Brittany – “When you’re a mom you have to drink it’s what makes you sane.”

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 26th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 28th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-22 21-36-36-319

9:25pm Derrick does a toast
Derrick – “Never lie cheat steal or drink “
“if you must lie lie with the ones you love if you must steal steal from bad company if you must cheat cheat death and if you must drink … Feeds cut.”

BB16-2014-07-22 21-39-39-079

Caleb asks Amber to go on a BB date with him
Caleb – “I have set up a date outside for two lovely people“
Amber “oh my goodness really Caleb”
Caleb – “will you go on the date with me”
Amber – “FINE.. oh my gosh I hate you right now “
They walk outside on the way to the chairs Amber thanks her
They toast the Date.
Amber – “You would”
Caleb – “I’ve had it planned for hours I wanted a real candle but they wouldn’t give it to me .. I wanted a date”
Amber – “You got a BB date”
Caleb – “What do you think “
Amber – “Theres nothing to think but this game”
She thanks him setting all this up says it’s really lovely
Caleb still wants a date outside the house.
Amber – I’m sorry you had to eat that pickle
Caleb says he wanted to eat it he’s never had a pickle before so he wanted to try it.
“You said when you want something bad enough you said you would eat the Banana and I ate the pickle”
Amber – all right you deserve it than . .. what is up.. this is a nice little setup i’m kinda surprised.
Caleb talks about them having a date outside the house. She says he will never give up will he.
Caleb tells her Zach told Brittnay to call a house meeting. Amber says Brittany has been a lot more relaxed it seems like she is staying..
Caleb says Brittany won’t put them up but she’ll put people form their alliance up. “If we keep her she’s coming after the people we’re working with”
Caleb says personally he wants Brittany to stay but he doesn’t know what the other people are doing. Caleb says things that Derrick tells him is a lie, Caleb wonders where COdy is with Zach. Caleb really wants to put Zach up once they get to Jury.

BB16-2014-07-22 21-48-18-050

9:48pm They shotgun a beer. Brittany gives Derrick a hard time for wasting beer because it foamed out a bit.

BB16-2014-07-22 22-44-23-708

10:11pm Brittany walks up to Derrick give him a hug
Derrick tells her to not give him the cousin hug.
Brittany wraps her arms around Derricks toros and SQUEEZES. Derrick screams “Oh my god my nuts” (They get smashed during her gorilla hug)
Brittany – “When you’re a mom you have to drink it’s what makes you sane.”

BB16-2014-07-22 22-23-29-556

BB16-2014-07-22 22-18-23-247

10:18pm Frank kisses Victoria and Brittany

BB16-2014-07-22 22-45-41-855

10:45pm Storage room

BB16-2014-07-22 22-34-50-271

10:18pm HOH Frankie and Cody
Frankie says Brittany is drunk jokes that he’ll make out with a girl. Victoria hugs Frankie “why can’t you be real it would make my life so easy” (Real?)

BB16-2014-07-22 22-45-09-271

10:35pm Caleb and Frankie Kitchen
Caleb say she was in the Diary room and told them he wants someone to take his 5 thousand and go get a ring for Amber right now.
Caleb adds he was just kidding but he was serious asking them to look up a cruise.
Frank “Yo figure out what kida stone she want”

BB16-2014-07-22 22-53-37-745

10:28pm Backyard
Claeb and Amber’s date just ended. After they leave the backyard the houseguest start talking about it. Zach says Caleb looks like a idiot in front of all America. Christine claims Shane and Danielle didn’t even look that bad.

BB16-2014-07-22 22-45-41-855

10:45pm Storage room Zach and Derick
Zach asks Derrick what mark he would give his game. Derrick says a B because of the bombsquad
Zach is surprised by the bee “Dude we’re running the house”
Derrick “I hope so”

BB16-2014-07-22 23-09-41-947

11:09pm HOH Cody and Christine
Cody is heated about Zach. Zach said to Brittany COdy and Amber are working together.
Christine comes in
Cody tells her that Zach wanted a house meeting
Amber – “He’s ruining your game cody”
Cody – I have no idea what Zach is trying to fo
Christine mentions that he always says how bad he is
Why would he say Cody and Amber are working together.

BB16-2014-07-22 23-25-01-321

11:26pm Hammock Hayden and Nicole
Nicole tells him if he’s looking for something he need to come into the fire room talk to Victoria
They Agree they want Caleb gone before AMber. HAyden says if he had to live in the jury house with Caleb he would contemplate offing himself.

11:43pm Caleb goes to get Amber some cookie dough.
Amber says she has an obsession with Cookie dough “It’s good”. Caleb says it is good but he isn’t falling in love with it?

