Big Brother Canada 10 Finale

Here we go! The finale to Big Brother Canada 10. Results will show once they come in.

Let me know how good this season was in the comments. Did I make a mistake missing this seasons feeds?

Super thanks to all of you that commented Another name and TTOTambz you’re the best 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all this summer for BBUS.

Kevin wins wins Big Brother Canada 10

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Betty has no business being in the finale. It’s a mockery of the show.


Can’t watch live….any updates are appreciated!!! LET’S GO KEVVVVVVV!!!!!!!!!


Kevin Won!!!!

un autre nom

Big Brother Canada 10: The FINALLY (not a typo… i mean it, the lag in the last week of feeds seems to get longer and longer every season).
I’m still thinking Josh with comp wins gets a push with Golden Edit. However, I’d prefer Kevin to win and say he was the focus of action for the season. He should win, and I hope he does. However, edit is a mighty animal to overcome and that d/r gremlin bs…. ouch.
It’s a 2 hour. Please don’t season in review recap for ten minutes. Please?
Lots and lots of follow the narrative we’ve created, isn’t it good tv that doesn’t match feeds? We’re proud of it.

OH ffs… they’re reapping ALL ten winners? WONDER what they do for 8. btw, the edit for 8 was saying Sheldon.
On DAY ONE…. shoot me if they do every damn day.
Leading the deceit? Josh?
Found a rock… ride or die narrative? explain the 7 weeks they weren’t.
The villain superfan.
SO MANY ALLIANCES. Gee when you only show an alliance weeks after they form, that happens. And look Betty is non existent in that part.
Ghost intro.
Fights. Betrayals. Beef. and yet boring a lot.
Kevin manipulator vs the blockstars… that were in no danger because Kevin was helping them.
Crash Test Dummies intro.
It cut because they got so close? Ummm, i guess all the shit talking didn’t exist???
Betty hit rock bottom, she get’s the phoenix rising edit.
Triple. Ride or die AGAIN???
Betty gets second Phoenix rising.
Oh the soundtrack.
OH. D/R Gremlining Is Betty’s GUT???
Josh lies to save himself.
Ghosts vs. Besties (had NO NAME so that’s what they came up with???)
Josh wins again. Veto.
Josh is stuck. Josh chose friendship. Betty evicted Haleena.
Blockstar Survivor / Sentimental Assassin / Evil Mastermind.
Oh. Ugly purple togas / skort sets. yeesh.
HOH PART ONE. collect and balance coins. place and set, not hold and set. 26 coins required.
Kevin d/r ready to rock.
Josh d/r comp streak. representation.
Josh and Kevin drop.
Betty at 18 of 26.
Josh drops at 22.
Everynone dropping.
Kevin stops to organize.
Betty drops at 26.
Kevin drops. Betty defeating herself with doubt? kevin is at 26.
d/r Kevin wants revenge.
Betty is Bitter. Kevin is villain’s back let’s GO (oh i hate when they let’s go).
ED. SPOILER ACCOUNT ONE AND TWO: Oops???? Spoiler account three. good job since you posted all three won part one in three accounts. I see you.
iNDIVIDUAL TIMED…. BULLSHIT. I hate individually timed vetoes, especially in endgame, and gee, final 3 is as endgame as it gets.
Voiceover isn’t what they actually hear. just hope you know that. They hear a comp producer explaining the comp, and they’ve had a quick practice.
More representation D/R
Day 34 wasn’t a veto. it was chain of safety. Big oops. REPEATEDLY
He went through it pretty quick though, you can tell.
d/r wants another comp win for jury.
Betty rolls not throwing.
Betty can’t get Marty.
Betty doesn’t call the chain comp a veto.
Betty hesitated before locking in
2 HOURS 02 40
34 35

JURY ROUND TABLE. With Keifer. oh. this should give us nothing.
It’s been a season…. he didn’t say good.
Haleena enters. Says backstabbed. Says heart not head at 5 cost the game.
Round table was actually not helpful. At All. By design.

