Bruno – “I almost thought about doing it now.. If we drop Zach they’ll f**ing scatter”

POV Holder: Bruno Next POV April 10
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-11 17-12-42-344

8:14pm Feeds back everyone chit chatting about the TV shows.
Lots of complaining about all the sugar they ate.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-11 17-29-26-074
8:28pm Hot Tub Sarah and Brittnee
Sarah asks if Bruno told her Johnny was campaigning. Brittnee says yes asks her to not tell anyone Willow told her.
Ashleigh join them they start talking about candy.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-11 17-35-10-197
8:32pm Zach and Bruno
Zach saying Ashleigh and Pilar are not close to the other girls. The relationship the girls have with other people in the house is much stronger than what they have together.
Zach – Willow, AShleigh Pilar are not very strong with Sarah and Brittnee
Bruno – I agree 100% I think it’s Sarah and B trying to get them together.
Bruno says if one of the chop shopper win next HOH kevin needs to go.
Zach – Ya.. one of us is going to win
Zach says Johnny has been pushing that the couples are in an alliance.
Bruno – “He has to go 100%.. he’s going to try and say anything”
Zach – he’s pushing a couple things on people I’ve heard”
Bruno – He mentioned that to me he said that the four of you are together
Zach says he’s not mad at Johnny for “selling him out”
Zach – he’s just playing the game
Bruno – And he’s desperate
Bruno – obviously I want him out he’s my target.
Zach says he loves Johnny he’s fought hard to stay in the game but he’s gotta go.
Bruno – If we can Get kevin next week we’re good
Zach – I agree 100% .. 100%
Bruno we’re good

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-11 17-46-22-845

8:46pm a bunch of exciting things happening in the hot tub

8:45pm Godfrey working out

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-11 17-53-08-203

8:50pm HOH Godfrey and Bruno
(If you are going to watch any feed clips tonight these two should be the ones to watch. Heavy game talk with Bruno and Godfrey)
Bruno – between me and you next week we have to get Zach or Kevin out
Bruno highlights how Zach is good with everyone in the house.
Godfrey says Zach might make the first strike but right now he thinks they are with them.
Bruno – I almost thought about doing it now but it’s too early
Godfrey says he heard Ashleigh and Zach talking in the bathroom when he was going up the stairs and heard zaach tell her she’s guaranteed final 5 “He’s with her 100%”
Godfrey – no… we just need 4 votes .. me and Bobby for sure
Brunno – you think B and Sarah
Godfrey – I don’t trust B bro.. You trust Sarah
Bruno – no
Godfrey – Johnny would be down (With getting out Zach)
Bruno – JP wouldn’t do it
Bruno and Godfrey – Willow wouldn’t do it
Godfrey – right now Zach thinks he’s with us..
Bruno – He’s (Zach) playing a very good game
Godfrey – he’s with everyone
Bruno says Zach and AShleigh are very tight points out Jordan is with them too and Kevin and Pilar and close.
Bruno explains Zach and Ashleigh, Kevin and Pilar.. those 4 are working together and Zach is close to JP “They are TIGHT”
Bruno – If we drop Zach they’ll f**ing scatter

Godfrey – I’m down with getting Zach out this week
Godfrey doesn’t think Johnny will vote to take out Sarah.
They can’t decide who will be the fourth vote.
Counting the votes. Johnny, Bobby, Godfrey ….
Bruno is worried that Johnny will come after him “I don’t know if it’s a mistake”
Godfrey – “The longer Zach stays in here you’re done”
Godfrey – I’ll be honest with you it’s best we let it slide.. for now when you talk to Zach tell him we’re still with the plan.

They decide it’s too early to make this type of big move.
Bruno – I know Zach wants to go for Kevin next week
Godfrey – That’s perfect..
Bruno – I think something is coming
Godfrey – I know what you’re saying he’s super dangerous though
Bruno – we have to make the move
They agree they can only trust each other and Bobby.
Godfrey – I’m telling ya Dude he’s playing the whole house
Godfrey – all the people that think they are big player they will be scared of you bro
Godfrey is relieved that he’s not the only one that has seen Zach’s game.

HOH Meeting

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-11 18-14-50-079

9:13pm Storage room Bobby and Bruno
Bobby thinks ashleigh and Willow are closer to the chop shop
Bruno – Johnny was talking about there was a 5 person alliance I think he’s talking about the girls.. He’s just trying really hard.

