Big Brother Spoilers – Cody says she made a comment yesterday with how you’re a b***h with Frankie.

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

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9:30am – 10:10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds to wake up the house guests. Caleb tells Derrick that he didn’t get up and dance with him. I was looking like a god damn ballerina.. having a good old time. Derrick and Caleb sit in the living room. Caleb tells Derrick to go back to sleep for a little bit. Derrick says I can’t they woke me up for the DR. Cody gets up and asks Caleb what he told Frankie. Caleb says me personally I told him I was thinking of putting him up. I told him I had it running through my head that if putting him up was an option, now would be the time to do it because he can’t pull himself off and he’s a beast and he could. BUT I didn’t tell him that we were all discussing that. Cody says I just talked about it and he was like are you questioning me. I said to be honest at this point in the game I am but at this point in the game I am questioning her too. It wasn’t huge or anything. Caleb says I told him me personally I was questioning him. In this game you can’t trust no body 100%. I just basically said my wheels are spinning. Cody says thats what I said and then Nicole and Christine came into the room so we couldn’t really talk. I didn’t want to say anything differently so I wanted to find out what you said. Caleb says I just told him that my wheels were spinning and I was just thinking who would do it to me first. Cody asks did you mention anything to Christine. She made a comment that makes me feel like she knows. Caleb says that Christine said just so you know if Nicole stayed I wasn’t going to work with the girls. In my mind I was like what is she talking about. Cody says she made a comment yesterday with how you’re a b***h with Frankie. That he was going to come after us two. And I was like how the f**k do you know that which made me think you mentioned something to Frankie. How would she know that? That’s what made me really nervous yesterday. Caleb says he may have. I don’t remember saying that to her. That she was going to come after us two? Cody says no that he was. Caleb says I told him how I felt. I didn’t tell him anything about you guys. He was basically like oh you don’t trust me. And I said I trust all you guys but its a game. Derrick asks again if Christine said she wasn’t going to work with the girls. Caleb explains it again and says that Christine said a couple people told her that. Cody says that dude (Frankie) is such a f**king rat! Cody says that’s all I needed to know, I’m going back to bed. Cody heads back to bed. Derrick says someone said something to her. She said she heard from a couple people? There are only 7 people in the house, a couple people didn’t tell her sh*t. Caleb heads back to bed in the HOH room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 10-08-21-422
10:50am – 11:05am Nicole and Victoria are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. All the other house guests are sleeping.

11:30am Nicole asks Victoria to come out and tan with her. Victoria says she still has to do her hair. Nicole says you don’t need to do your hair. Come on you fashionista! Nicole heads outside. Nicole says to herself how am I going to stay in this house next to Victoria? I need to talk to Caleb today .. just a normal conversation between two people. Caleb joins Nicole outside. Victoria changes and comes outside to lay out on the lounger. Caleb comments that he was woken up so they could get his HOH blog ready.

In the bathroom – Derrick tells Caleb how he had a conversation with Victoria last night and dude we’re golden! She had nothing bad to say about us. Caleb asks what did Cody say that Frankie said to him? Derrick says I’ll tell you when you get out of the stall. Caleb comes out and Derrick says that Victoria said the only people that have always been nice to her are you and me. So if we’re ever on the block we have her vote. Derrick says that Cody is nervous because he’s been talking a lot about Frankie. Derrick says Christine is bad for your game and mine because if she wins she will go after us. Derrick says that Victoria is best for our game. Caleb says I think Cody is more loyal to us than her (Christine). Derrick says he’s been pretty close to her. Caleb says he’s close with her just in case she wins. Just like Frankie. Derrick says Christine has to go. Caleb says that only thing I said to Frankie that Nicole has to go because if she wins she might try and pull you back in to work with the girls. Derrick asks who did you say that to? Caleb says I thought I said it to all of us? Derrick says I though it was you, me and Cody. Nicole joins them and the conversation ends. Caleb leaves. Nicole leaves and Caleb comes back. Derrick says I’m trying to figure out when you said that. Caleb says them three (Frankie, Cody, Christine) maybe, possibly have a final 3 deal. Derrick says they’re both working Christine. But I think Christine’s more loyal to Cody all day long. She doesn’t like Frankie. Me and you know that. Frankie doesn’t know how much she doesn’t like him. She f**king loves Cody. Caleb says then we say Christine if you win this Thursday you put up Frankie and Victoria. I know she ain’t going to put up Cody.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 11-59-53-237

