Big Brother 16 Week 11 POV Results “There’s a mouse in the BB house “

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 8th
HOH Winner Frankie Next HOH Sept 10th
Nominations: Cody and Victoria

BB16-2014-09-06 21-01-34-055

9:01pm Caleb in the BEE HIVE Giving out shout outs..
Says the competition was called BB freak show.
Caleb says he’s starving “Beast mike me has got to eat you know what i’m saying..

BB16-2014-09-06 21-11-21-821

9:08pm Derrick says they are all locked down because BB freak show is going down..
(Morphomatic) As far as my performance could have definitely done better.
Derrick tells us the Team America task is going down tonight they are going to be up until 6am the entire house. Encourages us to buy the live feeds cause it’s going to make for some fun TV
Nobody is going to sleep cause there a mouse in the BB house

BB16-2014-09-06 21-12-10-166

9:14pm Victoria in storage.. look at her self in the mirror

BB16-2014-09-06 21-14-54-714

Back To Caleb.. “America baby I represent … all day long America Baby.. Americano..”

9:21pm Caleb – How much longer do we got up in this hole…

BB16-2014-09-06 21-33-24-214

9:30pm Frankie saying that Cody will fly through it Camer flips back to Derrick.. Whose commenting how poorly he did in the competition.

BB16-2014-09-06 21-47-26-170

9:47pm Frankie wins the POV
Sounds like Derrick came in second.
Victoria was 17 minutes

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BB16-2014-09-06 21-51-40-212

9:53pm Storage room Derrick and Cody Briefly talk about how unstoppable Frankie is. Derrick thought he had it. Derrick doesn’t want to linger around the storage room for too long Frankie will know they’re pissed.

(Frankie may try to make a big play then with the rewind… lol)

10:05pm Kitchen Everybody Frankie says if he’s won HOH and POV and he’s not safe on Thursday because of pressing that button he’ll cry.
Cody says there is no way they will send someone home that has won HOH and Veto

BB16-2014-09-06 22-15-42-395

10:12pm Storage room Derrick and Frankie Derrick kneels down and start bowing to Frnakie.
Frankie saying he’s painted a huge target on himself. Derrick says Frankie Has created a legend.
Frankie says he’s not going to use this POV to show the boy loyalty. Derrick – Final 4 as long as the button doesn’t screw us over” Frankie says he’s still going to keep Derrick safe.
Derrick says they have to win the POV next week if they don’t one of them are going home and it’s probably Frankie.
Frankie – there’s nothing I can do at this point but keep winning competitions.
Derrick tells him he threw some crumbs and broke up a cardboard box to leave clues suggesting a rodent in the house.

11:07pm Cody and Claeb want to go to bed already.
Caleb thinks production will start DR’s at 2am.

11:32pm After talking to Production. Frankie says they have Diary Room sessions tonight but they couldn’t give him a answer about the backyard. Everyone moans.

11:46pm Caleb thinks the Gold Button will be PAndora’s Box on steroids.
Derrick thinks it will be a competition.. First place gets Diamond power of Veto last place gets solitary confinement.
Derrick – THis will be a monumental .. Big Big Big time.. those punishment and rewards could make it really tough to be here but doesn’t affect your actual game.
Derrick is looking at the gold button as “Eden’s apple”
They start speculating over and over about what the gold button does.

Derrick says some people will be happy with the outcome of the button other people will be pissed.
BB16-2014-09-07 00-18-15-621
12:18AM Claeb, Ckdy and Derrick
Agreeing that Frankie cannot win the next veto. They are freaked out about Frnakie’s Competition record.

12:22Am Cody, Caleb and Derick agree to stay up until the sun comes up.

12:35AM Caleb’s been talking about the jail he worked at. The prisoners gave him respect because “I was big .. Big and they saw me in action numerous times”

BB16-2014-09-07 00-48-36-114

12:51AM speculation about the timer.. Competitions and twists.

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176 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Week 11 POV Results “There’s a mouse in the BB house “

    1. Lol frankie isn’t gonna win this. Derrick is. Even if frankie made final 2 no one woukd vote for him. He’s not that well liked.

      1. You might be right but I don’t think so. I think Nic, Donny, and Hayden will vote on game play only. Maybe not Donny. I also think Zach will vote for Frankie if he is there. I also think there is a possibility of Chris voting for him depending on who he is against.
        F2 Derr/Frankie: Frankie for sure votes- Zach and Caleb, Derr for sure votes- Cody and Jo.. the others could go either way. But really it doesn’t matter because there is no way Frankie is taking Derr to the f2
        F2 Frankie with anyone else.. Frankie wins hands down.

      2. I have to think Frankie edges out Derrick slightly in all around game play,whether you like him or not the flamingo is fierce on winning comps!

      3. Whether you like it or not if Frankie/Derrick are sitting in F2. Frankie is winning because they all think Frankie has been the puppet master. What the interview after eviction with Jeff. Derrick would be looked as a floater next to Frankie. Now a floater can win the game I’m not saying he can’t. But if they vote strictly game, Frankie is winning. Derrick won’t be able to justify anything he’s done in the game cause they think Frankie was the one who did it all.

    2. Fakie is a disgusting creature who doesn’t deserve to win anything. He’s been annoying from the start and his antics did not amuse me in the slightest bit. Since then he has shown in the way he conducts himself to be a spoiled, hateful bully; all characteristics not worthy of any form of respect. Our lives would probably all be a little better if we never knew of him.

      1. Winning comps has nothing to do with a person’s character, or whether you like them or not. Frankie has proven himself that he is capable of winning comps. Villains have won the big prize on Big Brother before so if Frankie wins the $500,000 it would set any type of precedent.

