Cody – I’m going to do something unprecedented if I win HOH

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2:38pm Cody and Jessica
Jessica – you know how irritating it is that Raven is walking around with a bandanna because I do
Jessica – I want to smash it off her f*ing head and shove it down her throat
Jessica- I hate this house .. it needs to be f*ing Thursday.. get me the F* outta here.. smash my head against a wall.. most unoriginal annoying Morons I’ve ever met in my life.. UGH

2:52pm Worried..
Raven doesn’t want to sleep in case she misses a sounds update. (they are getting random sounds, baby crying etc)

3:09pm Raven, Josh and Paul
Paul – Mark was over there with Cody talking the whole time in the Pool
Raven – Cody was walking with Jason and Kevin this morning
Raven – Cody asked Kevin, Is Jessica really going home
Raven says Kevin said f* ya
Raven says this is what Jason told her.
Raven “Jason said Kevin said something else.. like you better get back in the game”
Raven – “Cody said I don’t understand why nobody has come to me and want to use me as a weapon”
Paul – WHAT.. that’s weird..

3:14pm Paul and Kevin
Paul – what is all this shit you’ve been talking to Cody.. what deals..
Kevin – nothing .. no deals.. they said you asked for a deal
Kevin – he asked me if there was any chance to saving her.. I said no it’s just not happening..
Paul – for sure Mark and Cody are working together
Kevin – no he’s putting them up.. he told me this morning he’s pitting up mark and Matt..
Kevin – He’s going for the 2 showmance couples.. I would be shocked if he lied to me.. this morning he looked me in the eye..
Paul – I still want to get him out before Double evictions..
Kevin is going to get Jessica to confirm Cody is after the Showmances.

3:20pm Paul and Kevin
Kevin says tonight he’s giving everyone their nicknames.
Paul is Paul Zombie
Kevin says he was goign to call mark The incredible Sulk and Elena Drama Queen but Christmas told him he shouldn’t call Elena that so he’ll call her Covergirl.
Paul – these showmances are getting on my f*ing nerves.

Paul asks if he’s voting out Jessica
Kevin – is that what you want
Paul – 1 million

3:23pm APSR Xmas and Elena
Elena says she worried she won’t be on the show long enough for it to make an impact.
Elena – I’m thinking about positives.. I’m on the block I get more airtime..
Christmas – we’re breaking up the Jody
Elena – we are
Raven joins them..
Christmas – so we’re the kids that can’t play in the sun..
Christmas – how the cake turn out Raven
Raven – it’s going to be great .. I made cream cheese frosting

4:00pm Cody, Kevin and Jessica
Cody – I fear this is our last night in the yard.
Kevin tells them to make sure they come have some cake. Cody and Jessica will have some cake but won’t be eating josh’s meatballs they have a date in the backyard.

Cody says next week he’s going on a different schedule. He’ll sleep at 10pm every night in the have not room.
Cody – it’s a nice clean, quiet room
Jessica leaves..
Cody – I’m going to do something unprecedented if I win HOH
Cody says he kept his word with Alex and Jason from the start.
Kevin – it’s the showmances you gotta get

Jessica – you want to leave with me..

Cody – if you want me too..

4:16pm Kevin and Paul
Kevin tells Paul he had his conversation with Cody confirming Paul isnt’s Cody’s target.
Kevin – 100% he wants the showmances.. he looked me right in the eyes I promise you I will never go after you and paul..
Kevin – he wants to take those 4 out..
Kevin – he likes you.. he said you never lied to him.. I don’t think he’ll lie..
Kevin – he said he’ll go to bed at 10 o’clock and go out in the yard..
Paul says if there’s a double they have to take out Cody
Kevin agrees.

4:49pm Cody and Jessica on the Hammock..

