Big Brother Spoilers Donny to Nicole “Yup we’re doomed there’s no hope”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-12 15-01-21-670

3:00pm Backyard Donny and Nicole
Nicole was going over how Frankie lied to her last week. Donny says some people choose to play the game lying others do not. He thinks everyone isn’t like this outside the house it’s just a game.
Nicole cannot understand why they kept Zach over Jocasta.. She suspects it was a plot against her and Hayden. She thinks it was a great game move to get Hayden out.
Donny mentions that Hayden came to him at times saying they have the numbers but he never thought they did.
Nicole thinks at one point they had the numbers.
Donny really doesn’t thinks it was all lies.
Donny – I’m disappointed about Cody
Nicole – If you stay you really have to be careful about him
Nicole – I think is all stems from Cody
Nicole brings up how Cody dealt with the information that Christine wanted her to backdoor Cody. Say he was “baby” about it ran off to Christine and “cried” to her. Instead the she thinks the right thing to do would be to keep that information and use it further down the road.
Donny says cody told him that one day he would not put im up but 15 minutes later he went up. Donny thinks theres a bigger thing at play in the house a few people are controlling the show.
You can hear when Caleb talks he always says “WE”, Christine always saying “I was told to ”
Nicole says hayden asked COdy 5 minutes before the vote and asked him if everything is OK and Cody lied to his face said it was. Nicole thinks the next Double eviction The other side (Frankie, Cody, Christine, Derrick and Zach) of the house will start turning on themselves. Donny isn’t sure about that. Donny says Caleb is a decoy they will cut him . Victoria is kept for a number to vote and to sacrifice.. “It’s a smart idea”
Nicole – I’m not easily manipulated i guess.. and that’s dangerous for their game”
Nicole says if there’s a buyback and Hayden comes back Donny and Hayden have to make a run to the end. DOnny doesn’t think he can outrun the young guys. Nicole – With Hayden you can
Donny says the fun is over.. He suspect he’ll be on the block and on clop every week. Nicole – whatever one of us stays it’s best for us to be in the BOB. “I don’t want to be the back door option”
Donny says even if she plays in the Battle of the Block with Victoria on her side “They” (Detonators) can just speak to her to throw it and she’ll throw it
Nicole – Donny how cool would it be if there was a twist that cleared the block this week.. they gotta be coming up with another twist.. I have a feeling BOB is over..
Donny thinks they will keep the BOB twist until 6 people remain “That would put Friends against friends and they might have to depend on someone that isn’t their friend to get their friend out”
Donny – Yup we’re doomed there’s no hope

Victoria joins them. says she was up last night until 4.

BB16-2014-08-12 16-01-25-671

3:37pm Backyard Donny, Victoria and Nicole
Chatting about the states the players are from. Donny points out that Victoria has been nominated 4 times but never sat on the block on a Thursday night.
Donny – You’ve never had to pack all that stuff up
Nicole asks Victoria if she leaves anything could she collect it up for her.
Victoria- Of course.
Feeds cut to fish.. when they come back Victoria is gone.
Donny says it’s harder than they all think for CBS to gather all the veterans up to do a all star game. Big Brother Is a long game and most the people that were on the show have moved on to bigger and better things.
Nicole – The bomb squad screwed us over
Donny – I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night so many times to be told stuff that I didn’t even need to know
DOnny – Devin one time came into the bed to talk..
Nicole – And you don’t like getting woken up do you
Donny – He’ll no
Nicole says she did everything on her checklist, except win a Veto. She lists them off, Won a HOH, was a have nots, got feisty, met a cute boy and wore a unitard.
Nicole – This is my fourth time on the block… I just wish I had won the Veto.. I just can’t beat those crazy boys.
Donny says it’s sad the spot they’re in.
Nicole – it’s not going to be sad it is what it is..
Donny – my last friend.. that’s it we better change the subject
Nicole brings up what Julie “Just because we’re in the jury house doesn’t mean we’re out of the game” they might have a chance to come back into the game. Donny thinks all Julie meant was you go to JUry where you can vote who wins the game.
Frankie joins them..
Nicole – we do that day shift show you guys do the night shift show.
Frankie starts up a conversation about his sister the pop star.

