Cody says Frankie is still playing like a snake! He’s throwing everyone under the bus.

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 12-54-04-597
12:50pm Caleb tells Frankie and Nicole that his HOH blog was pretty good. I wrote it like a story. Frankie asks him about what he’s going to tweet. Caleb says I don’t really know what, I don’t tweet. Frankie says short, sweet, retweetable. Frankie says like Bomb squad blowing it up. They head outside to the backyard couch were Christine is sitting. Christine says for Caleb to tweet Beast Mode Cowboy in the HOUSE! She tells him to add #beastmodecowboy to everything. Caleb gets called to the diary room for his HOH camera.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 12-59-14-526
1pm – 1:35pm In the kitchen – Derrick talks to Nicole about studying the days. Nicole laughs about how Victoria says she couldn’t remember the days unless they told her which week it happened. Nicole says she didn’t say anything but was thinking if they tell you the week then you know the day. Derrick and Nicole agree to study more later. Caleb comes out with his camera and they start taking HOH photos. Nicole tells Caleb that he photographs really well. You’ll definitely have a modelling gig after this. They continue going around the house taking photos.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 13-36-33-790

1:40pm – 2pm Out in the backyard – Derrick tells Cody that he’s been studying like crazy. Hit me with a question? Cody asks when did Nicole win her 3 competition? Derrick gets it wrong. He says oh well back to studying. Cody says Frankie is still playing like a snake! He’s throwing everyone under the bus. Why would he go to her (Christine) and tell her what Caleb was saying? Derrick says I think they’re working together. Cody says I think he is working with her more than she is with him. Christine joins them and the conversation ends. Victoria joins them. Derrick heads inside and comments on how Caleb and Frankie are still taking selfies. Cody tells Christine how he should go in and take his shirt off and stand by Frankie. I would crush him. My body on a camera blows his body away. Then Caleb would join and I’d be like no thanks. Christine asks is his body really that good? Cody says no, he’s just bulky. Everyone around me looks like that. Cody says that Frankie is pissing him off. I don’t even want to get up because of the Dino outfit. Frankie made a comment and I almost got like how I get at home.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 13-41-06-311

2:10pm – 2:25pm In the kitchen – Derrick tells Victoria the only person I see you hanging around is the one person (Nicole) that can’t help you. So as your alliance member, as your friend I am telling you.. you’re on the outs. And Christine’s hanging out with everybody. And they’ll be like Christine’s cool we’ll keep her over Victoria. If Nicole was staying I would be like sure use her but she’s not. She’s going home Thursday. She’s (Christine) being nice to Caleb and Frankie because if she’s on the block who are they going to keep. Victoria says Frankie can’t stand Christine. Derrick says yes but if all week you’re hanging out with the girl that wanted him to go home instead of him.. who do you think he is going to think is going to come after him next? Victoria says obviously. Derrick says I am telling you socially you need to share yourself. I planted the seed for you now you have to help it grow. You don’t need to be hanging out with me all day. Victoria says she (Nicole) is just putting sh*t in my head. Derrick says she’s going home for the second time.. so how accurate is her info. Victoria says Nicole is saying things like there’s an alliance like the brigade. Derrick asks where is she getting that from? Victoria says Christine. Derrick says Nicole hasn’t talked to Christine in 3 weeks since she went home the first time. Derrick says people see how when Nicole goes up stairs you go upstairs, when she comes down you come down. Victoria says she follows me. Derrick says there are people outside right now, why not hang out with them. Victoria says I’m not hanging out with Christine and Cody. Derrick heads out to hangout with Cody and Christine.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 14-22-43-813

2:25pm – 2:30pm Victoria eats in the kitchen and Nicole joins her. Caleb joins them and talks about his HOH questions. A couple of them were: What do you look for in a girlfriend? How did you get the name beast mode cowboy? Caleb heads outside. Victoria asks Nicole if she wants to hang out? Nicole says no. Victoria says I want to hear stories. Victoria heads outside and sits with the others on the couch.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 14-26-17-852

2:40pm – 3pm Cody, Caleb, Christine, Derrick, Victoria and Nicole are sitting on the backyard couches talking about random things. Caleb, Derrick and Cody head into the kitchen. Cody and Derrick laugh about how Caleb wanted to go back into the diary room to make sure they used one of his answers to what he’s looking for in a girl. Cody says he’s legitimately concerned about it. Derrick says he’s the bachelor. Cody says Frankie said they wouldn’t put him on the bachelor because its on the ABC network. Cody says wouldn’t it be funny if in a few years he was on the bachelor. Caleb comes back out and says he’s going to have hundreds of messages in his inbox when he gets out. I can’t wait to see all my applications. All the girls that want to go out with Beast Mode. I haven’t really been on a date in a long time. Its about time old beast mode gets out and dates around you know what I mean.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 14-56-50-490

Cody and Caleb head to the earth room – Cody talks about how Christine made the comment about why does Caleb think that Frankie would have only gone after Cody and him. Cody says and I was like how the f**k would she know that. Frankie must have told her. Caleb says I don’t know man. I don’t think it matters.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 15-01-55-193

In the backyard – Frankie tells Victoria how its sad that people can lose focus. Like a sad puppy. If you really did love everyone equally it would be very very difficult. Victoria says that is true.

