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un autre nom

FRI DIGIDUMP (from Thurs pm)
SUSPECTS: Jon, (multiple suspect) Sant, Dan?
Anyone but Kuzie or Hope were eligible.

Ty / Claud back to mancing. She’s excited by the amount of air time she thinks their mance got last week. He’s going to check in on Sant he tells Claud.
Ty / Sant still working together? Is she stupid? Both deny being HOH.
Ty suspects Jon. Thinks Jon is one of the only ones that would nom him (was he EVEN THERE last week????). Instructs social read illiterate Sant to sleuth the house vibe.
Jon is on a digi gaming for the first time since Rob left. with Hope. Denies he is HOH. Says he doesn’t believe Ty is HOH. Overheard Ty with Claud or Sant. East Coast mumbletalk…. something abouut Ty instructing that the girls know mumble possibly bussing DJDan. Hope shook. Sant / DJDan mentioned as suspects. Hope asks more than once, Jon denies more than once. ASIDE: Didn’t Hope spill entire teapots during Sant HOH?
Kuz is worried. Thinks she’s a possible back door target.
Sant / Renee both say how bad they were in HOH comp.
Sant is acting odd. She’s usually sour. Dan isn’t deer meets headlight.
Sant social butterflying : kitchen crew, living room with Kuz/An/Daniel, pool room with Hope / Jon. Hope still shook. Jon still denying.
Hot tub Patio: Jon /Hope still going. Bullshit and Bravado boost talk. Sant joins again. Weird ‘you aren’t supposed to be seen with us’ joke to Sant (? a Ty edict or a secret trio?)
Hope Jon sitting nook.
Jon says Hope is good, but denies being HOH.
Jon is or knows who is HOH.

un autre nom

Kuzie (thinks she is the brain in the kuzty pair) is not as easy to control as Santina and Dan were. This does not mean she doesn’t have strings, just that she is self possessed enough to know house dynamic, and know what she can do vs. what she can’t. Ty may want to keep physically strong people… but few of them are team Kuzie, while most of team Kuzie have been saying Zach for 2 weeks. I mentioned Kuz’s ties list a couple days ago. The Ty /Zach plan version 4 raises too many puppet red flags.
Zach made a critical error. He tried to pull the strings when she isn’t his puppet. Knowing his methodology he most likely walked in and pulled the condescending ‘let me tell you how to play’ routine we’ve seen in episode and on dumps.
As Ty said while making his bed: I’m not throwing my game away for Zach.

So Ty isn’t pushing any harder as far as today is concerned.

The Save vote played a role. Production has been working HARRRRRD since Friday’s dump.
Don’t count chickens…. just tell the waitress scrambled and eat.
Today’s Digi likely from Sunday.

un autre nom

Why did Hope say you want me to stay on the block to Ty in Monday digidump?
Why did Kuzie say making her fourth nom?
Why did Hope thank Kuzie for putting him on the block?
Why is Ty trying to make sure they have the votes to keep Hope?

digidumps are edited to misdirect???

un autre nom

Another late digidump. digidisastrous. So no dump Sundays follows the season 8 no staffing from sat post veto d/r to Monday morning pre-veto ceremony d/r call set up we saw a couple years ago.
This could portend the Monday dumps may be red herring? Monday digis are from Sundays. Season 8 anything that happened on Sunday was non canon because the Monday am d/r calls reset the houseguests to storyline.
Let’s watch for that. We couldn’t tell with last week, since Hoh Dan had no real involvement in digidumps. Think about that.
Consider this as well: Vanessa, Ty and Jonathan have less d/r involvement than either evictee. V has 2 d/r total by week 4. Is Ty getting s8 Anthony inclusion?
Back when the digidump needs flushing.

un autre nom

Heads up! There will not be a Digital Daily release for the next few days.
Tune in tonight, Wednesday and Thursday to catch up on everything going on in the BBCAN Manor

No, really.