BB16-2014-08-12 16-17-23-305

4:17pm Muscle train is back

BB16-2014-08-12 16-19-02-804

4:18pm They get Badminton and Jenga

BB16-2014-08-12 16-21-43-078

4:27pm No net 🙁

BB16-2014-08-12 16-46-50-755

4:46pm Jenga time

Nicole mentions that last year Ginamarie was playing Jenga and had her giant fight with Amanda.

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BB16-2014-08-12 17-00-03-761

5:00pm Frankie gives Zach the rundown with Jenga and badminton..

Where the vote stands.. Nicole is going to jury

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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How nicole got "here"

Nicole you wonder how you got here?? it is because you couldn’t see any of the million signs that said you should buck the trend and put up the guys (cody + derrick), they had never shown you any loyalty and you trusted them and now you are here. What players don’t get is when you cut the head of the snake everything shakes up, people scramble there is always another move. So much wasted power… see ya wouldn’t want to be ya!

The Sad Truth

Totally agree! The unfortunate thing, is that she is supposed to be a “Super-Fan”, of sorts. I’d like to know what game she has been watching prior to coming in this house… First Rule of Big Brother – Your friend will backstab you, there is no such thing as “friend”… LOL

Michael from Canada

Strike the shepherd to scatter the sheep. Too bad no one has the balls though.

Detonate 'Em

Help me understand something here…wasn’t Christine the one who was all excited about “being naked” in the piece BB did on her before she came into the house? All these
comments about how she hangs on Cody and it sure looks like she is serious (not gameplay) about the whole thing! Me??? I am just relieved that we don’t have to see her hanging on him when she’s naked!!! Dog & pu**y playing together. We all know which is which.


All I can say is I have thousands of Gay and Lesbian friends, flaming and otherwise who never ever demean or hate or other lie on other people be it a game or not, who are wonderful and unstanding yound men and old men and women and none of them would demian themselves or their friends or people they have just been putting their hands down the front of heterosexual or even gay mens underwears to give them bj like Frankie has or talk about anal sex or bj on national prime time television shows. Frankie is the absolute worst of the gay men and even the heterosexual me in this world and is in part to blame for why peole in this world with no legitimate reasons are afraid of gay men and women and have no right to be. It is people that like Franke in this world that get gays hurt and bashed on the streets. People like Frankie should be ashamend but Frankie has no humility or self regret in him. He is the worst that BB has ever had in the show because he is making all people think all gays ae sicko like Frankie and all stereotypical gay men are not in anyway like Frankie and is going to cause more problems for the gay community. SHAME on JOY FRANKIE!!!!


Even if Nicole nominated Derrick and Cody–what would it have gotten her? Nothing. Derrick and Cody would’ve beat Zach and Donnie (Frankie was able to do that by himself!), and Nicole would’ve been dethroned as HoH. She could’ve nominated Victoria and someone else and pray that they lose. But then she still would’ve been stuck with Victoria on the block (unless she won the Veto) and probably sent packing. Another worthless HoH–just like when Nicole sent Jocasta packing in her previous HoH. Let’s face it–the boys control the votes and there’s not much Nicole, Donnie or Victoria can do at this point. Nicole (and Hayden) tried to form an alliance with Derrick and Cody and look at where that got her. She should’ve tried to form an alliance with Amber, Hayden, Jocasta, Donnie and Victoria when she had the chance. But now it’s too late. She really didn’t have a chance with the BoB thing (supporting strong players) and the Team America thing (that’s why Derrick didn’t want both Donnie and Victoria on the block–because he needs both of them for different reasons). Both of them ruined a lot of players game.


Hopefully Hayden or Nicole get voted back in. If anyone actually wants someone to have the hope of making a move, its them. Sadly.


Bring back Hayden !!!!!!!

Day Yum Yum

Yeah, he was a real compbeast and threat! What a waste he was.


If anyone comes back from jury, the plan for the people remaining in the house will be the same as last year…..”OPERATION REVOLVING DOOR” ……where they send whoever comes back into the house, right back out.


I think I figured out the twist, after 4 are sent to jury they will battle to come back as the second HOH, that will then be the last BOB and the last two HOH’s. Derrick and Cody better watch out !

First timer

I have a bad feeling this will be the one challenge Jocasta would win.


