Becky “I’m going to do my campaigning tomorrow” JMAC “I don’t think you even really have to”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 14-58-33-851

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2:50pm Kitchen Austin tells Vanessa that Jason & James have been sleeping a lot lately. Austin says he’s thankful and appreciative to be staying. Austin says that Liz was asking how I would take it when Julia comes in the house and she starts spending more time with her. I said I would expect you to spend more time with her. I’m like I’m not a kid, I’ll be okay. I told her you guys can have my bed in the comic room and I’ll sleep in the other bed, you know. I was like I want you guys to finally enjoy yourselves a little bit. You’ve been so worked for the last few weeks, you know. Vanessa asks if he knows anything about the jury house? Austin says in previous years its been in Mexico or California. Austin talks about Evel Dick’s bullying tactics. He says it was hard to watch on the feeds because he was brutal getting right in their faces cussing them out trying to mess them up in competitions or making them want to self evict.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 15-24-13-590
3:10pm Hammock. Shelli says that she doesn’t think Vanessa is throwing us under the bus. I think she has our back. Clay is worried that Vanessa is trying to deflect the target off of her to Jackie. Which is okay but its how she does it. Shelli says its looking like I had an influence because I just put up Jason last week. Clay says if they think you had something to do with it then they think I had something to do with it. Clay says if they put us up, they’re going to put us up together. Shelli says what if one of us goes before jury. Shelli says I don’t know if it was a double eviction .. if anyone in our group would save us. Clay says the fact that one of us would be gunning after them if they didnt use it would be cause enough. Clay says the worst would be if if they put one of us up against Vanessa. Clay tells Shelli to make Jackie feel okay about you and I just in case she wins. Shelli says I hate having game conversations with her because she just sits there and stares at me and waits for me to talk. Shelli says we’re going to have to turn on each other once we get to the double eviction. If we have win we cannot put up Austin and Liz because then we would lose two jury votes.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 15-12-04-807

3:10pm Becky tells Johnny – I think I’m going to wait to do my campaigning till tomorrow. Johnny says I don’t think you even really have to. I didn’t do any my week. Becky says I haven’t really done any. I will ask Jackie. Becky says it will be interesting if James votes for me to stay or not. Johnny says if it was me I would really resist the urge to do it. Becky says she wants to use it for future strategy …like if I do win HOH I can put up the people who said they would vote for me but didn’t.James said that he would vote to keep me if I saved him and I did.. so I’m just going to ask him and see what he does. If he doesn’t vote for me then I can use that to put him up if I win.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 15-19-16-934

3:15pm – 3:30pm Meg tells Jackie is so hard to tell how much they (Shelli & Clay) are on our side now. Jackie says I know. Jackie says that when she was talking to Vanessa, she got the impression that Clay & Shelli were the ones worrying about everyone (in their 8 person alliance). Jackie says Clay & Shelli are the ones who got Vanessa worrying about the group going against her. Meg says that Shelli has to go before Clay. Jackie agrees. Meg tells Jackie that she will go after Clay & Shelli. She says that she would rather lose the game making big moves. Meg says this game is going to end with floaters unanimous. Its going to be so boring. Jackie says if anyone goes up next to Austin they’re going home because everyone will be like he doesn’t want to win. Meg and Jackie go to wake up Jason and tell him to get up. You’re not wearing any cloak and sunglasses. (Audrey joke) Jason gets up and says thanks for the comment, I needed that.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 15-23-41-368

3:50pm Austin and Liz hanging out by the pool..

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 15-50-43-195

4pm – 4:30pm James and Jason are on the backyard couch. James says that he interrupted Meg and Jackie in the kitchen and they stopped talking. It was kind of awkward. I don’t know what they were talking about and didn’t really want to ask. James says theres probably a lot of information going around. Jason says people have stopped talking game to me. James says Jackie might know something. James says they pretty much said Jackie would be next. Jason says I told Jackie point blank you need to win. Jason says I can’t stand Austin. Jason says I hope Liz really likes him (Austin) otherwise she’s just a prostitute! He pulled that card with me that he didn’t want people to look at her like a home-wrecker .. saying he didn’t really have a girl at home. James tells Jason its going to be real lonely in jury being the first one in there. Jackie joins them. James asks any new intel? Jackie says no, I’m still figuring out where everyone stands. I’m still not getting a why. Jason says it was just a chance to get out a huge threat. Jason says that Becky doesn’t have deals with any of these people so why not vote her out. Jackie says she was part of the plan though. Meg joins them. Jason talks about how the jury house is a bada$$ mansion. Shelli and Clay join them. The conversation turns to talking about jobs and how Jason should get a job working for tips.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 16-00-51-561

