Caleb “My strategy isn’t to breakup a home.” Frankie “Cody isn’t married so its not his home.”

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-04 02-21-54-864
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12am In the fire room – Nicole, Victoria and Christine are talking. Nicole comments on how fast the double eviction happens. All in an hour. And I didn’t even compete in the HOH or the veto. Nicole says Donny’s a beast. He beat Hayden, Zach and Beast Mode in the Double eviction veto. The cameras switch to Derrick and Cody in the bathroom talking. Cody says I don’t understand. Dude I can’t go after Christine and Frankie tomorrow. No Chance. Derrick says like I said its up to you brother. I’m not going to.. same thing with Caleb. You’re a grown dude. You’ve got to do what Cody feels is right. Frankie told me two days ago flat out who he’s putting up. Could he be lying to me? Of course. Cody says and Christine told me and you flat out who he’s putting up us up and could he be lying of course. Cody says Christine is putting Frankie up. Derrick says she’s not going to take us to the end. Cody asks is Frankie!? Derrick says she’ll go to the end with Frankie. Cody says yes but if I put up Frankie and send him home .. dude I’m telling you right now. I don’t know if you’re looking out with Caleb but that motherf**ker doesn’t want to go to the end with me. And so me looking at him, he’s fighting for Frankie to be here. Derrick says he said he wants him gone. Cody says he’ll vote him out if he’s up on the backdoor. Did you see how insulted he got when you said if Frankie goes to the end he’ll beat you. He said he ain’t beating me. That in my head ..No but Frankie will beat him but Caleb doesn’t think its a chance in hell. That to me alright well I think I have a chance at going against Frankie so I’m not going to get rid of him so I can bring him to the end. Derrick says like I told you bro, I like you and respect your game and you’ve got to do what your gut is telling you to do. Derrick comments on how if its not a double eviction, they could extend the season another week. Frankie joins then and says no! It’s not happening, the finale’s on Sept 21st. The guaranteed us out by the 26th. (Finale is on Sept 24th.) Cody says that’s a lot longer. Frankie says I would kill myself. Frankie leaves. Cody says dude this kid is a f**king snake. I don’t understand how we’ve go this entire game allowing a snake to get further. If I don’t send Christine home and she sends you home, that would make me feel like sh*t. If next week I win this and send home Christine and that kid wins it and puts me up next to Caleb. You don’t have a f**king vote. Derrick says Christine is probably coming! Don’t tell me she isn’t f**king paranoid. Cody says if Frankie gets it and wants to send me home.. Derrick says I don’t think he can. Christine joins them. They talk about past competitions. Victoria and Nicole join them.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-04 02-37-31-393

In the fire room – Victoria asks Nicole do you think Cody wants Christine here? Nicole says yeah. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Nicole says basically Frankie, Cody, Christine wanted me out. Cody asked me why I didn’t try talking to him. Nothing I could say would change anything. I offered him safety and he still didn’t want to keep me why would I go talk to him again. I’m not going to beg on my knees and be made a fool of. Victoria says Frankie is his (Caleb) brain. Its literally two bodies and one brain. If I put up Christine and Cody who do you think would go? Nicole says Christine. You never know though. Whoever they feel is the biggest target at the time. Nicole asks who would you want out. Victoria says I can’t stand Cody. He grosses me out. He’s getting way to cocky. Nicole says I don’t even know but that’s the benefit it doesn’t even matter. Victoria says I don’t think Derrick wants Christine. Victoria says hypothetically me and Frankie. Me as the pawn and Frankie as the target. Nicole says Frankie would go. Either way you’re not a target right now. Victoria says Derrick doesn’t want Christine here. God.. she annoys the f**k out of me. So does Cody .. he’s very cocky in is everyday life. He’s an a$$hole. Nicole says yeah he’s trying to make us be on good terms. Victoria says he’s super fake. Super! You don’t think he is?! Nicole says I know but he is. He can be very nice and he can be mean. Nicole says it was awkward when he was asking if Hayden likes him. Victoria says if Derrick and I stay and there are 5 people left. Nicole says please let it be a double and Cody go right behind me. Victoria says top 3 is going to be intense. Victoria says Derrick goes to brush his teeth and of course he has a trail following him everywhere he goes. Nicole says you should go check.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-04 03-01-51-527
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12:30am – 12:50am Up in the HOH room – Caleb, Derrick and Frankie are talking. Caleb says we just need to win another HOH and then we’re there. Caleb says so every girl is in the bathroom talking. Derrick comments on how tired Victoria is. She is so paranoid that people are talking that she won’t go to bed. Caleb says he’s at the point where he just wants to tell the girls its day 75 get off his (Cody) jock. Its not that I even want to talk game. I would be like You’re (Christine) married, You’re (Nicole) going home tomorrow. And You (Victoria) I didn’t even know you were here! They literally do that because he feeds to all of them. He flirts with all of them. Caleb says if I was Cody I would be like let me talk to Derrick. Derrick say so no you can’t do that it looks bad because even if you’re not talking game they think you are. Derrick says Cody’s hanging out with them (Christine, Victoria, Nicole) for strategy. They’re not f**king good looking. I like them all and will talk to them outside here but the girls he’s snagging outside of here are not that calibre. All nice girls but they’re not dime pieces. Caleb says no. Derricks says I’m just being honest but neither am I. That was a strategy I don’t care if Christine was married or not he’s not hanging out with her outside this place. Caleb says they know I don’t feed into it either you know what I mean. I don’t care if you’re married or not I’m not laying on the hammock playing with your finger tips. I don’t care if its strategy or not. My strategy isn’t going to be to breakup a home either. Frankie says so bad. Caleb says Like the other ones I understand they’re single, go ahead do it. But Christine after the Zing-Bot thing you would have found me 5 foot from her. Frankie say he (Cody) was kind of excited to be the one to give her (Christine) the axe too. Which is good. He was like if it comes from me it would be epic. Frankie says he’s not married so its not his home. Caleb says 17 days and then we’re done. Derrick says unless they extend it a week. Frankie says you’re the grim reaper. Caleb notices Victoria studying. Derrick says I respect that. She ain’t going to remember anything but I respect it. Frankie asks if she wins HOH who would she put up? Derrick says Christine and I don’t know who .. maybe Cody. She ain’t going to put me up we all know that. She’s not as manipulative as you think. She’s feisty. Derrick heads downstairs. Caleb and Frankie study the days of the season.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-04 03-26-17-082
1am In the kitchen – Nicole is talking to Victoria. Nicole says I can’t talk to those two (Frankie & Caleb) up there. I am going to talk to Cody and Christine real quick. I do want to tell them what I think of them exactly. You know what I mean. I don’t have anything to lose at this point. I’ve got to get some stuff off my chest. Victoria says that’s good. Nicole and Victoria get ready and go lay in bed.

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Don’t come back after Thursday’s live eviction crying that Frankie wasn’t back doored and evicted. Caleb will carry Frankie to the end and vice versa.


