Big Brother Spoilers – “I’ll be damned if I let Frankie get to the end” Derrick

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Aug 4th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

BB16-2014-09-01 17-59-13-733
5:26pm Hammock Christine and Cody (Very little petting)
They think Nicole is going to be behaved this week she gets to go to jury and make out with Hayden. Christine says in her goodbye speech she tells Nicole she’s been working with the guys since day one..
They agree Frankie thinks he’s smarter than all of them. Caleb comes in still has a Monster energy drink in his hand, “I feel so fat.. I think i’m going on slop for the rest of the year get shredded”
Christine does like hanging out with Nicole.
Caleb yells out that they have one beer left. Christine says midori sours is her favorite drink.
Cody think if she drinks a drink like that she would be dead she had two sips of wine and her head was spinning.
Cody – I’m going to hate we won’t be able to hang out outside of this”
Christine – ya that sucks
Cody – we’re never going to see each other
Christine – I don’t like the sound of that
Cody – that’s bullsh1t
Christine – it’s so sad
Cody – I’m going to get to meet Tim but we’re not going to HANG out.. WE’ll never HANG OUT after this
Christine – we only have 20 more days to HANG OUT
Cody – I think if we all HUNG OUT it would be a blast if I HUNG OUT with you and Tim we would have so much fun
Christine So much fun
Cody – WE’re not going to get to do that.
Christine – why do i have to live in such a hideous town
Cody says he’ll come visit them.
Cody talks about past girlfriends..

BB16-2014-09-01 18-10-13-026

Hot Tub conversation is about past Big Brother seasons, Kitchen conversation is about the food
Derrick brings Jessie from last season she was looking to hook up. Derrick yells if Jessie is looking to meet someone the beast mode cowboy will buy you a drink.
Caleb – if there isn’t anyone better looking
Nicole – CALEB
Caleb joking around
Derrick says Amanda from BB15 Was “Pretty looking”
Nicole – Derrick
THey say BB14 JOJO was like their POWPOW
Victoria and Caleb agree Donny won’t win America’s favorite. Caleb doesn’t think Frankie will win it Victoria does, points out that they have no idea how they are being portrayed.
Nicole thinks DOnny won America over. Caleb says DOnny did nothing in the game and he was a horrible game player.
Nicole – People like the underdog
Derrick – you don’t think Cody?
Nicole and Victoria don’t think so
Derrick thinks Caleb will win America’s favorite.

BB16-2014-09-01 18-27-12-298

6:28pm Cody gets his DIno costume cut to help make it cooler.

BB16-2014-09-01 18-43-22-600

6:43pm Derrick and Cody
Did Caleb go to Christine this morning?
Derrick knows Caleb went to Frankie.
Cody – Frankie came to me this morning and said ”I love you the most”
Derick – when I got up this morning Frankie and caleb were talking up there having a serious talk”
Derrick talked to Caleb about it and Caleb said he just told Frankie it was discussed putting him up but do were all the other scenarios.
Derrick is a bit worried because Frankie said to him “Don’ play dumb I know you were up there with Cody”
Cody – Oh my God Caleb is a F*** idiot… he’s such a f** up he went to Frankie and told him everything I said”
Derrick – I don’t’ think so
Cody – I do
Cody – Caleb is a F***ing idiot he plays this game like an a$$ clown there’s no way I’m keeping him over Christine now
Derrick got the impression that Frankie thinks Caleb was running through all the scenarios and one of them was Frankie going up. Derrick and COdy were in the room. Derrick thinks it’s okay.
Derrick – Christine will send me home before Frankie
Cody says Frankie and Christine will be go after him first.
Derrick – theres a bitter jury for those two they know the only way they can win is against each other, I’ll be damned if I let Frankie get to the end.. To be honest with you I don’t really like Christine.. be careful what you say to Christine.
Cody – I don’t say shit to Christine
Derrick – she can use it against you
COdy – she can’t use it against me