Hayden would be good because I don’t think he would ever do what the others do, which is trust or listen to Derrick. I think he can win things too. If he didn’t win HOH, he’d win BoB, and if the other throws it, he’d win himself a POV. I believe Cody is unhappy with Christine and Frankie, but i doubt he’ll do anything about it. And Derrick won’t risk him. Derrick would try to see Hayden put up a Christine/Frankie/Caleb combo (i literally forget Caleb is still in the house until now lol)

Day Yum Yum

I do not understand why some fans are clamoring for Hayden’s return?? PLEASE!! What do they think he will do to shake things up? He was a non-factor in the game, never won a thing, rarely strategized, had no plan, and was clueless as to what was going on in the house. He is not real bright, and spent way too much time spewing those stupid penis jokes and oogling Nicole! He will be no help and will be evicted same week he returns!

Love Donny&Nicole

He kicked butt in the veto comp. He won and took Victoria off the block.

Big Brother

Ugh this season is unbearable. Half the houseguests have no game besides telling other people everything someone says to them and no one seems to be all that perceptive besides Donny (who doesn’t really do anything with his knowledge).

The Sad Truth

I hate to say this, but I have been saying this since Week 1… Donny is not a good player of Big Brother. He really has done nothing, but exist (much like Victoria) and if people are expecting him to miraculously come out of the woodwork and play, they are sadly mistaken, at least not this far in the game. I’m not arguing that he isn’t a kind, gentle soul, because he truly is, but he is not ruthless or callous. In this game, you have to demonstrate at least one of those traits to survive to this point and he is neither.

Day Yum Yum

Love him but he has a negative, defeatist attitude and would never go against the grain. He is content to hand Derrick the check.

lady diana



I like this season better than last season.


Donny can’t do or say anything because it’s delivered to Derrick, in turn Derrick instructs his minions on how to handle everything. Donny is still there because of his few wins and because Derrick says not yet for Donny. If Derrick says we need to get rid of Donny now, Donny’s out!


This is a boring season sadly. One thing I have noticed is whenever someone mentions something, Caleb has to chime in that he can do it better, he is a one up monster. If I was in that house, I would purposely mention things just to see how often Caleb would have to one up me, only thing to keep your mind active. Such a me monster

Lady Luck

I think Donny is doing the best with what he knows. He can’t really talk game to anybody in there, they all rat each other all the time. He has the whole house figured out! Right now his approach is the best lay back and win what he can. Hopefully he can win the next HOH and then start making deals. Zach and Caleb are his best bets, he needs to start with them but carefully. He needs to point out how the bottom of their alliance and if they want to survive they need to flip the house and he can help them.

Day Yum Yum

If Donny wins HOH that would be the week Victoria goes so he doesn’t get blood on his hands. He is a sheep and is content to let someone else win and would never form a solid strategy to take over the house. He is weak mentally and afraid of the boys. I would rather see him go this week than Nicole. At least she stands up to them, even though she used her HOH’s poorly and did not cover all her bases. Not real bright but better than “I just want to eat pop tarts and sit out back” Donny!


Donny’s told them repeatedly about Derprick, NoB@llsCody and Fakie. They just haven’t listened


Please Zach, flip the script and join Donny. OMG, I would be so happy


That would be good TV but bad game move. Donny’s a sinking ship. Why leave a powerful army for one man already on the way out?


Cody doesnt deserve any money. Not 500 grand not 5 grand not 25 grand not even 10 or 5 grand. Please get him out before F2

Cody Ha8er

Well said Kyle14. The only money Cody deserves is what gets put down his G-string by married women. Oh, looks like his game hasn’t changed a bit.


Guys relax. You guys said last season was the worst season ever too in the comments. Realize it’s a game and even if Derrick/Frankie aren’t as likeable they outplayed Hayden/Nicole and managed to escape eviction


Last season was one of the worst, totally offensive abrasive showed the insensitivity of the worse kind. This season is the opposite in the respect the House Guests are self centered non confrontational Millenials. Hence last season was very tense and hard to watch. This season is bland boring and has been predicable from almost the beginning making it slow and with little excitement. So much dead time. This years format isn’t working.

Day Yum Yum

A rock lying on the side of the road could outplay Hayden and Nicole!