Caleb doesn’t let the girls get all flirty with him?!? They don’t get flirty with you because they are scared you will try and wear their skin as a suit! Crazy big headed stalker!


Caleb only lets Frankie get flirty with him. Caleb is the most handsome most built guy there but the most stupid and psycho also….there is a warning sign glowing over his head.


ick Caleb’s not that attractive. He looks like Elijah Wood on steroids.

Murphy's Law

If Caleb wants to talk about looks….let’s talk about your RED CHEEKS, shall we,Titty-Gland Man??

Butters Mom

Caleb is rotten from the inside out…. he is NOT attractive at all.

Lards Cousin

The Caleb-Frankie connection is puzzling to say the least. Like if I can’t sleep with Amber, then Frankie … ?


Frankie doesn’t care who’s in the HOH room. He’s become a permanent fixture in there as if he’s entitled to sleep there.


Caleb is just an ignorant, sad, insecure man who is completely star struck over Frankie’s sister. He believes that he has an inside connection with a true star now and he won’t cross Frankie no matter what! You can tell by all his comments about how “famous” he’s gonna be after this. It’s really sad if you ask me, I see a very insecure man under that facade.


IS Christine PREGNANT ????….

Immaculate Conception

Impossible, there obviously hasn’t been enough booze or paper bags in the house, and you don’t see any of the men with their arms chewed off do you?


No but Victoria contracted Swine Flu from Derrick.


Myself would not be surprise being pregnant with Cody child. They have shown scene where Cody and Christine were under the blankets saw no hands.

Not a Hater

Christine doesn’t get my respect as a player or a person; I detest what comes out of her mouth more than 90% of the time and her behavior sickens me (and a lot of other people) even more than that. However, saying she’s likely pregnant by Cody because you’ve seen feeds where both of their hands were not visible above the covers. If that is true, so what? It doesn’t “prove” anything. What you’ve said is cruel,unfair innuendo from my perspective. She’s already destroyed her reputation and more than likely her marriage as well by what she’s done in the BB House. She doesn’t need any unsolicited help in mangling her name; she’s mastered that on her own!

Mister E

They have noticed the condoms keep disappearing, so I would guess if anything is happening then they are using protection.

Bring Back Andy Herren

I have newfound respect for Andy after seeing him on RHAP. Could not stand him or respect his game when he won, but there is nobody left on BB16 after Nicole leaves that I wouldn’t love to see Andy replace.

Andy on RHAP could not or would not defend Freakie, and specifically said that even though Freakie was being portrayed as a bad guy on broadcast shows he was still getting a good edit as opposed to the live feeds. I agree.

Only arrogant shrieking little Freakie trolls could find anything in this Grande POS to cheer for. Same fktards who think they have a right to tell people what to do or not do that would get them bitch slapped in real life.
e.g. Don’t come back after Thursday’s live eviction crying….(continued idiotic drivel)

& I think there are a few straight men left in the US that would knock Freakie the fk out if he were to try dry humping them, including some cops & war veterans.

Come to think of it there is nobody left on BB16 after Nicole leaves that I wouldn’t love to see Willie Hantz replace at this point.


I think Frankie has done a great disservice to the gay community, although BB producers are also very much to blame for casting these gay male stereotypes. Frankie in particular has further alienated all the male viewers who may be homophobic and/or fearful/disgusted etc. by the idea of gay men. These types of guys (and I’m sure women too) think gay men are all flamboyant, overtly sexual freak shows who will take any opportunity to “take advantage” of a straight man. Basically this is everything that Frankie is, but that’s far far from what most gay males are like in America.

The gay community should be represented by people like the late Caleb (RiP) who was on Survivor. He was just a normal, good-hearted person whose sexuality did not define his personality. These are the types of gay people that make up the majority. They are walking around us all the time but some of the homophobic people don’t realize that these guys are gay because they don’t act like Frankie. If more people realized that most gay people don’t care about having parades or flaunting any sexuality in other people’s faces, then there would be less animosity towards them.


Couldn’t agree more. Frankie’s constant sexual innuendos, his deep throating a water bottle, his purposeful nudity, and sexual aggressiveness tarnishes the reputation of the gay community. I cringe every time he is on screen. Way to propagate stereotypes, Frankie.

Stop giving him any power

To say he is a poor representation of the gay community implies there is some defined gay community.
People who are gay are just that, people.
Frankie is a poor representation of a person period. Not a gay person or of a larger community.
Frankie is Frankie and he represents HIMSELF poorly…
NOTE: I am not judging the comments above as right or wrong. I am simply stating my belief that we are people and to say anyone gives any “GROUP” a bad name is to give power to the notion that there is some difference among said group. We are all people gay, straight, white, black, fat, thin or otherwise…
People are either good representations of the collective HUMANITY or they are not.
Frankie appears to be one of those who is not.


You took the words out of my mouth. The “bad rep for gay community” critique has bothered me too. Does that mean he’s a bad rep for dancers too? He’s quite possibly a crude and immature person…period, regardless of sexual preference.

Pinnocchio Obama

Frankie is so fake but I don’t think anyone left but Cody has the balls to put him up.


Sooo, what you mean is…no one is putting Frankie up. You ca not possibly believe CODY has any balls.

Pinocchio Bush

Yeah, Cody has no balls and Derrick has a micropeni$. Perfect match!


There is something about Derrick that rubs me the wrong way. I mean its okay to lie in Big Brother, right? But its sickening after lying and manipulating everyone, he twists his words and guilt-trips Nicole and Victoria to apologise to him. Has he lied so much that he is convinced he hasn’t lied at all in this house?

kevin mitchell

that just shows how inept nicole and victoria are at the game. derrick is simply doing what he is supposed to do. this cast may just be the dumbest one yet.

Frankie's 150mm Butt Plug

True, one puppet master, many puppets, a bearded hermit and one skag with pink hair.


The thing I disliked about last season was that everyone was protecting Andy. This season everyone’s protecting Derrick.

My dream scenario is that Nicole have a serious talk with Christine to try to flip the votes. Then talk to Frankie and Cody about everything discussed between Victoria and Derrick. Nicole needs to tell them that Cody is Victoria’s target and that Nicole told Derrick that she also was targeting Cody. Then Cody knows that this info was never shared. Talk about how he’s playing Dan’s game. Talk about the final 2 deal Derrick has/had with Victoria as well as Nicole and probably everyone else. Tell them the next targets are Christine and Frankie and Cody but Derrick’s name is never mentioned as a target and that Victoria will be taken to final 2 because it will always be a waste of HOH to get rid of her.

Nicole is still protecting Derrick and hasn’t once thrown him under the bus. She’s thrown everyone else but no, not Derrick.

That would be my play.

Team Anyone

I agree! Derrick is skeevy (not skeery) basically guilt tripping Victoria (“Don’t Ever Doubt Me Again!”) and Nicole (“You Owe Me An Apology When We Get Out!”) and these idiots FALL FOR IT!! I seriously want to slap their faces! Talking about “If anyone takes Victoria to the end I am giving her the money!” Then turns around and tells Nicole, “I wish I was F2 with Victoria.” !!!! How are these people not catching ON???? Frankie keeps saying. ‘Derrick has never been on the block,’ yet no one does ANYTHING about it!!!!