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BB16-2014-09-01 18-54-35-058
6:54pm Have Nots room Derrick and Cody
Derrick doesn’t think Caleb threw him under the bus,
Cody – Caleb isn’t smart enough to makeup anything.
When Derrick went to hug Frankie he told Frankie we got you back Frankie told him “Oh Caleb is very paranoid he’s been paranoid for weeks” Derrick told Frankie someone is telling him things. Frankie implied that it was Nicole.
Derrick – we probably should have sent Frankie home..
Derrick says he knew Caleb wasn’t going to do it when he said Millions of people will hate me if I send Frankie home.
Cody says Frankie is going to take a shot at him and Caleb if he wins HOH he’s putting Frankie up with Victoria.
Derrick – CHristine is starting to slip up a lot she’s setting up herself at the end to win the money
Derrick – If I win double evict i’m putting Christine and if Christine takes herself down i’m putting up frankie
Cody – I’m putting up Frankie if he comes down if putting up Christine
Derrick – as long as one of them go it’s a positive because they can’t take each other now.
Derrick warns if he goes final 3 with them they won’t take him they’ll take each other
They agree Christine/Frankie on the block with Victoria they will go next week they just need to get one of them nominated.
Derrick says Caleb was scared to put Frankie up
Cody – he’s so blind by loyalty.
They are frustrated that Caleb wouldn’t put Frankei up. Cody says Caleb saying frankie hadn’t done anything to go up is ridiculous he forgets all the sh1t 2 weeks ago.
Cody – we made a huge mistake passing up on Frankie
Derrick agrees
Cody – The fact that Caleb f****ing did that was the stupidest thing (Told Frankie)
Derrick says Caleb gave Frankie just surface answers
Cody – Now Frankie is going to win you two guys are questioning me now you are going up.
Derrick says if Cody goes up with Caleb Caleb will go home, Victoria will vote to keep Cody and So will Derrick.
Cody is worried if Caleb wins the POV Derrick goes up
Derrick – well one of us goes home.
Cody – I don’t care to have a conversation with Caleb.. i’m just going to win it”
Cody says he’s going to send Frankie home in his Dino costume
Derrick says he was up in the HOH for 3 f***g hours trying to convince Caleb to put Frankie up. CAleb was thinking about his country music career that is why he put Victoria up and not Frankie.
Cody – fucking clown..

BB16-2014-09-01 19-12-14-345

7:11pm Kitchen Derrick and Frankie
Frankie asks Derrick if he told Cody that Frankie knows about last night
Derrick – no
Frankie thinks he should talk to COdy have a two minute with him.
Frankie wants to ask Cody – “If you have a issue with me come talk to me”
Derrick -honestly it wasn’t that big of a deal I don’t know how Caleb portrayed it
Derrick says he never thought Caleb was going to do it. Caleb was saying ‘Frankie is a beast.. Eventually we have to go after each other”
Derrick talked Caleb down told him that Frankie is a beast but is a ally If Caleb send Frankie home it’s 3 girls vs 3 guys and they don’t know where they are going to vote they might flip the vote. Derrick adds that after that Caleb wanted to stick with the plan.
Frankie – ya exactly
Derrick – that was more him brainstorming out loud.. he wasn’t up there rallying the troops by any stretch
Derrick asks if Cody won HOH is Frankei 100% certain he wouldn’t put Frankie up “You’re a beast you said it”
Frankie wonders if he should mend things with Cody
Derrick says there is is nothing to mend Cody isn’t mad at Frankie , he knows the same as they all do eventually only one person can win.

BB16-2014-09-01 19-31-01-249

7:25pm Hammock Christine and Nicole (hard to hear)
Nicole says Derrick is the one that should win this game if there is anyway she can help him.
Victoria ya..
Victoria says Christine won’t leave Cody’s side after Nicole came back.
Victoria If Christine is still here and I’m still here Derrick will choose me over her.
Nicole will be so happy if Cody gets evicted on Thursday. If they don’t get Cody out he’s going to the final 2 with Christine.

BB16-2014-09-01 19-41-27-964

7:41pm Talking about the end of the season and regular chit chat..
Derrick and Caleb are both wanting to go to sleep.