BB16-2014-07-22 23-56-13-224

11:55pm Pool table Caleb and Frankie

Caleb – I haven’t been on a more amazing date in 5 years I hit home she it home”
Caleb asks Frankie to go to Amber and ask her how the date went, “I already know who she feels.. she said you kentucky boys know exactly the right things to say” Frankie wants to know if Game was talked during the date. Caleb says they talked a bit near the end but nothing much. Caleb reassures him he’s voting with the house this week and So is Amber.

12:05AM Frankie says Brittany thinks she has Christine and Nicole’s vote. Caleb says God put Amber in the house for him.
Caleb says you can be a really good looking guy like Cody but it’s really inside that wins them over. Brittany had gone up to Caleb and told him he’s winning over all the girls because he’s so sweet.
Frankie says Caleb is just as hot as cody if not hotter.

12:15AM Frankie is back (Derrick had challenged him to be frank from 9 top 12)

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Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Really? My mom did OK with 7 of us without having to drink. I guess the message is she really didn’t want kids because if you did you don’t need alcohol to ‘cope’. What a fucking bitch to say that on TV and her kids having to hear that. She obviously is not happy about what she thought would have been her perfect set-up – marry for money, have kids then take him for all he’s got.
By the way, what makes her think she knows who deserves the money more? She’s going after the people she doesn’t feel deserve it.


Don’t take life too seriously… Nobody gets out alive lol


Wow – you’re calling me nasty? First, I’m not a girl. Second, your response is over-the-top and hate-filled. You called me so many disgusting adjectives that you proved you are worse than me. Thank you.


Was this comment necessary?

Ron Burgundy

That escalated quickly.

Whale's Vagina

I am still crying from laughing so hard at this! Thank you Ron…when in Rome!

Amanda queefs slop

Wow! You sound like a real winner. Why so butt hurt? Are you the alcoholic momma? Go to an AA meeting and simmer the F*ck down.


It’s a common joke that drinking a glass or two of wine helps ease parenting stress. Drinking too much, then that’s when you have a problem. Your comment was a little out of left field, I can see you not caring for Brittany but damn, a little over the top there.


except the bitch drinks whole bottles of wine….


WOW you are so out of line with that rant! Where do you get off talking to someone like that? you need to calm down and show a little more respect for someone just saying there are a lot of parents out there that do not need a drink to deal with their kids.


i think it was a joke bc benig a parent is difficult and stressful (but yes, very rewarding and worth all the hard work), and a little drink never hurt anyone…BUT I do get the vibe that Brittany maybe just wants to be away from her kids and her life stress a little bit. Does anyone else get that impression. which is a little sad. Having three kids by 29 sounds like a lot, maybe she regrets not having more time to live out her youth and get the fun out of her system. Just curious what people think…I waited till my 30s to have kids and while I don’t have as much energy as a young 20 something year old, I am sooooo glad I got to party and be selfish throughout my 20s. Now I am happy and very ready to live completely and solely for my daughter, I have gotten every bit of selfishness out of my system, but I can’t help but wonder how it is for people who had kids young bc I don’t think I would have been as ready. Maybe that is what Brittany is suddenly admitting.

Michael from Canada

If you’re gonna steal, steal from bad company? Do you mean like taking money from criminals Derrick?

What a thing for him to say.

Roisen Dubh

I was thinking the same thing. These guys are so drunk it went over their heads. Sounds like drunk hook up night. Christine on night vision blowing Cody and Cody just crying because?


He’s just trying to be cool for the camera. What a fool.


There was a typo in that sentence. The correction is: “If you’re going to steal, steal away from bad company.” As in, get the hell away from bad company.


lol sounded like something a cop would say.


Ugh! Come on guys. Derrick did not make up that quote. It’s from the movie Hitch (with Will Smith and Eva Mendez)


It’s an old Irish drinking toast. But yeah, it was from that movie too, lol. Steal away from bad company means run and hide!! Secret message to Amber..


I really like zach, but he’s messing up bad and if he doesn’t win a hoh soon I think he might going home in the next two or three weeks

Amanda queefs slop

I hope he does go home because he is an idiot!


Zach is an idiot?… post under “Amanda queefs slop”. Pot meet Kettle.

Amanda queefs slop

I never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed. I’m just saying that guys runs around stirring up drama like a 12 year old girl, and causes unnecessary bull shit in the house. So yes….he is an idiot.


So you mean he creates drama?
Thank god for him then because there has been little to none this season at all. You need someone to start problems or this season is going to suck.


