Christine “Aaryn might be single.” Caleb “We might hit it off because we all talk the same from the south right?”

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 02-12-25-327
12am Out in the backyard – Caleb and Frankie are playing pool. Christine is watching them. Meanwhile in the kitchen Nicole, Victoria and Derrick are talking about the possibility of this Thursday being Double Eviction or if it will be next week. Nicole comments on how these last few days are going to drag on. I just want to be out of this house. Victoria tells Nicole to spend her last days with her and freaking appreciate them, if not I will pour all of these uncooked cupcakes in your face. Can we just make these last few days fun because I might be out right after you. Nicole says it was such a wimpy move, so predictable. Nicole says that she didn’t like how Christine and Cody talked down about Hayden. Like how he didn’t have a full time job, he’s inappropriate and swears, people won’t like him. Nicole says that Cody got really super jealous and said really negative things. Nicole says I spent a week with him and he made me breakfast, kisses my forehead and told me how pretty I am. I just got super disgusted.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 02-23-45-222

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12:12am Out on the hammock – Derrick and Christine are talking about this week being a Double Eviction or if it would be next week. Christine says as a viewer I would hate to see it go from final 5 to final 4 in one night. Derrick asks hows everything going, good?! Christine says I’ve been seeing Frankie talk to people and it makes me nervous. He keeps trapping me in rooms. Derrick says he doesn’t do that to me or Cody. Christine asks how bad Victoria is going to cry if he votes her out. Derrick says that Victoria isn’t going to like him when he votes her out. Christine asks what if your HOH. Derrick says she just can’t make it to the end because it would reflect badly on our season. Christine says she is going to be destroyed. Caleb joins them. Derrick says when Victoria sees how he crushed her she might not want to hangout with him after the seasons over. Derrick says the only person I really crushed is Devin but I warned him about that before he left. Frankie joins them and the conversation turns to talking about Big Brother Canada with Jon & Neda and how they ended up dating after the season ended. Derrick tells them about how the BBCAN2 house had tv screens everywhere with a secret room. Frankie is shocked. Derrick heads to the diary room. Caleb, Frankie and Christine talk about how oblivious Victoria is. Frankie heads inside. Christine and Caleb talk about meeting past house guests like Brittany Haynes, Aaryn Gries and Judd Jaugherty. Caleb says that if he saw Brittany he would be like hey pretty lady. Christine says that Aaryn might be single. Caleb says oh and we might hit it off because we all talk the same from the south right!? Caleb says I can’t wait to meet Judd, he was one of my favorites. Christine says that she wants to win this HOH to get a letter. Caleb says your odds got a lot better.. one less person. Christine says there are really just 4 of us playing. Victoria is just air. Caleb says it sucks that he can’t play going into a double eviction. I have to win the veto. Caleb says it would be a huge move getting me out. Frankie joins them and then they all head inside.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 02-32-43-333

1am All the house guests are in the kitchen hanging out and talking. Cody has woken up and joined them. Cody and Derrick head up to the HOH room. Cody tells him how he is studying everything in his head. He is going over everything and knows who won what and when. Derrick says if its that deep you’re going to kill everyone. Cody says I wish I had watched season 15 to know what competitions they had near the end. Frankie joins them. Cody says that Nicole is getting feisty. Frankie agrees. Cody says Nicole said there’s a lot we don’t know about Hayden. Frankie says who cares! Cody asks like what?! You’re not that f**King special, just because you guys hooked up doesn’t mean that you know everything about the kids life. You spent a week with him. No one gives a f**k. Frankie talks about how Caleb questioned if he wins HOH he would put up Christine and Victoria. Frankie asks did you question me too? Cody says not like crazy no. Frankie says we can’t allow the paranoia to spread. Victoria and Nicole join them. Caleb and Christine join them. They chat about random things. Nicole and Victoria leave. Frankie does his impression of Julie Chen. Caleb says she would punch you in the neck if she saw that. Frankie she saw it, it was in my audition video. Derrick says his audition video was 2 minutes and he realized after it was supposed to be 3 minutes. Cody says his was 15 seconds. He says he was making it and the screen went black so he said f**k it and sent it. He says that casting told him his video was short and he said he couldn’t do it. Derrick says that Nicole said she sent her video in and the next day she got a call back. Christine says but she sent hers in near then end. Caleb says we’re definitely guaranteed final 5.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 03-10-51-544

