Bruno “I need you man! Even Bobby, the 3 of us together. I’m giving you my word, I trust you 100%!”

POV Holder: Bruno Next POV April 10
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

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3pm In the bathroom – Ashleigh and Pilar talk to Johnny about what people are telling him. He says they’re telling me they want me to stay. Johnny says I want to stay so bad and if I did I would be public enemy number one! Ashleigh and Pilar say good point. Johnny says I am not going to give up. I want to stay so bad! And Obviously any of the people that vote for me to stay are not my target and they have my word I will not go after them. Ash says and you’re so good in comps too. Pilar says keep you chin up. Its not over yet! Ash says I think you’re doing all the right things Johnny. Johnny says I’m trying!

Sarah and Brittnee are hanging out under the stairs by the vault. They’re talking about random things while Sarah is waxing her legs. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Jordan and Zach talk about sports.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-11 12-20-45-768
In the living room – Bruno asks are you going to crush this one, or what? You going to crush this HOH? Godfrey says yeah man, I have to bro! I need one for myself! Bruno tells Godfrey – I need you man! I am telling you man! Even Bobby, the three of us together. I don’t trust anybody else. Godfrey agrees. Bruno says I am giving you my word, I trust you 100%! Godfrey says if I win it, you have nothing to worry about.

3:30pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.
4:30pm Still blocked.
5:10pm Nothing yet..

6:00pm Feeds back

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Im sorry this is totally irrelivant but does anyone else miss the pulling out the keys in a circle for nominations on bb? I know the new way is much faster and saves time to add to the show but as a fan if i ever had the chance to go, the pulling the keys is really cool.


This is also irrelevant but does anyone else find it annoying how much Peter tries to rip people up on the side show? Back in his season the “Sheyld” sucked. He won a veto didn’t use it on Topaz and screwed himself over…. He has nothing to bash about.


I agree about your Peter statement. But in his defense, he was asked to be less “nicey-nicey” this year. I think he doesn’t have a middle ground. A man of extremes, I guess. He mentioned that on the first Side Show.

Sarah's Hookah

While I don’t like Peter very much and rarely ever agree with him, he adds the element of conflict to the side show which is important to any TV show. I’ve seen a lot of people say how they’d prefer Neda to replace Peter…I love Neda so much more and she’s a way better player but that would just be hella boring. Everyone would just agree with each other for the most part. Peter has his role.

Bubba Bubbala

That’s why I stopped watching the side show. Oh yeah, I know Peter’s role. But that piece of human shit ugly from inside and out is a definite eyesore.


Peter also adds the element of irritation for the BB fans, since we know and remember how little game he actually had to back up his strong words about how great a player he was.
Let’s face it: there are good players, and there are bad players. And that’s ok. But when you have a bad player who constantly tells the audience (and his fellow HGs!) that he’s got it all figured out, that the others are dumb, that he’s the big threat and they don’t realize it, and you see how in reality he has no clue, is being dragged along until he’s of no use to them anymore, and basically made a big fool out of himself during his BB time, then the fact that THAT GUY talks about strategy like he’s some sort of authority is really… irritating.
Even 2 years of BB pretending he’s a smart player won’t change the reality of how he failed at the game back then.


I used to think I wanted Naeha to come back in but now I want Jonny just cause everyone is telling him they got him and he’s safe so when he gets voted out, he’s going to know they were lying their asses off and Bromudia whatever the hell their name is will shit themselves if he walks back in. Ugh I’m just tired of hearing the term easy week.


Really Big Brother is at fault for the bad wording about the veto. I’m sure most people thought it was a forced double veto, and Arisa made it seem that way too. It should be forced bc of the misunderstanding.


agree wholeheartedly..the whole thing is ridiculous…they should force the double veto..most who voted for this thought that was the case


I agree completely, however BB won’t even acknowledge their screw up let alone make it right. Production brings more controversy to the game over anyone else. Last season it was sabrina who commented on plans with her sister to cheat, whether she did or didn’t is not relevant, the intent was expressed and had BB the balls of integrity to back this game should have DQ-ed sabrina out the door… the outcome would have been completely different than it was.
Same applies for this Vito… from what was initially said A LOT people were on board with getting their votes in to see a forced two for two swap out… and that would have been a BIG game changer.
I ask BB whats the point of letting the viewers feel like they are apart of this game when you turn around and show us are efforts are worthless anyways? We started the season and got to vote out the first house guest… and then… surprise announcement that the house guest has a chance to return.

