Big Brother Canada 3 – Willow about Zach ” It was like I was in a abusive relationship.”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV May 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 26
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th
Nominations: Sindy and Brittnee Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

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11:50am Bruno says if I win I’m going for them. Sarah says if I win I’m going to say good for you if one of you win the veto because one of your girlfriends is going up. Bruno says that Zach is freaking out because he’s lied to everyone. Sarah says that Canada doesn’t cheer when someone’s closest goes up there you know. Bruno agrees. Willow joins them. Bruno tells them we just really need to try for the HOH. Sarah says if its a knockout one, I don’t care I’ll show my cards. Sarah says there are only 2 people we need to worry about and then we’re good. Kevin takes over for Sarah.

Out in the hot tub room – Willow tells Sarah that Bruno said he is going to talk to Kevin. Willow says that Bruno told me that when he was in the vault with that double veto he was this close to using it to put up Zach.. but he didn’t because he didn’t know if he had the votes. Sarah says I wish he would have. Sarah says that Zach would joke about putting you on the block. Willow talks about the way Zach talks to her and treats her. It was like I was in an abusive relationship. Sarah talks to Willow about her theory that there aren’t any good looking people with low self esteem. Zach has been given everything.. with a face and body like that. Willow says that’s why I have low self esteem because no ones ever given me that. Willow says he doesn’t deserve to win this game. Sarah says she thinks he will apologize when they get out. The conversation turns to talking about Jordan. Sarah tells them about how Jordan and her called themselves “Jason & Danielle” (from BB3). Sarah says it was because they would tell each other everything but says that Jordan wouldn’t tell her anything.

Sarah says the only people that can’t win on Wednesday are Zach, Kevin and Ashleigh. Brittnee and Willow agree.

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Big Brother Canada 3 Sarah & Willow talk by OnlineBigBrother
12:10pm – 12:30pm Godfrey takes over for Kevin. Kevin and Godfrey hope that they get something good for completing this task. Godfrey says yeah like food. Big Brother doesn’t start the treadmill. Kevin says all right we’ll just sit here on the side of the road. Sindy and Godfrey take the next shift.

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1pm Godfrey and Sindy make it to Ottawa and Bruno comes running out and says get out of the car its my turn!! Godfrey tells Bruno that Sindy said if she stays she’s not going to come after Bobby. Bruno says don’t trust her! She’s poison. She tried to get me and Bobby up on the block. Don’t trust her! I don’t trust her for a second! She is going out that door. Godfrey says oh yeah she is throwing us under the bus then. That’s not good. Bruno says I am telling you right now she has to go .. she is saying whatever she has to. She’s going after Bobby. Godfrey says yeah its weird she is trying to talk to us now. Bruno tells Godfrey I trust you. I put my whole game at risk to safe you. Godfrey tells Bruno I would take that risk for you too man. Godfrey says you know my targets. Bruno says we have the exact same targets. Bruno says last night I couldn’t sleep I stayed up all night thinking about my speech. I am going to shred them man!!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-27 09-59-54-711

1:20pm – 1:30pm Up in the HOH room – Zach and Kevin are talking. Zach says we need to take a strike at Bruno and Bobby. They are feeling more comfortable than they’ve ever felt. I know Godfrey isn’t going to go after them. Zach says after this week .. I know now there are 4 to send home.. after this week its 3. If we can get Bruno and Bobby up on the block… I know no one else is going to do it. Kevin says if its a double (eviction) and I go home its going to eat at me for life. Zach says if they took a shot at us it would be stupid for them because there’s 6 of us. There are 4 of them, that’s why we need to take a shot at them. Kevin says the way I started this game was as the biggest dog f**ker. When I accidentally won that HOH that I purposefully tried to throw I said in the DR that this is the worst start I ever could have had. Kevin says one of the four of us could win 100K. If I won the double I would take a shot at Bobby & Bruno… but if they won maybe we could convince them to take out Sarah because Bruno hates her.

Big Brother Canada 3 Zach and Kevin game talk by OnlineBigBrother

Big Brother Canada 3 Zach and Kevin HOH by obblivefeeders


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Actually Bruno hands down is the best looking guy in the house. older and attached maybe but he was probably drop dead 15 years ago too.