Bobby wants to have a chop shop meeting.. “We have 5 votes.. we pick who goes home at this point”

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Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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even if zach were to go on the block against sarah
he would have
kevin, pilar, jp, ashleigh, for sure
and maybe willow/johnny

bruno needs zach out, but i feel it’s way too early still, he’ll definitely be out next
but it’s kind of funny how bruno thinks that only him, bobby, and godfrey would win hoh everytime
and wouldnt they consider mental and endurance challenges?, not all of them are physical
their (godfrey, bruno, bobby) plan is good, but they need A LOT more numbers on their side before they can make a move like that.,..

but,, they’re gonna get picked off anyways since it’s basically godfrey and bobby vs. the whole house for the next HOH. the diaper alliance, hexagon/pentagon, and willow will do whatever benefits their alliances (which is keeping zach and jordan and kevin safe for now)

so i dont see bruno, godfrey, and bobby making it far anyways
bruno can use the double veto, or not use it, and he’ll go home soon


if bruno took johnny and sarah down conditional on them voting out zach hed have the votes by putting ash or jp up with him to take away a vote for him staying. willoe woud prbl not vote against a hoh plan. kevin would see it an an opportunity and pilar like wilow and kev vote with hoh. plus it is not too early for big moves if you dont know about the first 5 comeback twist.


The returnee twist is the kicker. Either Zach or Kevin leaving would probably be a revolving door.


Maybe Bruno should replace both Sarah and Johnny with Zach and Jordan and one of them will go home anyways.Zach will go after Bruno sooner or later regardless.


DO IT BRUNO!!!!!!! omg!!!!

once Bruno finds out about the double veto.. any chance he’ll consider putting Zach and Kevin/Ash up??


He still wont use it if he has to right away because he would need to make a deal with sarah and johnny


jordan would stay over zach
-zach is way bigger of a threat in every aspect than jordan is

zach would stay over ashleigh
-hexagon would need zach (5 votes already)


even though the “chop shop” is kinda like no longer existent, i dont see bruno putting up half of the “chop shop”


Half of Hexagon is getting pretty sketched out by the couples alliance. They may choose JP over Jordon.


Okay… I like that Zach is on Bruno’s radar, it atleast shows that he is thinking and is not a sheep. For argument sake, let say he talk to both Sarah and Johnny, then uses the veto to put up JP and Zach…


but stupid bobby is like, “nah, dont worry about it, zach is with us”


Really? Fuck that douche, he doesn’t know shit.

Dun Dun Dun

Just wait till bobby gets evicted by zach and bobby get so choked.


Simon, dawg i was wondering why the top comments at the very bottom arnt there anymore?

another name

while my first instinct is to get more excited about this week as something other than an “easy week”, I can’t help but think of instant eviction night. the whole ‘naeha gathers the forces and Newport capitalizes on her plan which really was fruitless for naeha because noms were already made’ spiel makes me wary. until Bruno says hey bobby, Jordan zack and kevin seem to be pretty tight, what’s up with that? bobby did just see them in mid-gloat today. might dot an I or cross a t. still…. going to reserve judgement on this case for a couple of hours.


Godfrey is smarter then he looks.


The only way zach goes home is putting up zach and jordan or ash


zach would stay over ash


except some of the girls are concerned about being pigke off so there is a good chsnce beyter maybe of getting zach out before sh. plus she isnt winng anythinh he has for gyys on th fence they easy pick him to go is approached right. i hink bruno switching to work with johnny britt v sarah bobby and grodfrey is an easy n if he does it

it does sound like he knows about the veto power and he has planted seeds for two to start watching zach. plus zach is super close wit ash and putting them up together makes it more look like taking apart a couple. really no one wants to let that go on and get a damn Brenchel lfiasco on their hands.


If he’s up against Ash, then Ash would be the one to go.
Jordan, Kevin, Brit, Sarah and Johnny would vote for Zach to stay. It seems too early for the Pentagon to throw one of their members out.


Come on Bruno, make this season finally get interesting!


right now, i see jordan and sarah final 2

BBCAN Fortune

Bruno’s best move right now if he has the double veto option is to make a deal w/ johnny and sarah taking them off the block and putting up Zach/Kevin.

The votes to keep Kevin: Johnny/Sarah/Godfry/Bobby/Pilar

Zach would be evicted 100%

Might even throw britnee in those votes to evict zach.

Thats the move he has to make to turn the game upside down right now and be in a good spot for next week, but alas he probably wont and will be on the block next week like the bum he is.


Bobby trusts Zach more than Kevin.


This sounds great, but I doubt that Bruno will have time to cut deals with Johnny and Sarah during the veto ceremony because everything will happen very fast.


Bruno’s not suppose to know there is a double veto option for starters. 2nd the voting on this ends midnight Saturday we do not know what’s chosen our selves.


hope for a double veto use with zach and jordan going up as the new noms. i feel like zach would still win the ability to re-enter though if he got evicted


At least he would lose his slop pass.