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1:45am Nicole and Victoria head to the havenot room. Victoria says I never thought I would meet someone like Derrick that I actually care about and is not a showmance. You know what I mean, like that he is actually like a brother. Nicole says pretty cool huh!? Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return. Victoria says I’ve never bashed people but you have. Nicole says no I haven’t. Victoria says I’m assuming. You’re not feisty?! Nicole says I haven’t bashed people in the diary room. Nicole says 7 out of 8 boys are going to be involved in the end of this game and only 4 girls. Nicole tells Victoria to get out Christine. Victoria says I will win on Thursday and get her out. If I am on the block though I will put her on blast. I have to. Derrick joins them. Nicole and Derrick go to bed and Victoria leaves. Derrick and Nicole can’t sleep. Nicole helps Derrick study the dates. Derrick says that Victoria will probably make it to the end because people want to keep her. Derrick says that if its a double eviction and he doesn’t win he thinks he would be okay. If not I could be chilling with you guys in the jury house. Derrick tells Nicole that unfortunately Caleb, Frankie and Christine won’t flip their votes to keep her. Derrick says that if Christine is there at the final 3 they might take her because she’s hated. Derrick and Nicole go back to sleep.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 03-26-50-375

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2:20am – 4am UP in the HOH room – Frankie, Caleb, Cody and Christine continue to hang out and talk. They talk about being recognized when they get out. Caleb starts talking about Justin Beiber. Frankie says that he heard he was going to replace Paul Walker in the new Fast & the Furious movie. Frankie says this isn’t inside information its just a rumor he heard. They continue to talk about random stories from their personal lives, farming, hunting, movies and other things. Cody and Christine leave. Frankie talks to Caleb about what he should say in his tweets and block. Frankie says you could talk about how you almost put me up and how you didn’t and it was the best decision of your life. Caleb says I was just scared for a moment about how I couldn’t play next week. Caleb says Nicole will go home, I don’t think anyone would want to keep her. I think Victoria would go next and then it would be us final 5. From that point on we would decide who goes next. Frankie says you can’t play this game alone. Caleb says us boys .. us 4 will decide if we send home Victoria or Christine first. Frankie and Caleb end their conversation and Frankie heads downstairs to sleep in the fire room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-02 03-28-13-259

4am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Did you ever think Nicole is really playing these guys. I mean when she came back in she told Donny Derrick was one of her targets. If that’s the case she’s doing a great job snoozing up to Victoria.


When I got to that point where I have no chance of staying, I would just want to make sure somone like Christine won nothing. Like my last FU to her. Caleb’s an incomprehensible idiot, Frankie has an awful personality but he played the game hard, Derrick screwed her yet he’s nothing but nice to her…I just get why she’s want to knock down Christine who was once her friend, and then evicted her with a scathing kick to the curb and would’ve done it again.


Ok hear me out before thumbs down. I think somehow Caleb May gave a made a great move by letting Frankie know what was about to happen. I think he got both Derrick and Cody scrambling. Trying to fix things. I think Nicole although disgusted with the game is somehow telling Victoria the right things to do. This upsets Derrick because all he wants is for her to do nothing as she has been. Maybe just maybe it’s slowly turning the houseguests against Derrick. Even Frankie said he was never nominated.


Sorry to burst your bubble Maggie but I think the froot loop dingus is not saving her game but telling way too information


Caleb didn’t want to backdoor FRANKIE because CALEB was worried about his COINTRY MUSIC CAREER……..


I think Caleb just gave to much info. Frankie got it out of him when he said to talk about his you almost got be out……… Hmmm he was fishing and Caleb did not catch it. Caleb will be Frankie’s target for sure. Also Cody and Derrick played it down, but Frankie knows he’s in trouble.


Nicole isn’t that complex. Her targets may have been Derrick and Cody when she was freshly back in the house but all you have to do is be nice and cordial to her and she forgets the last couple of weeks because I guess she’s trying to survive. I mean telling Christine about the slush in the HOH comp when Christine really doesn’t even like her and showed her that. She only has fire when it’s directed towards her in an obvious way. And there is so much poison in there that to her Derrick may be the least offensive to her at this point since she doesn’t have any idea how two-faced he is since he’s so well hidden behind the buys.And she and the rest of the girls never really asked enough follow up questions or inquired in a way where they could maybe have a light bulb moment. Too emotional. It’s like they didn’t want to except that maybe someone they liked is duping them. Amber had the same issue. So I doubt she’s playing anyone and although I do like Nicole she’s lucky to even be back in the game and it would have been better if Hayden or Zach came back in. But I give her kudos for trying to do the best she could do and I think she’s grown some over the season. Too bad she trusted Christine.


I may be wrong but if you watched after dark last night Nicole, Victoria and Derrick in the fire room, Derrick was fishing for information from Nicole and she wouldn’t give him a straight answer. MAYBE she gulped some of Derrick ‘s cool aid, but I don’t think she may have swallowed all of it. Let’s see what she says in diary room sessions and what she tells the other jury members.


Let’s be honest here. Nicole’s head been clouded over guys and jealousy of Amber and Britney since the beginning of the show. I still have not forgotten how she was the first one to start the jealous, petty witch hunt against Amber for no reason. I think she originally liked Cody but Cody flirted with Brit and Amber more and Nicole became resentful. Nicole wasted time in the game by acting like a mean high school girl instead of forming a strong female alliance against these misogynist pigs in the house. She made her bed and now she has to lie in it. Thumbs downs are coming…


Yea ok Victoria you think of Derrick as a brother. Are you friggin nuts. My sister and I are close but you don’t see her rubbing my leg.