I appreciate the fact that Caleb served in the military and was likely changed by the experience, but his obsession with Amber is truly sad to me. I only hope he goes to jury, or gets Cody out of the house, because if Amber and Cody are left in the house w/o Caleb’s eyes on them, it’s going to be ON! Yes, he’s responsible for the position he’s in, but Amber is enjoying the attention on some level or she would have shut this down! Caleb is going to learn the meaning of the saying,” There’s a fine line between Love and Hate”!


I really don’t think that Amber enjoys the attention. (if it were Cody yes 100%) I think that she is a genuinely nice person and she doesn’t want to just shoot him down in a super cruel way (which by the way is the only way I think he’d really get it) and hurt his feelings. I also think that she realizes that it would be really ackward in the house for them if she were to spell it out for him in blatant terms, so she tries to do it in a discreet way which I think if he were any other man would be very plain, but Caleb’s ego won’t allow him to get it.


That was seriously the most awkward date EVER. Lol. Caleb is seriously delusional.. it’s actually pretty sad to watch. Amber basically told him it’s never going to happen 50 times during that date, and he didn’t hear any of that. He is going around telling everyone that was the best date of his life. He takes every little thing she says and turns it into a love story. I think that he is a sweet guy, he just needs to realize that she is just not into him.


I don’t think he’s sweet. He’s the most self absorbed person I have ever seen. He has zero regard for Amber’s feelings. He wants her to love him and won’t stop until she does. If she is ever able to get it through his head that she doesn’t want to date him…ever, he’s going to rage against her. Hopefully with words only.


I totally agree, he twists everything she says to try and make it look like she is into him. It’s lose lose for her, if she tries to be nice to him and joke around everyone says she is stringing him along, if she would be a B*tch and tell him to get a damn clue everyone would have something to say about that. I feel sorry for her, in this particular situation.


I really do not like Frankie…or Frank, what gets me is no one in the house sees him for the weasel he is, and it makes me ill he is going to get to the end. I wish he was the next out, but I think he is safe, they are all too busy trying to get Caleb out and they do not see the real threats.


It is an old Irish toast. On a side note, I’m a mom of 5(3 mine 2 step) my youngest is severely autistic. I don’t drink. Ever. That’s my choice. While I seriously hope Britt leaves, I just don’t want viewers thinking she is a unfit mother. We honestly don’t know. Sorry for the rant. Go Donny!


Well, considering that Brittany herself has told other houseguests that she doesn’t see a problem with drinking a whole bottle of wine per day (she was not joking) I’m going out on a limb and saying she might have a drinking problem. Not saying she’s a bad mother, but drinking problem nonetheless. The other houseguests have commented on her behavior saying it seemed like alcohol withdrawal, and Britt would bring up missing/wanting alcohol on a daily basis at least in the first couple of weeks.


A bottle of wine is 4 glasses, its really not that much. If you have a glass when you get home from work, 2 glasses with supper, and a glass in the evening while watching TV – thats a whole bottle over 3 or 4 hours. I dont see that as excessive.


a whole bottle or 4 glasses is a lot. when you’re a mother you need to be on top of your game and alert all day. I eat a lot of candy sometimes, that is my vice (I never drink, smoke or do any drugs or even take regular medications ever), and let me tell you, I feel that that is even hindering my ability to be focused and alert to watch my daughter to the best of my ability bc it makes me tired and sluggish so I have been working hard to give it up and healthy for more energy bc I don’t want to do anything to compromise the care of my daughter. Don’t get me wrong, I am with her all the time, and it is just candy lol, but still, it puts me at a 95% and I need to be at 100% with her. So I can’t imagine what the alcohol does.


Why would people “thumbs down” this comment? #bbfansareconfusing


I have an autistic daughter that is blind & MR….not an alcoholic…..I don’t have time to get drunk…and I’m sure you don’t either…Also, my son and grandson are living with me…I also have a cat rescue….I hardly have time to watch my favorite show Big Brother~!!!!!

Just wanted you to know….you are not alone~

Amanda queefs slop

Caleb is a psycho! Zach is the biggest idiot I have ever seen. He is a moronic frat boy, ugh! Amber needs to get a damn restraining order for Caleb. He is the GIna Marie of this season, crazy stalker ass.

