothers, wives and / or children have seen how disgusting your actions have been up till now. Donny do not waste your energy on these jackholes, you are love by us all in the real world. Donny you will be celebrated when we see you outside of that snake pit.

  34. This season is FAR worse than last season. I honestly LIKED last season because it had power shifts… unexpectedness… DRAMA! This season is very boring and predictable. Terrible terrible season CBS… Just terrible.

  35. So upsetting!!! I love that Nicole made it back into the house but I have to say that I almost wish it had been Hayden. If the competition was endurance (which I think it was), he would have absolutely killed it and could possibly be HOH right now. I could tell just by looking at him that he was out for blood. In particular, Derrick’s blood. Too bad. I really hope Donny or Nicole win the POV or a miracle happens this week. I also wish Zach was still around so I could at least have some entertainment to look forward to.

  36. I don’t know why so many people were upset about the lame competition to get back into the house. It had to be lame because the juror who won would have to be in a HOH competition later that night. If the buy back comp had been too physical or mentally tough people would have complained it was not fair for the returning juror to have two comps in one night.
    That said, I had to turn off my feeds once I realized Cody won HOH. Frankie was stretched out beside him in bed kissing his hand. Derrick was in the living room chatting it up with Donny and Nicole, the two people he forbade everyone else to speak privately to. I cant bear to watch the Detonators or whatever they call themselves gloat for another week. I’ll check back in a few days to see if the DPOV is in play. If not, Donny or Nicole is a gone for sure next week. If its Nicole, I hope she goes out strong–no crying.

  37. Well at least everyone knows for sure that this game isnt rigged….donny, I adore you. The most popular never wins, for that, we’re sorry. You deserved it.

  38. Talk abt predictable… This is the worst season ever!!! Mix it up already n get rid of some of these boring up derricks butt ppl. U mise well give him the money cuz ur getting played all day everyday…. Go Donny N Nicole!!!

  39. OMG- NoB@lls celebrating now by PICKING his NOSE…then back to SNORT and SWALLOW. FAKIe celebrating by molesting NoB@lls under the guise of…I’m so happy, I love you. RATine cackles and hates on Donny…Derprick warns everyone of the terror Donny is…SAME Ole story!

  40. I just had to turn BBAD off I cannot keep listening to them bash Donny! What has he done to deserve this treatment. So if he leaves this week he will have 20,000 for TA and his stipend which is @ 13,000 and he will win America’s Favorite which is 25,000 so he could possible get @ 53,000 total more then 2nd place! Priceless!!!

    1. It would really burn Frankie’s a$$ if they upped the America’s Favorite to $100k, just to rub it in Frankie’s face too, when Donny wins it instead! It would be epic! lol

  41. Of course Cody wins nothing the entire game and then he does this. If production was smart they would find a way to keep Nicole and Donny in the game to actually attempt to entertain us.

    I’d rather throw my head into a brick wall multiple times than hear those idiots talk badly about Donny again. It’s utterly disgusting.

  42. simon and dawg email me for the finale so I can see Donny win Americas favorite otherwise I’m so done with this season.
    If derrick doesn’t win the 500k hes a fool cya finale night

  43. I got a solution. Give Cody a Pandora’s box that gives Donny the Diamond power of veto somehow. Then Donny takes himself and Nicole off and puts up Derrick and Franky- makes them draw the line in the sand in there own alliance.

    Oh, please make this happen!

  44. Predictable at this point! Boring cause NO shift in power. Need some twists to help out Team Donny & Nicole!! Seriously production!! Pandora’s Box heck we’ll take anything!! Literally throw up in my mouth with Christine/Cody PDA! Can’t wait until Christine & Victoria GO! Victoria just takes up space! Christine’s laugh like nails on the chalk board! What is with Cody’s hair? Hurl! Need some obstacles thrown with this 6 person alliance!

  45. Well BB just go ahead & write Der-prick & Fakie their checks these pompous ass jerks have been in power every damn week even if they weren’t the HOH!! Donny will be gone next week unless he wins the POV then Nicole leaves!!! I’m done no need to watch this mess anymore!!!

  46. Cody will F Christine’s brains out and get 20 bad haircuts before he calls anyone out, even with a 6-2 advantage.

    I wish Pandora’s Box would unleash the BB6 Nerd Herd to destroy this year’s version…

  47. Donny gave me hope he could put a little kindness in the hearts of these heartless, cruel humans. Don’t kick someone when they are down. Glad Nicole is there to be with him before she goes back to Jury.

