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un autre nom

Not from any source of mine (my source did not return to work there this season).
It is floating around on sm that Dan nom’d Hope (by Hope’s request), and Santina (because she nom’d him last week).
Not sure if it’s true, but it makes sense… request your nom and eviction in order to keep the stipend, rather than quit: The Carol Strategy. That way storyline and season planning for Special Eviction episodes isn’t jeopardized by the second unplanned departure in 3 weeks… geez season 9 mileage.

un autre nom

Monday digidump makes it seem the rumour is half false.

pre-veto meeting (Sunday talk released today?)
Hope seemed to be a voluntary nom, but will be saved with veto it appears.
Roberto and Renee are going to be on the block?

you know how bbcan exit interviews sometimes spoiler upcoming evictions with the who is your pick to win question…JM said Renee. We’ll see?

Back to this steaming dump:
prodo, Ty And Zach peptalked Hope to stay is what I’m getting. Appears Zach may have won veto and plans to use it, talking Dan into renomming Rob…whom Dan promised safety in the previous dump.

Jon / Rob disagreement… Jon thinks Rob stabbed him in the back? Jon is having weird talk later (didn’t know there were sides, didn’t know there was a real menlliance). SM wonders if Jon would target Zach… i dunno, but err to no… Ty wouldn’t agree to that. Despite disagreement, Jon unhappy Ty andZach set Rob up. When the gaslight started dump 3ish, Jon was trying to be peace maker, and thought the trouble was nonsense ego.

Kuzie /Santina mentioned possibly keeping Rob. Sant tells Ty she’s fine voting out Rob.
Zach questions Santina’s value as an ally after Santina questions another backdoor becoming a dangerous trend. Reminder: Rob was targeted originally for saying no to a previous Zach plan.
Ty wants Rob out now, wants Dan gone asap. Zach still thinks Renee is dangerous (more than Dan?).
Santina is talking out of both sides of her mouth.

Rob friendzoned Shanaya. She wants Renee to stay (likely nonplus with hoh Dan as well).

Emerging non-alliance of middle people didn’t include Dan. It’s not a real alliance yet because it’s more coasters and floaters unite, an anchor and a downlow schemer. Fact it’s a full poc group doesn’t seem as much intent as being more sleeping arrangement? but again, it’s not an alliance as far as i know, so who knows.

I barely paid attention…I’m losing interest. I’m seeing all storyline editor narrative and not connecting to any of the houseguests. if the studio were swallowed in a sinkhole… i’d rent a bulldozer to make sure…(kidding, i don’t know how to operate a bulldozer, i am not a threat… just a far from gruntled former feed viewer with a sarcastic side). I’ll try to stick it out a bit longer, but i’m sinking.

un autre nom

i might even be wrong that Hope was a nom… it may have been Renee/Rob from the jump (according to an update i read). Really sorry, when i’m in a cranky mood, i don’t focus well. Zach did win veto… THAT much i heard in the Sant/Ty convo.
HOH DJDAN nom’d either Renee/Hope or Renee/Rob. Zach won veto. Rob sounds like the target.


after you’re done with bulldozing I’m ready to cover the spot with a domed carcaphogous to nullify the stink

un autre nom

with feeds, this might be a b- /c+ season.
without feeds it’s a plot writer’s dream, feed viewers nightmare.
The exec producers must be ecstatic that digi viewrs have to watch 25 commercials for every hour of digidump… and not have to field complaints about bad behavior they edit out

un autre nom

On today’s steaming pile of digital dookie:
Tuesday Digidump
Jon and Rob are trying to determine how DJDan came to his decision.
Ty 1000% lies about involvement.
Dan tells Rob a group of people came in saying Rob was causing drama.
Meanwhile Zach is trying to cover his tracks, and he is doing so by interrogating houseguests and confronting Rob, while telling Dan he (Z) has to be hands off and getting Dan to keep an eye on who tries to save Rob. He specifically seems worried about Santina.
If Rob / Jon compare notes?
Kuzie didn’t like Zach trying to work her and calling her a liar.
Rob’s campaign to Anika / Kuzie hits a lot of the right notes about the 2x backdoor trend (it should, he was in on the planning of the first one), and Zach’s game.