Meanwhile over by the pool – Caleb and Derrick talk about how she’s (Christine) isn’t happy she went up. If she wins HOH she could put one of us up with Frankie. Derrick says we just have to wait and see what happens. Caleb says that Christine went up to Cody and asked why does Caleb think if Frankie wins he would only put up Cody and Caleb. AND not me (Christine) and Derrick. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they come back Frankie has joined Derrick and Caleb. Frankie says Christine is just trying to stir up sh*t. Caleb says I am just trying to figure out why she would say that. I just don’t know why she thinks you would only come after me (Caleb) and Derrick. Frankie says that Nicole is trying to plant seeds before she goes.

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kevin mitchell

frankie is a 2 faced fake ass diva worthless piece of shit.


Frankie is one of many throwing under the bus.


Did anyone else notice how Derrick and Frankie both are afraid if each other winning? It’s funny to watch the 2 of them so focused on each other that they don’t see that the others are ready to boot out both of them. I hope they both get evicted soon.


I just want them to go home and realize there will no appearances, no red carpet events, no nothing. Walk into a store, restaurant, or anywhere for that matter and hear someone say Hey that’s the guy you know that guy that screwed all those houseguests.

Worker at Whole Foods

I can’t wait to see Derrick in my aisle. Price check the possibilities


Who cares about who screwed who? That’s the game. What should be said, in the outside world, is “hey, isn’t that the jackass who thinks gang-rape is funny?” I have no problems with underhanded game play…most of the winners have engaged in it. I have a problem when people are horrid, immoral pigs like Frankie.

Get over it


The Thougth Police

Kevin, so true – after all – according to Frankie 90% of the WORLD never saw a person in drag – he’s just a delusional idiot and needs to leave – but I fear that’s not going to happen. He is playing on the strength of his family’s “name” and that is pitiful on the part of production and casting… next year let’s have a BB of all famous people (oh wait) anyone worth their weight (or reputation) would not dare enter that house.


Actually, he is playing on Caleb’s stupidity, Derrick’s indecisiveness, and Cody’s all talk but no action. I just don’t get why they keep protecting this vile waste called Frankie.


That’s being way too nice dude.

Can't watch anymore

Is Frankie being shown for the mean spirited git he is on the CBS shows now?

What's funny is..

Now that I know Frankie is 31, I’m actually very creeped out by how juvenile he dresses and the way he behaves.

(oo) Derrick's Pig Nose Snout (oo)!!!

You say you’re “very creeped out by how juvenile Frankie is”

Yes, that pink haired man-boy does have some creepy PeeWee Herman caricature about himself! What about that creeper Derrick? Watching Derrick’s pathetic sick canoolding ways with Ricki Lake.. (my bad) Victoria 24/7 gets old! If little10 year old pi$$y whining Victoria did not act the way she does, then the creeper wouldn’t be preying on the weak! AND, why is Victoria wearing a hand wrap?, is she a hypochondriac or suffer from Munchausen syndrome….. “whaa-whaa, daddy Derrick”! This season BLOWS!!!

Hate Frankie too

Yes, it’s amazing how this guy is always all over the Vic. He’s a creepy dude for sure. Derrick is probably like “a brother” to all the hookers on his beat too! I’m sure it’s all innocent. LOL!


(oo) Derrick’s Pig Nose Snout (oo)!!!—- you are creepier than Frankie AND Derrick!


Victoria looks nothing like Ricki Lake. Kathy Najimy…perhaps.


WORST SEASON EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frankie is a weasel and annoying as hell!!!!
Cody is VOID and hasn’t done much of anything besides be cute:)
Victoria is uhhhh, ummmmm, hmmmmmmm, clueless and whiney
Nicole get off track too easy and her voice, OMG!
Derrick is the smartest player but he too is super sneaky and yes, somewhat paternal with cry baby Victoria
Beast Mode is fine as wine:) Nothing more to say about him:)


Omg! He’s throwing Judd under the bus and he was on last season!
Judd still has more fans because he’s not an egotistical stalker!
Frankie you are a piece of shit…

J U Double D

I know right!?!?!
Judd was cool as hell. Loved that guy!!
Now he’s the type of dude I would definitely want to hang out and Pardy Hardy with…


OMG. The Wire (dot com) has the best video to show “America” the side of Frankie that we all see. They totally say that he’s been given “a good edit” only because of his sister. They go on to say how he’s one of the most hated contestants ever on the show. It’s so great. Try to watch.