As a HG player i dislike Ash but she is also very beautiful in a flawless effortless way.

willow is redeeming herself now good for her. at the end now i am wit Sarah, Bruno and Godfrey

another name

imo, Bruno isn’t that old. he’s 32ish. he just seems old because most of the house seems to act and speak like they’re much younger (12 instead of 21?). not intended as a crack against you at all sunnydee, because I’ve been asking myself why the house seems to act like he’s their sage old guy when really he’s not even middle aged. but then, in bb years he’s almost a retiree.

Yo Bro

Bruno is a fav if he can quickly unload the last meathead in his ear.

The Stepford Wives were also very beautiful in a flawless effortless way.

The one & only thing I don’t like about Willow is that she has been playing an Andy game from the start.
It makes me cringe but also gives me hope for her lasting power. Same picks for me – W, Sarah, God & Bru


Do you watch the feeds? Have you seen the amount of time Ash spends doing make up every morning? There’s absolutely nothing effortless there, she’s attractive, yes, but there is some effort there

Alec Tryhard Beal

Bruno is only 31.. so he was drop dead when he was 16?? lol


It is nice to see that most of the house is rallying together to split up the Couples. Zach ruined his game, and he has no one to blame but himself. The arrogance and cockiness of both Kevin and Zach is irritating to watch, and they don’t realize that they do not have the numbers.

We just need them to not win the Double Eviction.


Just a freaking minute!!!

Bruno Bobby and GOD are equally as arrogant. There simply getting a better edit on global. Sarah’s mouth is a stream of diahria. They all have fault magnified by being in the house. BB USA Dan was likely the most arrogant player ever to play BB. Arrogance/Ego/Confidence generally defined by who your fav in in the BB house.
Don’t think you can have it both ways Ash and Pili airheads that do nothing and Zack and Kevin egotistical and arrogant. Can’t say Ash and Pili arrogant so you folks attach other negatives to the woman. You are hating for hating sake.
Funny so few understand production. Have you seen season 2 BB USA and Chilltown. Oh there was arrogance and ego there. Dr. Will had both and by many including myself the best ever. This became the model for productions push on 2 person relationships like z/JP and now Z/Kev. there talking in private mostly just the 2 when the arrogance comes out. It’s production folks like in the diary room. Wake up Canada!

Guessing you all get what you want Wednesday and that’s a Kev/Zack eviction. Next week you’ll be whining it’s BB USA 16 all over again. This double which ever way it goes effectively ends the competitive part of the season. If its Bruno and Bobby the same result.


This response is super extra. Settle.


started out liking kev….now i just want him out


Well there are strong incongruences between his DR’s and his play. When in power the micro focus exposes absurdities between the edited show and the feeds. You may be reacting to his taking credit for Pillar’s noms when he had nothing to do with them while simultaneously suggesting she is a puppet to his game. However, Kevin’s edit exposes his lack of awareness of where the house is at. Kevin’s claims that his poker game skills give him a leg up at reading people leave us to believe that he has a poor future in that game, Bruno (and others) are able to snow him way to easily.
Mostly though, I think it was his DR session that claimed 100% control of Pillar painted him poorly.


also, side note: zach’s face coupled with his passive arrogance bothers me….dont know why….every time i look at it i just feel uncomfotable


Thank God! so it’s not just me! I have been saying this in person to the others I know who are watching the show but I can’t put my finger on it …. there is just something about Zach that down right creeps me out … I do find him arrogant and self entitled but it’s not just that. I have found him to be borderline abusive (both physically and definitely verbally and emotionally) toward the women in the house. I question whether back at home he has simply been able to use and toss away any girl he’s needed … I still don’t know what to make of it but all I can say is he creeps me out like no other player in any of the Canadian or American versions of BB that I’ve seen (and that’s all of the seasons)!


I feel exactly the same about kevin


Explain how Zach has been physically abusive? I have watched the live feeds and I haven’t seen anything … fill me in on what I have missed!


I wish Bruno would stop being dumb. In my opinion he needs to keep Sindy because she is competitive. She isn’t afraid to get zach out and make big moves at the end of the day. B Just sits around and can’t win a comp. she has no purpose.


Bruno doesn’t trust Cindy and he shouldn’t. He knows Cindy has thrown his name out and Bobby’s. And yes she *is* competitive and very capable of winning comps, that’s exac why he should keep her. Right now getting rid of Cindy means he still looks loyal to the other side and has a threat out of the house. He could easily beat B, so of course keeping her around is a good idea.


Lol funny how Kevin and Zach think they’re 6 strong. Can’t wait to see their faces when Bruno or Bobby but their asses on the block.


