Monte wins HOH “I just closed my eyes the whole time and felt the walls and hoped for the best.” **UPDATED**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Monte
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Monte Is The New HOH!!

2:20 am
Monte – I think the fact that it was pitch black.. I just closed my eyes the whole time and felt the walls and hoped for the best.

2:40 am Apparently Taylor quit the competition out of fear. HOH was individual timed called backbox

3:00 am Turner gets his HOH basket from the Double eviction HOH

3:08 am Taylor and Brittany
Taylor – who do yo think he’ll put up .?
Alyssa doesn’t know says Brittany
Taylor – Turner and Brittany
Taylor – that was close.. 9 seconds? holy shit

Brittany joins them.
Taylor – Nine seconds.. you crushed that (Brittany lost by 9 seconds)
Taylor says she quit 10 minutes in when she was in the crawl space crying.

Brittany starts crying about what Michael said during the Double eviction when they were on the block. “I’m sure he’s going to regret having said that and not saying goodbye to people”
They talk about how Michael going out during the double was best seeing how he left it would have been uncomfortable with him being on the block fighting in the house for a week
Britt – I always knew there would be a moment where we are on the block together and he would be going home most likely.
Britt – I just thought it would be a more OHH Darn best friends you know.. I know him very well I should have known he wouldn’t go down without a fight. I thought he would had the wherewithal to know if we were on the block together he’s going home.
Brittany – I don’t think he had the self awareness at the end of the day.. I told him so many times and he wouldn’t listen to me.
Britt – it’s the best thing that could have happened.. It needed to happen and it did.

3:36 am Monte and Turner
Monte- I still can’t believe he pulled it out..
Turner – 3 and 3 so DOPE..
Monte – bro.. yeah..
Monte – I’m in shock we pulled it out
Turner – Doesn’t feel real
Monte talks about the veto during the double and how close it was between him and Michael.
Turner says taking out Michael is on both of their resumes “Fire best case scenario”
Monte – 100%.. we had to tag team the mother f***er.. WWE!


3:47 am Cheers Final 5
Monte – wow that’s like apple juice
Taylor – just how I like it
Monte reads the the can “8%!!!”

4:26 am Who wants to see my HOH room?

Monte’s HOH letter is from his father.. He cries while reading it

Monte – I feel like I look like Harry potter with these on
Turner – that looks fire with the hat
Taylor – it’s a VIBE

4:51 am Monte’s HOH Fridge is insanely packed

4:55 am Alyssa and Monte one on one
Alyssa – what are you thinking?
Monte – everyone is on board with Brittany being on the block. From everything that has come out we all know about it.. As far as who I put up next to her I think you know if you want me to be completely transparent I always had a great relationship with turner because of how things started with the leftovers and the POUND Feel good with him.. Taylor feel good about her she’s come along way. She’s been on the block a ton of times on eviction night. I am considering my options.. What I may land on..
Monte wants Alyssa’s input if he uses her as a pawn.
Alyssa says she trust Monte and Turner, “I’ve been on the block 3 times in 5 days isn’t ideal.. BUT.. it’s the game its what I signed up for If that proves to you I am a team player and I’m here for it than you can ask me anything”
Alyssa says when Brittany goes up she’s going to say things and pull things “It’s not going to be fun”
Alyssa – I never thought in a million years you would put up Taylor and my Hommie

5:09 am Brittany and Monte
Brittany goes on about Michael’s speech last night.
Britt – he’s going to regret how he acted on the way out.
Britt – he didn’t have any self awareness with himself in the game..
Britt – if you didn’t that self awareness of great of a player could you me?
Monte thinks there was times where it wasn’t the most necessary for Michael to win “The fan in him was like.. I gotta do it.. in the moment.. he’s so good and smart too”
Monte – he was able to come up with that argument and pitch in 2 minutes
Brittany tanks him for taking Michael out so she didn’t have to because he was a good friend. She knows she was second up against him.
Brittany says she couldn’t play her own game because she was attached to Michael

Brittany goes on about what was said last week. She says had a final 3 with Michael and Brittany from before when there was the leftovers. Adds that the only person she’s heard throw his name out here as a target was Alyssa.
Monte says he’s putting up Alyssa but the second person is a question mark for him. He asks her what she thinks about being a pawn.
Monte – with the two of you sitting next to each other everyone realizes how much of a threat she is in jury
Brittany says Taylor would vote to keep her but Turner would keep Alyssa.

Britt – my value of being here next week really is the games will continue to get more mental you are not going to be able to play HOH next week. If there’s anything memorization of days and facts and things like that
Monte – I’m sure you are locked in
Britt – I think I would be able to help you with that if Turner is playing.
Britt says turner took out Michael and if he gets tot he end that will be a tough thing to beat.
Brittany swears on her husband if she wins HOH he’s not going home.