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First time Derrick is worried. Could Frankie ruin his game. Not on his watch. See Derrick you shoulda kept your mouth shut with Caleb. Not to put him up
It’s going to bite you in the ass.

Moe drama

I hope so!

We Want to Watch The Jury House

Nicole might be the biggest idiot ever to play this game. If she truly is pledging her loyalty to Derrick and promising to rally jury votes for him, he is probably sitting back listening to this thinking “great! done.” It seems like she probably views herself as a diabolical genius who is subtly convincing Derrick that she is a more valuable pawn to him than Victoria because she can win competitions, thereby ensuring that she will be able to get him to pull the strings to get Victoria evicted and to keep Nicole. Right now, Derrick has bigger problems than whether or not Nicole stays or goes. He is probably realizing he just made a HUGE blunder by not pushing harder for Frankie to be backdoored today. He forgot about 500K and was only thinking about 5K. He is a money chasing fool. It is catching up with him.

Cough, Derrick!

What is it with nurses blindly following cult leaders. First Danielle is Dan’s robot. now Derrick blows up Niclos’ game and she want’s to do anything possible to see that he wins. Donny and Hayden need to get her to come to her senses.


OMG these idiots!


We’ll guess what Derrick you missed your big chance to get Frankie out. Now it would be funny if Frankie wins HoH & nominates you and Cody on the night of the double eviction.


now derrick and cody blame caleb for not getting rid of Frankie really you idiots yall talked him out of it good lord no accountability


Plus Cody had his chance to get Frankie out the week before and chickened out at Derrick’s urging so they shouldn’t blame Caleb for doing the same thing. We however can blame all 3 of them!


Derrick is over micro managing in a fish bowl. 6 guppies will become 5. He is giving production Thursday footage but little else. Should have kept Donny. Should have gone after Frankie. Watch Frankie triangulate Christine and Caleb then wonder what to do if he is up versus Cody. See I think Christine can convince Frankie to keep Cody. Caleb just a vote in the double. Only thing that saves Derrick if he gets nomed might be to sit by Victoria. Get Caleb and Cody to save him. Sit by Cody and Caleb might vote with Christine/Frankie(which ever is not HOH) to send Derrick home 2-1 over Tampex boy!
This is becoming much like many seasons around F6 where it’s who you dislike the least and not who you root for. Betting on a Frankie/Christine HOH versus Derrick/Cody. One of these 2 is in big trouble unless the target Caleb. After his pussy whipped HOH he deserves the door. Victoria keeps creeping closer to F4. Best game played this season(ROFL). Oh the joy if the house gets Vic versus Derrick on the block and Victoria stays that would be poetic justice! Lets not forget Cody should be very worried as Victoria is targeting him. lol

Captain Crunch

They really need to find another producer for BB. This show has become so predictable and stale when the house guests can guess what the next competition is and can tell when its a double-eviction something needs to be done. Maybe they should use the money they make to hire a creative team to come up with NEW competitions, twist’s, and enforce the rules b/c Its suppose to be unpredictable. Yet Julie comes on every week with a straight face saying “the most twisted summer yet” and there hasn’t been one twist yet to shake things up.

Lawon's Special Power

She says it every week trying to convince herself that the game isn’t predictable and boring. She figures if she says it enough she’ll believe it.


Those were exactly my points on a couple of threads. They guessed the pass or fold comp … only reason cody won. Love your idea …. hope productions reads these sites. Also, wish part of the audition process was to ensure that people are capable of winning comps. (think Victoria would pass this test)

Judgment Day

It’s been 14 years!?! of BB’s and I honestly think they don’t give a fuck about what we all think–they have their sponsors and ratings that are keeping the show profitable and they don’t care about what the real fans think.

We will be stuck with this predictability and mind numbing gameplay until BB dies.

real fans

Watch the show…
Feeders watch the “sideshow” online


Hard to believe Julie does that lead in with a straight face. Her husband and she are still making money so it doesn’t really matter that fans are feeling let down again……..This group of people may appeal to the internet generation of young people but the production value is worthless and regular viewers will get tired of being lead with false promises eventually. I’m less interested every year knowing nothing changes and it’s fixed.


