Bruno “If I win HOH, I’m going to crush that speech. The first time I was nice but not this time.”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV May 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Brittnee Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

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1:50pm Bobby and Bruno are driving. Bruno says its a no brainer.. and she needs our votes. Bobby agrees. Bruno says if I win HOH … I am going to crush that speech. The first time I was nice but not this time. I am going to go balls to the walls. Bobby tells Bruno he’s got him. Bruno says I am going to need you because when I put them up they’re going to know I’m coming for them. Ashleigh comes to take over for Bobby. Bruno says that he wants to stay on till they’re out of Ottawa. Ashleigh says that the obvious thing to do would be to put up B and Sarah but that puts more light on the chop shop. She says what if I was to put up Bobby and say chop shop shmop shop! Bruno says no you don’t want to do that. That would get so messy. Right now we have the numbers we shouldn’t be worried. Ash asks how long does Bobby have to use his thing? Bruno says Umm.. 3 more. Ash says so this one on Wednesday and then two more. Bruno says this is a crucial part of the game. We just can’t step on each other. Ash says its going to get nuts real fast. Bruno says then when it gets down to it we put our hands in and go at each other. We just have to trust in each other. Bruno says I just can’t believe how co*ky JP was. He screwed up. Bruno and Ash make it to Montreal!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-27 10-55-48-926

2:10pm Zach and Brittnee take over driving. Zach says this week is going to be a double. Britt asks really? Zach says 11 people and day 40. Zach says I’ll tell you about where I’m at. Obviously I want Godfrey gone. I don’t know how I feel about Bobby and Bruno. I don’t know if Bobby is throwing the comps because he has that veto and feels safe or what. Brittnee says I think its just that its half way and he feels safe about it. I think he has it. Zach says if he does have it .. it has to get flushed. Britt says its going to take time. I don’t know where you’re at with it. With JP he wasn’t being straight up with us. Zach agrees. Britt says I want you to get that was not planned. We said this is a one time deal. Zach and Britt agree that Graig was a sinking ship. Zach says the night he went off on Willow I was out. Zach says I was in with those guys .. thats what I was trying to tell you guys. Britt says you should have told me. Brittnee says if he is really sitting with that veto.. Zach says it has to get used or he will literally walk. Britt says I can’t figure out why he’s throwing these comps because he could win them. He feels too comfortable. No one should feel that comfortable. I don’t, you don’t .. he shouldn’t. Zach says we have to get that veto used. Britt asks so you would put up God and Bobby right? Zach says yeah on a double or maybe wait till the veto played then throw him up, otherwise he could just win the veto. Britt says there are too many details to the story for it not to be legit. Zach says exactly. Zach talks about the chop shop. Zach says I never once went into the diary room and did the chop. Not even once. Britt says Willow is floater number 1 and everyone knows it. Zach agrees.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-27 11-12-26-429

Big Brother Canada 3 Britt and Zach talk game by obblivefeeders

Big Brother Canada 3 Hot Tub talk by obblivefeeders
2:35pm Bruno tells Godfrey in the kitchen this is going to be a good week. I’ve got you bud! I want to win this one so bad. I’m not afraid to show my cards. Bruno says there is no way I can trust Sindy after she tried to throw me under the bus. You know that right? Godfrey agrees.

The camera switch to Kevin and Pili in the bathroom. He is bugging her about not knowing what beef is. She says she knows she just wasn’t thinking. Pili says now Canada is going to think I’m dumb. Bruno and Ash enter the bathroom. Kevin tells them how Pili and him were in the HOH room and I asked her what her favorite animal is to eat. She said Tuna and then asked me what mine was I said Cow. And she says she’s never eaten cow before. I asked her you’ve eaten cow before? For five minutes she tried to convince me that she hasn’t eaten cow before. I told her when we get out we’ll go to an expensive restaurant and eat cow. Ash says it was just a brain fart. Kevin keeps bugging her and she embarrassed. Kevin goes around the house and tells the others.

3pm Brittnee and Zach make it to Fredricton. The other house guests come out to see. Meanwhile out in the hot tub – Bruno and Bobby talk about his secret fake veto and how the people he tells about it he is saying that he lied about it to see if Sindy would spread it around the house. Ash joins them. She tells Bobby about how she came up with a dumb idea to throw up Godfrey and a member of the chop shop to take the light off it. She says because you have the secret veto.. Bobby says no I understand but obviously I want to keep the veto as long as possible. They agree they have the numbers and don’t need to do that.