That’s awesome! Even though I don’t know how good an edit he’s gotten because I can’t stand him!


This last episode he was not painted in a negative light. They should his hate and jealousy towards Donny and some other things he said. So, I think Production may want to distance themselves for this asshole.


Just went to ‘The,’ and you are so right, everyone should go there. and we see Stanky is seen pictured w/Justin Bereaver. Guess Caleb does believer Skankie will help them meet. Some things are simply not worth the sacrifice.

BBAU is Anti-Venom for BBUS

BBAU 2013 watched it in it’s entirety on YouTube postings with a little bit of delay. Had to keep chasing around for it as accounts with good quality kept getting taken off, but something was always available.

I highly recommend if you want to see decent popular people winning at the end. If you like Zach or Donny you’ll probably love BBAU. Zach reminds me of the 2013 winner Tim, except Tim was more devious and smarter while still being as much fun to watch as Zach.

However; if you like Derrick, Frankie, Christine type of ratbags, don’t bother – you’ll just bitch about BBAU because they don’t even start out with anyone as dry or nasty & they would be gone pretty quick as soon as they were exposed. The rules are adhered to strictly on BBAU, no bones about it.(sorry, pun for Tim’s jammies)

I only wish Simon & Dawg did updates for BB AU because this the best comments section in the world IMHO. I can’t relate to the Aussie commenter’s too polite sensibilities & lingo offset by a bunch of scummy YT trolls.

Gotta love the Aussies though, as awesome & big hearted as the Canadians but even more fun.


So glad others love it too. Watching it improves my mood, whereas BBUS makes me depressed and angry and also really sad for how we are depicted to other countries. I’m a little nervous for this AU season with some special power being pushed. Read that the UK had a contestant at the start that went directly to end because of a powerful power, she won and was really vile.


forgot to mention, even though I am a brit, have never bothered with BB UK as it is usually the Celebrity version. I do catch small articles in the UK newspaper and I see that Gary Busey (sp?) is a hg. He spends most of the day walking around the house naked but no one seems too upset.

Butters Mom

Gary Busey is not who I want to represent the average American … good grief. That guy actually has lived on the streets before and has mental issues.


lived on the street and has menatal issues…
sounds EXACTLY like the average American.
Look around the cities in this country guys it is sad but.

Teri B

As an avid BBUK and BBAU viewer, I felt compelled to answer these posts. 🙂

I watched all episodes of BBAU last year and I wholeheartedly agree with everyone who watches it…IT ROCKS!!! It does make me smile, and laugh and that is a FAR CRY from this miserable series. UGH! Loved Loved Loved Tim and rooted for him the whole way. Two thumbs up!!

As regards, the BBUK Celebrity version (their “civilian” version recently ended, and it too makes me smile and laugh out loud at times. I’ve watched all the episodes of this one as well, and keep up on it every day, as I did the “civilian” one. LOVE IT!

While Gary Busey is sort of a cantankerous 71 year old guy, we haven’t seen him going naked at any time (at least they aren’t airing any of it, and I haven’t read any posts about it).

Both series are worth a look if you want a good laugh and aren’t into the hatred, manipulation, and generally depressing version of Big Brother here in the US. For me, it’s a great alternative!



So glad you liked BB AU. I loved the half-size beds and the small living area some of the housemates were confined to. Also having to wait for their meal until other hgs had eaten. Milking the cow each morning was a nice twist as were the comps they had to perform. The DR sessions with BB speaking to them made sessions more interesting for viewers. All in all, much better than BB US.


Started watching BBAU last year because I could not stand watching BB15 anymore. You are correct in everything you say about the mood it puts you in… same goes for BBUS, makes you depressed. Was rooting for Tim to win too!
Can’t wait for next week … A storm is coming! BBAU… the best!


Hg’s WAKE UP!!! Vote out Victoria & take that ace up Derrick’s sleeve away. Make him show his hand. He may be able to use Nicole as a pawn, but he sure wouldn’t want to take her to f2. Also please get Frankie & Christine out!!!

The Game

Thank You for bringing the discussion back to the game – but I still cannot help adding my two cents about the HG we are left with.

Meow meow

I’ve done some research. Cody may not have brains, but he has one heck of a body! #underwear model mmmm hmmmm!!


it’s not america’s next top model

empty, like zach's side of the bed

Cody has brains! He’s the only one in that house that can count to “POTATOE!”