Peggy.. You got it right.. CBS wants the younger viewers, the older viewers are not that desirable to advertisers. This season the ratings have gone up from last year overall when it comes to Thursday’s eviction shows. Having Frankie’s sister who is poised to have the #`1 album on Billboard’s album charts bring in younger viewers simply because she is doing outside promotion for the show is indeed helping. Frankie’s antics in the house is bringing media attention to the show as well and new viewers are tuning in out of curiosity to see what all the controversy is about. The 1st bromance/showmance between two males in BB history in Zankie also helped in bringing in new viewers and media interest. There seems to be a lot of complaining from people who do nothing but bitch and complain about everything anyway.. These are also the same people who can’t stop talking about BB16 or watching. Zach and Donny are the most popular players this year with Frankie being cast as the “villain”.. Every year there is a villain and this year Frankie Grande is just that to some. Do you think people would watch Big Brother if it was all good guys and no one was controversial?


Maybe everyone should just write to Julie’s husband. Doesn’t he own CBS? Let him know how horrible the show has become in general and of course let him know about the remarks Freakie said. Bombard him with letters and shake it up.


The only way to force BB to change is to write their sponsors and boycott their products. That is where the supporting money for BB comes from… Sponsors, period.


I truly wish that would work. But I envision him sweeping his arm across a mountain of mail and it all finding its way into the circular file, unread. The same can be done, even more effectively, with emails.

The ONLY thing that might make a dent, is impacting the bottom line. Sadly, that would turn into the BB series being cancelled. So that would not be good. But would it though? 😉


The Talk and Big Brother are Julie’s babies.. Her husband listens to what Julie says. Controversy is great for media exposure and has helped drive up the ratings this year.. This season is higher in the ratings than last year.. Case in point Thursday’s eviction shows.. Frankie is not driving away viewers at all, quite the opposite.. The ratings are better this year than last year’s. All the campaigns to get Frankie out is playing right into the hands of CBS and BB production.. It is bringing much needed attention to the show, and the ratings are going up each week! You may hate Frankie, but you and others can’t keep your eyes off of him or stop talking about him. It’s like some of you have become so obsessed with Frankie Grande almost in a stalker like way that you can’t stop talking about him.


It’s an act by the HG’s. They know in advance what the comp is. Everything is for TV footage I assure you.


You really don’t think that Julie watches this mess. I am sure they probably fill her in while she is getting her make-up done for the show. They probably have rehearsal and then she finds out the “vile” goings on so she uses the right inflections plus her teleprompter. I would imagine that she and Les Moonves could care less and pretty sure they don’t waste their time.


Finally some drama, I don’t like Cody or derrick but they are a thousand times better than frankie, get frankie out before christine derrick!!!




1. A cat. (Informal.)
2. Part of the female anatomy. (Vulgar English slang.)
3. Caleb Reynolds. (Proper noun.)


Expect the unexpected.
Upon exiting the house, Christine finds out Tim has been banging Brittany.
Frankie becomes so jealous of the attention his sister is getting from her leaked nude photos, that he makes his own and leaks them himself.
Caleb gets sued by a man from Nevada that has a copyright on “Beast Mode Cowboy”.

Guliana from New York

What a bunch if idiots. Every single one of them. Now they realize that they should’ve put Pinkie up? As much as I am not a fan of Victoria I rather her win the money. I can’t believe I wrote that smh


You are not alone.

And maybe the feeds are different from these recaps, but it seems to ME that DERRICK went up to the HOH in the middle of the night, woke up Cody and Caleb and SAID do NOT put up Frankie. I could be wrong, but i am sure I read that after they had all 3 decided to definitely put up Frankie, Derrick decided to not do it and went up there and said let’s not do that right now. How can Cody have been in the same room during this and try to blame Caleb for changing his mind after having a conversation with Frankie. it was decided before they got up right?

Or is all the flip flopping going on really confusing me lol.


The thing is Derrick legitimately tried to get Caleb to put Frankie up late last night. Unfortunately Caleb had already talked to Frankie, candid talk. No matter what Derrick said last night, Caleb did not want to hear it. He got scared.