4:30pm – 4:35pm Austin tells Vanessa that the others are doing their typical scampering. Becky slept in her own bed last night. Austin says that Johnny Mac isn’t going to go against Becky. Liz says we’re doing a good job of distancing ourselves. Austin says he told Meg he was sorry / not sorry. Jason tried to embarrass me. Austin says they plan to study in front of the memory wall later. They talk about how Liz / Julia hasn’t switched in yet. Liz says its kind of stupid to switch at this point. Vanessa says they might just wait till Thursday since that’s her day to make her entrance. They wonder about how where Julia’s key / memory wall photo will go. Liz says after press day Julia had to go back to the studio to take her memory wall photo.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 16-32-13-043

4:45pm HOH room – Clay tells Vanessa that nothing is going on but he did see those four (Meg, Jason, James, Jackie) whispering. Vanessa says she saw something weird earlier .. Meg and Johnny mac whispering. Clay says that Johnny Mac said he was happy Becky is now on board. Clay asks do you feel good about Jackie that she wouldn’t come after us? Vanessa says I think she would go after a Steve or the twins just so she doesn’t piss off us or the other side of the house. Clay says as long as its not us 3 (Vanessa, Clay, SHelli). Not that we’re going to throw others under the bus but as long as its not us 3. Shelli said she wouldn’t be able to put Jackie up but I would…

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-28 16-42-05-833

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I survived last seasons BB

Meg tells Jackie is so hard to tell how much they (Shelli & Clay) are on our side now.

WOW !!!!!!!!!!! This far into the game and You haven’t figured it out yet ? They are NOT on Your side. Vanessa is NOT on Your side..Austin and Liz/Julia are NOT on Your side and unless one of You wins HOH ASAP and breaks that group up, You will not have a side remaining

Like...I'm Jackie

Does Meg and that side not see that they are the floaters?

Canadian Kevin

Hey, i’m glad she’s at least starting to question it now.

I hope she and Jackie win next HoH.

I like Johnny, and i don’t even want HIM to win yet, because i’m not sure who he’ll go after.

I want the four of them targeted – Clay and Shelli and Vanessa and Austin.

Get Shelli and Vanessa out, and let’s see how the game goes after that.

Linda Lou

I enjoyed the comment about floaters unanimous. The people who are floating are informants and making moves to protect themselves. Unlike the clueless Meg and Jackie.


You would think Meg, who lives in a rough and tumble city like NY, would be way more skeptical of taking people at face value. Playing BB is cutthroat. You have to have a healthy dose of doubt about other HGs,particularly when you see the same people being asked to sacrifice their game while a few others skate by unscathed AND flaunt their obvious alliance (Clay and Shelli).

I sadly expect that Meg will pull a Nicole move (BB16) and bumble any HOH she would win. Jackie MIGHT do some damage but that requires her to win both the HOH and POV,which is highly unlikely.


Lol – NYC is full of naive hipsters that spend their days trying to be “artists” haha. No surprise that Meg is clueless!

Billy Joel

Is Meg a native New Yorker? I would bet that the answer is no. Transplants don’t count.

ten years together

My bday was 2 days ago, hubby has forgot, said nothing to me. I’m a bit hurt, when he hopefully remembers, what to say? I’m sure I’ll cry when if/it’s brought up.


forget his too and instead of buying him a present buy yourself something. In fact buy yourself something really nice and say “oh by the way it was my birthday 2 days ago and you bought me a really nice piece of jewelry see?? He won’t forget next year if you spend a lot.

Aryan Aaryn

Meg is the kind of girl who gives dumb blondes a bad name.


Yeah, Meg is totally one of those snobby, NJ hipsters that lives in NYC. She’s one of those people that goes completely mental when something doesn’t go her way because she’s used to having everything she’s ever wanted her entire life. She can’t read people because she doesn’t have the life experience of dealing with people. The fact that she still hasn’t realized yet how much of a floater she is just goes to show how oblivious she is to her surroundings. She’s bubble girl living in her bubble world!


Meg makes Jackie and Becky look like Derrick and Dan. That’s how f’ing clueless she is. And the fact that she says everything as if she’s discovering something new makes it that much worse.