Nd lol naeha has more fans than anyone still in the house


oh no.. bruno and godfrey are going on a power trip right now
(13:43:00) feed 3
they are talking about if they take out zach and kevin, THEY WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM MAKING IT TO THE END.
this power trip they are going through makes them think that they are invincible, but the other side of the house already want them gone


The best thing that Sarah is doing right now is sucking at challenges. Haha, still rooting for her but she’s degraded from a “Neda” to a “Sabrina”. Hopefully she’ll stay at a Sabrina and not go further down as a “Victoria”.
Brit is now my current favorite player, she manages to go scrape free from a very bloody HOH and she’s playing a good social game right now. She’s also not a threat but is gutsy to make big moves. 😀


Brit should not fall into the Zach trap though. On the live feeds yesterday he told her he’s wanted to kiss her from the beginning and her response was “you should have gone for it”.


The only way for Zach to leave right now is to save Johnny and Sarah and put up Zach with Jordan. That way Godfrey, Britney, Johnny, Sarah and Kevin will vote for Zach to leave (Sarah and Kevin are much closer to JP than Zach). Sadly though I doubt that Bruno will put up the two guys, JP as arrogant as he is, knows how to hide in the shadows and is playing the house really well.


can you make a new poll for favourite house guests
cuz I would like to change my cotes


Please someone get rid of Ash/Zach there is something i don’t like about Ash.


I am holding my breath, but am thinking that Bruno might pounce on Newport or some comparable scenario with the veto twist. Go hard or go home kinda mentality. He still has a lot of work to do shoring up votes, but it could happen. I like him a lot and certainly don’t want him to go next week due to all the blood he might get on his hands for an about face, but this game seriously needs a shake down.


Would like to see Bruno in Jury, minimum. Need some savy people people in there, especially since Pillar seems to be heading there.


Exactly, Simon!! If Bruno uses the veto, whatever it is, to throw up at least one Newport member, I will say he used a “let’s go down in flames” strategy and await the fallout. Worst case scenario, he goes down in BBCan history and its collective conscience (memory) as a big move maker. Maybe not the way to win the game, but a HUGE move all the same. I am begging the BB Gods, that Kevin uses, for this scenario to go down . . . ..

another name

thinking of how this week is going to be narrated at the beginning of the eviction episode.
thinking something like ‘this week on Big Brother, Bruno and the chop shop joined forces to put everyone else through the ringer and take control of the house once more. Once in power as head of household, Bruno quickly avenged his fallen chopshop brother graig by nominating jonny and sarah, with jonny as the target. with the entire house aiming to take jonny out of the game including his kevy-wevy, jenny’s power of veto hopes were dashed, leaving Bruno to gain even more power as the holder of the twistos double veto. mad with power, Bruno considers backstabbing his own alliance member and targeting goldenboy captain Canada Zach….” don’t know how the narrative ends yet.
sets up Bruno as the villain and Zach as the victim, making it easier for the episode only watchers to root for Zach against the chop shop. or in the event of his departure (still so unlikely to the cynic in me), sets up his return and vengeance against the players that wronged him.
hate it. but given the narrative thus far this season….

Delilah Jones

This has been my experience with the few times I have had the opportunity to watch the feeds, or read spoilers. Bruno is telling someone, usually Bobby or Godfrey that Kevin needs to go.. But – within two minutes of making that statement, he is saying that he would love to work with Kevin / It would be awesome to work with Kevin.

So, which one is it? Can anyone answer this for me? Thanks!


God bless Godfrey! He’s seems to be the only perspective person in that house.

If Bruno doesn’t take Sarah and Johnny down (deal or no deal at this point) he’s screwed next week. Bobby is trying to throw comps (like that will help him) and I don’t know if Godfrey could win alone.

Now is the time to strike Newport and their countless other alliances.

Jordan would leave over Zach I think. It would be smarter moving forward because Jordan has slim chances of beating Naeha or Cindy with an S back into the house.


I Love Production.

This whole series of convos is productions way of stirring up the feeds in a dull week. I’m not buying the noms are changing for a second. It does point out Zack better start winning and stop throwing stuff. I still like Bruno’s social/comp game at this point. Think Godfrey is the sort of BB HG I wouldn’t want to be close to. You wanna win season 3 Godfrey gotta go.

How often does BB talk on the weekend disappoint on Monday? Last few seasons a lot. Interesting how Bruno is not relying on the chop shop alliance in his thinking. Awefully early to throw that away especially considering your not HOH next week. Anything that removes Johnny and Sarah benefits the others more than Bruno long term.
Lets get POV over with so we can get juiced up for a returning player. Johnny out and back works for me.