Santina and Jon are off the Zach train. Ty seems to be trying to cover his ass.
Others in the house are currently saying it sucks Rob has to go, but I can’t go against the house. The number saying this are technically the majority….

ASIDE: treat as rumour / tinfoil hat
Evictee JM says production told the cast feed viewers are toxic? That’s what it sounds like. I don’t totally disagre, but I don’t want to know prodo is playing games either.

un autre nom

Sorry, I wasn’t here for most of episode.
as of 44 minutes in:
Claudia is questioning Ty’s shenanigans. Wants him to be her meatshield, but he isn’t sharing his game (look in the history book of bbcan showmance girl lore if you want to be THAT girl… you’re mostly a disposable distraction or a lemming to his strategy, eyeroll).
Dan is a puppet to Zach, putting Renee crosshaired.
Hope volunteered (supposedly to prove he deserves to be there…but we know he wanted to quit).
What I missed seems to lead the viewr to believe that Rob isn’t buying what Ty is selling, and that Jon isn’t totally buying it either.
Dan appears clueless to the dynamic of the house he lives in. Are his noms 100% bad for him? no. Are they 100% better for others he is competing against? yes. See the problem? His HOH improves others more than himself.
Zach tried to victim his way out of his game when called on his game with allusion to last week’s unseen Vanessa/JM post veto ceremony drama.

after JM’s comment about toxicity in the fanbase, twitter went on the attack until he apologized…proving the toxicity exists.

The move to Tuesday isn’t one I remember it seems

BBCAN11 D.png

Thanks for opening a new thread, easy to scroll. Also thank you un autre nom for keeping up the grind and posting updates. Greatly appreciated.



Soon, I expect the BBCAN brilliant minds to not only continue giving scripts to the “actors”, but since there’s no more live feeds, they can also do more than 1 shoot without having to show the animals sleeping in their pens.

un autre nom

Wed digidump;
Basic Impression:
Sounds like Ty / Zach pushed the back door Rob plan without getting the okay of the rest of the alliance. Remember week one usbb19 first veto ceremony? that.
Sant / Jon are out of the alliance over the move, and pouring info it seems.
Sant pushed for Rob to confront Zach publicly, but is upset Rob threw her name.
Question for Ty… if EVERY ally you have doesn’t want to work with your guy… do you see a problem? is this ‘loyalty’ a shield or an anchor?
The houseguests seem to still have an issue with ‘what constitutes the house.’ NOTE: THE MAJORITY OF VOTERS IS THE HOUSE EVERY WEEK. Once veto ceremony is over, the current HOH has no power.

Vanessa has told DJDan she will vote how he wants (evict Rob), but may change her mind. Main reason votes aren’t locking: Zach’s plan, and Zach isn’t trustworthy. Subsidary: Renee has less value as an ally.
Daniel C. says he is team middle while pushing Zach’s narrative to Kuzie / Anika. The manlliance was never a real cohesive thing. Kuz/ An don’t seem convinced. They don’t seem to buy Daniel’s poor Zach spiel.
Kuz / Zach talk, don’t interrupt others convos to try to control everyone. Zach knows Sant / Jon are against him. He’s trying to snow K. that he’s team K. Sant is too emotional sound byte. She may be… but that isn’t why he’s saying it. Calling her emotional is strategic devaluation using the women are too emotional nugget the same way he used the gay guy is in love with me nugget week one/two. Gaslight theory.
Daniel gossips game to Anika. Someone riled up Van. but denied it, blaming Rob and got called out for false blame.
2 weeks of HOH promising safety to the renom. cringe.
anyone else think prodo is asking for humanized Zach content? Can’t help the suspicion.

Ty and V. talk: if you do what DJDan (I) want, we keep you safe.
Jon pretty much tells Renee that Rob is his buddy. He wasn’t told the backdoor plot until right before the ceremony.
Rob trying to mance Sant again.
the health Ontario ‘i will survive’ commercial 22 times this digidump… painful.
I wasn’t thorough. I jumped around.
We’ve missed something semi-big that prodo is intentionally leaving out… tension suggests we’re being asked to suspend disbelief that what they choose to show is ALL that is happening. I don’t buy it… my shenanigan sense is being tripped. BIGTIME
there have been at least 3 arguments we only hear of in passing..
Storyline suggests it’s a battle to claim the middle as puppets in terms of Z/T motivation, vs. gain army on Jon side… but Jon / Sant don’t have last weeks side hustle web to the same degree (just my perspective).
Twitter has pronounced Evictee JM evicted from twitterfandom. stay toxic twitter… prove the false narrative reason for lack of feeds to have merit. SIGH.