Thinx Julie!

What I know for sure is the diary room personality is the real one.
The bobble-head bitch that Victoria is when she talks in the diary room like she is the shit is not one I would want taking care of children. She is holding a lot of anger under that hairweave and I suspect she’s going to smack her kids a time or two (all those 6 little trolls she wants).
I’m not claiming I know this, but I see a seething anger in her.
I can’t wait until she finds out the jobs she’s been performing for Derrick (whatever they are because condoms are gone), go unpaid and tossed back in her ugly face.


I wish they could just fast forward to Thursday there’s no point at watching anymore. Same old same old

Petition for a better BB17

If You took the combined IQ of all the BombSquad and gave them ten bonus points You would have a Dominos Pizza box

Detonators = Nerd Herd

That’s a bit harsh.
I mean Dominos isn’t the best but comparing them to this cast….that’s just harsh.


Awwwww, poor Derrick….thinks he made a mistake…boo hoo.
Hope you & dimwit cowboy are on the block together for dbl evict & you go home…………


None of them deserve to win. Caleb should have put up Frankie. He’s not a beast, just a coward. If you can’t make a big move in the game, then you shouldn’t get anything. And they others helped him get away with it.


Hopefully something happens so that Derrick or Caleb follow Nicole because Caleb is probably the stupidest player I’ve ever saw. Play your game because Frankie and Derrick are playing theres and yours dum dum.

I dont wanna see any of the Males win I hate Christine but if she Makes it to the Finals she’ll have earned it.

Ugh this season is just that Ugh.


This season is like watching a movie where the villain wins at the beginning of the movie, then continues to win in the middle of the movie and finally at the end of the movie. No ‘justice’, no redemption for the heroes, everything working perfectly for the bad guy. That’s why it’s such a bore.
Last year was horrible because of the racism but at least we saw the rise and fall of the undesirable houseguests. And it all began with the majority houseguests voting against a powerful alliance to evict David.

Anyways what’s done is done and since ti’s the Season of Disappointment I predict Frankie will win the first HOH this week and still survive the second eviction.

Beach girl

The guts missed their chance to get rid of horrid Frankie. Only hope is DE. Derrick is not good at comps, so it is up to Cody.
Not looking good. Ought to flip and keep Nicole. She will help get rid of Frankie and Crustine.

Production Sucks

I am sooooooo excited for Thursday……………wait for it……………THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!!!!!! BB IS OVER!!!!!!!!!


I guess Caleb’s big boy pants got lost in the wash? How can anyone be so stupid ? The guy is clueless. How many chances do these people need to make a big move? What idiots!!!! Victoria is looking smarter everyday compared to these guys.


In this game you take your shot when you have it. Now it may be too late to get Skankie out. He may have a shot at them now.

At the end of the day

Agree. If Frankie makes it to the end, the others only have themselves to blame. I’m so over these house guests.


Define Dull:
1 not sharp;
2. causing boredom; tedious; uninteresting:
3. not lively or spirited; listless.
4. not bright, intense, or clear; dim:
5. having very little depth of color; lacking in richness or intensity of color.
6. slow in motion or action; not brisk; sluggish:
7. mentally slow; lacking brightness of mind; somewhat stupid; obtuse.
. . . and this is one of my own
8. Tarnished


The only way to put what has happened to the show…….very stale.

Zing Sting

Is Derrick finally going to get called out for manipulating the game??? Dun dun dunnnnnn….


The only one who knows this in the group of dullards is Frankie. If somehow Frankie gets nominated,I have no doubt he’ll sound the alarm about Derrick. The thing is, these guys have peripheral blinders on and are only looking straight ahead. They don’t ever deviate from the game plan, so even if they out Derrick’s puppeteering,no one will listen.

Beach girl

The guys missed their chance.
Typo above.

