Nicole packs her bag “This is so freaking sad, I love the big brother house! I belong here!”

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Sept 6th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 18-58-21-979
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3:50pm – 6:57pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds. When they return all the house guests are huddled around the havenot door. They notice that its been screwed shut. Derrick says there’s more to that havenot room than for solitary confinement. They wouldn’t remodel it for just one day. Caleb says after all of that?! Cody says big let down! Caleb says they locked us up there for so long for nothing. They coment on how it was nice they got to listen to music during the HOH lockdown. In the kitchen the house guests talk about the possibility of tomorrow being a double eviction. Frankie this they’ll also do the endurance wall competition. Cody’s acting like a dinosaur and Frankie’s playing his Sid character. Cody says nobody play with a dinosaur any more we’re extincted. Cody chops on Sid and says sorry. Frankie says no it’s okay, I’d be happy to let you eat me. Nicole says I ate myself into a food coma and feel sick. Nicole heads into the diary room to request alcohol. She comes out and they say they’ve put in the request.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 19-07-13-003

7:15pm In the living room – Derrick says I want to boot that door in! Caleb says those are probably 5 inch screws. Caleb says they locked us up there for 3 hours with nothing to eat or nothing.

Frankie tells Christine that he loves her. She says I love you too. Christine tells Frankie that she’s just not in a good mood. Frankie asks am I a part of it? Christine says yeah part of it. I just feel like I’m not part of the boys club. Just because I am nice to someone doesn’t mean I am going to align with them. Frankie says yeah I know. Frankie says I think the whole Nicole coming back in really threw me for a big loop. And she kind of stirred the pot with me to you. I apologize for that. Christine says I just feel pissed off for being on the block. Frankie says its a delicate balance with them. I just feel insecure which is normal at this point in the game. All I can do is prove myself to you. I think I just let it get to me and I’m sorry. I made a commitment to find my happy light again.
Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 19-21-49-171

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7:30pm – 7:45pm Big Brother gave them alcohol. A bottle of white wine and 3 cans of beer. Nicole says they just gave it to me because I asked. Nicole says I am probably going to tell all you guys how much I love you tonight. She convinces Victoria to have a glass of wine. Caleb and Cody are drinking the beer. In the living room – Christine sits beside Derrick and puts her hand on his knee. Nicole and Victoria go into the fire room. Nicole toasts Victoria to being her best friend and says she’s sorry they’re on the block together but that they’ll hang out when the get out of the house. Nicole starts packing her bag and says this is so freaking sad, I love the big brother house! I belong here. Nicole asks Victoria will you make sure I don’t get mouthy tonight. Victoria says yes. In the bathroom while gathering her things. Nicole says to herself I just don’t know what good it would do to talk to him. She heads back to the fire room to finish packing.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 19-33-45-990

7:50pm – 8:20pm In the living room – Frankie, Victoria, Christine, Nicole, Caleb, Cody and Derrick are hanging out chatting about random things. Derrick and Frankie head into the kitchen. Frankie tells Derrick about how he apologized to Christine and says that he didn’t want to go into the comp with doing it. Derrick says he understands. She’s still going to come after you though. Frankie says it doesn’t change anything but it makes sitting on the couch easier. Derrick agrees. They finish making their cookies and head back to the living room where the others are hanging out.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 20-10-18-234

8:20pm Nicole asks can I give you some pick up lines? Derrick says in case you didn’t notice I’m a dinosaur and I don’t have much time left. Cody says I don’t like that because it implies I’m going to die. Nicole tries on Cody dino gloves and finger Derrick. Nicole asks what time is it? Are we on TVGN yet? Christine comments on how Nicole will get to see Hayden. Nicole says he’s probably over me by now. Cody then shows Nicole how she avoided kissing Hayden when he was evicted. Cody says she was looking everywhere but at him.

8:33pm – 8:40pm Cody says if Hayden was out with us and hit on any girls I would kick him in the a$$ but only if you’re going to get married. Nicole says okay thanks. Caleb says “I would let Hayden sip on that moonshine and he would wake up with 5 or 6 year olds next to him.. saying what happened. Don’t tell Nicole!” Everyone says no! Cody says he would never do that. Nicole says if we’re official I would trust him 100%. Cody asks would you though!? Christine says you guys are horrible.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-03 20-39-35-661

8:45pm – 9:25pm Nicole says come on Caleb put on a show! Nicole spills on her pants. The others tell her that she already got the part started. Caleb asks are you going to practice on your tongue action before you get back to your boyfriend. Frankie says I’ll practice with you! Christine says I’ll make out with you. Caleb says that’s hot. Nicole asks Frankie so is tongue a good thing? Frankie says yes. Nicole says I didn’t utilize my tongue that much because I don’t have that much experience. Caleb says you and Frankie should make out. Let him show you. It’s okay he’s gay. Nicole says some times its like fast and I’m like quit protruding into my mouth. Caleb says he can’t take Bj’s for nothing. Like I’ve asked doctors before about how I can’t handle it for 2 minutes but s*x I can go for ever. Nicole says that Hayden is the best cuddler she has ever encountered. We fit together like a puzzle. Nicole tells Frankie that Hayden said he wanted me to apologize to you for what he said. He knew he was wrong. Frankie tells Nicole that all of their goodbye messages to everyone are available to be viewed. Christine joins them. Nicole, Frankie, Caleb and Cody talk about the band Florida Georgia Line and going to see them.