  • someone quit
  • someone was ejected
  • someone had a mental health moment
  • Zach renom and they want ratings for early season focus’ plight, so hide the dailies for the third HOH push.
  • expected renom from Sunday (Mon digidump) was non-canon for viewer excitement, only to go back to storyline Monday when storyline editors returned from their day off.
  • prodo is shenaniganning SOOOOO hard they can’t even hide it in their own curated stteaming digidumps.

We’ve seen ALL the above as viable options since season 6 return from hiatus.

un autre nom

Ty sitting in Hot tub with a sonicare toothbrush says my plan worked.
Hope and Vanessa in faux yard. While sporting a belair direct t-shirt, she’s questioning why Hope used veto on Santina. Hope denies the existence of said veto.
Kuzie and Anika in HOH, under an affordably priced throw blanket from Winner’s lament Daniel quitting the game when Kuzie made her fourth nomination before all hell broke loose…digiblock to kitchen. Ceecee says to Jon He ran out the door so fast before….. digiswitch to Santina and Zach having Wendy’s burps fresh from d/r. They are playing pool. He asks her where she found IT. She says the power could only be used this week, and only by someone saved to save all the nominees… digiswitch to DJDan and Renee in Circle K wondering HOW they ended up on the block.

un autre nom

Checked twitter.
You’d think they’d never blocked out feeds when they had them.
Remember Jess HOH last season? Or Marty’s?
Remember Invisible HOH in s9?
Remember the cut in Season 8 when houseguests were turfed… all while Carol was trying to quit and covid was starting? Causing more cuts?
Remember when they started cutting feeds for booze when the show moved from subsidiary slice to Global?
Remember all the cuts in 7?
Remember when the feeds cut every time anyone mentioned Paras showmancing during boozeblocks on season 6?
Remember almost every holiday weekend since s2?
Feeds had only been running 40-50% of the season when we HAD feeds.


aside: I get s8-s9 confused as to which was covid season. be advised when i recall moments from 8 or 9 i may be transversing order.

un autre nom

it was. moving to global from more risque slice was the start of the fall of the series. We’ve been falling since season two.

un autre nom

Tuesday HOH / Noms Episode
We must assume that prodo is good with the early season edit a universal villain story they’ve been pushing. OTHERWISE they’d call HOH’S to d/r to dissuade (like in season 6 and 9 /10).
We must also assume that reality entertainment programming in the format of a gameshow is not an actual game show.
Hope voted for chaos.
Vanessa rogued for chaos. Blames Zach / Daniel.
Renee wants to know.
Hope lies
Daniel falls for chaos. Confronts Zach.
Ren mad she didn’t stay by landslide.
build bridge on narrow monorail support. Croquet a ball across bridge through wicket arch hole.
(advance clip showed Van practice shooting, Kuz, Daniel, Zach attempting, Zach d/r is throwing HOH).
Claud first moving to hitting ball.
Kuz assessing data (wants to empower women..blink blink cough by planning to nom 2 women).
Anicka missed wicket.
Kuz shoots before commercial.
Ty says he feels like he won (Claud heard)
Ren wants vote revenge.
Van is in trouble with Ren / Daniel.
HOH ROOM REVEAL (never care).
Kuz: Watch what I do with this HOH….SEE 1 PM TWEET, WE CAN’T.
Anik / Claud discuss Ty cockiness post Ty cooling the showmance scorn.
Ty setting up Vanessa.
get ready for dirt pile.
Van gonna deny.
Girlliance: Vanessa and Santina targets… of the WOMEN ALLIANCE. SO BSC TIME.
Daniel Wendy’s date. to pull him into girlliance to target girls.
DJDan’s friend Spicy V is behind window.
Sant / Kuz talk. not so good for truth. reality: girls dislike Sant over Shanaya’s Rob scorn. Kuz dislikes Sant because Sant didn’t include Kuz in week one target decisions.
The Ty / Kuz nom plan… doesn’t exist in edit.
Saying Ty is an option. Van is pushed by Ty.
Edit denies existence of Kuz Ty partnership. Their SECOND TALK IS SHOWN.
She promised Ty / Zach safety.