Watching BBAD. Victoria explains to Nicole that she can’t go on if Derrick goes out before her Yep so sibling like. She’s obsessed.


Her obsession started day 1. Derrick must have some powerful charisma in that house. Omg did I just say that. He does nothing for me.


The power of boredom.


Derrick is a 30 something year old man and is manipulating a pretty naive girl by using the promise that it is something more than a brother/sister relationship. He makes her make the first move physically and then he recipricates. He also makes the first move too and she loves it! I think it is pretty creepy that Derrick does this knowing his wife and little girl and his hometown is watching. I mean at what point does the arguemnt that “it is just a game” start to grow old when Derrick has his hands all over this girl.

Um...what the heck are YOU watching?

Derrick treats Victoria like the needy, annoying little sister – NOT like a grown @$$ woman. What the heck are you talking about?


People are mad that derrick has made the season boring and they cover that up by grasping at straws and reaching for things to bash him on that aren’t really there.


I watch the feeds all the time and I agree that Derrick is turned on by Victoria and is also using her. He knows she craves attention so he gives her it and comes on to her and let’s her feel him up and down. Any grown man doing that knows what he’s doing.

Derricks wife

I watch the feeds and I also watch Divorce Court.


Derrick says Victoria just can’t make it to the end because it would reflect badly on our season. There are too many things to name that reflect badly on this season.


Trying to figure out what’s worst Christine’s cackling or Frankie’s Brit accent. Just concluded both are


I think watching Christine pop a zit superseded both


Derricks pandering to the camera during the DR sessions and his fake shout outs to Team America are as grating on me as Frankie and Christine. All 3 of them make me “mute’ my tv.


LOL moment of the day. Frankie goes to DR and when he comes out, Derrick asks, did we get a TA mission. Frankie says no.

Get a clue boyz, TA is done. Coming up with your own mission is an obvious last mission task, you failed, and now it is all over.


Thank goodness for my DVR … On BBAD, as soon as the cackling or annoying garble starts from those idiots, I forward to something else. Sometimes I can get through a whole 2/3 hour show in less than 30 minutes. I used to try to watch BBAD – LIVE – but it is not possible with Christine’s cackling, snorting and general lusting after Cody. Frankie’s humping everyone as well as his disgusting, pathetic. vulgar mouth is also extremely painful to view. If it comes down to Frankie/Christine/Cody for F3, I will have to stop watching until the finale when the rest of the HG’s will be on the show. Please CBS, next year, audition these people a little more thoroughly next year.


Frankie’s impressions are HORRIBLE. Omg, he has NO talent what-so-ever. “Frankie, leave the fame to your Mariah Carey doppleganger sister – oh wait, we have one too many of those to deal with anyway”.


For me big brother 15 was the first and worst season ever, now they have a very close 2nd, big brother 16. Last year the houseguest were very mean and made plenty of racial comments but Candice would stand up to them, she would go head to head. This season the house has one houseguest, ‘the pink ratbird’, making violent dispicable comments. He’s talking about physical harm to another person. And nobody in the house really says anything. I know that the network says they have nothing to do with anything the house guest say and they can’t do anything but rules can be changed. A person with that mind frame does not deserve a dime from this show. Just my opinion. As far as derrick, the intercom should make the ‘holla’ comments like every 5 minutes. Maybe that would help get him on the block quicker


You are correct in saying that Frankie’s perspective, it seems, on life is frightening. Most of the time his remarks are both sexual and violent. Hopefully Victoria”s family will sue them. Sadly, lawsuits and big payoffs are the only way to make a point these days. Oh, for the bygone days of censorship. Having our your young people hearing constantly such vulgar/violent innuendos is wrong. It must, or should,state in contract that obscene comments are not allowed and will be penalized with dismissal from program.
Wake up Hollywood, your lack of oversight has caused our young people exposure daily to violence and sexual promiscuity. You have affected our society in a negative way. Keep it off TV.
To Victoria’s parents SUE SUE SUE !!


Christine is just as bad. She is the one who started to conversation that made Frankie talk about raping Victoria. Who would say something like that?!?! She calls herself a Christian!


The beginning was really good and I thought it was going to be the best season yet………NOT!!! These last few weeks have been horrible. The ones that are left are mean and all they can think about is becoming famous. I wish BB would have a follow up program after they have all had a chance to watch it all.


I suggested in an email to CBS that they need to have a reunion show. But, I really don’t think they care about what we, as viewers, want.


Really Frankie? Does your ego know any limits? Caleb almost put you up and he didn’t and it was the best decision of his life? What a piece of work you are. Can’t wait to see you taken down peg or two when you realize the extent of Donny’s popularity.


Go Frankie! Destroy the doubters!!!