The Jury is Wild.
A or B. Jury knowledge.
1: b Josh. 2: a Both 3: b Both 4: a Kevin 5: a Both 6: a Both 7: b Both
8: both 9: total hours jurors were in house. J: 7120 K: 10433
answer: 8000 +
Kevin seems to know he’s being Evicted? His reaction is defeated. I can’t imagine he didn’t try to make a deal or two. HE HAD TO HAVE MANIPULATED JOSH WITH SHE WILL WIN FOR SURE. It’s Kevin. Come on. I smell another Kevin ACT, he’s done the head down defeated before.
Josh evicts BETTY.
Betty doesn’t leave happy.
Loves Josh as a person, considers herself a winner.
55 minutes left in the episode.
Open minded with a little BITTERNESS.
Kevin won first part, Josh won and evicted Betty explanation.
Josh is crying again.
(ED. MY OPINION ONLY: Kevin had better Jury pitch answers, but Josh made points by stroking EGO like Summer’s. Kevin owned his game. Josh apologized a lot and didn’t talk strategy just my opinion means nothing).
Jury Statements:
Josh apologizes. 3 HOH comps. Socially relevant in house. Representation push. I’ve been authentic. Ed. Except for game ownership.
Kevin. I’m the strategist. I’m the villlain. I brought the fire. Outs Josh’s dirt.
Arisa cast vote on behalf of Canada.
Hermon: buy a car. Moose: only voting because i have to vote. Gino: spelling joke. Summer: brown sugar petty.
Jace: king cobra. Hal: visible vote Betty: vote for who really played the game.
ED: WOW. KEVIN ATE. He Really sold to that jury.
But is it enough????? Compwins and tier levels of deserving to be there notwithstanding.
Pre-Jury intro… Intro takes more time than Haleena got on screen for the first 5 weeks in episodes. Burn?

25 minutes left of episode. and the underserving stay seated on the other side of the room. I mean, the non jurors.

  • Jace had secret power.
  • Steph blindside.
  • doctor reveal
  • Unmarried reveal.

MOOOOOOOORE FILLER: singing dancing hugging kissing.

Winner reveal:
8 out of 9 votes. Only Betty voted for Josh.

I’m shocked but happy. He played harder and better except for comps in the last couple of weeks.
The edit change has happened.
They’ve finally changed the edit system and i know nothing again!!!!!!
You may think I’m being sarcastic there. I AM NOT. I’m thrilled that I get to come up with a new system for reading the edit, since this season they didn’t answer all the questions on my list week one.
That pleases me.

Fave: Marty. East coast votes east coast. Whatchagonnado?

bbcan10 finale.jpg
un autre nom

I’m still wide eyed.
The person that production sabotaged won.
Oh come on.
They did. For the sake of that silly ‘Josh found his rock, his ride or die phoenix from the ashes role model golden edit choice’… they sabotaged Kevin, and…
He won.

I’ve watched a clips of his jury answers and his speech. He ate Josh up, and in the clip of his jury speech you can see the dumbfounded look on Josh’s face knowing he just got eaten up, spit out, and eaten again… by the guy he and Betty said didn’t deserve to be in the finals, but took because he was the easy win.

For the first time in BBCan history, the winner NEVER won an HOH.
Sidetalk (no evidence but…) Remember when Kevin repeatedly said to himself that he needed Haleena in jury to download his game to them and get them thinking? The jury round table is a three hour talk they edit down to one section (so up to 12 minutes). Is there ANY possibility she got into their brains again? Considering the fourth place finisher hardly ever stays with the jury, they get sequestered except for that talk in most seasons? I mean, name a jury clip where something was positive spin about Kevin, I’ll wait.

The best strategic mastermind in the final three won. The Floater defeated the coaster and the anchor.

un autre nom

If i see the post season press pack, does anyone want me to post locations?
There have been a few Haleena interviews already.
Interviews should start appearing for the final 3 and probably a couple with Marty for winning favorite east coast houseguest (what… his community put out ads to get people to vote for him).
I’m only going to check tomorrow’s batch. I usually just post general reactions unless something shocking comes up.
What i’m interested in: what negotiations came up for the final 2 seats.
Does Josh realize lack of ownership was his downfall? I mean, Kevin called out he was lying in his finals speech by revealing his final 2 with Josh and the pre-arranged plot to get rid of Summer.

I’m still happy that the season long edit system has been changed. I’m going to actually spend a few hours going over the first three weeks of episodes to see if i can determine the new pattern. What? I’m a little obsessive and my brain craves pattern recognition in both visual and psychological analysis of the things around me (says a whole lot to explain me doesn’t it).