You must remember Derrick is a undercover police office his job is to lie and manipulate people and by seeing him work the BB house he must be a damn good one. I don’t understand the hate for someone who is just playing the game that every house guest signed up for.


Derrick is turning in to a regular cult of personality it seems. He’s not an undercover cop any longer,unless the criminals in Rhode Island are as dumb as the BB HGs.

I suspect by the end of the season he’ll be 007 if his puffery continues.



So you create 3 separate screennames to make it look like you have lots of people agreeing with you. That’s pretty obvious and doesn’t really add to the discussion on here. Can you just stop doing that? Thanks!

I personally don’t hate Derrick but he doesn’t deserve to win. I do hate Frankie but he has also made some good game moves so in my mind, he is kind of like Derrick.Derrick is not that great at the game and lucked out with a bunch of little kids. His being a cop gave him an unfair advantage and that combined with his photographic memory , really made for him to be a pretty strong player. But, he has overplayed his hand and will not make it to the end. I find it funny that unlike other greats in this show that Derrick doesn’t know when to turn it off and when to turn it on. Rookie move for him but what makes someone a winner in this game is when you know you have won and you leave well enough alone. Derrick can’t do that because he is in cop mode 24/7 and needs to be the authority at all times. That has actually ruined his game.


You make some good points, it is a game and Derrick is generally playing the way he’s supposed to. But there are some traits Derrick exhibited which went a bit beyond game play and turned some viewers against him. He got preachy/cocky when Donny wouldn’t do the team America task (not to Donny’s face, but in his attitude which he expressed to America). Then he tried to work his manipulation ‘magic’ on America by acting like the loyal TA member who was screwed over by a supposedly selfish Donny. The negative impact of Derrick’s behaviour may have faded if he hadn’t kept bringing it up. It’s obvious he was just frustrated that he lost the chance to earn more TA money, but it comes off as a real character flaw that his personal monetary goals would allow him to assassinate someone else’s character. If he’d been honest about it with himself and America, it would have been palatable. He clearly convinced himself he was right, even though he’s too smart a player to not understand that Donny would indeed have risked his game if he’d accepted that TA task. So what’s good for Derrick isn’t good for anyone else, apparently, since we all know that Derrick has been a cautious player who would never do anything to risk his own game. And again, Derrick’s behaviour in this instance was NOT strategy, he really convinced himself to some degree that Donny was being selfish and on top of that he tried to manipulate America to believe it too. No one is perfect and yes, Derrick should be allowed to have flaws just like anyone else without being hated. But his behavior was especially distasteful because it was coming from someone who purports to be a genuine, kind and well balanced person. Plus, no one likes to be manipulated, and it’s very cocky of Derrick to think he could manipulate a good portion of the American viewers. He may be a good undercover cop, but we are not all a bunch of short sighted outlaws with something to hide, or naïve BB players in need of some love and kindness (like Victoria and Nicole are).

Frankie's the worst

You don’t understand an entire underlying aspect of the game if you didn’t think that that was strategy. There’s still another 100k to be dished out to America’s player, and do you think that Derrick hasn’t thought of that? So when he didn’t want to do the task because it would hurt his chance at the 500k, he also isn’t stupid and always has that 100k in the back of his mind. He needs America on his side. He didn’t want to just say screw America, I’m not doing this. He had to push the blame onto someone else. While yes, many of us see right through this ploy I guarantee there are people out there that fell for it, and will be throwing team America’s vote to Derrick. Why do you think he keeps bringing up how he needs the money for his family, and how he “only wants 50k so he can put it into his house”. So America is more inclined to give him the money. I mean he took 5k in the last comp and no one even has talked about it. How often does that happen in the BB house? The guy is an amazing manipulator, he’s got these other kids in the house wrapped around his finger, and if he doesn’t go home today in the double eviction, then he will win this game.


uh – what $100k are you referring to?

If you’re talking about America’s Favorite Player, that person gets $25k. Heck, second place only gets $50k so I’m confused what you’re talking about when mentioning the $100k

Frankie's the worst

My bad, huge survivor fan too and sometimes get the America’s player mixed up between the two haha. Same concept though


Derrick drank his own cool aid.


Well said!!!


Every one here knows derek has played the best game like him or not hes a great player. You all say the rest of the house guest are the worst players ever well i disagree i say derek is that good. Im not a derek fan but i like him the best with whos left. In my mind hes right up there with will and dan for social game. Thumbs down= you agree.


really these people aren;t stupid r u looking at the same big brother i,m looking at,they are beyond stupid.and derrick is not all that,he just a step above the rest,and that,s not saying much.i would rather frankie win over derrick,



So you create 3 separate screennames to make it look like you have lots of people agreeing with you. That’s pretty obvious and doesn’t really add to the discussion on here. Can you just stop doing that? Thanks!

I personally don’t hate Derrick but he doesn’t deserve to win. I do hate Frankie but he has also made some good game moves so in my mind, he is kind of like Derrick.Derrick is not that great at the game and lucked out with a bunch of little kids. His being a cop gave him an unfair advantage and that combined with his photographic memory , really made for him to be a pretty strong player. But, he has overplayed his hand and will not make it to the end. I find it funny that unlike other greats in this show that Derrick doesn’t know when to turn it off and when to turn it on. Rookie move for him but what makes someone a winner in this game is when you know you have won and you leave well enough alone. Derrick can’t do that because he is in cop mode 24/7 and needs to be the authority at all times. That has actually ruined his game.


Thumbs down= you agree.

Hahaha… must have attended the same school of manipulation as Derrick. Not totally confident in what you are saying so you had to manipulate the vote? Too funny….good one.


At this point Derrick is the only one ‘playing’ this ‘game’. He deserves to win. He is NOT a Dan because the other house guests this season are not playing the game, they are all being played.



So you create 3 separate screennames to make it look like you have lots of people agreeing with you. That’s pretty obvious and doesn’t really add to the discussion on here. Can you just stop doing that? Thanks!

I personally don’t hate Derrick but he doesn’t deserve to win. I do hate Frankie but he has also made some good game moves so in my mind, he is kind of like Derrick.Derrick is not that great at the game and lucked out with a bunch of little kids. His being a cop gave him an unfair advantage and that combined with his photographic memory , really made for him to be a pretty strong player. But, he has overplayed his hand and will not make it to the end. I find it funny that unlike other greats in this show that Derrick doesn’t know when to turn it off and when to turn it on. Rookie move for him but what makes someone a winner in this game is when you know you have won and you leave well enough alone. Derrick can’t do that because he is in cop mode 24/7 and needs to be the authority at all times. That has actually ruined his game.


I have one screen name and really don’t care who agree’s with me or not……weirdo!


plus how is three people “agreeing” with me alot??