Canadian Bacon

Meg: do you like Crunchy Cheetos or the puffy ones>? Jackie: both, I guess. Why? Meg: Just wondering. I like the crunchy ones. Jackie: I won’t tell anyone.


Yeah, that’s the big, bad, “other side of the house” that everybody is sooo petrified by. Some alliance.


One side is hapless and clueless and the other side too mean to watch. BB 16 is looking good.

Canadian Kevin

I wouldn’t go THAT far.
15 and 16 sucked. BBCA 3 too.

Bring back Boogie and Dan. Or better, chill town vs Dan!


We need Meg and Jackie to win next HoH. Put Clay/Julia Shelli/Liz . Have Vanessa as a backdoor option. Take out Shelli!!!


Lol – even if there was a chance of that happening, Meg and Jackie are so easily swayed that Vanessa and Shelli would probably convince them to make Steve and Austin the targets! You might have slightly better luck with James winning.


Meg is too sweet, naive, & clueless for this game. She doesn’t even realize she is a floater, because she was too busy enjoying her summer camp to notice the game that has been going on around her. Don’t give me thumbs down because I am not Meg bashing but stating the obvious. I hate that the inside group is a bunch of seriously vile people,but Meg & Jackie are seriously lost if by now they don’t realize who is working together. Putting up Jason would clearly indicate that Van,Shelli & Clay(part of that joke of an alliance Dark Moon), were not down with Austin going home. The line is clearly drawn.


Lol, what are you watching there are no seriously vile people in there this year. The only serious trash talkers are Austin and Jason.They are annoying, but it is really harmless compared to other seasons.


i certainly don’t need that. what i need is meg to go next as she is a total joke and doesn’t deserve to waste space any longer. besides her total lack of game or strategy, her fake laughing at everything is annoying. all she did when she felt safe was talk shit about everybody with jason who is a totally immature hater too. as a superfan maybe he should have just started playing the game instead of trying to be funny 24/7 and running his fake ghetto mouth. his shtick got old fast.


That will accomplish nothing. It just buys them 1 week and the following week one of them is gone.

Best I think is they band together and form a sub alliance with a pair because the big alliance will need to take each other out soon. Revenge is the worst thing they can do.

First win HOH then start making some real deals.


“This game is going to end with floaters unanimous”
1) I think that is an ironic statement coming from Meg (though she is a sweet girl)
2) I am curious who people are objectively picking to win this season. I know based off reading the comments there aren’t a lot of sleeper cell fans but they are playing a good game strategically. I think Shelli or Jmac will win this year


Shelli is playing the best game – she’s been behind 3 of the 5 evictions thus far and has Clay and Vanessa as targets to go before her. Once Austin gets bounced, the twins will probably gravitate towards her as well. She’s also playing a great social game as she someone got Jason to secure his own eviction by telling info to her. Vanessa is probably playing the second best game, but she’s definitely a top target.

There’s really no educated picking until like Final 5 since so much can happen between now and then…


I disagree. I think the both of them together have played a great game. Shelli is a comp beast but Clay has told her who to take out both times she stayed HOH.

Twins Fan

The “other side” is gunning for Shelli. They are not after Vanessa first, although they will eventually come after her if they win (doubt they will win). The twins love Vanessa. Liz is already planting seeds to get rid of Shelli. DE night, everyone’s target is Shelli.


Austin and Liz by the pool. My God….does he follow her into the bathroom and wipe her ass for her.

Mr. Whipple

Yep I think he does.


I’m sure he tries. What a sad, pathetic man.


Liz can shut that shit down if she wants to. Just tell him “cut it out. I’m not interested”.


I think Meg is actually in a different BB house with parrots with the HG’s names and is just added in using CGI…that’s the only logical explanation.

Shut up, Meg!


This season is a wrap. I was the only one who called that Austin wouldn’t go up when Clay and Becky couldn’t even win a comp that was being throw to them and it would be Jason/Jackie/ or Meg going up.
Here”s what will happen Next.

Jackie- If she wins HOH the only person that”ll target Clay/Shelli/Nessy
Meg- Would target them….but she CAN’T WIN any comps
James- I use to like him, but he’s so f’n dumb and Clay could prob even talk his dumb ass into putting up Meg/Jackie.

