Cassandra – we’ll be fine with Demetres being HOH

OK let’s catch up. My video setting were a bit off so they are taking forever to upload to Youtube.

Karen won the Head of Household competition and nominated Mark and Demetres
Bruno won the Power of Veto and didn’t use it.
Mark was evicted by a vote of 7 – 6
Demetres won the Head of Household
Neda won the time warp making her safe until Jury (Surprise surprise a vet won)

A summary of the weeks critical spoilers will be posted here.

Sounds like there was a big blow up involving Cassandra as well as a last minute scramble resulting in Mark getting evicted. Ika is playing on overdrive.. enjoy 🙂

This has been a good night of feeds worth watching so far. If you’re outside of Canada you’ll need a VPN to watch. Feeds are free and the VPN is cheap.

9:12pm Feeds 1-2 Bruno, Ika, Neda, Cindy with a S
These four vets are conspiring to get Demetres to take Cassandra out. Once Bruno leaves it sounds like the girls want Dillon gone first followed by Cassandra.
“Emily and Dillon are coming after us”
Neda calls Cassandra this season’s Sabrina
Bruno wants Cassandra out
Ika says Demetres thinks Cassandra is the reason he almost went out
Bruno leaves..

Neda – I want Bruno and Kevin to be safe
Neda says the three of them are safe.
They agree Mark was a nice guy, “His parents did a great job”
Neda – Let’s put up Dilin and someone else
Neda says Cassandra is going around telling people that she’s going to backdoor Neda and Bruno.
The three girls say Dillon is a a$$hole
Ika – I F****ng love William

Neda about Cassandra “I HATE HER SO MUCH”
NEda says everyone from Season 4 HATES Cassandra
Ika says Cassandra is “stuck up”
Neda says Cassandra “Has” Dallas and Jackie.
Ika wants Emily nominated as the PAwn so she stays quiet, “I’m tired of her cackling”

(Still uploading.. it’s long)

9:20pm Cam 3-4 Dallas and Emily

9:24pm Storage room Feeds 3-4 Bruno and Demetres
Bruno – if I win you’re safe
Bruno – we got to be safe with Cass n shit

9:30pm Cam 3-4 Ika and Dee
Ika says she’s not going anywhere. stresses that Bruno is a good guy. Ika is happy Demetres won, “We’re safe, we’re good.. walk around twerk eat, jump up[ and down.. don’t even ask if you’re safe because you are”
Dee says Dillon is stressing

Karen, Neda and Demtres Storage room

9:36pm Cassandra and Kevin
Kevin saying he was closer to Mark than Demetres. They agree there’s a connection between them. Cassandra wants to be close to Kevin and Bruno.
Kevin – talk to Bruno .. we’re working together.
They mention how all the vets are teaming up but are nervous because it’s starting that the vets have side deals with the newbies. They like Bruno and Jackie.

Kevin says the newbs and vets are integrating “Very very quickly”
Kevin – it’s been an emotional day.. I’m burnt..
Cassandra – craziest week in Big Brother History .. that was a lot of drama
Kevin – I wanted to win HOH to prove to you
Cassandra – we’ll be fine with Demetres being HOH .. I just don’t want to feel like we’re on the bottom of the totem pole

9:47pm Emily and Dillon
Dillon saying that he’s going up because Demetres is intimidated by him

9:52pm Ika and Demetres CAm 1-2 Storage room
Karen joins them essentially trying to get Demteres to put Cassandra up saying that Cassandra was trying to get him out when he was nominated.

Karen points out that Dallas is in 2 alliances.
Karen leaves and Ika tells him he can’t trust Dallas and Dilion.

10:00pm Ika, Cindy with an S, Neda
Ika says Demetres thinks Neda is lying about the Bruno voting the other way.
Ika adds that Demetres told her she’s safe, Neda’s safe and Cindy with an S is safe.
Ika – it sound sketchy
Cindy – I love you guys so much..

10:16 Kevin and Bruno
Bruno – Ika is close to Demetres.. she’s going to tell him she told us to throw the two votes
Kevin – ok .. do you thin he’ll go after us..
Bruno explains
Bruno – I think we’re good with Demetres.. It’s weird that Dallas thinks he’s going on the block
Bruno wants them to try and convince Demetres to put Emily and Dallas on the block so they can backdoor Cassandra.

10:23pm Cam 3-4 Cassandra and Ika
Cassandra thought she was going to win the immunity. Cassandra says she doesn’t trust Kevin, Ika agrees. Ika says Dillon is a “Piece of Shit”
Ika says Emily and Dillon are “Sketchy”

10:43pm Neda and Ika

10:44pm Dee and Dallas

10:50pm Ika, JAckie and Neda

11:08pm Demetres gets his HOH room

Instead of a HOH letter they get a video from their family.. Demetres gets a bottle of tequila, everyone takes a swig. Dilion starts to cry, he misses his family.

