Bobby tells Sarah “He (Zach) could actually go home on his birthday!” Sarah “I know!”

POV Holder: Godfrey Next POV May 1st
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Pili Next HOH April 29th ?
Nominations: Sindy and Brittnee Godfrey
Have Nots Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Godfrey
POV Players Godfrey, Pilar, Sindy, Willow, Bobby, Kevin.
Host is Sarah

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 06-54-30-282

10am In the bathroom – Sarah says now we roll with the punches and see. Brittnee says that the guys are getting all mocho and wanting to take each other out. So we just go with it and let them. Sarah says we just be nice to everyone.. Go to them and talk to them. Britt says I think I’ve been doing a pretty good job of that. Sarah heads to the HOH room and climbs in bed with Willow. Sarah tells Willow that she is waking up quite chipper this morning. Sarah says she’s going to be like Bobby today and put on her bathing suit and climb in the hot tub. Willow comments that she needs her sneakers.. I’m walking around like mowgli. Kevin comments that they’re having a double date in bed. Willow and Sarah talk about not getting their period. Sarah says its like I’m pregnant .. I don’t know how that happened. They comment on how much a release it is to be done with it. Willow says its like when you get off slop. Kevin says oh its like you guys have 1 week of slop a month.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 06-57-26-330

10:20am – 10:40am Bobby and Bruno head out to the hot tub room to suntan. Bobby heads in to tell everyone about how nice it is out side. Bobby and Sarah talk by the pool. Bobby says you know we’re in that little alliance. They named names so we said Sarah or Britt or Godfrey and.. so I’m just telling you that its strictly what we’re telling them. Sarah says sure. Bobby says I swear! Trust me. Sarah says yup.. um and last night I wasn’t nervous ..I feel bad. Bobby says I was going to drop my chain and say have faith. Sarah says awe, you’re so sweet! I totally 100% do because I trust you guys. Bobby says he could actually go home on his birthday! (If this Wednesday is a Double Eviction) Sarah says I know!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 07-22-18-605

10:40am – 10:50am Most of the house guests are out in the hot tub room relaxing and waking up. Brittnee says Godfrey, I can’t believe you’ve lost 20 pounds since you came in here. Godfrey says thank you. She says he came in there weighing 205 and now he weighs 185. She says he’s been on slop 3 weeks. Willow joins them and comments that she had to give up another shirt. It’s almost like they want me to be n@ked.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 07-38-59-598

10:50am – 11am Sarah and Sindy head over to the pool. Sarah tells Sindy she likes her because she’s funny. Some of these people are so boring. Sindy says Risha was upset that Canada thought going into the hot tub strategy .. and she said it was because they had just gotten in here and didn’t have any clothes. She was hurt by that. She broke down a couple of times. Sarah says she totally got an unfair shake. The conversation turns to talking about Naeha and whether or not she was a bigger threat because she said she would save her head to stay. Sarah says that they wouldn’t have “casted” people that didn’t want the money. I said I would give it up and they told me don’t say that again because we don’t want people that don’t want the money.

11:40am Bruno joins Sarah, Brittnee and Sindy in the pool. They talk about Bruno’s thumb. Bruno talks about how it happened when Zach and him were tossing the balled up toilet paper and he caught it on his thumb and bent it back. Sindy and Brittnee leave. Godfrey joins them. Bruno comments on how they want to get out Zach. Sarah tells Bruno that Bobby told me. This is it and I’m so excited for it. I’m playing it up that when Sindy goes I’ll talk more. They think that Bobby will use that veto on.. they even told me.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 08-36-31-537

11:55am Bruno tells Godfrey that we need to win HOH. Godfrey says I know! I’m number one on their hit list. If he goes we’re next.

