Big Brother Spoilers Victoria about Cody “I don’t trust him for sh1t he’s the fakest person”

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Aug 4th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

BB16-2014-08-31 21-59-54-889
9:55pm HOH Derrick and Caleb
Derrick – so you are pretty set on this..
Derrick points at Nicole painting on Cody in the kitchen and how Christine and Victoria are with them laughing.
Caleb says that doesn’t bother him says Frankie is like that to the girls also.
Derrick – I know Nicole said she would never put you on the block before you put her up
Caleb says if he saves her life she will honor that.
Derrick – technically you are not saving her life the people voting are I wonder what sort of deal she’s making with them.
Caleb – If Frankie stays he’s not putting you up.. because he can beat you
Derrick – does he think he (Frankie) can beat Christine
Caleb – YES, dude really look at the comp wins.. the only people Frankie would go after is me and Cody because he knows he can’t beat us
Derrick says that Caleb’s is hoping if Nicole wins she will put up Christine and Victoria.
Caleb wants Derrick to find out who Nicole will put up if she says Caleb they know they cannot keep her. They plan to frame the question in a way so Nicole will give them an honest answer..
Caleb says Frankie is three times the beast Nicole is it’s as simple as that. Regardless who Nicole or Frankie are going after they send the one home that they can beat them in the next HOH.
Derrick says Christine is a dangerous competitor.. “Security becoming a beast.
Derrick still scared that Nicole will team up with Christine he terrified of Frankie leaving and the girls teaming up and two of the boys going home. Caleb isn’t scared at all says Frankie is a bigger threat to his game than Nicole.
Derrick – I know Cody and Christine are tight.. Cody doesn’t mind Christine making it far because Christine will never put him up.
Derrick – where’s your heart leaning .. I know it’s leaning to booting out Frankie
Caleb just like in school you hit them first before they hit you.
Derrick – it’s your HOH whatever you do I will support you.. Like told you week 2 i’ll support whatever you do… If your gut tells you he’s got to go he’s got to go.
Derrick – WOW we’ll really even up the numbers guys wise..
Derrick says Victoria thinks she’s going on the block if Caleb doesn’t put her up he’ll not be her target.
Derrick – Nicole and Christine are mental beasts
Caleb – Frankie is more of a mental beast than both of those put together
Frankie rolls in.. Caleb leaves and Frankie starts to study dates with Derrick.

BB16-2014-08-31 21-59-08-438

Nicole Finished the alterations to Cody’s tattoo

BB16-2014-08-31 22-43-47-178
10:33pm HOH Victoria and Derick
Victoria says she thinks Derrick is working with other people it’s become apparent since Nicole left.
Derrick denies working with other people asks if Nicole has been putting these idea into her head. “The only reason why you’ve made it this far is because I had your back”
Victoria – oh thank you
Derrick – it’s true and you had my back too
Derick says they have both help each other in the game. He does not to trust Nicole
Victoria – You’re Working with Cody and Christine
Derrick – I don’t work with Christine.. I like Cody doesn’t mean I’m working with him I like him.. I like Caleb to.. People think me and you are working together, 100%
Victoria says Nicole would go after Cody she doesn’t like him.
Derrick – I don’t think she would what makes you say that
Victoria – she told me, She doesn’t like Cody she doesn’t trust him.. I don’t trust Cody..
Derrick – When did she tells you she would go after Cody today after you b1tch about him.. because she may have been just telling you that.
Victoria brings up her conversation with Nicole in the bathroom.. Victoria thinks it was real Nicole doesn’t like Cody. Nicole has been trying to keep Victoria from going up saying this is a huge opprutnity for a back door. Victoria says Nicole had talked to Caleb and was trying to get Cody on the block. She told Victoria that was not going to happen.
Victoria says she knows for a fact that Nicole will not be coming after them both.
Victoria – Nicole cannot stand Cody, Christine or Frankie.. Even Hayden doesn’t like Cody
Victoria – I really don’t like Cody..
Derrick runs through scenarios of Nicole putting Derrick up. Victoria says if Nicole puts up Derrick she would make Nicole’s life a living hell and the person Derrick goes up against will go home.
Derrick thinks if he’s up against COdy he’ll go home. Victoria disagrees “Cody is going home.. Caleb won’t choose Cody over you”
Derrick tells her he’s gotta go out there talk to Caleb talk to Nicole and see what he can do “I don’t think it will work” Nicole says Cody and Christine are closer than they are.
Derrick says Christine’s and Cody’s relationship is fake but theirs are real “We’re going to see each other in 2 months.. you can’t say they are closer than we are if it’s fake”
Victoria says Cody is going against her he wants her out of the picture.
Victoria doesn’t think Caleb will put Frankie up because he’s controlling Caleb. “Did you read his letter put your man pants on.. put your man pants on.. put your man pants on.. because f*** Frankie is controller him I think”
Victoria – I don’t trust him for sh1t he’s the fakest person
BB16-2014-08-31 22-57-01-367
Derrick makes a message for the after dark peeps.