The Mist

Every time I hear these f#cker$ all I think about is going to sleep. Nothing happening at all just give pig nose the money and save us from these idiots please


Man – I can’t believe they are blaming Caleb for not putting Frankie up. I just can’t believe how they can think their not responsible. Panic is setting in because Frankie knows whats happening. Coulda, Shoulda regrets are alittle late guys. Derrick and Cody last night could have just told Caleb that putting Frankie up and sending him to jury, would be best for the three of them. Frankie IS the biggest target and now will make the big move. You guys are idiots for passing this week. Whoever goes in DE serves you right. I feel for Caleb though because he’s now become the scapegoat to justify their actions and be thrown under the bus. Guess the Frankie show is going full throttle.


Because you don’t have the feeds and didn’t watch what happened last night. Caleb would not listen to Derrick, he f*cking tried. Derrick got pissed and even insulted Caleb at one point. Said go take an IQ test. Caleb for some reason after he talked to Frankie would not listing to Derrick. Cody was being a b*tch and was agreeing with Caleb.


If they really wanted Frankie up, they could’ve easily blocked his access to Caleb. Cody could’ve slept in the HOH room and Derrick could’ve easily found other ways to stick to Frankie so he would never get that chance to talk to Caleb. The problem is Derrick equivocating and over-playing ever scenario in his head.

Mel b

What about pandora s box?? Anyone think it could come into play?


They must be saving that for if/when Friankie is in danger of going home. There’s no other explanation as it could have been introduced several times to shake things up and save the pitiful season. I can’t believe how uninterested I am in seeing any of these people win.


We’re sorry but that would be a twist. We don’t want any twists during this most twisted season ever. That would add excitement to this game and we need to avoid that at all costs. We’re sure you understand. Thanks for watching.


yea it woulda been nice to have that WAY earlier ( or giving nicole a weeks immunity after coming back ) now almost everyone left in the game is hated by the fans for the way they’ve played so it really wouldn’t make a difference lol I really don’t care who wins now , I think they all deserve a reality check and slap in the face and the only way they’d get that is if Victoria wins. Im gonna stop watching after thurs if Christine or Frankie are still there though : (

sick of these morons

What the hell is wrong with dumbthoria’s hand? She is such an attention whore.

BB16 sucks

Caleb-“millions of people will hate me if I put frankie up.” Hate to break it to you pal, butmillions of people hate you because you DIDN’T put that pink haired low life wannabe popstar up. Way to go beastmode cowgirl!!!


anyways, I’m not sure about how familiar Frankie or Derrick are about the game when i watched them on AD the other night and them not knowing that F4 plays veto. They are like ‘what happens if the veto is won by the person not on the block?” Um, they don’t use the veto? They are safe? They get to choose who goes home? The whole point of playing the Veto at F4 is to ensure they are in F3. Duh.


How is it that Cody still looks so good but gets more obnoxious and annoying every day. He’s the chihuaha of the season, always barking about what he’s going to do, who he’s going to call out, and runs behind Derrick at every opportunity.

Cody and Derrick have the NERVE to be po’d at Caleb for not putting up Frankie? Who was HOH last week? And who has been pulling the strings despite winning almost nothing? These two clowns that’s who. If they were so desperate to get Frankie out they could have done it last week when Cody won both HOH and POV but now they are so paranoid that they want Caleb to do it and badmouth him when he doesn’t.

This season just keeps getting worse.


Remember this is the passive-aggressive group we are talking about here. Nominating via proxy is their strategy. They are all afraid to ‘get blood on their hands’ (the most over-used phrase on the show).

No way Derrick or Cody would directly nominate someone they want out. They have to use others to do that for them. This would have normally worked with the always pliable Caleb. The kink in the plan was for first time Caleb was being given instructions from two diff factions within his alliance. No wonder it was botched.

He can’t keep track of being a beast mode,and being popular and playing the game.


Cody – we made a huge mistake passing up on Frankie
Ya think? Idiots!


Bunch if helens


Now Caleb wants to be a country singer? What happened to actor or model? He truly can’t think straight! Maybe lowes will take him back? Let’s be realistic for him!

Zing Sting

Remember when he said he tried out for the Voice? Yea, maybe he should go a different route…

I would plead "Not Guilty. Was providing a public service"

I have no doubt that I would be up on a minimum charge of assault and battery if I was a HG at this point.