TA Sucks

Nicole still not blaming Derrick for anything. No hope for her.


I know. I don’t see how she is blaming all of her problems on Frankie when she has been told by At least a few HGs who has been doing the conniving. She doesn’t deserve to be the person who is going back into the BB house.


Frankie told everyone about his sister so he can talk about her and brag about it. All he is doing is using his sister. if I were her, I would be embarrassed to be related to him. He disgusts me! What lying, conniving, rat weasel. He’s making me not watch the show anymore

Frankie has a sister

Frankie starts up a conversation about his pop star sister. I’m waiting for one of the other houseguests to say “Frankie, I’m sticking a shoe in your mouth sideways if you mention your sister just one more time.”


No one would ever tell Caleb to shut up about Amber either. It’s kind of indicative of everyone’s gameplay….too timid to do anything outside the box.


This is ridiculous. I hate that Nicole is leaving. I hate that Donny is next and I REALLY HATE THAT WE ARE GOING TO SEE A FINAL 2 OF VICTORIA AND DERRICK.

Bring back Big brother Canada.


what this show really needs is another casting director.

Not because Kassting is annoying and dumb as hell everyone in the bb house has to be too.

I see much better casting in survivor, glass house, the quest and many other shows.


BBCan2 was going down the same path as this cast is. There was a strong alliance from the get go. However, they were more arrogant and obnoxious. What changed the season around was when Canada was made HOH and two of the alliance were put on the block and the main instigator (simular to Derrick) was voted out. It not only changed the game and made it more exciting to watch as the remaining alliance members formed smaller groups and gave the others a chance. They also showed the results of the votes, if I remember correctly, and the house guest saw what the viewing public really thought of them. some were extremely shock at how they were perceived outside. It may sound like production interference, but the house guests also changed some of their antics as saw they actions may have negative affects on them wheb they left the house.

Donny’s Visor

So Nicole leaves this week and Victoria goes next week. There is a competition for one of the jury members to get back into the house. It is to recite bible verses. Jocasta wins by a landslide and makes a run to the finale with Donny. The final jury vote ends up being a 5-5 tie because Jesus put Jocasta’s key in for his vote. America votes for Jocasta to win but she gives all the money to Donny because that’s what god wanted.


So your issue is with Jesus or Jocasta? I’m confused.

Megan C.

I’m a loyal BB watcher and I haven’t missed a single episode this season, but I’ve got to where I have to force myself to watch it and I hate that!!! I remember being SO excited for the episodes and now it’s just so scripted at parts and the competitions are the SAME! Instead of worrying about some stupid twist that never turns out why won’t BB think of some new competitions??? And I HATE Christine! I remember seeing that she was bashing Evel Dick and I don’t know what was said, but I doubt she would say it to his face. He would tear her ass a new one for sure. No telling what he’s said about her on his online show! Too bad you have to pay to watch Dick at Night otherwise I’d know. But does Christine have to talk shit about everyone? She is one insecure little bitch and I hope her husband is touching and laying all over women like she’s all over Cody. No respect. I would do anything for her to go home this week. I want Donny to win so bad but I just don’t see it happening.


According to her husbands twitter page he’s not too happy about it but understands in his words “it’s a game”. That is true, but there have been several married people on the show and none have ever acted the way she is, neither man or woman. To use the excuse it’s a game is just crap, and for Christine she’s not cuddling with Cody for game. She’s cuddling with him because from the way she talks she genuinely likes him She has admitted being jealous of the way Amber and Brittany were cuddling with him. Why be jealous of single women and a single man you have a husband at home and are a married woman. Nothing Christine does where Cody is concerned is game related, and for her husband or anyone to use that as an excuse is simply in denial. A blind man can see Christine has feelings for Cody. And compared to her husbands photos since she seems to always talk about good Cody looks Tim should be glad she married him for him and not his looks. Then again considering she always talk about Brit Amber and Cody looking good, and always all over Cody, maybe Tim should be worried, because he is definitely no Cody.


I think when you jump into his bed and say “I love you” it is more than innocent flirting.


Past conversation
Did anyone notice how when Donny brings up Derrick had never been on the block
Nocole never comments to that fact or converse on the subject.
Also Vectorial also did the same thing thing. It goes through on ear out the other.