11:33pm Dillon continues to cry

11:34pm They get Beer

11:41pm Gary starts to cry..

11:56pm More crying from Dillon

12:03am More Dillon crying

12:19am feeds 3-4 Dillon Crying
Dillon tells Emily – You’re so freaking pretty.. I don’t care what you say or what you thin kI think you’re a really really pretty girl”
Emily laughs – thank you, I love you you’re the best.. 6 days feels like a lifetime.. we’ll be friends forever
Dillon continues to cry “Give me a break quit putting the camera on me “F*** you camera”

12:48am Ika, Dee, and Cindy with a S
Ika drunk..

Everyone Drunk

1:00am Ika, Dee and Cindy with an S
Being Catty Feeds 1-2

1:03am Emily and Dallas making plans to save Dillon
Dallas says Dillon campaigned with everyone to get Demetres out. He’s going up 100%. Emily wants to get Karen nominated with Dillon.
Dallas says they have to be prepared for the fact that it’s maybe going to be him or Emily going up against Dillon.
Dillon joins them.

1:38am Kevin and Demetres
Demetres tells Kevin he’s a big target along with Bruno and Dallas. Kevin compliments Demetres for keeping his cool today after the house blew up. Demetres says Kevin, Dallas and Bruno flipped on him the very last minute, “It did hurt.. you guys had my back at least 1/2 the time.. I have to go after the people that had my back never”
Demetres says the game doesn’t have to be so difficult like “These f****g Chicks running round”

1:52am Demetres and Ika HOH
Demetres saying that Bruno, Dallas and Kevin were feeding him bullshit all week. It took a lot of self control to not “Light them up”

2:30am Dallas and Jackie

Dallas says he wants to team up with Cassandra and Jackie. explains that they have to build trust with other people. He can get Gary. They agree they can’t trust Ika, Neda and Cindy with a S. Dallas points out how those three girls always crowd the HOH. Now that Demetres won those three girls are with him. They talk about how Ika was making out “Getting it on” with Demetres.
They are on the same page with those three girls.
Dallas – I wish Mark was here ..
Dallas think Dillon and Emily will be nominated if there is a backdoor planned it’ll be him or karen.
Dallas – we’re going to push Karen for retaliation… you are going to be off the radar.. Karen put that guy on the block.
Jackie says Dallas is better off with the newbies than the vets. Dallas agrees. Dallas mentions how Cindy with a S has already thrown Karen under the bus.

(Video uploading)

3am Karen talks to Dallas and Jackie about how if people want to come after her .. then game on! Karen goes to bed. Dallas – that girl needs a straight jacket. She burned all her bridges. Watch the move I’m going to make if I go up. I’m going to blow this sh*t up like it was 1915. Dallas then goes and snuggles up with Gary. Jackie gets up and stumbles around drunk. “I’m not drunk.. I swear!”

3:30pm Jackie and Dallas in the kitchen. Jackie – I want to go far in this game. People think I’m here to f**k around but I’m not. Dallas if Dillon goes on the block and I stay off I will vote him out. I would do that to build trust. You have my word. Jackie – can you tell me the truth.. are the vets working together? Dallas – some of them are. Tells tells Jackie he’s got her back. They head to bed.

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Guy from Canada

Anyone else getting a craving for pancakes after watching he feeds?

just saying

Neda, ika, and cindy are catty.
Poor cass is on her way out

The coreys

so how did the votes change?

An American here so I only got to see the poorly edited show.

And is Dimitri with the boys?


Sorry but are you ignoring how petty Cass also is towards Neda? I’m pretty sure that Cass brought it to herself (or the lie that Mark did). Cass is saying some pretty petty stuff to about Neda.

sunny dee

i was not pleased with how cass was telling demetres BEFORE the vote to make trouble with dillon. for gawd’s sake, he should be looking for votes, not making enemies, she really did not do him any favours there.

i was looking on the bbcan global tv site for options to ‘play’ or vote, and found nothing, so not happy no chance to vote. obviously would have voted for Neda to be safe, but still. and yes, obviously a vet would get the votes, and as soon as i found out about the immunity and the names of returnees i figured she would be most likely to win. others dont’ really need the help to stay, cindy with an S can win a lot of challenges, Kevin tends to not get on radar, bruno tends to win things when necessary, and so on

anyone else think Dallas is looking pretty good this year, i always wanted him to go far in his season, hope he does very well this year and i am never a fan of returnees./

note that i could care less about gary since i didn’t mention him and hope he goes out soon, but vets unlikely to promote that at all.