        1. Even if frankie and derrick were final 2, frankie will not win. Half of playing BB is social skill, which derrick has won hands down. The jury is a majority of people who may not like frankie, but love derrick. Derrick covered his tracks even though he was instrumental in the eviction of every player. Frankie is loud and brags alot and openly stabs his “friends” in the back. Who cares if he won alot of comps, he was not a graceful winner and those are the things that will ensure that he wouldn’t win against derrick.

          1. The jury loves Derrick? What show have you been watching? I appreciate Derricks game but the jury is not full of fans of Derrick. That is one bitter jury and they have very high chance of rewarding Frankie over Derrick if it comes down to those 2.

    3. they all deserve to lose. They could have gotten Tinkerbell out long ago. Glad Derrick is getting a kick in the ass…talk yourself out of this one.

      1. You are hardly in any position to air any type of moral superiorty over others considering you are using homophobic taunts in your comments. “Tinkerbell”.. This is 2014 dinosaur homophobes like yourself are a dying breed. I actually hope that Frankie wins only so to make homophobes like you choke on your hypocrisy.

    4. I remember what Donny told someone about Frankie and that was if it comes down to physical comp. Frankie pound for pound was the best conditioned of them all. He seems to be good at most all the comps – hand/eye, quiz and physical. The only way I see him losing is if they get him out NOW.

    5. 0uR FRANKiE,
      WhO art in heaven,
      HALL0wed be Thy name~
      Thy KiNGD0M c0mE!
      LmB0!!! G0 GranDe or GO H0ME! Told u aLL to starT praying to my BAe! #TeaMFrankiEandArIGrande! ThuMbs D0WN iF yoU ~*SHinE BRitE LiKe a FRanKi3*~ L0L #H8tRs

  1. Goddamnit. I’m so sick of Frankie the Phony. His preening and prancing makes me want to punch myself in the face for watching it.
    I hope this “reset” screws up his game somehow.
    Simon and Dawg deserve hazard pay for having to suffer through this.

        1. Don’t you mean ‘Helen’s mist?” That shit was so potent, even she was not immune to her own mist. LOL.

          1. Yeah, that’s a better name for it. “Helen’s Mist” is as hard to get rid of as the annual ant infestation in the house. No matter how much you spray and wash, that shit keeps coming back.

      1. Just a thought; I think, win or lose, Frankie will not stay in touch with any of these HG for the simple reason that they are all just mere stepping Stones for him on the way to “stardom”. So poor Delusional Caleb will be in for yet another reality check.

      1. The only thing better than Frankie going home is Derrick going home. I seriously can’t stand either of those arrogant as7holes.

  2. Since they push the reset button, that should mean that this team America task will not count either. I do not want to see Derrick or Frankie get any more money, I hope Frankie talks a lot of crap about Cody and then plots to back door Caleb and then when the reset button takes effect, caleb will know that he cannot trust Frankie and everyone works together to get Frankie out of the house. And I want everyone to boo Frankie as he walks out.

      1. Joey aint gettin no residuals so neither will Donny. Derprick and Fakie are all about the money for themselves. They deserve nothing and there should not even be anymore Team America. CBS is just padding Derprick and Fakies pockets. AND if Fakie was smart he would use the mission to find a rat as a mission to point out that Derpirck is a rat himself: fake lying as$ cheating molesting Derprick.

    1. At some point people must have liked Frankie and Derrick to choose them as americas players. if everyone hates them so much why did u choose them then?

  3. I know I’m going to end up being disappointed because it’ll never happen but I hope Frankie puts Derrick up with Cody so that if someone else wins HOH after the rewind they’ll actually target him…

  4. How does this peacock keep winning everything?? Production, do you think we are all idiots? The rigging is ridiculous, they are making this whole summer “The Grande Show”, and we all hate him!! I hope he is giving Julie that stupid little heart symbol in person on Wednesday…..

    1. Seriously?? You think production is rigging these comps for Frankie?? No.. Frankie is a good competitor. He is athletic and smart. He also is a vile piece of crap with an ego larger than life.. but no production is not rigging it.. it is not productions fault Caleb, Derr, and Cody are too dumb to not have taken this disgrace of a human being out sooner knowing he is a beast a comps.

      1. I disagree I think production has everything to do with Frankie still being there..I also do not believe for one second that America voted for Frankie to be on Team America…once again that was productions doing to ensure he gets paid more money.
        Frankie’s family is not hurting for money and I personally think it’s a slap in America’s face that if he does win that he won’t put that money back into the American economy.

        1. Oh don’t get me wrong.. I do think production has interfered to help Frankie. They wouldn’t allow Caleb to start playing in the BOB after the comp started. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you are right about the TA thing. My point was they haven’t rigged the actual competitions so Frankie wins them (like lying about his time in the morph comp or making his puzzle easier than the rest). He wasn’t even chosen to play in many vetoes, showing they weren’t rigging it so he was playing in the comps. My only point was that he is a strong competitor and that is why he is winning so many comps and that the others should have taken the two golden opportunities they had to get him out and they didn’t.. not productions doing but the stupidity of Cody and Caleb with a side of Derr.

        2. So you are basically saying that Frankie is neither physically capalble or mentally capable of winning any comps without production’s interference???? Are you serious??? I suppose your reasoning is that since Frankie is gay that automatically prohibits him from having any physical prowess whatsoever? Most people with any sense of reasoning realize that it is Frankie who is the most physical threat when it comes to comps.. But that goes over the head of people like you, doesn’t it?

          1. There are some fools on her that just dislike Frankie because he is gay. They call him all sorts of defamatory names and point out all the things about him that reveal their bigotry. They only focus on Frankie touching the guys on the show but say nothing about the women touching the guys. They are blinded and nothing you ever say will convince them that gays are just normal people. They will never admit that Frankie has been a good competitor in this game because they can’t belive that a gay guy could win competitions succeedingly over straight guys. Its just too difficult to say.