JohnnyMac- If you are a fan of this dude, YOU ARE A FAN OF CLAY/SHELLI, if you can’t see that then you are as dumb as James. He would be talked into the same thing as James. JM is only playing to help C/S. TRUTH HURTS, I know. Everyone thats says his game play is brilliant is a fool….hes getting played brilliantly.
Steve- If you are a fan of this dude, YOU ARE A FAN OF NASTY NESSY, same thing applies to you folks. Nessy will have him put up Jackie/Meg. Same about his gameplay.
Becky- If you are a fan of this person, YOU ARE FOR CLAY/SHELLI/NASTY NESSY, she wins one comp and everyone thinks she’s a comp beast??????!!!!!!!! Idiots

Austin- Will rape Liz in the jury house and blame it on Judas
Liz- Is totally at fault for what happens at the Jury house
C/S/NASTY NESSY will take swings at each other in two to three weeks….using the JM/Steve thing.

Julia- who cares, her voice is annoying. the twin twist was an epic fail

That’s a wrap!!!!!

Simon & Dawg….thanks for doing what you do. It’s been awesome as usual. But This season is a wrap for BACON!!!! Support the site! See ya next Summer!


Wow, pessimistic much?


You must be one of the “James” he’s talking about. You’re either one of those who thinks Steve and JohnnyMac are going to win HOH and become BB Overlords. I think he nailed it. You can’t be a JohnnyMac fan and hate Shelli and Clay. Especially while he willingly jeopardizes his game for them until he gets voted out.


Brutal,yet amusing,as well as speaking your truth lmao! Thanks for the humor…Nasty Nessy-too much ????


I knew when they said the BOB was back that this season would suck. What I didn’t know was they had put together the most unlikable group of people possible. I don’t think there’ll be a BB18. This season is that bad!


Sorry Shelli…you and Clay arent the new Jeff and Jordan. Take a seat, boo.

Like...I'm Jackie

Maybe more like Jordan and her brother! Haha!

Canadian Bacon

Shelli” Is there anywhere you want to go while you’re here in Cali? Clay: Yeah! I want to go down to San Diego and find that park where my idol George Michael got busted. It’s like a historical site now, I think.


I should have known better than to cheat a friend
A wasted chance that I’ve been given
So I’m never going to dance again


No. Jeff and Jordan got production to do all the work for them. Shelli and Clay have the best strategic and social games in the house Shelli has been the main force behind 3 of the 5 (assuming Jason goes home) evictions. What did Jeff ever do other than throw out homophobic slurs?

Jason getting bitter, sore n very2 bitchyyy

I thot him calling liz a “prostitute” at about 4pm, was totally uncalled for.

Yes, he hates Austin, oyes, he’s in jeopardy, and kinda knows he’s heading home.. But name calling

In reality

By definition thats exactly what she is doing though. Even Liz called herself a ho.

Butters Mom

What would you call what she is doing? She’s using her body and him to win $500,000. I think the description is accurate.


actually, Jason is always making derogatory comments, directed at women. Slut shaming is the most common, and derogatory comments about sex workers by calling women who are not SWers hos & bi+ches, etc, is a slut shaming comment.

But it is acceptable because he’s gay and therefore can’t be a misogynist, etc etc, but targeting any specific group (in his case, his ongoing hatred of female sex workers, i assume) is no better than nomophobic comments or racist ones. If he was not gay, he’d have been strung up for them long ago, but he keeps getting a pass for it.


What do you call a girl who claims to not like Austin, claims to hates him touching her, denies wanting him at all yet allows him to touch her face,kiss her, feel & rub her inner thigh etc? Don’t see Julia allowing that to go down do ya? No! Point blank don’t make this about a gay guy “slut shaming” Liz-keep it real. If you are down with allowing people to feel you up for $$ cool but to most people with vision,watching live feeds we call it prostuting yourself for $. Did you not hear her refer to herself(Liz) as a hoe, jokingly yes but she realizes what she is doing so how is Jason calling her out slut shaming? Not slut shaming when you call yourself out on it. Huge diff. Plus she even told Van she is worried if she tells him to stop that he will no longer protect but target her. Please, that is weak sauce to allow anyone to touch ya if you don’t want it. She wants the $$ mite & is willing to let him do it.


When you play a Slut game…..crawl in bed with Jace, then with Jeff, then with Austin, and then whoever else is left… dont get “slut shamed” as you put it….you get an accurate description of what you really are. There’s always a whore in this type of game and Liz is that whore, slut, prostitute, hooker, ho, dirty scaly wag, and whatever!!