such a needless twist giving someone a month safety…i wanted to see neda play from the outset, and the month off for sure would put a big asterisk against her if she were to win(like it will be deemed half a win)

i wanted to see neda and cass work together but it appears no chance

i dont want to see cass go early…theres too many nice and/or boring players there…feeds need her energy/campaigning/combative and humorous personality

its crazy how much hatred there is for cass from past players…inside and outside the house

they are focusing so much negative energy on her – and she will probably never win a comp, sounds like nobody would vote for her to win even if she deserved it…for the smarter players she should be someone you want to take to the end(cant win comps and is hated)

emily and jackie seem very nice, i could see them going far

are the groups something like the following if there were 2 sides?…

(neda – ika – sindy), (bruno – kevin), karen, dre on one side
demetres hoh
(cass – dallas – jackie), (gary – william), (dillon – emily) on the other side

demetres – who is he with? is demetres dumb enough to actually backdoor cass after she voted to keep him and helped him stay? is he targeting dillon? can the dallas side get demetres to target the other side?


Can’t believe they got rid of the ONLY eye candy the first week. Come on! And Neda for the jury safety, really?!


How did neda get more votes than gary?


you mean more votes than Kevin.


Or Kevin..Kevin is one of the biggest favourites as well as Gary & Cass. God I didn’t think Neda’s head could get any bigger but I was wrong! She’s turned into a wretched bitch this season. I am never one to say this show is rigged but this seems off..I know I couldn’t vote. Seems to be a Neda season..kinda like how survivor had a Boston Rob season


For the life of me I cannot ever see Cass and Neda working together. They are too much alike. Sindy and Ika though, if they play their cards right could be a force to be reckoned with. Want to like Karen because she impressed me during the HOH comp., but cannot seem to keep her mouth shut, and throwing people under the bus left and right. Already people are questioning what she is saying.


But Ika is a huge b***h and hates Sindy. What was with those looks she gave Sindy when she first came in the house and how she snapped at her in today’s episode? I don’t think that bitter, mean woman can successfully work with anyone, especially another woman. She has the worst attitude ever and seems like a terrible person. She’s the kind of woman that hates other woman cause she’s threatened by them. Hope she’s gone soon.


Ika and Sindy have since made up and are pretty much BFFs now.


I noticed the stank looks too, but Aneal spilled the beans on the beef between the two. He made a live stream after the premiere saying outside the house, Sindy tried to take a guy from Ika. He also said that most of the houseguests from past seasons don’t like Sindy. Considering the situation between them, I think Ika is doing an okay job keeping it cordial with Sindy. I also noticed some tension between Cass and Neda from premiere night, and now Neda seems to be gunning after Cass so hard. I’m wondering if something happened between them outside the house too.


Team Gary

Pooteen Queen of Saskatoon

Karen appears to be getting a reputation as someone who can dish it out (saying rude things to people) but she can’t take it. Fewer people are trusting her now. Wow, Dillon had a total sobbing breakdown after Demetres got the video from home! Sounds like Cass is in trouble with Neda, Sindy, and Ika and doesn’t realize it yet!


ugh…I am not going to be able to stand Neda’s smug cockiness…now that she is safe til jury. And I already can’t watch Bruno or Kevin…so this alliance of those 3 with Ika & Sindy is going to be unbearable. Especially with Ika making the same catty mistakes as last time…and Sindy being a hypocrite…treating Cass the same way she was treated on her season.


I swear that I just witnessed Kevin and Gary having a tug-of-war with each other…under the blanket in Kevin’s bed…


Jackie is officially awesome. Late night drunk game talk and eating chocolate pudding and muffins.


Last season Cass had Loveita obsessed with her 24/7. Now it looks like Cass has 5 vets obsessed with her. She is Nedas ‘Sabrina’ and Brunos ‘Sarah’ and Ikas ‘Heather’ and Kevins ‘Bobby’ and Sindys ‘Jordan’ all rolled into one. Neda would have made it to jury regardless of the twist due to her popularity with vets and newbies, and it was wasted on her. For the good of the feeds and those that wanted to watch both Neda and Cass last at least until jury, the person who really needed that safety was Cass.

