Big Brother Spoilers “I would cry if I saw him (Derick) enter the Jury after me” Nicole

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Aug 4th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

BB16-2014-09-01 19-50-08-709

7:51pm Victoria and Derrick
Victoria says Derrick and Cody were whispering for a long time what were they talking about
Derrick says they were chit chatting Cody brought up getting a suit.
Victoria knows more than Derrick thinks she knows
Derrick getting really pissy about this ‘you may think you know more but you don’t”
Victoria – tell me then
Derrick – If you knew you would tell me right now.
Feeds cut to Pool table

BB16-2014-09-01 19-53-19-782
7:52pm christine and Caleb
Christine – I don’t want you to think at all this week i was talking game with Nicole or the girls were working together. yadda yadda yadda
Caleb – Done Nicole going home we done it the bomb squad is cruising right along.. we get her out and smooth sailing from there only one person is going ot win.
Caleb – I was so close to putting him up.. I was like i want to make a move but If I do Nicole flips the house..
Caleb – if he wins this week he could make a HUGE move.
Caleb adds the talked to COdy about it last night.. “I didn’t know what I was going to do until I done it”
Caleb – Honestly I thought do I have the guts.. I just hope no one tries to flip it to keep Victoria over one of us it will be a huge move they’ll be known for it.
Caleb – sucky things is you can’t win back to back you have to win the veto
Christine – it’s getting hard you have to be a winner now

BB16-2014-09-01 19-54-32-178

7:55pm Frankie and Cody playing pool studying the have nots

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BB16-2014-09-01 20-28-22-488

8:21pm Kitchen Derrick, Nicole and Victoria
Nicole is saying she’s going to talk to Caleb before thursday and tell him what he said was disrespectful. She’s not going to fight to stay she knows she’s going home.

Derrick wraps up Victoria’s arm
Victoria asks him to talk with her in the Fire room. Derrick doesn’t want to go tells Nicole he’ll be right back. Tells Nicole Victoria was just telling him “I know more than you think I know” Derrick jokes that Victoria is going to be the death of him he told her to tell him what she knows but she wouldn’t
Derrick meets Victoria in the Fire Room
Victoria says she’s sad
Derrick – what are you sad about
Victoria – I’m on the block
Derrick says it’s rude leaving nicole stuck out in the kitchen by herself.. you want to talk later.. we can talk later.
He stresses she relax she’s not going home
Victoria whimpers that she’s on the block and it hurts
Derrick tells her to focus on studying “play every week in your head”

BB16-2014-09-01 20-39-36-488

8:42pm Kitchen Derrick and Nicole
Nicole says that Production wants her to keep trying but the position she’s in she doesn’t see anything she can do..
Feeds cut .
They go through the scenarios. there’s no way that Nicole can stay
Nicole – am I really that scarce Derrick
Derrick thinks if he doesn’t win the HOH/POV he’ll be going home during the double evict.
Derrick asks who Hayden didn’t like in the house because Hayden was the type of guy that didn’t have a mean bone in his body. (Victoria already told Derrick it was Hayden) Nicole says Hayden just disliked the person after he left t house. Derrick says he liked Hayden but Hayden trusted Donny and Derrick didn’t that was the wedge.
Nicole wishes their was a way to make Nicole understand what she needs to do to survive in this game. If Derrick goes before Victoria she will self implode and self evict.

BB16-2014-09-01 20-51-27-935
8:47pm Frankie and Christine
Frankie says he’s been studying his d1ck off he’s ready for the mental challenges.
Christine can’t wait to tell Victoria the guys were all working together.
Christine about Victoria “she’s so dumb.. she literally doesn’t know what is happening in her surroundings literally.
Frankie mentions Victoria not understanding the question in the POV
Christine – She’s such a idiot
Frankie – Yes rose if you understood the question you may have won
Christine – Shes so stupid
Frankie – she has to comprehend things
Shrine she a idiot
Frankie points out a Dragonfly
Christine- I hate Dragons flies
Christine leaves to pop a zit
Frankie starts talking to the camera .. Mute
Feeds flip to Christine popping the zit in the bathroom.

BB16-2014-09-01 21-18-16-856

9:17pm Backyard Cody and Christine
Christine – I hate Eval D1ck with all my might
Christine says he only has one tactic and he’ll only ever have that one tactic
CHristine is amazed Dan made it so far win Season 14 when they knew how he played, ‘Weirdos”
Cody says Dan got really lucky.. (twist protected him for first month)
Christine – Danielle was a great competitor
Christine says Frankie wasn’t very bright Dan tricked him to put Brittany up then the next week Dan put Frankie up.
Christine says everyone liked Cody in the beginning, Cody says there may be someone behind the scenes that they don’t know about.
Christine – oh ya I’ll definitely have those.. but the houseguests they all like you
Cody – you don’t know people maybe only voiced it in the DR”

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Roisen Dubh

Please AG, get people that want to play the game to win and stop picking people that just roll over for the stipend. Vic and Nic are the worst. I can’t wait till Frankie and Christine go on the attack, maybe that’ll wake these morons up.