            Then you have the gay men and women that scream that Frankie does not represent them. Ya ya, ok everyone gets it. Frankie is the stereotypical gay male—flamboyant and overly sexualized. That stereotype is perpetuated by mainly straight people who have issues with gays. They only see what they want to see. So all the gay people that scream about Frankie not representing them, keep screaming. It won’t make you any more accepted by these straight bigots. Of course Frankie is Frankie who happens to be gay. He would be a jerk whether he was straight or gay. Makes no difference. He is a child of privelege and entitlement. That is what truly makes him the disgusting character he is.

            I don’t like Frankie. I am straight. I think he is a great competitor who has a chance to win. I would never be friends with him in real life because he just disgusts me as a person. Unfortunatley. many (not all but a good amount) of the people who don’t like Frankie can’t distinguish between their squeamishness Frankie being gay and touching other ADULT men (who don’t always say no) and Frankies’ game. Shows the lack of maturity for many posters on here.

    2. Oh gawd!!!! The camera showed Caleb falling asleep on the green couch in LR while the other 4 were eating at kitchen table when production made a bogus call for Caleb to go to DR…came out in 1-2 minutes. Caleb told them they wanted him to ” check the toilet for malfunction”.. Derek told them he used it recently with no problems. OBVIOUS EXAMPLE of production interference with the TA mission regarding NO hg allowed to sleep!!! F**k!!!

      1. Technically, yes and no Murphy. Caleb was sleeping on the couch, not a bed. They should of said ‘no sleeping besides in the beds’ like they usually do.

  5. I dreamed I was being chased by a pink-haired cootie-a$$ed manwhore in a pair of tight, bright blue shorts. God help me, I may never sleep again.

  6. This is great. Now I hope Frankie runs his mouth and starts pissing everybody off. This reset is gonna make this little turd have a serious breakdown. Thanks Caleb for starting the war, job well done.

    1. Yes. Couldn’t agree more. She has serious issues. I’m still confused as to how or why anyone in their right mind would pick her to be on this show.

  7. All of the remaining HouseGuest’s are idiots and tools. Hope Frankie makes a big move only to have it blow up in his face.

  8. from a game stand point Frankie should win it all but that’s it the men is on fire I want be surprise if he win hoh again during rewind he just winning like crazy one word it your fault cody and caleb should off put him up
    to me if derrick get to the end with Frankie he playing for second place Frankie is running that house

    1. Derricks tries to make himself look like the weak player so no one attacks him. The others have not caught on yet so why would the catch on in the finals. They will think he is the weaker player and not vote for him

  9. I know it doesn’t matter what happened because it will reset. Just like seasons before, they should have evicted Frankie when they had the chance(so many times). Derrick is this season’s Helen. Frankie is disgusting but I guess that is what CBS wants.

  10. BTW, I don’t care who wins. I don’t care what happens. I bet this will be Big Brother’s Final Season. This was just as boring and stupid as last year. What happened? CBS just figures they can do the same thing and get different results. Oh, that is the definition of insanity… Sorry.
    Anyway, it is a shame. I used to enjoy watching people compete. Now they just “go with the house”. WTF?

    1. Well, look who he is up against: Cotton-balls-Cody, a-pea-for-a-brain-Caleb, a-crow-carried-me-away-when-I-was-a-baby-Victoria. And Derrick buddy, no need to ham it up for the cameras. America already knows there’s a rat in the BB house. YOU!

  11. My fear is that when the rewind happens…. Frankie will just win all the power again…. So I am avoiding being hyped up for anything Lol

  12. Yet another example of why Frankie is an awesome BB player. I know the haters are going to go off on how he’s worse than Hitler (yes someone actually said that), or is a sex offender (thinly veiled homophobia), or any of the numerous delusional rants that have little or no basis in fact, but maybe you should look at why he’s still here. He’s a competition beast and a great social player and he’s definitely go to be brought back for all-stars. When he leaves the house he’ll ignore the haters and go back to his life…which is probably awesome. Deal with it.

    1. You must be the one who is the only thumbs down with anything negative about your boy toy Frankie!! He is not liked by the vast majority of everyone else that is not you and you can deal with that…sicko!!!!

      1. Ugh dude you are so ridiculous right now. Frankie’s personal boundaries with the men this summer is beyond disrespectful. I love me some man candy, but that doesn’t mean I throw myself at straight men or invade their personal space in a sexual way. You seriously have something wrong if you think there is no legitimacy in peoples perspective of his sexual harassment. Like others have said, if some behaved like he does in regards to a female in the house, a stop would have been put to it.

        Grabing any persons genital region uninvited is a serious level of disrespect. Game or not, he’s gross. It has nothing to do with being homophobic, deal with it.

        1. The thing that everyone keeps missing is…..all of the guys are letting it happen. If anyone said stop – he would stop. They all crawl into bed with him. They all mess around with him. And! They are all much bigger than him. If it was Unwelcomed – it would be stopped. So get over it. Victoria is always all over Derrick. Wanting to get into bed with him. Wanting to touch him. And don’t even get me started with Christine. So yes….the outrage about Frankie doing it totally hints of homophobia.

          1. If anyone said stop to tinkerbell, they would be label as anti gay, or gay bashing and kicked off the show. Since production is full of liberal tinkerbells they are enjoying married men, and soldiers being fondled by tinkerbell which has destroyed the american male image. When the show is over they should all sue Tinkerbell and CBS for sexual harrasment, know your boundaries and unwanted sexual contact is not allowed. Its people like frankie that make us homophobic. who wants to have a guy staring at our penis or trying to grope us or looking at our arse. CBS you are hypocritical and in violation of the law by allowing this to happen and then you edit it out for tv. Lawsuit coming and it is too late to do anything about it. no matter what was signed prior it is all on tv. because the fear of being kicked off the show is a big reason not to say anything.