another name

If it were anyone but Cass that Ika, Neda and Sindy were being catty to i’d be saying to myself oh, what a bunch of crap. But finding out Cass was saying let’s get rid of Neda, and Neda finding out about it… oh. She got caught playing her game the way she plays it. Then again Neda and Ika were part of the anti-Heather squad too. so meh.
If you are Kevin, do you believe Cass when she says if we get to final two i’ll step aside and you can win? Gee, using that line?? Been heard before. and Kevin was one of the superfans of season three, so he’s heard it before too.
What i saw on feeds tonight… overly emotional drunk moments. far too many of them. It’s been six days people. Suck it up.
I’m still shocked Sindy and Ika have gotten over their real world beef.
I’m shocked oh so loyal Dallas is throwing his week one alliance under the bus week two… oh wait that was last season. and this season. So he tells Emily he’s loyal he’ll be with her to the end. two hours later he’s agreeing with Jackie that he’ll cut Emily loose to show her he’s loyal to her to the end. oh. Switch out the names Ramsey for Emily and Jackie for Jared and it’s like i’ve gone back in time. So loyal.
And the biggest showmance of the season so far is the triangle of Kevin, Gary and Dallas? followed by Emily and Dillon? uh, why do those two not work in my head?
I know Jackie says she left the hoh because Demetres and Ika were going at it… but, that’s not what it looked like to me. Is Jackie this year’s Cass-type? exaggerating information in order to create problems? Maybe they are a showmance… but i’ll wait until i actually see it.


So Cass told Gary that she wants Neda backdoored this 2nd week and Gary snitched to Neda. Now Cass fans are angry at Neda because she is gungho against Cass for not falling for Cass’ tricks. Sorry but Cass has no Tim this time around whom everyone likes, the hate she is getting inside the house is on her.


The groupthink Cass hate did not start just now. The vast majority of past seasons house guests hate her to the point they would much rather target her, a player who can’t win comps and is not likely to get jury votes, and keep in comp threats and players more likely to win.


Indeed but if you actually listen to conversations, Sindy, Ika and Neda liked Cass before the first eviction. People are hating on Neda, Ika and Sindy because the feeds went on and they are trashing Cass without any reason but if you listen to the conversation it was because Neda heard that Cass wants her and Bruno out, which is confirmed during Cass’ talk with Jackie. Now Cass wants Sindy out. I don’t understand why Cass fans are crying foul that the three female vets are going after Cass when she wants them out.

Twists Ruin The Game

Neda is very strategic, but her letting the person she taught the game get that far and win is often overlooked and should be regarded as much more of a major blunder on her BB resume than it is. Neda has no Jon this time to bail her out with comp wins, but instead she has a bunch of vet friends in the house as well as the little miss popular tag with production giving her the luxury of a month of safety(a completely unnecessary and unfair twist). This season it is clear the setup is to maximize her chances of winning, just like the setup for her friend and fellow production pet Jason in OTT.

Cass has vets coming in who already hate her well before she even enters the house and no safety.

I like watching both girls, and would enjoy seeing them on feeds at least until jury, but if you are comparing their chances in this season it is clearly not a fair fight from the outset.

Good Grief eh

And don’t forget the help of the twists in her season, mainly Canada’s HOH. That changed the course of the game. Without those twists, she may have only been known as background furniture, not a master manipulator. Not saying she was a bad player, just saying her fame should have an Asterix beside it.


I have a VPN but I can’t seem to connect to the live feeds 🙁

Twists Ruin The Game

Production rigging it to give Neda the next 4 weeks off reminds me of Lebron getting a cakewalk in the weak Eastern Conference every year and a near certain spot in the nba finals. One week of safety would have been a big advantage, two weeks would have been extreme, three weeks would have been utterly ridiculous. Four weeks of safety is completely and totally FUBAR and an absolute joke. This is not BB UK ffs. The twist is worse than the Jason pre existing fan base public vote advantage throughout OTT.


sorry, i don’t want to see returnees
gonna pass on this bbcan5
good luck Simon


LOL Dillon is such a wreck, he needs help.


I liked Cass last year, but she has already put a target on her back by running around trying to get others evicted. Ika so far has been playing a great social game, and aligning herself with at least half the house. I think if she can stay away from the bitch attitude she had on her previous season, this girl will do well. I do agree though that they need to get rid of Cass before all the memory comps start. She excels at these kinds of things. Poor Dallas is like the plague though, because everyone he aligns with becomes a target. I think Karen better be very careful. She already has a target pinned on her back. Want to see an older player go far, but she better keep her mouth shut. Not thrilled that Neda won the safety vote, but will see how she handles it.


What happened to After Dark? Am I missing it, or is it no longer on??

Guy from Canada

After dark is not airing this year. That and the side show cut but there is an online side show at least.


what’s the online show? I loved after dark and did notice that it wasn’t listed.


pov should been used get out ika damn she going ruin every1 game!