Murphy Brown


Dan Quayle

Cody is as smart as the genius former Vice President who corrected a child spelling potato that it was actually potatoe. Then a secret service agent corrected the Vice President. I agree with “empty”, Cody is VP mat’l.
e.g. Joe Biden


Say what?


Cody can add too, 2+2=chicken.

Of course he still acts like a girl and must be bisexual for sure


No doubt about it…..Caleb is drop dead gorgeous!!!!! Pure eye candy.


There goes Cody the chihuahua barking like a little b!tch about how tough he is, how much he’s going to crush people or call them out and then does nothing. They should have given him a chihuahua outfit, not a dino one, he has no teeth, and of course no ballz.

Notice how anytime anyone mentions something about Christine Cody immediately defends her and blames someone else. He complains about Frankie throwing him under the bus when he does the exact same thing to Frankie whenever someone mentions Frankie and Christine together.


Cody is one of the biggest liars in there. He is the one who told Christine that the guys are getting nervous and she should distance herself from the girls.


“Christine asks is his body really that good? Cody says no, he’s just bulky”
Um, Crusty… YES Caleb has a great body. It might not be your ‘thing’ but it’s a awesome build. and NO Kotex, he’s not ‘just bulky’… he’s ripped and muscular. Kotex looks like a soft smooth marshmellow next to him (but I would say the 2nd best build in there)

You can say a lot of shit about Caleb…and I have…but he’s got a rockin body.

Baby Firefly

Eww no! I disagree. Caleb is short and puffy. His upper body especially his arms look like they were pumped up with a bicycle pump.


Caleb injects steroids. He has scar markings under arm and was talking about the mass in his upper chest, all signs of that

Smokin Hot For Sure

I agree GinaB !!
He may be unbearable at times, and definitely has his moments,
but does indeed have an absolute smoking hot body!!!!
He’s actually a cute kid too, but all of that goes away, right when he starts talking…


Ok since everyone said that if Victoria won was like Derrick winning, then I hope Frankie wins and puts up Cody and Derrick! How’s that? I think he would be stupid to put up Victoria. He’s made it very clear it’s not big best friend!


Dear Derrick and Cody convincing Caleb to keep Nicole then BAM! Its 4 vs 2. Instead there gonna be given the boot by Frankie. Where’s Dan when you need him.


The TA challenge last week was to save TA (not necessarily to save Donny), but since that was what fans wanted, they overwhelmingly failed . So no more TA.


BMC, is a coward, frankie could have been taken care of and finally out the door, BMC=BS, caleb is so full of crap and unlike most of u , who are fools to like such a pig headed racist, I see right through the BS, pure ignorant! Oh, caleb how would u like it if I sad your brother is a f@got, your cousins are ret@rds, and your momma is a baby killer, and do not forget your muslim monkey daddy, oh wait I stole all his lines, HATRED.


Do people like Caleb? Maybe now that Amber’s gone. Well I don’t. So I wanna know if minds have changed. Thumbs up if you like Caleb now, thumbs down if you don’t like Caleb.

Come On Man

Where do we even begin with you two?
First of all, both your names speak volumes for the comments that you leave.
Knew it was gonna be the race card for sure, but that’s only because I’m stereotyping.
And the dreaded, pathetic, thumbs up/thumbs down request.
Call me a fool all you want, but I’ll bet ya two thumbs up that you both voted for Obama.
And let me know how well that’s workin out for ya’ll…


To Come on Man, calm down. And don’t make assumptions as to why I don’t like Caleb, leave politics out of it and who I voted for so let’s discuss Big Brother not politics. Who cares who voted for who I sure don’t care about your political affiliation go to the Huffington Post or something, OR have a discussion with janellefan, whatever you choose to do.
I’m sure most people hate Caleb for what happened in the game, as I’m sure you have your houseguests fave and not faves based on what happened in the game. As for my name Queen Bee…I’m not even gonna respond to what you said about that, bunch of nonsense.

As for the Thumbs up/Thumbs Down, it sure as heck won’t be the last time I do it and it’s not the first. Many more to come. Don’t like that, well too bad, zero fooks man.

Just Me

Cody is such a whiner!! He had the opportunity to get Frankie out and pull a HUGE move in the house, but instead he followed the piper (Derrick) and put up Donny and Nicole. He even had a second chance when he won power a veto, but once again he didn’t pull the trigger. Hitmen…yeah right!!! More like lapdog and trainer.


Cody couldn’t put Frankie up unless he had everyone on board to vote him out, otherwise he would have screwed himself. I give him credit for at least seeing Frankie for who he is and trying, it’s Derrick who was too scared to make a move.

Frackerd Fairy Tales

HOH blog – I want Rocky and Bullwinkle next year as house guest.


