Christine asks so if you get picked to play then only 5 people play? Victoria says yes.

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 23rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 25th
HOH Winner 1: Cody Next HOH Aug 28th
Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny & Nicole
POV Players Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-23 13-57-49-087
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2pm Victoria comes back into the house after passing out in the bathroom due to the pain she’s been having with her teeth. She talks with Christine. Victoria says the pain that caused this made me pass out but I didn’t completely pass out because Nicole woke me up. Christine asks did they give you an IV for dehydration? Victoria says yeah for dehydration and for pain medication. That was horrible it was such a disaster. They told me I can’t go to sleep I have to stay up and eat now. Victoria heads to get he clothes. The camera’s follow her as she walks and she says don’t follow me! Christine says I’m surprised you came back so soon. Victoria says yeah it was hell! Christine asks what do you want to eat? Victoria says they said I have to eat something sweet. Like peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And I have to drink natural sugar like grape juice. That was the scariest thing. I was ligit water swiming Christine says that was so scary because you could tell you were going in and out .. and they had to keep you from going in. Victoria says that was super scary. I’ve never had anything like that happen in my life. Christine asks that was your first IV! And you had to do that all alone. Victoria says I wish I had you or Derrick to hold. Christine explains how fast Derrick bolted for the bathroom when Nicole called for him. I went to the diary room and pushed the button like 3000 times and then I remembered that Donny was in there. Victoria says I hope they don’t show it. Victoria says I feel like I look like a disaster right now. Christine asks so if you get picked to play then only 5 people play? Victoria says yes. That’s why I hope I don’t get picked to play. Christine goes to make her a sandwich. Victoria starts doing her hair and makeup.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-23 14-02-42-308

2:15pm Christine brings Victoria her sandwich. She asks her if she’s okay to stand. Victoria says probably not. I was scared of the needle but I told myself suck it up Victoria. I knew that I was sick and it was the only way to get better. I look like a monster. Christine says that Nicole was pale white. Victoria asks why?! It’s not like I was going to die! Christine says yeah its funny that she’s the nurse. Christine says when the doctor asked you how you felt you said I feel horrible and he said I am going to need more detail than that. Victoria laughs. Christine asks was everyone nice though. Victoria says yes very. I was passed out half the time. Christine says thank goodness Nicole opened the door. Nurses intuition I guess. Victoria says I just kept thinking why am I alone right now. They said it wasn’t from dehydration. He said this often from the pain. And I was like how does pain make me pass out. I just can’t believe I am going through this .. this late in the game. Christine says at least you’re safe and you don’t have to worry.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-23 14-17-11-570

2:25pm Big Brother says Cody please go to the diary room. Victoria says we’re going to pick now. Donny, Caleb, Frankie talk to Victoria about how she’s feeling. She says they told me I should be better in a day or two. Frankie says I had no idea you should have woken me… well you couldn’t have you were passed out on the bathroom floor. Caleb says what did I tell you they would do to her.. Give her an IV. Victoria says they gave me a glucose IV. Caleb asks Nicole when do they give you an IV for glucose? Victoria says my blood pressure was low. Nicole says when you’re blood glucose levels are low. Caleb and Donny are in the living room talking about Victoria not playing. Caleb says they’ll just take the spot away and there will be 5 people playing for the veto. Caleb says to be in that much pain that you pass out. Christine says that’s a lot of pain. They just gave her pain medication, I don’t think they really checked it out.

2:40pm – 3pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the house guests to pick players for the Power Of Veto competition. When the live feeds come back all the house guests are in the kitchen.

Power of Veto Players Picked: Donny, Nicole, Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine
POV Host: Caleb

In the fire room – Derrick asks he told you about team america right? Frankie says no. Derrick and Frankie talk about the team america mission in the fire room. Derrick says that Donny has his plans for it but.. Am I allowed to inform you? Frankie says I don’t know. Derrick gets Donny to come into the fire room. Donny tells Frankie about the team america mission. Donny says obviously I would want to have it so that we saved me. Frankie says yeah I’m down with that. Donny says we could even have it where you throw the veto to me .. because it would be to obvious if you used it on me. Frankie says yeah I would be down with that. Donny says we could even do something silly.

