Who calls a girl a sl*t because they won’t come over to sleep with them.. that storey Obviously didn’t make the show

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (didn’t use slop pass), Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 15-02-33-317

6:02pm Adel and Allison
Briefly talk about their new alliance. Allison says she is 100% trustworthy here but come Thursday she wants them to prove it.
Adel thinks Kenny is going to “Sh1t” himself when Sarah goes up.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 15-19-35-521

6:04pm Jon and Allison HOH

Allison says she’s happy but it’s Big Brother you never know what will happen. Allison says she’s so glad Jon isn’t the guy the other side made him out to be. He’s the kind of guy that she would be friends with outside the house.

Allison says she heard so much sh!t about Jon and it all came from Momzi. Jon mentions how Kenny will be lost once Sarah leaves. He’ll just have the gremlins.

Adel joins them.

Jon says it’s obvious that Canada know JOn isn’t the type of person the other side is making him out to be. He thinks this helps in his popularity because canada see’s him being slandered for no reason.

JOn doesn’t think Gordo was portrayed nicely and once Kenny latched onto him it’s negatively affected his popularity as well.

Adel says Gordo is an awesome guy but his personality wasn’t good for the Big Brother game. Allison agrees. Jon points out that Andrew was much worse before Allions came into the game. Adel adds that Andrew told the house twice to not talk to him.

They agree Sabrina was only a social threat but her social game is over. Adel tells them if they win HOH they put up the two gremlins and if POV is played KEnny goes up.
Allison moans.. says the game is hard.

They comment on how Rachelle and Sabrina are stuck together like glue. Allison explains they are both very emotional people so now with Gordo gone they’ve gotten close than before.
Jon – “Holy f** she (Sabrina) hated you”
Alison – “I know… it hurts because I really love her”
Adel thinks Sabrina would throw Rachelle under the bus to stay in the game.

Jon thinks they can convince the gremlins to put up Kenny but if Kenny win HOH they are all f****ed.
They agree if Kenny is every on their teams for a competition they throw it.
Allison mentions how Arlie threw the Head of household, Jon “Ohh Hundo”

Jon keeps playing up their Alliance and how if they stick to the plan they will cruise 3 more weeks in the house, “Guaranteed hundo percent”.

Jon makes it clear he’s not taking anything in the house personally after the show is over it’s over for him. Just like when he played Hockey.

Jon mentions Sabrina telling Arlie she played a perfect game so far and people are catching on.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 15-28-13-887

6:20pm Hammock Sarah and Kenny

THey think Allison is a wildcard and will go with the numbers, depends if Arlie flips. Kenny says it so important for them to get HOH.
Sarah – “Regardless if someone in the group flips we’re fu***”

Kenny doesn’t know if Arlie has it in him to flip. Sarah mentions how Arlie is at the top with both groups she doesn’t think he would want to be at the top with Kenny and Sarah.

Kenny warns Adel has to leave before jury or he will get voted back in. Sarah doesn’t think they will do that this year. Sarah think Jon is much more dangerous than Adel.
Kenny agrees.
Sarah – “We just got to make it through this week.. “
Kenny knows the other side is going to attempt to backdoor him next week that is why they need to win HOH. They agree Jon is great in front of the camera and is probably getting a great edit. Sarah says sh’e been grumpy in front of the cameras’ Jokes that she;’s always saying “I hate them all”. Kenny hopes Some of Jon’s less stellar moments are shown.
Kenny says JOn is the worst sore loser and the worst winner ever along with incredibly insensitive and immature, “Who f** calls a girl a sl*t because they won’t come over and sleep with them.. But that storey Obviously didn’t make it on the show”
Kenny and Sarah agree the stories they’ve heard from JOn confirms he’s an a$$ in real life. They think the way he is in the house is all an act.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 15-25-55-691

Allison looking around for the secret door.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 15-38-49-274

6:37pm Hammock Kenny, Momzi and Rachelle

Rachelle tells them Arlie told Allison she’s not the lowest person on the totem pole.
Sarah – So She is saying it’s me or Sabrina that are the lowest on the totem pole”
Rachelle – I don’t know’
Sarah thinks Allison telling them that is very odd
Kenny says he’s so glad they have coffee again.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-06 15-48-47-541

6:43pm HOH Bathroom Jon, NEda, heather and Adel

Neda says the good thing is Kenny’s ankle is f*** (He hurt his ankle and it’s wrapped up in a tensor bandaged)
Jon – he’s going home in four days..
Heather points out how Kenny was so cruel to the havenots and now he’s finally a have nots himself.
Jon mentions how Kenny would always put Cinnamon in the coffee so that have nots were not allowed to drink it.

bandicam 2014-04-06 15-57-18-592

6:50pm Jon’s feet

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I’m not really fond of any of these people because they are all full of sh*t but Jon seems like a real pervert but everyone loves him, and think Kenny is an ass


Kenny has to be one of the most self-righteous people I’ve seen. The things he has said to other houseguests have been way worse than anything Jon has said.


What hundo mean?