BB16-2014-08-31 23-10-33-846
11:07pm HOH Caleb and Cody
Caleb – decisions decision
Cody – what are you feeling
Caleb – I dunno don’t want to make the wrong decision it’s tough..
Cody says Nicole has a better chance to lose the competition over Frankie.
Caleb says he asked Derrick to find out from Nicole who she will put up because Nicole thinks Caleb and Frankie are really close but Nicole doesn’t think Derick and him are close. Caleb thinks this will give them a honest answer from Nicole.
COdy – I’m confident in my ability to inw Frankie is a gamble… Nicole is a gamble.
Caleb says Frankie will probably go after Cody over Caleb.
Cody thinks Frankie would put up COdy with Derrick or Caleb.
Caleb wonders if they can convince someone to throw the HOH comp.
Cody – I don’t’ think anyone will do that
Frankie rolls in. “Whats up guys” (you can sense the awkwardness in the room, Frankie must know something is up)
Cody is pissed they are locked down because of the person with the mega phone outside.
Cody – I’m going to find that Guy and kick his a$$ (LOL so he’s got nothing to worry about)

BB16-2014-08-31 23-36-00-961

11:30pm Derrick makes Nicole laugh so hard she pees her pants.

BB16-2014-08-31 23-39-14-589
11:40pm Victoria doing Caleb’s ‘Sleeves”

BB16-2014-09-01 00-44-49-431

12:22AM Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
Derrick – If Caleb asks me who is going up who are you putting up
Nicole – Franke
Derrick – what if he goes this week
Nicole – Obviously Christine would my target.. We would have to get the votes.. Christine would be my target.. what else.. is that bad for your game.
Derrick – If I don’t win I want someone nice to win and we’re running out of those.. I want to clear my conscious .
Derrick says he made a mistake sending Donny out.
Derrick – I gotta win I gotta get it at least second place.
Nicole says if she gets to stay she’s a very committed person I would be very dedicated to you I wouldn’t make is obvious
Derrick – I’m not asking for you to say that
Nicole says she’s only told that to Hayden, “If CAleb hadn’t put me on the block I would work with him”
Derrick says it will hurt his game if he starts planting the seeds but he’s already done it
Derrick and I trusting someone I shouldn’t trust
Nicole – Umm.. I honestly don’t think you are I think you are fine. you’re playing ..
Derrick asks if he should watch what he says in front of Cody and Christine
Derrick says COdy has always been nice to him but he’s nice to everyone
Nicole is confused where COdy stands..
Nicole – I swear on my parents life I will not send you home
Derrick – you have my word that I will try.
Derrick warns her if Victoria goes up Nicole is going home.
Nicole – Derrick if I Stayed because of you
Derrick says he’s doing his best trying not to end up on the block with Nicole.
Nicole says she will not put Victoria up she wants Christine gone, “I will not put you up, I will not put Victoria up and I won’t put Caleb up”
Derrick says there isn’t many more possibilities.
Derricks says they have to protect Victoria from herself because she can’t play the game.
Derrick – Would you be comfortable if they asked me who you would put up and I say Christine and Victoria
Nicole is fine with this.
Derrick brings up Donny breaking him down. Nicole says Donny was targeting Derrick
12:40AM Derrick leaves says he’s got to get to work.

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BB16-2014-09-01 00-46-14-319
12:45AM Have Nots Room Derrick and Cody
Cody and Derrick agree Frankie needs to go this week..
Cody – I’m telling you right now if Frankie wins HOH the move he’s going to make is me and you
Derrick says he’s believing Cody on this move because he cannot decide either way. He thinks they are both dangerous, Nicole/Frankie.
Derrick – I don’t know about his one but I got you.. we’re a team..
They plan to both work on caleb tonight to get Frankie nominated. Cody goes first then Derrick. Derrick is confident Caleb will put Frankie up. Derrick is unsure and scared about this move but he’s going to trust Cody because Cody trusted him earlier in the game when Derrick wanted to keep Caleb.
Derrick – Just don’t let that F*****g b1tch Christine get me out of this house..
Derrick says if Caleb takes out Frankie he’s mad the biggest move in the game he’ll win the in the end. Cody – He won’t make it to the end.. plus this week was all hitman
Derrick – if we’re in the jury house together i’m punching you in the nuts.
COdy says once Frankie is gone he owns Christine
Derrick – that is what I’m banking on
Derrick about Frankie going up.. “He’s going to f*** snap.. make good TV though.. f****g f*** snap”

BB16-2014-09-01 00-58-28-737

12:57AM Frankie and Caleb conclude their talk
Frankie said he wants to go to the end with Caleb. Pointed out that Derrick has never been on the block yet imagine making it to the end and never going on the block. Frankie says he’s always been loyal to their alliance and wants them to stick it out. Frankie says he can see it on Caleb’s face he’s been thinking. Caleb says only 2 of them can win the game. They are all friends and he hopes they stay friends out side this house but at the end of the day they they to put the friends stuff aside and competed. Frankie promises to never backdoor him. Caleb says he’s at the point of his where he needs to do thing for his game. Caleb tries to explain no matter who goes up next week Caleb is scared.