  48. Frankie watch the VMAS starring sister in the DR….THE FRANKIE SHOW BOO BOO BOO CBS LOVE FRANKIE in more way…..old boy friend…

  49. The comp must have been …Who’s the Biggest Bitch since Cody is the winner because we all know he can’t win a comp that takes skill or intelligence.

    1. Cody won HOH.. Accept it. He is in a strong position regardless because he has Derrick’s protection. Once Nichole and Donny are gone, then they will both turn their attention on Frankie and Caleb. Christine is in Cody’s back pocket and Victoria is in Derrick’s back pocket. This I could see would be the ideal scenario for Derrick and Cody, going to the final 4. Christine/Victoria are in no danger of getting evicted at this point because Cody and Derrick control their votes.

  50. I had to stop watching BBAD…the love fest and groping by the pink haired monster just disgusts me too much!! The cackling witch of Nosedum cackling her way to Cody…Victoria thinking that she is “in” with the bunch of them…just the all around smugness of every single one of them…I can’t take it anymore. So much for the BB gods swinging the tide…time for Pandora or the DPOV to change things up, otherwise it will be a few more weeks of same old, same old until they finally start cutting each others throat!!

  51. Oh, poor Christine’s husband, she is all over Cody, before tonight, Derrick told Cody he really needs to cool it with her she is married, he said she is the aggressor and the one that is married,not me! Wow it is not for game!

    1. Too bad CBS won’t air these type of comments. Didn’t even air Chris’s Zing about CD. The casual viewers that only watch the on air show are totally in the dark about who these people really are.

  52. Maybe everybody will boycott the rest of this lame ass joke of a predictable season. This is why Nicole should have been given immunity for a week then Donny or her could have won POV and saved Donny. Now it’s just going to be another boring predictable week. Only chance now is maybe a Pandora’s Box that will say that the winner of the POV can save both people. It happened before even though it was a little different in Season 13 with Rachel/Jordan. That’s probably Donny and Nicole’s only chance. What was the point of bringing Nicole or anybody else back if they weren’t going to at least have a chance to change the game.

  53. They’ve already given Victory her orders (I think). She’s gonna be the new mole/rat for them. That’s the only use she has anymore.
    Derrick convincing her how great she got along with Christine while Nicole wasn’t there – really? Yes – she agrees of course.
    Victoria never liked any other girl in the house. As a matter of fact, she never liked anyone except Frankie and that was only for a week. He liked pink and she liked pink so they hit it off right away.
    Donny’s got get some kind of wizard thing thrown his way to overthrow this assortment of boys and pigs who are willing to jack each other off just to keep the real man (Donny) from excelling without sucking their dicks.

  54. I just think Nicole should be INSTANTLY safe for this week for having won her way back into the game. She should just be eligible to play comps and never be in danger… that’s all I think. She deserves it!

  55. Talk about predictable. It was hilarious watching Julie Chen try to tell us that someone is coming back into the house and the houseguests have no idea at the same time as a houseguest in the background saying SEE YOU IN 10 MINUTES ZACH! They really need to start coming up with some interesting twists, this is the most boring summer ever, not the most twisted one. They should have pulled a surprise and brought two people back in, 1 will do nothing or brought the person back weeks ago. At this point the p*ssy alliance will just cruise to the end and draw skittles to determine who goes up among them so they don’t have to hurt anyone’s feelings. Wasn’t there a contestant in the first or second season that used to vast her vote based on the alphabet or something? Is skittles a sponsor? Cause they’re going to be getting plenty of airtime after Donny and Nicole are gone.

  56. well now its time for big brother to make the veto a doubles competition like jordan and rachel from big brother 13. they did it they can do it now.

  57. BB15=house of racists
    BB16=house of inhuman cruelty
    What’s BB17….house of pedophilia??????????????
    Man has this show gone completely off the boards or what!!!???

    1. AG is just laughing at this point. BB is in how many countries? The only reason she doesn’t laugh to the bank anymore is because her sides were in great pain. This version is now terrible humans on full display. Look up her bio, you won’t be surprised after reading it.