      2. The only opinions that count is the ones in the jury house, sure as hell not right wing fanatics like youself! If Frankie wins the $500,000 he will become a Big Brother legend, he is now tied with Janelle from BB6 as having the most wins in one season with nine wins. Of course that number for Frankie could go higher and he may beat Janelle for the #1 spot as the greatest comp player of all time. All of that despite homophobes constantly attacking him, or others who can’t stand him making personal attacks upon him and his family.. That is the mark of a true winner to go up against all odds and come out on top.. Now take a look in the mirror and you will see the definition of a loser.

        1. Gee…I wonder how many competitions your boy would have won if he had actually ever volunteered to go on slop instead of crying like a Diva about it!!

    2. Well said! I’m with you – true fan!! Frankie is an amazing BB player and absolutely would be a great addition to BB all-stars! I can’t believe all of the hateful things that are being said. People even ripping him for wanting to donate his money to charity….AND anyone can google him and see that he legitimately is hugely philanthropic and has been for a long time. It’s not like it was a ploy for the show. This season would have been soooooo boring without Frankie. Let the haters hate. I bet everyone in Frankie’s real life adores him….and I bet his circle of friends is huge.

      1. Where have all the Frankie fans been? Oh that’s right —keeping a low profile while the rape joke comment was making the rounds. Now that Frankie has won a few more comps they’re back in full force. Frankie is not hated b/c he is gay. Its because he is a self entitled narcissistic vile human being. The show would have been so much better without him there. He takes up so much negative space with his ego, stupid character’s voices and cattiness.
        If he has a huge circle of friends its because they are like Caleb who just want to be around him because he’s rich and has a famous sister. I hope he gets the loudest boo’s ever!!!!

  13. I’m really laughing at these jerks (Cody, Caleb, and Derick). These guys had the glorious opportunity to backdoor Frank this week. Rather they chicken out and decided to send Nich. They contemplated doing that but through the influence of the puppet master (Derick) they sent Nich home. Now they are kicking themselves in the butt and regretting it. Caleb and Cody wanted to make that move but Derick was so not into that. To make matters worse, Derick earlier promised Nich that he is making a big move for her, but that same person (Derick) went back to the guys to screw Nich.I feel they had listened to their guts and made bigger moves this wouldnt happen. All this in the name of final 4, when the final game is for 2 individuals.I don’t know why they are so concerned about final 4 deals and America’s favorite when the ultimate prize is winning BB16. They all SUCKS BIG TIME! Am just watching TVGN and you can see the regrets on Caleb’s face. He is regretting BIG TIME!

  14. Lets hope, if it sadly comes down to it, the jury only gives him 2nd place. Lets not have it come to that so rooting for anyone but this yucky man-child. In other news: none of them know how many cups are in a quart. Not one single HG.

  15. As much as I (and the rest of America) may dislike Frankie, I have to give him credit for his competitions. He knows when he needs to win and how to do it time after time.

    1. He is far from being a competition beast. Frankie only wins comps because of help from production and the fact that he pretty much was pampered the entire time in the house, minus the ONE time he was a have-not. He almost always sleeps in the HOH room no matter who is HOH. He usually always gets his way with production’s help. I wouldn’t be surprised if the hecklers on the megaphones are just pissed off production people that Frankie orders around. I don’t think anyone in the house will want to be friends/keep in touch with Frankie outside the house except maybe Caleb, but that’s because he’s a delusional idiot. I even think Zach has a good enough head on his shoulder to avoid Frankie.

      1. Get over yourself.. Anyone with common sense knows that Frankie has been killing it with the comps.. What makes you think that Frankie is neither physically capable or mentally capable of winning comps? Is he uneducated even though he graduated from college? Is he not physically agile or athletic? Making wild conspiracy theories that production is helping Frankie win comps to hide your disgust that Frankie is actually winning comps and playing an excellent game only makes you look like a fool.

        1. Why do people keep putting Frankie on this pedestal? He isn’t this great competition beast. He should also not be compared to Janelle. These competitions have been more mental and not physical at all. Past BB contestants had to fight for HOH. This BOB crap just made it easy for smarter guest to take over. This has been a totally wasted season. Bring back the fight it out comps and people who actually play their own game. Next year cast people who want to play the game, not people who want to be famous!

          1. Everything that you fools say about Frankie not deserving to win, can be said about Derrick. You all are so duplicitous and so unable to see facts. Frankie is not a good person but he is winning comps and competing pretty hard. Separate your hate from the game.

            1. I’m not sure what you are referencing, but I have no hate for anyone. I could care less who wins honestly. They all suck in my opinion. I’m merely stating a fact. Frankie hasn’t had to win any physical competitions to become HOH. If these comps had been like past seasons, more than likely, Caleb would be the beast. So like i said…comparing him to Janelle is ridiculous. Also, haa haa, Frankie, Derrick, Caleb all wish they were all stars! What a bunch of idiots!

  16. This site is/was cool. I think unfortunately it has turned me off on Big Brother for good. The manipulation and scripted show is becoming more and more of a joke. Kind of makes you sad of all the great Seasons before where most didnt know. This show maybe always was but has now become nothing more than a cheaply made and acted soap opera. I have only seen 1 episode this season and even then I had only a minimal interest. The worst thing that Big Brother ever did was let the Houseguests talk about their Diary sessions and show manipulation. They should have made it clear that if they repeated anything then they would be in breach and removed from the show. At this point, who cares who wins as its probably already determined.

  17. Although this week doesn’t count this just goes to prove how NOT great of a player Derr is. Cody thought about putting up Frankie as a replacement nom and sending him home over Donny when he had the chance but Derr talked him out of it… just shows how dumb both of them are. Derr was going to get rid of a TA player either way, why not take out the bigger threat?? Sure he thinks Frankie has his back over Donny but there is no way Frankie is taking Derr to the final 2.
    Second Caleb thought about backdooring Frankie and Derr met him with some resistance but then Nic convinced him he could trust her so he tried to then get Frankie put up and failed. Also showing Caleb is an idiot… but to his defense there is a much better chance Frankie will take him to the final 2 over Cody/Derr, Notice I say Frankie will be deciding who goes to the final 2 with him.
    I find Frankie to be the lowest form of human being on this planet… but he will win this game and I am starting to come to grips with it and be ok with it because as far as I am concerned I don’t want any of these morons to win.