Good deserving winner for such a mediocre season
Thank you another name and TTOTambz for sticking through and updating us
Now lets focus on BBUS24

un autre nom


  1. first person to enter has never won. Summer. still in effect.
  2. Nobody nominated week one has ever won. Kevin. Broken.
  3. Person evicted in final four has been the closest ally of the winner since the series returned from hiatus ( season 3 added to 6 and up). Haleena. still in effect.
  4. Hoh winner at final four has been a finalist every full season except 5. Josh. Still in effect.
  5. First duo in week one episodes to make a ride or die contains the winner. N/A. wasn’t in the episodes this season.
  6. Fist person to say I’m going to win BBCAN in week one d/r (sometmes a red herring for a season focal, but always a hg to watch). N/A. wasn’t in the episodes this season.
  7. Person with heavy loaded D/R content in week one that has no involvement in week one. True 50% of early seasons, true every season since Hiatus. N/A? There was no heavy d/r content in week one except for the HOH and Noms. The winner was a replacement nom? Look at Pattern 2. Oh.
  8. First named alliance contains a winner (since season 5). Broken. finalist yes not winner.
  9. Fist big alliance shown in the edit is a season long focal for season tone over 60% contains winner (higher since hiatus). Savage 7 set that whole “deserves” thing that was still being said on YESTERDAY’S episode.
  10. East coast traditionally votes. Lots. still true. When USUALLY MOST of the cast is from Ontario, B.C and Alberta… with one or two east coasters that division of votes is going to lean to whoever the East Coast wants, and East Coast generally votes East Coast house guest or allies of East Coast house guests. Surprises… Quebec. No really. When it comes to votes Quebec is THE wildcard.

Processing alterations to Patterns in order to create a new system of recognition….
Is this annoying? Imagine this being constant thought process whilst analyzing the microexpressions and body language shifts of the person you are talking with. blink blink. Eyeroll.

un autre nom

Season long Diary inclusion.
One would assume, the longer you stay in the game, the more you should be a part of the storyline, and therefore the more d/r you should have.
Logic of course, takes into account HOH’s and Noms generally get more diary inclusion in a given week because they are the focal of a week. So repeat HOH’s and repeat noms should be a larger part of a weekly focal, and therefore should have higher d/r counts.
That PARTIALLY explains the ODDITIES in this season’s D/R inclusion.
Look at Jess. Look at Haleena. Jess left week 5 on a special eviction. Haleena left week 10. Heck look at Summer. Other than a viewer vote, she wasn’t actually a focal.
Jace? Two of her noms/comp wins were on special eviction nights. Not a lot of D/R for those. Now consider this. MOOSE had a 5 episode streak with NO D/R. No, really. He was on radio silent for almost 2 full weeks.

Now do you sort of see why I called her Invisileena?

If you analyze their d/r content total as a per episode average, Haleena comes in 14th place only ahead of Stephanie and Tynesha when it comes to inclusion per week. Jay actual has the most d/r per episode as a houseguest in the house, then Jess, Kyle, Kevin, Jace, Gino, Marty, Josh, Hermon, Betty, Moose, Summer, Melina, Haleena, Tynesha and Stephanie. The bottom five people in terms of average d/r inclusion per episode they were house guests in the house are all women. Six of the bottom 8. When viewed that way… That’s disconcerting.
When viewing the d/r as a storyline plot device, and you realize that 6 of the bottom 8 are women, and then realize that 6 of the top 8 are white… hmmm. also disconcerting.
Hmmm. that’s actually raised an eyebrow, and since i’m not part of the 24% of the world born with that ability, you should know, i’m taking note.

bbcan10 DIARY.jpg

I can’t believe Josh fucked up and evicted Betty…

He still very well could have lost but as a 5-4 or 6-3 loss instead of 8-1.

There is a chance he could have won too. If he would have cut Kevin I think he would have got Kevin, Haleena, and Marty’s votes for sure.

Summer, Moose, Hermon, and Canada would surely go for Betty but that would leave the deciding votes as Jacey-Lynn and Gino.

I would be shocked if they were not a package deal so that would mean a 6-3 Betty win or a 5-4 Josh win. If he really sold his competition wins more then I think Gino would for sure vote for Josh and I think Jacey-Lynn would lean towards him too (especially if she knew her boyfriend was voting that way).

He really messed up imo. He’s lucky he is a doctor and shouldn’t need the money that much… But still he not only cost himself a chance to win but also his supposed best friend at minimum $20k and maybe $100k if the jury was super bitter against him…


In their interviews, Betty & Josh said they spoke to the jurors and discovered Josh would’ve won if he’d taken Betty. In one she said it would’ve been close but in another, she said I would’ve only got a couple of votes.

Betty confirmed if she’d won Part 2 & 3 she was taking Josh and Kevin confirmed if he’d won he would’ve taken Betty & the jury still awards him the win.


Yeah that will haunt him for a while.

So dumb.

Dementia Joey

Josh would love to have that choice back.

un autre nom

exit interviews.
NO cattle call like season 1-5. Instead most are next morning fare. Most interviews have Josh and Betty together.