Derrick’s a top notch manipulator/planner, but I agree he’s no Dan (or Will). Maybe after the season is said and done he may seem more masterful than what I’m perceiving, but right now I’m not seeing him as Dan/Will calibre. He doesn’t have the magic of Dan and Will, the ability to pull himself out of tight situations with charm and a mesmerizing sleight of hand. He hasn’t had to deal with tight situations b/c of his cautious strategizing, but that does not a Dan or Will make.


He’s doing a better job than WILL or Dan, he’s avoiding the tight situations completely. Which is infinitely preferable to having to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

You can say it’s because of the poor competition, but he can only play against the competition they give him….


And this is why he may not win the money.


I think what rubs me the wrong way about Derek is that he way meaner and Dan. Dan didn’t bash people the way he did … this is where he played the game differently. Derek is different in the aspect of he doesn’t want to get any blood on his hands … whereas, Dan did it when he had to. How is Derek ever going to explain his role with all these people that have big egos and think they are running the house. Imagine him explaining how he convinced Frankie that getting Victoria was a waste (Frankie) isn’t going to except that. You think Celeb is ever going to accept that Derek convinced him Nicole would be better to get rid of instead of backdooring Frankie? Celeb thinks he is beast mode and is running the game … he never going to believe what Derek did. Maybe once the are all in jury they won’t accept what he did …. never on the block, no blood on his hands, I’d give it to Victoria … Celeb second for just being loyal.


Seriously, Dan made me sick. Yes, he was wily. He was very original and creative.. He was even a genious at deceit. He is also a catholic school coach and while you can say “undercover cop is supposed to lie and manipulate,” you can’t say the same about a role model for kids. Not bashing you Marie. I just had to get this off my chest. It’s no compliment to anyone to be compared to Dan.

And another thing (lol) on a high horse here.
I think this game is way more than a game. This is 24/7 display of TRUE CHARACTER.
I’ve heard it said that to go on a reality show automatically means you’re a narcissist. I think there’s truth in it, maybe not entirely true. but some of these people are definitely showing lexhibitionism and self-love — and self-delusion! How they think they are being portrayed!
What we see is not just “game.” It’s the person’s true nature on display.

Too True

Caleb is driving me crazy thinking he’s America’s favorite, that he’s walking out with a singing career, a modeling career, etcetera. Taking applications to date him? Hasn’t he said he really only has had one girlfriend and that was in high school? Right there that tells you something’s wrong there. What’s sad though is that there are women with low self esteem that will view him as a star and will be banging on his door. Best suggestion I heard regarding Frankie was someone suggesting everyone goes to you tube and dislikes his pathetic videos.

Team Anyone

Okay, have a seat. Derrick is NO Dr. Will. No Evil Dick… just an undercover cop that knew when to shut up and let someone else (Devin) be the Bull in the China shop. I watched him from the beginning. Derrick blended in like a brown cricket on a piece of bark. Derrick was completely different in the early weeks. Just sittin’ back listening, watching. He is playing a game similar to Andy, when we all thought Frankie was. Just because FRankie is gay doesn’t mean his game play is anything like Andy’s. I mean Andy did win a competition or two right? I can’t remember. Anyway, Derrick did win a comp with Nicole, but honestly that was luck, had nothing to do with mental or endurance (skirball in the highest number). THEN he says he “gave” an HOH to Frankie so he could see his Grandfather’s photos. What. Ever. The ONLY thing Derrick has done that is noteworthy is NOT be nominated. Is that commendable? Meanwhile everyone else, is knocking out the ‘threats’, getting bloody, backstabbing, winning, enduring… this is all just skeery…


Derek has been manipulating just about every HOH this season. He changed Frankie mind by telling him that getting rid of Victoria was a waste of an HOH. He did the same thing to Celeb. He is the ONLY one that is playing for jury votes … the others are being ridiculous in this aspect of the game. Emmett said it really well last year in his advice session with Allison.

Pinnocchio Obama

Derrick is so conceited. I would love to see him and Frankie go home but it doesn’t look good.

Pinocchio Bush

Derrick is making up for having a small dic7.


At least jury house will be fun.
Jocasta, Hayden, Zach, Donny and now Nicole just chilling.
Imagine if one of the detonators- Christine/Frankie coming in next, it’ll be horrible and disrupt the peace there. Christine will probably complain about how much she hates everything and everyone and Frankie will talk all about his sister


I almost want to be like, ‘Can we move double eviction so they can just have a week of peace together?’

Retired Teacher

Good point! As other posters have noted, wish the emphasis for the rest of this season would be on the Jury House rather than the idiots left in the BB house. I just hope the group there can figure out that NONE of the guys get the $ – give it to Vic!!!


I agree. They should have camera in the jury house and show that and show maybe 5 minute clip each episode of what’s happening in the game – nothing.


I almost wish the jury house would treat the incoming ‘bomb squad’ people (or whatever they are going by) the same way they treated Donny and Nicole. See how they like being disrespected and ignored.


Jury is different. You have your own room and space and you have two production people with you. When Fakie goes to jury his diva days are over. Production can’t stand him. Everyone loves Donny and I so want to see Fakie’s face when he finds out Donny got a gig on B & B! I’m to the point of VapidVic for the win!!

Victoria FTW

I think Derrick’s guilt trips on Nicole is going to bite him in the ass.
She is going to have a couple weeks in the jury house to compare notes.
Let’s hope Hayden, Zack and Donny will open her eyes. I want at least
four jury members that will not vote for Derrick no matter what.


I agree with you. I think Derrick went overboard and that bit of his abuse is going to ruin him in the jury.


I think Donny will center Nicole when she returns too. He’ll remind her that Derrick is the mastermind this season. With that being said,I honestly don’t think the jury will be as bitter as people assume. They’ve had some time/distance from the game and will appreciate game play, like Amber did, when she was booted. Emotions may temporarily get involved,but the voting usually aligns with the best strategic player.

From a purely objective perspective, I do not see anybody having a better argument than either Derrick or Frankie. Both have been consciously/actively playing,just two different styles. Heck,even Christine has bona fides (though I’m loathe to admit it).


Keep hoping. She know blames Cody and Christine for everything that happened to her and Hayden. Hayden already hates Cody. So everything she now tells him about Cody will only solidify that hate. So far as the jury goes, Derrick has guaranteed votes from Nicole, Zach, and Hayden.

Lets say he goes to the end with Cody. Derrick will get votes from Nicole, Zach, Hayden, Frankie, and Caleb.


Nicole ALREADY compared notes! When she was previously in jury house. Hayden and she talked and she was well aware that Derrick and Frankie are running the joint and she vowed to go after them hard. She knows about the alliance that includes Derrick. Now she is Derrick’s ambassador to get him the $500K. Nicole frustrates me. I so wish she had not come back (There’s no whining in BB!). She is way too naive for this game. It’s infuriating to watch her effuse over Derrick; what a great guy Derrick is, blah, blah, blah. She knows he’s playing everyone but opps! She plum forgot! These people are dumb as dirt. P.S. Sure miss you, Donnie.