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I want to drop a nuclear bomb of pickles in the BB house if Caleb doesn’t put Frankie up…


What really bothers me is Derricks more than game behavior. I fault a 30 year old married man with a child for manipulating a young naive girl like Victoria. Yeah, shes not so bright. That doesn’t make it right. I can’t beleive that those that watch the feeds lie when they say that Derrick is doing nothing wrong with Victoria. Its all innocent because is all about money. There is shame in making your wife and little girl watch you come on to another woman on tv. I can’t figure out who makes my stomach turn more, Derrick when he strokes Victoria or Victoria when she strokes Derrick. No, I got it, its when Derrick and the other macho boys are taking about raping Victoria and tag teaming her and Derrick laughs and joins in the fun. Yeah, real nice jerkoff, considering you have a young daughter at home. What a tool to first of all come on to Victoria and lead her on for money and then to talk about and joke with the other guys about her being tag teamed. Yuch, really nice! Game or not, man up as$hole. You repulse. me.


I couldn’t have said it better…you are right on!

Are you Kidding Me

One she follows him around the house and he is just being nice to her without making her blow up and it looking like some crazy drama scene that she would turn it into. She is infatuated with him and freaks out if anyone else is around him. He is handling the situation the best he can and im sure he knows its going to be a big deal when he gets out but he has to control what he can while he is in there playing a GAME. Its crazy that all you people turn it into way more than what it is. As for the comments you could tell he was really upset about them and he made comments about how mad he would be if he was her father hearing them say those thing trying to get a point across. Should he have said and done more …maybe…im sure he will when this game is over. its so easy for ya’ll to do so outside of the house.

lemon balls

Sniff sniff…Caleb, I’m so proud of you. Wattching a boy grow up right before my eyes… Now hope you can go thru with it .

Pink haired turdlet

Enough already!! Cancel Frankies a$$ NOW


They may not know how to make a big move but the last few weeks have shown they have collectively learned the art of the BB theatre turn the house sketch. The drama, intrigue, backstabbing joy of the backdoor discussion in all it’s glory. Production has done a magnificent job of teaching the art of the convo that ends up going no where. Like a bride in Alaska! lol

Derrick owns the house at this point. He’s manipulated baby girl Victoria almost as badly as Dan crushed Danielle with the mist in BB14. Vic actually thinks she influences anything? Well today is the start of 3 days of Victoria whining about being on the block or Frankie getting the note under his pillow. You getting backdoored Thursday beotch! Thinking Caleb nominates Victoria and we say farewell a second time to Nicole. I think Derrick will throw the double HOH comp. He is sooooooo safe Thursday why have to make a move when you can orchestrate it using these bozos. F5 fortunately will be very, very interesting indeed.
F6 Double senarios, based on Nicole leaving Thursday.
Cody – Start of tough guessing likely Frankie and Victoria. Derrick and Caleb push Christine.
Christine – pure guess here Caleb and Victoria.
Victoria – aka Derrick’s hemroid would do exactly what he tells her…Frankie, Caleb but she isn’t winning HOH.
Frankie – would take a shot but at what? Victoria and ?(maybe Cody/Derrick).
Derrick – think he tanks this and feels completely safe. Why would he want to explain not nominating Victoria?
I don’t see a clear eviction path on Thursday as long as Nicole is out 1st. So many options and Derrick controlling the majority. He won’t control Frankie or likely a Christine HOH. This is the reason he should consider not tanking in the double. He wins F6 he is eligible F4 HOH and POV. If his BB IQ is really elevated he’ll do exactly what Caleb and Cody want as F6 HOH and likely sales through F5.He is getting close to an F3 lock(not yet) but he can’t over think and that includes being willing to cut Victoria loose Many have tried carrying a sack of rocks to the end only to fall short of F2 themselves.

Derrick is either a BB ideologue or a pragmatist. Be willing to let Victoria go rather than that cherry F2 500K guaranteed wet dream. Or chase that “perfect” season and knock it out of the park and/or in the end get no money.

Frankie who?

And the hope dies…


Send Frankie home!!

PeePee dance

OMG. Seriously…can it be true ? Please, please Caleb..take out Freakiest!

Backdoor Frankie

He has to go now before they let him take one of them out and have 3 girls vs the 3 guys. Christine and Nicole are good competiters and Cody and Caleb obviously are too but at least there would be a chance for Nicole to make it further this way and spice up the house a little! I’m tired of the guys especially derrick running stuff. Still no one picks up on this unbelievable!! He gets away with dodging specific questions regarding his personal opinion to not have his words held against him and no one notices. I’m surprised their not calling him a floater


And they say Derrick isn’t a good player……..


Officer Buzz Kill managaged to save the Frankster. He stopped yet another big move from happening.


He’s a complete buzz kill. I would think it’s fun in Derrick’s mind what is going on but for us fans, BORING!


Is it Derrick’s fault that the other men cannot think for themselves?

Backdoor Frankie


Skerry Sherry

Victoria will fall prey to Skerrick’s basic mist. Let’s see the Grande exit this week. No one would be happier than me…and perhaps Ariana Grande’s management team.