Thor's Sister

I still like Zach too. I think its because he makes me laugh and jokes around in the house. I think what he is doing is hurting his game he needs to chill out for a while. He might be “trying” to stir things up in the house again not understanding people are already on edge. (Yes perfect time to do it but…) Doesn’t look like anyone is in the mood for more tension right this second.
It totally sucks they only get 2 bottles of wine and 16 beers? I know they don’t want them to go crazy but Fackkkk man, let them have some fun, wake up hung over and give them a challenge to do haha. 😛

What parent doesn’t need a drink good lord. I am sure when Brittany got married and had kids she thought she would have stayed married and didn’t plan on a divorce. Don’t be too harsh a judge on someones life when all we know is her in the game. 🙂


You asked what parent never needed a drink. That would be ME! Britch (Brit=Bitc*) probably should not have went into the house so close to her divorce because she has not settled into her new life as a divorcee yet. Making that big of a change in ones life unsettles you and BB will just bring the ugliest to light. For that reason alone, I have no respect for her. She needed to stay home with her kiddos and maybe tried to get into the house next year.

Thor's Sister

P.S……OMG the DATE!!!! Bah ahahaha Can someone help this man. Give him some clues and let him go find them. SMH this poor bugger. Caleb, save the money for yourself.

Brittanys mole

I cant stand Victoria’s cow smacking chomp when she eats. Learn how to chew with your mouth shut moron.

beast mode cowboy creeper

Anyone else notice that Brittany seems to hang on Derrek an awful lot? Hes married you tramp!


OMG!!! Totally noticed the same thing.


totally, she seemed drawn to him from the beginning!!


Watching Live Feeds right now. Do these people ever clean up? The bedrooms are disgusting to look at

Aaryn G.

Why wont production let Caleb have access to just one little candle for his date with Ambie? Is it because they feel he may go into military mode and try to burn big brother down , or use it as a weapon if Ambie doesn’t seal the date with a kiss?


I honestly feel sorry for Caleb & Amber because either way it goes its a lose lose for her I think if u send him home before jury he’s going to show up finally night with a engagement ring for Amber and she go shot him down in front of everybody and its going to go viral to. and if they both make it to jury he’s going to be all around her 24/7 all day she isn’t going to be able to shake him. I think they may have to get extra security if they both make it to jury just cause u never know how much more crazier he’ll get once the camera’s not around u never know with this guy he already watch her sleep u never know with Caleb.

Drinking Mama

There is nothing wrong with Britney’s statement. Enjoying a glass of wine to relax after your toddlers have driven you bonkers all day doesn’t make you a bad mom, and doesn’t mean you love them any less than people who choose not to drink. Chill out.


I don’t care what anyone says about caleb being sweet and blah blah blah, he is getting seriously crazy! Risking 500k so you can impress a girl you met just over 30 days ago is not romantic, its creepy. She can’t even enjoy a night of letting loose with everyone in the house without him doing something weird to ruin it. She is going to be so creeped out when she sees everything he says.


You know what’s funny. I was talking to a friend the other day and we both agreed that our parents would be in jail if they where raising us today. People have gotten weird. My youngest nephew is 16 and I don’t think he has ever crossed a street by himself let alone go to a mall. My sister is one of those parents that looks down on other parents parenting skills.
My mother had a beer after a long week with my father and yes after a scolding session for what ever we did that day I think my parents had a glass of whine afterwards…. Get over it.

My mother was watching a reality TV show with my sister and one of the ladies said something unfortunate in a moment of frustration about her ADULT daughter. My sister went crazy… said it was the worst thing she had ever heard… a mother talked that way about her own child. My mother looked at her and said “Am I ever grateful there was no cameras following us around when you where growing up.” and then laughed. People say things it does not mean they do not love there children, the do things like have to work and not be a stay at home mom, it does not mean they do not love their children and yes people say some f’ed up things… It does not mean they do not love their children. It is just crazy how things have gotten these days.


That’s what people do here. If you don’t like it……..don’t read the comments. You can still get the updates and your precious feelings will be spared.

Holy Cow

Can”t understand why they have such an ant problem in the house when they have Christine the anteater in the joint. Derrick looks like Porky Pig and Frankie is a total asswipe!!!!!!


Just scanned by the banner at the top of the page with all of the hg’s and realized that only 3 hg’s have been evicted so far this season, yet it seems like the season is almost over.
Ffs, when only three have been evicted, and it feels like the end of the season already, it has become way too predictable.

Christine is fugly

I hope Caleb wins HOH next week. The other house guest inform him of Amber’s true feelings for him. He rages and puts Cody and Amber on the block. If either one of them win POV his replacement nominee is Zach. Can you imagine the drama that would cause Zach would really drop bombs then. Great TV!!


“When you’re a mom you have to drink it’s what makes you sane.”

Must be a white women thing, because my mom never drank and she raised 2 BAD boys, in me and my brother, we raised hell, and she’s still sane LOL…

you sound like a stupid bitch

sounds like 4%body fat could use a glass of wine with a stiff shot of shut the fuck up