un autre nom

Vanessa’s twitter handler tweeted that Vanessa hasn’t quit.
Therefore I conclude my worry about the Monday digiflaming pile reeking of inconsistencies and prodo shenanigans makes me feel less tinfoil hat.
Did they intentionally mislead through edit of the digi in order to:

  • cause drama to increase viewership with false narrative?


  • intentionally float false narrative edit to make readers on socials have doubts about spoilers ( a thorn in their side for episode viewership for years, and another reason they’ve been discussing ending feeds for at least two years that I know of).

One thing is certain: the edit of the episode didn’t match the digis from Fri., Sat., or Mon. That is deliberate.

un autre nom

this is the result that belies digidumps as of Monday.

BBCAN11 WEEK four.jpg
un autre nom

Wednesday morning.
Rewatched Mon dump.
I may have the solution….
Hope’s misunderstanding / misuse of bbvernacular could be the issue?
when Hope thanks Kuz for putting him up, he may means ‘thank you for choosing me to play veto.’
when Hope says ‘go on the block again? i can’t…stay? keep it the same? use it on you?’ to Ty, he means, ‘volunteer again? i can’t, i won the veto. keep noms the same or use it, which do you want?’

The entire renom debacle?
It’s a case of IF in a house that has set a week one tone of renom roulette back dooring. Week one sets season tone. IF veto is used, then here is the plan.
Hope won veto, and blindside fever is in the house. Zach pushed for a week one and week two back door… and now every week the house considers it because it’s what they know.
The renom fever isn’t because a nom won veto, it’s habit and hubris.

Vanessa not appearing AT ALL?
That’s dumb luck.

Is the edit intentionally misleading?
Last week’s dumps made it appear Rob had a shot, BUT the house is shocked it wasn’t 9-2. BOTH CAN’T BE TRUE.


un autre nom

One minute check of the bbcan site:
Deleted scene dump today appears to be pre noms. Therefore three dollar bill.
Preview clip harkens back to the Adel cam moments of season 2. Designated cam (similar to season long designated feed cam on Paras ALL season when everyone else was told specifically NOT to talk to cams).
Kuzie is pulling the queen and kingdom spiel that I find as arrogant… last time i heard the like was Spicy Vee’s camtalk during invisible HOH episodes… right before karma came to call.
Could that happen again? Also sounds a lot like Hermon’s scripted cam talks last season (we know scripted because he repeated one of them when he flubbed a line).

We’ll never know without feeds if Kuz’s d/r regarding Ty in episode last night is genuine… or if d/r gremlins planted like they did with Betty about Kevin at final 4 last season.
We can assume they may have because every digi before Mon, as well as extended diary marked Ty as one of her most trusted.


un autre nom


un autre nom

Wednesday veto episode
A little under the weather today. Hope I can keep up.
weird feeling we’re still being played by digidump edit choice.
Um the recap edit is a choice… doesn’t match any digi.

Vanessa left. Shrug.

Hope kneeling to Kuzie I can do without. Not on him or her, that’s a me thing.
Daniel spills to Zach.
Daniel is crushing on Zach (slap him).
Zach wants Renee nom.

KUZIE NOMS HOPE. so i’m not a lying idiot?

Sant wants to know why she’s the target.
Kuz lies again.
Hope confesses rogue vote to Zach/Ty.
Hope wants to quit lie?
the Ty / Hope exchange is… it’s odd.
Ty / Sant exchange is odd too. hide emotion d/r.