Jessica mentions during the Veto she throw “a number” and Raven/Christmas were yelling that she could have hit them.
Jessica – go f* yourself.. shut the f* up peanut gallery.
Cody talking about Christmas freaking out when she wasn’t allowed to play in the OTEV veto. “That’s Bullsh1t.. I don’t get to compete.. you call my Doctor”
Cody – Shut the f* up
Cody calls Christmas a “repeater” “Somebody comes up with their own shit and they yell it out .. she repeats it.. ”

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I bet Jessica is saying in her head . I should have let them vote Cody out and I would be going jury. Stupid move on her part using hex on both when she could have saved it for her at another time.


she shouldve kept it to herself, and she couldve used it this week. Shes really dumb player, We voted to give it to her to save herself AFTER Cody was already Gone!
She sunk her social game for this loser, then saved him, after they told her she would be the next target before Cody!
What does she do? Volunteers for a comp then throws it to be on the block! Shes one of the worst BB players ever! So dumb!


Jess did the temptation comp so she could play veto. Otherwise, there was a chance she’d get back-doored.


she nominated herself to take the power away from Josh, right before that she said shes going after prizez and F*ck the Veto.

Shes the dumbest player. She hold the record now for being the only player to nominate themself


You guys must not remember when Paul was talking about flipping the vote and targeting Jess last week to kill the temptation. She knew it was a possibility. If she’d have been voted out she’d be the idiot that didn’t use the temptation that could have saved her. Damned if you do……


She was so worried about being with Cody, now she is going home and Cody at worst is going to jury until Sept. Jessica still can not see him until then and he gets paid for hanging in jury and she gets nothing staying home.
What a dumb ass!

Gail Lessard

It’s always a roll of the dice. Could just as well have worked.


Her only mistake was not being clear with what the temptation involved. I think he would’ve been smart and put up Marlena instead to not waste his HOH, don’t forget he didn’t know Josh would win this week. Paul planned on voting her out when she was on the block so her only move was to try as much as possible to not get on the block which she couldn’t do.

Fidget Spinner

“Her only mistake”, “her only move”

You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record baby right round round round!


Jessica making a big deal of a bandana, all the females on different seasons wear that bandana that way. Its so cute on them all. You didn’t think that up Jessican…geeez grow up


The reason why Jessica wears the headband is because of her numerous bald spots from wearing the clip on hair pieces. Also to hide the metal clips from the hair strips


She has to wear that bandanna to hide the fact that her fake hair is falling out. And what is up with those horrible eyelashes?


Wow, its the bandana talk thats bothering you? Huge ugh

Team Cody

Thank you Jesus for keeping Cody in the house and for making him so sexy and giving him those yummy abs. Someday I want to give him a little brother or sister for Paisley. And Please keep that skank Jessica off him forever so he can be all mine. Amen.

Booster Juice



You must not of watched the show cuz Paul and others already had in place to vote Jess out if she didn’t use the hex. Everyone knew she had 1 more week of the hex and didn’t want to keep her safe for another week.

ChillTown 2.0

I like Kevin lying to Paul but why the F_CK did Jason tell raven anything about their morning convo with Cody? …And of course it gets right back to Paul. Day by every F_CKING day any chance this season has for gameplay to happen someone feels it is necessary to spew out info they gain and leak it to Paul…

If any of these people have ever seen the show they would know to keep your info to yourself till you need it and piece things together in the mean time (comparing notes). But Paul has created this hysteria that whenever anyone has any sort of normal conversation he will villianize them. I am shocked after a month-plus they cannot see how Paul operates and do something about it. Maybe I am wrong but this season has the actual worse “game players” I have seen in BB for a longggg time. I am not saying it is the worst season, but the HGs are awful at the actual game. Crazy people…really shocking


Jason and Alex already told Paul about it before Jason told Raven and Matt. They also told him about Christmas saying Paul is trying to keep Elena


He wanted for it to get back to Paul. Matt and Raven are the only ones that Paul controls. Kev knows that the idea of someone “weaponizing” Cody will scare Paul and cause him to push people ( Josh, X, Jason , Alex) who are already turning against him. Kev is going to vote to keep Jess. She may get a vote from Xmas. He will ask Cody whether to vote Elena or Raven. Probably Elena, which will make him and X good with Josh. Jess goes home 5 to 3. If Cody wins HOH, Kev, X, and Josh will be safe. Cody might go after The showmances, but Paul will be a backdoor option. Either Paul or Cody will be gone during the the Double. The one who survives will be the target of the house. F2__ Kevin X, Kevin Jason, or Kevin Josh. Winner… Kevin.