Skerry Sherry

If Fakie expects Hollywood to call anytime soon…he’ll be sorely disappointed. The new face of the Fast and the Furious franchise?!? Is he serious? WAKE UP!


clearly the only person/thing that christine doesn’t hate is cody



Johnny C

I agree. I remember back when he gave his big “reveal” and said that he is a media mogul……I thought to myself, if you have to tell ppl you are a media mogul, you probably aren’t. I used to kind of like him but now I hope he does not win, or make if much farther.

Alex C.

What kind of job is “YouTube personality” or “media mogul” ?What does he do for a living? What employable skills does Frankie have? He knows the Latin names of the insects, but what skills does he have in order to get a job?


So Frankie is an entomologist?
Don’t tell Caleb or he will reveal he is an expert at that too!

BB16 Boredom

I stopped watching BB16 when Donny got evicted. There’s no twist at all. You can missed watching it for weeks and yet you are still updated because you already know what’s happening next. VERY BORING!


I’m really trying to hold on to a thread of interest in this game and it’s nearly impossible.


You and me both. The only thing I’m holding on to is the hope that the blob alliance will finally turn on each other and many a smug faces will be destroyed.

It really shouldn’t be this easy by just transferring power between the group and concentrating on fame once the season is over.


Turn on each other?! Oh no there is a possibility they might even take that away from us.
Caleb said……”I think Victoria would go next and then it would be us final 5. From that point on we would decide who goes next. Frankie says you can’t play this game alone. Caleb says us boys .. us 4 will decide if we send home Victoria or Christine first. ”
According to Caleb they are going to sit down and decide as agroup who is going next once they get to final 5. Hahaha…..Caleb….have you ever watched watched BB?! This is not how it ends son. No one is going to ask you for your permission to boot your silly behind out the house!
Mind you if the houseguests spot a bowl of skittles while discussing who goes out next………….nothing would shock me at this point. I have learned to never say never with these morons!


If they didn’t have rules against a first and second place winner, this group would try to collect the prize as a whole unit. They’ve put off making hard decisions for as long as they can. But give Frankie the chance, and he’ll do it for them. Which is why Caleb missed a golden opportunity.


CBS is trying to snow us as usual with trying to drum up military support now for Caleb. Once Donny was voted out I think they are trying to get someone else for the public to pull for. It is no coincidence that now he gets this hat, flag and cord. If CBS put 1/2 as much effort into game twist instead of trying to shove certain players down our throats they may have a better shot at satisfying the fans. I don’t think it is that hard to make the game more competative and less obvious to the players. HOH only nominates 1 person then all the remaining HG’s draw to play BOB with the loser being the second nom. Anything would be better then what we are left with now when they know all the comps, and timing of double evictions and what not.

You see how the HG’s were all in awe of him when he was telling his “front line” story. They even had Crusty mention in the DR how she just realized he “fought for her freedom!”

come on CBS if you promise us twists then twist it up! Now we are left with pulling for Victoria to win.


Exactly! The fact that the last two seasons of houseguests have been able to predict when certain comps & double evictions are, should be enough for CBS to know it’s too much of the same. They need to really change it up next year.


Awwww…look how cute Victoria is thinking she’s going to win HOH. You know because she has won so many so far. Girl…..the biggest game move you have made is passing out on the bathroom floor!


Good one mama bear
So true


Dont forget, she also cut up her own hat….. That was a huge game move for her!


That’s right Frank…I almost forgot about that game changing cut up my own hat move!! Now that’s good tv…lol. Jesus…just make it stop!! These people are just insane!


plus, she’s got her hand all wrapped up and complaining it is hurt. which means that unless it is a step up step down before and after HOH comp, she can’t even play in anything. but she’s got a chance. A one in 6 chance?


And Once Again!!!
Absolute BIGGEST IDIOTS to ever play the game!!!


Just when I think I’ve seen it all this year …
Caleb wants to hit it off with the most racist contestant ever.
Cody so jealous that Nicole likes Hayden better that he throws a tantrum. Get this kid a diaper.
Derrick is worried it might look bad on their season if Victoria makes it to the end?
That ship sailed long ago fool.
Shocker … Frankie was being disgusting in his audition tape too.
Victoria says she’ll win the next hoh? How about just not finishing last like you do every comp?

Beast Commode Cowboy

So… the only reason Caleb didn’t pull the trigger on any kind of move against Frankie is because he didn’t want to hurt his Country music superstardom-future by angering the teeny-bopper twitter followers of Frankie’s half sister??? First of all, that all sounds like it would make a pretty good country song title… and secondly, wouldn’t that be the perfect move if he wanted to be a country music bad boy? Guess he’ll just have to hope ‘Hee Haw’ comes back so he can try out for a part as one of those guys who pops up in the corn field.


The Hee Haw cornfield comment just made me LMAO! I can so see him doing it and thinking he is the best! Thanks for the laugh on this despicable season.


Hahaha..the ‘Hee Haw’ reference is priceless!