I want to no how these guys let Frankie touch them and lay all over them and don’t say nothing to him Just Wondering

Wanna Puke

It would most likely be politically incorrect to knock his teeth down his throat but I would still do it. I would most likely be evicted but I would just say hey , the little perv was dry humping me and I got tired of it.You wouldnt make him stop….so I did lol


Such a violent response….me thinks he doth protest too much? No violence required….if anyone had a problem with it they would simply have to ask Frankie not to do it. They haven’t – they reciprocate – they must be ok with it. But….way to be a manly man and make sure everyone knows you’re straight by threatening violence on another human being. Very impressive.


They must like it……


Clearly they enjoy it!


If someone told me they got tested for STDs every month…ummm…an arms length wouldn’t be far enough away! By the way not all gay men have to get tested! Just the whores…just like straight people!


I would love it if America was part of the jury and we had a vote. How do you like America now Derrick. Hehehe


Suggestion for BB17 (if there is one):
How about an all girls house?
I’d suggest 15 women and one guy (just for laughs), but the way BB girls play, the guy would win anyway.


HOW STUPID IS VICTORIA THAT SHE SAID TO DERRICK FRANKIE HAS ALWAYS BEEN NICE TO ME???????Really, Victoria would you feel that way if you heard Frankie suggest to the other guys that you be gang raped to take you virginity when you were passed out and to watch you bleed????? CBS/BB are so sick for letting that sociopath Frankie stay on the show. Wish someone would yell over the back fence HEY VICTORIA YOU THINK FRANKIE LIKES YOU WELL HE THOUGHT GANG RAPING YOU DRUNK WOULD BE HILARIOUS!!! Bet she would rethink how nice pervert is to her then!! Lord, let that girl grow a brain!

The Wizord

I’m working overtime here…..


She doesn’t know and this and I am sure she will find out once the game is over, but wait till she finds out that Derrick was participating. That will be fun to watch.


I did see the YouTube video and what was just as bad as Frankies spew, was all the others in the room laughing like it was something really funny. Not one of them, to my knowledge, defended her. Christine went right along with these men and Derrick was acting like it was some big joke. I would like to see some kind of legal punishment for all of them, but there isn’t any, so I hope when they all return to their homes, family and friends that are not touted as some kind of heros, but instead realize what low-life humans they are and will have to live with that realization the rest of their lives. No one will or should ever view them as ‘good’ people.

Actually, this year, I would like to see absolutely the worst player ever win BB. What a hoot that would be – what a big, big twist.,


I am so glad for youtube, which airs episodes of seasons past. I had nearly forgot that Big Brother used to be good, and actually had people who wanted to play for $500,000 instead of get their big break in Hollywood.


Derrick has pretty much ruined this whole game. People talk about making a big move and he stops it from happening. Nicole TRIED to make big moves weeks ago to get Frankie out and Derrick stopped it from happening then too. Derrick flipped the house on Hayden and when he did that I knew his game was toast. He has surrounded himself with “couples” and he has made himself an insignifiant part of the hitmen pair. If you listen to the convo again between Caleb and Derrick before the veto ceremony you will hear Caleb leave Derrick out of all his F2 senarios but Cody is in nearly every one of them. Caleb does not see Derrick as an equal and the IQ comments yesterday only hurt Derrick even more with Caleb.

Not too many people left in the house on Derricks side of the alliance who CAN win HOH.
Frankie can win HOH…Frankie has already shown us how big is balls are.. Frankie wont be scared to put up Cody and Derrick. That leaves Vic, Chris and Caleb voting. Due to who CAN win comps in the house I would bet the veto won by Frankie or Caleb and is not used…..Cody and Derrick stay on the block. Vic will be Derricks ONLY vote.

Dazed and confused

Why do this marble heads still think they will go down as the biggest alliance to make it that far when that would only be true if the “Bomb Squad” still were all there, which there not, no Devin, Amber or Zach, same with the Detonator’s no Zach, so they haven’t really accomplished nothing.


I know. Every time I hear Caleb talking about their alliance being final 5 it makes me laugh bc there actually was an alliance of 5, only it didn’t include him, it included Zach.


its know body to root for no more I don’t care who goes home after Nicole I really don’t
I just want Donny to get America favorite so im be happy every week now cause one by one they be walking out the door after Nicole


How about if next year the person who wins the power of veto gets to pick their own replacement instead of how it’s done now. That would make for a more exciting season! This is horrible again.


Wow…went and saw that article and video on Frankie. It was great and really showed what a slime he is. I read this comment regarding the article and LOVED it. Credit goes to disgrazia4:

This is the truth as you describe Frankie Grande’s personality. He IS malicious. He is pretentious and contemptuous as well, a sycophant trying to wedge a toehold into stardom. He has a smarmy personality on the feeds, and has become ever more repulsive to watch as his time on the BB house continues. The feeds are emptying out now as Frankie’s mask has revealed him for the aging pink haired old troll he is. Vomited out of the worst part”of the 80’s in his Garanimal Grande garb onto our beloved Reality series feeds, we have been forced to watch him force himself, ala Chester The Molester, on other cast members too polite to back him the hell off, probably in fear of last season’s failure of a cast fiasco. Perhaps worst of all, he has been boring, as boring as this series monotonous stale game has become.