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When I die, I want the cast of Big Brother 16 to lower my casket to the ground so that they can let me down one last time.






Best comment ever. Hahaha

Capt Obvious

You copied that joke from the will of a lifetime Cleveland Browns fan. Come up with your own material.


Copied or not, he gave several people a good laugh.

The Beard

Who cares it works for this season!How bout you tell big brother get some new shiat?

waka waka

LOL. Even then, they’ll probably change their minds.


This is one of the most hilarious comments I’ve read on here!

Eure ka!


Big Jacket

I want to take the cast of BB16 and the production staff to join me in skydiving…because I packed a lot of back packs and only one parachute, which I am wearing.


I laughed so hard and I can’t stop.

joel f.

Best post I’ve read this season!!!!!


LOL yes this is the post of the day


Let’s vote for team America to get hard mission

Big Sister

No, let’s vote for NO more missions. Why reward them for kicking Donny off the team??

Eure ka!

ummmm….I don’t think the would be a vote for no more missions…


There should be a Lie Detector brought in and the questions can only be about your past before you came into the BB house. Each honest answer gets you a point. Each dishonest answer costs you nothing. First by that gets 3 points wins HOH. That would shake up this game.

“Derrick are you a cop”.
“Frankie are you
“Cody are you gay”
“Christine are you committed to Tim”
“Caleb are you on steroids ”
“Victoria are you for real”


That should read
“Frankie are you using your sister for fame”

Team Anyone

You guys are taking food out of Derrick’s daughter’s mouth and taking away Frankie’s schools in Africa!!!


No more missions no more money for Frankie!

The Beard

Come on Rose give them a chance to make sum $,they might not have any work after this season!

The Beard

Wow tough crowd!I must be getting old.Sarcasm is hard to identify?


It’s been that way for awhile on here. A lot of people gave up on the show a couple of weeks ago.


The only mission I would give them is to make everyone self evict.

The Mist

Maybe they’re building a solitary confinement room for Frankie so we don’t have to listen to his fake @$$

Pink haired turdlet

Hey look Frankie, here’s a special fast forward necklace that means you won it all! Frankie gleefully runs into the room and production kills the lights and promptly nails the door shut. One can dream .


These house guests are boring. We need a twist….please….this season needs help!!!


so now christine is all over derrick 0.o… I found a previous article where caleb says to the camera that tim needs to sign his divorce paper lol that made me laugh :). It’s sad to see Nicole get evicted again. 🙁 now there’s no one in the house i like anymore. I am glad that on sunday’s episode, cbs produciton finally had the guts to show Frankie’s true colors, he such a fame-obssessed freak…

Butters Mom

We can only hope that the latest twistidy twist twist is that they will all be locked down in the former have not room which has been redesigned to look like a 12×12 cell. They will remain there until the end of the summer or until they self evict. (there is a bucket to potty in the middle of the room)


I’d like them to be locked in there and never heard from again!

Love it

Big Brother Saw Edition!


1 twist that went on way too long. Activity trackers that they did nothing with. Are they going to repeat that solitary room? Lame. No alcohol when the house needed it most to stir things up. Boring way to pick have nots. Putting two groups in the house separetely. So many mistakes on CBS’s part.. Too many passive players, even when they are leaving. 2 years in a row I am not impressed with final 4, and do not like them at all. This site saved the season again. Tip jar time!



Eure ka!

Twist after twisty twist CBS? Where? When?
Stop making Julie Chen lie to us!


Nicole, you probably should have won a competition once you got back in – any competition. see ya’.

Capt Obvious

You nailed it on the head bob. Apparently, this game was suppose to be handed to Nicole just because. Rarely do house guests get a second chance, and you Nicole, dropped the ball like no other.


I love Nicole’s enthusiasm and appreciation for the game, so I am especially disappointed with how poorly she has played, especially given a second chance.

“Stick close to Donny” was the worst possible game advice she could have gotten, and unfortunately she took it to heart. Her second crucial mistake was to try to work with Christine after Christine was the person who backdoored her the first time.

If she had started working with Victoria earlier, or gotten a better read on the house dynamics and campaigned harder against Frankie or Christine, she might have made it through the week.


Nicole’s only options were to win comps. The (Stink) Bomb Squad/Detonators don’t deviate from the targets Derrick has assigned them, despite the contrived back and forth they put on for the audience.

Her attempt at aligning would’ve done her no good without a HOH/POV to back it up.