Victoria says “I am so happy I didn’t get picked!”

BB16-2014-08-23 15-00-51-085

3:00pm FIREROOM Derrick and Victoria
Derrick – I’m glad you’re OK you got me nervous.. I’m glad you worked out
Victoria says she has really low blood pressure and she was sweating a lot.
She feels like crap she’s not going to watch the POV. Frankie comes in says he’s glad Victoria didn’t get picked so she can rest. Adds that he was finally picked for a veto and Caleb is hosting it all worked out great.

BB16-2014-08-23 15-05-10-070

3:01pm Have Nots Frankie and Derrick
Frankie and Derrick talking about Donny’s Team America suggestion to let him win the POV or influence the vote this week.
Frankie – I’m not f***ng doing that.. I told him that
Derrick says they could influence the vote.. “ I want to do something funny.. they get to vote on it.. America will vote and decide if it’s enough.. CMon you’re the creative one”
Derrick – If we influence the vote I don’t think he would come after us.. Dude he’s literally throwing me under the bus with everyone.. THat kids could put us up..
Derrick points out that Donny have gone to every single person in the house telling them to target Derrick.
Frankie – Technically we’re doing the same thing
Derrick disagrees says they are not spreading around the house that Donny has to go they are just agreeing with people when it’s brought up.
Derrick thinking maybe they should stage a fight, “I’m not as good of a actor though i’ll start laughing.. “

Frankie – Start a rumour that a house guest is related to Ariana Grande”
Frankie complains he’s freezing if he was Have nots his body would shut down he’s happy he wasn’t picked.
Derrick thinks this is the last Team America task so they need to pick a good one.
Frankie – we’ve only had one good one.. we can do a saboteur thing.. we can prank everyone.
Frankie – I know Nicole is coming for me.. I mean she’s after us all but she COMING FOR ME
Derrick – coming for all of us .. could she get you out if she puts you up.. I dunno
Derrick – I’m leaning towards the saboteur route.. but if it’s something weird and he wins today…. Derrick gets called into the Diary room

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Go figure Victoria comes back to game and all she is worried about is her make up. Decisions Decisions.


You aren’t prescribed I.V. fluids for pain. She was probably receiving saline for dehydration and antibiotic either by injection or orally to reduce swelling. You must minimize infection prior to surgery. Ibuprofen and alcohol probably contributed to dehydration.

Cackling Hyena

My theory is, when Victoria was just a little girl (which is almost like two weeks ago? isn’t she still a little girl?), it is not true that a crow picked her. The crow would have been to small to do such a thing. But maybe, the crow just picked her brains….She doesn’t need a dentist. She needs a neurosurgeon to give her brain implants. Just my humble opinion.


You can actually get an IV drip for morphine and other pain meds.


Yah, if you’re in the hospital after a major surgery! Do you think there gonna do that in the back of the Big Brother house? Morphine? I don’t think so. They’d all be back there with somethin.


She was treated for hyperglycemia. Her blood glucose was low that’s why she had to eat the natural sugars. Two of my kids are type 1 diabetic. She could’ve went into a coma and she very well likely could have died. Thank god Nicole opened that door.

Pink haired turdlet

Toothache, fiddling with your hair extensions, leaving the building, coming back, these are the biggest things this girl has done all season. She contributes about as much as the coffee table in the living room.

Dont hate the coffee table

I think you’re being too harsh on the coffee table


A coffee table is functional.


That’s an insult to the coffee table. She’s more like a rug.

Kathie from Canada

I’m surprised she didn’t talk about the ‘white light’ after her near death experience. ((sigh))


Ha! Kathie, you kill me….. She is sooooo full of b.s.! The white light!! I swear…

Kathie from Canada


Derricks sandals

Victoria returns. She has swine flu.
Source of the infection was Derricks stench.
Derrick is blaming it all on Donny



TA Sucks

Damn. I was hoping Victoria would not be coming back.