That’s why Derrick may have a problem with the Jury. They don’t see him as important. I think only Donny and Frank do. If Donny and Frank are in the jury they will vote Derrick.

Beast Mode Creeper

Wow, this is so sad to hear, like they are talking about their own funerals. I haven’t lost all hope .That is why I so desparately want Hayden back in the game. Being that it is just Donny against the other side of the house, something is needed to give him a boost . I don’t care if he gets a Diamond, Platinum, or Uranium Power of Veto, coup’ d’ teat……I CAN’T STAND THOSE OTHER PEOPLE…. so wish Zach would stick with Donny as well. Nicole blew it dammit! That f**kin Freakie , Derrick and Ratine !


I’m back to being bored with this cast. Derrick, Donny, and Devin only persons that have their own mind. As wild and crazy as Zach is he still does what others say to do.

Still a vast improvement from last season but the weaklings are irritating.

Predictability is boring…


Agree about voting out Hayden… But no, Zach is playing his own game and directly NOT doing what others want (nom Chris, blab to Nic, blab to Vic…).


Is it me, or does it look like Zach is stabbing Frankie in the back now when they hug? I can’t wait.


I don’t see it. Zach went against Frankie out of hurt. Even though Zach doesn’t PLAN on final 2 with Frankie anymore (I think Zankie should be on the list of alliances again ANYWAYS…) I think he would love that to be how things end and I think these two will have a hard time actually going through with moves against each other now. I think their personal feelings will stop them (yes, even Frankie). Hey, most likeable and decently played game (Zach) plus money to charity (Frankie)… I would love that final 2!


I can’t wait to see what productions does next. Jenga and badminton. Pull out all the stops CBS. Woo hoo


yeah but no net…expect the unexpected! lol

echo 1

LOL thats the big twist there working without a net!!!!


Nicole is such a class act! The houseguests (minus Donny) screwed her over consistently and yet she’s still going out with her head held high. That being said, I really hope Hayden/Nicole can come back and get some vengeance

Big Sister

Alright everybody, HOW can Dawg get fewer votes than Frankie in the poll above?? A travesty, I say! Also, no one seems to be commenting on Frankie admitting that he lied about the $$. He plans on using the TA money and not the $500,000 if he wins for the schools in Africa. Please don’t let him be in the top 2 or 3!!! He is long overdue for an exit. Donny for HOH and Diamond Power of Veto!


Oh crap….it’s Jenga time. I always hate this point in the game……(-;


I don’t think its entirely fair to say derrick/cody have no game. They constantly stay up late and strategize, do quick check ins etc. That’s a lot of work to lay down their groundwork/cover up etc. I think if other houseguests worked that hard at it instead of sleeping, maybe they would have caught on faster. And yes, Derrick has really started to show his character flaws lately, and is dirty, (im tired of hearing about people taking food out of his daughter’s mouth) but he has worked hard at playing the game.

Irked by the stupidity!

I must admit I’m bored. I’m ready for season 5 of Game of Thrones! NEVER a dull scene…ever!!!!


Love that show but im more excited for The Walking Dead


Watch your house guests everyone Derrick has another plan.


Question: Dawg why does my comment have to be waiting for moderation. Just wondering.

Chrustine Kreuger

I can’t watch the live feeds right now because those people make me sick! Frankie is and always will be a tool. He did not make out in the looks department like his little sister did so now has to compensate with attention seeking ” look at me , look at me ” behavior. Derdick’s as proud as a peacock running security for the house and continually gathering intel from his minions Chrustine continually throws herself at a man/girl who has the integrity of a flea. I just read the updates on this site and I’ve directed my co-workers to this site as well. I too hope there is a super power that can turn this crappy house around. Blech!