Pink haired turdlet

So true. Victoria is a blubbering baby, what did she think that she would never be put up? Please, next season put some women in the house with some strength.


Oh I hope someone from CBS reads these and sees what the fans crave…strong smart women and people who know how to play. Someone else on here made a good point how they should change it up some…it’s annoying to hear them all know what competition is coining up. Double evictions etc. I really thought there would be more twists! WHERE ARE THE TWISTS??


Nicole is such an idiot how is Caleb telling Vic she is 100% safe being disrespectful tried of this girl. It might not be cool he said it cause it sucks for you but not disrespectful glad the drama queen is going. Instead of asking Derrick who you can or cannot talk to grow a pair and do your own campaigning, it’s the reason why your going home on Thursday letting Derrick run your game.


If you had to listen to this little bitty baby of privilege whine and cry all day you’d tell her she was safe just to get a moments piece and quiet. She is upset she is on the block her only deal is with Derrick and he isn’t HOH. Delusional is the best word I can come up with to describe Victoria.

As for the cast being plain awful sorry I blame the double HOH idea. This was a giant fail AG. See no 6,7 8 person alliance goes any where if we had a single HOH. It allowed the large group to feel way to comfortable especially after they figured out how to manipulate the game with it through noms. As for Nicole she had no chance when she returned with the house solidified and no chance to split up the core alliance.

Can I just add that the HG’s have no idea on the “real world” perspective of Donny and by extension Frankie and others. Donny not an AF candidate…. just say morons. Frankie wins AF. He could maybe beat 43 or 4 of the original 15 other than himself. That said Frankie is so roundly disliked he may not be able to beat himself. America just might self evict! LOL Nicole might actually beat any of the remaining HG’s for AF if Donny wasn’t in the mix.

It’s time America………….. for AG to put some skin in the game. This has been one of the most production hands off seasons I can remember. We are beyond Pandora’s box and likely no secret veto coming. 5 left after the double Thursday. I’m thinking Nicole plus 1 of Derrick/Cody/Caleb as the second evicted. If tradition holds true a wimp HOH this late usually has the unintended consequence of going out the door right behind your HOH so I’m leaning Caleb’s way as next to go. Then F5 what can AG do to keep Frankie safe? Oh the season is a hot mess. Frankly if you think about it most seasons are a hot mess.

I think there is a chance everyone drags Victoria to the end. Maybe angry jury is so bitter it gives the money to lay about do nothing whiner Victoria instead of who she is sitting beside. Odds to win BB 16 without opinion:

1) Derrick- 2-1
2) Cody- 9-2
3) Christine- 9-2
4) Victoria – 15-1
5) Frankie 15-1
6) Caleb 99-1


It’s so weird because Derrick and Helen are such polar opposite players.


If you think about it, they are quite the same, it is never the time to get any one bigger than them out of the game, they both waiting on someone else to pull the trigger which causes the dimise to their game so they have alot more similarities also

Michael from Canada

They both had half the house under their thumb though.

But another thing to remember is that, while Derrick is a big fan, he only started watching around season 13 (or maybe 12). He’s never seen anything before that, so he doesn’t have a ton of players to choose from.

Roisen Dubh

That explains his game completely.


yes you are totally right, I think Derrick problem right now is over analyzing everything and whiny Victoria, if he makes it to the end he will win but once Victoria maybe might win Hoh she will get rid of his ally Cody then that gives caleb and frankie fire to get rid of him i would rather derrick win than any one else left in the house because he has done the most work that is for sure


Derrick and Victoria would’ve been a showmance if Derrick weren’t married. I could totally picture it.


They are a showmance but a different kind than BB is used to. Victoria loves Derrick and he knows where to draw the line although if I were his wife, I would think they are a little too close. Derrick is using her but I think he honestly likes her and is trying to protect her as much as he can without ruining his game. Too bad he ruined his game by not getting Frankie out as many times as he had the opportunity.


Agree. He genuinely likes Vic, thinks she is a good girl. But he is using her. I feel sorry for her, because her mental capacity will not understand when they reveal his secrets. He is playing a game and every move or lie is to get him further. Derrick is also using Cody, although he is much more candid with him. There is numerous things he has kept from Cody. But Cody has the mental capacity to accept Derrick even after his secrets and lies are revealed at finale.