Zach trying to dirt Santina. She’s a rat liar he says.
Zach / Ty stress showing. They’ll throw veto.
Kuz slams Zach to Daniel.
Kuzie clip from preview.

retrieve ball from water container with brita jugs.
Hope gets multiple balls in.
Anika gets 3 in a row.
Zach throwing.
Ty first to start filling big container.
Hope, Ty, Sant in lead.
Zach is renom Kuz tells Renee.

Hope wins VETO.

Hope tells Ren he’ll use on himself.
girls awkward meet. more awkward disperse.
has anyone in the house noticed Zach’s manipulation of HOH’S covers Claud cozying to every HOH?
Kuz wants Zach nom’d.
Daniel scorned. pouting.
Ty / Kuz meet.
Renee is a weak move.
Zach or Dan are the move.
Kuz receives saladwording.
Ty, you are safe, your buddies aren’t.
Ty /Zach meet.
Ty / Hope meet.
Hope d/r not happy. Plans to do for himself, not Ty.
Ty plans to play dirty. Something about a letter and disqualification.

POV Ceremony.
Hope uses veto on himself.
Kuzie renoms Zach.

Scandal rocks the house… no Sant or Zach leaving notification… a who will be leaving is the wording.

un autre nom

SOUNDS like Ty Chrissy’d the rule book (bbott, if you saw you know).
some smuggled letter from home in a hg’s possession is a disqualification offense.
Hope passed a note to Ty so he wouldn’t say something out loud… is that d’q-able? We’ve never seen it… closest we’ve had is s3 willow / sarah drawing messages on each other’s backs about their real world sexual preferences.

That’s my read… he’s going to rat. Fact he talked about it on cam, and cams have been down since?
Who knows.

How covid season parallel are we going to get???
Nobody finger gun.

Sitting on an offense until it’s game opportune… where’s the shade we saw in bb24 (less shade because of difference in situation) a minor parallel can be drawn.

What do the d/r gremlins do differently in Can? Hide feeds and hide result. VERY SEASON COVID. All we need is a Carol. Lets remember the finger guns was a plot discussed beforehand. Antagonize someone until they react, then run to d/r and cry fear for safety to get a disqualification.
discussed on feeds beforehand.
No, it doesn’t meet the same standard, but it is using production as a strategy.

The exec producer flaunts lack of feeds AND lack of digidumps by tweeting a video about the drama that happened after veto ceremony that will be in tomorrow’s episode.

un autre nom

A competing network announced their show beat bbcan in their timeslot.
they say bbcan viewership is now about 460 000.
season 10 average season long viewership was closer to one million.
season 2 average season long viewership was closer to 700 000… on Slice.
Tell me alienating the feeders was a good idea now.

un autre nom

first seasons on global averaged about 1.3-1.5 million. since covid season there’s been a slow, prolonged de-escalation to 1 million. For early in season episodes to be reportedly less than half? Heads should roll, unless analytics were already presented to head office and advertisers showing that feed cancelation would have this effect for a season. As much as social media can be toxic, it’s also ‘free press’ word of mouth hyping a program. They already know this since social media brought the program back from ‘hiatus pending cancellation’ once before. This is what leads me to suspect the feed cut is more about narrative / storyline control.

As much as viewership may be down across the board due to lack of account for streaming, that’s currently thought to present as a 20% drop across the board, and wouldnn’t effect ranking. The changes in presentation have allowed another network to get more share of viewers.


Its not rocket science why the ratings have plummeted over the past few years, and it’s not because of the lack of live streaming, that’s just the icing on the cake or final nail in the coffin of many, many bad choices.