Look, she was on slop 2 weeks straight. She is stressed out because they isolated her and bullied her from the time she got into the house. The guys treat women like crap anyway. Nicole did the best she could given her situation. Its a mental game and a physical game. Had she and Donny done more to strategize abou the first HOH comp, she or Donny could have won. The biggest problem with all the HGs in this game is that none of them, except for Frankie, have gone rogue. There is a point in the game that you have to go rogue and do what is best for your game and then use the consequneces and backlash to your advantage. The fact that none of them have done this is why the game has been so tightly controlled by Derrick and the detonators. Frankie did this in evicting Zach and that is why he is still there. I loathe Frankie and I really dislike Derrick as well but they both have went rogue in this game at least once (Derrick with Devin and Frankie with Zach) and they were made stronger because of it. I think that Cody or Chrisitne are about to go rogue and that will flip the house. It would be the best thing to happen during the double eviction.


Exactly, they did everything they could to make her as weak and vulnerable as possible and unfortunately, it worked. I also don’t think she ever recovered from the blind-side of her and Hayden’s evictions. She’s still vibrating from the realization that she put her faith in people who turned their back on her and lied to her face. She can’t shake it because it’s completely unlike anything she would have expected, as it would never occur to her to play the game that underhandedly. It really made her struggle to get her head back in the game.


Victoria is the 1 you are counting on to shut you up if you say something stupid? where was she during ALL of your talks with Derrick to give that assistance?

waka waka

I cant help but laugh when Nicole goes to Derrick to talk about what she dis wrong in the game. Oh the irony.


Yes but Nicole gets the last laugh in the jury. She is going to explode Derricks game and he will lose because of it. You don’t watch this game from the time you are 8 and not know how to work the jury. See what she does.


Hopefully Frankie goes home during the double eviction! It would be a shame to waste that perfect opportunity to get Fakie out once and for all. Or maybe Christine. I think it would be a great present for the Jury members. Simon/Dawg, I would like to know your point of view on all of the houseguests. ( who’s doing good, etc.)


Double evict is the ideal time to evict Frankie. Giving him a week to campaign would not be good.

Christine and Cody will definitely target Frankie on double evict. I also think Derrick and Vic might, but I have a feeling they could target Christine instead. Lets say Christine wins veto, Frankie will get back doored. Now if Frankie wins HOH, he will most likely target Christine. But maybe Cody as a back door.

I think either Frankie or Christine will be following Nicole out the door on Thurs. Hopefully.

Derpricks secret lvoer

Derrick getting put on the block would be the BEST!!! I hope I hope I hope it happens so that you can finally get the others to strageize about the pros and cons of keeping him. Once they start discussing the pros and cons of keeping Derprick, you will see that they will realize that he has played them all and once that happens, he is going to jury!!!



I’m sure the jury members will be happy to see Fakie or Crustine walk through the jury house doors until they realize that they will have to put up with them for two more weeks! >.<


OK… so if anyone took a look at last weeks ratings the numbers are down over 1 million viewers who have abandoned this season. That says plenty. It is getting to the point where I don’t care which of them win cause I dislike all of them for different reasons. While Derrick might be the only one playing the game… he is just such a unlikable person… but he is playing the game. UGGGH


Yeah, I’ve stopped watching weeks ago, and thanks Simon & Dawg for the updates! I’m sorry you both have to watch the live feeds (promise next amazon purchase I make will be through your site)! I hope CBS finally gets the message and next season won’t be filled with recruits or young good looking people. Heck, even the “super fans” stank this year (sorry Nicole)! I hate how this years cast was in it for the fame instead of the game. -.-

Did you see that

Derrick is truly unlikeable and actually kind of a prick. He has turned me off from this season. I no longer admire his game after the bullying behavior he unloaded on Nicole yesterday. No woman deserves to be treated like that and Derrick is a tool for using his superior position to pour salt in the wound. He has went way beyond acceptable game play and has stooped to just being an a$$. Combine that with his treatment of Victoria and their pawing each other every chance they get, and he is just awful. What a low life!


Last Thursday’s live eviction show when Donny was evicted was down 13% from the week before when Zach was evicted. Zach brought in the viewers and the campaign to save Zach trended world wide.. Without Zach people are bored. Donny didn’t bring in the numbers, Zach did.. But the ratings are high enough that BB is winning all 3 of it’s time slots and placing in the top 5 each week for the 4th week in a row.. You are mistaking the older viewers who have dropped off with a decrease overall in ratings.. The younger viewers have increased and this is what is desirable to advertisers and networks. It’s all about demographics.

For the love of alcohol!!!

BB! Give these people some booze!!! 1 bottle of wine and 3 beers is enough to get 2 small girls buzzed. No offense small girls.

For the love of alcohol!!!

OK, just read that back. Small girls over the age of 21.


Imagine if Christine was actually good looking and still married. But still teasing and flirting with Cody. I wonder if Cody would have made a move, if she was hot.

Hellena Handbasket

Cody would make a move if it had a pulse.


Cody will never be with anybody better looking than himself. It would be too exhausting saying “I’m calling that dude out tomorrow if he keeps looking at my woman.” ….Besides I don’t think he will be able to afford enough mirrors on a go-go boy’s salary.


You are making a really big assumption here….that Cody is straight.