Bird Flu

Pretty sure Victoria was carried back to the house by crows. On a side note, Victoria on pain meds + wine is no different than regular Victoria.


CBS and Production could give two ticks about those house guests.
She needs a root canal…. or her tooth pulled.
If they are talking oral surgery should should be out for more than week.

I have a friend who started on a new job and procrastinated on just such a thing.
The infection got in his blood stream and to his heart and he almost died.
Took him months to recover.
I know it sounds silly but it is stupid to procrastinate possibly another month.
She need the ora;l surgery and to leave the game.

(This has nothing to do with saving Donny or Nicole… they can still do the eviction this week.
Victoria leaving is about her health. One of the things that has pissed me off about BB is the
lack of concern for the health of their house guests… i.e. Joe taking a dump and then cooking food without washing his hands or Rachel’s mental breakdown. Jocastas dehydration earlier this season.)

What's BB?

“Victoria starts doing her hair and makeup”
This is the tag line for her entire BB life!


I wonder if one or both her parents so much pressure on her to be perfect all the time and that’s why she’s so paranoid and self conscience about the way she looks. Does anyone know if she has a sister? Maybe, she was always getting compared to her all the time. Something has been going on with her to behave the say she does.


Happy That Victoria is safe so she can go back to being useless. Hope she gets picked.


I’m gonna give Victoria some credit for coming back. I just had an impacted tooth that was ATTACHED to a wisdom tooth removed about 3 weeks ago. That ish hurts like hell! I would not be back in the house. I’d be in jury begging for some Lortabs!


Oh PLEASE!!! We don’t even know exactly what was wrong with her. From the sounds of it, she hasn’t been eating much because of her tooth and also had too much to drink last night (with Ibuprofens?)

The Snortmeister

Obviously it wasn’t THAT big of a deal since she’s back in the house, doing her hair and makeup. I think production needs to call her out, though, if she starts drinking again while she’s on pain meds.


Vicsnoria is back in the house, so obviously she’s lying about have a tooth ache and the amount of pain she’s in!!! Come on people…she could be on pain meds, which made me feel like Superman when I was on them. Based on how swollen her face was there is obviously something wrong with her teeth.


I’m not a Victoria fan, but i’m glad she ok. Anyhow. she wanted Derrick or Christine their to hold her hand why they gave her IV child please!

The Snortmeister

The woman’s a baby, and she gets off on all the attention. Thank god she felt well enough to do her hair and make-up, five minutes later.


Really?? Screw you.


Must be a family member…

Zing Sting

Oh brother. Victoria is even MORE useless…

this is the chance

PRODUCTION. GET RID OF HER. NOW. you have CAUSE. DO IT. then you could have yet another return of a jury member, or could have a non eviction week

SCREW keeping Victoria, this is exactly what you needed, an excuse to remove her without wasting a week on her eviction. Good bye, see you never.


What you guys don’t understand is, even if she leaves another house guest would not come back. They just wouldn’t have double eviction.


Oh well. I would rather have her go now and not have a double eviction than.


Because the first thing you should always do after getting out of the ER is your hair and makeup.

Pink Hat

what goes around comes around, you evil woman. I’d be chillin like a boss with Zach Rance in the Jury House. #Imissbeingwornbywildcard


I am STILL beyond upset that those bastards at CBS did not have a pink hat waiting for Zach and when he came thru the door all the “plants” in the audience SHOULD have been waving pink hats! And,yes, three days later I am still holding a grudge! The look on his face when he saw Victoria’s hateful goodbye message as she waved the torn up pink hat at him (the bitch!) well. . .just heartbreaking! BASTARDS I tell ya!!