12pm – 12:10pm In the fire room – Derrick talks to Frankie. Derrick says Victoria and I had a heart to heart and she said that the only people that have been nice to me is me and Frankie. She doesn’t know we’re close. The way I look at is if we’re on the block she is a vote for us. That way we have two votes. If I’m up then I have you and Victoria and vice versa. Frankie says that Christine is more loyal to Cody than to us. Derrick says so hypothetically if you win HOH you would put up Christine and Victoria and want Christine out because if she got to the final 3 she would take Cody over us. Frankie says and she would be pissed I put her up so she would have to go. Derrick says I didn’t know you were really nice with Victoria. Frankie says oh yeah I’ve been nice to her.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 12-05-51-154

12:11pm There’s a feed leak of Caleb doing his HOH blog. This is normally never shown on the live feeds or on the episodes.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 12-13-20-322

12:15pm – 12:20pm In the kitchen Victoria shows Frankie her swollen hand and she says EWW.. my hand looks demented! It looks disgusting!
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 12-17-33-017

12:30pm – 12:45pm Caleb comes down for doing his HOH blog and talks about how he mentioned them in his blog. Derrick tells Victoria how he told Caleb this morning about how much you like him. Victoria jokes eww.. I hate Caleb. She laughs. Alone Derrick tells Victoria to do the innocent flirting with Caleb. He likes you and be nice to Frankie too. Its two votes right there. Victoria says okay. Victoria says if there’s an alliance between the three of them then they’re going to vote me out. Derrick says that’s why you need to be nicer. Victoria says that won’t matter. Derrick says yes it will. Derrick says you’re prettier. Victoria says obviously. Victoria says that won’t matter. Derrick says yes it does. Caleb joins them. Caleb says in 14 days we’ll know how many people love us and hate us. Caleb says I will try to see if I can get Jordan to divorce Jeff. Victoria says first Jessie now Jordan. Caleb says Jessie was cute enough to date. Derrick says you might have messed that us. Caleb says I hope I still have a date with her. I have a date with Amber after the show. That’s my first one.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 12-33-46-118

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Think the house guests are getting restless.


Finally the alliance is turning on each other. All I want to see is Derrick sitting in that chair and wondering if he will be evicted. I want him to see what it’s like on the other side.


I guess that means Frankie’s gonna be a good boy now. No more dress up He may even wear Caleb’s big boy pants.


But only if Caleb is IN them at the time!


Caleb doesnt own any big boy pants….. he proved that this week

and derricks game has fallen to shambles in my opinion the last few weeks…. at this point the only thing he has is “fewest times on block”

He has become a ridiculous fence-sitter to every would-be deviation from utter predictability…. selling the fact he has “controlled” the house will be impossible with all the unanimous decisions…. in reality all he did was help promote zachs eviction and donny’s…. but since donny he has done NOTHING….

he definitely has misted the cast, but to what end…. being “well liked”? bc hes not winning comps, so how does he PROVE anything in an end game speech?? he hasn’t won many comps, he hasnt been the author of or even so much as supported any big moves, hasnt drawn any hard lines, and basically talked real comp winners out of doing the same WITHOUT talking them down– only by playing devils advocate situationally…. and too encourage leaving MONSTERS in the game and voting all scrubs will only make his final trek that much more difficult….

Lets see his butt on the block for once…. he may very well crumble as quickly as frankie did when he found out we thought his play sucked!!


Derrick has to get Cody to the jury to explain his game. He knows most of it. Not sure if Donny can tell the jury about team america.


I honestly can’t remember IF they talk about Team America before the final vote at the finale or if it’s after they pick the winner…I’m pretty sure it would be after the fact if someone from Team America were in the final 2….

The DR

Yes, we clued him in that he was blowing up our game plan….


And Derrick going out before Victoria would be epic!!


Well yeah, they’re just catching up to restlessness of viewers.