Oh SH*T! Did Vic just blow up the Frankie back door plans? Will Derrick tell Cody Nicole is after him. If so, Nicole is toast.


Derrick is so two-faced. He tells Nicole he gonna try to talk Caleb into keeping her. What does he do? He tries to talk Caleb out of backdooring Frankie. He did the same thing with Donny. Gah. What a jerk

Hoochie Mama

I think he thinks they still have this Team America thing. This has to be why he would want to keep Frankie. Frankie will put a knife in his back and I don’t know why Derrick doesn’t see that.

Michael from Canada

Very risky though. If Nicole tells anyone that Derrick is trying to keep her, they’ll know he was trying to steal credit and his game could be over.


Yea, I agree, cannot believe he is actually playing a reality game called Big Brother! how horrible of him!

veronica shut up!!!

Thanks for crushing my dreams of a nice week and spilling to derrick of all people! Like it before when you just kept your mouth shut and put makeup for 5 hrs

new to BB 14

LMFAO Cody wants to kick the guy with the megaphones ass!
Somehow I don’t think the guy with the megaphone is to worried about tampaxcody,doucheasourus,or his native-American name Squatts-to-pee coming after him

Michael from Canada

Cody can beat anyone up one-on-one. Just ask him!


So, Ponyboy is kicking another ass. i’d actually put my money on that prancy poodle that lives in the house over Ponyboy.


Remember they can’t hit him in the face cause he’s a pretty boy. (Sarcasm)


Cody wants that guys ass, but not to kick it

veronica shut up!!!

As much as I want fakie gone, I’m kinda scared for Zachs safety especially if there is no cameras. Hopefully the others like Hayden and Donny can save him from heinous fakie


If Frankie is evicted 1st on Thurs, the best part will be that his exit/interview will be cut short and overshadowed by the following HOH comp, POV, and double eviction.

Team Nicole

Victoria needs to shut up and think, gosh!!! She’s gonna make the guys think twice…again!!!! Shut up woman!!!


Ohhhh Vacancy do you ever not spill what everyone says to Derrick. But I love him, he lets me cook for him, fold his laundry and slide my hand up his pant leg……..Is this your gameplay? Sweetheart you have no gameplay you’re just void of common sense to know you’re Derricks #2. Good luck in life making your self subservient to a man.

Big Jacket

Yeast Mode CowPie,
Pull the trigger on Fakie and put his arse up! I will remember you in my will with a poem about CowPies!


Yes veronica you would make nicole’s life a living hell if she puts up derrick really.


Beast mode, beast mode!!! Do it for us pull the trigger. Do it for America you love get this weasel out he is disgusting! !!!!!!!!!!


i actually don’t think Derrick is going to be successful in talking Caleb out of this one. Caleb is earning some respect here as the only HOH to date who understands that when you have the chance to get someone out, you take it. what are the options, hope that frankie doesn’t win the next HOH or the one after, and then doesn’t win the Vetos this time and the next? they have the shot now, it would be idiotic, knowing that you want him out, to not put him up there.

hopefully nicole doesn’t say something stupid and derrick doesn’t lie about who she says she would put up, which is entirely possible.


Lol fast forward to the next morning. Derrick succeeds. Caleb now says I don’t want to be hated by America if I get out frankie. Bunch of dumbasses. Bitch mode cowboy is back


Lmao! Watch out megaphone man Cody is going to kick your ass


Does Frankie think he’s actually liked or really anyone but Nicole think that there liked? Ive never seen a more unlikable cast.

The only ones I’d like to see back for another season is Nicole or Donny.


They are truly delusional. Frankie thinks he will be a star when he gets out. Can’t wait for him to see his career is over especially after that rape victoria comment. And Caleb really think he’s gonna win AF. Crazy people.

Roisen Dubh

Vic is taking some serious abuse. WOW.


I just realized why I can’t stand this group. No one talks to the other person directly. For instance, Caleb wants to know who Nichole will put up. Instead of calling her up and asking her, he asks his competitor, someone who would also like to win the big money, Derrick, to go and find out. Caleb are you that paranoid or dare we say it to the grand beastmode..are you that afraid of itty bitty Nichol, that you can’t ask her yourself?!

And Derrick wants to know who Nicole will put up so he asks Victoria?! I thought he was a cop. Can’t he ask Nichole himself and figure out if she is lying to him or not? Are we in high school here?! It’s like watching a bunch of school children running around the schoolyard trying to see whether someone likes their friend or not.

As long as no one talks to each other we will continue to see the she said he said game played out and the biggest and best liar will win in the end. While the losers deserve what they get, the audience deserves more. We deserve game stragedy, actual deals being made between players, etc. etc. It just makes it very frustrating to watch for anyone who has any brains at all.


it’s basically been Big Brother the Telephone Game edition…… a season of he said/she said

new to BB 14

I feel sorry for the jury memebrs when Frankie walks in there goes the neighborhood
They (jury members) don’t want to see Nicole next but they kinda do because it will give them one more week of peace in the jury house


Frankie will NOT be able to hump Donny, Jocasta or Hayden in the jury house. I think Zach will spend more time with him which will probably please the other jury members.