Frankly, the jury is still out on that one. Wow, he really is a lot like John Travolta. A dumb Italian pretty boy with let’s just call it questionable sexuality…hmmm.

Look, I’m sure he’s a good kid in real life but if I hear him do that British accent one more time I can’t be held responsible for my actions. This ones on you CBS. In fact we should start a class action lawsuit against CBS for Intentional infliction of emotional distress….I want punitive damages for this clusterfuck of a show.:)


I could see Cody being bisexual or at the very least bi curious but not gay simply because he seems the type who would enjoy the attention from both sexes not just one. Don’t get me wrong I am a Cody fan now that my favorite Zach is gone. Don’t make that assumption that all pretty boys are gay either.


I hear you buddy and I meant nothing against anybody (pretty boys, gays, etc.) I just don’t like this kid on the show and I think he is trying a little too hard, if you know what I mean, to come off like some kind of stud.
Yes he is affectionate with girls but he doesn’t seem to be really into it or have real sexual intentions, even with the single girls. He had an excuse with Brittany….she has kids. He has a excuse with Christine…she’s married. He had an excuse with Amber….we are on TV, which is a weak excuse. If a girl like that beautiful, sexy, etc. is that into you, you do something about it. Maybe a little making out…what’s the harm? Little kids do that, what’s the big deal? Your on a reality show.

Anyway, if you want to see how a straight guy behaves look at Hayden or Donny or Derrick. There is no question there but Cody??? Something just strikes me wrong about him. Not that being gay is wrong….but lying about it is. I could go on but I think you get it. If you were gay and trying to act straight this is exactly how you would act. Sorry Cody but my Gaydar is off the charts. It’s 2014…


Somebody making a move because the condoms are missing and dwindling down and like Frankie said what room is they f*%#@&^g in now! lol. #IJS

Anti-Climatic BOREgasm

Simon and Dawg, thanks for doing the dirty for me!
I haven’t been able to watch the feeds for a couple of weeks now. Next year, I think I’ll just donate my money to you two hard workers, with something interesting to offer, than corporate ass, rip-off CBS and all this bullshit they serve!
Can I get a holla’, everyone, to do the same? 🙂
Wondering, do you get something for every time someone clicks on your site to read? If so, I’ll be sure to check in everyday a few times, like I have since the beginning. If not, I might just call this season a bust and move along. Thanks again to you guys and all the great commentators on here! You all are way more fun!


Thanks for the support it’s much appreciated.

The Google are Pay per click
Amazon and Live feeds are commission on sales.

Retired Teacher

I placed an order for close to $200 with Amazon today through the link on your site, so hope it worked! Thanks again for taking the time to do all of this – I don’t buy the feeds, nor do I watch all episodes, especially when it’s been a season of idiots (last year, now this). Bring back a season like the one Ian won – I can handle that! Anyway, I digress. You do a fantastic job & you ARE appreciated!


Thank you very much!


Best. Poll. EVER.


I voted for the toaster!! Go toaster!!! Since Zach and Donny left I feel like the toaster deserves the win lol


Nicole for Big Brother All Stars II

Skerry Sherry

Maybe Big Brother: Fail Edition

Virginia Abel

It all depends who wins hoh if Derrick escapes double eviction he just may win this house drives me ???? Can’t wait 4 eviction to see what happens ????

Virginia Abel

It all depends who wins hoh if Derrick escapes double eviction he just may win this house drives me ???? Can’t wait 4 eviction to see what happens ????


I could be inside the remodeled havenot room


This season’s anti-climactic end*zone is like watching paint dry.
Derrick + Frankie are totally like a bad Pinky & The Brain episode.
I’m sorta hoping you are 100% correct as i think ain’t it the truth!


Nicole is a better jury member than she is a houseguest. On one hand, she let everyone in the house defeat her, but on the other hand she’s not too bitter about it.

bring on TNF

Amber, Brittany,Nicole, and Zach were the only house guests that I truely liked and wanted to win the game but none of them are left after tomorrow night unless they blindside Victoria but I don’t see them doing that so I see Derrick winning the game now even though I didn’t want it to come down to that




Read somewhere there will be no more TA assignments they just didn’t tell Derik and Frankie.


How dare they hold something back from Derrick and Frankie? Don’t they know who they are dealing with? Its so unfair that Derrick and Frankie are not given EVEN MORE HELP IN WINNING. What a rigged season this has been!!! So over all of the golden edits and lack of surprises just so those 2 can remain the focus week to week. Come on CBS, those 2 are so spoiled rotten can you please just make them go away! Sooner rather than later.


I think Derrick is trying to keep Frankie from being evicted because of their TA Alliance, isn’t he? I can’t think of any other reason.


Does anyone think the HGs will keep in touch with Frankie once this is over? Other than Caleb to see if he can become famous through Ariana? He is THE most annoying person I have ever seen or heard! “My Happy Light”? Really? Grow up, you are a true FruitLoopDingus! (whatever the H3ll that means!) He makes me want to vomit! Kudos to Simon and Dawg for putting up with him this season! I especially love when They MUTE him while watching the feeds! Good for you two!