Though many loved Zankie, I always wondered whether the seduction of Zach was something Zach would have allowed, all things being equal, outside of the BB house? Whatever it was, it did bring up past memories of bad dates where I ended up fighting for an exit from lecherous older men with designs beyond what I thought would be a carefree fun evening. Be that as it may, I’m sure that we’ll learn some truth of when Zach and the others are free to speak once this fiasco has ended.

In getting rid of Zach and others we came to recognize a heretofore masked cruelty in Frankie’s personality. I’m not referring to his wanting to get rid of Zach but all the unnecessary personal things he has said about him along the way. He done this to all those about to be ousted, even those that are gone. He is just nasty that way.

As his mask cracked, crossover fans of the Real Housewives fans recognized Frankie as that nasty trollish toady who followed another cackling villain on the RHOM. This was that same rat who made a video mocking a beloved and extremely ill cast member of that franchise. It all clicked from that point as fans realized exactly what kind of character this low life Reality hanger on really was.

Many young folks were brought into the BB live feed realm through association because of their young pop love of Ariana Grande. Many gay people hooked much hope on Frankie representing their community. Frankie let these down with his obnoxious megalomania, his pretentious manner and contemptuous conversations often with the other reviled cast member Christine. Together, Frankie and Christine made an synergistic combination of conversation filled with hate and derision toward all (including America!). Water seeks its own level and these two can be found at their most content in the gutter where slime and foulness reside and flourish.

Frankie has stunk up the Reality Kingpin game show that is Big Brother from his obnoxious eating habits and hygeine to his noxious character flaws. He is not a star. That takes talent and originality, none of which I can say I’ve seen. His personality is vile. Many placed their hopes in dreams in him as he turned it all into a nightmare. He has brought shame to his family (he actually dedicated his game play to his beloved Granfather!). He has let down his sister’s fans, the gay community, BB fans and CBS. Hopefully when the agonizing end of BB16 finally arrives, we will see him no more. That finale can’t come soon enough.


What video on Frankie?


He’s referring to the article and video that is on “TheWire” website. If you go there you’ll see an article about Frankie being the most hated contestant in big brother history.

It’s pretty funny. They show a video with clips from the live feeds and they label it what the rest of the country doesn’t see.

It’s great because it’ll show Frankie when he leaves show how delusional he is and how even the media saw him that way too


Thank you Juicy


Why is Frankie so misunderstood?

No Time

He’s a complete and total jerk, idiot, self-aboard, fame seeking want to be…


Nice One Bob !!!
Too Funny….

On Vacation

Link please….


I miss ZachAttack. My vote for favorite.


Me too. I dropped the feeds when he left and just check back in here every so often. I love Donny too but Zach is definitely my fav. My family and I will be voting for him for AF as well. #ZachAttack


Why is it such a big deal to be in the final 4 or 5? They don’t win big money do they? Anyway, who remembers the final 3 or 4? Seems like much ado about nothing.

Long Memory

Agree – and from here on out it gets even more of a drag to watch.


Exactly. That is what has been so puzzling and frustrating about the last several weeks. Final five are essentially equals in terms of gameplay and positioning for final 2. Victoria is the only one left with no case for winning. No big moves all season. Everyone happy to make final five wirh their alliance when it actually hurts their individual games to all go to the final few weeks.


think they feel the extra tv time they have a better chance to be remembered all I can think of


It’s extremely annoying to hear that Nicole is now helping Derek study for comps. He’s kicking her out and she’s helping him go further.
What happened to him being her prime target when she came back?
Such manipulation!
I really can’t stand this guy. What a snake!


Nobody can tell that Derrick is really pushing Victoria? And, that Victoria is always around Derrick? That should scream out “Hello, I am taking Victoria to the end”. He has even said himself that taking Victoria would be a sure win for anyone in front of the guys. These people are so easily manipulated. It’s pretty sad. They certainly are not playing their own game.


is with Zach getting neg votes now? have all of you forgotten how awesome he was? sheesh. there are people who deserve thumbs down, Zach is just not one of them

Thumbs down

Zach was horrible. Not entertaining at all. He tried way to hard to be funny or the bad guy. Which made him look stupid. He literally would sit there and practice and make up “funny” speeches to say to people. Where as past house guests who have actually be the villain or funny guy wouldn’t have to try. He also had horrible game play he would constantly say the wrong thing to someone and then cry when it came back to bite him in the ass. He wanted to be will Kirby, telling houseguests how much he hates them etc. the day he was out I was soo happy


Guess you never had the feeds because Zach was a huge fan favorite among the feedsters. Even among past houseguest and Latoya Jackson! Lol Zach MADE the feeds watchable. Now they flat out suck. Unbelievably boring!!!! He was not the best at the game but he made it a thousand times more fun.