  58. They showed quick shots of Zach and Fr@nk!e, commenting ‘we miss you Zank!e’, subsequently showing two owls, with the left owl wearing a pink cap and the right with a pink tuft hair of hair. Too kewt!

    There were several puke-deserving scenarios tonight, mainly Derek hitting panick button upon Nicole’s return, and Fr@nk!e groveled at Cody’s feet.

    Derek thinks the $500k is as good as his, I can tell he feels entitled. He’s already protecting his assets like nobody’s business, and making threats if anyone is seen talking alone to Nicole in the beehive room.

    Fr@nk!e of course, kisses H0H’s arse in full force, and tonite was no exception – he was quick to request to sleep in HOH room with Cody, and all his body parts was all over Cody. It was altogether very uncomfortable to watch (and I’m a girl!!!)

    *we DO miss you, Zach!!!*

    1. Derrick is in cop mode, shut everyone up make sure they don’t talk to Nicole so none of his secrets come out. He is panicking because even though he is safe this week cause his beyotch fatherfrencher won HOH Nicole can mess things up for him down the road. Then again these morons won’t listen to her and just follow pigface’s directions. He must be some cop, his tactics are scary. I wonder how many people he has handled that way and gotten them into more trouble with the law than they should have been in.

    2. I swear to God if I was in that house and was HOH, the first thing I would say that this is a no- Frankie zone for 7 days. How they let this little weasel get away with sleeping in the HOH room since the beginning is just mind boggling.

  59. I hope there will be a Pandora’s box where Cody opens the door and dethrone him as an HoH and Nicole/Donny will become the new HoH…hahahaha!! A girl can only wish.

  60. The only thing that can save Nic or Donny is Caleb having a full on meltdown. Man I wish Hayden came back. had a great run Donny. Nothing to be ashamed of.

  61. I doubt we will get a Pandora’s Box or Diamond POV unless Frankie is the one in trouble. They clearly want him to be the focal point of the season and they won’t risk wasting it to save Nicole/Donnie even if it would make much better television and potentially save the season from being a complete waste. Lets remember that production probably doesn’t see things the way most of us do, they have their own agendas and plans.

    Did anyone catch the picture of Frankie’s naked slip on omgblog? Lets just say Grande is nothing more than a last name.

  62. I wish they would do the cu de ta. Donny or Nicole would definitely win it. Atleast Donny and Nicole are not sheep. I wish I could see the rest of the cast’s faces when the see how much everyone despises them. Lots of good competitors never won, Jeff, Jeanelle off the top of my head. But America loved them.

  63. Yea, Zach, Cody, and Caleb, never told Frankie to stop humping them.. At least let him know how uncomfortable, and inappropriate that is, they don’t say anything, just goes with it, that says tons about their true sexuality. They’re most-definitely “bi-curious”…

    1. Or it says they’re just comfortable with their sexuality… Girls dance and grope each other all the time and guys think it’s “hot” and most of the time people know it’s just for fun and not because the girls are lesbians/bi-curious. Jeez.

    2. You do realize that there are men who are self confident about their sexuality right? Or is that something you think is make believe? Zach/Cody/Hayden and even Caleb have shown tolerance and play along with Frankie for show and they probably think it’s funny.. Typical frat boy behavior. This is 2014 now, homophobia is lessening with each new generation of young people. A welcome change from last year’s homophobic, racist season.

  64. I’m with anyone who agrees that the “most twisted season yet” was about as twisted as a straight, steel bar. Highly disappointing.

  65. As a fan of BB I hate how tis has been one sided right from the beginning. The BOB had the odds stacked against the least physical players from the beginning, In addition it has made it much more difficult for one side of the house to make any big game moves depending on who they are sharing the HOH with. Therefore, causing the game t be lopsided and completely in favour of the boys. So the question is how do they change it up? Since Cody won we already know who the nominees will be. But … as this supposedly the season of twists to end all twists here’s one I propose. Have a Pandora’s box whereby the current nominees are removed (can’t put them as safe as that would be completely unfair) and the HOH has to nominate 2 completely new nominees. Therefore Donny and Nicole stand a chance if they can win the POV and also even if they don’t the new nominations cold cause dissention in the ranks. If that does not work then put into place the diamond power of veto (however this has been used before and a new twist would be great for the viewers)

  66. With the BOB they should have had the overthrown HOH automatically become a 3rd nominee.
    They should end the rule that you can’t play in back to back HOHs. They should allow all players to play in veto comps. They should not allow the same people to be nominated in back to back weeks. They desperately need to add some real, serious twists not ones that production decides when their favourites are in trouble.