3:15pm – 3:25pm In the bedroom – Sarah explains to Sindy that she just can’t vote for her over Brittnee. If you had been here the whole time and not gone for those two weeks it might have been different. Sarah sasy I hate this circumstance. If those people told you they would vote for you .. but I just don’t know. Sindy says for me to follow through with with I’ve been saying I need you and Willow to vote for me. Sarah says if I were to do that, no one would ever work with me going forward. Sarah tells Sindy that she loves her .. since day 1 you were my favorite person. Sarah leaves for the hot tub. Sindy says to herself What to do, what to do?!
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-27 12-11-44-409

3:30pm – 3:50pm Out in the backyard – Kevin and Pilar are driving. Zach comes through and jokes that last night he found a veto on the car. He says it was in the muffler. We have a muffler veto .. we’re safe now guys. UP in the bedroom – Bruno and Sindy are having the same conversation they’ve had a number of times already about how she threw him under the bus by exposing the chop shop and now he can’t trust working with her.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-27 12-39-51-433


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Si Piwi. Kevin will take you to a pricey restaurant for a taste of Cow. It’s called Burger King.


well it looks like sindy is gone and honestly i dont care. like i said earlier i like brit, have since day one. im just happy to see bruno isnt dumb enough to actually trust those in the alliance who i cant say., also that he seems to be getting over whatever it is he had against sarah. what surprises me is that bobby hasnt needed convincing, he actually wants that other side out. I am very happy to see that sarahj and brit might be safe for a while..HOWEVER

What the fuck is wrong with these people? how can they possible think the secret veto is real? he has been going around talking about it, if it was real at any point he’d have lost it by now. THINK FOR FUCK SAKE!


Wow nice pic of Ash! She deserves to win!


Um… no


Even if this show is Miss Canada she still doesn’t deserve to win.

Fake Name

I think Ash is trying to be the new Victoria. As long as she keeps giving Zach hanndies she’s ok though.


Ash is more like Allison, a bland blonde who is there to give HJ and after the show , her target man would forget about her.


she may need to branch out and start giving Kevin, Bobby and God a couple handees … not Bruno though (he’s a married man)! if she intends to be kept around for too much longer …


When does BBUS start, not soon enough!!!


I thought I read somewhere they are moving it up to mid May?


Bbuk will be starting in mid May. Maybe that’s what you saw


Just try to enjoy this season you ungrateful son of a gun.


So we can watch another “celebrity” like Frankie get spoon fed no Have not cuz his poor circulation an can’t sleep on a crappy bed because of his back then watch Julie Chen kiss their ass. I can wait for that to start.


ROFL Best post ever!!!


Why can’t Bruno just be honest and tell Sindy that he hates women and refuses to work with them.


I think he hates the gays more as he had a personal mission to get rid of Johnny and then the girls… Maybe its because he doesn’t feel desirable with them. lol.




LOLOLOLOL. That made me laugh harder than it should have. I’m tired, okay?


the whole house is against the showmances
it would be amazing to see one of ashleigh, kevin, or zach win hoh on wednesday, and see what the other 5 people (sarah, brittnee, godfrey, bruno, and bobby) do to throw each other under the bus (i don’t see willow being nominated no matter who wins HOH). as of now, willow is playing the best game, since she’s playing the floater game properly (aligning herself with sarah, but not making it obvious that the “diapers” still trust her)


When is the second round hoh and will the two other evictees leaving on wed or sunday. Its very strange. And there is akward that jp did not see goodbye. And also why 10 jury members it very fishy. I have feeling that Canada picks the hoh and they have pov on the show.


How can you say it’s not entertaining? It blows away u.s in a lot of aspects…and vice versa…both great!


Ash. wouldn’t do the hj. thing! Give her a break everyone…that was just a made up rumour and she’s a lot smarter than people assume! Hope she wins!


Is there something wrong with me that I don’t find Zach attractive AT ALL? He’s not even cute imo, so I am confused as to why girls are tripping over him. And is Bruno really anti-female? I watch the feeds sporadically so I never noticed that. It’s a shame if that’s true though cause i really really like him as a player.


there’s something wrong with attacking someone’s physical appearance


The fact that he’s a spoiled, self-entitled, arrogant pr!ck made his looks (though his face is not as attractive as I first thought) be worth nothing. He’s a high-school king, captain of the football team, being a jerk, making girls his play things….in short he is non-Canadian by nature.


Wow I guess everyone here thinks it’s ok!


I don’t think believing that someone isn’t attractive is attacking their appearance;)


candice I totally agree regarding Zach , I just don’t get it! I’m not attacking his appearance I just personally don’t find him appealing AT ALL ! And his arrogant personality makes him even less attractive !


Zack isn’t a bad looking guy. It’s the nose that is hard to look at. The has the jock complex and was probably treated as such all his life. Think he a nice guy, really but this game has to screw like no other experience. Imagine living in paranoia 24/7 for 3 months.


Lol. Pilar you really think you not knowing the similarity between cow and beef is what would make Canada think you were dumb? She is utterly oblivious.