I think it’s Donny lovers because they want Donny to win AF. They forget Zach was the only one nice to Donny before Nicole came back.


Simon or Dawg
One poster mentioned that production let the hgs know exactly how popular Donny was and how this has affected the dr sessions. Can you tell me what was said? I didn’t think prod was allowed to say anything.


the look on cleab cody derrick Frankie Christina face when they get out they think people will ask for picture take with them in they think this is the best season ever they must not watch big brother before
this is the worse season ever big brother 15 was better sorry Donny im not talking about you you was the reason we watch


I think derrick is all about the game when its over win or not I think he could give 2 shts about being famous unless he can make money on the side from it kinda like most of us would be the others need the praise that’s there deal probably because of there age except Frankie hes a narcissist think that’s obvious


I wish the houseguests (ehem Caleb/Frankie) care more about what’s going INSIDE the house than the fame and fans they expect outside.
And hey Caleb, you’re not going to get any fans making wimpy moves! I’m not supporting his dumb nickname he gave HIMSELF. Who gives themselves a nickname anywho?


If they think that keeping Victoria over Nicole will help them take Frankie out, they’re in for a rude awakening.. Derrick, Cody, Nicole and Crustine VS Caleb and Frankie is better than Derrick,Cody, Crustine and a Vacancy…. They’re keepign Victoria for a vote? the numbers are way down, they don’t need her anymore, so why keep her? Make a deal with Nicole and she’ll help them take out Frankie..


I hate that Nicole is helping Derrick study. I really thought she would have turned on him after coming back from jury. And she seems to be the only houseguest that’s really grasping the realities of inside/outside the house (other than Derrick the head honcho of this season).

Let the waterworks begin

Here we go…Crustine is the first one (of the super tuff alliance members) to start CRYiNG …”I feel so alone”. Wonder who will be next? FAKIe, Beast mode creeper, DerPrick…my guess: NoB@lls.

Julie Chan

I’m completely grossed out. Frankie and his gangs (all included) laughing at a rape joke! And poor Vittoria … Still trusts Derrick better then Nicole. This season is mean Girls 2.0

Question for Simon & Dawg

How do we make sure the HG see this site?


I’m sure some will stumble on it.. I usually don’t interact with house guests much outside the game I leave them be. Now with BBcanada in the winter it’s 32 new peeps every year.


Hey, can we just have the Finale tonight and give Derrick his $500K?


Saw a live feed update for 4:44pm this afternoon. Sounds like Caleb is saying that Christine is not wearing her wedding ring…Cody is wearing it. Is this true???


I’m saving it for the new post but it’s too juicy i’ll just leave this here 🙂

4:38pm HOH Caleb, Derrick and Victoria
Caleb – It’s crazy how in love with Cody Christine is and she’s married.. that’s bad.. that’s bad.. that’s bad .. She can’t stay away from him she’ literally melted to him “
Caleb looks at the camera (See image) – Tim sign the divorce papers.. sign them up sign them up they are in love baby .. THEY ARE IN LOVE . there’s nothing you can do baby .. None of us house guests can separate them”
Caleb and Derrick start laughing.. “I don’t know what to do.. “
Derrick – jenna I love you I got my ring on
Caleb – you notice Victoria ain’t wearing it around the house playing pool and badminton with it Like when Cody was wearing Christine’s wedding… ring ya umm.. “
Derick – speaking of which HI tena hi Jenna love yo a lot


Thanks for confirming it was said….WOW! Maybe Christine’s husband will have a drone drop divorce papers off in the back yard.


hey tim if Christine had a camera following her around in real life it would be the same that’s the part of her you may not know about


Lmao…thank you for that one Simon.


Crustacean is going to have more of a problem with her Momma,when she gets back to earth,than her husband, Tim! Her Mom was pissed about her behavior. Cody is an odd one. I think he gets off on the adoration from women, doesn’t care who it comes from. He is NOT married and can behave any way he wants. But, Karma is a bitch…watch out!


Caleb is calling out Crustine and NoB@lls saying they are in love and even the HGs can do nothing to STOP them. He goes on to tell Tim to GO AHEAD AND SIGN THE DiVORCE PAPERS ..there is nothing anyone can do.


whut uy meen? fwankey b tu mach, he no play gud




As I was listening to Christine’s annoying laugh last night it finally dawned on me where I had
heard it before. We went to Out of Africa animal park in AZ and took a tour. The guide called the
hyenas over and gave them chicken. The sounds they make when they are excited are exactly like Christine’s laugh. I think she is really excited whenever she is near Cody.