Too True

I think so too, especially if Christine does tell Nicole in her good bye message that she has been working with the guys all along. Could be even better depending on who goes out second tonight.


Disgustine and Fakie, STFU!!!! You know what? Just give Derprick the 500K and give VapidVic the 50K and call it quits!!!! Just get ready for Survivor: Blood vs Water II!!!

Skerry Sherry

Christine “Wretched” Brecht is the naztiest, skerriest, most hypocritical player in BB history.

Oh boy(s)

Celeb is a douche….all is talks about is the girls don’t have a right to be here and the only value they have is pushing out babies and being his “dime piece” arm candy. The rest of the a**hat’s aren’t much better. I hate Christine (and she is too stupid to do this) but it would be awesome if she threw up Caleb and Cody with Frankie as back door option. I would be happy is she sent any one of the jerks home before they sent her.


I can’t get a good read on Caleb at all. I can’t tell if he has any independent thought and is just plain stupid despite that, or if he’s a sponge that soaked up every bad conversation he’s heard and just repeats them as his own.


Caleb is a very difficult to read. I think part of the reason..;Caleb wants to be an actor. I think he is playing a character, earlier in the season they were talking about what character they were playing for the viewing audience. {Remember the character played during that awful play? Not the Hayden character}
Every once in a while Caleb will actually say something very thought provoking, and then he will say something really stupid after that, so it makes it hard for the viewer. You think he has a Eureka moment, and then the bulb dims.
If he is like this in real life, he desperately needs help.

Butters Mom

I dont think Caleb is that good of an actor… he just has a flickering bulb. lol

Beach girl

Cody wants to get rid of Cody. Derrick is against it. Doesn’t Derrick know he can’t win comps and Frankie knows he can’t beat Derrick, so Frankie will get rid of Derrick. Frankie will keep his puppet, Caleb, around to help him get to final 3, then Frankie will win final HOH and he will
dump Caleb like a hot potato.
Please let Cody win HOH in double eviction so the pink flamingo can get out of the house!!!
CBS probably thought him being in the house would help his Sister’s career thus making them more money but he is horrible, so I hope it backfired on them.


Frankie ideal final 3 is him, Caleb, and Derrick. Frankie will target Cody for Derrick, that is why he wants to keep him for now. Hoping Christine will then target Frankie. I bet Derrick’s ideal final 3 would be Chrisine, Vic, and him. But that scenario is highly unlikely.


christine is pretty stupid if she thinks cuddling ( i think she calls it) is going to help her cause at all. She most likely due to looks (or lack of rather) made attention from Cody seem ok and meaningful to her. She confused her own plan with Cody’s touchb nice to all the girls dole out hugs and compliments plan. That is not closeness or intimacy to play touchy feely with a stranger just cause hes cute and it isnt game play either just disrespectful and rude to her husband and both families. Trust me Cody isnt in even like with Christineduh. If she was a married man in society and behaving this way women would be all over it and her. She has hurt her image and her family and most importantly NOT WORTH GAME OR MONEY her husband. Glad she aint mine. what a douchey woman.


I am quite surprised that Cody isn’t using Christine the way Derek is using Victoria. That’s what I mean these players have made it so easy for Derek this year.


I used to think it would be cool to be on Big Brother but after seeing this crew I don’t think my sanity could stand three months of all this crap. And there are no windows to jump out of….


i would have been evicted early ,no way would i kissed butt like these fools kiss butt,piss me off and i tell you what i think so no way would i last in a house with people like these.i’m from nc like donny but no way could i have been as nice as he was with this crowd


I sure hope Team America is over. That lying ba$tard Derrick and that fame whore Flakie don’t deserve one red cent after turning their backs on Donny. I know they were Team America but I be d@mned if their MY team. Hell I think America deserves $5000 dollars for having to listen to three months of Chrustine’s laugh! Almost a month still left of this d@mn snail race. Remember Donny for America’s favorite.
TEAM BEARD FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, the viewers should be given 5000 for everytime we have to put up with Derrick and his stupid mugging to the cameras. We probably could get punitive damages too for having to listen to his attempts at manipulating us!!


Frankie is really ugly
Nicole coming is really useless
If Nicole goes then I want Victoria to win big brother

Frankie's 150mm Butt Plug

Hayden would disagree with your statement, “Nicole coming is really useless”, because it puts a satisfied grin on his face.


Nicole coming back has been huge for Derrick. I can’t believe he has guilt tripped her into campaigning in the jury house for him.

He is good really good.


It will be funny if Frankie was in survivor or even amazing race


Luckily the upcoming seasons for both shows have already been cast. No chance of seeing him in either until 2015 some time. Hopefully never.


Why would you wish that on anybody? Seriously, what is wrong with you?


No thank you. I am already giving up Survivor as the terrible twins from TAR have been cast and I cannot stand their whiney, screechy bickering. TAR will be the only option for me other than BB AU (beginning 8 Sept).


I haven’t seen any of the women of BB16 “riding Caleb’s jock” at any time, that was Frankie. And Frankie’s statement of “it’s not his house,” kinda sums him up. He probably believes that as long as he gets what he wants, it doesn’t matter who gets hurt. Probably would steel a walker from a little old lady.


good grief. First of all, why the hell would nicole ever feel the need to apologize to derrick for anything. He flipped to get hayden out, and then flipped to get her out. Obviously his job back home is done because nobody is going to trust a police officer they just saw lie so much on national tv, game or not. Least mode cowboy is all brawn no brains. He lets everybody influence every decision he has made in the game. Victoria……for some reason I hope she wins….doesnt deserve it, but it would be hilarious. Poor nicole, the only one who tried to make a big move all season. If she would have just kept her mouth shut to derrick, then she would have prob been safe this week. Cody and Christine…..who cares. Frankie……again who cares. He is kind of a spoiled brat you can tell. Ugh. They are gonna have to do something huge next season to counter this weak season.


Derrick I thought wasn’t an undercover cop but he was a narc when he was younger. Usually that is because the kid did something that got them in trouble, and the police offer them a deal to narc on other kids as a plea deal so is that what happened in his case also. Also, if I was a woman and lived in the town Derrick does I would be really concerned with him being a police officer considering he laughed at the gang rape comment in regard to Victoria that Skankie made and should of been kicked off the show. Derrick is not a great player; he is just playing the game with a bunch of idiots. He even admitted that the only two that have ever caught on to all of his lies were Donny and Nicole and that is the truth. How different this crappy season would of been had Donny and Nicole stayed and Skankie been evicted a long time ago. Hopefully, this whole crap of a season backfires on CBS and Victoria wins this thing. Hope the jury is very pissed off and lets them know it. Hope Frankie gets his just “rewards” when he gets out of the house with all of the horrible things he has said and that CBS does not tryp and back pedal away from it, but unfortunately they will. That being said stopped watching the show after Donny was kicked off, and only come here to read spoilers as had some hope that perhaps BB/CBS would not keep condoning Frankie’s actions after the gang rape comment but have been sadden that they just continue to condone the degenerate.


