Alyssa “Brittany is still trying to throw us under the bus with him with the all girls thing.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Monte
Nominees: Brittany & Alyssa
POV Players: Monte, Brittany, Alyssa, Turner, Taylor
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

5pm HOH room – Alyssa and Monte.
Monte – I am just trying to take in as much as possible. Your transparency and walking through exactly what was said and stuff means a lot and its the opposite of what just happened with Brittany where she was trying to see what I knew and then trying to backtrack to confirm it. You know what I mean? Alyssa – yeah. Monte – so like to me I don’t like when people lie directly to my face that is hard for me to just sit here and cope with. Alyssa – yeah. Monte – I am just like damn! But that is where I am at. I appreciate you opening up. And the thing is I am not even initiating these conversations. It was like the same with Nicole where she would pull me to the side just to tell me more lies. Brittany is doing the same thing and I just don’t appreciate that stuff. Like if I asked you something and you lied that is one thing but if you are coming to me directly like okay I am here to lie to you now .. that even makes me feel more frustrated do you know what I mean? Alyssa – absolutely. Reasonably so! I just wanted to touch base, thank you for your speech and also get a feel for how it is going to go with Brittany. I will probably just be nice and be together but keep it at that. Monte – yeah. I appreciate you keeping the communication lines open and I doubt she is going to be talking any game now. Alyssa – lets go make dinner. Monte – where’s Taylor? Alyssa – sleeping. Monte – oh geezz.. surprise surprise!

Kitchen – Alyssa and Taylor.
Alyssa – Brittany is still trying to throw us under the bus with him with the all girls thing. So just know that I have your back and I hope you have mine too. All I said was we need to look out for each other. And even if Monte asked me did Taylor have any input and I was like no. All she did was apologize for this fake narrative that me and her had and me and her had an agreement that we’re good now and we’re not against each other.

5:53pm Frodo is sleeping..

5:56pm – 6:21pm Brittany in her misery. She gets up and goes to the other bedroom. Brittany to the cameras – yesterday was really tuff! I can’t promise I won’t cry. I wish I didn’t cry so much. Right now I am feeling lonely, confused, betrayed.. but mostly lonely. Yesterday was pretty much worst case scenario. (Worst case would have been you going to jury.. at least you’re still in the house.) And I know its probably confusing because I tell people is was good but it wasn’t good. It was worst case. I know it didn’t make sense but I wanted to go the end with Michael. I do think he is a real friend. I’ve just got to trust. Man if I could win this veto tomorrow. I just have to trust. I lost the HOH by 9 seconds! That’s it! 9 seconds! Today I am just feeling sad because I lost my person. I didn’t realize what a strong currency trust is in the game. I totally understand ?????? ???????-??????’s reaction when Cody betrayed her. I totally get it now. I used to think she was just being a brat. I am sorry Nicole, you are not a brat. It hurts! I hurts when you’re a real person playing this game. I brought too much of a real person into this game. Don’t expect to trust anyone. What hurts is to have people distance themselves from you.. I think that is why I found such a good friend in Michael. He was a friend when no one else was. I think that is what hurts about Taylor right now.. because she out of everyone should know how that feels .. yet she is not making much effort to be with me today. I can’t believe Turner said that he would never put up a member of the LGBTQ community and he did it. Like that’s discussing.

7:10pm – 7:52pm HOH room – Taylor and Monte.
Monte – she (Brittany) never addressed the stuff about you which was weird. She never said anything about that stuff. I didn’t want to press to hard about it because I didn’t want to make it awkward but the only things that she talked about were .. she said that she told Michael all this stuff which she didn’t .. Turner did. That was lie number one. And I was like I just wish you would have talked to me about these things as they were happening .. if they were presented to you. And she was like oh I wish I would have done that with you and Taylor but I just thought it was all fluff anyway and it didn’t mean anything. And I was like but whenever Michael was approach with something he was always the first to say something to us.. especially to me because I just felt so bad about yesterday. Taylor – but he had to go. Monte – yeah he had to go. Say we evict Alyssa this week .. and next week there is a situation where Brittany .. I would say has a higher likely hood of winning something than Alyssa if its physical. If she wins HOH, I have no idea who she would put up .. I assume she would put up me and Turner. When it comes to beating someone.. Alyssa is the most beatable in competitions. With Brittany if noms stay and I have to drop the hammer on which one goes she is just making it harder for me to feel comfortable keeping her. And it also didn’t help that she is continuing to lie. The more I am talking to her .. the more I am sketched out by her and what the hell she is doing in this game. Taylor – it doesn’t make sense! And I am sorry but I don’t think there is anyone that she wins next to at this point in the game. Monte – no there is no one. She is probably feeling like she is on the outs. Taylor – oh she is .. but she put herself there. Turner joins them. Monte tells him about his conversations with Brittany and her lies. Monte – it is clean Brittany is going off the walls. Its like what are you doing?! Turner – digging a hole! Taylor – like I said Home Depot is sold out of shovels. Alyssa joins them. Brittany joins them soon after.