You Zack fans kill me. You talk about how horrible Victoria was to cut up HER hat but you have NO sympathy for Victoria when Zack was CONSTANTLY belittling her and calling her names to her face. He was a bully to her and she finally felt that she had a way to even the score. GET OVER ZACK! She also has a serious infection to swell up and pass out..hope she heals soon.


If Victoria left then there would have been no eviction.


ok – so she was in pain yesterday and had meds that she was taking.. Me thinks she probably shouldn’t have had the wine that she drank last night. She is dehydrated alright – but that’s what mixing booze and pain meds do to you. Stupid girl.


production all we want Donny do it for the fans win that pov win that pov win that pov win that pov


Surprised that production actually let Vic walk back in on her own without support. Maybe they deemed she wasn’t in that bad of shape??? If it turns out she is really bad off she may make more off CBS than the BB winner does.


I’m surprise CBS would allowed her to come back especially if her pressure is low – it sounds like her sugar might have been a little low also. I wouldn’t be surprise if her family request to see her. My ex-father –in-law had the same problem, he was driving from IL to TN he felt he could make it, his pain got so intense he had to pull off the road and have that tooth pulled. The dentist told him if he had waited a little longer he could have died with the abscess infection being close to the brain. It took him a couple of days to recover. I wouldn’t be there.
Ya’ll read what Derrick was saying to Frankie “Donny needs to go he’s in the house telling them to target Derrick. Frankie, said “Technically we’re doing the same thing” Thank you Frankie but you’re still full of it. Tell the house I said, You and Derrick need to go!!!!


A similar thing happened to my friend except the infection got into his blood stream and into his heart… he almost died and it was months of recovery. Like I said Big Brother Production and CBS could not care less about the health and safety of house guests.


I don’t think it was her blood pressure that was low. As Nicole said, you’d get glucose in your IV if your blood sugar is low. If your blood sugar gets low you will sweat like that & combined with the pain – yeah it could really make you sick. I’m sure they also threw in some antibiotics & some good pain meds. I doubt she even left the house since she was gone under 2 hours. They’d have taken her if it had gotten more serious but she mainly needed to eat. Which is why they’re telling her to eat & drink juice. Fruit juice is a great way to get your blood sugar up when it’s low.


Derrick better put her in lock down. When you’re loopy you’re likely to talk without thinking.


I’m not a fan of or rooting for Victoria … but let’s not resort to their juvenile behavior. she’s not feeling well and we should not be kicking someone when they are down. cut her some slack and wish her good health and a speedy recovery.


Shutup holier than thou poster. Victoria constantly kicks people when theyre down. She deserves no sympathy unless its really bad. I think this is yet another case of victorias attentionwhore-itis


She didn’t cut Zach any slack when he was down. What comes around goes around. Always.


If Victoria has a tooth abcess, she’ll have to do a couple of days of antibiotics before a Dentist will go in and pull the wisdom tooth, but it will have to come out sooner rather then in a couple of weeks. She will have to leave the game at some point, you do not mess with teeth infections, they can damage your heart if left untreated.


I worked for a dentist and a wisdom tooth took 5 minutes to get it out… so it is not a life threatening… antiibiotics for 7 days and then take out the tooth, so if they need to do it I’m sure they will arrange it…


I hope Donny wins this Veto! he needs it badly!

Go donnyboy...

So I believe they gave her pain meds yesterday, and then she went and mixed the wine with it last night. She is young – and probably not a seasoned drinker.. Passing out in the morning is dehydration alright – but its from mixing the booze and the meds and not eating.. If they really do have a doctor on sight – then someone should have called her out on it last night before she started drinking. Pain meds clearly say do not mix with alcohol..
Stupid girl – and even stupider production..


I doubt they gave her “prescription” pain meds. They have Advil in the storage room for anyone to take at their discretion, I believe. Four Advil is ok every SIX hours from what I understand, but DEFINITELY not with alcohol. It’s a blood thinner.

Teri B

They will not get rid of Victoria because she’s Derprick’s little favorite. What would he do without her….OMG, he could NEVER let one of his “numbers” go!!!