Quit being so dramatic. His job at home is fine.

BB is not real life…you crazy weirdos.


I don’t know that Derrick has done anything to jeopardize his job per say, he is after all a desk sergeant . And I know that he is nowhere on the level of some of the cast from last season, but there have been several people that have lost their jobs based on their behavior on BB.
It’s called big brother, so part of the game is considering how you’re willing to portray yourself to the outside world that is watching you 24/7. The notion that it is just a game so you can act and do whatever you want without consequence is just not accurate. How these people act inside the BB house is indeed a reflection of who they are outside.
Again, I don’t think this is the case with Derrick, cops in general are egotistical and cocky so he will probably be applauded for his “work” in the BB house, but good police work sure does make for boring TV.

Team Anyone

OMG this game is so frustrating!!! I absolutely cannot stand Derrick, Skankie, or Titty Gland Cowboy! Who does that leave me with??!!!! BB17??


Thx Simon and Dawg for all the work you are putting into this site. As much as I appreciate your work, I kind of stopped reading. This season is worthless and very disappointing. I pity you guys having to follow these HGs. See you next season.

Oh Caleb

Calling Caleb a “reality star” is a stretch, especially since doesn’t live in any type of reality I have ever seen. You know, what happens at night, in your dream, is not real live….right Caleb?


Associating the word ‘reality’ with Caleb is an even bigger stretch. He doesn’t even know the concept of the word.


how stupid are these people??? they will find any excuse to frankie in the game and eliminate a girl…

Frankie's 150mm Butt Plug

Your saying, “excuse to frankie in the game and eliminate a girl…” is uneccessary redundancy.

One good turn

Jury needs to treat any bomb squad member like an outcast when they get there. One good turn deserves another. Give it back to them jury house!


Wow, none of the girls left are good-looking, huh? Pot, meet kettle. I try so hard to respect Derrick’s game and Caleb’s random moments of insight, even though I dislike them both as a person, and then they make a idiotic comments like that. No, Nicole wouldn’t pull someone of Cody’s or Caleb’s caliber outside the house, she would do SO MUCH f*cking better!! She could easily find someone more attractive, with more heart who isn’t a closet homosexual with a disturbing relationship with his father. Honestly, I really don’t find Cody even superficially attractive and the souls of everyone in that house besides Nicole make them all repulsive to me.


Well said! I’ve said it before on here……not if Pussasaurus was the last man/delete/boy on earth! And for those calling young, small town girl, Nic, stupid. You forget those boys have been buying Derelict’s mind controlling BS too!


I too found that to be ironic coming out of Derrick’s mouth. But the same could be said for the guys. I am sure that Cody’s charm makes him more attractive to the girls on the inside, but I don’t really see it. The only guy that I found to particularly good looking is Caleb, but only until he opened his mouth and proved to us what a tool he is.


Would love to know how Frankie would act, or portray himself in the jury house when he knows it is not televised. Would he be as outrageous, would he try getting it on with Zach, would he be displaying his meat and two veg? Wish I could be a fly on the wall if he is evicted.


Frankie and Derrick are just the same way in real life as they are on big brother. All the house does is amplify who they are and their own morals and values. Their behavior is repulsive but what can you expect from an undercover cop and a fame whore who have both shamed their families on TV. I think Arianna Grande and Derricks wife must be just mortified at both of their behavior.

why make up stuff?

you don’t know that…
that is like us saying you are just as big a ——- in real life as here online…


How do you know that he doesn’t now that? He may know these people. You never know.

Frankie's 150mm Butt Plug

Zach attack would be drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice every morning and wake up with lemon pulp all over his face and chest area.

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

At least I wouldn’t have to worry about waking up with lemon pulp on my 24 hairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hate to see Nicole leave, but at least she will be out of the House of Darkness and back into the light. She continually trusted the wrong people, which is both sad and refreshing. Even when faced with the truth, it’s like she just so badly wants to believe in the inherent goodness of people, she believes their lies all over again. Bless her heart lol.


Victoria hair extension is doing most of the work (ex holding up some sweat)

2 Dozen Black Hairs on Victoria's Areolas

Don’t forget about the mustache hairs which she hasn’t yet plucked, they soak up a lot of sweat also!


I don’t get the 2 doz hairs comment?


Christine and Cody go to sleep. ….? That coupled with Frankie asking which room are they having sex in! Man of I were her husband I would be freaking out. Seriously I would need meds.


When HG’s (Caleb, Frankie, Nicole, Victoria) are throwing out comments regarding the cackler and codypendent, you know something inappropriate is going on in that house. They are the closest to those idiots and KNOW what is going on between them. I think a good TWIST would have been to switch the cackler and bring in her husband – Tim. I would love to see codypendent try to think straight after having to deal with Tim for several weeks after inappropriately touching/cuddling the cackler. Next year maybe Tim should be on BB. It may be interesting watching how he would play the game. From his appearance on that episode, he has a good sense of humor.


Derrick you should be the last person talking about how ugly the girls are. Have you seen how ugly and fat you’re wife is?


This is not nice and uncalled for. He was probably just being overly dramatic. Nicole and Victoria are both very pretty girls…but we haven’t been stuck in a house with them 24/7 for xxx amount of days. I am sure you start to view people differently when you are constantly with them.


It’s sort of the “They all look good at closing time when you’re drunk syndrome”

Frankie's 150mm Butt Plug

That’s not nice, you’re probably 280 lbs and have to use a loofah on a 5 foot stick to get between your folds.


Mary a fat pig like yourself should just keep quiet.


That’s a little uncalled for. You saying that crap makes you NO better than him! He may not be the best looking guy in the world but to bring down his wife cause you don’t like him? Good for you, you must be a real 10/10! Wow.


PS. It’s “your” not “you’re”… If YOU’RE going to insult someone, at least get YOUR grammar right.


Wait until they see Derrick’s wife LOL.


Mary, I think they comment was cruel. Just like the comments made about Tim. I think they should be left alone they are not playing the game. I guess I’m sensitive when weight is the subject. I am overweight due to the meds I have to take to fight a terrible disorder I have. I just ask let’s not attack when we don’t have to.


I’m sorry if I offended anyone with my comment. But Derrick should watch what he says. And I know is a game but come on now.

Any mouse

What do you expect? He thinks chubby Amanda Suckerman from last season is hot.


That would explain everything LOL

Ugh Cody

Would be too epic if Cody went home on a Victoria HOH.


I cannot believe that Nicole is so blinded by Derrick, she said she is going to go to the Jury house and tell everyone how Derrick did everything he could to save her !! This is why I did not want her to come back, Nicole is such a nice person, when she gets home and watches this season and sees how much Derrick lied, she is going to feel stupid. Why the hell would she apologize to him! None of these people have the guts to make a big move, now Cody is saying he cannot do it, Derrick is saying he will put up Christine and Victoria ! First Derrick needs to win the HOH, and we all know he has not really been a big winner, He plays a good social game, but I really do feel Derrick is just floating along in the game. He lucked out and ended up in the house with a bunch of STUPID Lame people who he can control.