un autre nom

DJDan is bad at that there strategic talkifying.
Bachdoor plan, while making an enemy of an initial nom, and making himself known to be a puppet.
Kuz Daniel talk consolidating social capital.
Ty plays come here/ go away with Claudia about the Rob plan. Ty talks to Sant that Rob might be on to the plan. Zach enters saying plan good /we good.
Rob enters… room chills.

Hope, Renee, Van, Kuz, Zac playing.
VETO IS TWO PART, WINNER PART ONE AUTOMATIC FINALIST. Another thing I can see as riggable.
Hope wants to prove himself the season comp beast.
beats Ren, beats Kuz, beats Van.
loses to Zach.
blames Van.
confronts Hope.
confronts Zach about saying she doesn’t deserve to be there.
blows up Zach’s targeting strategy (plant dirt). blows up the Rob plan as being in the works for over a week.
Talks to Rob: Rob learns Zach has been vs. Rob as long as Rob has been vs. Zach.
Realizes she was a puppet.
talks to DJDan about playing for himself. (DJDan will wait until his next muppet-punch to be given an opinion).
Strangely enough Zach learns of her concerns. When condescension isn’t met with yes sir, he walks out in a huff.
Rob learns from Sant he’s in danger… he’s lackadaisical in reaction.
He’s team menlliance, but Zach hunting Rob sits bad.
Jon talks to Zach in word salad evasion… huffs away. Jon not convinced
Jon talks to Sant about shady vs. honorable game. Rob’s his guy, this move sucks.
Jon talks quit by voluntary eviction.

un autre nom

Ty tells Kuzie she is the smartest in the house. Possible target placement or shmooze?
Anika tells Zach she trusts him. she’ll vote out Rob. Santina is coming for him.
Hope tells Renee he trusts Ty / Zach.
Rob thinks he’s doomed.
Renee tells Zach she fears a Sant Hoh. Zach preps a lie to swing Renee, but says he’ll reveal later.
We’re seeing telegraphed for three episodes storyline. half of it doesn’t make sense compared to last two digidumps, but fits the season episode storyline. Sus. Really d/r gremlin level sus.
Van searches for clues.
Shanaya is evicting Rob. Stupid to friendzone a voter while on the block? him: play your game don’t let others play you. her: isn’t that what you did to me for two weeks?
he was backstabbed, so be careful. she agrees with his advice.
Rob plans a mic drop anti-Zach speech.
Ren tells the girls Sant has campaigned against her for days. We’re setting up the fall of Sant a week before i expected.
Girlliance death (turns on another girl) a few days after menlliance implosion.
Ren reveals Kuz/An would target Sant. Kuz/An previously discussed worry of power duos Sant/Rob and Ty/Zack… but their ally Daniel is a Zach apologist.
Rob tells Hope his campaign isn’t going well, but he’s making valid points.
Expected house target next week: Santina.
EVERY woman has considered keeping Rob. Sant’s real problem? she’s a guy’s girl with bad game face and worse communication skills. She’s only safe if she or Jon win HOH. Rob dropping her name from the block didn’t help. I stand by my week one twit assessment.
HOWEVER: The house knows Zach has puppeted the last 2 HOH’s… and there is no target talk??? Really? Well that fits storyline… but not human behavior.
I don’t mean to sound conspiracy… but it’s…odd that digis and episodes show Zach’s strategy blown up… and nobody targeting him. It just smells of prodo shenanigans.

un autre nom

bb clip release of Z / V hashing out differences.
a) prodo-foolery to make z. seem less uberdouche.
b) assignment from Ty because the argument had power to tank the backdoor.
c) V paid off with snack ‘vote’ win to help fix Z image issue (prodo-foolery 2nd choice).