Unlike Kevin, Jason was never good at keeping secrets. He even slipped to Cody after Cody came from Battle Back that he voted him out. Why the hell would you admit that? These people are dumb.


You’re not wrong at all. To be an effective BB player, you have to phony up without being transparent: you have to bond and have a social game regardless of your true interest in the others BB players’ lives and stories; you have to be adept at social manipulation (Paul, Derrick); you have to obviously align yourself strategically, whether it be within a group or within a showmance; you have to choose your battles wisely; strategically float thru portions of the game; you have to be willing to deceive and sift thru others’ deceptions; you have to focus, compete and stay on your toes.

To be a crappy BB player, you get in a showmance because you’re a glutton and sacrifice your focus on the game because you wanna either pathetically cling on to someone or you’re just stupid horny; you get emotional when lied to instead of using that newfound intel to your advantage; you get on your self-righteous soapbox and call someone out for being a liar… HEY MORON!! GET OVER IT!! BB IS A GAME THAT’S PLAYED ON A FOUNDATION OF DECEPTION!! LYING IS A MUST!!; you’re a floater with no thought of strategy because you’re just lazy and boring; you lack the mental capacity to posture for leverage correctly and make smart, cunning moves.

So, sadly, in what could be a great show, most of these houseguests have the traits that make for crappy BB play. So again, you’re exactly right.

Kid Rock

So Elena wants to be here to jump start a career in Hollywood! She is taking being on the block as a positive because she will get more airtime. This is the reason we get terrible game play from most of the houseguest nowadays! These folks are not here to play game for 500k dollars! They will be surprised by how little does being on big brother helps in that way! Paul~” I thought I would get more followers than that”, lol!
It’s time to reevaluate the casting process or get a new casting director!

Boring game

Someone put a banner on the house sky: ‘Raven/Paul = crap’ or ‘We wan’t Jody in the house’


But we don’t…..


There is going to be a house lock down soon Ding Dong Long Chong. So you go ahead and pay for that plane.


“Jessica- I hate this house .. it needs to be f*ing Thursday.. get me the F* outta here.. smash my head against a wall.. most unoriginal annoying Morons I’ve ever met in my life.. UGH”

She must be talking about herself too, Jody just as “moronic” as the rest of them, she had the perfect opportunity to take a shot at Paul as a backdoor option, knowing damn well the house wasn’t gonna cave to her hoh demands & she talking about they liked again, no you stupid girl your guy told you what was gonna happen & you choked. Boo, Paul look like a miniature genius with all the dumb people in there, cut Paul the check, & start Survivor already.


BB19 is soooo boring. Jesus Production pick up the pace and do something with these dull minions!!!


Paul is beyond obsessed with Jody.


Cody doing something “Unprecedented” by not taking out Paul? Don’t let Production get to you sodier, fuck a showmance backdoor Paul, go for the headshot. Man I wish Cody knew it was Kevin that unleashed nopolean. LOL again not a Jody fan, but Cody should make a big move like he attempted to do week one, but he didn’t know Production always protects vets for at least a month.

Over it!

Is she for real, does she really think he will walk out the door with her… This chick thinks her p***y was worth 500k to him. If big brother gives this idiot anather chance im going to oull my own hair out, she could have said goodbye to cody and repaired all of the damage by now and elena would be out the door. And she would still have her hex power. Stupid love sick twit!


well his d**k was worth 500k to her

Close only counts with grenades

100% Cody walks if she told him to. The only reason he isn’t is because he’s coming for revenge. He could care less about this game. Don’t think he realized that until he got into this game. He wasn’t all in with Jessica still she stood by him and showed him loyalty. He’s in it for the long haul now….hope she is lol. I go back and forth with who I’m more annoyed with…xmas or raven. Paul I just despise.