We aren’t really allowed to discuss the reality here as it’s politically incorrect (meaning the perpetually offended will be offended by the truth/ reality). People are simply tired of it and the same goes for what is now a clear, utter mess they call BBUS. The only BB franchise I can stomach is Australia (and the UK thankfully coming back).

un autre nom

Oh no, our edit focal villain is in trouble and it’s only week 4…
what do we do?
Hey, Hope wanted to quit… what if we throw him a few g’s in a ‘veto’, string together some mastermind d/r stuff… then get him to take a dive in a rule malfeasance?
He gets hero cred, we keep our villain. Have you seen the numbers? We HAVE to keep our villains until special eviction.
Aaaaaand….Scene. Cut.
I’m going back to sleep.

un autre nom

March 30 Deleted Scenes
my title?
Projectile vomit inducing clap trap.
Claudia centric showmance shit.
Cynic / Objective Realist that I am, I’m going to break down how I perceive Claudia’s game.

  • Walks in saying girl power while a woman is HOH. She forms a pair bond with that HOH that lasts… until she’s no longer HOH.
  • Meanwhile miss no alpha steamroll enacts a showmance strategy with the house alpha that lasts…..until his alpha status is called into question. Heck, early digidump had her enacting showmance strategy so hard that in one 24 hour period 2 of the boys believed they were in a showmance with her.
  • But let’s rewind to week 3 where we hear Claudia and Shanaya have been cozying to the second HOH…. until HIS HOH is over.
  • With a woman in power week four: girlpower again… but let’s target girls.
  • Showmance isn’t looking so bright when he expects her to pick his side… in digi he talked of dumping the mance if she woouldn’t commit to his team instead of trying to play middle… and now we get THREE tearful mancevomit deleted scenes in one week. Mmhmm.

Man wins HOH? those girls are bitchy, i am more of a guy’s girl Mr. HOH sweetie-darling-lovechunks.
Woman wins HOH? TARGET A GIRL.
She wins HOH? petty noms.
9 times out of 10 her personality profile votes male winner if a man makes finals.

Not a condemnation, an opinion . I think she’s pretty fake, opportunistic and playing up to cameras thinking she’s getting telenovela edit. She 95% sees jury (i don’t do 100% in predictions). The strategy she’s using is short term weekly landsharking. by week 7 she has to back it up with wins, because the people she alienates at the end of their HOH’s will likely still be there.

un autre nom

she’s still teary eyed and hugging on him in episode…
Anonymous HOH…Who will she schmooze?

un autre nom

I’m sure some may think I’m being too harsh on Kuzie, viewing her as still being semi-puppet. Given dailies up until Monday? SHE WAS. I still half believe, given all evidence, that it is possible d/r fed questioning or asked for statements that altered her perspective (the season 10 fin al 4 Betty effect). So do I have any bias? Not in regard to Kuzie as a human. I may question if she is playing up to cameras. That leads me to question whether she will have a tendency to overplay. These are strategic game questions not bias expression.
3:03 time in corner. Ty has gone to production. Kuzie / Ty argue. Jon’s name is thrown out there as saying Ty was attempting prodo as strategy blackmail or intiidation on Hope.. Ty says no if he was he’d have gone to Hope threatening play ball or else., what Hope did against rules, cheating is cheating. Kuz denies cheating characterization. Situation devolves to game threats back and forth.
Takeaway: note when confronted, Ty’s move is to stand up pace heatedly, and stand over seated Kuzie. COMMON INTIMIDATION TECHNIQUE. Douche move.

SPOILER: Media tweets:
there is no eviction exit interview tomorrow one outlet reports.

Recap is laying it on THICK.
Accusations of cheating.
EXEC. PROD. calls value of transparency FROM THE SHOW THAT BLOCKED ACCESS. TWICE. (feeds, then digis).
Ty ego bruising interrupts Santina’s buzz.
Hope.. spins sort of.
Hope is playing up emotions.
Zach wants to enact nuke option. Dan questions what plan, what cheating?
Ty was handed an outside world note by Hope.
Why didn’t you come forward?
D’uh so we could exert control with the knowledge.
Ty questions Hope’s intimidation characterization.
Zach confronts Hope.
Ty / Zach confront Hope.
2:16 Hope called to d/r.
admits hiding it. Comes back saying ‘I might be going home.’
Zach enters chill room.
Anika broken telephones.
Jonathan taking it very personally.
Hope tells Renee.
Girls talk dirty move.
3:03 pm…advance clip.
Kuzie calls out to promote confrontation (and tv moment). She and Zach argue. Others jump in. WHY REVEAL NOW is the mic drop.
Zach threatens to walk as I have multiple Season 8 flashbacks.
EVERYONE GETS A LETTER… to ‘level’ the field.
Zach says now the cheater is the hero that got them all contact with loved ones.
Second gotta quit talk from Zach. Ty less gung ho cavalier.