Too True

Frankie is a weird little freak! Deep throating a bottle, grabbing the guys, all his stupid, vulgar comments, yep he’s doing his sister and family proud.


My favorite thing I’ve seen on twitter (future poll options):

@hatemyfingjob: Who I want to win #BB16, in order:
Victorias pink hat
The pool duck
That EMT guy that helped Victoria
Christines husband
Ariana Grande

Perfect, right? I’m rooting for the EMT guy at this point. Maybe tim.

joel f.

Victoria’s pink hat ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!


Either we like Derrick or not, he’s in the best position since the beginning of the game.Even though Nicole, Donny and, possibly Hayden sow it , they didn’t have the means to get Derrick out because they lacked “the numbers”. With the current cast it’s almost impossible to kick Derrick out of the house because he’s not perceived as a threat by almost anyone.It seems he has almost 100% chances to make it to the F2 and to win it because he has many supporters in the jury too.

My Donkey

Can you name a supporter Derrick has in the jury? Most were on to him. Nichole might already be on to him but will get the full picture when she sees Christine’s video. Nichole has already told him the jury is bitter and Victoria will win over him. Derrick has no path to winning!


An unbiased opinion here. I think you are wrong. The only person Derrick could lose to at this point is Caleb.

Nicole is very impressed by his game, she is a fan of the game and won’t vote because of hate. Zach already said he has his vote. Chrisinte, Frankie, Cody, Caleb, Victoria would all vote for him. If any of them go to jury. Hayden is smart, but will listen to Nicole. Donny and Jocasta, there votes will be irrelevant at that point.

But my theory is. Everyone knows they would lose to him. I see him going out in 3rd. If he is taken to final 2, Derrick will be the winner of BB16.


Lets say the Hitmen do get to the end. Nicole, Zach, Frankie, Caleb, and Victoria will all vote Derrick to win.


Oh year, Hayden hates Cody. So that is another vote.


If Christine sits beside Derrick, she loses unanimously.If Cody sits beside Derrick, Cody MAY only get Christine’s vote.If Derrick sits beside Frankie, Derrick wins unanimously and Frankie knows it.Against Caleb, Derrick wins because he had better relationships with everybody than Caleb.If Derrick sits beside Victoria then Derrick may be “penalized” if he takes her to the final, but it’s unlikely Victoria will make it so far, but not impossible.I’ve written this assuming Nicole goes home this week.

Donny is Beast Mode Janitor

I’ll bet that production won’t let Nicole see that part of Christine’s goodbye message so that their “Golden Child” pre-selected and favourably edited player Derrick gets the win! Pathetic eh?


No way that Donny, Hayden, Jacosta and Nicole vote for Derrick to win no matter who he is up against. You Derrick fans are going to be real surprised when you see those 4 vote as a solid block against Derrick. This jury is bitter. Once Nicole goes back and tells everyone what they did to her and how she was on slop for 2 weeks and all the other things she knows about Derrick (just comparing him to Dan was enough for Derrick to freak out) the rest of the jury is going to see what has happened, this will just validate their belief that Derrick doesn’t deserve to win, Nicole will realize that Derrick played her and hurt her when she was down just so that SHE WOULD NOT SPEAK OUT TO THE OTHERS. and Nicole will not vote for him either. That leaves Zach really being the swing vote. I think that is kind of funny. I also don[‘t believe that Derrick is going to make it past final 4.
Caleb aint that stupid to bring Derrick to the end folks and Derrick, with his smug explanation to the audience last night as to how easily to manipulate Caleb (1, 2 and 3 points…………I wanted to vomit at the tv!!) is going to backfire on him. Just watch folks, we are in for some fireworks when Derricks game gets blown up!

Too True

Especially now with Christine being pissed, he could have just sealed his fate.


Who in the jury.

BB is digging it's own grave so they can't lower your casket

First rape now a pedo “joke” wtf is wrong with these nasty f—.
The casting of the men this season, where did they crawl out of, Christine’s as-

My Donkey

i just don’t get why people think Derrick is playing such a great game. He has only been able to keep himself safe because the guys don’t see him as a threat because he can’t win shit and he is good at bullying the weak girls into trusting him. If you think he is the puppet master, well then Frankie would have been backdoored this week and his puppet would not be on the block. His move today to attack Nichole put the nail in his coffin and anyone will win over him. he bereated her for not trusting that he was not in an alliance and demanded and apology? I guess he did no get the memo from Christine that she told Nichole in her goodby video that she had been in an alliance with the boys the whole time. ooops Nichole won’t even be in the jury room before she has confirmation what a nasty bastard Derrick is. it’s not just that he lies, but he is mentally abusive to young girls.


No just because he decided to not back door frankie doesnt mean hes not pulling lots of strings in the house. Mentally abusive to young girls? really HE IS PLAYING A GAME- if donny was playing like him, people would be saying how amazing he is at the game gauranteed. You don’t like someone because they are playing a good game and try to pick apart everything they are doing. You don’t need comp wins to win big brother.. Dan, WIll, Boogie,Jordan,Ian even, barley won comps- adn they all won, so that can;t be used as a reason!