Not saying they are Parasing him a win. Saying the edit is Z show, and they are humanizing so he isn’t totally hated by adding requested content. He’s the Bruno/Hamza/Jed early season corrective edit guy..

un autre nom

Sant is persona non grata.
Shanaya got friendzoned… now she’s woman scorned against Rob / Sant
Zach got blown up and is attempting warm fuzzy. it’s 100% fake visibly. house of idiots.
Jon was purposefully left out of the manlliance plan. He wants to play honorable game but has appeared to quit playing all together ostensibly he’s packed and waiting for the uber in digi involvement . let’s see if he’s playing in episode.
manlliance cannibalizing. shelliance plotting cannibalizing.
all girls rule alliance members want a showmance… ok…eyeroll. what is the number one killer of Shelliances? showmance strategy.
Zach is engineering getting Ty’s hands dirty.
Rob is trying to save himself by bussing Zach.
Zach saves Hope.
DJDan renoms Rob.
d/r DAN Zach might be using me…..d’uh.
NOW They want to talk to Jon Jon camtalks bravado. tries to gather Hope.
Girls excited about getting numbers advantage…wait for it. To target a woman.
Sant/Jon/Rob talk.
Van says we don’t have numbers to Rob.
Hope.. is not 100%… who knows.
Daniel is Zach’s puppet.
Kuz / Dan discuss moves and place.
V/ZClip… it’s for her vote. See DJDan/Zach digiconvo 2 days ago.
Find points cards. Five minutes
Renee’s campaign… depends on women winning power, not on what she contributes.
Jon campaigns for Rob.
Zach bravados publicly to control narrative.
Zach is sus Anika tells Ty.
Zach Sant talk. She’s telling Zach she’s voting to keep Rob.
Dan/Kuz/An discuss options… 2 dumps ago. before the unseen shift.
Ren, blockstar i have value
Rob, wake up don’t let someone else control your game.
evict Rob
ty claud zach anika daniel shanaya kuzie
evict Ren:
jon sant van hope
7-4 Rob is evicted.
The exit interview spoil for who will win question gets evicted curse is broken.

un autre nom

Questions my brain asks:
1) Women alliance members that want showmance meatshielding…what problem do you see? eg: Sant wants to keep Rob over Renee. Let’s pretend Ty is on the block, what does Claudia do? See the problem?
2) what does a middle do when there aren’t two sides? the manlliance was destroyed by Zach’s control freaky arrogance. The shelliance is targeting women. That means no middle because the sides are cannibals.
3) how many alliances don’t we know about? Charting is silly when we are only getting the edit that never shows off storyline alliances.
4)Why is twitter predicting HOH weekly before Fri digidump… as fact? That’s stupid.

Fri Digidump Thurs. Night Post HOH Comp.
Kuzie HOH.
How do her stans come to terms with her doing what is best for Zach because she’s close to Ty i wonder?
Van Ty argue votes.
Van says she voted to evict Rob.
Ty accused / interrogated… and is trying to wordsalad command.
San admits her vote.
Hope and Van are covering their votes.
Ty isn’t interrogating Hope that we have seen.
His tone would have me telling him gfy.

Kuz / Jon talk.
she would lose final against Rob was her reason to vote him out.
They discuss Zach, Jon won’t say his name.
Zach / Ty have approached Jon to come back in.
Jon can’t play liar game to save his life.
He doesn’t want to be there, but won’t quit.
Mentions Hope / Sant / Kuz as his people.
Kuz / Hope / Vanessa talk.
Van continues the lie.
Kuz doesn’t care who voted (she says? or believes).
Van jokes to Kuz that she and Jon will beg for eviction.
Ty / Jon talk.
claudia close to Jon.
nobody says Ty’s name.
Ty dirting Van.
When I was in highschool there was a clique of women that called themselves the bitch social club… this shelliance is so bsc always shitting on the member not in the room..
Ty dirts Van to DJDAN
Daniel / Zach poutine talk.
Jon / Anika talk
stay down low talk.
Fight when you can, former nom talk.
butter chicken talk.
BSC chat
Ty stewing. wants to dirt Van SO bad.
BSC… is Ty worried?
manchat kitchen.
Hope Sant were doing well in HOH COMP?
Ty / Kuz remember she thinks he’s her r.o.d.
anti-Rob talk.
Van dirt talk. possible covering Santina’s ass attempt?
Kuz not fond of Van? or Sant
rogue vote theories:
a Zach to stir. b pity vote.
Daniel the puppet hates being told he’s Zach’s puppet. He. Is.
Sant/Van nom talk. Dan renom.
Kuz is Ty’s semi puppet.
Dan / Van possible noms (Ty’s choice)
Kuz keeping Zach safe.
Ty pushing Dan.
Kuz pushing Sant.
Zach joiins so the boys can control the HOH.
Van / Hope rogue votes is Ty theory.
Sant / Hope
talk relationship.
talk wanting to compete but not be a nom.
Van / Jon
talk keep your mouth shut.
HOH: KUZIE downlow with Ty.
Pawn: Van.
viewer vote for safety by edit not digiknowledge?… should fall Van or Jon by anti-Zach clips..
the non digis don’t know Sant’s game is blown to the women.

