Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 premiere “My Bum was on the Cheese”

Part one of the Celebrity Big Brother season 2 Premiere Event. 12 celebrities this season. Tonight we are introduced to the houseguests and get to see the first part of the head of household competition. Tomorrow the Feeds will start and the Big Brother Spoilers will roll.

First up they introduce us to the houseguests this season.

“Party Animal”

“7 Million followers on all the social platforms”

“My Bum was on the Cheese”

“I’m still a virgin..”

“OJ Simpson was guilty”

“My most prized possession” (is her son.. )


“I’ve been managing my children for decades”

“I’ve hosted cake wars”

“I got a Grammy for this song No Scrubs”

“I failed my first drug test” (For pot.. )

“It’s going to last longer than my stint in the whitehouse”

First Head of Household Competition “Drink on us”

Houseguests compete in pairs. Ryan name is drawn by random to pick his partner in the competition. He picks Jonathan. Jonathan picks Joey who picks Ricky. They go through he group until there are just two remaining.

Ryan / Jonathan
Joey / Ricky
LoLo / Tom
Dina / Anthony
Tamar / Kandi

Nobody picks Kato and Natalie. They do not compete but are completely safe for the next eviction.

Ryan and Jonathan win the pairs competition. They now compete to see who is the Head of Household. The loser of this second competition becomes the first nominee of the season.

Ryan wins the HOH the nominees are Tom, Anthony and Jonathan.

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Houka Inumuta

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kato is safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I seen a lot of people who thinks that Kato would be the first to go which turned out false


Did anyone else notice Tamar demolishing those grapes when Kato Kaelin was talking about OJ? Is the OJ Simpson trial going to be debated on Celebrity Big Brother? It was called the Trial of the Century back in 1995, but it’s continuing into yet another century.


I like this cast, i thought i wouldnt at first but after the episode it seems we got a couple BB fans mixed in there and they look like they are ready to play. im excited. i hope feeds start tonight!

celeb bb vs bachelor vs agt the champions

wow cbs was 3rd in rating not good monday with it being reiple threat reality tv wars

celeb bb vs bachelor vs agt the champions

but against nbc filler agt champion vs bachelor this waint good for them plus why not go 2hrs right?America’s Got Talent: The Champions (NBC) (8-10 p.m.) 1.6/6 9.66
The Bachelor (ABC) (8-10 p.m.) 1.6/6 5.96
Big Brother: Celebrity Edition (CBS) – P 1.4/6 5.40


Raven should come back to raise money and awareness for her diabolical unknown diseases/conditions which will cut her life as short as JC if she’s not given enough pity and attention!


hahahaha. So done with her though…

celeb bb vs bachelor vs agt the champions

the let howe cbb does against the masked on wef night and thurs night vs titan games


Thank you for having the best Big Brother site and for writing such great posts Simon and Dawg!!! IMO, after watching last night’s premiere episode this is going to be a good one!! It is hard to pick a favourite!? …for now I will say Tom Green, since he is a Canadian! However I am sure this will change after tonight’s episode…looking forward to reading your posts for this season of Big Brother Celebrity!!

double D

One of the Swinging Singing Sisters have got to go.


Lol. It’s just the 2nd night and I already have my favorite quote of the season “I don’t believe in alliances”

You can't sit with us

Really liking this season so far. The cast is hilarious


I’m watching the countdown to live feeds thinking I need to get a life. LOL! Actually, I’m back in teacher mode, so I don’t even have time for this.

I’m already impressed with Tamar’s tenacity, Tom’s wit, Kandi’s cautiousness, Ryan’s athleticism, Eva’s everything, Ricky’s genuineness, and LoLo’s drive.

I’m not impressed with Scarymuchy, Jon, Dina, Kato, and especially…. Joey. WHOAH! Does he know what show he is on?

Of course, we will know more once the live feeds actually begin. What I like best about live feeds is that even celebrities forget they are “on” and begin to reveal their true selves. It’s fun watching these personas become real people. Most likable for me already is Ricky, but then again, he did play football down the street once upon a time. Most annoying for me as of now would be a tie between Jon and Kato.

Simon- I’ll forgive you for your Paul comment. Sorry, but just reading his name makes my skin crawl. Yet, somehow I know he will make it back to the BB screen eventually.

I loved the first celebrity BB so I’m hopeful another good season is afoot.

*2 1/2 hours to live feeds. 🙂

Like Literally

I didn’t care for last seasons Celebrity BB and sort of thought no on this one. Trepidatiously (since my DVR was already set to record) we are into the first episode now and I may like it after all. I kind of like these selection of people. Tamar is always a fight waiting to happen. They’ll hate Scaramucci for his politics. DIna Lohan is emotionally unstable (flash back to when she was on Dr. Phil). Over all I like the mix of people. Love Candy Burris. Anything is better than Omarosa. That ruined it for me last season.


I think this season will be lit! A lot of button pusher personalities in the house. Not a fan of Dina, but curious what gameplay all will bring. One thing I know for sure, no matter how good or bad this season turns out, Simon, Dawg, and the OBB community will make it better.


Hey Dawg, I found an Amex gift card at London Drugs.


Thank you! I appreciate the info! I managed to get the US itunes workaround to work 🙂