I don’t know if i can take this season anymore. Between no big moves being made, a deranged stalker cowboy who things he owns the place, an over the top and overdramatic guy who will never be nothing more then a pop stars BROTHER nothing more, a girl who will probably get divorced because you shouldn’t be touching a guy like that if you are married, and a guy who some how escapes the blame every week and thinks he isn’t a scum bag when in reality he is. There have been very few exciting moments. Lets just pretend this season never happened


As many times as Donny has told Nicole the head of the snake is Derrick, you could burn it on her for head and she still doesn’t see it. Duh. I just wish Donny had made just one good alliance with someone with half a brain, but theres only one
other person and we all know who that is.


what could he do ,who could he tell without it getting back to the derrick or pinky


Yawn!!! Crust-ine ruined everything- it just disgusts me how she’s wrapped up with Codypendent wrapped up together tighter than Jocasta’s bow tie … I wish Zach could do something to shake things up. I’m sure production will put a golden POV on some mirror for the coast to coast social media sensation to find or put Pandora’s box in beast mode cowpie’s overalls! Wake me up when it’s over !


It would be great if they had a buy back and they took two people back into the game from jury.

Teri B

Nicole, it’s time to go. I hate it and I hate this season, but she really just does. not. get. it. It’s NOT Cody, IT’S ALL ABOUT DERRICK!!

Can someone please give her a dollar so she can buy a clue? OMG…SMH

Michael from Canada

Did you guys know that Derrick killed a guy?

Someone showed me a news article online; him and his partner shot and killed a guy in 2007 who “had a knife”.

Kinda strange choice of wording, because it didn’t say that the person attacked them or anything. He just “had a knife”. I can’t help but wonder if it was one of those all-too-common premature cop shootings. At any rate, he was acquitted, though the article stated how cops being prosecuted is extremely rare in his area.


Is that really necessary to put that article on here. I’m sure the family is still grieving. Have some respect.

Cops Suck

Cops being prosecuted anywhere is rare. The only difference between a convicted criminal and a cop is the conviction. They are legal criminals.

Ashamed I'm Canadian now

Michael you are a D Bag Sack of human excrement
Hey everyone my friend showed me an article where this guy named Mike from Canada likes to go looking into contestant’s lives and trying to start nasty PBFFFFLLLLLLLLLLLT
you are not even worth the time or creativity point made…
Just because you don’t like how the game played out you resort to this nonsense?
Simon Dawg it was fun but I can’t be around this garbage
Go Derrick you are the best player in the house.

Michael from Canada

Good, go whine somewhere else then.

It’s in the fucking newspaper dumb ass. It’s news. I’m not blowing a whistle. It’s 100% fair game to talk about something that’s written in the news. If you have such a problem with it, go boycott your local newspaper.

No whine

it was more a smack to you Michael for being such a low life…
Which you seem to be. Digging up dirt on these people makes you pathetic…
True or not…

Michael from Canada

Obviously from your posts, reading and writing are not your strong suits. You seem to struggle with reading comprehension since I clearly stated that that info was something that was brought to my attention. I didn’t go digging into anything. Someone on another message board randomly brought it up.

Next time try to read a little more carefully so that you don’t look like such a moron.

Zach's Clenched Fist

Wow, do you see that body language Zach is throwing in that pic of him hugging Frankie? Face turned far away, fists clenched…he might be playing Frankie more than he says. I think he’s still hurt and pissed and distrustful. Zach isn’t slick enough to pretend to be so comfortable again if he’s really not. I have loved the whole #zankie thing (even though I despise Frankie), but wow Zach is over it I think.


Honestly I think Zach is trying to play the game separately from his personal feelings… But is not quite able (and Zach really loves Frankie). The next time he WANTS to screw over Frankie, he won’t be able to do it. I HOPE the reverse is true as well, but less confident.


I actually think that Derricks biggest competition to win this game is Donny and Zach. Everyone loves Donny and he’s a comp beast and Zach has been such a huge target this whole game and has made it this far. Even Nicole has admitted she would vote for Zach in a heart beat and not Cody. Tbh I don’t even think Cody can win against Vic, ratine or fakie lol.


Donny’s only chance is to win comps,or if he can work with Caleb. I think if he made it clear that zach and Frankie are a pair and Derrick and Cody are a pair ,then maybe he will see that he is on the bottom of the totem pole so maybe when somebody comes back in like Hayden it can at least be 3 on 4. First though Donny needs hoh or pov this week or it’s really game over give the money to Derrick. He might not play like dan but he has that same misting effect, just ask Nicole and victoria!!!!!