Funny article on Yahoo about how horrible Frankie is. Word is getting out there so he’ll definitely know. Time to burst his delusional bubble.
Here’s what title of article is:

“Breaking Down How Frankie Grande Became the Most Hated ‘Big Brother’ Contestant”

It’s a must read for us Skankie haters. Lol


Knowing Frankie he is just ignore it and say all those stupid people are just jealous of me because I am so famous ….and you know who my sister is..right?


Isn’t it cute that Caleb thinks he is still going on a date with Amber?
Well, bless his heart…


Its worth a glance, it hits the nail right on the head.


Yahoo has for years not only become a redundant search engine but has turned into a right wing soap box and a haven for homophobes and racists.. Anyone who has recently read articles on Yahoo and gone to their comments page knows that it has been taken over by homophobes, sexists and racists. I wouldn’t be surprised at the amount of homophobes who look at Frankie Grande and take out all their rage at him for the progress gay people have made with marriage becoming legal in several states for example. If a flamboyant gay man can become the most “hated” house guest over sexist pigs, racists and homophobes then that tells you how far some people’s standards have fallen. Don’t fool yourself, this is homophobia plain as the nose on your face. That same homophobia has been seen here on this site many times towards all BB16 male cast members with the exception of Donny.


Settle down, Rose.

A visitor

I didn’t think the article sounded homophobic. Seemed pretty tame to me, and left out a lot. Frankie isn’t disliked because he’s gay. he started out as one of the most liked houseguests. America voted him as one of the early favorites, and it was very clear he was gay from the start. Frankie is disliked because of his actions in the house and his attitude and his own personal issues. If he were straight, and making the same dumb moves and obnoxious comments, it would be no different.

The Canadian gal

Well said!


Now would be a good time for a coup d’etat chosen by America’s vote


He said, she said. Even if they get the truth, nobody is brave enough to act on it. Can it be anymore frustrating!

waka waka

Thats the best way to sum up this season. All talk, no action.


I hope Victoria wins hoh on Thursday! That will make great tv. Wishful thinking


It won’t be Victoria’s HOH, it’ll be Derricks, she’ll do whatever he tells her to do.


Maybe she will be like Jordan and win when she needs to…wishful thinking.

pants on fire

Even if she did luck into one…do you really think they won’t be Derrick’s noms?


The SECOND HOH, not the first one. The first one they will waste on getting Christine out if they can, and keep Victoria, because they don’t realize that if she did win the 2nd one, she’d be able to pick and choose, and they won’t. Christine gone, isn’t going up. victoria HOH, isn’t going up. she puts up Caleb and Frankie, one comes down, she puts up Cody, or whatever she wants to do with it.

Love to see that actually happen. If she were to win the first HOH or Christine did, then the whichever female is available is going home. It doesn’t matter much to the guys which one, tho even a complete idiot should be able to recognize that Christine wins things, and potentially can win things.


It won’t matter anyway because she’ll just do whatever Derrick tells her to do.


Unless….drum roll…Nicole does have Bossy Butt Derelict’s number and she spills the beans to Victory before she leaves the house. Question is…did she listen to Hayden and Donny or is she just that dumb? Unfortunately I think she thinks she is smarter than Hayden and Donny and Victory is meaning smoozed by Derelict on a constant basis.


If Viola won HOH she’d put up Christine and Frankie, and the three boys would just vote out Christine so we’d still be stuck with Frankie. I don’t see Violet’s HOH win doing much for the game.


Does anyone else ever wonder – I mean I guess I doubt it – if Victoria’s complete BB inability is just a great act? Can someone actually be that hopeless, naive, princess-like and an utter FAILURE at comps (or the BB game in general)? Now this is going waaaayyyy back… But do you recall Dr. Will’s strategy his first go-around? He threw comps left and right throughout much of the season – especially the mental ones. He’d do so poorly with “before and after” question comps and such. He’s go out first or second. Then later in the DR, he’d even say, “How would I remember that? I don’t care about these people. I don’t pay any attention to what they say and do!” And many thought he was just riding the waves and floating. I even remember thinking “He’s not very astute or compassionate for a DOCTOR”. (At the time he was in the stressful lifesaving venue of emergency medicine). He knew people in the BB house would keep him around if he posed no threat. Then the last few comps he came out of nowhere and won a couple. By the time the contestants figured out that he was actually sharp and aware, it was too late to boot him out. I guess I’m just throwing it out there about Victoria because it seems unfathomable to me that someone so helpless and apathetic could actually be cast in the show. Is it possible this is a Dr. Will strategy? I don’t know; she probably is really just that useless. Thoughts? I know someone else mentioned this “Victoria may be acting” idea a few threads back.