In that way, Derrick is like Helen. It’s too soon…


lets wait to make a move lets wait lets wait wait im out


Does Victoria realize IF Derrick were to visit her crazy ass…his wife would come with him?
Is Cody the only thing that Christine doesn’t hate? Shit! She is horrible!


My goodness is Victoria 22 or 12?!
Christine has an ugly heart it’s no wonder she keeps getting zits.
Frankie no comment :/
Derrick should win for playing these fools.
Bye Nicole

Caleb with all that body, is an airhead.
Cody same as Caleb. Stay sexy and quiet boys you’ll need it, some women do I y’all the time.



Some women “do it all the time”….


It’s hard sit and watch this full grown man lay there and witness just how much he has warped these little girls mind. One is so bad off she is actually physically threating people who dare to vote him out.

Then the other still can’t wrap her head around the fact the guy who controls everything and was the who got her kicked out(twice now) is laying at the foot of her bed. Even after having the two most honest tell her.


honest people*


Hearng nicole praise Derrick is sickening, she’s so dumb She deserves to leave this Thursday. . Derrick is playing her for a jury vote. but i dont believe Derrick will make it to the final 2.. he will go soon. Would be epic if Vic turned on Derrick and was the one that sent him to the jury house. But again this season is lame and predictable, don’t see Vic turning on Derrick.

Any mouse

Derrick is a bully! A low key bully, but nevertheless a bully! He’s gotten too far into the head of this fragile woman child, she will be devastated when she finds out about the rape comments and how he was not protecting her, instead he was pouring gas on the flames by suggesting she be raped by the Zingbot and the he vulgarly thrusted his hips back and forth sexually. It will leave a mark on her because of how much she trusted him.


Y’all are forgetting that Nicole is still playing the game. Eviction is not until Thursday. You think she is going to talk trash to Derrick before she gets evicted? She knows he controls the house. Wait until she gets back to the jury to see what she really feels. Jury is bitter and Derrick is in trouble with this jury. If I was Nicole, I would be telling Derrick that I would be campaigning for him in the jury too! That would make him think twice about sending me there so soon because that means I could be an ally to get him to the end. With Victorias antics over the last 2 days, Derrick now realizes he is not going to make it past final 4. Doesn’t matter what the jury thinks of you if you are not in final 2. Nicole is being pretty strategic here and if she does get sent to the jury, she is going to work against both Frankie and Derrick.


When did that happen (Derek’s horrible zingbot comment)? I had not read that-only about Frankie’s horrible comment. Derek was not my favorite (Donny and Zach were) but since Nicole is leaving he was who I would have wanted to win of the remaining houseguests. If true, that’s no longer the case. That was a terrible thing to say, and I agree Victoria will be devastated. There have been some truly awful things said over the past few seasons.


the sad thing isn’t that Derrick is playing nice guy to ensure jury votes, it is the fact that NONE of the other HGs are pretending to be nice to ensure votes will go to them instead of him.

Seriously, shunning the target? Isolatiion? Trash talking barely behind their backs? Have Notting them when they know they will be on the block and the target? If they as a group think that doing that is going to earn them points at the time of jury votes, they really don’t understand what ‘social game’ actually is.

they also seem to not realize that the evicted HG is only going to see a couple of goodbye messages. And the message isn’t going to suddenly make them think, oh, gee Frankie such a nice message, what a great guy.


Worse than last year and perhaps[s worst season ever for HG’s not considering jury votes. The BB game has been played very badly by all but Derrick who clearly does not have the likeability factor. Derrick gets F2 he owns the money. Notice how he keeps telling everyone he’s the next big target. He’s playing them like Dan would. He isn’t Dan and the mist but you don’t need that level of skill with these clowns.


FU Christine, eveldick is a BB legend.


That bitch christine is lucky ED aint in the house, otherwise he would pour tea/coffee over her head and kick her ass hard enough to make her cry and self evict.


where is the wind room?


The Wind Room has to be the DR. There sure is a lot of hot air blowing around in that room…

Michael from Canada

This won’t be a popular opinion, but Beastmode might have made the best move for his game.

If he backdoored Frankie, he could easily have been the target in the DE. Now Derrick and Cody are worried about Frankie, Frankie is worried about Cody, and Beastmode is pretty much safe during the HOH that he can’t compete in. He can let them go after each other now and survive the fallout.