Thank you Simon! You don’t have to post that, I just wanted to say Thanks! 🙂


who was kenny and sara referreing to when they were talking a bout jon calling a girl a slut because she woultn sleep in bed with


It is soo funny how Sara and Kenny talk shit about everyone yet they are always bitching about how people are talking shit and being fake…really Kenny??? Last time I checked you were keeping a little secret so shut the F up…I can’t wait to see how they will react when Sara leaves…Arlie please come thru 🙂


Man…I am really nervous about Allison getting that secret veto. She hasn’t made the best decisions in this game so far..who knows what she would do with it…


I mean if she were smart, she would keep it to use later when she needs it to save herself. But, she could panic and take herself off this week…which could compromise back-dooring Sarah and loose trust with other side…forcing her to stay with 1st 5. That would be a big mistake…but this IS Allison we are talking about. I guess I should be glad it isn’t any of the 1st 5 or Rachelle that found it…at least


oops…meant lose…

Nana Jo

That footage of Allison looking was very exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. Well done, BB! Again, I agree with you 100%. Allison needs to keep calm and really think this through. It depends on how much she trusts Heather and co. She should definitely keep it for another time when she is truly in danger. Her decisions haven’t been the best thus far, though. If she does use it, then Sabs (and her newly waxed vajayjay) will be up. OMG, my bleeding eyes… who the hell does that knowing a camera is trained on their every move!


OMG I know..I am so nervous! Come on Allison, redeem yourself!


Super nervous. She is probably the last person I would want to have it.


Why do people like Jon? I don’t understand. He’s acts like a jerk to everyone, including his own alliance. He’s become really arrogant lately. Can’t stand him.

i luv Jon

@ Name: You don’t need to understand why people like Jon. Keep loving yourself I mean Andrew 😛


I just want allison to figure iut how to open the door!! Also…id love it if allison came off and rachelle was put up in her place.


Thumbs up if you were mad that neda was soo close to finding the clue but didnt…UGH


Allison just figured out the door and the feeds got blocked!


I really hope it’s just pandora’s box she’s opened and not clues for the Diamond Veto!


Diamond Veto she doesn’t deserve.


I don’t like Kenny and I hate that I agree with him on something but Jon really can be a jerk. (I won’t use Kenny’s word.) The way Jon talks to and treats women would get him laid up in the hospital where I’m from. There are nice traits about Jon but the bad ones stand out like a sore thumb.


Dito Andrew/Kenny, they wouldn’t last an hour In our hood.


She is on the block. I don’t think there is any doubt what she would do with it! If she can take herself off then may be Sarah AND Sabrina will go up. Yay Personally I am not so sure Arlie will vote out Sarah,

She better find it soon before she starts attracting attention.


Allison needs to go to the wall that they would always show before or after the war room when she was in there, the one by the stairs. According to the clue that she got she has to” turn 1 and 3 from left to right.” Maybe its the top row and the 1st and 3rd column or whatever those white things are. She needs to “read like a book from left to right,” so start at the top row and push the white pillars to the right.

I’m getting way too into this riddle.

Russ from Van

I’m guessing the power would be to replace a nomination, as well as choose who goes up. I’m not sure how long it would last for though. A power like that would be pretty ineffective this week, as having Sarah on the block, would have her going home, regardless of who the other person was, even if Allison took herself off.

If a power like that could be used in future weeks, it could definitely shake up the game.

Russ from Van

Does anyone know how long Adel’s power to replace a Veto player lasts for? Is there a time limit on it and is it a power that can only be used one time?


I think it can only be used once. Also, I am pretty sure he has it for the whole game and it goes away once he uses it, assuming he will last throughout the whole game.


It is only effective until there are 7 players. Past that point all HG’s play in veto anyway.


She did turn the first one but they blocked the feeds right away I didn’t see if she tried the others


Why is Jon saying Kenny is going home in 4 days when he has the veto? Do they know that it is a double?


why wouldn’t she use it when she’s on the block?? she has to trust arlie will not vote her out and how can she trust anyone in this game? she has no one. If she finds it and it allows her to remove herself off the block and she doesn’t do it, I think that would be the stupidest move ever. Arlie is too much of a liability to be trusted at his word. I feel like he’s playing it up for the cameras and will stick with the 1st 5 + rachelle


It seems to me production sure has helped Allison out. Right now when watching the feeds Allison asked to see the clue again they let her . I don’t think they should have. Her game has not been good and now with the help of production I guess maybe it will get better.


rachel will vote to keep sabrina so sarah still toast,,,,


Do we know for sure if this is just a second veto or is it something with more power? People keep referring to it as a DPOV but BB calls it a special veto. If Allison chooses her replacement things could get interesting. She may decide to stick with Sabrina and put Jon up. This is going to be a crazy week.


DPOV is a special veto. People are referring to it as such because diamonds were displayed on screens alongside the meter. So it is kind of a guess.

The Truth

Pandora’s Box will be the Diamond Power of Veto. It was on season 12 when Matt opened the box and received it. Heaven help us! I hope Allison does not use it this week and Sarah leaves.


Who the fuck is Kenny to say that about Jon calling a girl a slut!
First, I don’t believe that shit. Secondly, he degrades women constantly with his ‘Bitch’ and ‘Whore’ tantrums
when he doesn’t get his way. I really think he hates most women.
I can’t even watch clips with him anymore; his vile when he’s pissy and he spews personal hateful comments.

scrap of decency

Lol you guys when I read the headline “6:43pm HOH Bathroom Jon, NEda, heather and Adel” I looked at the picture and thought where the f*** is Adel?? And then I spotted him in the mirror hanging around in the background, chillin like a pro with the headphones again… the little booger, love it : )


I can’t stand Jon he is a total pervert, the way he acts around the women in the house is disgusting. Neda is horrible for gloating about Kenny having a injury. I’ve never seen Kenny be as horrible as what Jon is and I never saw first five gloat about nominations/evictions the way that Jon/Neda/Adel gloat..