    1. I used to like Derrick but I turned on him about a week ago. Everything you say about Frankie possibly winning is true. At this point, and I am just cringing as I write this, I am hoping that Frankie or Caleb win and I hope Derrick does not even make final 2. I just can’t respect a player like Derrick after what he did to Nicole and his inability to separate the game from reality. I really think he lost it this past week, especially with some of the stuff he has said on the feeds to the fans at home. I turned my feed off the other day because Derrick was just too creepy to even listen to anymore. Is anyone else as creeped out by this guy as I am now? I feel like the real Derrick is now being revealed and I don’t like what I see at all. Skeerrryyyy!!

  18. Listen I’m not a Frankie fan at all but at the same if he so happens to make it to the end its Caleb and Cody fought they both had the opportunity to back door him two weeks in a row but they were two busy playing Derricks game instead of they own to take him out it was against Derricks wishes to leave Donny in the game the one person who had Derrick pegged and was cool with Caleb and liked it Cody was playing by his self wanted to get Donny out dispite everybody else in they group wanting to take a shot a Frankie he kept telling them we can do it later Donny trying to rally people to go against us so he got to go even though Caleb and Cody said we can get Donny out anytime he has nobody our gut is saying get rid of Frankie but derrick kept pushing the lets get Donny first then Nicole and we can get Frankie later well derrick u must not know in BB if u don’t take yo shot when u can it can be to late in the game to take it and that’s why derrick u and everybody is reaping what u sow for leaving him in the game all because of ur personal vendetta against Donny u went against ur alliance wishes of take they shot of getting out Frankie for the better of the group to convincing them taking out Donny was the way to go. jokes on u now and I bet Caleb and Cody feel stupid for listening to u now SUCKER.

    1. Caleb bought himself some protection from Frankie when he went to him and spilled about the BD. It’s Derrick and Cody that should be worried. The rewind is gonna put them all on blast. Caleb will sit back and scheme from there.

      1. I think Cody will have some boos when he gets out, maybe not as much and as loud as Christine did, but he will get a mix of applause and boos because of his excessive cuddling with a married woman.

        1. Cody will definetely get booed when he gets evicted. I also think Julie will be harsh on him a bit. BUT, I am not so sure that Cody will get evicted. I think that it is possible he is going to turn on Derrick over the next week. Not sure why, but based on some of the feeds and him keep bringing up his student loan debt, he may be thinking bigger than we are giving him credit. If I were Cody at this point, I would be feeding Derrick the same pablum he has been feeding me for 6 weeks and get him comfortable enough that he does not even see the blindside coming. Five hundred thousand dollars in a nice chunk of change!

    1. This is by far the worst season of BB. I have never missed a show of the previous 15. I lost interest after Hayden got booted.
      I will watch again on Wednesday if hope of watching this Richard Simmons’ wannbe’s flames extinguished!

  19. Since on Wednesday, this entire week will be reset, will it play out like a double eviction and they’ll just replay the entire week on that night? Or will we have to wait a full week until the next eviciton?

  20. Who the hell voted for Frankie to be a part of team America anyways? must have been those teeny boppers! Sure I’d rather sit and watch Victoria apply make up then watch that loser on my screen anymore.

    1. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. How the hell did Derrick get on Team America? He is a douche who berates women and is a control freak. He did not get my vote.

  21. I knew it, Derrick blew his chance of getting rid of Frankie… Derrick kept saying we’ll get him out next week. Well now Frankie is just going to keep on winning competitions and he’ll end up in the final 2…There is no way Frankie will take Derrick to the finals… you blew it Derrick!!!

    1. He SMACKS when he chews!!!! Ugh– you’d think wilth his so-called ” refined” upbringing that he would have learned better dining manners!

      1. He totally smack his lips and mouth when chewing. Its so gross. Victoria does it too. They eat like old people with no teeth.

        Gimme a good gummer will ya!!!

    2. Derdick chews the same fucking way. No wonder Derdick was an undercover pig and now a desk sergent, he has not one ounce of athletic ability.

      1. Can you imagine if they put a box of donuts in that house? Derrick would totally blow his cover by eating them all and screaming at the other guests if they tried to take one.

  22. I love watching this now for the first time in a while. Deprick, Cotex and breast mode Coward finally realize they made a big mistake by not taking Skakie out these past few weeks. As much as we f’n HATE can you beat him in the end? 9 wins…ugh! I dont like Deprick but he played a cleaner game…a smarter game. I am waiting to laugh at Skankie’s response finding out it was all for nothing this week. It’s what keeps me watching at this point.

  23. They all eat like they are starving, and are not gonna get another meal for days!!! Plus they have no manners. Thank god I can flip the channels, because mute is not enough, I can’t stand to even watch them!!

  24. I’ll bet that if Frankie does not win HOH during Wednesday’s rewind… he just guaranteed himself being on the block…. and hopefully he won’t win POV so we can watch his face to face with Julie….. that is AFTER he is boo’d BIGtime from the front door to the guest chair. One can only HOPE!!!

    1. AS others have said, if Skankie is evicted and receives a resounding chorus of boos, he will claim that all audience members are homophobes and it has nothing to do with his game play or actions whilst in the house.
      Hopefully he will awaken from his fairy tale life that he has created and realise what a truly terrible git he is.
      Grow up Frankie, the Peter Pan/Tinkerbell Express left the station years ago.