Make A Move CBS

Victoria needs to be taken care of for her health/teeth. Donny and Nicole need to stay. Do the math and make a move CBS…shake up this season!

The Snortmeister

Yeah, just take Victoria out now, please She’ll spend the rest of the season knocking on that DR door for one thing, or another,


Can it just be two weeks from now, with Donny and Nicole evicted. So everyone can shut up about production intervention to save Donny.


Why didn’t they just let them all back in the house that are in jury and just have double evictions and/or fast forwards to make it interesting and not just drag out.


Victoria wasn’t picked for POV.

Donny Rocks

I wouldn’t be taking any pharmaceutical advice from Frankie, AKA Pinkerella. He’s always dosing himself with something.


i would not be surprised if he snuck some meth in his make up bag.


Wow. I’m very surprised that Derrick, the one who is supposed to be the Mastermind, is not seeing through Donny’s plan. Although I do hope that Donny wins the Veto, it’s pretty clear that he’s making it up. The way that he kept on dropping hints about him getting off the block should’ve tipped Derrick off. Is Derrick allowed to go into the DR and ask about it?


As much as Donny is my number 1 player, I dislike the fact that he would lie for the TA mission…. It is part of the game, but somehow, I do not like this…

pants on fire

Myranda..Donny has tried everything to keep his game honest and he is still stacked up against the numbers. If he is making this up up…good on him, he is just trying to play the Venom Spewers own game!!


Well I don’t really know… It’s a really unique campaign. And who knows, maybe Donny is smarter than he looks.. Just because of his new TA approach. Miranda, I can see why you dislike it. Donny’s such an nice person and it’s weird to see him play a deceitful little trick. But then again, like pants on fire said, it might be his only chance of staying in the game. Maybe the Mastermind will be outwitted…


I was thinking that Donny may be making this up, his first hope is to get off the block but if not they will do a silly mission and he can out them as sabbatours without mentioning Team America. He knows they can say anything about TA and maybe he can turn the house against them.


Donny has been bullied, ostracised, and ridiculed by everyone in the house so why not fabricate a mission to benefit himself? DePrick and the Pink Poodle would do exactly the same if given the chance. Manipulation can be a two-way street and payback can be a bitch.


look you have your favorites and we have ours ,donny being my number one fav and looks like he is amercias fav too,so don,t be trying to rush him out the door,i hope he WINS IT ALL THIS SEASON.


Do you think this team America idea of Donny’s is legit or is he just trying to win the veto? I don’t remember anything about another challenge for team America.


is there actually a mission for team America or is Donny pulling one on the two jerks…lmao if he is .. you go Donny .. love ya


Did anyone ready the end about Donny!! Can the team america mission save him!! Does anyone know what the new mission is??


Will you guys stop watching the rest of the season if Donny loses the POV?


Donny is my no. 1 player… but I hope he did not lie to get TA mission, I know this is the game, but somehow, I would rather it is not donny’s way to get off the block…

Kathie from Canada

… unless production suggested it to him! Then it is pretty funny!! 😉


Yeah I guess.. I’m sure they will air it, I really want to know if it really was the production who suggested it as a TA mission or Donny himself 🙂 By the way I am from Canada as well 😉


If I was Frankie and Derrick I would just help Donny and win the TA task. Nicole is actually more dangerous to them just by looking how many times she was HOH. Also they can use it to their advantage if by some miracle Donny wins HOH next week and tell him they were loyal to team america and even help take him off the block.


I’m getting confused. Donny is telling the TA mission suggestion, Frankie is saying ‘i’d be down for that’ straight to his face (derrick is there?), and then when Donny is gone Frankie is telling Derrick that of course he didn’t tell Donny it was a good idea. hmmmm really?