Ceecee Naynay get the campaign from the boys.. We’re the good people spiel.
Kuz campaigns to Daniel. Tells him all or nothing.
Will house flip on Kuzie?

Claudia thinks this we’ll quit is bad news. Ty tries heart strings.
Zach Ty walk in to quit.
Zach chooses to self evict.
Ty stays? or goes…
Ty stays.
No eviction.



3 walkouts and 2 evictions ?. Gotta love bbcan. They should have pulled Zach right away with the “if you don’t vote for me I’m walking” bullshit. That should not be allowed. And what a clown that big Daniel guy is. Thinking Zach is his boy.

un autre nom


Do I think ejection would be the right call for HOPE? 70/30 split but I land on no.
Do I think the social currency Hope gained getting everyone letters was the correct punishment? No.
Finding a letter is a lesser problem than not turning it in, and showing it to others. That’s the breach that shouldn’t merit reward.
A smart manipulator could use that social currency to buy two weeks safety easily.


A spin master would have said turning Hope in got everyone letters. Just saying.
A spin master would have said we didn’t narc, the boys were talking about the letter. Prodo was listening and called us in. did you want us to lie and jeopardize our stay?
Existence of letter was known to some for a week, iincluding Rob. He said so on socials.

I don’t think it was handled correctly. If they didn’t shoestring staffing, as I mentioned preseason, maybe it would have been found. If they didn’t prolong the decision? hmm, was that to milk drama, or to figure out how to cover with season 8 level self eviction???

Zach siting principle is a red herring for taking the ball and going home rather than be evicted… otherwise why wait until nail in cofffin after campaigning?

What did they offer Ty this week in d/r? And why did d/r call Zach when they obviously knew Ty had previously mentioned the dirty plan? last part of the Zach master edit?
There’s questions I want the answer for.

known house dynamics posted with this. less chart, more collage.

BBCAN11 WEEK five.jpg
un autre nom

Anika. in girl’s alliance and some pair deal with Daniel, trio with Kuzie / Daniel.. new to game. going to have to be peacemaker between Kuzie and Daniel sooner than later. Lost middle standing with all the pair/trios.
Claudia. in girls alliance AND showmance with Ty. That WILL cause trust issues. Look at the girlliance worry about the Zach vote. social tie with Jonathan.
Daniel. bottom of girlliance and threatened with shunning. pair tie with Anika. souring on Kuzie. Doomed if he stays with girls, lost tie to guys. Lost middle standing. Puppet sans puppeteer, and petty.
DJDan. Has no clue and no concrete trust ties. Prodo tied him to the Zachty sinking ship Lettergate announcement). Not trusted by Ty.
Hope. trying to play survivor on big brother. Ties to toucans minus both Dans. Tie with Jonathan tie with Renee.. Tells every person they have his loyalty. umm.
Jonathan. social ties, no game ties. 11 d/r in four weeks. Seems to have stopped playing.
Kuzie. Girl alliance, Anika / Daniel trio (shaky). I still contend overplaying and questing for tv moments. her HOH withdrawl will be monumental. good reading ability when she isn’t a narcissist. WAS THE UNIVERSAL MIDDLE BETWEEN ALL THE PAIR/TRIOS UNTIL THIS WEEK.
Renee. girl alliance. trio with Shanaya, Claudia (as the Debbie in the Karen/Becky Debbie social pyramid). Tie to Hope.
Santina. social tie Jonathan… Ty campaigned with Zach against her, the women hate her. social read illiteracy. has to go to ground and hope everyone targets each other. In an odd way that makes her the middle of multiple factions IF SHE STAYS OUT OF THE WAY..
Shanaya. girl alliance. trio with Claudia Renee. Wannabe showmancer. loses trust with women when a man walks by because she’s a floater strategy player that already declared a side.
Ty. former house acknowleged social alpha that called the shots and ordered the targets from the sideline. His ego and his communication style screwed his position. showmance with Claudia is all he’s really got left. AND THE SELF DESTRUCTION ALL STARTED WITH A BLUE HOODIE.