Zach, Zach, Zach….hug, kiss, and flirt with Frankie OUTSIDE of the house. Right now align with Donny and try to flip the script. Seriously Frankie is like Zach’s kryptonite.


Awwww… Don’t you want Zankie to enjoy their time in the house AND win?

Am I the only one noticing that Zach smiles when Frankie grinds on him yet acts disgusted when beast mode does (Cody didn’t mind ;))? Zach won’t even touch Caleb’s estrogen-induced chest lump. I thought Zach was warming up to Beast Mode. Either he isn’t… Or does it actually bother him from anyone but Frankie?


Everyone comlains about production fixing the show. Yet everyone keeps begging for a twist to save Nicole and Donny.

Can’t have it both ways.


Yes, we can. They screwed it all up, now they’ve got to fix it! Bring Kaysar back!


Production has a twist coming. Stay tuned.


I think production is helping Frankie. Especially with the have not food. Christine said the day before who would be have nots. The next day they were named and the food is peanut butter and jelly and fish. Frankie only eats fish. No one else has ever gotten that lucky. Can’t stand Frankie, CBS can have him!

One Trick Pony

Derrick is a one trick pony – victimization. He needs to constantly be a victim of something either real or fabricated, past, present or future to fuel his logic for retaliation. He makes other people buy into their own victimization and offers them opportunities for retaliation. In every conversation he has he is constantly pushing his or their victimization as the only important issue. He is creating the false background that he is forcing everyone to write their stories on.
When Zach defends himself by saying he’s playing the best game for himself (in accordance with the contract he signed to play Big Brother), Derrick demands that he is stealing food from a child (implication: what kind of monster are you) and furthermore it is Derrick’s child (implied threat: I’m allowed to retaliate in any manner I see fit to protect my child and maintain my status as a good provider and parent, how dare you put me in this position you child abuser). Derrick has just changed the background that Zach must write his game on from the BB contract that Zach signed to Zach playing the game to protect Derrick’s family as top priority. Guess who is the real victim in this scenario – Zach.
In the time not spent enforcing his own or other’s victimization, he is gathering twisted false evidence of victimization. He goes to Nicole and repeatedly asks her if she is going to put Christine up as replacement nomination. It matters not whether Nicole ever answers, Derrick has all the evidence he needs to present to Christine that Nicole was going to backdoor her (victimization of Christine) and paint himself as the hero since he repeatedly tried to talk to Nicole about it and she wouldn’t reason with him, and he would gladly help Christine retaliate. Derrick has just replaced Christine’s background featuring a friendship with Nicole with one in which she is victimized by Nicole and must retaliate with the assistance of her new dearest friend Derrick as the background to write her story on. Guess who Nicole is never going to vote for as a jury member, and guess who Christine will vote for. Guess who is the real victim in this scenario – both Nicole & Christine.
Instead of wasting time with dozens of other examples of Derrick’s phony victimization that can be found in roughly half of the posts, I would rather say this –
THE REASON THAT DERRICK IS SO HATED BY SO MANY VIEWERS IS THAT VIRTUALLY EVERYONE HAS OR IS A VICTIMIZATION EXPERT IN THEIR REAL LIFE. The pain in the ass that goes around constantly bitching, whining, complaining about every petty little thing that is not meeting their expectations, usually its not even their stuff to control, IT’S YOUR STUFF. They incessantly talk about their daily dilemmas and require assistance with everything from paying their bills, to transportation & housing needs and NONE OF IT IS EVER THEIR FAULT, ALWAYS SOMEBODY ELSE’S – real life example “All that apartment complex office cares about is money!” & “How was I supposed to pay the rent, I had to buy Christmas presents for the kids, you do the math!” Irresponsible useless fks who go around complaining and victimizing themselves to everybody and as many as they can come into contact with. And guess what they they do when you refuse to let them make their pitiful background the one on which you write your story, THEY MOVE ON TO THEIR NEXT TARGET & THEY ADD BEING A VICTIM OF YOU ON TOP OF THEIR ALREADY ALL IMPORTANT CRISIS. One thing they all have in common is that they never have anything to give except being a pain in the ass. How could they possibly have anything to offer anyone when they are in perpetual need from everyone? THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF A FRIEND.
Ya see I’d like to think of myself as a kindred spirit to Donny, when the victimization experts show up I don’t try to outvictimize them as proof that I can’t solve their latest crisis, it ain’t a negotiation. And when they get real pushy and demanding (“You’re taking food out of my daughter’s mouth”), I say hang on a minute & pull out my own proverbial Big Brother contract, look it over and say something equal to “No I don’t see in here where I’m required to play your game, just mine. As a matter of fact – you’re not even mentioned in this contract.”