I am also seeing a lot more nice comments from Frankie than i do from Derrick. I don’t think Frankie really has a problem with Donny, and that Frankie understands far better than Derrick does the impact of either of them working so hard to take Donny out or talk BS about him. And yes Derrick, what you do IS exactly the same as what you claim Donny is doing, just as Frankie said.

This was one of the options for TA once wasn’t it, to influence or get a POV used on someone, or change the votes.


What the heck was Donny talking about to Frankie and Derrik about a Team America mission and him not knowing if he was allowed to tell the about it? Did he find a coup d’etat or something and not know what he has? I don’t understand what he was talking about, Does anyone know??????


I smell production at work here. According to earlier updates the time stamp shows Derrick and Frankie talking about saving Donny before Donny and Derrick talked. Can’t wait to see how it plays out.


Production must be working overtime I just hope whatever happens brings some excitement into the house. I feel I’ve been sitting here waiting for something to happen for most a season.


I feel your pain, Simon. Bless your heart for keeping these great updates coming (much better coming on this site than watching the actual show). You must have the patience of a saint.

Kathie from Canada

You mean Victorias medical crisis didn’t rock your boat??? lol


you know, i have been a huge and loyal BB fan since season 10 but this has been the most boring season I have ever watched – or should I say not watched bc I didn’t buy the live feeds this year and I literally go days without checking this site which I have NEVER done before, I used to check obsessively (I’m sorry, has nothing to do with OBB, I do love this site and always have)…. and I HATE to say all this bc last year, the cast was so awful and disgusting, that it was difficult and painful at times to watch. So I want to support the fact that CBS took action and cast nicer, more decent human beings (which this bunch really is, even if you don’t like their respective game play) but damn, it’s so hard to do bc this season is turning out to be so predictable and lackluster.


“nicer – more decent human beings” WOW! You really HAVEN’T been watching have you?


lol you are right, I honestly have not been watching!! but from what I have seen, these HGs are not overt racists or homophobes or bigots or, for the most part, bullies.They don’t use below-the-belt personal attacks. I just see a lot of manipulating,lying, cowardice, blindsiding, gossip , etc.— just the usual stuff you expect to see on BB. Of course I get angry or frustrated every year, bc let’s face it, BB fans get emotional about the players we like, but i can accept it is as just part of the game. and i can separate the game from reality. But I just can’t accept when HGs make fun of each other or attack/belittle one another based on things that have nothing to do with the game – like physical appearance, cultural background, lifestyle choices, etc. which is exactly what last year’s bunch did. they were the worst – i take this over that any day.

Cough, Derrick!

Productions should have said mission is to have no TA members on the block Thursday. Frankie would have gone for that to be sure he wasn’t getting backdoored.


I’m not sure what’s wrong with Victoria but hopefully she’s alright if he’s talking about how she looks. If your are sick you are sick no one is thinking about your makeup. Nothing wrong with wanting to look good but she’s really full of herself. And that was nice of she and Kristine to somehow find a way to make dig at Nicole even after she found her. Nicole’s face may have been pale because she has some compassion seeing someone sick whether it’s serious or not.If that was even true about Nicole turning pale since Christine is a beast mode liar and exaggerates.


Victoria seems to think the cameras are not on her ever until she is dressed and hair and makeup is all done. Otherwise she’d realize she spends a lot of time on camera without it being done, so why obsess about it?

I understand she had issues with her hair when younger, but those clip ons are most definitely not helping her scalp and real hair. She’s chosen far too long and far too many extensions. Cut back to half the length and half the number and she wouldn’t have half as many issues right now.

She should be on antibiotics if there is pain, pain usually means infection. An Advil isn’t going to resolve a medical issue, but she also isn’t getting the teeth pulled out while she has the infection.


yes we will stop watching


I’m guessing Victoria’s parents are contacting their lawyers right now, getting ready to sue CBS for some money since she has no chance of winning, she can as well get some from CBS through legal means. Didn’t she say he parents sue the city or community where they live because the road was bad and she fell off her scooter while playing, and they actually got some settlement from that? Lol.