According to the majority of the posts, everyone wants Derrick voted out and completely hate him. Now the votes for the top 3 favorites from this board are, Nicole is first but she is being evicted, so that leaves Derrick, at the top. How can he be the favorite for the win and also be one of the top HGs that people want out? If he leaves after Nicole we are stuck with the worst. I was on team Caleb for about a minute until he decided to not put Frankie up because he was afraid the viewers would hate him and something about wanting a career in music!!!! I lost all respect for him at that point. That leaves Frankie, yuck, Christine double yuck, Cody and Victoria. I recently went to an event where Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon made an appearance and the place was so packed that security said they had never seen so many people for an event like that. Anyway just about the entire place wanted Derrick for the win, they loved him, and Donny for AF. It was really a lot of fun and I was surprised at their personalities off camera. Rachel, Brendon and Jeff were so interactive and down to earth. Rachel really loved all the children that came up to meet her. I was very surprised at my impression of her, she was so tiny and pretty in person and very likable. No more botox in her lips! She was nothing like her TV personality. Jordan was adorable in person. Jeff dropped the F bomb and then realized there were kids there and said “oh there are kids here” and then pointed and said “don’t do drugs”!


I think Derrick has played the definition of a perfect social game. He makes every person leaving feel like he went to bat for them as they leave to sit in jury. Derrick has votes in jury house, can’t say the same for anybody else sitting in the BBHouse boring us to tears tonight!

Simon & Dawg

Your site is the BEST! Thanks for all your hard work keeping us up to date. Just sent you another small donation. – NoName


Thanks NoName much appreciated 🙂


this is my opinon America favorite percentages

Donny 100 percent in counting
Nicole 86 percent
zack 81 percent
hyden 71 percent
joscasts 70 percent
cleab 9 percent
cody 8 percent
Victoria who that ok 19 percent
derrick 2 percent
Frankie 0 percent waite his sister fans percent
Christina under 0 percent
that’s how I see America favorite


I liked derrick at first probably like America did but like him less and less each week but with that said he is playing 3 times the anyone else is very careful about everything he says so it does come back on him and have you noticed if you want someone out he doesn’t disagree with you like the others because he knows he can spin it so you change your mind and due what is good for him and you think it was your idea he does it on every conversation hes good at the game but loved Donny everybody needs a friend like that and none of us do


This cast has been the epitome of the results of a pc society where everyone gets to play, gets a trophy and gets told how wonderful they all are. Their generation has been told early and often that competition is s a bad thing and everybody is deserving whether they work for it or not. They have also been taught everybody should think alike. Consequently they all vote alike and line up single file on their way to the lunchroom. They cannot make a decision if one person says wait up…and in most incidents it doesn’t matter which one objects. The only social experiment I see is to show us all what we as a society are doing to our youth. And lest I forget…if I don’t want to see or hear it, then no one should.
Just my opinion.


If you don’t believe this just go to their houses, all the same paint colors, all the same furniture. Definitely the Monkey Brigade. See no evil (Cody) Hear no evil (Derelict) Speak no evil (Caleb) and their almost forgotten brother Feel no evil (Frankie) who seems to have no clue what he is doing to his sister, his family, his fellow houseguests, CBS and the BB fans.


Simon or Dawg, I read somewhere that Cody and Christine have went in the jack shack together. Is this true?


I didn’t see it

Tyler Durden's Sister

OMG say it aint so. Not the jack shack together. I hope that’s not true. WTF is wrong with Cody. I think Christine is taking this opportunity to rub up on him because her and her hubby even though married 2 years, have known each other ever since they were little. So I am sure she is enjoying the “free hall pass”.


On a positive note – since Nichole will most likely being leaving the house on Wednesday at least she’ll be going back to the Jury armed with a bit more information. I hope she figures out what Derrick is up to before she leaves.


I think Nicole is trying the only thing that could save her. She believes Derrick controls the house (she has no clue that he won’t stand behind his suggestions). She doesn’t realize how weak Caleb is when Frankie nibbles on his earlobes. She will discover it when Derrick gets to jury because Frankie will win comps a nd throw to Caleb for final two. Besides, Donny and Hayden will be in jury to remind her.


At the best of times these folks in the BB house are boring, but tonight really takes the cake! Please CBS cast some people a little more interesting,with some life experience next year! Ugh, how much longer until they give Derrick 500K,and his minion,Victoria,her 50K?


If the live feeds TRULY were 24/7 I would consider a donation but since it’s a LIE I WON’T!