I don’t do bbcan votes. the season 6 rule change to vote tabulation made it a fool’s errand (production held the right to eliminate votes during or after the vote supposedly to combat bot voting…therefore prodo reserves the right to manipulate votes to fit storyline because they also reserve the right to do so without notification…they don’t inform you they think you are a bot that got through the already existing captcha anti bot process). Rules of voting haven’t had a highlighted subsection page since that I have seen.

un autre nom

Personal Strategic Read
I wouldn’t last one week due to my mouth…. so armchair strategic thoughts.
Look for the person everyone trusts.
Look for the person nobody is targetting.
If they are the same person… THAT IS YOUR NUMBER ONE TARGET ASAP.

un autre nom

After serious thought:

Kuzie plans to nom 2 women. She’s in the women’s alliance.
Kuzie had a night one promise not to target her entry group. (Ty / Zach / Santina).
Kuzie pushed for the toucan bedroom pledge not to nom each other… Renom option is DJDan… a toucan.
the women want Zach gone.

Rely on female social grouping rule of 3, and bitterness of a denied wannabe showmancer?
Hope nobody notices?

Digidump prominence of Ty interrogatting Van while giving Hope a pass reveals he was intentional in throwing dirt to cause a gaslight on the woman that outed his boy Zach’s game. it likely boosted her votes in safety along with the in sho confrontation clip.
Jon is East coast (check history of East Coast bbcan votes), and had good clip service in the edit. That is why i say one of Jon or Van likely won safety. Nobody else makes sense in the episodic edit.
I’ve been told there is no bot screen on safety votes as of this season… can anyone verify? I’ll still never vote, so verificatiion is for our community, not for me.

un autre nom

Ty is trying to spin an invisible cloak of duplicity… let’s see how that goes.

Tells Sant the pool of noms is everyone that behaved erratically after Vanessa’s blow up.
(Ty, Zach, Santina, Vanessa, Rob…. 4 still in house).
Tells Zach noms are Sant/Van, renom Dan. says he talked Kuz out of initial nomming Dan (lie). Ty pushed for Van / Dan noms.
Zach wants Dan safe, use Jon as renom. but keep Jon. (Kuz promised Jon safety btw)
Zach wants 2 best comp history women that both dared say no to his orders (Sant, Van) out back to back. Ty disagrees.
They conclude they can get Sant and Jon back by saving Sant.
They want their group to be Ty, Zach, Kuzie, Sant, Hope, along with Claud and Dan as their personal choices not core. They also want Jon back.
Ty tells Sant he wants Sant to talk Jon into rejoining the Bros. Sant says it’s difficult because of trust broken (by Zach). but she’s willing to try.
Sant isn’t a girl’s girl (no shit).
Sant reveals Ren is the shelliance leader. She can’t work with them.

Sant / Kuz HOH. Sant cried after HOH, missing Rob, but she didn’t want a showmance in the game.
Kuz isn’t sure if she’s making the safe or big move but wants to make a peaceful move.
Kuz says she has nobody in her ear (then how does Ty know the options). Sant leaves.
Kuz says Sant gotta go when she puts her up because Kuz is going to make Sant an enemy with that duplicity.

Ty goes to Kuz. says Van should be target. Dan shouldn’t be renom.
Kuz says Jon won’t work with Zach. EVER. Dan is only renom if Sant wins veto.
Ty says keeping Sant helps pull Jon back. Ty MAY be pushing Renee renom.

Ty’s invisible act isn’t invisible. Everyone knows Zach Ty are a team. Zach says this for need to isolate and attempt control of Ty.