Roisen Dubh

I totally agree with you. Caleb is screwing with their heads. He’s still PO’D about the Amber thing and knows it wasn’t just Frankie. I think if Derrick would’ve left him alone last night, Frankie would’ve gone on the block. Caleb just makes his decisions and nobody else does. That’s the message I got out of it. But I think Derrick better watch out for Cody, I think he’s harboring resentment towards Derrick for letting Caleb stay. I think Either Frankie or Christine win HOH and Caleb came to that conclusion. They will go after Cody and Derrick. They’re not wasting an HOH(but at this point it not wasted anymore because these guys are fundamentally stupid). He started the war and he can sit back and watch it unfold before he makes another move.

Roisen Dubh

I’ve watched A Fist Full Of Dollars one 2 many times and right now Caleb is rocking it and I now realized he’s been rocking it for a while now. I’ll freely admit it, this guy had me fooled big time. He’s not the sharpest crayon, but he isn’t as dumb as I thought he was. He’s country smart and country smart ain’t dumb.

Bunny Slippers

Caleb is smart in this game? Please. He is totally indecisive and one of the most easily manipulated in the house. Him not putting up Frankie was simply due to him chickening out and wanting the alliance to be the last ones standing…that and Derrick getting into his head. It wasn’t some mastermind strategy for his game. To think otherwise is just Caleb’s delusions rubbing off on you.


Yep, I agree. Derrick shot himself in the foot last night during their 5 hour conversation when he slipped up and mentioned how Cody had Christine and Derrick had Victoria and…awkward pause bc, well, Caleb had no one. So Caleb knew that he had to keep Frankie or he’d be all alone. And the fact that Derrick keeps showing his cards by telling him that they need Victoria in final 4 isn’t too smart. Caleb’s figuring it out and Derrick might be out the door very soon.


But lets me honest, the REAL reason Caleb didn’t put Frankie up is b/c he didn’t want to jeopardize that duet he’s gonna do with Ariana Grande. Am I right?



Michael from Canada

I don’t think it was a master strategy by Beastmode, but it still may have been the best move regardless. Like a bumbling detective that solves the case accidentally.


I personally like Nichole but man she isnt nearly as smart as i had hoped in July


It appears to be just me but I’m thinking Nicole might not be as dumb as everyone thinks. What better way to get Victoria so messed up she would self evict than convince her Derrick will go next? Vic self evicted and Nicole gets another chance. She is continually telling Vic how she loves Derrick and wants him to win. Vic telling Derrick everything. Derrick decides Victoria better off in jury because a bitter jury will give her the win. Just saying….could be Nicole is smarter than she is getting credit for. Will it work…probably not….but it would be her best shot.


I agree! That is exactly what I was thinking/hoping. Before her first eviction, didn’t Donnie tell Nicole that she should whisper loud enough to her target that he/she has her jury vote, so the other HGs would hear?

Victoria's Psycho Stare

She’s not bawling because of the possibility that Derrick won’t win and might leave before her, but because she’s terrified that her life raft would be going out the door. She can’t compete without him (not that she can compete anyway).
The only power she has had all this time is Derrick; anyone else has physical, mental or other abilities. Victoria – zilch.

so true

She does have a psycho stare! Every time they pan in on her zoned out blank stare I can’t help but burst out laughing.
I feel bad for her sometimes, but if she was in the power position like the others you can tell she’d be right there with them ego-tripping and being obnoxious.

Roisen Dubh

I’m starting to think these rocket scientists are gonna start killing each other to give Vic the 50k.

Bunny Slippers

You’re giving Vic too much credit. She isn’t thinking about the game at all. Her thought process boils down to basically “Derrick-friend. Derrick leaves- me sad.”


Watch out Derrick! Did anyone else notice how Victoria fell apart right after he started talking about all he is living for is his family? The stare…then the quiet…then the trigger was Nicole mentioning thet Victoria and Derrick may be separated…..That phrase ” I know more than you think I do” hasn’t that been in every stalker movie in one form or another????? Then…the biggie…the way she was staring at him while he was dozing and started stroking his leg???? Jus’ sayin…..if he is theher head is not in the game because its all on Derrick. If he is the one that puts her up and sends her to jury, they better hide all sharp objects…seriously, this could be a very intense situation. He may think ‘little sister’..she does not…guaranteed!


Frankie points out a Dragonfly
Christine- I hate Dragons flies
Christine leaves to pop a zit

Lololol she is so terrible that it’s become laughable. The only way Christine would ever win $500k is if she got a dollar for every time she said she hated something or someone.


Lol, she’s ridiculous with the hate and hating people with all her might or all of her heart. She probably hates her own shadow because it’s following her.

Any mouse

What doesn’t she hate?


She doesnt hate cody


clearly she doesn’t hate cody


Maybe Victoria will self-evict. If she feels so strongly that she should go before Der then she needs to go this week. Victoria has zero chance of winning HOH thus improving Frankie’s odds. At least Nicole would be a competitor.


