“whats frustrating is the Kandi situation.. she absolutely doesn’t need the money “

Big Brother Spoilers – LOCO does not use the Power of Veto.

Early morning wake up for the Veto Ceremony. Last year they let the feeds run until Finale Morning. Not sure what they have planned for us this Time around.

12:25pm LOCO and Dina
LOLO – whats frustrating for is [the] Kandi situation she absolutely doesn’t need the money
Lo – that’s what’s really frustrating..
Dina – at all
Lo – she just really wants to win
Lo – she makes more money in two episodes of her show than I would make My whole year..

LO goes on about wishing that Dina would have told her that Kandi wouldn’t take her to the finals.
Dina says Ta is tight with Kandi and Ricky
Lo – they’re all tight so If I don’t win.. Ricky is really good at the memory stuff
Din a- so is Kandi
Lo – it’s really frustrating cause I went through a lot of sh1t to make it to the final
D – I KNOW.. that’s why I’m rooting for you.. DAMMIT I wish I knew the game better
LO – maybe have another conversation with Kandi and see who she is going to go (with) .. just.. you’re really close with her
Dina – If I’m not here it’s TA.. that I know. I would bet money on it
Dina says that Kandi knows that all the guys are not going to vote for TA “It’s a win win for her”

Lo – I’m going to tell you right.. He (Ricky) thinks Kandi is jealous of Tamar and that Kandi would not want Kandi to win
Lo – So by Kandi taking Tamar to the finales you know.. I Kandi thinks that..
Dina- she totally thinks that
Dina (sometimes impossible to transcribe Dina’s speech) She’s saying Tom and Kato will vote for Kandi over Tamar
Lo – Than Tamar will be happy to get Second because Second place gets prize money to
Dina – I told a couple of the guys who I thought should win for financial stuff.. I told Kato I told Tom I think I even told Kandi I gotta ask her../
Din a- Cause I never thought about it all I wasn’t like that..
LO – I mean the only other thing I can do is I could just plead with whoever stays if it’s you or Kandi and just be like
Dina – Kandi is competitive and that’s a great thing that is why she is so successful
Lo – I just don’t think Ricky is going to believe if you say what you told me I hav ea feeling he’s not going to believe it that is what my heart is feeling..
LOLO – I felt weird energy between her and Ta
Dina- they are tight..
Dina – I think she wants it to be her and Ricky cause that’s a toss up
LO – I thought Ryan and Jon liked Ricky
Dina- NO.. JOn would not.. I would give him the look
Lo – I voted Jon out
Dina – it’s the game kato put me on the block that little sh*****
They speculate about the votes if it’s LOLO and Ricky
Dina – Kandi would go Ricky
Lo – cause they played so much chess
Dina – she just would.. I pretty much know her so that would be two.. Tom would vote for you.. Joey..
Dina – Kato would vote for you
Lo – really? kato was mad at me though
D – no, if it’s between you and Ricky
Lo – ohh yeah

12:43pm Tamar listening in…

12:53pm LOLO and Tamar
LOCO wants to know if Ricky had a problem with her speech earlier because she say him laughing..
Ta – he said that Veto was funny ..
LO – he had an issue with me basically being graceful to both of them. What’s the issue with that
Ta – he didn’t say .. there was a lot of funny elements.. didn’t he say in the room
Lo – yeah.. I’ve been thinking about a lot of thing
Ta wants to know
LO – I can’t say it because I have to keep listening to my holy spirit about what is going on
Ta – with who
LO – I just need to read my bible and figure it out..

12:56pm Tamar and Kandi
Tamar whispering about Dina Starting something
Kandi what she do
Sounds like Tamar is saying I don’t trust her

6:49pm Tamar and LOCO
LOLO brings up Dina saying that KAdni is going to pick Tamar and Tamar is picking Kandi
LOLO – like there’s a deal
Tamar – I’m 100% taking you
Lo – yeah
T – 1000%
LO – when she told me that I was like.. alright before I say anything .. I’m going to go pray about this
T – think about how that sound s
L – yeah
T – SHE’S not taking me
L – yeah.. and after I talk to Kandi I was like yeah.. .. I dunno she might but I think she’ll probably pick Ricky
Tamar – “under any circumstances”

LOLO says that Dina told her she’s a siting duck in the end.
Tamar – Dina go home .. please go home Dina
Tamar – I’m not going to f* you

Ta – IO’m not going to f* you
Lo – I believe you

7:50pm cards

9:30pm Lolo, Kandi, Dina and Tamar. Lolo – Last day in the house guys! WOOOHHHOO! Kandi – give it up for yourselves. Lolo – we made it!! They talk about their families going to be at the finale.