  67. I don’t see Nicole doing crap. The best chance she had was when she was HOH before the DE. Even though Hayden donged her and smartened her up, what good is that gonna do? Donny’s gone next week and she’s all alone. Back to square one. Just when you start to put faith in her, remember that I said she’s a dingbat.

  68. what a shocker. a pandoras after a double and a hg returning? WHAAAAAAAAAT? the twists are out of control! and with a dumb HG that no one likes opening the box? leading to the perfect Jessie in a box type scenario where everyone cheers as cody complains? yeah. Big Brother, its not good when the hg’s are correctly calling the “twists” a week in advance

  69. Maybe there will be 2 POV comps like in Season 14 when Ian won the second one, although that was a waste because production made him go first knowing that if he went second he would have used it on Britney and that’s who Dan (one of production’s babies) wanted out. Hopefully either this or a Pandora’s Box, hell anything to shift the power and make the other side sweat for once.

  70. Why doesn’t production just put the 6 of them on the block and let Donny and Nicole send home whoever they want? Gee people, you bitch when you think things are manipulated and then because Nicole and Donny don’t win you want them to manipulate it so they can. This is Nicoles second chance in the house. The other people only had one chance. Don’t you think that is giving her a advantage. She came back and right away started plotting with Donny. Not too friggin smart especially when Victoria was sitting right there. Did she thnk everyone was going to lie down and let her win? Now she will pout about it all night long.

  71. Being able to only choose three when there’s six equally repulsive, unpleasant, ill mannered individuals is very difficult. Although there’s four, not three that get a lot of airtime so it still sad that I can only choose three.

  72. Did you see how instantly disgusting they made the room on tonights show. F-ck these people are nasty slobs. totally disrespecting the big brother house and all the previous house guests that stayed in that house. they should be honored not big slobs disrespecting the house. show some humility you slobs.

  73. that’s it for me yall im done when do survivor come on the 24
    hope Donny wins dopov to save him in Nicole derrick got his way again
    they should just hand him the money now

  74. I’ll just stare and play with my hair – mmhmmm.
    As long as I sit beside Derrick all the time I am protected.
    Derrick is such a nauseating over-playing pig and if no one sees it this week then they all are just as dumb as Victoria.

    1. Frankie just expects to sleep in the HOH room? Just shows up with his bag and says “moving in!”? WTF? I’m actually surprised that Cody had the stones to tell him “no”, although he practically apologized to Frankie for it and was so concerned that Frankie would be mad at him. They are both pathetic and Frankie will probably move in today because Cody only asked for one night by himself. Yikes.

  75. This is so damn predictable, after Donny and Nicole get voted out, Derek will decide to get rid of Caleb because of being such a challenge threat, next will be Christine because she is so closed to Cody. Then he will try to get rid of Frankie and last but not least he will stab Cody in the back and take Victoria to the finals

  76. OMG another boring predictable
    Week in the BB house. I’m done watching. Like a bad horror movie I can predict the end of it so just gonna come here to read you Simon and dawg you are way more entertaining than this HG. Good job on this site.

  77. I’m sorry, but Derrick deserves to win this game. He has single-handedly manipulated the majority of the house, yet has never even been nominated. That is VERY tough to do, no matter what the circumstances. Derrick is the most skilled social player in the house by far. He has even kept Victoria safe for his own personal reasons without drawing too much attention to himself. Caleb is loyal, and a great competitor, but he, along with Cody, have been manipulated by Derrick since day one. Nicole is sweet, and too good of a person in real life to be able to properly play this game. Manipulation and deception are a big part of BB, and if you find it too morally apprehensible to get your hands dirty, then don’t be surprised when you are sent packing by those that do. Nicole trusted the wrong people and paid for it in the end. Sadly Hayden feel into the same trap. Donny is a great person, but from an unbiased perspective, he simply does not deserve to win this game. His social game has been atrocious, and he simply hasn’t played the game well as a whole. Frankie is being coddled through this season by production. I don’t hate him like most of you do, but I’ve lost a little more respect for him each week. Cody is worse than Donny and Nicole combined (game-play wise). He has been one of the most gullible players in BB history. Cody will kick himself after Derrick takes Victoria to F2 over him. I’m sure plenty of people will dislike this comment, but please consider that just because someone is well liked it doesn’t mean they deserve to win a game. This season of BB hasn’t necessarily been “Good vs. Evil” like everyone has made it out to be, but more-so “Gullible/Kind-Hearted vs. Manipulative/Cut-Throat”. The only thing “Evil” about this season will be Victoria winning 50K for doing absolutely nothing…