I’m just asking a question: When/If Nicole/Players gets evicted don’t they get a tape of the goings on, within the week before they leave the house going to the jury house? If so, she’ll find out before the end of the show that Derrick really didn’t work that hard to keep her.

Too True

I think Derrick not winning is part of his strategy. Why does he need to win when he can convince the others to put up who he wants out? If he truly has a photographic memory it’s just sad that he’s a cop.

Just sayin'

I can’t believe Derrick was saying all those things about those women! This is going to sound mean but we all saw his wife and I don’t think he should be insulting any of the women in the house for their looks….

Sad but True

Derricks behavior has been consistent toward women since the first week in the house. You don’t just turn off your view of women as being lesser than you when you get cast on big brother. Derrick has treated a lot of the female cast members pretty poorly but his treatment of Nicole the other day was beyond anything I even thought he was capable of . What a disgrace to cops everywhere.


Or if “someone talks to my daughter like that…” Complete BS. Everyone should throw his daughter in his face when he talks like that.

Frankie's 150mm Butt Plug

Derrick is the puppet master of this BB season, give him his 500k in bacon.


Although this season of BB is very predictive and slow, we must keep in mind that THIS game is about social connect/disconnect, manipulation and deceitfulness. Can you imagine people coming in this GAME playing as if they were Mr. Rogers (from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood)?
BB would literally get kicked out of CBS! Derrick is playing the mental manipulation game, Cody is playing the seductive model social part of the game. Christine is playing the ‘Housewives’ social part of the game. Caleb is playing the bully part (punch you in your throat), but falls off course at times, because he is star struck. Frankie is playing the ‘high school gay kid role’ (saying he represents the gay community), I’m gay Frankie…and you don’t represent me. Victoria is playing…well I am not sure what Victoria is playing?


Watching BBAD last night did it look like Derrick was protecting Frankie, or was he just making sure HE was the one to take him out? Because unlike Bitch Mode Cowgirl, Frankie is not dumb enough to waste his HOH on Victoria and Crustine this late in the game, he’s going to try to take out one of his big threats for the 500k… Nicole was sucking in comps recently, and they were all still scared of her, like she was a comp beast(which she wasn’t), Frankie is a comp beast, yet they decided it wasn’t time. I hope this DE, brings some fireworks and we see Derrick, Frankie, Cody, or Caleb going, otherwise ,it will be as boring as the rest of the evictions.

Big Brother 16: Big Moves? What’s a Big Move?

No excuses

Derrick is just being consistent when he comes on to the game: he’s a glutton (oh the irony of that when you see his swine nose)! He’s a glutton for money and women and power. He is using the game as an excuse to just further his lust for all those things. Just an all around vile man who I can no longer even bear to watch. You don’t change when you come into this game and all BB does is accentuate who you are. Need another example of how BB brings out the real character of a person: Frankie.


Derrick annoys me too but I don’t know if we’ve ever seen the real Derrick (or which Derrick is the real Derrick). He does say a lot of disgusting things but it’s always feeding the people he’s with at the time. That’s why most of the house guests like him, they believe he feels like they do. He’s a mirror and reflects back the things they want to see.


You nailed it BBC. Go watch episode 2 and you’ll see Derrick say he’ll use his undercover experience and play a character to adapt and fold into the group.
I know he’s a family man a good guy and i want him to win.


Derrick is a family man? Ask Victoria about that and maybe his wife’s divorce lawyer. You are delusional if you think Derrick is a good example of what a husband and father should be. WOW, just WOW> Amazing how far our country has sunk if people like you think that Derrick is a good example of a family man.


Cody and Derrick need to get out Frankie. Christine would turn on Frankie and Caleb most likely and Caleb and Frankie are working together. Caleb is star struck. So the plan should be to put up Chris and Vic and if anyone but Frankie and maybe Caleb gets the pov then use it and backdoor the pink glitter troll. Cody most of all should be worried about Frankie.

Jury House

Can we please just change the rest of the season to Big Brother, The Jury House. Nicole (who is leaving tonight), Donny, Jocasta, Hayden and Zach are gold. Mostly entertaining, and all light hearted. Week by week as each of them has been evicted, the feeds have gotten less and less watchable. I am sure they are all so glad to be away from those idiots left in the house…especially Frakie J Grande, the social media “mogul.”


Every conversation or decision Coward Caleb makes he says he needs to go ask Derrick or tell Derrick. He stares off into space and say the dumbest things, especially when he said he would throw the HOH and Derrick would be happy with 50K and not winning the 500K if he took him to the final 2, or when he still talks about taking Amber on a cruise (skerry). Even his own mother told him to shut his fly trap in her first letter. This boy has a true mental issue and alot of screws loose. I don’t like none of them that’s left but Victoria! I hope she wins it all!!


Simon and Dawg don’t even have to watch the feeds 24/7. They can probably write the posts in advance because it’s so predictable. Get some rest guys.

BB17: Cops vs. Robbers

Can we have a house filled with half undercover cops and have ex-cons……..
at least it would level the playing field…………


How funny to watch 8 undercover cops go up against 8 ex cons. No more boredom in the BB house. They would have to hide anything sharp as well as have twice the cameras and secure down anything that can be thrown at each other.

Victoria's Psycho Stare

Victoria deserves nothing. Physically she is so repulsive with mean eyes.
Game – what game? She is a total embarrassment to Americans, and is more Israeli anyway so she is an embarrassment to the CBS also.
She makes me want to vomit (all over her), especially when her diary room gets aired with her ‘bobble-head’ egotistical talking like she is really killing it.
If there weren’t mirrors in that house, she would self-evict.
Derrick is just a dick with so much bravado he comes off as a smug pig who needs a smack in his head too.
I hope anyone but Derrick and Victoria at this point goes to final 2.

Be careful of the truth

A LOT of AMERICANS are waaaay bigger embarrassments to America.
you seem to be a shining example.


Just a thought. When & if Frankie gets evicted, he will blow up Derrick’s cove as Mr. Nice Guy. Maybe that’s why he’s being very strategic about the timing. A bitter Frankie would tell all! That would be ok late in the game when he wants the jury to realize how he’s played them all & give them time to come to terms with that before the finale. At least I think Frankie has him figured out.

bb fan

I know it’s most likely not going to happen, but I think it would be funny if Victoria won the HOH tonight in the double eviction. From what I read, the others have talked about who she would put up but then don’t seem too worried because she can’t win comps. Watch them scramble if she did.