Just Me

It really doesn’t matter much at this point. Someone is going to have to make a big move next week. Assuming the double eviction would be either Victoria or Christine, all that’s left are the big boys (and pretty pinky pony). It just sucks because there is no one left to root for once Nicole is gone. I will just wait for the finale and read the updates here. This was one of the LAMEST years of Big Brother!


Yep – the finale is the only BB show worth watching this year. The rest of the shows leading into the finale will either be extremely BORING or a drunken bunch of Idiots spewing garbage and displaying unsettling despicable behavior toward a naive young girl on national TV.


From my seat, I see NOOOOO big moves left in this game. The only thing left after Victoria goes is for them to devour each other. The only BIG MOVE is to win HOH. Then you get the first bite. What’s the big move there. Anyone of them could get the first bite. Like the pack they are, each in turn will attack their own pack. That is bottom line and at least will be entertaining. LOL can’t wait till Thursday

Not just you!

You pretty much summed up my feelings on this awful (worst yet) season!


I hope they send Victoria home Thursday, I really feel sorry for her future husband, she’s so demanding and he better have plenty of money for her up keep. She needs to go!! sick of the crying about nothing. she has had a baby sitter all summer. what’s with the black clothes all the time? she looks better in colors when she does put something on over her black tops. Why is she even here this year?


I agree with Sicofit. To take it a step further why did casting pick half these people including Frankie who is just a mess.

MR. Magoo

On the contrary. She spends most of the time waiting on Derrick hand and foot. She’s the last one to complain about being a have not, even about having dental pain (which is the worst kind of pain). So what if she’s into pretty clothes and makeup? Many women are.


Dental pain in the “worst kind of pain.” Really, Mr. Magoo? Try pushing out a 10 lb 11 oz baby without so much as an aspirin – completely natural! Victoria will probably need an epidural for the conception!!


LMAO JOY! Epidural at conception. Hahaha.


Yes, no one can complain about pain if there is someone in the room who has had a baby, we get it, nostril straw and watermelon.
Doesn’t make mouth pain or tooth pain any less painful and complaint worthy!!


same o same o


She will just ask Derrick who to put up. As usual he can pull the strings and whoever goes up he can tell them he tried get her to go in a different direction. After the veto he can tell them he will try to see where HER head is at and after that he will tell them he will try to get the votes but he may have to vote with the house. Same old puppet master with a different puppet. After there is no hope he can sit and tell them how much he tried, how much he wanted to keep them, how they are the only one he trusted 100%

I only hope the jury puts it all together and does not reward him. I am amazed how they all sit there and say he is going to win yet not a soul brings up getting him out. They all think he is being loyal to them. Even if he was why would I take someone loyal to me that can beat me instead of an easy win? Yet they all “say” (so far) that they are taking Derrick. What has he won? 1 hoh which I believe was with Nicole with the dumb luck hitting of the ball in the numbered slot. He was hoh another time but I can’t remember the comp. Oh and some may count the comp he threw to Frankie that week. But I don’t think the dude won very much!


These boys get one girl gone.. and then start bashing the next girl in line. How did these dumb broads not notice this all season long? It’s kind of like the “He Mans Woman Hater Club” from “Our Gang”. Caleb is Alfalfa.


What’s worse is that the girls actually participated in it. Whichever girls were not being targeted would actively participate in the bashing of the girl who was being targeted and then would vote her out. Then, the next week one of them would be surprised that they were the new target. And the other girls should have then caught on and said “hey, if the boys can do it to that girl this week then what prevents them from doing it to me next week.” But, alas, they never did, and just continued to join in on the bashing and then acted surprised the next week when it was their turn to be bashed. Dummies!!!!!


stupidity is caleb telling the other girl Frankie that he considered putting him up don’t know about you guys but if I was there you tell me that your are my number 1 threat and its urgent may cost him money that is why derrick thinks out everything before he talks just get woody woodpecker out I have to see the look of rejection and disappointment shout out to all the bird abductees out there holla


Our Gang reference, thats awesome.