It will really suck if Kevin, Ash, or Zack win the next HOH!!! Little do they know it’s a big one!!
If one of them wins it will suck big time. Think of Bobby and Bruno out of the game …. totally will suck!!!


No what will suck is if Bruno & Bobby take out Kev, it is going to be boring. All of the house guests is like watching a ball of clay sit around all day, sleep, eat & poop. I wish KEvin was as fun on the feeds as he is made out to be on tv. If Kevin goes, I don’t have anyone else to root for. I was for JP then he left, I don’t watch as many feeds but if Kev goes they are no one else to root for becaus e Bruno has won the game. We need a little excitement not 6 against 3 that is no fair to watch. I can’t believe people like B, Bobby or Pilar is still there that don’t even know how to play, they have to have other telling them what to do. Johnny, Nehae and JP at least have watched BB before, it sucks that some one is probably going to win that has never seen BB in their life. WHo applies to a tv show that they have never seen before lol.


Don’t fret. It will just rearrange itself again.


That is if Zack and Kev don’t put them on the block first.. they both male pairs plan on doing just that if they win HoH (though, I have a hard time believing Bobby will do that).


I hope Sarah/Godfrey/Bruno win HOH, I wanna believe Willow/Bobby would make a big move but I have my doubts. The other 3 I definitely believe would get Zack out of this house, can you imagine how much he would through the Diapers under the bus to stay in this house? It would be epic!
And is it me or are the Kevin/Zack convos super awkward…. I feel like JP was the glue that kept these guys together and now since know they have no one else they’re obliged to work together but I doubt they would if they had any other option. I’m surprised how much the house dynamic has changed since Sindy came back, it sucks that she will probably be the one to go this week but I definitely think she deserves to be in the house. Hopefully some miracle happens and she can stay! I love the fact how Kevin/Zack are like theres no way Bobby’s that good of a liar! Bobby just improved his game so much by getting that stupid Chop Shop nonsense out of his brain. Cant wait to see what happens Wednesday, hopefully Kevin/Zack/Ash don’t win it, fingers crossed!


Taped over a couple hours no chance to throw diapers under the bus and no need 2. Either win POV if nominated or go to jury. It’s all about the next HOH.


Willow HOH is a Sarah HOH and Bobby HOH is a Bruno HOH. Willow/Bobby HOH is a diaper nominations times 3. Its basically numbers and the desire to get the couples nominating the diapers is not a big move. With 2 going home the only interesting HOH is if diapers win and go after BBG or Sarah/B.


“Zach says if they took a shot at us it would be stupid for them because there’s 6 of us.”
I’m so confused, who does Zach think he has? Zach/Ash/Pili/Kev is 4 people. Even if Zach think he has Willow, that is only 5… How does he count 6 to go after Bobby/Bruno? Does he actually think he has Sarah/Britt on his side? Is he counting Godfrey? He literally has none of these people.


Has non counting Bobby/Bruno to get to 6. ROFL Zack is an idiot!


This games dynamic has change and sarah and brittnee probably took jp and Zach spot as to watch both sides battle each other. I cannot not wait until to watch the next hoh comp because they are going for 2 targets instead of one. But hopefully Canada votes for the hoh pick or it has to be a difficult comp. There was too much mental comps in the two or three. The only comps that are interesting are have not comp and pov comps that is it.

another name

I wonder about what would happen if by chance there was a tie vote this week. not because I think it will happen, but just wondered who people thought would vote which way, and what would pilar’s tie break vote be (I guess that depends on how the diapers decide to vote)? any thoughts? 🙂


Willow stamping her position as a floater…. maybe. She was on the wrong side of the vote and lil bully Sindy griefed her on that. Now she is on the other side. Lets see on Wednesday if the diapers win HOH what butt her head will be up? I think suggesting Zack and Willows relationship was like an abusive couple offends me greatly. It belittles all woman in truely abusive relationships.
PS….. don’t forget I picked her as a dark horse to get F2 and even win BB Can 3 early in the season. Some folks character is apparent very early on. Andy’s was to 😛

About the double on Wednesday……
10 left after Cindy evicted! HOH and 3 noms don’t vote. 6 votes 3 needed to block not happening. Need 4 votes to block HOH targets as HOH breaks a 3-3 tie.
3 up 2 go home- Zack/Kev/Ash or Bruno/Bobby/God or Sarah/B/God these seem the likely nom groups. POV won and used only helps the person off the block no way to change the house vote. Here my examples…
Zack/Kev/Ash- Pili removes Kev with veto pawn goes up house vote is 4 to evict Zack and Ash. Z or Kev win veto Pili up the 2 original noms go home.
Bruno/Bobby/GOD- This has a diaper nominating 3 and even all tie votes the diaper sends home the targets no matter which comes off the block any veto scenario.
Sarah/B/GOD- this only happens if diapers have control and think Bruno Bobby good. This could actually happen because Zack is a complete idiot. See Willow next to understand that 2 of the 3 original noms are going home in almost all senerios.