They need to create better psych testing for the houseguests. Victoria is in no way emotionally stable enough for this game. She cries almost every day, makes her scalp bleed to look good, and has a delusion of a possible relationship with Derrick. When she leaves the house and realizes that A)Derrick lied about being a cop and B)He was playing her the whole time by stringing her along, she will have a mental breakdown.

Victoria's Psycho Stare

Can’t say I feel bad for her – she knew the game when she came in and claimed to be a tough girl and independent so watching her daily do anything but all that she claims is kind of satisfying because she was so vain and self-absorbed and an ‘aggressive cuddler’ to get her further, which I find trashy. She has hated every girl and has been vicious with her diary room sessions.


But because Derrick is a guy, its all ok. What a poor excuse for a married man to toy with her that way. Its disgusting and beyond gameplay. You kind of have to hate on both of them for what they are doing to Derricks wife.


Dear Beast Mode Cowboy – you eat your balls out!!!!


Caleb telling Frankie was a big mistake…
Now Frankie will definitely target Derrick and Cody if he wins HOH.. because he can manipulate Caleb and Christine..
Derrick and Helen might appear together in BB museum under the “it’s too soon” section


It wasn’t a bad move. It was actually a great move by Caleb. Now he is in no ones crosshair and he can just watch them try to take each other out. Caleb right now has a good shot to be in the finals.


In the long run, Josh, I agree it was the best move for Caleb… BUT do you really think those were his reasons? I think he stumbled on the best move for his game because of 1) his obsession with the “legacy” of the Bomb Squad; 2) not angering Frankie thus sabotaging his “path to fame”; and 3) not having some “dumb girl” vote him out of the game. I am not trying to be insulting of Caleb’s game, but from what he has said in the DR (if he is not lying about his motives as others do) and his conversations, it doesn’t seem that this move was recognized for what it REALLY meant to his game. …but I may be wrong 🙂

Michael from Canada

I agree completely. He accidentally made the perfect move.

It’s like someone that sucks at chess, makes a random move without thinking about it, and ends up putting the guy in checkmate.


Oh I agree with u 100% Caleb did a good move by complete accident. He would have to come out in the DR and say it was on purpose for me to believe it wasnt an accident. But hey sometimes its better to be lucky that smart.


What are you talking about? Derrick is getting exactly what he wants each week. That’s Victoria stay, little actual blood on his hands, 1 manipulated HOH after another. What the F else do you want from a guy who hasn’t been on the block and never seriously been discussed as a backdoor possibility. If there is a serious 3 way convo on game strategy Derrick is always in the room!
Unlike gutless douche bag Helen Derrick knows everything important happening in the house. He’s playing these guys like a fiddle. Any resemblance to Helen’s game is fictional and I’m being polite. Only a Christine/Frankie HOH and targeting Derrick is going to end his 500K run or losing comps F4 down.


I am saying Derrick made a mistake by not getting Frankie out while he had the chance… He was the one telling Caleb it’s not a good move when Caleb and Cody were pushing for it..
Now Caleb made a mistake by telling Frankie about it. And so Frankie will take the first shot at Derrick and Cody if he wins HOH next week even if he wasn’t planning to do it earlier..
Derrick might get evicted because Cody would like win POV…


Derrick is a jerk. Victoria is ready to have a breakdown over Derrick. He needs to distance himself from her and QUIT letting her rub all over him. GROSS!

Another restraining order will be needed

After the show is over, besides Amber needing a restraining order against that sicko hillbilly, it looks like Derrick’s wife will need one to keep that delusional screwball Victoria away from her

Bunny Slippers

Derrick’s wife shouldn’t worry. Victoria would never be able to find her way out of Florida anyway.


The only legal papers of any kind that Derricks wife is going to be using are Divorce papers for her cheating husband. Derrick better win because he is going to need the money for child support and alimony.

My Donkey

My guess is Victoria will self evict because she thinks Nic is a strong player and will have Derrick’s back. She has no game and was crying tonight not over her getting evicted but worrying if she was put up next to Derrick he would be sent home. I think she will give up her game so that big bad Nic can stay in the house and keep the target off of Derrick. Either that or she will kill Derrick and Nic in their sleep tonight because they had the most intelegent discussion about game then any people in the house this year. She was stroking ones leg and playing with the others hair. Vic is so invested in Derrick that she my throw her own game to help him. I just hope because Nic is the only one in the house that has the guts to make a move.