Frandy is nothing but a rat. He has been lying since he got into the house and it hasn’t stopped. Stupid Caleb thinks he’s going to get some kind of music deal just because Frankie is Ariana’s half-brother. Cody talks a lot but never acts on it. Actually most of them talk a lot but never act. Christine just needs to go. I’m way over her along with a lot of people. Derrick is the puppet master and none of them even realize it. How stupid can you be. I just wish something would happen to keep Nicole in the house but I think she’s ready to leave and be done with their B-S. Frandy thinks he runs the house and I’m over all of his peacocking. He looks in the mirror way more than any other person in that house. Get over yourself already. I hate how he degrades Donny because he thinks he is America’s Favorite and there is no way Donny would be America’s Favorite. Seriously! You are America’s Most Hated in the house…think about it. He’s in for a rude awakening.


Victoria winning HOH is the same as Derrick winning.


Megaphone man needs to do a shout out to Caleb to let him know that his heart throb, Justin Bebier has been arrested again. That should send Caleb over the edge.

Beast Mode Girlscout

Caleb is pathetic. Beiber really? You’re a 26 year old guy not a 12 year old girl. Caleb probably has Tiger Beat photos on his walls. Toolbag.


Only thing I’m excited about on Thursday is the jury house segment. Just seeing Donny, Zach, and Hayden is better, than watching the guys who have no balls to make a big move in the house. Cody is such a girl lol


Disgusting how Derrick goes out of his way to try to throw Cody under the bus every chance he gets.
Caleb told him that Christine said she was told he was afraid she’d try to work with the girls, and Derrick keeps on trying to make Caleb believe that it was Cody, not Frankie.
Derrick: “who did you tell that you were afraid Christine would work with the girls?”
Caleb: “I told it to everyone.”
Derrick: “no, no, Frankie wasn’t in the room when you said it. Could only have been Cody then.”


ITS A GAME! god so many people say how horrible people in this house are for lying..hello have you watched the show before lying is part of the game, its not a honesty competition. you do what you gotta do to win..come on people


Is it wrong to want to see a game played with integrity


Not wrong. But rare for this game..

Can't wait til Thursday

I am sooooooooo excited for the Thursday Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, did I tell you that my Thursday show will be……………….THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!! BB SEASON WAS OVER A LONG TIME AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Let’s see the ratings for BB after this Thursday Night Football. They will probably be able to count on 1 hand who will watch the show.

Let’s see – Frankie’s sister (what was her name again), Frankie’s mother, Frankie’s lawyer (who has just been contacted regarding Frankie’s nasty rant about Victoria), Frankie’s grandmother and the production crew guy (who has to keep yelling “HOLLA” at Derrick until he is gone. I think everyone else is so fed up they are counting down the minutes until it’s OVER!!

mr ed

Someone must have kicked Deprickface in the crotch because Vic”s hand is all bandaged up !!!


I cant think of anything more nauseating than watching Freakie frolicking like a 12 year old girl during the Backyard party. Frankie as the winner would be a hard sell for CBS to market. Could anyone even imagine him picking up his check on the View with Julie the day after the final? CBS would be like nah….I think we’ll just mail it to you Freakie!


My solution: Don’t watch!!!


Now now moondance. You have to admit sometimes it does get on your nerves.

echo 1

I wont watch no reason to! Best final two would be Christine and Victoria that would put the candles on the cake !!!!

THIS sums up BB16

“Same sh*t, different day,”



Wouldn’t it be amazing if Frankie were expelled because of those awful comments he made about raping Victoria?


Derrick is spreading the mist to keep Victoria safe. Nobody even questions his motive, even though he has said frequently anyone would be smart to take her to f2.

Kathie from Canada

Now if only Cody, Caleb and Frankie had a heart to heart conversation they would realize how Derrick’s ship would be so sunk! He is working them all really hard with the same conversation, just interchanging their names. The only name in both talks is Victoria. Ooops, sorry, I was just thinking clearly for a nanosecond which none of them bother to do. 🙁


I have been on holiday for a few days and didn’t even think twice about this stupid show. Last year at this same time I would sneak out of the room to read the updates on my phone. This year I could care less, I have even stopped watching the live fields. I will watch the recorded shows on CBS if I can remember, the only updates I have been getting are from this site. This was the most predictable, stupidest season I can remember. Once Donny left I was done. No more big brother for me and those nasty house-guest. I’M DONE, I’M SO DONE!!!!!!