I get the feeling Zach has already offered DJDAN membership, but didn’t tell Ty so Dan would be Zach’s personal thrall.
Remember: Kuzie thinks she’s the brain, Ty the brawn in their rideordieinherind.

un autre nom

the odd arbitrary nature of the save schedule (skip a week) raises an eyebrow.
this weeks save may provide drama.
I contend that Jon / Van were leading options for save by edit.
a) if Jon saved, possible drama? low, but may lead to asking why. May lead to house division. possible slow burn.
b) if Van saved definite drama. leads to Ty/Zach having battle of the side pieces because of high probability noms become Sant / Dan. adds the slow burn why drama.

from Rob exit interview, we gleaned that the house wanted to believe the spin from Zach-Ty / didn’t want to believe Van. OPINION: Reality is they all knew it was true, but nobody in the know wanted to buck the power.

un autre nom


Where the Hope nom came from? No clue.
Wasn’t even an option before safety vote result.
there was a Sant / Hope want to play veto clip in the last dump as foreshadow I suppose. Missed the significance.
Likely reason? Asked to make sure Sant didn’t win veto? Straight volunteered so he could play veto? Or he revealed his vote to Kuz???

Daniel seems aware of the Kuz / Ty alliance (Zach’s puppet recognizes Kuzie’s strings)
Daniel and Anika disuss Zach / Ty renom. Kuz 100% no on touching Ty.
Daniel 100% against voting out Zach. Doesn’t believe Zach agreed with Ty to nom Daniel / Anika next week. He cried when Kuz suggested Zach renom.
What if it isn’t Zach? Fly meet ointment for Kuz claiiming independence?
To Anika, Kuz sounds on board to renom Zach so that she and Anika don’t share Daniel’s divided loyalty with Zach. Chance she believes she gets Ty’s undivided loyalty? Possible.

Current effect? Jon had to have raised an eyebrow that the 2 people he said were his people were Kuz’s initial noms.

Kuz tells Ty that Dan or Zach are the renom options. Zach tried to wordsalad Kuz for a Renee renom…but faulty logic…Renee is no threat to Kuzie. (Ty’s edges must be fleeing… Ren was going to be his push).
Ty working overtime to save Zach. brings up the night one entry alliance (we didn’t see him use that for Santina).
Ty pushes take out weak people for bigger finale / endgame good tv.
Hope told Kuzie he voted to save Rob?
Ty asking Hope to use veto on Santina??? No, really.
I didn’t see Hope say no…
Ty tells Zach he done pissed in his chilli trying to wordsalad brainfuq Kuz, and she is only saying Zach or Dan, no Renee at all as renom.

Anyone else feel the d/r monkey’s paw on the scales? 3 instances I can see of situational oddity that reek of prodo-shenanigans.

According to Kuz, Ty mad that Kuz is screwing with Ty’s numbers. He told her not to touch Dan? Ty’s numbers aren’t necessarily Kuz’s numbers so Dan is fair game. Dan was Ty’s initial target to Kuz Friday’s dump.
Hope told Renee he pity voted Rob. Tells her Van wasn’t 4th vote i think, he doesn’t know who it was. Ren trying to reel in Hope as her personal meat shield.
Daniel wants Santina out if Zach is renom. Mad Ty isn’t an option. Scared Ty will get Sant to target him. It’s not fayyyyyer that everyone wants to cut Pinocchio’s strings and save him from himself…Zach’s flirting is harmless and he’s an adult, let him live his lyyyyyy-efe (Aside…. someone slap him… Johnny, William, Breydon, and Josh say hi). Anika says Ty is trying to support Santina as humanitarian aid, not game because the house isolates her due to her emotional volatility and abrasive personality. Both Daniel / Anika agree it’s Santina’s fault… though Daniel iso’d Sant for not being pro-Zach last week.

If Kuzie agrees Dan renom, Ty wants Hope to save Sant with veto.
Lost Rob, Jon, Sant… Lost side puppet Van. Now Kuzie. For numbers? Cut Zach, or agree to win every comp for 7 weeks as a duo. Just my assessment of house dynamic. Rob move was an error and ego, it opened the door to perceived social class alphas not being untouchable. The price of social cannibalism.
flipside: what does social pariah Santina contribute?? She thinks Anika is her ally…

un autre nom

all good by me. hope the opinion part of my play by play isn’t too much.