un autre nom

Social media apparently sees a digidump I don’t get to see.

Reddit swore it saw a drug deal. I mustamissed that.
Twitter? well they’ve invented an alliance and a plot against Kuzie… led by Claudia and Daniel??? A revenge plot for Zach, and Ty… who is still there…? Did i fastforward an hour of dump? Did some people get a magic rose-smelling 2:36:00 dump today? mine was only 1:36.
facebook? i couldn’t do it. someone else can and get back to us.

I realize I tinfoil…. but I label my tinfoil. these ones are acting fact… and i don’t get it.

un autre nom

Whodunnit Week
HOH: Santina
remnant from yesterday:
Claudia was seriously considering keeping Zach (and it miiight be common knowledge. Ren knows for sure). Claud is attempting float strategy without knowing who is in power. The offer of a meatshield alliance is good to Claudia. She wants to be first lady of the manor.

Mar 31 from Fri before noms:
Santina has secretly been working with Jon since Rob left it appears??
He knows she’s HOH.
They discuss possible noms. Dan / girlypop with possible Ty backdoor IF DJDan wins veto.
Ty has been saying he’ll quit if he’s nommed Sant reports. Dan is her target, she wants Ty to spin out.
Jon swears Hope will be loyal. Sant doesn’t want Hope to know in case he acts differently and arouses suspicion once he knows. She’s happy she gets to play next HOH.
Hope / Jon bond.
Hope says he won’t backstab anyone, he’s done it once, never again. He vows to protect Kuzie. Jon tells Kuz he thinks she’s safe, people tell him things, nobody has dropped Kuzie’s name.
Ty / Shanaya discuss Jon being HOH. Ty has asked Claud to use her friendship to get it out of Jon. (appears Claud / Nay are secretly down with Ty and Dan).
Ty hopes Jon puts up one of Ty or Dan and a non-group member so the group can work it to their advantage.
Ty, proclamation from the balcony, announces to the living room that he knows who HOH is. Ty / An talk. she was always honest about not liking Zach’s game. she knows HOH is not Jon. Ty lays the Zachty strategy on Zach alone to An. An trying to get back to middle.
Ren is down to play middle with the Ty army she tells Nay.

target assessment:
weakens the army that Ty is building that doesn’t seem to include Sant. Ty / Claud talked of bringing in Ren or trying even Daniel. Sant seems to be a side hustle puppet for Ty in this situation.
If Ty or Dan win veto? uh oh? Will girlypops fear 2 members on the block?
for Sant this isn’t best move, but it draws in Jon as an ally while enlarging Jon’s exposure because people suspect him as HOH.
When the whole house was targeting her, or campaigning agaiinst her… is there a bad move?
She’s foregoing target of a shaky six woman alliance she knows is all together and she’s been their target…because she thinks she beasts them in physical comps.
If Ty or Dan win veto? she could weaken both armies by renomming another girlypop… does she realize Claud is renom pawn gold? or in the case of Ty and Dan being safe, will she twit and renom Kuzie / An or Daniel? I call this twit because targeting every grouping in one week keeps her alienated and unable to claim the move.
Sant’s read on dynamic is usually a week behind.
Will the house be sus when she isn’t concerned about being renom if Ty people are targeted?
Overall look:
that women’s alliance lasted as real until post veto. it will only be real again when a woman wins HOH (minus Sant), and only if they don’t target Ty.

