CBB Live Feed Sneak peek “I don’t think we have any lettuce really .. Kinda Crazy”

At 2:00pm PST the feeds were turned on for around 15 minutes. Cam 1/2 show some of them playing pool CAms shows the kitchen.


2:00pm-2:15pm CAm1/2 Playing pool, Ricky, Ryan, Jon and Kato.
Teams are Kato/Ricky – Jon/Ryan . it’s all chit chat..

Kato KAaelin does a “Mental Selfie”

Jon and Ryan complaining how crappy their pool game is ..
“We gotta eat”

2:12pm Jon and Ryan go eat.. Kato and Ricky use the tablet to put Kato’s “information in”
2:15pm Feeds cut.. Sneak peak over..

2:00pm Storage room Tamar, LOLO, Natalie
Tamar is saying they got to eat the fish she doesn’t want to see it go to waste “there’s a lot of Halibut.. I can’t watch the money go down the toil…”

Tamar hauls out a bit of fish..

2:02pm Kitchen – Toms Green cooking tuna. Bunch of houseguests milling around. LoLO is chopping a pineapple
Tom Green says the Tuna tastes “pretty Good.. Red in the middle but I mean.. it’s Fish right?”
Tom  – they say you can’t undercook fish..
LOLO asks for help with the garlic “Tom, can you show me that Trick” (putting Garlic in a can)

Joe pops into the Kitchen says they have to make a mental list they are out of Olive oil and almost out of towels. (he’s panicking)


General chit chat about how good Tim’s Tuna is.. They ask Tom what else he likes to cook. “I like to BBQ. .. I can make Rice”


Tom – I’m glad we’re eating all the fish.. there’s a lot of it.. fish in the fridge.. tuna, halibut Salmon.. full of Fish
Tom – We’re cooking all that
Tamar – mmmhhhmm
Tom – wow..

You can hear Joe in the background going on about them needing “WE also need some lettuce for tonight.. I don’t think we have any lettuce really”
Joe – Kinda Crazy… THEY gotta make a serious run and we can’t talk to them
“the Diary is locked up”
Joe – well they are going to have to let somebody in there and I know they can hear us so…. you know..
(OH MY GOOD no lettuce for tonight.. almost out of towels.. no olive oil.. )
LOLO suggests next time a person is called into the Diary Room they need to tell them to request the things they need
Jon is helping lolo clean up

SCARAMUCCI watch .. He was asking about the FETA but they are out.. He walks up to LOLO “wow you really know how to cook”
LOLO – yeah a little bit

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King Silva

Thanks for this; I’m so hyped!

Smitten Kitten

I used to work for the Miami Dolphins & Ricky Williams is one of THE nicest, most laid back, easy going, chill people in the world.

He would always sign autographs & take selfies with fans, never said no.

Lettuce Gate

im concerned about this cast, they seem like they arent really fans of the game, not like the last cast who were very strong game players.

Also who are these people? besides Tom Green and Kato Kaelin (a celeb? lol) i dont know who these people are, unlike last season we had a lot of very known celebs.
i was expecting this season to have even more top celebs after last season was such a great season. Already disappointed in this cast.

Janey Haze

Agree 100%


Happy New Year everyone! Glad to be back.
I am so hyped!!! Ready for the ratchetness and ridiculousness

Janey Haze

Well the Packers didn’t make the playoffs and I’m not a fan of either team in the Super Bowl, but at least I’ve got Celebrity Big Brother to get hyped about. I just came to check in and see if there were any early posts and you’ve already got a live feed sneak peek! Simon and Dawg, you guys are the best and always my go-to for everything BB. Thanks guys. Let it begin! Let it begin!

double D

So they are eating the fish for the halibut.


salmon chanted evening

celeb bb vs bachelor vs agt the champions

this should be interesting monday for ratings you think they wouild do 2hr on monday with it 2 other show being on!

Houka Inumuta

Kato will win this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s best celeb in this entire show. Kato FTW!!!!!!


An interesting mix of characters for this 2nd season of Celebrity BB.

Simon, I have to agree with you about Tom. His quick wit will keep things entertaining, for sure.


Hey Granny


I saw bits and pieces of the televised sow and there seems to be some promise for this season. The DR’s I saw were still rather high school drama club level acting but that’s more on the producers begging for big energy, sass, or whatever single trait caricature they want from the folks. Hopefully the feeds will provide some great moments of entertainment. I can’t wait for some live feed craziness!