Very well said. True, Jason has been using the language of slut shaming, but it wasn’t malicious; another poster called it “fake ghetto shtick”, and he is going for humour. But you are SO right – he’s been getting a pass, maybe not only because he’s gay (I see your point on this), but because he does make people laugh. Jeff and James are/were both substantially worse, and they got a pass too. Some of their comments were just awful.


Jason is stating what more than half of the people on this board have said or commented on so…??? Obviously Austin is the blatant creepy creeper but Julia has her standards & was not going to lower them to allow Austin to feel all up on her,& the feeds have shown us enough to know Liz let him touch on her a lot! Yes Liz is using it to her game but definitely coming off very skank @ times. Just saying….

Honey's Undercutt

I cannot wait until Julia comes into the house and gets Austin off of Liz- He says “he’s like not a kid”~ he’s a big baby and I hope he learns the definition of what Bad JuJu is all about! I really believe he dislikes all the traits in Steve because he recognizes so many of those traits in himself, (Bullying 101)

Jason getting bitter, sore n very2 bitchyyy

But nasty name calling is not in order here.

He said liz said she didnt wanna be a home wrecker, cos Austin has a gf outdide, and she using Austin for gaming purpose is being a prostitute..

:: bitter gourd needs to go fer showing sooooo lil respect ::


From the outside looking in:
Liz is a self professed flirt. Even if she knew austin he had a gf (which she is looks like a sweetie BTW) liz would still flirt with him. Jason ia not too far off.


So we went from flirt to prostitute? last i knew you had to actually sell sex to be a sex worker.. i was not sure that some harmless flirting and leading on qualifies as selling sex .. it’s kinda gross the attitude everyone in here is having towards Liz b/c she is leading Austin on… she can use him as a shield, more power to her.. noone was calling Zach a prostitute when he was using Ashley for his game

Sucks. But true

Yup. She called herself the hoe not me. She can’t respect herself why should anyone else.


My God these clueless dumbasses are like dogs who are so excited to go for a car ride and they have no clue they’re about to be neutered.


Why is Meg so clueless……C’mon really, Meg your telling me that you are that dumb?


Austin keeps saying he is OK with Julia coming in and hanging with Liz all the time but the idea of it is killing him inside. It will be funny to see how it plays out. I can see Austin trying something to get rid of Julia so he can go full-on stalker mode again.


I completely agree. When Julia enters the house, we are going to see a different side of Austin. He has had 100% of Liz’s attention for a very long time, and will not be able to hide his displeasure with having that number scaled back. He might be spiteful enough to put up Julia if he won HOH. He would probably tell Liz that he did it to throw off the house, so that they wouldn’t think that they were a strong group of three. Madness. Liz better keep a close eye on him.


I think the BOB competitions can work if it involves kicking the shit out of Grodner, whoever hurts her the most should be the next HOH’s


I think that Liz’s attitude towards Austin will change once her sister comes in the house. Austin is her security blanket, she won’t need him as much because she will have her sister. Austin is going to be like a lost puppy without her. Austin you say that your a big boy, have sneaking suspicion that you are not going to handle it well!


whenever Liz says JUJU in that voice of hers it cracks me up. It sounds like Fran Drescher and pathetic but sweet at the same time cuz of the sisterly bond.

Imagine being their mother and hearing them together bickering in those deep drawn out voices…..


are they actually letting the house guests talk about production. In previous years, the house guests would be called out over the speakers for talking about production.


Does it sound suspicious to anyone else that Johnny Mac seams to be staring Becky from campaigning? Something could be up.

Butters Mom

I think its good advice. Johnnys strategy is to lay low and listen… he doesnt want her to over talk and screw herself up.


I actually think he believes it is in her best interests not to campaign. Whether or not that is true IRL, he figures laying low and being a pushover works for him, so it might work for her too.

I really am a Johnny Mac fan, but it’s true!


I think he’s sincerely trying to help her. At this point everyone’s set on/has accepted that Jason is leaving, with the possible exception of Jackie. By trying to campaign she might accidentally say something that makes paranoid Vanessa change her mind. Especially if she talks to Steve, who is looking for anything at all to throw her under the bus and would likely twist anything she says.

Chill this Town

no way, they are an unofficial duo…if they make it far enough, It will factor in. his advice is sound, and it backs up those saying J-Mac is indeed playing the game. some Dr Will in his absolute calm on the block, that is easier said than done, we saw what the block has done to past HG’s


Poor Meg & Jackie – without Jason to feed them info, they are truly lost. That was an excellent move to go for Jason over Jackie.