I feel sorry for production if Fakie goes to jury. The others will be able to get away from him. They won’t have to worry about their game so they can just tell him to F off. But Nic said they have two people from production with them at all times. They should get extra pay for being stuck to that diva b!tch. Fakie will be in full vile mean-spirited mode and they’ll be stuck listening to him. I don’t even know if Zach will be able to put up with Fakie. We know that the media has picked up on the rape joke and women choose to be gay comments and we know they are giving him worse edits so they probably won’t take his crap anymore in jury. That’s if CrazedCaleb has the nerve to put him on the block.

Al Unser

Look at Derrick trying to work over Caleb. That was pretty good. He came at all angles and I think if Caleb was some weak ass fool he would have cracked, but I think when he thinks someone has betrayed him or something along those lines, he wants them out and that’s that. Excellent work at the end by Derrick saying “I will support whatever you do”…Love it!!! These two I really like for some reason.

Frankie also barging into peoples conversations must be truly annoying. Every time I read “Frankie comes in, rolls in, skips in ect……I want someone to say “we are talking here can we get a second.” I mean WTF is that about all the time. Christine always does it too and it drives me nuts.




Michael from Canada

You keep bringing this up. It was an easy mistake to make.

There were no BOB’s prior to that that a person could win single-handedly. They had no reason to suspect that Beastmode’s plan wouldn’t work. It was also something the group unanimously agreed upon, Not a single person in their alliance thought that it wasn’t going to work, so you can’t blame Beastmode for it entirely.


Ya, I get it he made a mistake. But seriously, its not hard to comprehend that in order to throw a comp you have to be in a position to control the situation, and if you don’t participate than you’re definitely not going to have any power of the outcome. Its just the irony of the whole situation, it makes me laugh.


Btw, it wasn’t the first BOB that could have been won by one person, just the first that tried. The chess game comp and the one where they looked at pictures of themselves on the tv screen are two examples that come to mind.


He could have got back in the competition and sabotaged it instead of just sitting there!!

Caleb, put your big boy pants on!

Pleaaaaaaase put Frankie up. It would redeem the WHOLE season and might even make me look forward to watching BB again. I honestly don’t even know how a person can be so fake and delusional. His fake smile is borderline creepy. I would absolutely hate being stuck in the BB house with him 24/7 – i would probably self evict.

Hope Caleb ends up putting him as a replacement nominee and he goes home! Bring some excitement back into the game!! Every episode feels the same every week. No wonder the houseguests don’t even remember what day it is, because it’s literally the same moves each week.


I would rather slap Frankie around the block first and get kicked out before I would self evict. I would be America’s hero

Beatrix Kiddo

Come on Caleb. We know you want to put up Frankie. He knows he will have Cody and Derrick which also means Victoria and maybe if Cody can convince Christine (even though they shouldn’t tell her), they all would have Calebs back with this.

They need to make a deal with Nicole to go after Christine and whoever if they keep her.


serves frankie right. he chose caleb over zach, and now caleb wants to send his a$$ out. What goes around comes around.


As dumb as Victoria is, she picked up on Caleb brother’s message to him. Unfortunately, she told it to Derrick, and Derrick is really upset after his conversation with Victoria. If Derrick has his way { and he usually does} Goodbye Nicole, and you have Unaware Vic, to thank for your leaving. The only thing we can hope for, Cody wants Frankie gone, and Caleb and Cody are getting really tight, especially after their little drink night. So maybe Cody will back up Caleb and Frankie goes up. If Derrick campaigns too hard for Frankie to stay he is going to cut his own throat.

Did u see 2nites

Lol looks like bob isn’t giving Frankie a perfect edit anymore lol and I finally hear Christine’s laugh lol


I can’t take part in the poll; there aren’t 3 people left in the house that i like.


You can just choose one! That’s what I have been doing! Lol

Caleb's mind is made up

He is most likely going to put up Frankie if he goes up to Nicole and make a deal with her himself. He is feeling out Derrick and Cody on the idea of backdooring Frankie, just to get a read on each of them. Caleb has a man crush on Cody so he will do whatever Cody thinks over whatever Derrick tells him. Cody is more scared of Frankie and Caleb really doesn’t have confidence in Derrick’s ability to win. Caleb is scared of Frankie as well and is still holding resentment over the Amber situation. Caleb is (and always has been) playing strategically. He no longer has a use for Frankie and Frankie is his biggest threat. He assumes he has Derrick and Cody in his Final 3 alliance and thinks that he’ll be the best physical competitor once Frankie is gone.

Caleb also is scared of Christine and knows that Christine would most likely put up Caleb if she won HoH. He also knows that Frankie would put up one of Caleb’s “numbers” (Cody or Derrick) before final 4. Caleb is keeping score of all the underhanded things Frankie has done to plant seeds to Christine so that Caleb is nominated by her.

Caleb is already giving Frankie the Zach speech. So, It’s not looking good for Frankie.