One thing is clear to me Willow is getting a pass to 8 IMHO. Her swing vote can do no better than a 3-3 tie with 4 not voting she isn’t going against the HG no matter what. Further I don’t think she uses the veto under any circumstance accept if Sarah on the block she may expose her true loyalty to save her. That would leave B/GOD and Bobby or Bruno as replacements. This happens only with a diaper HOH IMO and they control the result. Small chance Sarah and Willow could convince diapers to evict GOD and renom save B. I think it’s a 1 percenter at best

Only thing that could stop this mess Wednesday is a double veto. But we saw that option recently so I’m not betting on that. Further I’m not betting on the have/not veto being accessable either as it’s all happening over a few hour period(yeh the episode isn’t all live… shocking!)

Don’t think most of the forum get the true impact of what’s about to happen. Most seem to be fixated on Zack/Kev gone in an hour. Well could be Bobby/Bruno or Sarah/B all possibilities are in play. The game really ends Wednesday until F4. That’s pretty sad really. Diapers will roll or BBG will roll the house. Sarah/B get a ride to 6 then gone next 2 or gone 7 and 6 if Willow stays with diapers. BBG keep Sarah or B longer. B can F4 with BBG. Lazy do nothing Sarah gone no later than 5 left IMO. Unless you like dream sequences like Sarah wining HOH. After HOH the order may not be significantly different but what left versus the core alliance holding HOH will have little fire power left. Can you see B/Sarah team with BBG then take a shot at Bruno next HOH no the eliminate the couples next 2. Only chance to salvage the season after Wednesday would be the evicted side wins following HOH not very likely IMO.


I’ve noticed that willows starting to remind me more of Andy. Tho im not sure she’ll be able to play both sides for much longer. With votes coming up and considering the really obvious alliances (all the pairs Sarah/Britnee, Bruno/bobby, Kevin/pili, Ashleigh/zach, Godfrey in no way siding with the diapers), I don’t think willow will be able to pull off it off as long as Andy did. Not sure how far she’ll go, but one side (the diaper side) will know soon who she’s actually with.


Willow’s not a Floater Stan. She doesn’t know how to play all sides, and has poor social skills (nobody trust her and hardly anyone talks game to her besides Sarah). She’s a type of Coaster. Zach and Jordan were the closest, but they got WAY too cocky so early in the game. Andy, for example, may have been a Rat Floater, but he knew how to play all sides, and knew when to strategcially cut ties, and shop ship.

Willow is starting to show more loyalty to Sarah than anyone esle in the house. She’d be an easy person to beat in the final 2 for sure. I’m not sure how long she’ll last, but so long as there are warring factions she will Coast on by.


Sarah has to save B IMO so she votes out Cindy. The diapers have decided Cindy gotta go so even if it’s 4-4 Pili evicts Cindy. I think it will be unanimous personally. Bruno made it very clear in a convo with GOD Cindy is not staying S or no S! GOD would like Cindy to stay to do his dirty work.

another name

thanks stan. I appreciate reading your perspective on the question I asked.
I couldn’t decide which side / individuals would be more susceptible to cindy’s campaigns if such a thing were to happen. since a lot of comments were saying the players should keep cindy, I thought i’d ask. thanks again.


the third video “Sindy & Godfrey” doesn´t seem to be processing for some reason. I can’t see it. All the other ones are ok…


that’s alright i appriciate all the hard work!


I have to catch up on the episodes. I’ve just been coming here to get my updates and interact with our hilarious and diverse community. But someone earlier posted about Kevin being portrayed as the house mastermind. The mastermind of what? Taking advantage of mentality immature girls?


I’ve watched a handful of shows now and the edit they are giving Kevin isn’t anything close to what is happening on the feeds.


I completely agree Simon! The only strategic thing he’s really done to date is cut ties to Johnny, and attach himself to a clueless player close to Zach’s showmance.