My Donkey

Caleb made the choice not to put Frankie up because Caleb sees Frankie as a more valuable friend outside the show. My issue with Derrick is that as police officer and the training he must have had in how to deal with abused women, he iis now using the training he has to control women just for his personal pleasure and it is kind of sick. He is just playing with the minds of people that have no power in the game. He has no chance to make it to the end because he can’t win shit.


He is playing a game.
He did make light of rape.
He does have a daughter.
I could give a rats ass about his lying and so-called scheming. That doesn’t change he’s disgusting and doesn’t change the fact he’s done nothing this game.


I agree with you about Derrick and his having no class. I think that is why he won’t win. He outmaneuvered himself out of the money when he abused Nicole and then tried to do damage control with Victoria. He’s toast in the jury.

RE: Dr. Will, Big Brother 7: All-Stars

His strategy was to throw competitions, look weak, and manipulate people around him. Chilltown was the most threatening duo in that house with experienced players. His favorite tactic was, and he created the term, showmance to play a woman as a physical extension, shield and vote to advance himself. He used Janelle right proper. If you go back he even tells Mike the moment he’s going home because he no longer has control over her. Dan Gheesling did the same thing in season 14 with the girl whose name is irrelevant and I forget. Morals go out the door when you enter Big Brother. Class is optional. Everyone needs to stop whining about whose likeable and who’s acting inappropriate. You do what you have to do to win, nice or not.

My Donkey

Derrick is a cop who is playing an unstable young girl and he already knows she will be emotionally wrecked when she watches the show and will see how bad he played her and for what reason? She dose not hold the key to him winning but him making her trust her just so he has a “number” ? It really is sick. Derrick can’t seem to get people that win things to be his best sucker so he picks on the weakest person in the house. I would rather see anyone in the house win over him.


You are blinded by hate. If Derrick makes final 2, he has the votes period. Caleb could possibly beat him.

Wishful thinking, but you are wrong. But he isn’t making final 2, only Cody would take him.

Roisen Dubh

I think Caleb would beat Derrick in F2. Everyone else, Derrick wins hands down. I knew he was gonna get far in the game and I was rooting for him for the first 2-3 weeks because his gameplay at that time was beyond solid. After Devin left, he became a jerk and I wanted to see him get booted after that.He’s made many mistakes, but it never came back to bite him. He put the fires out. His social game is good, no doubt, all you Derrick fans have to admit, these people are the dumbest group of HG’s to ever walk in that house at one time and that’s played to his favor. Not once did anyone question who benefitted the best with each eviction and don’t even care that he’s never been on the block. Him being a cop wasn’t an advantage, it’s just the houseguests being absolutely blinded and dumb enough to throw comps for a good chunk of the season. That will never happen again. His game will be debated for many years.IMHO between one and 10, I’d give him 6-7 and that’s because he’s surrounded by Dummies. C’mon, Caleb won HOH and was hobbling all over the place. 24 hours later, he’s hopping down the steps and dancing when the booze came out and nobody said anything. After Nic leaves, that place should become blood alley. Caleb keeping Frankie off the block lit the fuse. This should be the time where it gets ruthless, but these HG’s will find a way to let the air out of the sails again. But I think something’s going down with the jury. Julie said it was gonna be 7, I count 9 right now not including the F2.


Here’s the thing, I don’t care for Derrick but I don’t hate him. I just don’t think that his game is all that great. You can make excuses for his actions all you want but there is a line that he crossed a few times over the last few weeks that moved from game into abuse and nastiness. If you think that is OK, then you can continue to feel good about Derrick. Thats your choice.
It’s not mine. I love this game but I don’t love it when someone uses it as an excuse to inflict unnecesary pain on other players in the game. He may have skills to win but I don’t think he will because he has valued power and control in this game to the detriment of strategy.
You can have your opinion but please don’t condescend to those of us who love this game but don’t like Derrick. If anything, the fans that support Derrick no matter what are the ones that have lost track of this game.


people need to stop saying hes playing this poor naive emotionally wrecked poor little girl…if she is soo messed up its her fault to go on a game where people strategize and USE OTHER PEOPLE as pawns to move themself forward. have you guys actually watched bigbrother. like people mentioned., there was “operation double date” WIll and boogie with erika and janelle. and boogie completely played erika she actually really liked him and was thinking about a future with him. During that time people said that was awesome what chill town did. Derrick likes victoria as a person, she is useless and isnt going to win the money. ALL OF THEM could have sent her packing but they all are using her casue shes one less body in a comp to them. the brigade used brittney, but people forget about those things, cause they actually liked those alliances.

Skerry Sherry

The Defecators are the new nerd herd.


even on dan gheeslings twitter he says he wants derrick to win and he is refreshing to watch and that he actually gets the game, coming from someone (dan) who everyone on here is saying is amazing- goes to show that derrick actually IS playing a good game! in my opinion atleast


You can bet all the same people now saying Dan is amazing were calling him names when he was on.