  25. I feel bad for everybody entering the house this season. CBS used everyone. If Team America wins 1st, 2nd, and 3rd (America’s Favorite), then the network saves $15,000 per player since the rules state that 1st & 2nd place forfeit all weekly cash earnings. I am not sure if the rule apply to America’s favorite player (3rd place), but if Donny wins America’s Favorite and Frankie and Derrick are in the Final 2, then the season will be a win for CBS for preselecting the winners Week 3 and all other guests was just there to collect network standard fees and misc. sponsored prizes ($5000 and trip to Germany).

  26. The way this season has been going, I am sure production will let Frankie know what is going on before the reset is revealed so he doesn’t say too much. Too boring. I hope they fail TA. There is no TA without Donny.

  27. Frankie has just put a huge target on his back by winning comps.As soon as someone else will win HOH he will be the number one HG slated for eviction (maybe he’ll be a backdoored).

    1. Umm the problem is he can’t get backdoored because he can play in all of the remaining vetoes… so chances of them getting him out are slim to none at this point. He only has to win 3 more comps to make it to the end.. and his track record is pretty good. He has won over 50% of comps he has played in.

      1. Yes, you’re right: I hadn’t noticed he will play for every POV due to the fact there are just few of them left. The idea is he will be heavily targeted by all and, if he fails to win POV, he’ll mostly go to the jury house.

  28. At this point Victoria has nothing to loose, why hasn’t she just pressed the button. Since they don’t know what it would lead to I understand the others not pressing, but Victoria should know she is on her way out. I hope she presses it and someone else wins HOH… Most likely things stay the same and this is Victoria’s last leg

  29. The biggest mistake by production was letting the 2 HOH ‘s talk to each other and pick noms. They should have separated them, let them pick 2 people and if they picked same names , oh well. Adding the BOTB comp would only be used if 4 different people were nominated. This would have created a more fair process, giving each guest a chance instead of being blocked by in cahoots with each other HOH’s. Make sense?

  30. Derrick’s trying to keep Frankie because of greed may be his downfall in the game. Hopefully, the rewind button will unnerve Frankie enough to set his game off and they can get him out on Wednesday. If they keep him, he will probably go on to F2. Derrick is going to have to step up his game or he is gone soon. Talk will be cheap now… It is every man/woman for themselves.

  31. This HOH + POV win by Frankie could be a godsend: it’s meaningless, but also it just shows the others that Frankie could slide to victory on the comps. Maybe they’ll be more determined in the next HOH (the one that matters), win it and get him out.

  32. Just before bbad went off, pig nose ran his finger under his snout, then he looked at his finger and flicked something on the floor!!!!! I guess he has to live up to his name. I am surprised he didn’t put it in his mouth.

    1. Derrick is disgusting and his feet smell on top of it. I think Christine said something before about him smelling like blue cheese and even Victoria made a comment one time about Derricks personal hygeine. YUCH!!

  33. Love him or hate him but Frankie is a competition beast…. I think this makes 10 wins (even though these two don’t count. He is stomping a mud hole in the rest of the guys. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wont he rewind HOH as well. They should have been got him out of the house. He is going to be hard to beat now. Based on comps and gameplay he is the only one that has an argument that may beat Derricks in the end. America (wellt he folks who watch BB) hates him though lol. Speaking of which if Ariana tweets for her bro for America’s fav he may be a shoe in for it she has twice the amount of followers that even watch BB.

    1. With nine competition wins, does that mean that Frankie Grande is now the champion Big Brother house guest who has won the most competitions in all 16 seasons? He certainly would be in the top tier of house guests who have won the most comps. Who knows off hand who it is that has won the most comps of all 16 seasons?

  34. This TA mission is so stupid but really does anyone even care at this point? A much better mission would have them having to stay awake until 11:00am. That would be tough as these houseguests sleep until noon every day. A boring mission in a boring season. How can production be so out of touch with what America wants to see? Disappointing for fans that’s for sure.

  35. I don’t care how many things this little shit wins, he has turned me off so much and obviously will not redeem himself any time soon. OFF WITH HIS HEAD I SAY!!!!. (wink)
    I am so glad this button works the way it does. It will be a nice few minutes when he is told and he takes it in what just happened. NOW they have to make sure someone else (aside from Caleb) wins HOH and then POV.
    If people can understand others not liking Donny’s social game play, I hope they can understand people not liking Frankie for his social game play also, just for different reasons.
    I can not stand this person we see on the show. If hes different in his Real Life, great, but what I see I just can not stand it no more.
    This type of thing happens all the time. They wanted someone out a long time ago and didn’t do it. Now his fat ass sits in this house and production will help him a long to win the game. Slam Dunk for Frankie that no one wants.

    *I was thrown out of a window man*

  36. Completely O/T:
    I recently started watching season 12, I’m almost halfway thru it. Can somebody please tell me why there is so much love for Britney? Because so far she seems very catty, gossipy and for the most part has done very poorly in comps.

    1. All the girls are catty and gossip about each other, none are above it. The men do the same thing just not as much and not as catty.

    2. The absolute funniest thing she ever did was beat the living hell out of a teddy bear and threw herself on top of it… I think she is hilarious!

    3. She was cute, clever, good social game. And then, unfortunately, although she didn’t know it during the show, her house burned down. ;(

  37. comp beast? face it. Cody is one of the worst competitors of all time. he is barely above enzo. Beast Mode loses more than anyone I have ever seen who claims to be a comp beast himself. Derrick throws every comp, wins when he needs to. doesn’t want to be the threat. leaves Frankie to win vs Victoria for most competitions.

    not too hard to be a “beast” vs Victoria.

  38. Sorry buddy, I cancelled my feeds after you losers evicted everyone more interesting than you.


  39. Can Frankie just shut up….I’m so tired of him constantly going over his wins. Each time he wins he acts as if it was a great accomplishment…..He doesn’t get the results of good job done from team mates so he has to Pat his own back. They should have got him out when they had a chance. I sure would like to be around when he hears Donny got a small part of that soap opera. ..