Network interview with Kevin is on the big brother Canada website.
He credits Haleena with a lot of his game. He also notes Jace, as someone that was good at picking up stragglers, and they used that.
His plans: donation to breast cancer and investment with his winnings.
Video 1:
Betty sitting with Josh confirms that the jury told her it would have been a split vote if Josh had taken her to final 2, but Josh would have won. (Betty was told by jurors).
Video 2: Kevin
Kevin reveals his speech didn’t actually win him the game. A couple of jurors were excited to vote against Josh when they saw Betty was evicted.
(ED. Hal going to jury was good for Kevin, she manipulated the bitterness jurors felt).
His inspiration from past bbcan:
Anthony. season 7
game admired in house:
Haleena. she worked Kevin, Jace and Marty to all fight to keep Hal off the block during Jess’ HOH.
Why Haleena as ride or die: their socialized values from traditional homes, and both of them have that but do their own thing (his heritage and hers had some overlap in terms of values).
Video 3: Josh (Ed. gonna be honest… this one UNDERWHELMS)
Biggest solo game move:
Triple eviction, winning that HOH and getting Summer and Marty out.
difference between game wanted to play and game played:
Wanted to play under radar invisible. Week 3 nom by Kyle blew that up. Threw comps to try to play middle.
Biggest challenge:
who to rely on in game. Says choosing Betty was good for him.
Back against wall moment:
Week 9. was shocked Kev/Hal wanted him out. he came up with a lie saying he’d throw HOH. He was alone at that point, didn’t even have Betty.
Video 4: Betty (Josh is present)
Big move proud of?
Her HOH win and nominating Jace and Josh. Getting Jace out was huge. By the end of week regretted nomming Josh, but at beginning didn’t care if he left.
Most difficult experience in bbcan house?
Being away from home and not being sure who she could trust.
Pivotal week for Betty?
Week 6. wanted to self evict when Marty targeted her AGAIN. Kevin saved Josh with Veto, and that lit a fire in her to stay.
Takeaways and past houseguest inspriation:
Very trusting person, and she’s learned she should be more open to others. Ika is her inspiration.
Josh’s interview was pbbbbbt (raspberry noise).
Even the viewers were giving him questions that would have given him time for ownership… and the only ownership he took was winning comps imo. When he does take credit in game, it was other people’s moves that he happened to be HOH for. I’m disappointed in his interview. I say this because remove the Role Model Narrative from the episode edit and I quite like Josh.
Video 6 (will become an article by this evening) Kevin
Kevin thought he would lose against Josh for sure. Thought his only chance was winning part 3 of HOH, cutting Josh and taking Betty to finals. He thought it would be a split, but he’d beat her. Notes his perception was off after speaking to jurors because he really thought he’d only get Hal and Jace’s votes against Josh.
Hindsight. Josh should have taken Betty (he learned from Jurors). Betty thinks she might have gotten 2 votes if Josh had taken her (ED. Summer and Hal, note Betty from what I’m picking up in cross platform poll surveys likely had the Canada vote in a Betty/Josh battle).
Betty says in the house best friends. Real world maybe maybe not. She’s salty Josh voted her out, and he’s sitting right there. (ED. another moral soapbox for Betty?)

Kevin and Haleena were bound and determined to get the jury to vote for a Ghost to win.
Kevin in an interview question video answer stated as much. I’ve LOST that thread and can’t find it again to see rest of interview.
Hindsight Petty:
Hal: should have cut Josh. Betty: should have cut Kevin. Josh: should have taken Betty. At least i didn’t go back as far as the triple to make the case that they should have backstabbed Josh and kept Marty (a case can be made, but damn it was time for him to go).

Articles part 2.
Betty and Josh togetherview… how we gonna get the real poop when they are in every interview together?
Josh says he didn’t think the jury would be so bitter. Hindsight, should have developped more game talk to people than personal relationships.
Josh thinks he made his mistake when he cut Hermon…. who was on the block with Betty.
Josh thought for sure Kevin’s game was too behind the scenes. (gbm’s and his partner in jury means… not so much).
Kevin: he intentionally crafted the final 2 speech to be what each juror wanted to hear. He knew Hermon wanted each juror to be addressed.
He would have honored the f2 with Hal. thinks the vote would be much closer, but because she got more heat and bitterness for things they both did… he likely wins.


Excellent recap – one additional thing Kevin mentioned was he told Haleena his GBM’s were fire – trashing the hamsters & convinced her to leave a nasty message for Jace (not sure if she did this with others b/c I’ve only ever seen that one GBM from her).