I think Derrick likes Victoria as a friend or little sister even though he is kinda using her in the game…it’s an interesting thing he said to her about she will find out things about him she doesn’t know after the show is over more honest than he’s been with anyone else. Whatever the case Derrick is a good player he is nice to people on there way out of the house and they all like him as a person which equals jury votes…prime example Nicole is definetaly voting for him in the jury.

Rio Seven

Don’t you guys think that everyone should stop revealing who they would vote for, or how specific jury members will vote? Someone like Derrick is going to use that info. Get everyone who will vote for you in the jury house, and bring people who won’t vote for you to the end.

Hey, maybe for that reason alone Derrick won’t take Victoria to the end. She is a guaranteed vote for him. Now if I was Caleb, I would want to bring Victoria to the end, knowing that she won’t get to vote.

Michael from Canada

He said the same thing to Beastmode. During chess he said “you’ll find some stuff out about me when we get out”. Neither Victoria or Caleb questioned it though.

I think he’s dying to tell them and wishes he could. That’s why he always hints at it like “some of us aren’t who we say we are”, or even more blatant ones like “imagine if I was a cop”.

If he doesn’t make it to F2 he’ll tell the jury within the first 10 minutes probably, otherwise I bet he tells everyone immediately after the money is awarded.


If you want to see just how horribly BBUS is produced, just go to BBAU 2014 and watch their promo for their new season. I can’t wait for it to begin. It was great last year.


Started watching BBAU last summer, because BB15 was terrible and I must say that I have been awaiting the return of BBAU. Much better than the US version.


I wish NICOLE WOULD SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!


Is this a Human Giant “Corn Maze” reference? lol

Rio Seven

A question for Dawg or Simon…why do you edit words like “sex” and “penis”? Although I don’t think you have to edit swear words, I understand that more. After all, s$x and pen1s are just words! And it kinda doesn’t line up with the fact that you are very liberal at accepting comments that are posted (as you should be!). So yeah, I love you guys and the work you do, but I think you should reconsider editing so many words 🙂

Roisen Dubh

Wow, that’s messed up.

Dirk Diggler

AM I alone in saying I cant stand Frankie and Christines faces? (jks I know I cant be) The way Christine keeps calling Victoria an idiot and stupid, its just so rude. Of course the ones to bash&Gossip about everyone are the 2 most annoying and hated people in the house……SHOCKER!!!!!
I cant believe Caleb didn’t put Frankie up.


It’s a normal human trait to associate likeability with finding someone attractive.
Frankie and Christine have become more and more unattractive to us over the past weeks since we got to know them.
Remember, before the show started and even after a few weeks, a majority of people liked Christine and saw her as a potential winner. Now, those same people think she’s disgusting – and what was called “quirky, nerdy, different” is now just seen as “ugly” by the same people.


I can, I think his balls ran off to find codys

Dirk Diggler

Calling them both “ugly” has nothing to do with their appearance. Its their behavior. I said “faces” because that’s where all the rude ugliness is coming from. I called Aryan and Amanda ugly little shits from last year. Had nothing to do with what they looked like.


Jesus, even Nicole is sick and tried of Victoria crying over NOTHING, she has some screws loose in her head they ones that casted her did not do a good job of her mental issues, she is little girl trying to play with sharks and she is way out of their game. Derrick is trying to protect her in a little sister way SHE is doing all the touching. Celeb and Cody OMG, lost boys Christine Tim please divorce her, so she can live with Cody No words on Frankie, I can not stand him, and his stupid accents. ITS NOT THE FRANKIE show and please no one hire him to anything except to be the boil on Cody’s butt.


Kasting does this every BB season. Usually several people have marginal mental health issues/weaknesses.


Dawg & Simon, thanx for the 24/7 update on this site, even i’m here in Saudi Arabia, i’ve enjoyed every single details reading your updates and comments from your followers, more power and #stayblessed.


Any of you BB experts know what capacity production plays in BB? Do they actually influence game play or is that just perception when the audience doesn’t like outcome? Why would they try to influence the HGs since production has no real stake in the game? It makes sense on a personal level that production would try to influence play. The more interesting the game is, the more people watch long term which keeps BB on the air & they’re able to keep their jobs. Thanks all.


Hi AnonoMoose… I am NO BB expert, but I will offer my penny (not worth 2 cents) –

Even if there is no intentional and/or direction manipulation to influence a HG, just the questions that are asked in the DR (before the clip that is actually shown on tv) have some influence. In a cast with such young players (emotionally more so than chronologically) and players who seem to be extremely focused on image and how they come across on TV, the affect of the questions is much more pronounced. If the player is paranoid, then the questions can be fashioned that encourage paranoia or reassure the HG…. e.g. Are you worried how {this nom/vote} would look to America? vs. Wow, nothing like this has been done since the Brigade – Can you really pull this off?