Why does everyone do Paul’s bidding? I am just shocked at the level of stupidity going on in there!!! I will automatically root for whoever gets Paul OUT!


and what is “Pauls bidding”? do tell


Would you like that list numerical, or alphabetical



Min O'Pause

Is it me or does shirtless Paul look like a booblhead?

Min O'Pause


Linda Malnati

I Would Love for Paul to Win this whole thing. He’s really the only who has a game plan. I love his strategy. But this is a Game and some are better at this then some. Cody is too much of a hot head and Jessica was Or at least I thought, had more since and told Cody she couldn’t have him acting like this in real life. This couldn’t be further from Reality as this is who he is. Jessica, if you enjoy having Friends and going places, you probably won’t want Cody at your side. Family won’t want people in their Lives who act like Cody. And Remember, a Leopard NEVER CHANGE their SPOTS. Meaning he won’t change not even for you. He all ready said he Couldn’t Bounce the way you Expect him to. So Please Listen to his every word. I wish all the Contestants well but Paul you have something the rest is Lacking. Planning and Looking ahead. They seem to have forgotten why they were on BB to begin with.

Hi Im Paul and I'm 5'2"

jeez are you kidding?

first, you want that freak Paul to “Win” and then you say Cody is a hot head but Jess is not. Cody got mad at Paul once while standing up for Jess. I hate to tell you lady but that’s what a lot of men do. It’s an instinct we have. No punches were thrown and of course the midget shit his pants when he was faced with a real man and then he played the victim and dopes you like fell for it in spite of the evidence you saw with your own two eyes. So the panicked midget then rallied his gang and tried to make Cody snap by taunting him with pots and pans with questioning his sanity his military service and who was Jess flipping out on? Raven and even Cody. Did you NOT see that? Cody kept his cool and has continued to keep his cool meanwhile Jessica is the one who flips out on and argues with people. When Cody doesn’t take the bait and react to their taunting they taunt him for that too. Cody has been remarkable calm.

Fidget Spinner



You are an idiot!


Why does he have to be a freak? You sound pretty mad yourself lol.


Jody fans are delusional af sometimes. The HEX & knowing they were SAFE is the only reason Cody didn’t react to the taunting. If there was no hex safety, he would’ve did what he did to Paul x1000 to all of them, they would’ve stopped quick too.


Paul should be winning. He came in with a whole year of BB experience, and 4 weeks of safety. Nobody can beat those advantages. (Plus an extra $25k for coming back)


NOPE… That is Kevin.. Look what he is doing. He is very subtly manipulating everyone, and no one is noticing. That is real gameplay, not the so called “great” obvious shit. But Paul is a good game player too, but most likely people will notice, and will probably go after him.


Oh Kevin. You are such a chump.


Jess is such a mean girl


Paul needs to set his sights on the showmances as well. Its such a better plan for both him and Cody. The 2 strongest players (besides Alex) should clean house before turning on each other. That would be great BB.


Elena has got to go!


Hey! Ho! Ho!


Agree unfortunately their three swollen egos will forever get in the way and never allow that happen.


YES! Cody please leave with Jess


Um.. I don’t have the feeds so I don’t know if she was joking when she ask him if he wanted to leave with her.. I hope she was joking bc I would lose ALL respect for Cody if he put someone he just met before his child and just walked out with her. And does she ever even bring up that she knows he’s playing for his child? (If she does great but like I said I don’t have feeds)

Close only counts with grenades

He talks about his child with her all the time. No one else in the house even knows about her. He said he didn’t want her used against him.


Ok good. Makes sense then. I still hope he doesn’t walk out though.


Is he playing for his child? Cody seems to be much more concerned about himself than his child. He chooses to live in another state when he could easily live near his daughter. He doesn’t have another family or job of note keeping him in Texas – he is just doing what suits him. His future plans do not revolve around his daughter, they revolve around Jess. He gets his daughter one month in the summer (of course because he moved hundreds of miles away) and he gave that one month up to be on Big Brother. So don’t think he is playing for his daughter, he has mentioned needing the money to fix his truck several times though.


