Brittnee “Maybe they have some big decisions that are going to affect all of us!”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, Pilar

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Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-20 10-12-46-685
1:10pm The live feeds return. When the feeds come back .. The house guests are on a backyard lock down. Willow asks what did they say? Brittnee says “It should not be taken lightly!” Bruno says something is up! Sarah says maybe it was referring to the fact that it was way more intense than we thought it was going to be. Brittnee says yeah. Willow says like its not as fun and whimsical. Sarah says like maybe don’t pick the birthday girl! She laughs. Brittnee says “Or maybe they (Cindy & Bobby) have some big decisions that are going to affect all of us!!”

1:40pm – 2pm The feeds return with cameras 3 & 4 showing Bobby and Cindy in the vault. Cindy yells the Sabrina Abbate saying “Do you want good tv!!!” She complains that its too hot and that her shirt is see through. Bobby says I’ll be a gentleman and not look. Cindy says its not you I’m worried about its everyone else watching. Cindy says that JP is probably trying to kiss Willow. Cindy and Bobby play thumb wars and then she gets him to braid her hair. Bobby and Cindy start napping. Big Brother ends the lock down. Brittnee sits by the vault door and asks “Bobby have you lost your V-Card? Cindy be gentle with him! Be gentle!”
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-20 10-54-11-476

2pm – 2:20pm Zach Kevin and Jordan are in the backyard. Zach says I’m so curious what’s going on in there (the vault). WIllow joins them. Kevin asks Willow to tell Pili that I like her for me. Willow asks you haven’t told her yet? Kevin says no I have I just thought it would be cute to say. Willow goes and tells Pili. Pili then comes running out and joins Kevin on the backyard couches. Pilar heads inside to get polysporin to apply on her back so her scrap doesn’t scar. Jordan comments that he’s worried Sarah will say something. Kevin says that Sarah is very careful with her conversations. I wouldn’t worry about her. Jordan says we just need to stick together.

2:35pm Jordan and Godfrey are out in the backyard chatting. Jordan asks him if he is going to try to do acting when he gets out. Godfrey says he wants to but that its hard to get into. Jordan says you have a very unique look, you’re a good looking dude. Godfrey says this is true. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Zach, Bruno, Ashleigh, Pilar, Willow and Brittnee are eating pasta and talking about the war room twist from last year. Bruno and Zach both thought Scott was going to enter the house. Bruno brings up how Scott was bad mouthing past BB players and that’s why he didn’t get the votes. The conversation turns to talking about Big Brother Canada 1 and how Emmitt should have taken Talla. Willow says if they had done that they would have been the first couple to make it to the final 2. Bruno says I hope when this is done the whole house gets something. Ash thinks they’ll get offered something th

3pm – 3:20pm Kevin talks to Bruno in the storage room. Kevin tells Bruno that Sarah let it slip that she wasn’t into it (Putting up Cindy) Bruno says yeah she’s not putting Cindy up (if she gets HOH). Bruno tells he knew that and then tells “I’m a straight forward guy I am not coming for you. You’re not on my radar. I am not gunning for you! I wanted to look you straight in the eye. I want to work with you. Sarah’s my target. I hope you guys aren’t working together. I’m just going to be straight up with you.” Kevin says Sarah and I am not that close. Bruno asks she let it slip that she’s coming for me? Kevin says no she let it slipped that shes not on board with getting Cindy out. Bruno says I can’t work with the girl. I cannot work with her. I put her up last time and I would do it again. I will tell you if I hear your name. I think everyone is going for Britt and Sarah. They hug it out. Bruno tells Kevin he loves him. Kevin says you too. They leave the storage room. In the kitchen – Jordan, Kevin and Bruno are talking. Kevin comments that they (Cindy and Bobby) could be watching us.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-20 12-08-44-945

3:40pm – 4pm Sarah and Willow are out in the hot tub. Sarah says she think Zach had it right that they (Cindy & Bobby) will have to choose between something for themselves and something for the house. Jordan joins them. Jordan asks did Bobby go into the vault shirtless? Willow says yeah. Jordan wonders how they go to the bathroom? Sarah says I think that’s why we were locked down. Willow says I’m kind of offended that Godfrey hasn’t campaigned to me. Jordan says I haven’t campaigned to anyone. Willow says you don’t have to give me a spiel .. I will vote to keep you. Sarah starts crying when she starts talking about her Dad and how her siblings blamed their dad for everything that ever happened to her family. It starts pouring and they head inside.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-20 13-00-11-471

4pm Kevin and Pilar go out to the hot tub room to run / dance in the rain. The kiss in the down pour and then head back inside.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-20 13-02-50-729

4:30pm In the backyard – Godfrey talks about how his ex-girlfriend would expect to have s*x every time she would see him. He says that he would see her 3 times a week and that was too much. Brittnee thinks its weird he thinks 3 times a week was too much. Godfrey comments that hanging out with the girl was like working a shift. Bruno says she’s not the right girl if it feels like working a shift. Bruno says from what I’m hearing you’re either going after the wrong girls or not meeting the right girls. Godfrey says he likes Italian girls “Italian women are hot Yo! Bruno says you date an Italian girl you date the entire family. Godfrey says obviously black women are the best. Britt says Godfrey every black woman would love to hear that.