She was skating and tripped over a crack in the sidewalk. I think she got $8k.


A “crack in the sidewalk”? That happens to all kids at one point or another, then we all could sue.. Attention-Whore all her life.. No wonder why she’s a grownass women and think she’s a princess.


It can’t be real. Why would production give them the ability to make their own plan? That is just dumb and a waste of what they would consider valuable air time. Do you really think they are not creative enough to come up with one more mission? Oh, nevermind.

Derrick's mom

Stop picking on my little boy

Cody's Mommy

Leave my boy alone too, while you’re at it. Honey, do you need a handkerchief?


If I’m not mistaken, I think what Donny said earlier was that they told him that they should come up with different tasks and America gets to vote to pick the one they would actually carry out. So he suggested they save him as one of the options because he believes America will choose save Donny since they voted him as a member of TA. But Derrick and Frankie don’t want that.


Victoria seems to be getting a lot of love and support from the houseguests. Watch how quickly that will change when it’s her week for eviction.


For a woman who’s supposedly scared of crows, she sure can’t seem to spot the vultures circling around her.


The more I think about it CBS did a terrible job with TA. They should have done something to force them to work together and create a stronger bond. One idea could have been a huge price if all 3 would have ended up as final 3. Offer each 20k if they make it to the finals together and this group would have been better.

Kathie from Canada

But wouldn’t that have put the rest of the HGs at a huge disadvantage??? Oh wait they already did. They picked one or two players with a brain, and then a bunch of other people.


I agree the other HGs will be in a huge disadvantage but I think that was the initial purpose of team america to begin with. Im sure they wanted team America to be the main alliance anyways just that it didn’t pan out. Either way I agree with u with these cast members it would make no difference.


The TA task should be each member of TA gets to pick a mission than America votes on which one they want.


If Donny had the coup d’etat he would know what he has. He is a longtime fan of the show.


I wonder if Vic even knows why she’s in the house. She never says what she would do with 500k. I think Production told her we’ll pay you just to be in the house, “…don’t do anything…just be there and check out the mirrors, the person on the other side of the mirror will tell you what to do next.”


My guess is that Victoria think she is there to may new friends, but she has no idea about the 500K. Please wake up Vicky and smell the coffee 😉


Her dumbass is still waiting for a response.


How great would it have been if she had been checking herself out in the mirror when they showed the scary demon creature. She would have probably screamed until she cried.

Derrick is an insult to all pigs!

Did Derrick really say that to Victoria “I’m glad you worked out.” That sounds heinous but I guess I should’ve stopped being surprised a long time ago. So, he doesn’t really care how she’s doing he’s just happy he didn’t lose his vote, buttering her up all this time is still working out. This takes me back to throwing HOH for Frankie so he can go to the funeral.I believe Derrick only did it because there’s been something in it for him all along. If there wasn’t TA or an alliance with Frankie he wouldn’t have done it.

Michael from Canada

Derrick acted like it was such a selfless act; throwing that HOH to Frankie. But he did it in the most grandiose, look-at-me way possible.

You can tell he just did it to make himself look good to the viewers; which also fits in with him always talking to the cameras. He wants to be a BB star, and have his own internet show where he talks about BB. That’s not gonna happen though obviously.


I remember how painful it was when my wisdom teeth came in(I think I was 14 at the time), I was barely able to focus… If Victoria was in THAT much pain she would ask to leave the game she isn’t even playing, but she came back, the girl is faking it for attention and even more safety then she’s already been getting by being carried by Derrick.. What a Attention-Whore!

I see how Production made sure she didn’t play, probably didn’t even have her name in the bag.. How funny would that have been if she botched the POV and one of the noms won? She’d be put up and voted out Thursday, seeing how vindictive they are.


I wish they would pull that waste of a contestant, have another double evict, and then bring back another jury member via Pandora’s box.

…and I really hope DR is setting Derrick straight about TA mission and how they can’t be conspiring to fool Donny into agreeing to their plan.