OMG that made me lmao~doom, despair & agony on him whoooaaa


Victoria got a ace bandage on? What happened, did the mirror want separation from her?


Carpel tunnel injury from constantly applying her makeup.


Damn! I was hoping it was from punching all the “boys” squarely in the jaw!


Damn! I was hoping it was from punching all the “boys” squarely in the jaw!


Krikey you related to anonymous


LOl! Sorry, sent the first without my name. Then sent it again thinking it wouldn’t work. Had a Vic moment!


At least your honest. πŸ™‚


What was the whole point of having a house guest come back from the jury???? It was completely pointless!!


I think production walked away from this season a long time ago and left some intern in charge. The intern struggling to remember old twists from seasons past recalled the time when a player returned to the game. However it appears that they forgot that the returning player usually gets a week of safety. Therefore the return is as you said..pointless. The only way they could redeem themselves is if like the BB Canada version of this show Nichole was able to find another veto. But since the intern is probably back in school by now and no one is in charge that is not likely to happen…..zzzzzzzzzzz

Any mouse

You’re right, it is pointless to bring back an evictee , but……if the evictee came back as HOH with vengeance on his/her mind it would wreak havoc on the house…..also Julie should just say…..Blank, you have been evicted, no need to give the vote count and you should not be allowed to tell anyone who you voted for….that would really heighten the level of paranoia and uncertainty.

Frankie Grande is a WITCH

Any mouse, I LOVE your idea! I never thought of how much it would actually impact the game to not have any clue how many voted against you and who particularly voted you out. You should be the new producer of the show, with simple yet effective ideas for twists that can shakeup the game πŸ™‚

BB16 Boredom

I second the motion!


I think I want to try BB Canada. My friend says it’s WAY better. I heard the one in Britain is WILD!

I was trying to think of some twist to really shake up remainder of season but can’t because whatever combo it will still be just the same boring pathetic creatures still left. I don’t care who wins now BUT I would throw up a little in my mouth if Frankie won.

The only real thing that would be worth watching is if they had a real honest wrap-up show….a bit like what Bravo does with those Housewives with Andy Cohen. Julie should sit and show some of the stupidest things they think or said and then show what “America” thought or reacted. Watching Frankie squirm if she called him out how on shit he said would be AWESOME!


Give BB AU a look. Begins 8th Sept. Won’t be disappointed.


Actually looking forward to seeing Australia’s version. Also been watching BB Canada and I REALLY like it better than the US version. They just need to get Allison GROSSner out as Executive Producer and make Julie Chen the new EP because she would bring BB back to its Hey Day and much needed CLASS!!!


Welcome back, Big K. Was missing your wit and charm and hoping all was well. Looking forward to more of your in-the-face, take no prisoners, straight up comments.


Is there a link? Simon/Dawg please tell me how I can find bbaus? I can’t bear much more of BB 16 The Season of Stupid!!


Hi Jax
As far as I know, BB AU can only be viewed on you tube several days after it is shown in Oz. Well worth the wait though. For all of those tired of BB16, why not watch BB AU 2013. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


How do we get it in the US?


i think one of the reasons BB isn’t as well known as it could be is because they don’t do a segment like that. They do the rushed finale one question kind of thing prior to voting, but what they need to do is a 2 part reunion, or at least an after show having given people a chance to watch the entire season of shows, even if they can’t watch feeds or AD shows.

Any mouse

I agree, part of the contract for being a contestant should be that once the show is over and before you go home you should watch the season and a week later have a two hour reunion show to see what they think of their fellow HGs now.


That would be so much fun to watch! Even if they did an online version for all the fans who watch the feeds, etc. they kind of owe us that at least. πŸ™‚


I love how Christine keeps saying that she’s working with the guys. Dummy, you’re working FOR them! You’re just as important to them as Victoria is. Any one of those guys can take Frankie to the end knowing he will not beat them. Same as you. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when they kick you to the curb.

Amy Pond

I wish the jury house could get a video showing snippets of some of the things each remaining HGs have said so that could ask very pointed questions to them at the finale – Crusty’s could be the “I hate…” Cody’s could be the “I’m gonna call him/her out” segment, Victoria’s could show her staring at herself in mirrors, Frankie could be the spewing sexual innuendo segment. It would hit them square in the face of what we’ve had to watch all season, while waiting for the big twist.


At the finale would be a great time to show those HG’s how they were presenting themselves to the BB viewing public. Christine’s cackle would turn into a “Grumpy Cat frown”, Frankie probably would call his despicable behavior – America’s fault that we don’t see his brilliant humor, Cody would be trying to avoid Christine’s husband as much as possible, Victoria would be staring down Derrick after she finds out he was using her throughout the show, Amber would have a security detail presenting Caleb with a restraining order to stay at least 500 feet away from her for 3 years and Donny would be smiling realizing the viewing public were just as BORED as he was with those idiots.