There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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It makes me happy that the conversation Sarah and Kevin have wasn’t told by Kevin to anybody. I honestly thought he was gonna go and tell JP everything and tell him they can’t trust Sarah, but this conversation gives me hope. I also think Kevin stopped trusting JP as soon as he found out about Newport. I don’t know how this game changed so much in a few days but it’s kind of great. I honestly feel like JP is going to end up going this week, fingers crossed anyway! Sindy, you hella annoyed me the first time you were in here, but that sequester sure helped you out and thankfully you’re actually playing the game now. Convince Bobby/Bruno and I think she and Sarah have a good chance of getting far… maybe.


ikr Sindy got on my nerves right at the start BUT NOW she’s working it… i hope you’re right about Kevin if he doesn’t say anything to JP then maybe he’ll vote him out which would be great because Bobby could wreck everything… we won’t know till we see all the DR’s on Wednesday’s ep

Other Doug

I predicted that Sindy coming back into the game would be irritating and lame and I was 100% wrong. It’s making the game way more interesting.


Kevin just pulled Bruno aside and told him that Sarah mentioned last night that she was targeting Bruno


Kevin only said that Sarah let it slip that if the next HOH she probably would not put up Sindy. For Bruno this shows her untrustworthy because of the 11 pact (vote the returnee out at the earliest chance).


Finn, Kevin told JP this morning in the HOH bed that Sarah lost trust in both JP and Zach, more so with Zach. (You may find it in an earlier OBB post). This followed JP informing Kevin that he has moved down on Bruno/Bobby’s radar and Sarah has moved up. They agreed they would continue to push the Sarah thing with the other side and JP would work on rebuilding trust with Sarah by giving her some more info.
So Kevin’s little chat with Bruno was to build trust with him and keep Sarah’s name in Bruno’s mind. And JP has given Sarah info on the chop shop.
So efforts to keep Kevin off the block are will work to thwart the plan to oust JP (neither boys realize this though) and move Sarah up up on the target list, at least for a bit.


This might offend some but does anybody else get the rapey vibe from JP when he’s trying to be smoochey with Sindy?

Team Deluded

LOL, I agree! I totally got that vibe the first time he took her to the have not room and forced-kissed her!
JP is an undercover perv hiding behind nerd-glasses


it would be funny to see both zachand jp if jp gets voted out. zach not using the vrto on jp to backdoor anyone gives enough voted to evict jp if they hoose to di it.


Maybe Sindy can convince Bobby to vote for Jordan. That would be hilarious if he left on Zach’s HOH. They almost deserve it for being so cocky. And then I hope Kevin and Sarah will align and run this house xD


Kevin and Sara already align. They are in hexagon alliance. I do not know what the hell you are hoping for. The problem is everyone in any alliance have little doubt about each other and use each other except one (Bruno/Bobby). That is why the alliance is easily to be crumbled. The only one person I want to align with in this game is Bruno. At least when I am on the block, I know he will campaign for me. Sara is a “No No”. She will sell me out in a sec.

brotalk to human dictionary

better hope you have a penis. otherwise Bruno will never align with you or trust you.


The “Purple Cobras” (formally hexagon) are a fake alliance, as in no one is really true to it. Some never were (JP and Zach), and now Sarah and Britt see the falseness of the allegiance within it.


sarah and willow are always like “feel bad for me, i have it the worst”

another name

last week Bruno said he doesn’t trust kevin. kevin said he didn’t trust Bruno.
is kevin throwing sarah under the bus to save the bromudas from being on Bruno’s radar?
sounds that way to me.
yeah. godfrey is toast.
since ssb and bobby/Bruno can’t get together to formalize a plan, and kevin is NOT going to turn on fortress or diaper (it leaves him completely vulnerable), there is no way in hell that Jordan will be evicted.

lord braindorkchickenpunch

I hope so, Jordan ftw


Jordan scares me, not in the such a good player it’s scary way, but in a predator sort of way. I can’t really put my finger on why I feel this way, but he makes me uncomfortable, and I feel he would be someone to take advantage of a drunk girl at a party. There’s something not right about him.


BBC needs to give Canada another HOH this season !!! Soon!


Is anyone else getting irritated by Bruno’s naivety? Why is he obsessed with getting out girls, not forming relationships and trying to take out the one person who can save him?

Also, why the hell hasn’t he shaved his head yet???? Anybody find the amount of gel he puts on that tiny amount of hair bothersome? It seemed to be dripping in the DR last episode!

Poor Arissa is going to get slimed by him on the way out next week if he doesn’t smarten up and evict JP.


If nothing happens this week and godfrey is evicted…and then the SSB girls are targeted and evicted, i’m done with this season. I don’t care if they have to rig the game and give canada hoh or something, i just want interesting stuff to happen and not see arrogant shits coast and get to the end.


Doesnt Sara know she cant trust Kevin after the way he slimeballed Johnnny? Why try to work with such a snake? He just sold blondie down the river to Bruno- who despises her. Why he doesnt turn on bromuda? Because he is too loyal I guess.

Sindy got game now I give her that.

Bobby is so cute when he is “trying” to be a mastermind. He is unintentional comedy.

Zack has really sunk his game-being a mixture of Cody and James Rhine. He might not last another two weeks.

I really dislike ashley–allison from last year had more game.

another name

imo sarah said a couple of days ago (pre veto ceremony) that she had to figure out how tight jp is to Zach and if he’s lying to her. she also said she wondered if kevin would flip, and she had to get a read on him. she said it would be risky, but what else could she do.
she now knows Jordan will hold the truth from her. he hasn’t admitted to a diaper alliance even when pressed.
if it gets back to her that kevin has thrown her under the bus, she knows kevin will not turn.
realistically what’s the worse that could happen, she could become Bruno’s target (she already is and knows it), she could lose jp (she already thinks she has), she could lose kevin (she already thinks she might have).
she already thinks she’s the next target. so testing who is loyal to her is risky, but the only option. she can’t trust B to do it, B is staying way under the radar and won’t do anything.


i could listen to Godfrey tell stories about his life all day.


I hope the buttons in the Vault reset the whole week like in BB16 and Zach ends up on the block.