10pm Bedroom. Lolo and Ricky. Lolo – You have to have some kind of confidence going into this final. Ricky – yes exactly. Lolo – you can’t be like what if? What if? What if? It will drive you crazy. So at one point when the room had decided to keep Kandi .. even though I had those reservations. I went into track mode. Tunnel vision. But now I feel much better going into this. I am down for it so we will stay on the same plan and I will talk to you tomorrow right before. I am down for it. Ricky – ok, yeah. Lolo – YES! We’re going to split the vote! Ricky – I love it. Lolo – Going out in style!

10:50pm – 11:26pm Kandi and Dina playing cards. After Dina and Kandi shower and get ready for bed.

8:55am Ricky and Tamar

Ricky – I like Kandi I think she’s a sweet person but not today.

Ricky – You feel bad?
Ta – you’re trying to pin it on me
Ricky – you saved her when you had the opportunity that was a HUGE save
T – I don’t know if it’s bad I think I’m little confused
R – about?
T – how it all came about
R – I tell you I was upstairs by myself and it just didn’t sit right with me.. I came down downstairs.. then went up to work out and said LOLO I don’t feel good about this
R – and she was kinda like Ahhh..
Ta – we need to break down the strategy with Dina because that’s the part I don’t understand
R – there’s no strategy I mean.. my understanding was at the beginning of the process it was a flip of the coin Kandi or Dina
T – well how she (lo) broke it down to me is probably the reason I feel so uneasy about it
R – how did she break it down .. She (Dina) can’t win anything
Ta – she (lo) she told me that Kandi said she’s going to take you with her .. I’m so confused
R – for them they cannot win so I don’t care.. it’s not even .. if any of them had a chance to win it would be Kandi with Dina …
Ta – you trippin Dina almost won this HOH
R – which one
Ta – the one outside the one LOLO won
R – no she didn’t
Ta – yes she did and she almost won a veto
R – those are memory these ones are about the game ./.. she doesn’t know anything about the game
Ta – I’m glad it feels right to you cause none of it feels right to me.. I didn’t sleep at all

9:25am Feeds down for the season. Finale is tonight

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LOCO says she needs to read her Bible to figure it out. If she hasn’t figured it out in 36 years, I don’t think it’s going to happen in the next 24 hours. And for the last time… this is not a charity that gives money to whoever “needs it the most!”

Mom of 3 Boys

I can see it now, the Loco Jones Go Fund me page…

Guano Loco

Lol, maybe Raven from BB19 and her mom can coach Lolo on the GoFundMe process

double D

Lo – it’s really frustrating cause I went through a lot of sh1t to make it to the final

You hear this line every BB season

Guano Loco

The Loco train will derail soon……her sense of entitlement to win because she “ needs the money more than Kandi” is pathetic. Maybe TPTB are helping her to win because she’s a sad loser in life. She probably will never get the help she needs because of the: “ I don’t have a problem, it’s them!” defensive attitude. At this point, I’m starting to pity her. The lack of self awareness with Lolo & Tamar is astounding


Join the discussion…Sometimes in LIFE you have to know when to LETGO, when the dream has expired, use your skills to help in some other way, as for BIG MOUTH TAMAR, every time she open her mouth is for attention, she has to be the loudest to draw the attention to herself, parents take note on how not to raise your child by teaching them that they should always be the center of attention …GEEEEEEZE !!


If Lolo does make it to the final two I wonder if she will become combative when being questioned by the jury. I don’t think she can control the anger.

Mom of 3 Boys

GOOD GOD LOCO!!!!! ENOUGH already with the boo freaking hoo sob story about who needs the money more. This is NOT “Big Charity Case”!!!! And talk about being CLUELESS about “needs”. If she’s saying Kandi makes more in 2 episodes of RHOA, which I think is about $110k per episode, than she does in a year, that means Loco prob makes around $200k a year (and good for Kandi! I know she also has successful businesses in music and restaurants. No wonder why Tamar is so jealous of her!). And she’s single. And she doesn’t have kids. Does she not realize the average BB viewer most likely makes MUCH less WITH a family AND kids??? Who is supposed to feel bad for her??? I’m so over the whiny ass pity party game she and Tamar are playing. They need a BIG wake up call.

Mom of 3 Boys

No Loco, you know what IS frustrating though? Your sense of entitlement and total LACK of awareness about what the average American family lives on. You are SINGLE and making a very nice living.

She must have been enabled her whole life to believe everyone else OWES her something.

Loco Lolo

And Kandi employs a lot of people.

another name

gee. i just love it when people whose net worth is estimated between 1 and 35 million (depending on which of the five) talk about financial need. It fills me with hope, especially when they received a 100k signing bonus, and 5k stipend a week for the amount of time they spend in the house. It’s heatwarming to know that the chen moonves celebrity charity telethon is doing so much good for the world.