Kevin laughed and said he told Hal he did that so he’d be in a better position if they got to F2 together.

un autre nom

Yup, I did see that one after I finished my initial sweep yesterday. I think it’s the Taran interview.
The Murtz interviews are also on youtube. I’ve only watched one of them.
Murtz seems to imply he thought Kevin should have chosen a physical player over Hal as his partner. More than once.
For some reason they posted the gbms to Haleena on the main site…. after the finale.
Takeaways from those: Betty recognized Hal was the biggest underdog. Josh personalized. Kevin in tears said he was fighting for them, and would fight harder to win.

un autre nom

Taran interviews are on youtube, or linked through his twitter.
salient points:
betty/josh interview: knew after final 4 but before part 3 of final HOH that he was taking Kevin if he won.
Kevin interview: Kevin convinced Hal to leave the mean gbm to Jace. In case he was final 2 with her, he convinced her gbms weren’t a big deal and he was mean in all of them.
After part 2 of final HOH, Kevin jumped into Josh’s arms congratulating him. He pushed he wanted to lose to Josh, not to Betty, and went over jury vote speculations with Josh.
Jury said Kevin wins v. Betty. Kevin loses v. Jace.
Kevin thought he’d lose to Hal, but never asked jury. He would have won v. Hal, the jury had less respect for her and blamed her more for their mutual moves.

un autre nom

Last thought:
Never happen (i’d never last a week) however:
If I was ever cast on big brother canada I’m going to want the rest of the house to be made up of the people on social media calling Betty an Icon and all star calibre big brothe player.
I mean… she sure as hell wasn’t playing big brother at the beginning of the game. Week two and three and she’s sure there’s NO alliances…. I want to be on big brother vs people that think THAT is iconic.
I mean… her big strategy in a social game was to go up to people WHILE she’s nominated for EVICTION and Moral soapbox at them for lying…. I want to be on big brother vs people that think THAT is strategic genius and iconic.
I mean… her tie breaker answer to how long was the week two HOH comp was 16 minutes in a comp that took closer to two hours. I want to be on big brother vs people that say she was so close and call THAT iconic.
WAS she AUTHENTIC? Yes. Was she an ICONIC player of Big Brother?
If you think so… I’d love to be a house guest on your season. At least I’d know who has a bigger chance of leaving week one than me, and I could tell you not to unpack.


No kidding. I thought about responding to some on social but then decided it wasn’t worth the fight lol.

If they called her great entertainment I’d be in line with their thinking – she was funny, had that epic laugh/giggle & on some days was the only thing on live feeds that made them watchable. Hey – in season 1 we had Talla for that & I’d say she was a better player than Betty despite no comp wins but she was socially active from the minute she walked through the doors.

What I didn’t like was the moral condescending attitude – her believing she DESERVED to be in a certain position in the house while laying on her back in the Expedia room for most of the first part of the season. She didn’t even attempt to play the game – sure be mad at Marty for saying put your feet up but blame yourself for listening to him & doing PRECISELY THAT! And, simultaneously putting down Kevin b/c how dare he not succumb to being the pawn of the season nor was I fan of her do as I say not as I do attitude. Overall, I did like her – but iconic? — NOT even close.

As per usual I’ve loved reading your insights and recaps and frequently offering me laughter during a time when I’m still feeling isolated. If you get a chance could you hit me up in my DM’s on Twitter? I’d love to have a quick chat (@TTOTambz)

un autre nom

oh it would have been a fight for sure. Lmao.
I mean…. when the Summer stans became Betty stans after Summer’s eviction, Betty gained the Hannah stans that try to get you cancelled, or make death threats if you aren’t glowing enough in your praise. Seriously… all i said in 23 was Hannah should win another comp to add to her resume to increase her chances. Still pissed at this rabid bunch of highschoolers dming me threats and trying to get me removed from social media saying i was racist against Hannah… for that.


Are you serious? WOW – I can’t believe how insane things have gotten in society. It’s like the new norm is bullying for having a different opinion or lying is acceptable. The latter seems tied to politicians who just lie like it’s no big deal & when they’re caught simply point their fingers at someone else or rant about another topic as if that’s supposed to wipe away the fact they lied.

The fact you were threatened and called a racist is absolutely shocking. I’m sorry you had to deal with that.

Maybe it’s the new norm. Did you see that some kid got ejected from the Mavericks game Sunday for physical contact (no clarification of what kind or how aggressive) to Suns point guard Chris Paul’s mother & pushed his wife in the back – plus someone followed his wife up the stairs when she went to get something (refreshments maybe or to use the facilities).

It just feels like things have changed so much in society and what used to be considered courteous and acceptable social behavior is no longer relevant.

I wonder how much of the current situation is tied to everyone being locked up in their homes & isolated due to COVID. Maybe that’s only part of it – but I feel like it is directly related.

un autre nom

Nothing surprises me anymore.
I have opinions on causation, but I don’t discuss politics. LOL. Basics: it’s a perspective thing. When people strive for change and equal, other people cling to tradition, and feel like they lose something. It’s part of human condition perspective I think, but it’s tiresome.