After Nicole’s gone the targets are going to be Christine and Frankie depending on if one of them wins HOH. Derrick as usual has pitted them against each other so he can ensure one of them goes home in the double eviction. I think if Frankie doesn’t win he is gone and same thing with Christine! I think if they have a choice though for a lot of there games they should get rid of Frankie!


This session is the worst. There is no one with ba!!s. Derrick talks everyone out of doing anything good and Frankie makes it impossible to watch the live feeds because he is so annoying! !!!


I guess the comments frankis made about Rape mean nothing to big brother money and ratings do though


That’s just it, it was Frankie running his mouth, they knew he wasn’t going to touch it!! not to his liking.. Just drunk’s running their mouths.


That’s just it, it was Frankie running his mouth, they knew he wasn’t going to touch it!! not to his liking.. Just drunk’s running their mouths. Look how he has talked about doing things all season to the guys. he’s just a sick person.


Derrick is so obvious with his “Victoria likes you (Caleb/Frankie) best”. He is gonna drag that goat to the end. I will LMAO if he gets her to the final 3 and the other male HG (bye Chrusty! 🙂 who gets final HOH takes HIS goat VicDisturbia to the finals. She CAN’T win final HOH and Derrick has one of 3 more physically fit players he will have to beat. I don’t think he is all that smart if that is his plan.


BB 15 and 16 are EPIC FAILS!!!!!


Totally agree… The two seasons should be a huge wake up call for CBS. BB needs to take a serious look at who they are casting and TWISTS or they are looking at a sinking ship in the future.


It is fun right now watching Mr. “Cool” Derrick scrambling around getting his stories straight.


I think we are finally seeing what others having been saying about Derricks game coming back to bite him in his butt. He has outsmarted himself. He is in for such a surprise from Cody and Caleb. HA HA! Too bad so sad.


I hate the way Frankiestein kisses Julie’s ass at evictions. So fake.

Also , production telling the HGs how popular Donny is has changed their tone in DR sessions. Makes me question the purpose of keeping them isolated.


What did production say to hgs re Donny? I did not see Sunday show and do not have feeds.


I haven’t been a fan of some of Derrick’s tactics. Not the manipulating but some of the other stuff that isn’t even worth rehashing. But at this point if these complacent a-holes don’t know how to have a conversation among each other and trust him than that’s on them. Cody actually got offended that Donny was trying to get him to look at Derrick in a different way. And what makes it so bad is that he’s playing for Victoria and himself.
She whines but seems like she won’t even thoroughly study just in case the HOH is a timeline type of comp. Maybe they will do the picture/face comp to try and throw her a bone to get a win.

They probably haven’t even picked up that Derrick puts his hand over his mouth or mustache when he’s scheming or being evasive or noncommittal is his answers so they can’t “pin” something on him. But instead makes it look like it’s a group decision or that person’s choice. If Cody wanted Frankie out he should have went with his gut and got him out last week. And he can call Caleb a clown or whatever but Cody could have sent Caleb home weeks ago. It wasn’t like any of the girls or even Donny was a imminent threat to him then. I don’t like Frankie but I really hope he gets Cody or Christine out this week. Give them a taste of their own medicine. At this point I’m leaning toward I wish Cody with get it since he’s such a cowardly dumbass unless it has to do with women.


He said “your PITCH with Frankie.” Not b***h.


So the take away I got from all that nonsense is that Caleb still thinks he has a date with Amber? I thought he was going to be too busy prying off his throngs of fans and signing autographs to have time for her?