And he hasn’t learned anything about birth control yet..


He won’t walk out with her, cause Jessica told
Him if they quit, they have to pay all there own expenses in coming out there, and he has no $, so he can’t do that.


Jessica: you want to leave with me..
Cody: if you want me too..

OK … did they sign up to play Big Brother or Bachelor/Bachelorette????

They kept to themselves all season. Made no real connections with any of the HGs or deals to save their game.

They should just both leave and self evict before Thursday. There’s no point for them to be in the game or house.


AND… tired of all 4 feed cameras on them laying around and doing NOTHING! Obviously production is in love with them! Yawn! Cody..”I said nice things about people at first…” HE NEVER SPOKE!

No way

No everyone wanted noting to do with them! They didnt keep to themselves if you remember they (the couples) all close along with Dom and side alli Xmas, everyone turned on them not the other way around, They were very mean to drop them like that! Then they gave Paul the HOH to get rid of Cody it was them not him !

Fidget Spinner

You Spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round round round.

Spin it baby!

*arms crossed, stiff upper lip*,….”THOSE BIG MEANIES”


You’re forgetting why everyone dropped them. Cody went rogue without conferring with his alliance about who the replacement nom was going to be when he tried to backdoor Paul. Instead of putting up someone outside his alliance he puts up Xmas who was in his alliance. Cody shot himself in the foot and head with that play.

He blew up his own alliance then went into isolation with Jess. Comes back in the house … and never tried to rebuild any relationships with the HGs …. went right back into isolation with Jess.

It’s not a head scratcher why they are not well liked and continue to be a target. His actions caused the house to band together and become Paul’s little minions/sheeps.


Jody fans will never accept the FACTS about Jody’s terrible gameplay, they live in a fantasy world where Jody made all the right moves, were very nice when they didn’t get their way, they socialized with the house, they were playing big brother, ECT ECT.


People turn on each other on BB…..It’s a game and It’s PART of the game. There’s a lot of people on this site who obviously have never seen the game or how it works. A ‘social’ game is a huge part of it and obviously Cody didn’t get that memo!




But they’re in LOVE, didn’t you know?? (eye roll).


It’s time for the soiled hand towel ceremony…

Go Fuck yourself

When is Big Brother: Over The Top coming back? That show was so much better than this bullshit.


what made that season great was the cast, but the care packages ruined it


Blah I could not get into the online version at all.


Jessica won’t say it but she knows she fucked up now. She should have let them vote out Cody and saved the hex for when she was in trouble. She is just realizing that she ruined her chance at 500 Gs for some dude and this ‘romance’ will be over 10 seconds after the game ends. She should feel like a tool. A chance like this doesn’t come a long very often. After Cody got voted out the first time her game inproved 1000 x, she was just too dumb to realize it.


They were gonna vote Jessica out, not Cody. How doesn’t anyone remember this. She was smart to use it bc the week before they fucked her over by keeping josh. Your An idiot if you didn’t see that.


LoL! No they were not! They all made a deal!!! Jess would not use it, they would vote Cody out and Jess would get 2 weeks safety and they would target Alex.

They told her if she used it to save Cody she would be the next target before Cody! The very next day Jess did a 180 on the deal and she told them she was going to use it!



They were lying to her it was Paul’s plan! He wanted to vote Jess out!!!!!

I don't mind Cody

No because Paul figured out that she had his number,she told him about himself. So he wanted her not to use it and had already told them that he was going to get her not to use it and then vote her out. He knows Jessica is on to him and as we all know anybody that threatens Paul has to go. She was going regardless. Using her hex actually brought her another week.

desirae's mom

That’s what was said but, Paul was? planning on taking her out if she didn’t use it.