The negative commenters aren’t here to appreciate the game, they just like to hate on people they see on TV to make them feel better about themselves.


It’s possible to appreciate Derrick’s game play and still not appreciate his overall lack of character. There was no need or gain in the way he treated Nicole by wringing that unwarranted apology out of her when what she was surmising was completely accurate. He might be playing a good game but he’s still a douche.



Alex C.

Dan Gheesling of season 10 was a brilliant player , reason why he won the game unanimously.But Dan Gheesling of season 14 was just a villain who , although he made it to the final, he lost it (almost) unanimously getting just one single vote to win from Danielle, “Derrick’s Victoria”.


I agree.. Now i’ll admit I am not a fan of Dan he did play a solid game for bb10 and for that he deserves all the praise. For BB14 he was a mess.

Alex C.

The season 14 itself was very entertaining though.


Omg this is the worst argument I’ve ever heard.
Who exactly is Dan supposed to choose? Frankie? Victoria? Lol.
Given the choice I’m sure he’d pick Zach’s pink hat too.
Seeing as Derrick is the only one with more than two working brain cells he’s up.
It’s so insulting that Derrick is compared to any of the greats, much less winners of this game. The closest he is to anyone is Andy, a winner by default because they have to crown someone.

Roisen Dubh

I think Derrick’s gameplay is more towards Helen with a healthy dose of Shelly on top.


acutally he predicted derrick would be in the finals, and all along has said he thinks he will win and deserves to. You cant deny he is the ONLY person in the houe who is actually playing

I wonder

What is up with blue suit? No one has claimed it and it has only been there since lockdown. Hmmmm, it is a mystery.


Wondering about that too but then again I have only seen a couple of them said it is not theirs. Would be neat if whoever decides to try it on gets something special or some power.


I have always been a loyal Big Brother fan, but the last couple of seasons have been absolute shit! What happened to casting regular people and making this a true social experiment where people rely on their physicality, mental prowess, and excellent social game instead of a stupid twist or Pandora’s box. That being said, while this season has been incredibly predictable, Derrick truly does deserve to win this season. Despite winning basically as many competitions as Victoria, he has orchestrated almost every move and controlled most of the players in the house. I absolutely hate this season, but I think Derrick deserves to win because he really has embodied the true nature of this game- down to the incredibly strategic goodbye messages that are essentially ensuring jury votes.


Most nights I read what has been going on before I post. Tonight my daughter had softball practice so I recorded the CBS show. I just watched the veto, and after looked at Caleb’s chest when he was talking to Cody and D. I know Caleb tends to spin a tall tale, but I think he might actually have an issue with glands. Go back and look at people like Hayden or Lane, who were in good shap or even Cody. Caleb’s pectoral structure is off compared to his abdominal and trap area.


Read about steroids and breast development.


The reason viewers like Nicole is that she is not braggy and full of herself. Last night Christine was bragging about guys trying to pick her up in bars (she most likely misunderstood) and the others chimed in with how desirable they were. They asked Nicole and she said she didn’t really get hit on because she’s too awkward. She’s actually very pretty and appealing but doesn’t seem to know it and that is what makes her so likable. Of the people left in the house, she is the only one that can go back home and resume her life without shame. Let’s hope she does that and doesn’t chase the fame. Derrick is a lesson in how innocent people confess to crimes they didn’t commit under police interrogation. He was just sharpening his skills on Nicole today.


Go back to life without shame?

Honestly who gives a sh*t about what America thinks. I would not care if every single viewer hated me. I would go to my friends and family, the rest of world could basically f*ck off.


But there are 2 fame whores in the house = Fakie and CrazedCaleb. They are obsessed with people liking them.


ROLMFAO, if anyone was trying to pick Crustine up in bars, it was after they were drunk off their asses, and couldn’t see how fugley she was…The way she acts with Cody, I’m sure she accepts any advance she gets, we all know Tim don’t care..

Any mouse

The girls all look prettier at closing time.


Just get Skankie out of the house already!!!!!!


When Derrick asked Victoria to pack his bag she should have told him to go fuck himself……and while he’s at it, pack his own bag. I don’t care if everyone thinks he’s playing a good game…..he’s an asshole.


In this one instance I understand why he said it to her. She’s his friend and if he gets evicted as part of the DE, he wouldn’t have time to pack it himself. I don’t think they are allowed to pack in advance ,especially if they haven’t been nominated yet.


I suppose he could have a slight gynocomastia, or perhaps a cyst. If he does indeed have a breat mass he needs to have it checked ASAP. Because even men get breast cancer. And even though Ol BMC is a ridicules person. I don’t really want anything terrible to happen to him. Well other than being thrown under the BB bus.


He’s knows its a side effect of steroids. He knew exactly what it was, and it has nothing to do with gluten. He even knew exactly what he needed to do to treat it. Only the doctor at BB wouldn’t prescribe a breast cancer drug with all kinds of side effects to counter act his use of steroids. He’s already talked about having the breast tissue removed, which is the only treatment at this point.