When I think back to all of the people on my nopelist since bbcan2 / bb16 (my first commented nopelist year), and all the reasons they were put on the list… never once was skin a reason. Gut level nopes happen, usually based on personality after cast announcement but before premiere, but after that it’s game or lack thereof… or absolute disgusting behavior. Hannah was never even nopelisted. Okay, Couch was but that had NOTHING to do with his skin.

un autre nom

I just thought about something.
When they had family visit.
Josh’s mother told him to remember the tales of the Fox.
I’m not sure if the Tahltan story of the Fox is the same as the only fox story i remember.
Kojortaq or Kajortoq (I can’t remember which) the Fox.
In that story, the fox leaves her den and abandons her cubs to fend for themselves. She is hungry. She tricks a bear and later a wolf into getting themselves killed, and eats them, leaving only piles of bones. She is confronted by the bear’s mother, and tricks that bear into fighting an even bigger bear, and they kill each other. She eats one bear, and takes the other back to give to her starving cubs.

If that’s the story, maybe Josh should have paid attention, realized that there was a trickster in his midst, and would have realized the longer the trickster stays, the closer to ruin Josh would be.
Do I think prodo knew that most tales of the fox are about recognizing a trickster? They should, it’s a fairly common tie (sly as a fox) across most stories.
Silly Josh, always listen to your mother… she’s seen the episodes.

Keviin revealed in an interview that he knew long before that Josh would evict Betty. He tricked him into it.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Well, just thought I would pop my head up to see how the sh!tshow known as BBCAN ended up. I was pleasantly surprised by the winner for obvious reasons.

All lives matter btw. Let’s see if CBS wakes up (I doubt it); if we see another season like last year, BBUS days are numbered, maybe they will cast 75% PONWC(persons of non white colour as white is a colour, Dodos). Maybe this year there will be a Chicken Breast Alliance(for those of you who are a bit slow on the uptake, that’s white meat).

The Kraken doesn’t even bother showing up anymore it’s getting so bad.

Speaking of CBS, Survivor (US) is completely unwatchable now, holy f*** it’s bad. However, Survivor Australia (minus them adopting the retarded C’Mon In, crickets), Survivor South Africa and Survivor NZ(pls come back already) are still watchable.

Dementia Joey

Survivor has woke the shark.

un autre nom

The cast is doing the Niagara Party weekend.
I don’t think they got to do it last season.
I think it’s Dragonfly @ Fallsview this time.
I don’t think that’s where it was in seasons 2-5. Hard to remember.

Only gossip I’ve got is from my former co-worker that introduced me to Gino a few years ago (a meeting I’d totally forgotten). That tidbit: Jace and Gino…. give it a week. TOPS. A weekend would probably be more accurate. Shhh, mumstheword.

I’ll attempt to get anything good from the past houseguests I know… but it will be third hand, none of them went…. and anything that happens in the back alley, stays in the back alley, because I really don’t want to know who should have worn kneepads…. (cough cough you houseguests know who you are, and I know what you did and with whom).

Oh… and a few of the usual suspects wanting a free place to stay from the US have joined in. At least they’ll be sure the rent is paid up this time.
If you see pictures on social media and you say to yourself who is that… think early evictions from seasons 4-6 some of season 8… and Jackie….. hellifiknow, i think Jackie knows Haleena.

Still no word on Renewal as of yet. If an announcement doesn’t come out by Wednesday, I think that might have been the final season.

un autre nom

Btw, if you do the conversion,
Kevin won about 78,025 dollars US including the 500 first eviction survival door prize.
So if the US runner up was also america’s favorite… about that much.

If it was season 3 or 4, Betty’s take home for final 3 would have been under 6k canadian and Hal’s would have been between 4 and 5 k canadian. Season 5 was odd because the vets negotiated for their weekly stipend, and some negotiated better than others (but nobody made the 5k a week Neda was demanding and didn’t get). Speculation here, I’ve not seen the actual amounts, but Ika in 4th would have been paid more than 3rd place demetries by about triple. Season 4’s Tim and Nikki? They were paid more than the winner to appear. LOTS more. and I mean LOTS.