Beach girl

When they have the DE I wish Julie would say _______we need your decision right now. No commercial break, gives them 3 minutes to let Frankie decide who is going. Just do it, then go to break. Might make a difference. What do you think?


Nice analogy beach girl but why would Frankie be the choice to decide


Either Nicole is THAT gullible once again or she’s playin Derrick to get Victoria to F2 so the jury can vote for Victoria to win. She could be her trying to split D/C/V up to make that possible. Although she did tell Derrick that the jury may do exactly that so I just dont get it.


I have been watching this season with a mix of repulsion and boredom, equal parts of each. Every season has had its emotional moments and this season is no different. I guess that this season sucked right off the bat for me for the following reasons:

1) The BOB competitions reduced the strength of the HOH to impact the overall game of the entire house.
2) Having one half of the house come in first and the other half come in second (the premiere episode) created a weird dynamic and did not help in the long run.
3) Casting of an undercover cop on a show that requires lying, covert skill, psychological manipulation and infiltration of a group, was like having a ringer in a game of pool.
4) Casting of Frankie (you just gotta know that they knew this kid was a mess before they cast him. The only person I can think of that was cast in a reality show knowing that he would be disgusting like Frankie is is Puck from the Real World SF, 1994).
5) Team America………. enough said.
6) Not introducing a twist of DPOV or coup d etat at a critical point in the game to make life difficult on the bomb squad/detonators. If there was ever a season that needed it, it was this one.

In the end, I guess there is a possibility that the jury will get it right and make a statement as to how bad this season was. It would be a fitting end to the show for the jury to select someone like Victoria or Caleb at the end because that would really sum up the quality of this season for me.


Totally agree except of the DPOV. I don’t necessarily like powers like when there are other things they could have done to affect the games that wasn’t so blatant. But who knows maybe they should have this time. And I completely forgot about how they came into the house separately. And the BOB is just a whole other level of messing with the game like it was Big Brother Gladiator Addiction. I guess they were trying to speed up the pace of the game and speed up a paranoia feeling when it wasn’t even necessary. I think the producers wanted instant drama/ratings and in the long run it ruined a lot of possibilities in people’s social connections because there was probably going to be drama in there anyway if some of them could have gotten their bearings. Oh well.


why do you want people to jump in and manipulate the direction the game is going in. why should people who have been running the house all season be screwed over for their chance to win money. becuase it bored you? they could care less about you at home watching, they want to win 500 K and they have done their part to stay in the house.. I like watching real game, not something production comes up should watch scripted shows not reality tv..


so cops arent allowed to be on a game show now hey?


It’s so bad I’m starting to hope Victory wins. I’m sick of Bossy Butt talking…talking….talking ad nauseum. I’m sick of Pussasaurus’ phelm and hearing the Hater’s laugh and Disgusto’s obscenities. When you win Victory, make sure you tell Bossy Butt Liar to bite the big one!

Team Anyone

Wow, Derrick is doing a terrific job of sucking up to the Juror. Nicole keeps dropping hints and the only person really listening is Derrick. Nicole brought up a bitter jury, how everyone is mean to her, and that Victoria would win if she makes it to the end and Derrick is taking mental notes. He asked her who Hayden dislikes… yup… trying to gauge the rest of the jurors…


I don’t think all this sucking up to Nicole to influence the others will do any good. Donny is already there filling them about Derrick and how he is the puppet master of the others. Nicole will be in for a shock when Donny fills her in. They know Donny is honest so I think they will totally believe him. Plus, Hayden was already clued in to Derrick and Cody.


I’m rooting for VICTORIA to win the next HoH. Something seriously has to be done about this season, but i fear that it might be too late.


She’ll just put up whoever Derrick tells her to, this season is dead.

Countdown to the Merciful End of BB16 / Survivor Starts

22 DAYS LEFT !!!

God Kill Me!

First off, just put us out of our misery and end this nightmare, especially After Dark, if I have to sit through one British Freak Show between Frankie and Cody, I’m going to rip my ears and eyes out. This whole “voting” thing, with approving the choices with each other is a joke, to say the least. Do these people know what game show they are on? I thought last year had reached all time lows in BB history, but this year, takes the cake. You can see (unless your blind), who is going to win this show. The Pig Face “Player Whisperer”, Derrick. Shocker! Everyone is so busy talking about Frankie, they can’t see Derrick and his agenda. Frankie is just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame (shocker), so transparent… Just put us out of our misery and hand Derrick the money already!

Former BB Fan

Well said! Derrick keeps spreading his mist, telling each one how much they’ll enjoy Jury House, how he deserves the $500 k, the most etc. etc. This group of clueless wonders keep buying the garbage Derrick is selling! Unreal! I kept hoping against hope that Donny would somehow let these fools know about TA before he walked out the door that night, and maybe, just maybe, the realization that Con Artist Derrick and Disgusting Frankie had already won $, would have finally initiated some sort of game play this season. (Maybe TA not allowed to be revealed?) Production had better rethink their cast choices next season, because many fans are tolerating this nonsense. Waste of time, waste of a BB season, WORST SEASON EVER!