12:20pm Godfrey tells Sindy its Tuesday now .. we’ve got to make this happen. Godfrey says that Bruno said that Bobby is not down and you know how close they are. You need to talk to Bruno. Sindy says I’ll talk to Bobby and Bruno. They won’t go against B unless they know. Sindy says Bobby throws competitions. Next week if its me you and Bruno we could win it. I trust you and Bruno. Godfrey says the house is on board with getting out the showmances. Sindy says if Bobby is willing to work with me.. Godfrey says yeah talk to him. Sindy says I want to talk to him but not because I’m on the block. Godfrey says I talk to him and said you wanted to talk to him. Talk to them together. Maybe Sarah and Willow will switch. Then it would be me, Bobby, Bruno, Willow and Sarah to vote for you. Godfrey says they’re going to take him (Bobby) out as soon as they get a chance to. Godfrey tells Sindy to tell Bobby/Bruno that if you don’t stay next week they’ll probably be putting both of them up together.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-28 09-12-51-515

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It’s funny how most of the female fans are drooling over Zach also. Lol and jealous of Asleigh hence the low popularity in the poles.


Oops didn’t notice that Zach has dropped so low…I just may be wrong.. 🙂


prior to throwing up people’s mouths tend to over salivate possibly causing this drool you speak of !


Zack is hot and very much drool worthy …. too bad he wasn’t a little older!


Lol MrsJWall!


I don’t find Zach attractive. I guess it depends on your type; none of them are really my type. If I had to pick, I think Bruno is the most attractive.


I’m female and don’t think Zach is attractive, and I don’t understand why Ashleigh is considered super beautiful. I think they’re both average looking. I dislike Ashleigh because I hate women players that get blinded by their showmances, and think BB is a dating show. I like how Sindy went against her showmance. It proves she’s there to play, and not there to lay. How embarrassed Zach/Ashleigh might be when their relationship fizzles, and they are forever remembered for giving each other h*** jobs on live feeds. Last episode it was kinda sad to see how badly Pili is manipulated by Kevin. I felt embarrassed for her. Season after season the woman stays blindly loyal to her man, while the dude couldn’t care less when it comes to going against his showmance. So dumb.


I agree that Zach doesn’t have much going for him. Ashleigh is pretty, especially without makeup on which isn’t that easy to pull off. If she’s using the show to land a guy she should go with someone better looking and smarter, like Godfrey… yum.


Yeah! She’s a pretty girl and he’s a good looking guy, but I don’t see why everyone thinks they’re extremely gorgeous, and feel jealous or envious of them because of their looks. I think Brittnee is just as pretty as Ashleigh. Granted Britt and Ash have totally different looks but, I wonder if Ashleigh’s appeal is because she’s skinny and blonde, because to me her face is average.


Zach is very unattractive to me. He may be ‘good-lookin’ but his personality sucks and is boring. I’m not attracted to him at all.


That’s the thing. Zach is physically good looking but his personality is a huge turn-off.


I never see them in the pool?


I feel like that’s because the pool is inside and the hot tub room is their only exposure to real fresh air, so they tend to spend more time out there.


Even last season they barely used the pool. If they like being outside so much, they should consider moving the show around the summertime and build a big outdoor backyard. But obviously it’s not going to happen because big brother US airs in the summer.


FYI – the house is in TO. If you live here, you know everyone leaves in the summer (mass exodus) cause it is so ridiculously danged humid you can’t move! No one in their right mind wants to do exertion comps in TO in summer. Either that or Canucks just like the cool better. Which is probably why we live here!


Just finished watching bbad. Omg the most excruciating Zach story with Sarah and b out at the hot tub. Is it impossible for him to string ONE sentence together??? Holy cow like you know whatever like like you know? Aaarrrgggghhh!

God will set the houseguests Frey

Props to Simon and Dawg for keeping us up to date on all the moves and alliances in what has been a confusing and dull season.

Props to our lord and saviour Godfrey, heres hoping that on this blessed double eviction day his will be done and winnith thy HOH and evicteth thy hawk beak nosed wannabe doctor and thy pasty skin weird noise making wannabe mastermind, low level poker dud.

Team Deluded

You mean YOUR lord and saviour, ’cause some of us already have a Lord and Saviour and it ain’t Godfrey

Jake Taylor

“OK Harris let’s not start a holy war”
– Jake Taylor, Cleveland Indians catcher

Team Deluded



I just about died when Kevin said his girl back home is a real cougar…she’s almost 30. When did a 30 year old become a cougar?!