So this vitogate situation… BB should stand behind what was first said, take responsibility and suck up their mistake.


Also, Zach and Jordan are so annoying now, they think they run the house but they are probably in the same places as Ash and Pilar, except Ash and Pilar sit around paint nails and make out with their boys, and they are just as safe as Zach or Jordan, safer actually since they don’t have to keep up appearances of being in 50 different alliances or worrying someone leaving can blow up their game.


I’m upset that Pilar took the place of someone who would’ve actually played this game and been involved. It’s so frustrating as a fan to watch this.


Same goes with Ashley. Its BB,not The Bachelor. Both these ladies are as interesting as the colour beige.


why are you dragging Ashleigh and Pilar for hooking up, without acknowledging that the two guys they’re hooking up with are in the same boat…Kevin and Zach have done nothing interesting/noteworthy in this game either. Putting yourself in 78 different alliances while throwing every comp doesn’t necessarily make you an amazing big brother player.


It’s just been a long while since i’ve seen a woman kick ass on BB. i’m disappointed that naeha didn’t have an opportunity to fight to stay alive. I miss the kick-assery of strong women in BB PREVIOUS seasons – Janelle/Rachel/Gillian PIlli and Ash lack that fighting spirit. They remind me of the Victorias and the Allisons. So until they win a comp or two, i’m standing by my opinion.


You missed my point. Jordan and Zach haven’t won a competition. Neither have Godfrey or Graig (i know he’s out but he didn’t before that), yet nobody is calling them out for doing nothing. It’s always on the women to prove that they want to be there, while it’s just assumed that the guys do. Neither the girls or the guys are interesting or playing hard, except for Sarah, Johnny and Naeha, I would argue.

another name

I know this will be a hated opinion. i’m not trying to make excuses or cut slack for pilar, because I find her boring, but I do believe she is attempting to play the game. she’s not playing it in an exciting way, nor to the standards fans have come to expect. she has talked game with willow and Ashleigh. she has a weird agreement with each of them. she has entered a showmance, which in most cases makes other players worry about going after the couple for some bizarre reason. she is considered below the radar for the most part after being replacement nominee in week one. she did compete well in the off the wall comp. and remains basically irrelevant in terms of being a major contender to her housemates.
yeah, she’s playing a boring weak game. she’s not playing a superfans dream game by any means. but she is playing. not well. but she is playing. she’d be better off aligned with hottub guy… or one of the stuffed animals but that’s neither here nor there.


whats up with the stuffed animals? I can’t take it any more. When most of them went back in the storage room i was very delighted indeed. They are all acting like babies in there. Today Brit had a lengthy conversation about some of the stuffed animals getting married…like seriously???


everyone that the house considers a “good player” is essentially a boring floater. i’m over it.


Why are the feeds down for such a long time?!?
“I’m not using the veto.” Doesn’t take that long to say…
Is BB telling Bruno in the vault room that he ain’t leaving this room until he changes his mind and agrees to use the veto?
LOL. BB made a big deal about the audience voting for a super-veto, and now the super-veto won’t even be used… Unless BB wins the death stare duel with Bruno! 😉
A random question: Can someone explain to me what Graig’s “604” stood for? Is it a sports reference? I don’t know what it means… :/


604 is the main phone area code in Vancouver.. use to be all of BC


Oh, cool, thanks for the info! 🙂

I agree

Yeah… Pilar may not be playing the most exciting game, but she hasn’t set herself up for a boot yet either. I think as fans, we all want to see big/shocking moves. The reality is this game is a slow and methodical one. More often then not, laying low and not being perceived as a threat for the first 3/4 of the game is a solid strategy. If I played it would probably be a similar story… just appear nice, naive and innocent and set myself up for some throat slitting in the final weeks.


The number one reason why i dislike pilar is she a floater and she is not playing the game.
The second reason why i dislike pilar is because her personality is that of a corpse.
Reason number 3 ,she is a grown woman and allows kevin and Ash to talk to her like she is a 5 year old.English is Pilars second language but that does not equate to stupidity .
Reason number 4 , “Proof is in the pudding”—everyone was in the hottube talking about their lives (Currently )and then she describes a frightful event (fire burning her house down)that happened to her thirteen years ago. Is that event suppose to sum up her life?!!!.what does that have to do with dud!!
The last reason is why i cant stand pilar is because people feel pity for her because english is her second language and being ditzy in women is considered cute …not!!
without a shadow of doubt pilar is an imbecile and thats not cute.