Former BB Fan

I meant to say, “many fans are not tolerating this nonsense”

Just Me

Where are all the twists we were promised? BOB and a jury buy back…that’s it?


I know that you both must be very tired and bored of this car crash of a season and when that happens, typos sneak in. You have the next POV for Aug 4.
Thank you both for all your great work, it is this site that has kept BB16 bearable.

Mean Giirls,BB Edition

Lying, manipulating, cheating, using, schmoozing, strategizing etc. are all part of BB gameplay. But,”Why do you have to be so mean?” Sometimes these HGS do seem like they’re in, “Mean Girls, BB Edition. 10 year-old teen movies seem to be their level (most of them) of sophistication. A lot of them say such ugly, grossly inappropriate remarks about each other (I’m not talking about the touchy-feely HGS which is quite a number of gropers.) Example: Cody is denigrating Nicole’s and Hayden’s relationship in nasty ways that seem to show his own jealousy of what they seem to be starting. He’s already told Christine that they won’t see each other after BB; they have 20 days left. He backtracks and says how much fun it would be to hang out with Tim and her. She responds with why do have to live in such a stupid place. Huh? Being forced out of what real life is about for 3 months, and being on display 24/7 is a situation most of us would not volunteer for. Money and fame (for some>) trump all the negatives. 500 K is life-changing for many people.


Frankie, you ARE so old looking…YUCK!!!! Oh God, Christine, you’re so friggin fugly and gross…BLEEEEECH!!! Caleb, Cody, and Victoria, I have only one word for you…DUH!!! Derrick, aka Derprick aka Bad Cop…you’re an asshole, but you did play the game. Bring on BB 17 with hopes of having HGs that have brains!!!


Anyone have a guess as to how many plastic surgeries Frankie has had?


Not sure if the stupid cowboy made a bad decision this week.
Derrick and Cody are tight, Christine & Cody are tight. Who is tight with Caleb? answer Frankie.
Leaving Nicole in the game is not a sure positive for Caleb because she seems to be still under Derrick’s spell.
Therefore backdooring Frankie was not good for Caleb’s game. IMO

Thank You!

Couldn’t have said it better myself, well said Foxxee. People on the feeds are so bent on seeing Frankie out. Strategically speaking, how would it benefit Caleb’s game to backdoor Frankie?. Caleb made the best decision to keep Frankie. What he needs to be looking at is Cody or Derrick. it would not benefit his game to keep Nicole as she does not see Derrick’s agenda (she has repeatedly said how nice she thinks he is).

Butters Mom

It sure didnt benefit Caleb to TELL FRANKIE he was even thinking about putting him up. That was stupid… he might as well have sent Frankie home and kept Nicole because now Frankie will be turning on him.


Derrick is tight with Victoria and Cody. Cody has Christine and Derrick. Caleb HAD Frankie. The issue (as Caleb himself stated) is that Frankie has lied to and manipulated him several times in the past. He does not trust him. Taking out either Frankie or Nicole in his mind was a toss up. The only reason he didn’t nominate Frankie was because he’s worried about being AFP and a music career he’ll never have.
That is why Caleb’s decision was stupid. His vanity and delusions influence what should be strictly game decisions. Most importantly you cant talk to almost everyone about backdooring Frankie and then not go through w/ it. Now when Frankie wins HOH that “almost” decision on Caleb’s part is going to come back to bite him in the a$$. Remember Frankie is a Detonator–Caleb still thinks they are all in the BombSquad.

Attention creative geniuses

It is pretty obvious now that nothing major is going to shake up the remaining weeks. Victoria will continue to cry and pout yet cling to her “brother”. Derrick will continue to manipulate everyone while trying to swat Victoria away like an annoying fly. Christine and Cody will continue their groping and pimple-picking. Caleb will dream of singing a duet with Justin Bieber, below Amber’s bedroom window, Frankie will continue to dry hump anything not nailed down ( no wonder production people are behind a wall) while searching for the Keebler Elves ( use your most vivid imagination there) and Nicole will continue to tell everyone what is happening in another alliance. Finally Derrick will be handed a cheque for $500K and CBS will tell them that their contracts for the remaining year have been burned in hell.
It looks as though we have to make our own entertainment for the remaining time. Posters have come up with some wonderful, weird and whacky names for the hgs but now we need to come up with new names for each hg. Any suggestions?


After last nights pimple popping drama (not to mention her delightedly squeezing the one on Cody’s back the night before), I suggest Pus-tine (ugh, I just made myself sick!)


Since CBS has made no effort to address the rape incident, the gay sexual comments to other house guests, the bullying and all the other vile things Frankie has done….it appears they are condoning his behavior. How sad that a once great network now has to put on gutter garbage shows. A show that once was fun to watch has turned into filth. Good people need not apply for this show. The good ones on this show are bullied. …cast out….and threats made against them or their safety. Congratulations CBS….you have just ranked below the Kardashians. They are fake and so are you.