un autre nom

Absolute last thought.
I still think as a whole, this season is neither the greatest nor the worst.
Part of the US model that annoys me was still present this season in CAN, and I truly do think that is chalked up to Kassting. The annoyance: Houseguests that are using BBCAN as a springboard hoping for improvements in their showbiz careers. Hermon? Hoping to get some voiceover work. Summer, 3 month long audition. Gino, hoping to get a modelling gig.
Because of the zeitgeist, some of the superfans of Big Brother got themselves Beth’d. No seriously… didn’t see Her at the afterparties. Jess, Marty, Kyle were weighed and found wanting by a social media scale that actually proves justice is blind and plays favorites. We already KNEW that. I know, there was an awful lot of perceived prejudice this season… but the lion’s share of that perception was actually projected by social media.
(and btw… calling someone ‘colonizer or colonist’ IS calling them white devil, and IS calling them racist so maybe stop, you’re not slick, and your prejudice is showing). Considering that we later found out that JAY was the instigator of the entire sides by race perception in the house during his failed week one vote flip by saying ‘we have to vote out the white people’… maybe it’s better to learn cause in the game before screaming effect on the game.
16 PEOPLE were houseguests on Big Brother Canada 10. There seems to be an issue. Until everyone realizes HUMAN RACE is the factor we strive towards… we need help.
IF BBCan ends with this season, will I miss it? Yes. Will I see why it’s gone? Yes.
The prize is a bit of a joke compared to UK, AU, and US. The network loves the added revenue rates from clicks on feeds, but hates live feeds. I still commend Arisa for being the host that stays connected with the fans… but I gotta say, once she became exec. producer, that didn’t feel AS authentic anymore. She was still on social media talking to the fans once in a while, but the tone changed. As far as comps? It’s been years, get new buzzers or Buzzkill. Those buzzers have NEVER worked properly.
As someone that looks at Big Brother as a game (a strategic social and physical tactical game), I’m saying the winner is fine with me. I would have been happy with any winner that ACTUALLY played Big Brother. There were plenty that didn’t.
So taken as a whole… not the worst season.
IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I were to write a synopsis of the season, or if i was an editor of the season, I’d have done things differently. Too much was hidden (and I don’t just mean Invisileena). All four feeds were only up 30% of the season. Two feeds up WHILE they are awake? 44%-48% of the season. I’m not saying Prodo shouldn’t manipulate things on a game level (it’s reality entertainment programming after all, not a gameshow)… but MAY-be the manipulation should END at the final 6.
As far as the afterparties: One of the people I know that is a former hg lied and said they weren’t going. They’re there. The other 2… nope. In total it’s a smattering. There’s a bit of drama… but nothing unexpected. It’s not game related drama, but some of this season’s people: not gonna be friends.

I had fun this season getting to give way too many opinions. Cheers.


I wondered about the social interactions post show & how that would play out. Part of this weekend I wrote off to some people like Betty/Kevin had mentioned they would be back at work the Monday after the show ended plus it was Mother’s Day weekend.

Still – it did seem like the “cool kids” were very prevalent in many of the pictures I saw on social media. The most frequent group assembled in pictures were Moose, Hermon, Summer, Jace, Gino, Tynesha and Stephanie. Jay was on hand for a bunch but often with Julie Vu of season 9.

From what I can see Kyle was there for most of the events but seldom with the above group (rather he was frequently seen hanging with former players). Josh had left b/c there were pictures of him/Daniel meeting up at the airport unless I got that wrong (sure looked like an airport) BUT he was back for the big party in Niagara and I only saw him in ONE group photo. Kevin & Haleena were also at that final event & I’m not sure if that’s where they took the photos of themselves doing the ghost sign with Hannah & Tiffany of BBUS 23. Hal was around for more of the festivities and it didn’t look like she was being ostracized from what I can tell.

I didn’t see Melana in any photos, Jess after the first night, and it seemed like Marty maybe took off early (but I could be wrong – he does have a family after all and probably wanted to be with his wife for Mother’s Day).

Betty was also not on hand which makes me think she went home right away & I’m not sure if that was tied to her work – or lack of desire to hang with the cast.

Based on what I saw at the end of the show on finale night Gino saying to Kevin “you were the smartest player in the house” & others running up to hug him like Summer, Jace etc my guess is Kevin will probably not be ostracized either. Maybe I’m wrong.

Curiosity killed the cat though so I’d love to know who precisely isn’t going to be friends & whether it is all that surprising. My guess was Josh based on him only being in one picture & maybe Jay with some of them b/c I didn’t see him in pics with this cast – just with former players.

Or maybe I’m completely wrong & it’s just the cool kids who’ll be besties.