8pm – 9pmThe house guests are hanging out in the HOH room chatting about random thing and past events of the season / past seasons of big brother. Brittany and Alyssa head downstairs.

9:39pm – 11pmThey start playing Chinese Checkers ..

midnight to 5:00 am zzzzzzz

5:09 am feeds flip to the pound !

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Oh how the tide has changed gor Michael and Britt. She has to ho next.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

How about another double elimination again this Thursday.


Don’t worry about Michael. I’ve been watching his interviews and he’s in awe not only did he get to be on BB but that he broke a BB record! He had a blast and is showing his attorney skills and intellect as he answers the questions.

Great fun to watch.


The way he left though made him look like a sore loser. Also the way he handled the Kyle situation was shady.


Michael said out of his own mouth we can use what Kyle did as leverage. That to me doesn’t spell concern regarding the conversation. If Kyle was voted out he and Brit weren’t going to say anything. Now M is doing damage control in attorney speak.


100% feel the same way. Kyle i belive was naive. As Michael was a
strategically plan .


You mean *Go* next? Lol. I said the same thing accidentally to a preacher. I thought I typed hello and I typed Ho Lololol


Oh britt flea carried for the whole season and saved by Michael numerous times only to realize you’ve DONE NOTHING in this game. Wait till you watch it back and realize your win was Michael throwing it to you. How totally depressing it must be to see you survived the whole time attached to the host like a flea . Great job BB comics. Cry mope sulk say it’s not fair over and over again. 6 days left till you can rejoin Michael and see how important he really was to your game bu bye.


I completely agree that Brittany is a flea, but Monte has bigger fish to fry. He knows Turner will win BB unless he back doors him this week. Or tries to.


And the flea never carried Michael, quite the opposite.

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

but the girl pitch is true. didn’t you learn from that idiot joey on bb16? stop making it a gender thing and play the damn game. either way anyone but turner going home on monte’s hoh is a win.


What are the odds Alyssa tries to end up in Monte’s bed by the end of the weekend?


lol as Kyle commits self flagellation


I doubt that will happen more likely Taylor might.



Captain Kirk

What a tramp…lol…




It’s ironic how after being bullied earlier in the season, Taylor seems to have no problem ostracizing Brit. Literally saying Brit did it to herself.

It costs nothing to show some kindness to a person when they are down.

People like her think they have the right to pass judgment and determine if someone deserves to be treated poorly, while always viewing themselves as the victim when any negativity is projected onto them.

She’s very emotionally compartmentalized. She looked so deeply wounded when Daniel attacked her, and was crying about evicting Michael.

She runs either really hot or really cold. Generally she shuts herself off.

It’s disappointing bc when she is at her best, she has some very good qualities that make me root for her.

She has a lot of work to do on herself. As it stands now, she’s not very capable of healthy relationships.


Taylor is insecure. She reflected a fragile side when she was picked on. She reflected a rough, tough exterior talking to Monty “I pussied out of the challenge.” She has a chip on her shoulder. She is a stunningly beautiful woman, but not grounded. Brit has a good family and will rebound; she and Michael will mend the friendship.


“As it stands now, she’s not very capable of healthy relationships.”

It’s a tv show where people are locked in a house with each other for several weeks. I think we’ve seen the best and worst of people. And they’ve had every inch of their persona analyzed in ways that don’t reflect who they actually are outside the house. It’s hard to make any assessment on whether people are capable of having healthy relationships based on this experience.


They are not victims of our analyses. They chose to show all their strengths and flaws on national television.

Just as I may observe certain tendencies of a person IRL and then make some determinations on their emotional functioning, there is even more opportunity in this experiment to learn quite a lot about these HGs inner psyches.

She has ways of dealing with her self-image and emotions that are not healthy for a relationship.

A person can run, but they cannot hide from themselves.

The nature of a person will always rear up over the course of life’s struggles and differences when engaging with others.