Ummm no they were going to vote out Cody. Sure they “threw out” the idea of voting out Jess here and there – but is the Cody was the one who was going. Jess is not that bright, hopefully she will use her one asset, her looks to land a guy much better than Cody when this is all over – or life will be bleak.


No, he’s not an idiot; he just forgot. However, you are correct. Had Jessica not used the Hex, she would have gone home last week, and Cody would be going home this week. That was Paul’s plan, so he could get them both out before jury. Jessica’s big mistake was leaving Ramses on the block when she had POV and could have pulled him off.

Fierce at 50

I totally agree, that was Jessica’s big mistake. She also caved to the house on her HOH, even though she had a feeling it was going to happen, she didn’t change the noms… and Ramses was sent home. If she would have pulled him off and put Paul up…who know?

Min O'Pause

Like my Granny always said… “Don’t buy the bull if you’re gettin the meat for free!”

Min O'Pause

Woulda been nice if my comment was placed below the post about Codys 500000 member. Now i sound senile….


Grammy always said, “No need to buy the cow when you get the milk for free.”

Grampy always said, “Even if the milk is free, if he likes the cow, he’s gonna buy it.”

Tiny dictator please go home

What if you’re wrong about the depth of their feelings for each other? Is it really so hard to believe that two young, attractive people in a confined, stressful environment could form a super close bond over the course of several weeks? Stranger things have happened. What I find bizzare is that so many people dismiss the possibility out of hand and discount It’s meaning and value. I find them admirable.


Can someone explains Jasons appeal? Aside from his friendship with Kevin?


That is true, I’ve never seen raven wear her bandana like that until recently since Jess started. She’s one of those friends that get jealous when other girls get the attention.


Oh come on. Paul wears them too and has since the beginning. So does Kevin. It’s not like Jessica invented wearing bandannas like that. I’m definitely not a Raven fan, but Jessica needs to get over herself on that one.


I don’t understand that either. I have always hated the whole “lets not talk to the people on the block/we want out”…So no one can have any more conversations even about LIFE because they are on the block or wanted out and no one is “allowed” to talk or be seen with them. What kind of absolute shit is this? It would be better to just seclude them, make sure the rest of the time in the house sucks?
“Why is Jessica saying this and saying that” ohhh I don’t know, out of frustration. I cant stand Raven either and her and Matt are one of the worst showmances ever. Its too bad because I think Matt had a good chance and in some small way isn’t a bad guy. Sheep follow, that’s what they do. The dog (Paul) barks, and they line up to where ever he tells them to sit, stand, roll over.
Cody took a shot at Paul early on, didn’t work but he tried now didn’t he. Who else has bothered? No one because they are all too scared of him? Of Paul? WTF……..
No one believes that people can be so easily manipulated…..Obviously they don’t watch BB.
#Soldier Of Misfortune


F*cling Paul saying to Kevin “what’s all this shit I hear about you talking to Cody? What’s the deal?” Who the hell does Paul think he is? So annoying he thinks he can dictate who can talk to who and heaven forbid if you talk to Cody or Jessica. I hope they get rid of him soon. Oh and btw thanks Simon and Dawg for another yummy picture on your last post of the boys walking around the yard shirtless, Cody fits right in with them 😛

Ravens ass was nice 'till she got fat.

Jason told Raven BS about he and Kevins and Codys convo. Jason’s prob is he has his head up Alex’s ass who is Paul’s lapdog.

When people talk to a person you all take what is said as fact. There is game play going on but I think some of you missing it.

If Jason and Kevin don’t vote for Jess to stay they are shooting themselves. The votes can be there. Xmas will vote for her to stay if the votes are there. Then they have Jess and Cody in the game to do their dirty Getting Pauls punk ass out. And do nothings Raven and Matt.

Elena goes this week and Paul’s game is on life support and he knows it.

John Quinonus

Im not sure what exactly you expect them to do at this point? They tried to talk to people ,Jessica foolishly tried to trust them , what choice did she have. Now at this point. No one will work with them and they are not even able to speak to people anymore. Why not enjoy the rest of the time in the house since you cant do anything else about your situation. They all listen to Paul, even when trying to put anything else in place, they run to Paul. Put yourself in there with that going on.
What would you do?