Check out the Wikipedia entry:
BB13: “During week 8, a controversial Pandora’s Box twist left fans questioning the authenticity of Big Brother and left many wondering if production was rigging the game for certain players. Jeff Schroeder had just been evicted from the house, leaving Rachel Reilly and Jordan Lloyd as the only veterans left in the game. As HoH, Porsche Briggs was clearly targeting Rachel and Jordan for eviction. But when she opened Pandora’s Box, she unleashed the duos twist back into the game, thereby making Rachel and Jordan a duo. If one of them were to win the PoV, they would both be safe from eviction. The Pandora’s Box twist seemed very last minute after Porsche won HoH with it coming out of nowhere and the editing of the episode, and fans wondered if this was a plot by production to keep Rachel and Jordan back in the game. These questions heightened after some of the houseguests remarked that the PoV competition seemed like it was thrown together last minute without it being tested well and also because it seemed like a competition geared for Rachel, who ended up winning the competition and saving her and Jordan from eviction.”
“On Day 42, shortly after Shane made his nominations as Head of Household, he told Danielle that the production crew in the diary room explicitly told him not to put up Frank and Mike for nomination that week. However, both were nominated and were thus eligible for eviction that week. On Day 43, Frank drew a “HouseGuest’s Choice” token during the player draw and when asked to draw again, as later confided to Boogie, he palmed the token. Many fans believe that this was a result of the production team’s desire to keep Frank in the game. This led to an outrage within message boards, fans and viewers, causing many to doubt the authenticity of the show once more. The scandal also ran throughout the Big Brother House and caused tension between opposing HouseGuests, who were not allowed to discuss the situation. Allison Grodner did not comment on the scandal. A video of Frank talking to Boogie about the cheating was put on YouTube, but later removed by CBS for copyright purposes. Despite outcry from fans, the game continued on as normal. On Day 48, Mike was evicted from the game. Frank, when on the block, won the veto and later won HoH causing many forums to speculate that the competitions were rigged in Frank’s favor. Despite controversy, the game progressed on regardless.

On Day 49, after winning the Golden Ball of Veto from the crane game, Ian alleged several times to various HouseGuests that some of the producers were attempting to manipulate his decision and threaten him in the Diary Room by supposedly telling Ian how the Ball of Veto will benefit him if he decided to use it. ”

The contestants are forbidden to talk about it due to the contracts they signed, but the fact they’re not allowed to talk about what happened in the DR even after the show is over is enough to tell you that it’s fishy.


Wow. I thought Nicole was smarter but praising derrick when. He was the main one behind her and Hayden leaving and them hating Cody but not derrick is crazy. It’s also crazy she never picked up on Christine continuing to play w the guys. Victoria is losing it for no reason. They have told her countless times she’s safe and not the target yet she’s still needing one on ones with derrick over it. Nicole’s not even campaigning. Shes too naive for this game. I don’t even have a favorite player in this game. There are 2 ppl I want to win absolutely nothing and thats Frankie and Christine. They are both awful!! Jury house and beyond will likely not be fun for those jamokes. But I wouldn’t mind seeing Frankie as the dbl elim hoh just to see if he is going to fire.. Frankie’s really smart and they are towards the end now that he knows they all discussed backdooring him I think we are going to see an extremely catty frankie. I hope team america has concluded since we lost the favorite member.. Donny or Zach for favorite player.


Wow, I thought I left a reasonable couple of questions but apparently it was reviewed & deemed unsuitable.
There was no foul language or hate towards anybody. Guess that’s just the way it is.
This wont make it either but had to vent somehow.
That said this is the best of all the BB spoilers.


They do influence game play, it’s not just because we are “mad.” Previous houseguests have expressed the fights they have with DR, and their influence over the game. Furthermore, even in this season, you hear houseguests talk about what the DR “wants them to do” in the game. Not sure why you are getting so uptight, you seem to be the only one upset.


After Nicole is evicted the race for least offensive player is on.
The choices from the bottom?
Fakie and Crustine – 1 and 2 on the bottom of the scum of the earth.
Derrick – disgraceful police officer and father and his “game” is basically having 2 brain cells that work occasionally which makes him the smartest hg by default.
The Cody-cat – basically a tamed down pussycat with a huge bark and no bite.
BMC – Brainless Meets Coward.
Who’s left? Vacancy … and at the finale she’ll be crowing about being a strong woman.
The reason she could get to the finals is the same reason she’s still in the game.
She can’t win a damn thing and wouldn’t that be the cherry on top of the most worthless season of bb? To have the most clueless, worthless hg ever to play win this season?