Just watched the episode. Pathetic describes Caleb’s game. How clueless does someone have to be.

Brad H

Ahh I really hope Derek wins BB 16 because he might have the best social game since Dr. Will so he deserves it!! He can talk anyone into anything & he really has been the puppet master by controlling basically every eviction made up to this point. The most remarkable thing is that he is staying under the radar still!!! Christine is the only one he has to worry about, but he is such a smooth talker that he will most likely stay in the house going up against anyone on the block anyways.

Brad H

Best social game since Will BESIDES Dan, aka best bb player of all time, of course

Alex C.

Dr. Will was a bit more entertaining than Derrick though.Derrick is interesting because he’s never been nominated at least so far.

The Best

Is anybody watching tonight’s episode on bbad tonight?This is the craziest episode of the season this far?Did they all get high 2 gather!MAYBEIts! getting ready to hit.

Brad H

Not sure why everyone thinks Caleb made a bad move… He’s the last person Frankie will go after especially now that Caleb just kept him off the block. Frankie is going to win HOH tomorrow & put up Christine/Victoria. Replacement would be Cody.


At about 10 PM Nicole called Caleb out about there being nothing beast-like about him, so he called her fat and threatened to hit her in the head with a chair! At least he was immediately called to the DR. These nitwits should not have access to alcohol.


She is chubby. At her young age, she is at a turning point. She could continue to gain weight, with her body type. Or hit the gym and get a smokin body.

Alex C.

I don’t want to be disrespectful to you, but are you sure you’re not lying?


Yes it sounds far-fetched but you can check it out on published feeds.

10:05 PM. Nicole: Why do they call you beast mode, I haven’t seen anything that would indicate you are a beast.
Caleb: (as Cletus) “You are skating on thin ice, and with your weight, you should be very concerned.”
Three minutes later Caleb tells Nicole he is going to punch her in the head. He picks up a chair.
BB: “Caleb, please go to the Diary Room.”

Btw Nicole looks perfectly healthy to me, not chubby. I know some men prefer their women to be shaped like teenaged boys but IMO curves are nice and Nicole’s curves are not out of control at all.


So…the remark Caleb made about Hayden and little kids….REALLY! Douche bag!


Sometimes I feel a little sorry for Caleb because he’s so out of touch with reality, but then I remember his behavior towards Amber, his derogatory comments about women in general, his stories about attacking strangers because of their race and abusing past girlfriends and animals…whatever psychological testing these people go through must be extremely lax!


Today’s episode was so typical of Derrick this whole year.
Christine isn’t voting the way he wants. He wants her out.
Supposedly “knowing” he can stop Christine from winning with his “photographic memory” suddenly he decides he “wants” to throw the comp because he’d get blood on his hands. Suuuuuuuuurrrrrrreeee Derrick.
Now he really wants out Frankie … “Step 1 boost Caleb’s ego” … Wow Derrick how did you manage that? “Step 2, step 3 that’s how you play a perfect game.”
Result … Victoria goes up. Lol
Perfect … Nicole’s going out just as he planned …
Another perfect week of gameplay by the puppet-master Derrick.

Busta Fooligan

Caleb is a POS. Really, someone is talking game about you not being a beast and you call them fat and threaten with a chair? I can’t stand people who have no valid response so they take the route of personal attacks. You’re speaking to a woman and how fucking middle school can you get. Caleb, you should not wonder why you’re single.


Did I read that right? Did Caleb just say that Cody would “wake up with 5 and 6 year olds”….WTF is wrong with these guys?! I understand that you think you are so hilarious, but there is nothing funny about a grown man making jokes about sex with children. If that was my son behaving like that in the house…I would whoop his A$$…I don’t care how old he is! The only way I will watch BB next year is if it’s All Stars!! By the way…how do I watch BB Australia?


You read correct mamabear. I was thinking maybe a typo and it was 5 or 6 – 20 year olds or something. It is beyond disgusting if not an error in recapping. How no said “what the fuck did you just say”……………


so boring without zach. i have stopped watching the cbs shows. i just read the updates here. i hope victoria wins. that is the only appropriate ending for this season.

Over It

Because I can’t stand any of them, I would like to see Frankie and Victoria in the final two with Victoria winning by a unanimous vote…And watch Frankie s head explode!!!….Justice!!


I didn’t see BBAD because it is too boring and not worth watching them sit around and do nothing. Caleb has more then a few screws loose. Nicole is not fat! Even if she was she is a great person and any guy would be lucky to have a sweet girl like her. To be a nurse shows she cares about helping others, she is not full of herself, she is not rail thin with no ass and big fake plastic tits (I hate fake tits!) for that on a scale of 1-10 she is “borderline 11” (stolen from Joe Pesci in “Gone Fishin'” VERY funny movie)


I want Victoria to win big brother


I’ll admit Derrick’s playing a good game but only considering the great hand he’s been dealt. I mean look at this bunch – they’re way too easy. Caleb, Cody, Christine, Victoria, Nicole …. none of them have an original thought or put up any resistance.