  40. Bugs bunny frankie going be a dumb ass this week he be shock he pushed that button,,derrick told him they regret it..reason all the house cast returns to play for hoh and pov soon this week and frankie pov and hoh is void he pushed the button like adam and eve hey he thought he get prize or money,,thats greed ya

    1. They agreed as a house and the majority won to push the button.. It was Victoria’s hand that touched the button first and they all pushed down on that button together. Frankie is only one of the house guests to have pushed the button, not the only one..

  41. i can only hope that victoria wins the hoh and sends frankie home. he would have a nervous breakdown at that point then just imagine him walking out the house to boo’s he would literally start crying. i would enjoy those turn of events for sure.

  42. Yes Frankie wins a lot which is why they should have gotten rid of him many weeks ago when they had the chance. Derrick should win because even Frankie does what Derrick leads him to do. Therefore, Derrick dominates the game. Perhaps Derrick wanted Frankie to win this week and he will pour it on at just the right time.

    It’s looking good for Derrick already as his 2 buddies he’s been carrying are noms and that will soon be reversed. He’ll have them back soon right where he wants them as long as Cody or Victoria win HOH. Caleb I’m unsure.

  43. I still believe it will be Frank&Beans. Vs I’m sorry we don’t have the votes to keep you,sitting in the 500 k and the 50 k chairs Frankie leading Derrick but Derrick will win

  44. I understand the thinking of production rigging things, only because we all know they get involved and even when the HG’s are in the DR, there is manipulation going on. I agree Frankie is winning these comps there is no doubt. Doesn’t mean people will like him because of it. It just means it will be that sweeter when he walks out the door blue shorts and all. He might be athletic but hes an asshead. Him winning the POV doesn’t change my mind at all. I never did think he wasn’t good at comps so him winning isn’t that big of a surprise. To me I don’t know why the other HG’s are not trying harder knowing this.
    They knew Donny could win POV’s and this is why they tried harder to win against him. WTF are they not thinking this with Frankie. Is it because they think hes on their side.? Oh Boy.

  45. Derrik has been on the block ZERO times, people! Frankie may have won a lot of comps but like Nicole said earlier, the jury house is a bitter one and Frankie doesn’t have one person, besides maybe Zach that likes him. Derricks only vote against could possibly be Donny as he knew Derrik was playing him. You can win as many comps as you want but if you’re too dumb to not notice that the guy who has won nothing really has never been on the block, you deserve to lose.

    1. Juries talk a LOT while waiting for the final vote and Donny knows that it’s Derrick who’s been running the house. The rest of the detonators will also be in the jury to confirm a lot of things for people. He’s already lost Zachs support because by now Donnie has told him about the TA challenges and how Frankie used that to get Zach out of the game. Once they all have a chance to compare notes and realize how well Derrick ran the show they’ll want to vote for him. Frankie has a lot of blood on his hands. Then there are the speeches. Anyone who is still not sure, will want to vote for Derrick once the find out he was an undercover cop. I know the bad guy has won the money in the past, but the unless the jury bases votes only on challenges then Frankie hasn’t got a chance because he is too self absorbed and narcissistic and he had a crappy social game.

  46. Just a side note but doesn’t Frankie remind you of Mango from SNL circa 2001?. Watch old clips on you tube if you’re not familiar and the resemblance and mannerisms is hilarious.

  47. Bangs head…Nooooooooooo, WHY!!!!!! I love how he thinks that Christine talked a lot of shit about people as if he was just sitting around all innocent not saying a word about no one. He wishes he was the person he was in his head.
    That picture of him with the veto. The wanna be duck face. I have never wanted to smack someone in the back of the head so much before in my life. Okay maybe I have but hes right up there with those Aholes.

  48. I know I am going to get shoes thrown at me for this but………….I don’t think its right to be booed when anyone walks out of the house. I mean, they don’t have to cheer like their a favorite but to boo like that was absolutely uncomfortable to watch as a long time lover of this show. Even though I do not like Frankie’s personality or molesting overbearing social game, I don’t think he should be booed when he is sent packing from that house. Once they leave that door and step on that stage (even going into the jury house) the social “deviant” part of the game is done. There will still be hurt feelings because there is still emotions involved and real people, but the things you did in the house are no longer in the running for the game or money. I don’t know, I just don’t like to see people play a game to entertain us and we end up turning on them to the fullest. Yes, I know I am a sap.

    Ducks for flying shoes

  49. Hopefully now that Frankie won the POV & HOH this week when the rewind happens if someone else wins they will immediately target him rather than boot out Victoria. Sadly though due to this bunch’s track record it doesn’t seem likely and $10 says Frankie will win the next HOH anyways and this week will just proceed as it did prior to the rewind -_- I personally think this is a slap in the face to the fans of Zach/Donny/Nicole because there were 3 GOLDEN opportunities to have this reset button in play and everyone said they felt as if production wasn’t planning on anything and then whadya know, as soon as the last fan favorite (Nicole) walked out the door all of a sudden there’s a reset button? WE ARE AT THE POINT OF VOTING FOR A TOASTER OR HAIR EXTENSIONS IN OUR FAN FAVORITE POLL!!!! Isn’t that saying something?? This just really makes me mad and upset!!!

  50. Enough already! All 4 of these guys played great social and physical games. They won comps and they were part of an unstoppable alliance! Donny played an awful social game so he does not deserve to be in the game anymore. Donny isn’t even old! He needs to stop acting like they’re picking on “the old man.” Nicole needs to stop acting like they’re picking on “the little blonde girl.” They’re not picking on anybody because this is how you play to win! You win comps and you form a strong alliance! Get over it!

  51. All in the room taking about r@ping Victoria
    they should have been made to apologize to her
    and Frankie and Derrick should should have been dismissed from the show… That was awful convo coming from a cop and a gay!!!!