If the dumbasses would use common sense, it is not too late for them to sick together and save Jason, then go after The Sixth.

Bunny Slipper

If you don’t know which side you are on, Meg, it’s the wrong side! If you think you are in an alliance, but don’t know, exactly who are with you, James, you are not. If you think a certain Wonder Twin thinks you are scrumdillyumptious, Austin, you are wrong. One thing about Nessie and Clellie, they have these people dancing stupid.

Misty Beethoven

Make that window-licking stupid!

B-bad owl

Shelli’s comment about the other side, “they’re not taking our Stevie”, made me realize something. Steve is at this moment in the ultimate floater position. Everybody wants him as a number, and a few of the sleeper cell members are beginning to think of him as a final 3. He is smart, knows the game, and very grateful for being included. Vanessa, Liz/Julia, Shelli/Clay all are beginning to see him as someone that can be on their side when it gets to final 8, and each is thinking they can use him to take out the others.
I truly hope he realizes the position he is in, and USES it fully. If he does, he might become the only one other than Shelli and Vanessa that can win this game.


You are dead nuts on it B-Bad owl! Absolutely it’s Steve’s best option & hope he is smart enough to see this & use it to his advantage. Would love to see him take out Shelli & Van-play them at their own game!


Calling Austin a would be rapest is just sick, mean spirited and slanderous. Keep your mean insults to yourself.

Both meg AND liz are a lil thick

In every singular season, there’s bound to be 1-2 houseguests who exudes cluelessness, eg. Victoria from last season..

This season, the award goes to both meg and liz..


People just love to drag these to the ends, cos they pose no threat, and are pretty much harmless.

:: just saying ::


This week is such a let down. Bye Jason it was nice knowing you…kinda…


Helen Keller would be able to play this game better than you!

Helen Keller


Just thinking

Production needs someone like Zach to come into the house for a week as a BBTakeover and let him stir some sh!t up. This is so boring.


Not sure if it’s because of Austin or not but Liz’s voice is starting to seriously grate on my nerves. The whole dragging out her words is getting soooooo annnoyyyyyinnnnggggg


Come on, Jackie, you have your flaws, but you’re the last remaining hope to do some damage to 6th Sense, and I like you – you’re skeptical and asking really good questions, and you know when to shut up (LOL, like with Shelli) – I don’t care who goes first – preferrably Shelli or Clay, as Vanessa and Austin are more entertaining (I’ll give them that, at least). Jackie is the ONLY person who will make a move against them, likely Austin (because they WERE all in at the beginning of this week), and Liz (if she’s really ballsy), leaving Vanessa and Clay and Shelli down a count either way. Not that I want Liz to go, I don’t – I want to see her play with Julia, and I like that she’s playing Austin to some degree (poor sap). I’d like Austin gone next week, although he’s found some maturity lately, very good. And Becky – TRUST JMac. JMac – you need to be more assertive with Becky about working together. They each individually build trust with Clay and Shelli, and than that 4 take out Vanessa (they’re all comp potential rich too). From there, JMac and Becky for F2. This is what I wish for.


Hoping for All Stars 2 next season


Steve to Vanessa is like Victoria to Derrick. She will use him as a vote with her till the end. Except she has said she doesn’t need the money. I call Steve and Vanessa final 2 but she let’s him take a first place $ win and tells the jury how much she’s really worth so he can win it. That’s my hope anyway.


Is it just me or has anyone else wanna slap the living shit outta the Sick Cents?


The Nessa hate has died down a bit. Come on haters you can do better than just calling her “Nessie”

I guess the haters finally got a view of the scoreboard in this game and realized Nessa is dominating. Or is that why they hate her? Hmmm:-)

#Nessa ends the summer with Confetti falling on her.


I didn’t even get to finish reading this post…I am beyond annoyed with Shlay’s bullshit. I really liked them in the first few weeks but here lately, especially with Shelli, I’ve been seeing some true colors peeking through…

After the past 3 weeks, how the fuck can Shlay start doubting Vanessa out of the blue? wTF?????????/ not to mention throwing Vanessa’s name under the bus after all the shit they have been through……….they are doing EXACTLY what they accused Audrey of doing: being paranoid and doubting their supposed allies.
If you still find yourself unable to trust after all of this, you have some serious insecurities/trust issues/whatever. Shlay should not be worried about Vanessa until it’s final 6.