I really don’t care you goes home after Nicole I really don’t I whould like it not to be Victoria
but I don’t care all the people we went for is gone so im be happy every week in I don’t care you win
it all I really don’t they all know only one person win the game wright im sorry no they don’t you got to have a brain for that


Looks like Derrick was protecting Frankie for himself to take out last night on BBAD… Getting rid of Frankie will be the 1st Big Move for Derrick, so he can kiss-up to jury for all the people he pissed off.. He should’ve thought about that before flipping the house into keeping Frankie off the block, he had his golden chance right there, but be pussied out because he didn’t want to be seen as a good player, and on top of that he threw the POV… So much for all the “Derrick is a great player” claims. I haven’t seen it yet, I see a player controlling a bunch of idiots who can’t think for themselves, that’s not a great player… When you can control players who can think for themselves in the game, but still get them to do what you want, THAT’S GREAT GAME PLAYING..


Thank you…….your post is exactly what I think!! Derrick got lucky with this group of knuckleheads!!


Right, I’ll bet these people claiming he’s a great player, also think Amanda BB15 was a great player, it’s easy controlling people that are too stupid or caught up in their own BS..

Derrick is controlling a bunch of “rainman types”(no offense), which anyone could do. As I said with Amanda last season, put them in the house with real BB greats and they’ll bow down..

Frankie- is off in his own world where’s he’s a star and a media mogul.
Caleb- is off in his own world where he’s a celebrity and the love of Amber’s life.
Crustine- is off in her little world where all the men love her, and Cody is her man..
Victoria- nobody knows where her world is. Disney World, maybe?

Is Derrick the best player in that house? Of course, I don’t deny that, but he’s no good player, but compared to the rest of those idiots, he looks like a god..


It kills me that Derrick has the gall (where he acts like a cop) to order the other house guests not to ever talk to Donny and not to talk to Nicole when she came back into the house. Not one single one of them said to him, who do you think you are telling me who I can and can’t talk to. They just obeyed him without question. I almost think they look at him as an older brother kind of figure and that’s why they always listen to him and do what he wants. Meanwhile, he went around and got cozy with and talked to whoever he wanted to and they never called him on it.

That is what you call

Excellent game play.
More evidence he is outplaying everyone…


I don’t think that Derrick is protecting Frankie so that he can make some grand gesture to prove his worthiness. I think that is giving him too much credit. I think that agreeing to take Frankie out is just too big a move for Derrick to get on board with, it is not safe and would mean that he actually has to make a decision. Derrick’s strategy has been to play it safe and not really commit to any decision. Anytime that Derrick says anything decisive, he follows up with, but in the other hand…….
I am not saying that Derrick’s game hasn’t been smart, I am just saying that it’s been gutless.

Do you not watch?

Derrick wants Nicole out over Frankie bc she is on to how good his is…
Listen people


this how I think Frankie going to win the game if they don’t get him out in he go to the final three he will win the last hoh in send derrick home what everybody wanted in the jury will be impress that’s how I see it playing out
i want anybody to win over derrick

Frankie's 150mm Butt Plug

On that last picture, Nicole’s glasses makes her nose look big and Victoria’s nose makes Nicole’s nose look super small.


Derrick is doing what he has to do to win. Manipulating,lying, sneeking. Big brother has no rules. So hes not doing anything that past house guests haven’t done. I think people are seeing it to be way worse becuase he is doing it to a bunch of morons with no brains.Not his fault he was casted with a bunch of idiots with no brain, who only care about justin beiber, their twitter/youtube followers, why america likes donny over them(frankie). They arent smart enough to put the pieces together, he played them all and deserves the win for that. I mean im pretty sure hes the only one whose playing the full game of bigbrother. and people who are offended that hes manipulating women, come on, im a woman and im not being sexist about it, they have brains too and they should be aware of what actually happens in a big brother house…people lie. If you think its wrong to manipulate women in this game then thats a problem becuase men and women play this game. They shouldnt be treated any different!

Murphy's Law

I am SOO pissed that these effing guys degrade the girls because of their LOOKS…it infuriates me!!… “They’re not the caliber of what Cody snags outside the house”…”They’re not good looking”…..”They’re not dime pieces”, etc….makes my blood boil!! I have never read where the girls have attacked their LOOKS, just their character. Nic better throw some gasoline on this simmering flame of BB strategy today or tonight before she leaves as she said she would. I’ve never respected Victoria’s participation in this game, BUT now I want HER to win the $500 thous. & Der to win 2nd place….THAT WOULD BE…MURPHY’S LAW of justice!!!!


There’s nothing degrading about it. It’s all gameplay, just like everything that Derrick says inside the house.

Derrick is only saying that to Frankie and Caleb so that they will trust Cody. He doesn’t want them to think that Cody is more loyal to the girls than to the guys.


Wait until they see Derrick’s wife LOL.

Mean Girls, BB Edition

The HGS saw Derrick’s wife last week during the live show when family members had messages for their loved one in the BB House. Some of their taped comments weren’t shown to the players when the family members of some contestants expressed opinions about gameplay and behavior. The HGS just viewed positive, loving messages from those who care about them. Jena, Derrick’s wife, and their daughter had a sweet featured moment.

Martha's Law

It really makes my blood boil when all the girls in the house treat the men like they are sex objects, always talking about their physical attributes! Men are more than just objects of adoration! We have brains also and should be appreciated for our personalities and wisdom. Some girls in the BB house should be charged with sexual harrassment or even sexual assault, take Christine and Frankie, those girls have their hands all over the men in the BB house.!


A few posters have made some mean comments about Derrick’s wife which I think is uncalled for. She is not playing the game and not offending anyone but CBS probably requires some participation from the families. I don’t imagine they are given a choice if their spouse, children, etc want to be cast. His wife is suddenly in the spotlight and probably finds it uncomfortable but then to read comments about herself would be very disheartening. Hate the players but leave family off limits.


I agree that throwing around insults is distasteful and shows a lack of intelligence, but as far as Derrick’s wife goes, she too signed waivers allowing herself to be associate with his participation. I don’t think it is right, but that’s the judgmental world we live in. Hell, Tim has gotten more screen time online than half the BB cast themselves. There is no doubt in my mind that CBS sat down with all their families and cautioned them about the possible blowback.


Yes, leave Derrick’s wife alone I’m a mom and she looks great for just having 2 little ones.

Hey Now

Nobody said you have to make up lies about her…
that is over the top


I’m new to this site this season, and I really like and appreciate the updates and hard work of putting them up, especially with the live show and feeds being particularly unwatchable.

I understand rooting for the underdog and would have loved to see a win for Donny or Hayden or Nicole, and have been really turned off by the nastiness coming from the other house guests, I get that. But I also wonder are the comments here like this every season, where posters automatically turn on whomever is left (personal attacks, all the derogatory nicknames, etc) once their favorites get voted out? Or is it really that BB16 sucks that much?

Derrick is no saint, but it seems to me he’s playing the best game to this point. I don’t have a vested interest in him winning but I am mildly interested to see whether he pulls it off. Attacking him to the degree seen here (and even his wife who seems like a decent looking girl who recently gave birth and might be a really good person who knows?) is a bit too intense and immature. People who are THAT rabid about this game should probably consider finding a healthier hobby.