“Cass is f****g dangerous bro .. she’s trying to flip shit around”

If you’re outside of Canada you’ll need a VPN to watch. Feeds are free and the VPN is cheap.

The video posts take a long time to craft. If a game critical spoiler is known I post them on this page.

After the housemeeting Dallas has gone to having some chance to no chance. A bunch of housegeusts have already told him they are voting him out

Dallas calls the housemeeting

Dallas says this week has been intense for the two people on the block but intimidation and threats are no place for anybody that are on the block .. that’s exactly what Emily has done.
Dallas – she has cornered Will, she has cornered Dre and she said the entire house will vote them out and if they don’t.. and if they do not.. (FEEDS CUT)

When the feeds come back.. Dallas – This is not horse sh*t, this is the truth! Emily did you say that to Will and Dre? Emily – say what? Dallas – about if they did not vote with you this week, that you will put them on the block and you’ll be coming after them? Emily – If I win HOH that’s the easiest thing to do, don’t you think? To put up people that voted against me? Dallas – so it is true?! Dre – I don’t feel okay with this. Emily – this is not good. Dillon – you’re using intimidation tactics right now and calling a fake a** house meeting. What the hell is wrong with you?! Dallas – this is just spitting the facts. Dillon – What is wrong with you dude?! Dallas – this house had to be addressed and that is exactly what is going on. Dillon – you’re a joke homie! Dallas – you’re a joke. Meeting adjured. Intimidation and threats is not the way to do it on the block. Dillon – thanks Dallas. Thanks buddy! I was expecting something good I thought we were going to watch our videos from today.

Dillon and Neda hot tub room. Neda – Cass is campaigning so hard for him (Dallas) and he goes and does that!? Dillon – that was wild. Neda – so he is leaving this week. Can we just get Cass out next week please?! Dillon – yup. That would make the house a little more sound. Neda – She’s like holding Jackie now. Dillon – when he was doing that Jackie was being like yup, yup, yup. I thought when he started doing all that, that big brother caught her on film. Neda – I thought someone was in trouble or something. Dillon – it was just him. Neda – good that just secured Emily. Dillon – oh for sure. What an idiot! Neda – you really need to talk to Emily because she really needs to smooth things over with Dre. DIllon – I think they just kind of did. Neda – I know but actually sit and talk. Dillon – that was so crazy .. I’ve never seen anything like that.

Dallas joins them and says – look guys don’t target f**king Will and Dre. I heard it through the grapevine. It was a last ditch effort! Get me the f**K out of here this week. This place is a pressure cooker. Last ditch effort man. …F**K! I shouldn’t have put them in that position. I should have at least asked for their permission to say what I said but.. Dillon – I thought they caught her doing something bad. Dallas – nope, nope, that was completely made up. Dillon – you should apologize to Emily too. Dallas – I did .. I will, I will. I’m going to apologize to everyone .. just f**k it .. make it a unanimous vote and get me the f**K out of here.

Bathroom – Dre to Gary and Will – It was a threat, it was a threat. She didn’t say .. She said if you’re not giving me your.. Gary – did she bully you? Dre – she didn’t bully but it was a threat. Bruno joins them. Dre – If I come to you and say who are you voting for and you don’t tell me and I say well Bruno if you don’t vote for me I’m going to have to go with the people that didn’t vote for me. Is that a threat or no? Bruno – you’re absolutely right. Whatever she did I understand. The bullying part, I didn’t feel bullied. Everything that I’ve said I can back it up. I am honest. I haven’t told a lie. Its not a lie, she did say that to me.

Dallas, Dre and Will. Dre – I don’t need you to defend me Dallas. Dallas – but I will defend you guys though. Dre – I understand but I feel if I am going to go to her I am going to tell her that. I don’t want this display in the living room saying you’ve been cornering Dre and William. I don’t think its fair. At least you should have just said Dre and not add William in there. Dallas – well honestly guys I didn’t have an opportunity.. Dre – Dallas, if you need help let us know but this is not okay.. you cannot do it in front of the living room, in front of everyone. That is not how I would have wanted it to happen anyway. Dallas – sorry Dre. Dre – I am not okay with this! I am not okay with this! I am not okay with this! Dre leaves the room. Dallas – I’m sorry Will. Will – I feel like you were using this to help yourself. Maybe she was doing this with everyone and we’re sharing the information and now she is going to target us for real now! Dallas – well lets get her out man! Will leaves the room. Dallas – AHHH F**K MAN!

Dallas – my sincerest apologies

Kevin tells Dallas – so obviously this is like a vet and a brother .. I have to vote you out. Dallas – oh f**k yeah! It’s going to be unanimous man. HEY Kev! You’re still my boy man! Kevin – I’ll give you some love. Dallas – you’ll still be my favourite player man. That’s all real talk. I really didn’t think I had the votes anyways.

Dallas says when he gets out of here they’ll have a few beers.
BRuno – tough game man..
Dallas – I feel bad the most for Dre will and Emily
Dallas – the pressure gets to a fellow.. Get me the f** outta here..
Karen joins them starts to cry because BRuno betrayed her.. (UGH)

Dillon says Cassandra is trying hard to be best friends with Dre and Emily.
Neda – she’ll tell Dallas to throw someone else under the bus before she leaves.. That’s her game
Dillon – she’s nuts
Dillon – she’s gone next week
Neda wonders why Jackie is so close to Cassandra now.

Cassandra and JAckie studying the scripts they had to do earlier today.

Cassandra and Sindy
Sindy says after today she’s decided not to vote to keep DAllas, She doesn’t want the vets to break apart though.
CAssandra – we need to stick toegether.
Sindy – we are
Cassandra – none of us are going home.. The vets need to take over the jury..

Dillon and Emily. Dillon – we go to bed and talk about it when no one can hear us. No one will.. We have to, we’re bed buddies. But then we don’t talk to each other the whole day. Emily – MMmHHhmmm.. which is good. And Bruno is being really smart about it too. Dillon – And Kevin’s my boy. Emily – now’s going to get tough. Dillon – not now .. you, me, Kevin, Bruno and Neda. Neda’s safe for 4 more weeks. Emily – I have to get tighter with Kevin too. Dillon – you have an in because Kevin’s my boy. Him and Bruno and Neda were the only ones that were 100% voting for you no matter what. Emily – but I’m not really 100% on Gary. Not at all, you know. Dillon – but I think those 5 people and you can count on those 3. You can count on me. Emily – yeah I know. Dillon – you’re golden!

12:00am Hot Tub Bruno and Dillon
Bruno says it’s been a good week for them.
Dillon asks if it’s a good thing moving forwards Kevin, Bruno, Dillon, Emily and Neda
Bruno agrees.
Bruno – CAss is f****g dangerous bro .. she’s trying to flip shit around

Emily joins them. They talk about how solid their alliance with Neda, Kevin and Bruno is.

12:53am Dre and Ika Poolside
Dre says she’s only close to Ika, William and Neda. \

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It Ain't EZ Being Big DZ

Please tell me you captured all the action of Dallas filling all the shampoo and body wash bottles full of ketchup and mustard!! Then, taking a move from Evel Dick’s playbook, he took to frying pans and marched through the house banging them together. He went to the Have Not room first, on to the HOH, and then finally on to the red & blue bedrooms! Going out with a bang! Half the comments in the chat on live feeds were trashing Dallas and calling him ignorant and childish, while the other half was cheering him on and loving every second of it.

sunny dee

i like how everyone is putting neda’s name up there as someone they are with. lol.

besides being safe from noms, she must be doing more to secure herself past that jury time i guess