I watched 10 minutes of TVGN tonight. Between the douchebaggery of Freaky and Cotexy with those horrible British accents and Crusty honking her beak and picking boogers out of her nose while cackling. it would be enough to make me want to smack the shit out of those three

Then you go inside and have Victosis and Dereck-swine talking nonsense (as usual) and I would again be looking to slap those 2 around


These people kill me. They honestly think that Donny isn’t America’s favorite. All of your games have been predictable and nobody in there thinks for themselves. Why would we want any of you as our favorite. You all have made this season dull. I cannot wait to see all of them when Donny wins America’s favorite, so they can see they are wrong about everything they believe to be true. Bunch of jerks. Please play the jury for at least half the shows that are left. Make us want to watch. This is not interesting. It is more interesting when someone drives by and yells at the house. The only way there is anything exciting – how pathetic!


It’s official. Caleb loves Frankie.


Caleb why didn’t you listen to Derrick last night? He flipped to wanting to get Frankie out and he pushed damn hard for it. Even insulting you at one point, saying go take an IQ test.


The big twist would be if America decides who wins. Not necessarily who is left in the house but the jury too. Now THAT would be twist.


At this point, whoever makes a big move is who ill be rooting for! Good grief, just somebody do something already!


I rest my case, Calob is the dumbest player ever….get that disgusting frankie out or u will all regret it….bunch of idiots.


The quote of the season, “Frankie’s millions of fans will be mad at me if I put him up.” How ironic, truly he is the most clueless player ever. He is in for a very rude awakening. He thinks he will have some country music career because of Frankie. How delusional.


this season is so boring, I’m not even watching the show anymore, they are making me root for Victoria, no one wants to make a move, thankfully I have this site to keep me entertained, I love all the comments.


lol same here!! I cant believe its gotten to the point where shes the only one I want to win… lmao


I know Victoria isn’t playing the game, but neither is anyone else, so why not piss all of them off and give her the money and then give Donny America’s favorite and piss Frankie off, that would be a great way to end this horrible season

Production says:

We are going to drop eggs with skittles in them whichever houseguest collects the right color will be given a secret prize “coup D’ etat”….we will wait until the end of the comp to announce which color gets the prize….genius…or america gets to choose which color wins….pure genius…either way nicole would win and pull herself and victoria off the block followed by putting up frankie and cody


I like your idea, its a lot more interesting than what is happening in the house


My three favorite scenarios for the end result:

Caleb wins, and CBS is forced to recognize this misogynistic tool (who made those wonderful racist/homophic comments on Instagram) as a champion.

Frankie wins, and the Hitmen have to live in shame for letting this douchebag slip through their fingers.

Victoria wins, and executive producers’ heads explode because their worthless recruit ended up taking home the grand prize.

Anyways…I’m not sure what y’all think, but I think this would be a net positive for the future. It would also warn next year’s HGs to grow a fucking pair.

This Show Should End

Seriously, the seasons are getting too predictable, boring, and nothing major. Seasons before, house guests weren’t given any twists, costumes, games, etc. to make things live, they still managed to entertain us. These seasons houseguest are full of young people, you have the pretty boy, the clueless women, the underdogs, and the one mastermind. Before you had everyone talking game in the dr, you had them play THEIR OWN game! What has happened?


Honestly they should give the 500k to Donny at the finale and just call it a quits.


Cody is still the biggest pussy in the house, Caleb is just too honest.

Twist Idea

Make it a triple eviction. Have houseguests draw envelopes beforehand to determine one HOH (they usually have a few luck comps, right?)
The third HOH will be the person on the block who doesn’t go home.

Linda in Texad

Why not on eviction day, instead of casting votes the house guests try this Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Catch a tiger by the toe,
If he hollers, let him go,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. . .


I’m afraid this would confuse Victoria too much. Plus the mentioning of a tiger would totally freak her out.

sick of these morons

Will someone please drown the Hackler! The only thing funny is her wearing those glasses from the 70’s!

sir peanut

Personally, I’m hoping for a bitter jury. Victoria for the win!!