I know.. the real meaning of cougar is lost to these people.


I still don’t understand how Kevin is so high on your poll, I never hear anybody praising him and his gameplay is shit.

Team Deluded

I was going to say it’s the people that do not watch the show that keep voting for him… but that’s not the case b/c this blog sets straight any misconceptions about Kevin’s gameplay, so- we’re all as lost as you are


I think it’s because the poll was made awhile ago and once our vote is counted it cannot be changed….I voted for Kevin then but I would not vote for him now. If we could re vote today you would see Kevin go down in the poll. Simon and Dawg can you do a new poll so that we can vote again?


I hope God can flip this vote. Keeping Sindy makes much more sense since she will always have the target on her back as opposed to someone like Britnee who can be constantly put up on the block and never deemed as an immediate threat.


not going to happen. even if he gets bruno and bobby sarah will never turn on brit until she has to and she doesnt have to. without sarah you dont get willow and even if you do pili breaks teh tie


I just find Ashley so irritating, like she’s a privileged little ….. Please get her out!


She is young and this is her first big time away from her home town. Give her a break. She is branching out and beginning to think about her own game and hopefully we will see he mature a bit in a couple of weeks.


Ashleigh telling Pili if she puts Bobby and Sarah up and Godfrey wins veto , keeps nom the same Bobby would take himself off with his veto then she can put up Godfrey. This girls game is really stupid , its like listening to dumb and dumber. No wonder Sarah and Sindy cant keep a conversation with these two airheads.


*** Palm hits Forehead** Doh!


They also have trouble counting votes. They’ve been including those they put on the block as part of their numbers. Go figure.


She’s beautiful and smart so she deserves a FWD. right to the final 3 !


57 days till big brother 17
It’s a coming


godfrey should just vote cindy out. zach, kevin and ashleigh are never changing their minds. sarah already told sindy she would never vote britnee out over her. she is really close to brit , she wont flip on her with 1 day left .

so then bruno, bobby and godfrey try to keep sindy and willow and sarah decide they cant work with them and they amd britnee go against the 3

better to just vote out sindy and play it safe instead of try and flip it with such little time left

another name

if I look at the current state of affairs without attaching my own bias:
For Bruno and bobby’s game Bruno and bobby were smart to take the target off of themselves temporarily and put it on cindy. they went from being main targets to being secondary targets for a week. so strategically they were smart to sell her out.
Strategically they would be smarter to keep Cindy now that they can’t be named replacement nominees, but only if they can keep her from being a loose cannon. i’m not sure if they can. she’s far too individualistic to be a team player for more than a few moments. imho she wants to lead and be the centre of attention more than she actually wants to work with a group of people toward a shared goal. i’m not hating on cindy. I like her, but her personality is admittedly pretty narcissistic. Keeping cindy is too difficult to do without sarah on board.
Strategically, it might be too much work for too little result for Sarah to be playing middle to willow and brittnee. Wiser course of action would be to pull them aside and say it’s the three of us together in the house or its the three of us on jury, which would you prefer? Doubt that will happen, given sarah is the ‘we don’t need a leader, we have the same goal’ person to keep from being seen as a leader and increase her game threat.
Strategically the diaper boys have gotten pretty sloppy. they are going on gut and not verifying what they’ve been told. they strategize from a position of strength but operate from a position that weakens them (there’s four of us, but lets not make a big move yet). Zach is doing well to get his alliance to target Zach’s threat: godfrey. He’s also doing pretty well to get his alliance to disregard Kevin’s threat: Bobby (maybe so Bobby will take out Kevin and keep Zach’s hands clean?). Their only hail mary is that they can be good in comps right now; if they don’t decide that would be too big a move and throw it to willow or sarah (at this point nothing would surprise). A comp win would be the only thing that keeps a diaper from being crapped this week.


See. This is exactly what is bothering me about Kevin’s game. How can he not think it better for his game to target Bobby before Godfrey? Kevin continues to drink the Zach kool aid and play for Zach and not Kevin. He relies to much on Zach’s social game rather than positioning himself in the event that Zach goes.
Kevin is a lazy game player.