Caleb has ALWAYS played strategically….? Yes, that’s why he nominated Amber for the simple fact that he wanted her to come crawling on her knees to him. That was dumbest nomination reasoning. But I do have to admit that Caleb has come a long way in his game and has been playing it fairly well every since Amber left. I still think that he is the biggest liar and makes up the dumbest stories in the world to make himself look great, but he is playing a good game as of now.

Michael from Canada

Who cares if he makes up stuff? It’s kinda sad but it’s nothing to hate him about.

One of my best friends is just like him. Short, works out a lot, and always has ridiculous stories that everyone knows is BS. We all know he doesn’t have another MMA fight coming up, but we play along. Because he’s a good guy at the end of the day. Very loyal, just like Beastmode, and very funny.

If you’re gonna nitpick all his faults, at least weigh them against his positive attributes.


Caleb having a man crush on Ponyboy, lol. Thats funny considering the daggers Caleb sent in his direction when Amber was still around.

Jules Winnfield

The look on Frankies face would be priceless. It would be a true backd**r with his smug ass. Its the over bearing try to hard to be liked thing I don’t like. Hes entertaining sometimes but his wickedness over powers all of it. I should say, he was entertaining. Hes just a pushy little fool.

*That is a tasty burger*

Marsellus Wallace

We all know Frankie would love to be me when I met up with Zed & Maynard at the pawn shop.


Yay! Derrick just told Cody Frankie will make good TV when he’s nominated. Lets continue with #FrankieToTheBlock16

P*ssy Bonpensiero

Keeping Nicole although could be dangerous, I think would benefit them more then keeping Frankie. Only because I don’t like Frankie. Maybe hes a different person out side of this house who knows, but the person I see right now, game a side, is a jerk off. He bugs the ever lovin shite out of me.


Fakie said he came out to CA because he couldn’t get a job in NY. And he said he couldn’t get an agent to sign him. He also said that his family didn’t want him to do the show because everyone would hate him. I think its safe to say we are seeing the real Fakie now. I so want to see his face when he’s evicted but also want to see his face when he gets to jury and Donny tells him that B & B want him on the show. Please send Fakie home so this season won’t be a total bust.


Caleb not allowing Frankie in the HOH room is telling that he may have made up his mind to put Frankie on the block. Maybe the shouters and guys with megaphones finally got Caleb’s attention. Most of the time, the comments have been about Frankie backstabbing everyone in house. Also, Caleb served time defending our country, his military brothers/sisters and himself in Iraq. He had to trust the men/woman he was serving with while fighting there or the outcome could have been far worse than getting evicted from a reality show. So it is understandable that loyalty and trust are extremely important to his game. I think once he loses trust – that person is gone.

Derrick's Got It...

Well folks, Derrick has this game played well from multiple angles. The way he’s marketed himself to Nicole as trying to finagle votes to keep her, his self-deprecation regarding just being happy to win second place, and locking then jumping on the bandwagon to get rid of Frankie.

Every week Derrick has been good about making amends and leaving that final positive impression with people to get another jury vote. Telling Nicole to keep it up and to continue acting like she’s in this game is supports this. He acts like the supportive big brother looking out for her to win her over. Victoria, Cody, Nicole, and Caleb are all falling for his Siren’s song. I know hindsight is 20/20 but come on!

Caleb, put up Frankie this week, and then Christine needs to win next week and should put up Cody and Derrick. That would be good TV!

BTW – notice that Cody said with Frankie gone that he “own” Christine. Classy….


Derrick does not have the jury votes to win. I have been watching this show forever and can tell you right now that this jury as presently comprised, will not give the money to Derrick. I don’t think he is even going to make it to final 2 either. Everyone has their way of reading people but Derrick is delusional if he thinks he has got the jury votes. The only person that Derrick wins against is Frankie. Victoria won’t survive past final 4.


Derrick is one of if not the best BB player of all time. He owns this game! He’s controlling everything to the point where everyone looks stupid and the season is predictable. Franky will take him to final two. Why get rid of him? Derrick should be on a BB All-Stars season!
Also why is Nicole the favorite? Sure she’s cute and has done ok in the game but it should be based on best game not cutest housguest.

Frankie's not so Grande

BWAHAHAHAHA thanks so much for that, I haven’t laughed that much at a comment in years. Derrick is playing fairly well…so far, but he isn’t even in the same conversation with the greatest BBers ever. I’d like to see him do something, anything that falls outside of his professional training. That and the fact that he’s playing with morons who until now loved Frankie as well, tells me Dereick isn’t anything special. Maybe he’s got something up his sleeves, but I haven’t seen anything that impressive so far.


Frankie would probably love the fact that his name is trending on twitter, even if it is to backdoor him. The best thing is to just ignore him and not give him the attention.


……especially since he’ll just turn it into something sexual anyways


Let it be, let it be. ( Beatles song going off in my head)……Get the Frooster OUT!! I’m respecting Caleb more and more. He’s the only one thinking things through. He really is the Alpha Male in the house right now.

That talk that Caleb and Frooster had was verrry..AwKwArD. But Caleb was laying it down. I will like Caleb SO much if he follows through. I’ll even forgive him his * Forever Amber* conversations..which were never ending.