You don’t roll over and play dead! It’s BB! Fans of BB have seen HG’s in far worse position, turn it around. You strategize, make sh** happen! Jody is in way better position than past HG’s who were alone…they at least have each other! They could soooo change it around, but decided to quit. LOSERS


Agreed!! Jody needs to go so we can see some game play. Cody’s always going to be Paul’s target cause of the bad blood and obvious threat to the game and diddo vise versa.. to date rather y’all like it or not Paul is the only one working the game. Vet or not it’s he rest of the HGs that just can’t get their game on so they ride Paul and why wouldn’t Paul take advantage of that.. he’s a competitor!! Kudos to Paul. But I hope the rest of the HGs start to get their game on. Kevin.. has been shady as hell from day one and good at it. Peeps need to catch on to that shiz. Asap!


As much as I would love to see some change up and excitement with Elena getting voted out I am just fine with Jess getting the boot. She is such a nasty little snob!


Keep Cody to the end; mostly likely he will not win the 500K.

Oh Jessica!

I think Jessica will have a bitter taste in her mouth forever, after using HER hex on Cody:
“Cody, you owe me big time for saving your a$$. Now go buy me a new car and expensive jewelry.”


OMG Seriously, how clueless can a group be? Paul still defending Elana right up until dinnertime, and still they are following orders to obey! Only an idiot would not see he wants her cause he knows she is a definite vote for him in jury! Keeping her helps Paul and only Paul, these people are beyond help at this point!

Me myself and I

I want Elana gone soooo bad. She has always creeped me out rubbing all over Paul in front of Mark. Everything she says irritates me. The way she argued with Josh about being a pawn pissed me off.

I wish the house would send her home.


She was correct in what happened with Josh. It was Josh that went off on a tangent, confusing what she said. He didn’t make any sense.

Fruit Loop Dingus

As long as Paul is in the house no chance of gameplay. Paul has ruined Big Brother this year. Nobody is allowed to have an original thought or idea. Oh wait Paul is doing the house’s bidding is the biggest line of crap. Since Raven or Matt have not had to do any gaming since hooking their hitch onto Paul except do and think as Paul commands. I say I am going to quit watching but I keep hoping for a bit of light like today with Kevin, Cody , and Jason and then Jason ruins it. Ggggggrrrr!!! Jason just lost my vote for favorite. Looks like it’s down to Kevin for fav. In case anybody cares Raven’s gofundme is only at $4500. Any takers for some betting action at where it will be come finale night?


She has a gofundme?? Seriously?? Ughhh


They should get some real players who are not followers, This is a game and not follow the leader. They need to learn from this mistake and not make the same one next year, you need to bring n a few vets, just to make it even. Paul is full of himself, and looks like a genius because he is playing with a bunch of losers. This season has been a joke with no good players.


Paul is such a boring predictable player….he thinks he is funny and he isn’t. To encourage bullying and immaturity on the show and for the show to allow it to happen with no one doing anything is lame and such a disappointment. They do so much of telling the house guests to stop at certain points yet they let that stuff go on. Makes me sick to watch and for a vet to be the one in charge is even worse. They chose this person? You have ruined big brother for me.

Big Sloppa

Jessica is way to HOT!! to go home. Send home Radio Girl


” Cody – I’m going to do something unprecedented if I win HOH”……… Play the game? Get a personality? Treat your STD’s so when your daughter asks, you can claim some level of respect?

Future Gigs

If anything, Jody would be mega porn stars!


Give me a freekin’ break…Jessica has a ungrateful piss-ass attitude, with f-bomb laced trailer park dialogue. Show some breeding and be grateful you’re on BB. All of your misery was created by you and you alone. And God forbid anyone else wears a bandana. Pussy whipped Cody should realize real men are not amused by him, always comes from a position of weakness. The ego of these two astound me.