I know LA air is polluted, but I didn’t realize it also contained hallucinogens.


frustrates me most is how many bad cast members there were this year. people who were a waste of time and space. Joey? NO ONE was going to like Joey, why waste time with that. Christine? WHY Jenn City 2.0, WHY?. Cody, biggest weenie ever, loves him some Zac Efron, I mean WOW. Frankie Grande? a 30 some year old man who acts like a 14 year old who just came out and wants everyone to know it?

worst casting these past 2 years. and worst twists. a serious lack of imagination on both fronts, I would fire the entire group and get people in there to CHANGE the game of BB. where it is still the same in terms of a single HOH, but it isn’t in how they do it. do a double eviction week 2. throw in a pandoras the FIRST WEEK. shake it up, do stuff that no one expects even if it means keeping all the old “twists” just stop doing it in such obvious fashion

and SHUT UP, work on the DR, and stop making it obvious to everyone. I think they should not get a face to face, should talk to a robotic voice through a 1 way mirror, and should be asked all kinds of questions that have nothing to do with the game or tipping them off. Frankie’s game this year has been the most outright rigging I have ever seen in a season of BB. I mean, WOW.


Everyone thinks poor unbalanced sensitive Victoria will fall apart when she finds out how Derrick has been lying to her and just using her. I don’t think she will, I think she’ll get very vindictive towards him. Like at the conclusion party lie to Derrick’s wife and say more went on with them then really did. Remember how vindictive she was with Zack and that stupid pink hat. She took great pleasure in being petty and destroying it. Careful Derrick. Wrath knows no fury like a woman scorned.


You may be right… BUT isn’t there a big difference between how Victoria viewed Zach and how she absolutely trusts Derrick? Her nasty DRs and the hat cutting incident along with a lot of other petty actions were directed against those that she did not like and/or did not think were equal in status. It doesn’t excuse the childish actions by any means. Granted, we reap what we sow – but she is not prepared for the level of betrayal she will feel when she finds out the truth. Hopefully I am completely wrong and the fragility we see is simply because she is away from family support.


Sadly, I think you’re right. After really hurt comes really mad. She has MANY reasons to be really mad at Derelict. And she won’t be on the edge, she will be over the edge! I wonder how “balanced” her life has been?
Zach was a walk in the park compared to Boss Her All The Time Derelict’s treatment of her and that poor pink hat suffered a terrible death. And I’m sure it hurt Zach more than he let on.


Rabbits everywhere are shuddering.

bring on BB17

I see Nicole going home then Christine right after if she doesn’t win HOH or POV……..I see the final 3 being Caleb, Cody, and Derrick or Victoria, Cody, and Derrick and if Derrick or Cody win the final HOH they’ll commit to their final 2 deal called “The Hitmen”…….don’t want that to happen but seeing the way the season is going it is more than likely going to happen


I predict the next BIG move…..Christine and Victim, Vicadimus, that one chic, will be get put on the block. I know, 1 chance in 1 million of that happening, but I just have a “strange feeling”. LOL


Just evict Frankie first and then I really don’t care who wins. Well, actually, get rid of Caleb. Actually, I would not mind if Victoria won. I think it would be the perfect ending and defining moment if Victoria won. It would sum up the season perfectly!


It’s just amazing to me that not one of these idiots has taken the time to think about how Derrick has not been nominated once and gets along with everyone? How is that even possible? Caleb and Christine have been “allied” with him and have been on the block multiple times but never Derrick. Nicole and Victoria are on almost every week and Derrick who is also “not in an alliance” manages to stay off every week? Cody and Frankie have been nominated too but never Derrick? So how is it that the “other side” of the house manages to target every person but Derrick? And he’s been in the house over 2 months and never targeted anyone, complained about anyone and has been honest to everyone but stays off the block.
Makes total sense.


Derrick IS pretty stupid though. He talks the other idiots into making big moves, then turns around and talks them out of it. In other words….he’s playing with himself! WTF!


Derrick game will come back to bit him, when Derrick being a cop and did not do anything when shankie said what he did (rape joke) and again yesterday what shankie said to Victoria I hoped people would see what everyone has been seeing all summer.

Shankie says they gave him a slap on the wrist, that speaks volumes to me about CBS, AG and production. All the disgusting vial stuff he has done all summer and they let him away with it. Guess this is the kind of show they want. He thinks they will roll out the red carpet for him on finally night wow is he in for a surprise.