    1. I won’t be-grudge Derrick’s win (which is all but guaranteed at this point). Somebody has to win and somebody has to have an executable strategy to do that. His is working perfectly for this particular season. The rest of the HGs have not thought beyond each week. All they know is they have an alliance and they are sticking with it, even as the herd started to thin (First Devin, then Amber). Even when they’ve had to turn on one of their own once more (Zach) as other logical targets escaped serious scrutiny.

      Donny tried to have a chat to jolt a few of them into realizing that there is indeed a pecking order and one man sits atop of it. His name is Derrick. You can’t make a fool out of somebody without their consent. They’ve all consented to being fools (I mean this purely from a game play perspective,nothing else).

      All it takes is the slightest bit of objective thought and the light bulb would’ve flickered even for the most dim-witted of the group (hard to tell which one that is) but most of them are blinded by delusions of a grander life outside the house,where they will instantly be recognized/adored/famous for having graced us with their BB presence. Derrick,not once lost sight of the sole purpose of BB and that is to win $500k. As a fan of the show,I just wished it were a harder path for him. What’s even more troubling is that Victoria will be rewarded for HIS efforts. That’s BB blasphemy to me.

    2. Well, it is all how you judge who should win and WHY they should win. I get your analysis of Derricks game play BUT he , Frankie and Donny are all older and wiser and had an unfair advantage coming in the door. Donny did not exploit this. Frankie exploited Zach. Derrick lied about who he is, still is lying about who he is and has manipulated the other HGs well. I agree with you on that point.
      He is no Dan. He is no Dr Will. He is no Boogie. He had an EASY hand dealt to him. Had he had to compete against real competitors, he would have already been evicted.
      Because he plays the game way to personally. He is a hot head and is more emotional than strategic. When there is stress or when his authority is questioned, he lashes out. He can’t handle being challenged. He is not a cool player as he makes it out to be. He is very condescending and disrespectful of those that will not bow down to him. That trait alone makes me dislike him. If over the next few weeks, Derrick is truly challenged for control of the house, watch him totally devolve like a child. He already has throw a few tantrums and continues to abuse Donny and also has been more than just strategic in his treatment of Zach and Nichole.
      So, if you are judging the win on pure strategy, then he has not been purely strategic. In fact, he has been more interested in control than strategy as evidenced by his recent dictate of nobody talking to Nichole and Donny. I have disliked past contestants but still felt that their strategy made them deserving to win. But, not only do I dislike Derrick (and that dislike has only grown over the past few days afters seeing his tantrums on the live feeds).
      He does not deserve to win and my prediction is that his present paranoia will give him a new nickname: Freakmode Policeboy.

  78. Victoria attached herself to the most powerful player, uses her weakness as her power, she’ll get 2nd place. Derrick could get the boot in the finale because he may not win physical or endurance challenge, and he has to because nobody will take him to the end. Not even Victoria. If he carries Cody and Victoria to the finals, there is a decent chance Cody will win the physical challenge and Victoria will win the endurance challenge, leaving derrick out of the 3rd mental comp and home without the title. He needed to keep 2 weaker physical players throughout the game (not simply victoria). Like Jon in BB Canada 2. I blame the double HOH which took too many weak physical players out early.

  79. How the fuck did someone who never won shit all win season win hoh come on Donny if u ever needed a veto win its now god I miss zach already I wish he was the one who won the competition he could’ve shook up the house and took out Derrick or Frankie

  80. Donny had the right idea with targeting Christine to flip and giving her the “she’s on the bottom” argument, but unfortunately he wasn’t persistent or convincing enough. He needs to articulate to the other HG’s why Derrick owns all of them in a final two, and how they have no chance if they allow Cody / Derrick to get to the end.

    He needs to channel his inner Hayden Moss (NOT Voss) and get ’em to flip.

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