So everytime I read someone defending Derrick’s gameplay I think – yep, there goes another one.


Awesome analysis. A million Thomas up and some oh yeah


He is playing a GAME like a writer can write a story…
He has written himself as the best player in Big Brother and is destroying his competition by any means necessary.


2-2:30 cam 3 & 4
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Girlfriend went to town!! EEEEWWWWWW!!!


omg lol when did rattine masterbate i wanna see video or pics.She is so vile i seriuosly think she forgets there are cameras all around the house.

And yet...

YOU are the one who WANTS to go watch the video?
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Chrustine Kreuger

Ah, jeez…just when ya think she can’t get any ickier

One Trick Pony

After this season ends I would love to see Zach waltz up to Derrick’s family’s table in a restaurant just after they get served, grab the kid’s plate of food and run out the door screaming NEXT STOP AFRICA!


The hilarious thing is, he just might do that. Laughing so hard right now!


LMFAO doesn’t even begin to describe my laughter.


best joke I’ve read in the comments all season, maybe ever. I tip my hat to you.


Nicole is going home because of her own stupidity, she fails to realize that Frankie was not the mastermind behind Hayden’s eviction, she run right back in Derrick and Cody’s arms. I have my issues with Frankie too ,but Nicole’s hatred for Frankie blindsided her, Hayden coming back will be better suited to deal with Derrick and Cody


Donny needs to win HOH, nominate Cody and Derrick, hopefully Derrick will be voted off, but that won’t happen… if he doesn’t win HOH, Donny will be nominated again with Victoria… This show is so predictable: Derrick and Cody will be the final 2 and Derrick will win.


What would be awesome is if whoever comes back is automatically one of tje hoh’s that would be so epic hayden come back and see them all scrambling


My opinion on what is going to happen
Donny and Nicole are screwed. Donny is going to jury house probably soon too.
Final 3 right now seem to be Derrick, Cody and Victoria.
The one person no one is mentioning but I think is a dark horse to be at the end is Caleb.
From the people left after Donny and Nicole are gone Caleb is one of the ones that has won the most and is actually getting better at mental games. After Amber left he has also become less of a target and is mention less to take out. If they take too long to try to evict him he might pull a win and eliminate a big player. I know he doesn’t think for himself but if only big players are left he will have no choice but to make a big move.




they will do something in the next two weeks to flip the house. production will make sure this season gets interesting in the next two week.. I know because im Allison grodner..


Starting Thursday the House Guests have to start thinking about who they want to be standing next too in the final two. Now the real back stabbing and lying will begin!! Positioning will be key and for sure very little alliances. Should be entertaining maybe enough to save the season. Throw in Pandora’s Box, another double eviction a return of a jury member, maybe finally a new twist , luxury competition We can hope!!


Oh poor Donny all by himself. Well tough sh*t you picked a losing side and chose not to talk game to anyone until it was too late.The only reason we actually heard anything remotely interesting(barely) from him was when he HAD to talk because of TA twists, other wise he would have blended into the wall like lame Jocasta did until someone noticed him move and then voted him out. I cant wait to see him go and then this alliance can crumble while they pick each other off.
This is when it gets fun…..:)


Exactly he was a waste of a casting. You can’t come in the house and sleep when everyone is awake, then be awake when everyone is asleep. He slept through every important turning point in the game, which always happened in the middle of the night. Then when someone woke him up to tell him something important, he would get pissed.


I’ve been saying for two weeks; if Donny would have put up Caleb and Cody and Nic would have put up Zach and Frankie the whole thing would have been different! They wasted their chance.

Watch it Now...

I was praying that Nicole and Donny would do just that. All four were legitimate targets and they even had a legit 5th target in Christine the Rat if they had to make a replacement nom. No need to use a pawn. Now a week later the Rat is sending one of them home, likely Nicole. Cruel irony.