I’m pretty sure CBS considers that a compliment. Sad, but true.


I can remember when CBS did little promos or safety adverts followed by the slogan CBS Cares. I guess they quit caring some time ago.


Frankie or christine are defineatly going during double eviction, anyone getting Victoria out would be stupid!

Said the guy/girl with "Ariana Grande stinks" as his/her headline...

Your user name shows your maturity…

Victorias Secretion

Isn’t it funny how the houseguests go on and on about past seasons memorable players- viewers have been doing that all this season- you cling to the past when you can’t stand the present. This whole season was a waste of time and I want a refund!


Victoria will win hoh if its a comp who can stare at a mirror the longest

Team Donny

I had decided to stop watching once Donny left, but changed my mind because of Nicole.
Read OBB and saw Nicole was nominated.
Read OBB and saw Nicole didn’t win POV.
Officially not watching any more.


We all know if Vic “happens” to win HOH she will hand it over to Derrick, and we’ll be right back at the starting line. He’ll probably still find a way to get her to be the first HOH to volunteer to go on the block! Just so that he doesn’t leave BEFORE her.

BB Watcher

Lets count the twists of the most twisted season of twisty twists ever…
Dual HOHs
Team America
Returning player
Did I miss anything???
The dual hoh twist, even though I didnt like it, was at least original. There has been a returning player 4 or 5 times in the past, and there has been America’s player or sabatour 4 or 5 times. So while having 3 America’s players was somewhat original, it was really just a revamped idea.
Is there ANY possibility of an actual twist before the end of the season?

Just Me

I couldn’t agree more!! A truly shocking twist would be for the jury members to replace the houseguests for the rest of the summer (let the current houseguests compete for one spot in the jury). Talk about expecting the unexpected, that would throw everyone off!


Once this season is over, Frankie will find out how hated & reviled he is.
He will then declare himself the “Greatest Villain in BB History!”


I think he just might do that which would put Evil Dick and maybe even Amanda coming after him. That would be fun to watch.


I really hope someone wins the HOH that has the guts to finally make a BIG move!


Frankie’s level of delusion is reminiscent of a certain HG that I thought was unparalleled in their own delusions of grandeur post-show… remember Amber from season 8? And you know what happened… we never heard from her after Big Brother again. Could we be so lucky with Frankie J. Grande?


I stopped watching bbad, I have about 7 days of it on my dvr that I need to delete. I still have the past 3 episodes of the cbs show that I haven’t watched . After Donny left I lost interest in the show because I need some one to root for . Never liked Nicole but she was last saving grace to do some damage. Well she failed at that. The only thing that keeps my interest now is coming on this site and reading all you folks comments. I sneak a moment and read the updates to see if anything good going on. This season by far is the worse and most boring since season 1

Donny Forrester

Can’t wait too see him on Bold and Beautiful. There gonna give Donny a $500,000 check for appearing on 1 episode just for bring a decent human being. Karma is real !!

Snooze BB16

This season has to be by far the lames season ever!! Derrick was one of my favorites but when he didn’t save Donny and allowed Stupid Frankie to talk sh*t about him was when I lost all respect for Derrick. Yes it’s a game but i much rather take Donny over Frankie any day. Frankie was entertaining at first I even laughed out loud a couple of times but now we can really see how he really is ugly inside and out. Living in his sisters shadow poor Ariana Grande stuck with douche bag Frankie!! WTF why are they so scared to put Frankie up its so annoying to watch, he is going to WIn the game they are all a bunch of p*ssies specially Caleb and Cody. There has been no big moves this season it’s been pretty boring no drama nothing!! That’s what i like most of big brother the lying the back stabbing the drama. Last season was controversial with all the racist remarks but guess what it was entertaining!! Watching Frankie stupid pink hair and him humping on all the guys gross not even cute. Oh don’t even get me started with Crusstine and Cody OMG!!! what a whore her poor husband. My favorite tho was her parents they didn’t raise her to act that way like a whore how embarrassing she’s not even cute but seriously pretty sad to watch specially because Tim looks like a nice guy that married a whore IMO. Have some respect you trash bag. Anyways the cherrie on the cake would be for Victoria to win BB16. That’s what this season deserves for not making big moves. That would be an EPIC FAIL just tike this season good job CBS!


Has anyone actually seen Christine eat anything or does she just suck and lick pickles and silverware when in Cody’s presence?


Caleb, if you grew some balls and nominated Frankie then maybe you would have been one of MY favorites


Could it be at all possible that by telling people that she will give Derrick her vote and will fill in the other jury members about what a “great guy” he is that Nicole is trying to stir things up? She knows how paranoid people, especially Frankfurter are. I guess I am just hoping Nicole has enough sense to kick them in the ass on the way out.