Monte: if I have a son I can call him “Mount”
Turner: then the two of you would be “Pair of Mount”(paramount)
Taylor: then another son would be plus!
(Together Paramount Plus)


The whole “refusing to nominate a member of the LGBT” is silly. We all know that Michael would have broken that promise as well if he won final 6 VETO and final 5 HOH. Plus, Taylor promised the girls that she would never nominate a woman and proceeded to turn her back on that, but I don’t remember Brittany being up in arms about that. Stop feigning moral outrage when you get outplayed!!!

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Yes, I despise the vows made to never put up a woman, a POC, someone from LBGTQ, etc Stop already. It was a diservice to their alliance when Taylor refused to put up Jasmine but went back on her promises to others. Better to not make a vow at all than to break it. Michael is a comp beast and I admired how he kept his cards close to vest. Till the Kyle thing & ridiculous speech on the block, I loved his game. None of them know he’s an attorney. I honestly hope all of them bounce back on the outside. (Teeth clenched, even Daniel, Nicole & Butter bean.)


Really? Michael kept his word & didn’t back-stab Turner for weeks when it clearly would have benefitted his game. Turner *unnecessarily* (it wasn’t in trade for safety or info) promised Michael not to expose him to eviction that week (or words to that effect) and then reneged; throwing salt onto the wound he made. Especially after the racial issues there was no need to poke at LGBTQ sensitivities. So not only did Michael NOT break “the promise” as you put it Michael’s honorable choice cost him the game.

Now it’s BB: you lie, cheat, backstab… it’s part of the game. But! The holier than thou crap where a liar condemns other HGs for lying? Or hateful accusations are tossed about because constraints are gone? (Lord of the flies syndrome)? Not needed, not appreciated. And the HGs are rightly judged for that bad behavior.


Michael didn’t target turner because he knew how shady his takedown of Kyle was and was trying to save face with the outside world. He also destroyed his own game trying to foment distrust between the male leftovers instead of taking the shot at monte when he should have in brochella. He takes that shot, he maybe convinces turner to go after jasmine the following week and monte isn’t around to win the veto in the double


How about I had completely blanked Michael was in the LGBTQ until about 3 weeks ago. Lol. I just looked at him as Michael.. So it’s odd that when he was on his way out and now that is all they talk about

Captain Kirk

” …Taylor promised the girls that she would never nominate a (BLACK) woman…”


Wouldn’t it be awful if after all the fun and exhilarating of Michael’s breaking a record this season, if the 2 losers win BB? And to make it worse if Brittflea took the $750K. Just playing out worst case scenario..


Let’s not speak that dark timeline into existence!


Brittflea winning? Lol…give the jury members more credit than that…if she was sitting next to a piece of lint the lint would win….


I would love it if Alyssa could by some miracle make it to the two and won. A woman that not only did not win anything, but looked horrible trying to win.


It would be awful but I secretly hope for a Brittney/Alyssa final 2. Just to put the other 3 in their place. One acts holier than thou, one plays the victim when needed and the other is a snake. They all suck.


In my humble opinion, anyone who complains that you can’t vote me out because how you were born (race or sexual orientation) has no right to use that as a crutch in a so called game/tvshow for money, and not expect any blow-back.

un autre nom

There seems to be something that the hg’s are missing. Each one knows that Britt has been throwing them under the bus, right? And they all know what she’s telling people is for the most part true. So, as they all talk about how much she’s lying… in their heads they should be saying ‘damn, she’s telling 90% or more truth about what she’s bussing me with… that likely means everyone else saying she’s lying is probably 90% full of shit.’ I’d plan accordingly. Nobody has mentioned this in cam talk, or acted like they are taking ‘the lies’ and figuring them into game plan.
Not saying keep her around. Saying if you know she’s mostly being honest about you while you tell everyone she’s lying… you SHOULD be assuming everyone else is covering their ass by saying she’s lying too. This means Monte’s moral outrage is a cover, Turner’s disgust is a cover, Taylor’s disappointment is a cover, and Alyssa’s honesty is a cover.. and they should all be recognizing this.

Captain Kirk

As we bear another week of brittany lies,

We cannot wait until her fatty ass gets no prize,

Throughout the game she has hurdle a litany of lies, because she had no vision, no eyes to play the dog-gone game right.

NOW out the door she goes,
with three swift blows from Larry, Curly, and Moe,

GET THE HELL OUT, you disgusting mole !!!

and where she’ll land after game nobody knows.


Tired of Brittany’s Soliloquy. Wow is me. Hopefully she goes Thursday


Well Britt won the POV so I have to see her again next week. Was hoping she was leaving right behind Michael. So Alyssa is the only HG left that had not won a competition. Curious as to who Monte will put up as a replacement nominee