    1. Coming from Derrick I can understand why he went along with the comments. He’s been using the same strategies as he would if he were undercover in his job as a cop and that means getting along with people you don’t like and acting like you are just like them even if you’re not.. Frankie – well he’s just a sleazeball who is going out of his way to be the worst gay stereotype possible. He’s offended a lot of gay people with his behaviour and making those rape jokes were too much. BB should have at the very least dragged his ass to the DR and told him to knock it off.

  52. Enough already! All 4 of these guys are playing great social and physical games! They might be a little annoying to watch at times but they win comps and they’re part of an unstoppable alliance. Face it, Donny played an awful social game so he does not deserve to be in the house anymore. Donny isn’t even old! So, he needs to man up and stop acting like they’re picking on “the old man.” Nicole needs to stop acting like they’re picking on “the little blonde girl.” They’re getting out everyone who is not in their alliance because this is how you play to win! You win comps and you form a strong and loyal alliance! Don’t hate! Get over it! I love this season of Big Brother!

  53. Those same people who hate Frankie for his behavior won’t even acknowledge the fact that he has won 9 comps so far and is the biggest threat when it comes to physical comps, Caleb comes in 2nd with 5. As for Frankie’s social game, it can be debated whether it is favorable for him or not. My opinion on the golden button is that the reset will done on Tuesday and all nominations will be void and another HOH will be played immediately after. Since Frankie holds all the power the only way for him to lose it will be if all nominations and powers are voided on Tuesday or Wednesday.. Remember this will be something no one has ever seen before on Big Brother.. So nobody knows what exactly will happen come Wednesday’s eviction show.

  54. So tired of that prancing pony! He is so full of himself, in his eyes he will always be a winner! Derrick needs to put on his big boy pants and start winning and get Frankie out next! If not, he’s sealing his fate! Can’t be everyone’s bestie! Caleb all brawn, no brain. Victoria has neither. Cody, oh dear, just a lost puppy without his love!

  55. How are most of you so blinded by your hatred for Frankie that you can’t acknowledge what a BADASS competitor he is? Quit with all your homophobic remarks. Are we really calling him “tinker bell, pony boy and man whore?” wtf is wrong with you little kids? I haven’t heard Frankie once even talk about hooking up with anybody. So shut the fuck up, have some respect and don’t take everything Franke says seriously. I can only imagine what you people would say if cameras were on you 24/7. (And no I’m not an Ariana Grande fan)

  56. Why are there suddenly pro-Frankie comments on here? Someone must have introduced this Site to Ariana. Sissy is sad America is trashing her turd of a fancy boy brother.

    1. I am actually more tired of all the Derrick is a GOD trolls on here that post 8 or 9 of the same comments in a row and thumbs up all of each others comments. At least the Frankie stuff is a reprieve from all the Derrick worship. And for the record, I think Derrick has played a good game but I don’t believe he will make it to final 3.

      1. I despise them both, and am rooting for Victoria. This season has been terrible, and deserves a winner that reflects the gameplay this season.

  57. Frankie talked about hooking up with Zach, grabbed Caleb you know where, and if he throws the homophobe card, I am going to puke! Either you like him or hate him, take it or leave it!

  58. I can’t stand Frankie for all his non-game attributes,attitudes,actions, etc.
    But you gotta respect his competition skills.
    And as far as production involvement goes, does anybody really believe that ‘reality TV’ actually exists?

    1. and before anyone brands me as homophobic, I did not mean him being homosexual. I meant the groping, humping, two-facedness (?), etc.
      And if he’s voted out and claims it was because he was gay, then SMH

      1. I feel that any of them will say the wrong reason as to why they get voted out. I don’t think any of them will see this game correctly until a few months after the game ends. For example, if Derrick doesn’t win, all of the LEGIONS OF DERRICK will wail and cry that he was robbed and how unfair it all is. But, what they won’t be able to see and what Derrick won’t be able to see, is that Derrick really did not play the smartest game when it came to being diplomatic. I think that Derrick will never be able to admit that his lack of diplomacy in dealing with people like Nicole and Donny was a problem. He believes that he is so good at manipulating people that he can’t imagine that people who are not manipulative by nature (like Nicole and Donny) could see through him. I find that actually pretty satisfying that Derricks own self- congratulatory attitude will be his undoing.

  59. I think Frankie at the beginning of this season was likable and sorta funny, Evidently a lot of America did or he wouldn’t have been voted as America’s team member. As time went on, most of us realized he was just really annoying, therefore people started to turn. I really don’t believe it had anything to do with his sexual ID and I wish that part would not even be bashed on here. It’s just not cool and very insulting to many people. Frankie has bragged endlessly, back stabbed, insulted and continues to win and win. That is just the nature of the beast. It drives us nuts and we keep watching. Think about it….every year there are likable people on this show at the beginning that turn our stomachs at the end. That’s what makes this show so watchable and enjoyable. You like someone this week, hate them the next. If people don’t like it, stop watching. Every season this happens. It’s very elementary, Watson.

  60. Does anyone roll their eyes every time Caleb tells a story about how tough/great he is? I roll mine so much I start to get dizzy!

  61. Gee, fellas, what are you trying to say? Frankie wins a lot of comps, compared to everyone else? That maybe, just maybe, you should have stuck with plan A the last two HOHs and gotten him out?

    Oh, well, I guess Nicole really was a comp beast and so so so so much harder to beat than Frankie, that’s why you opted to remove her, right Derrick? Cuz, for the life of me, i can’t understand why so many of your moves are actually ending up to me not good for your actual game.

    In any case, I for one am pretty glad Frankie won this HOH and this POV, because NOW he is the one the golden button of rewind is going to zing. he is going to be totally thrown off thinking that it is all a lock, and he just might end up on the block Wednesday night.

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