Caleb thinks Shankie will introduce him to Justin Beaver who is always in trouble with the law. Dream again cowboy. Caleb go by Beast Mode Cowboy, does he know what a real cowboy is? He says about Jordan and Jeff I laughed so hard not a chance boy.
I stopped watching the feeds and TV when they sent Donny home I only come here to see what is happening.
Dawg & Simon you guys are the best and do a great job. I am waiting for Sept.8th for BB Aus. I will never watch BBUS again after the last two summers.


I watched some highlights from the first few weeks of big brother and realized what killed this season. The BombSquad/Detonators got rid of all the cool and interesting people . What we’re left with now are the freaks and geeks. People with no personality and no game. Derrick is clearly in the best position to win , but his constant hamming it up in the DR and to us is repulsive. Also its no fun when there is absolutely no one opposing him . I’m watching to the end , not because I care who wins at this point but because I’ve already invested too much time in this clusterf**k and I need some closure.


Aside from Victoria from being the dumbest person to ever play this game, what the hell is with all the nominees going to talk to the hoh about staying? The hoh doesn’t get a vote dumbasses.


I have been trying to give Derrick the benefit of the doubt (not that he or anyone else should care). I thought he simply checked his emotions at the door with the sole focus to win the money – “It’s nothing personal; it’s just business.” I know there are good, hard-working, honest cops. I don’t like the “win at all costs” mentality, but I can’t and shouldn’t criticize players for that particular strategy.

After he participated in the repulsive conversation about the girl who absolutely idolizes him -and who he knows adores him – and who he also knows and has stated is child-like, naïve, and sheltered, he still stayed and tried to fit in with the “guys”. I didn’t quite catch if the Zingbot demonstration by Derrick was a related subject or a continuation of what was said specifically about Victoria. [Strange thing to me is that it was Cody, if I heard the audio correctly, that kept saying he wasn’t comfortable with the conversation.]

This brings me to this discussion where he wants Victoria to innocently flirt with Caleb… I am absolutely appalled that he suggested that to her. I am sorry but he sounded like a pimp taking advantage of a girl who, for lack of better terms, has issues. If, after Derrick said that Caleb likes her, SHE has asked if it would help their game if she flirted a little, that would be one thing.

Sorry for the rant.


I agree 120% SE. That is why I stopped rooting for Derrick to win. The pimp attitude and his treatment Victoria and the joining in on the tape convo……that made me lose all respect for him. He may be playing to win but he doesn’t have to stoop that low. He could rely on other tactics to still outplay the hgs without becoming a scumbag.

Zavia's Grammy

Last night, when Derrick was saying how much he misses his wife, Victoria looked demented, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on an episode of Snapped for killing Derricks’ wife. Him being a cop it looks like he would see the red flags, this girl is not wrapped too tight. She is definitely in love with Derrick, not a brother type love and he has to know it.


“This week on CHEATERS…..”


Should have posted to MO – time 12:07 comment:
From my seat, I see NOOOOO big moves left in this game. The only thing left after Victoria goes is for them to devour each other. The only BIG MOVE is to win HOH. Then you get the first bite. What’s the big move there. Anyone of them could get the first bite. Like the pack they are, each in turn will attack their own pack. That is bottom line and at least will be entertaining. LOL can’t wait till Thursday


At the end of the day caleb still thinks he has a date with amber?! He is a special kind of stupid




Caleb, you do not have a date with Amber after the show. My God, you live in your own little world don’t you.


Bitch Mode Cowgirl told Frankie he was thinking about putting him up, does this fool not realize that will only put a green-light in Frankie’s head that it’s time to pull the trigger and make a move 1st? How the hell can u be so loyal to someone you KNOW threw their closest allies under the bus constantly? I’m thinking maybe they’re mentally challenge/in the closet, and the “dry humping” they all get from Frankie is therapeutic to them..


Does this really make you feel better about yourself to make homophobic taunts and remarks like that? Or is that the way you normally live your life? Frankie is Caleb’s strongest ally in the house. Why would he get rid of him? To please you and Frankie’s haters? Is that best for his game to get rid of Frankie? No it isn’t. If Frankie wins HOH then watch him make a deal with Caleb for final 2 and target Derrick/Cody.


Frankie is a bad player and he does not deserve to win this BB. He must be evicted.


I can’t wait till Frankie’s TCell count gets as shallow as he is lmao