Can't believe it’s over already!

Big Brother should be on twice a year, with a break inbetween for Celebrity Big Brother. Other networks do that with some of their reality shows, and lets face it, CBS doesn’t have much else going on……
Also, did anyone else feel like they covered a lot less of the actual happenings in the house this year?
Probably to make room for commercials.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

This happened about the same time last year on CBB; I could’t watch anymore. I’m interested enough to read the transcripts and comments here. It’s more entertaining than watching Lolo feel sorry for herself and Tamar being Tamar. I recorded last night’s show but we haven’t even watched it. I can’t stand 4 out of the 5 players left. Lolo basically wants charity to win the game. Perhaps she’d win a gold medal if they let her have a huge head start over everyone else. Same thing. You’re right about Dina, she makes no sense. This is the Dina I saw on the Dr. Phil show 2-3 years ago. It really explained alot about Lindsey. Her parents are NUTS. Michael Lohan is in the press now saying he is entitled to Dina’s $100,000 pay day (I’m not sure if that is assuming she wins or what she gets paid for being on the show). He’s a jack a#@ and she’s erratic, ditzy, and immature.


I cant’t follow Dina’s *conversations* at all. She’s a manager? That is a TALK IT UP profession. I know because my son was an agent and then manager.
You must be intelligent and and be able to talk AND make sense.
Who makes lots of money should be a non issue. This is a game.
It’s how the player strategized, who outplayed and outlasted the others.
No surprise for me this season. My faves NEVER win.


Super confused at how lolo is so broke? It says her net worth is like 1.5 million. I feel like she could probably afford health insurance with that? Geez I hope she doesn’t win. Also looking at the polls, how is Tamar currently in 2nd place for fan favorite?! Wtf

Roll Tide

Who is in first place?

another name

name me another olympian that came in 7th and 11th that is considered a celebrity. I find that more confusing.


Someone posted on Joeys Instagram to vote for Tamar to be the first black female to win and that she is a good person and that people don’t like her because she is a loud and black. This person doesn’t know her personally but is a big fan. OMG, what s wrong with the world???


Tamar has a lot of internet fans who are willing to vote. Many of the others simply don’t have a base who will actually take the time to vote for them.

Cra Cra

Because the other celebrity fans have a life and Tamars don’t, they think it’s okay to act like a spoiled brat. I’m trying to figure out why anyone could like her and think the way she acts is okay.


Nope, don’t vote Tamar, because then you just affirm that it’s okay to act like a big baby in public, and a ‘bully’ with your antics, and still win. Guess where that got the USA during the last election (sorry I had to bring that up, but it’s true).
Tamar can just hang out with her talented sisters on their reality show and cry boo hoo about how ‘Tom Green’ was so mean to her.


The online net worth things aren’t accurate at all …they are guestimating, have no idea of the individuals personal finances (investments, hardships) good or bad

another name

i tend to find the ones that come from court and divorce filings that are not sealed, but public records to be a bit better than guestimates. but i agree, many of the online ones can be misleading.


Lol the only one who is “broke” in rich people’s standards is Dina but let’s put that out of the equation the show is a GAME people got picked for entertainment purposes,, so the status of how much they make has nothing to do with anything lol. I hope at this point Kandi Dina or yes Tamar win because Lolo and Ricky have played a dirty game where yes Tamar is a little annoying and extra but she has bee. Downlow loyal to Kandi. Lol


Calling it now loco beats craymar in the final vote


I’m looking forward to seeing Tamar’s face tonight, when she doesn’t win the $250,000 or AFP. It will make it all worthwhile, lol


I wish that was true, but I have a feeling she will win one of the 2.


I’m just hoping that whoever they decide to keep (Kandi or Dina) wins final HOH and ultimately wins the game. I prefer Kandi because she’s been the classiest of those remaining. She has been on the block the most yet has kept her composure and even reconciled with Cray Cray. She deserves the cash for putting up with both Cray and Dina (the ditz who threw her under the bus numerous times). I doubt they keep her though and Loco gets the final win with production’s help. I think she’ll win against Ricky or Tamar. So we can all rest easy tonight that Loco will finally be able to buy health insurance (said in most sarcastic voice ever).


Tamar sounds like she’s about to faint. I can’t wait for them to pick Ricky as the winner. She’ll really love that, lol


Welp….these final 2 couldn’t be more nauseating. BLUK!

“Winning” is rarely fair these days. Just sayin’!


Just UGH!

Roll Tide

Simon and Dawg, Thank you for all of your hard work. Looking forward to the next BB. Thank your families for letting us borrow you.