Go CALEB!!!! Send the Frooster a-strutting !!!


not getting my hopes up, yet, not until tomorrow, well later today, my gut is saying it is again too good to be true, something will go wrong, Caleb will feel too guilty, the little pink weasel will brainwash him, or something will go horribly wrong. So until the POV ceremony happens I am not buying it. But man it would be AWESOME!


Been watching the feeds all night u were right… I think DR got to Caleb..oh caleb smh

loyal caleb

This is what derrick does and he does it well. He plays Switzerland, but plays it well enough to get things done. He is a master manipulator. Frankie is trying to plant the seed in Caleb’s head to take Derrick out without actually telling him to do it. I think most people have underestimated Caleb in this game, he seems like a decent human being, rarely joins in on the bashing of others and has stayed pretty loyal. Plus he’s a beautiful man!!


Um, what about his stalker tendencies with Amber? I can’t forget how
obsessed he was. He would watch her every move and deluded himself into
believing she was really into him even though she told him point blank she wasn’t.
He wouldn’t stop talking about her. The kicker was he put her on the
block so she would come running to him. The whole thing kind of freaked me out and
I can’t imagine how Amber felt trapped in the house with him.

Caleb's mind is made up

I think Caleb is onto Derrick and his invasive answers to the what would you do questions.
This may lead Caleb to trusting Cody over Derrick.


Sh*t!! Caleb’s not doing it. All muster. What a bunch of no balls. Ugh.


Derrick, Cody and Caleb have talked in circles for hours. My head hurts. Bunch of pussies.

Michael from Canada

Interrogation room tactics by Derrick. He’s exhausting them to weaken their wills and make them more controllable.

mr ed

Everybody getting all excited for nothing.Beast Mode Moron will listen to Deprickface Manson and do as he is told and Nic will be the next to go. (YAWN). These people are ALL idiots and that will NOT change !!!!!!


Loyalty is indeed a positive attribute in the “real world”. But, in the BB world, it can bite you in the Butt. I believe Caleb’s loyalty comes from his impressive military service. At this point, after winning HOH, he’s just Derrick’s puppet. Don’t get me wrong; that’s not really a bad thing. I hope that Derrick will be able to pull Caleb’s puppet strings and get Fakie up on the block as the replacement nom.

That being said, I want to enlighten you about Caleb as a person. He is NOT a “decent human being”. I can see why you might think he is, based upon some of his behaviors inside the BB house.

BUT, you should know that there have been Instagram posts and videos of/by Caleb, posted or filmed before he was cast in BB, that show his true colors. The videos and posts were – of course – removed by friends or family when Caleb entered the BB house. The Instagram post he wrote is definitely racist and homophobic (as well as horribly grammatically butchered). Here is a verbatim quote from Caleb’s post, as he rants about Obama’s reelection:

“You believe in murder? You agree with fags?,” “I guess so but I don’t agree with murdering A innocent baby which he clearly doesn’t mind. Nothin has changed in these last four years. You know it. Your just a democrat that wants that Muslim monkey in office. I’m done with you, your dismissed…”

Nice, Caleb. You do nothing to dismiss the stereotypes about right-wing, gun-toting southern white boys.

The YouTube video that was taken down showed Caleb on a hunting expedition. His friend narrates. He laughs, saying, “Caleb forgot his gun today”. The camera then hones in on Caleb BEATING a wild pig to death WITH A STICK. Perhaps nobody cares that Caleb enjoys killing non-human animals for a living. To me, it’s despicable. And I know that when he went hunting that day the video was shot, Caleb didn’t “forget” his gun; he just thought it would be more FUN to BEAT a defenseless sentient being slowly and painfully until it succumbed to its injuries and died. That disgusts me.

People can bash me and say I’m anti-Caleb. I just wanted the truth to be known about this guy. He’s frightening to me. I saw the emptiness in his eyes on Day One of BB16 when he lavished in the extreme physical comp from which everyone dropped in exhaustion but him. Often, his words don’t makes sense. It’s as if something is missing; he’s just not all there.

Before you get on my case and say I’m anti-military, it’s absolutely untrue. Caleb’s military experience is amazing; his patriotism and his intense loyalty to his fellow soldiers is commendable. I’m sincerely patriotic and overtly proud to be American. I feel indebted to all of those who have served or died for our country and our freedom, or who have lived through wartime horrors that none of us can begin to imagine. For that, I am in awe of Caleb and I’m also forever grateful.

Nevertheless, whatever you believe about Caleb, I think most of us can agree that right now, he is just a programmable piece of machinery that Derrick plans to use to execute his wishes. Let’s hope that Derrick can pull Caleb’s puppet strings enough to get Fakie on as replacement nom. Then, let’s cross our fingers that the house will flip, see the truth about Freakie, and send his backstabbing, fame-craving, camera-hogging ass out the door. That would be a fabulous Thursday. Finkie finally goes home!

Michael from Canada

A lot of people have said stupid shit in their past. That comment about Obama was years ago. One of his best friends is black and has made a video saying that Caleb is in no way racist. His bond with Frankie shows that he’s in no way homophobic.