Can you spill some tea AN? lol

un autre nom

From what I am hearing there isn’t actually that much… i expected more. Lol.
Betty went home to celebrate mother’s day with family and go back to work. She pulled a bbott Cornbread.
Honestly: Kevin at those parties was more like a fanboy than a winner for quite a while.
Season 9 and a couple of bb23 went out for dinner/drinks. Again… Beth was nowhere in sight as far as I know…. I think it’s 50/50. I think she’s avoiding, and the cool kids of her season pulling a ‘you can’t sit here’ when it comes to invitations.
What I got is the people in season 10 that took things personally and felt they were made to look stupid to the pubic, aren’t likely to change their opinions for a long time.
When some of the houseguests were given their debrief, I don’t think they were actually believing it until they got their phones back.
The clout chasers are going to be the ones that went on the show hoping to kickstart their acting/media/careers (ie/ Hermon, Moose, Summer but not exclusively them). They’ll enjoy their fifteen minutes about a half hour longer than they should.
Still getting Gino’s friend telling me give it a week with Jace. still saying but mumstheword (and not in the same way Jed’s mom had words about Beth… burn, just in that nope real world they’re not making it sense).
Only thing I got from the former houseguest I know that said they weren’t going and went…. a couple of the S10 women got a little too drunk on Saturday and had an argument that shouldn’t have happened but was fun to watch and there were creative uses of expletives involved. Things were fine by Sunday. Egos clashed. Think of the biggest egos most likely to take offense and be meangirl in a situation where it isn’t warranted and then feel stupid but still justified the next day. Over nothing.
If you are seeing mention of Stephanie/Hermon/Summer/Gino/Jace with who should be with whom and photos attached: it’s clout chasing to make the fanfiction writers on social media jump through a hoop. Not saying there was no chance of hook ups. Saying the photos and comments are just clout chasing.
By Niagara there were more past season hg’s than seen in the ‘group’ photos and the Post Finale Wrap Party. LOTS MORE.
I saw Betty in a few photos, but not Cast group shots. She was in photos with the people she liked, not everyone (human house cat syndrome?)
Marty? A few photos From afterparty. None from weekend. Melina and Jess, a couple photos from afterparty as well, but only the group shots that proved they made an appearance.
There were far more photos of bb23 people trying to turn back the 15 minute clock 30 seconds or so, than there were from some of the cast. I’m actually VERY tired of them, and wish they’d realize they’re obscure again.
One thing about former BB Houseguests, both US and Canada, they’ll pretend they are your best friend at the parties for a photo op… but check their social media if you want to see the slander they tossed for clout while the season was going on. Some of the shots on the weekend they post… so fake, and they read as fake.
I’m not sure if it’s still Season 1 and 2 people organizing the Niagara weekend or not… but I’m pretty sure it is. Honestly, the early season parties were more… wild.
I haven’t gotten THAT much. I actually expected more from the two that didn’t actually go but are still connected a little. They’re usually the best @ all the dirt because they aren’t actually involved anymore and don’t give a fuq.

un autre nom

Hey. I waited a couple of days to sort of elaborate on cast interactions.
Their socials sort of tell the tale, in a way.

Jay, Steph, Haleena Tynesha and Jace follow everyone.
Melina doesn’t follow Hermon, Gino, Moose, Marty, Summer, Betty or Kevin.
Kyle doesn’t follow Hermon or Betty.
Jess doesn’t follow Hermon.
Hermon doesn’t follow Melina, Kyle, Jess, Marty and Kevin.
Moose Kevin and Gino don’t follow Melina.
Marty follows everyone but Hermon, Betty and Josh.
Summer doesn’t follow Kyle and Jess.
Betty doesn’t follow Kyle, Jess, Marty, Josh.
Josh doesn’t follow Marty, Kevin or Betty.

I don’t read a lot into this (you have to consider clout chasing and stan pandering), but in a couple cases…. do you smell smoke?
Betty is a (expletive) no on Josh at her wedding last i heard (her words).
Summer ran up Josh’s bar tab this weekend to be petty (her words).

Dementia Joey

Kevin won with his jury answers imo.

un autre nom


After watching the episode edit of the season:
Betty wants to change her vote.

Because, you know… it’s not like she was ACTUALLY in the house and playing Big Brother enough to make an INFORMED decision.

Always leave with an eyeroll, a sigh and a shrug.

Bobby Norman


un autre nom

bb24 rumor.
don’t shoot the messenger.
not sure how true, haven’t done a lot of fact checking.
4 return houseguests.
that tells you they have zero faith in the other people they are casting to carry a season.
that tells you grod is trying to placate somebody.
that tells you an edit of remember whens about neverwases we don’t give a damn about.
yippee frickin skippy.


Yeah, I was hearing rumors about that as well. Not sure how true it is but I know Simon would be super stoked if Frankie returned lol

un autre nom

isn’t frankie on his honeymoon or some shit? i have no clue if this happened but i thought i saw notice of a starwars theme wedding at disney.