My analysis on who is left:
Derrick: I have been one of his few fans this season but I think by him not eliminating Frankie he has lost the game. Caleb: seems to be in a great position right now because if Cody or Christine win they are going after Frankie and if Frankie wins he is probably going after Cody. Can see a top 3 in the future.
Frankie: If he wins double eviction HOH or POV he can make it far but if anyone else wins it he is gone.
Cody: Unless he is sitting next to Derrick their is no way he is getting evicted. Almost guaranteed top 3.
Christine: If the guys start attacking each other she can go far. If not she is going to be out soon.
Victoria: Guaranteed Top 3 cause she is useless.
Top 3 prediction: Cody, Victoria, Caleb

Irked by the stupidity!

As much as I hate it, your analysis is spot on! I’m Team Derrick FTW. I really hope he didn’t blow it.

Skerry Sherry

Anyone remember back to the first week when Vacant Vic latched on to Fakie saying how he was “her bestie” only to have him immediately put her on the block? Amazing that all these weeks later both of their characters remain the same — he’s a greasy weasel and she’s a co-dependent coward incapable of thinking for her self.


*Sigh* This is why I wanted Hayden back over Zach and Nicole. How can she be so easily manipulated and delusional? ………twice.


Frankie is everyone’s next target. He rubs me the wrong way, too, but if he manages to survive to the final three he deserves to win. Only because he has to win either HOH or POV every week from now on. Good luck with that.


It would be awesome if Victoria won next HOH. That would make everyone start to scramble lol. Too bad that’s not happening, one can wish though…

Social Experiment aka SE

At times, Victoria does have insight into behavior and picks things up – but sadly she doesn’t know what to do with it other than tell Derrick… like a child that cannot articulate where the pain is located. She seems to be extremely fragile in difficult circumstances. Yes, they sign up for this – but I don’t think Victoria has any idea what she would/will face. Do I like her comments, DRs and elitist ways? No. But my likes/dislikes are of no consequence. She is a human being and don’t think she has the coping skills to deal with what she will face when she gets out of the house and hears the things that were said/sees the things that were done. It seems irresponsible of casting.

Butters Mom, if you are out there, I take back what I said. Butters and his alter ego Professor Chaos are too sweet and cute to send into the house to fix things…. however, if you have any pull with Cartman’s mother, that may be the ticket. Cartman would blend in very well since his motto is: “Yes! Yeees! Oh, let me taste your tears… Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness! Mm-yummy.” 😉


Have I mentioned how much I hate these people. CrazedCaleb wants to make BB history. Oh he has already done that..stalker, compulsive liar, braggart and complete wuss. To think putting up VapidVic is a big move shows how delusional he is and he keeps giving shout outs to web sites he’s never even visited. It looks like Fakie may win the game and the only consolation for the fans is knowing that Fakie couldn’t get an agent before he went in the house and probably has less of a chance now.

Irked by the stupidity!

If I were Derrick, after last night, I would rally votes to get Vic evicted and align myself with Nicole. He could put a spin on it somehow and get people on board and no one would need to know he had aligned with Nicole. Vic is going to be the death of his game. So darn needy….I don’t know how he does it but to me, last night it was obvious his patience is running thin. Get the albatross loose!!!!

The Beard

For being a soldier Caleb doesn’t sound off like he’s got a pair.And Derrick being a cop will load the gun but is unable to pull the trigger,wonder when he’s on a case if he makes someone else catch the badguy’s?


New Team America Mission….teach Frankie how to chew with his mouth closed!! Thanks!


I agree watching and hearing him eat is like giving a hog its slop,on a side note Vic would be the perfect woman to remake Glenn Close’s character in(Fatal Attraction)

mr ed

These 3 airhead broads will be the next to go and The Frankie Sausage festival party will commence.They will probably ALL sleep in the same bed in the HOH room!! Better get a couple of cases of “”moisturizer”” ready. (because its so dry in the house). lol.


When Derrick (and other houseguests this season) mention that some of their favorite players were from BB15, that makes me think that they lied about being diehard BB fans

TA Mission

I wonder why there has been no TA mission assigned this week. I am thinking that they were waiting till the POV was played out and renoms. completed. I would like to see them given the mission to keep Nicole and get Victoria evicted. That would put Derrick in a much better position to move forward, and at least give him a chance to align with a player who can at least stop crying long enough to compete.


Omg BB folks-we have a stage 5 clingon in Victoria!!!! Get a grip!!!! He needs to cut her loose for her own good! She is living a fantasy in her mind about them!! So sad…so upset…I can’t let him walk out!!! Dude!!!!! Vomit!!!


I would cry too if l saw Derrick enter the jury house ………..from laughing so hard!!!