As for him killing the hog; yes it was a bit intense, but that’s how he was raised. They need to kill those hogs because they’re a threat to people and the local ecosystem. They’re a pest. And they’re vicious as hell.

99% of the world eats meat, but only a small percentage actually kill. Most people don’t wanna get blood on their hands; they’re happy to eat the meat but condemn the person that did the killing. Newsflash buddy: killing is a part of life. Germs kill, insects kill, plants kill, animals kill, and people kill. Everything kills. That’s how the universe works so spare me the ‘enlightened’ rhetoric.

Enlightened rhetoric?

I’m impressed that you know how to use the term “rhetoric”, but really, I’m more impressed that you have spelled it correctly. You certainly don’t have to agree with my opinion of Caleb; but to condemn me for my thoughts on animal cruelty is just hitting below the belt. I hope it made you feel better in regards to whatever those nagging insecurities of yours may be. I’m not “condemning the killer”, while eating the meat, as you so brilliantly put it. I assume you accuse me of being much like the farm animals in the fable about the hen who wants to make bread. (None of the other animals wanted to participate in the laborious chores that are needed for breadmaking. They all say, “not me” when she asks them who will help her. However, once the bread is baked, all of the animals sure want a piece of that end result even though they did nothing to contribute to it’s creation). I DO NOT EAT *ANY* EAT MEAT, MEAT DERIVATIVES, MEAT BYPRODUCTS, etc. Nor do I wear animals’ fur or skin. Nor do I exploit animals by participating in activities that I consider cruel. I have chosen this lifestyle for over 15 years. But I don’t force my lifestyle upon anyone else. People can eat meat or wear fur in front of me and I say nothing. My cruelty-free lifestyle is MY choice. But this isn’t about ME. Or is it? You certainly brought ME into it by attacking my integrity and assuming I was a meat-eater who was condemning Caleb for hunting. I hope I’ve made it clear that I am not one of those who denounces the butcher’s career choice while enjoying the fine prime rib he sold me. There are plenty of other hypocrites out there to attack. Go find one of them. Perhaps they will be more dim-witted and will be unable to mentally process (and therefore reply to) your biting personal remarks. Your young age – or if you’re not chronologically young, your immature thought process – certainly shows in your remark about people saying/writing ignorant things “in their past”. What exactly do you consider Caleb’s “past”? He’s STILL in his 20s and he’s emotionally stunted and immature. The racist and homophobic comments he posted on Instagram were written just TWO YEARS AGO!!! I hardly consider that to be some silly boyhood prank of yesteryear. Do you REALLY believe that over the two years since writing that pathetic post, he suddenly “saw the light” and has changed his mindset completely? In 2012, he thought the president was a “Muslim monkey” but in 2014, he no longer believes that? In 2012, he said, “you agree with FAGS?” But now in 2014, he’d NEVER use a homophobic slur? You right-wing wackos kill me; your first line of defense to “prove” that you’re not racist is to bust out the “my-friend-is-black” defense, whipping out every possible photo you have with your black friend. Then you take out every CD or movie you own which depicts a black person on the cover. Here’s the difference: *I* don’t just talk the talk. I walk the walk. And if I have an opinion (like Caleb’s got something “off” upstairs if he find JOY in beating an animal – ANY animal, “vicious” or not – to death in the name of “sport”), I’ll state my opinion proudly. I’m sorry I don’t share your view of the matter. But again, I am NOT one of those who condemns others for horrific acts/behavior in which I myself participate – directly or indirectly. So, I’ll take my “rhetoric” and “enlightenment” along with me, while continuing to hold my head high. And by the way, before you paint my portrait in the colors of a tree-hugging, leftist hippie, think twice. I’m a registered independent voter who can see both sides of many political issues. And I didn’t even vote for Obama.


He is like the “Manchurian Candidate”

Team Canada

Okay, I am ready for BB Canada already.

Valentina needs to SHUT UP! OMG she is such an idiot. Really, her parents should themselves for an apology for raising such an UNAWARE girl that literally cannot think for herself. How on earth can she say she watched BB Israel, come on this show, do nothing, win nothing, put on make-up, change clothes, sit around, and think she actually has a shot at making it to the end????

And, when Caleb is mad (or thinking) he shows it on his face. It is so obvious. Frankie can sniff it out every single time, just like during the BOB competition. He knew, because caleb made it so obvious. Caleb’s ego, once again, is going to get the best of him. He literally thinks he would win against Derrick. AND the funny thing is his ego wants to battle it out in the end with Cody– just like he did with Amber. Just watch. Caleb’s ego will be his downfall.

Valentina Corleone

Hey, Canada – Yeah you from “the Great White North” – call Victoria whatever you want, but do not stick my name in the mix. Its an honorable name and I really would prefer it not be associated with a weave-wearing, obsessed with a married man, applies makeup with a trowel child.

Thank you.


Cody thinking he can beat Caleb is hilarious. If Frankie goes and the HOH is designed for Nicole to win, Cody and Derrick might actually both go on the block.