un autre nom

No feeds means less exposure for wannabe influencer celebutards.
The prize money? doesn’t make up for that.
THIS makes it easier for people to decide to quit.
Now multiple hg’s are using quitting as a strategy.

un autre nom

Why are Sant (and Jon) targeting DJDan?
Rob backdoor revenge. They think it was just Zach manipulating DJDan.
They don’t reallize Ty ordered the hit. That’s why Ty is lesser priority.

Shanaya mentioned as possible pawn Good or bad idea?
Shan ties DJDan to the girl trio (he has a crush). Shan is glue between Claud and Renee.
Shan’s scorn that Rob chose Sant over Shan is why Sant was isolated from girls.
Putting Shanaya up leads to suspicion… but also covers Sant’s ass.
Jon would never nom Claud (east coast thing). People will continue thinking it’s Jon.

Claudia is the second nom that twists Ty the most, but it’s out of character that Jon would do that. Regardless, Ty loses his new army if he wins veto and saves Dan: the girls lose trust. The Zachty hail mary plan was promoted as the boys meatshield the girls. Ty promoted the plan sans Zach when he stayed. He’s already toldja so’d to Shanaya… before noms because he doesn’t know who to intimidate to exert control (hence the balcony proclamation).

As of Friday before noms, half the house thinks HOH is DJDan. Other half thinks HOH is Jon.
The Kuzie trio knows that Shanaya and Claudia were waffling on the Zach vote. Opens the door to Anika / Daniel HOH suspicion? They aren’t close to DJDan.

So are Santina’s noms to seek revenge against people that she perceives to have backstabbed Roberto? eyeroll.

un autre nom


IF there were feeds, and people had seen Hope showing a note to people as far back as week2 when JM was still in the house…Twitter and facebook fan factions would have lost it’s shit collectively burning down the switchboard to report it as cheating (whether it is or not i’m not designating). Own it.
The plan Z option was Ty’s idea. Another Own it.
Zach was my sight unseen NOPE. I’m NOT defending a nope.
We as a community have to acknowledge our past, and own what we all know we would have been saying. We’d have had two weeks of is it cheatergate debate.


I’ve watched I think 3 episodes but I doubt I’ll watch a fourth.

It’s hilarious how many people have quit the game.

I’m sure the producers are mad but hey karma is a b*tch!


Zack is such a coward ! Rather than be evicted he self evicts ! He should have said something about the letter as soon as he found out – not when it suited him or his gameplay!

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Do you think Zach would have come up with plan Z on his own? He never did anything that wasn’t Ty’s idea from the way digidumps portray their codependency. It was Ty’s plan after all. Edit makes it questionable when Zach is called to d/r instead of Ty, the author of the plot.
I can’t stand quitters. I offer no excuse for that. I don’t like Zach or his strategy and style. I found it two dumpsters beneath sketchy in arrogance, condescension and inauthenticity. It strikes me that he’s so used to being called a huge arse that he’s spun it to being compared to a Kardashian.
With that said, it’s been clear since digidump two that Zach was the gun, Ty was aiming and pulling the trigger the whole time. We have to be sure to remember the episode edit was mastermind Zach, but the dailies have always shown Ty to be the house dynamic alpha calling the shots. The letter reveal was no different.

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DELETED STUFF posted today in episode edited format.
1) Claudia selling out Ty to Kuzie once Kuzie had power. A week old.. Claudia is now team Ty again.
2) DJDan /Kuzie discuss Kuzie’s sadness at having to make noms. Dan leaves, Kuz not sad. Santina’s reaction to nomination disrespected Kuzie’s monarchy, she has to go. a week old. Sant didn’t leave.