5:40 am Turner and Monte
They start with a bro hug.
Monte – everything went perfect dude.. everything .. me and you in thigs fu**ing b1tch back to back to the end..
Turner – it’s going to be me and you in the end
Monte – I feel it BRO
Monte – I gave Alyssa a heads up.. hopefully she’s not too stirred up about it
Turner – she was fine.
Monte – I talked to Brittany.. this was interesting I wanted to see how much she would cough up about the conversation she had with you and how she would phrase it.
Turner – To me and Taylor TONIGHT she tried to solidify two final 2’s. When I went to the bathroom she pulled me aside and was like you’re all i have in this game. Five minutes later she did the same thing with Taylor.
Monte – AHHH you and Taylor compared notes?
Turner – yea
Monte – wow .. yeah Brittany is off the rails.. this will confirm it.
Monte says Brittany told him all the “sh1t” that was brought up that one night with Taylor was presented to her from Turner and Alyssa. She didn’t come up with any of it. Brittany was approached but Turner and Alyssa for final 2’s. He knows this was Bullsh1t
Turner – what would gain with Alyssa
Monte – exactly no protection.. She wants Alyssa to go this week and next week she would be a asset to me because things are going to get more mental.
Monte – okay whatever.. I don’t want to put up Turner and Taylor.. She’s finer with going on the block. The fact that she didn’t share what happened shows me the trust is lost.
Turner says next week if he wins he’s putting up Taylor and Alyssa. If Alyssa wins she’s putting up Monte and Taylor. If Taylor wins she’s putting up Alyssa and Turner.
Monte says there is no chance Turner is going up “I need you next week”
Monte says he doesn’t want to commit to any “Ideas” he just wants to sit back and observe what people do. He’s expecting Brittany will sink herself.
Monte – if you win the veto and take down Alyssa I put up Taylor.. If that happens it’s you and Alyssa voting and my hands are tied .. I appreciate where Taylor and I are right now but at the same time whatever happens this week if my name is in her mouth and things are going a little stray I want us to talk about it. I don’t want to keep someone here that is a competition threat that may be targeting.
Monte – I want to make sure you and me are locked in and we have all the information on the table before we make any decision
Monte basically says if Taylor runs amok this week she could be a target as well.
Monte – I want your head to be on a swivel this week. If Taylor is coming to you with and bringing up shit about next week.. ohh why don’t we get Monte out.
Turner – I got you BRO

They fist bump

6:00 am Monte grabs another beer before chatting with Taylor
They hug. Monte – we did it, we’re in a good spot”
Monte – there’s been miracles all night.. Michaels thing breaking, Me beating Brittany by nine seconds all of this stuff..
(During the veto last night it sounds like Michael’s rope he was trying to un tangle broke off from the harness. Somehow this screwed him up)
Taylor – where’s your head really at?
Monte – I told Alyssa and Brittany what time it is.. they are going up on the block. Umm.. you and Turner are probably I’m the most transparent with I will also say that.. Turner told me that Brittany was tryign to do something with the two of you tonight? She came up to Turner Separately and was trying to finalize final 2’s ..
Taylor sighs
Monte goes on about the Bullshit Brittany is saying about all the final 2’s she’s been trying to form.

Monte – she seemed fine with going on the block.. same with Alyssa. They understand..
Taylor – is Brittany your target?
Monte – here’s my thing we know how Alyssa is sitting in Jury and we know how Brittany will be sitting in Jury if she were to be a final 2. Alyssa competition threat is pretty low, if she happens to drag herself all the way to final 2 she’s a bigger threat to me. Brittany has been running amok and doing all this stuff.
Monte – Alyssa would be the ideal one (target) Turner would prefer it was Brittany based on what he’s telling me. I know You would prefer it was Alyssa so there is the conflict. What I am going to say is I am not going to make any concrete decisions right now. Opportunity present themselves throughout the week. People say shit they should be saying making alliances they shouldn’t be making all in hopes it saves their ass.
Monte – She (Britt) swore on Steven she wouldn’t put me up. I don’t know what that really means to her?
Taylor – is Steven real?
Feeds flip to sleeping houseguests… When we’re back..
Monte – if I take him out this week and someone other than you wins. Like an Alyssa or a Brittany wins I am out of here. I’m weighting out the options of that risk but if Turner is still here… which is funny becuase Brittany was pitching Turner stays and Alyssa goes this week which was VERY interesting
Taylor – interesting..
Taylor says Turner is the next biggest target after Michael and he couldn’t play for HOH this week “Why wouldn’t you take him out?”
Monte – I can’t help if you win the veto and I can’t help if you use the power to bring down Brittany and put up Turner. Then it’s up to you and Brittany on who goes home this week.. I cannot help that.
Taylor says after she “Pussied” out of the HOH she has every reason to go “Balls to the walls in Veto”
Monte says he feels confident that Taylor can beat Alyssa and Brittany in HOH.
Taylor – you and me I am locked into this. I was the most transparent with Brittany but she’s has given me a plethora of reasons not to be transparent. All my eggs are in the basket with you don’t make me look like a f**Ing idiot.

Monte – You know why I would like to keep Turner from a shield perspective next week but you can very much be my shield next week too
Taylor – Next week will you protect me?
Monte – yes 100 percent I don’t feel any reason not to. I am a man of my word.
Taylor would rather they bring Brittany over Alyssa with them. (Of course if Brittany wins she’s taking Taylor)
Taylor wants the next biggest target gone this week. She’s worried Turner can win out.
Monte – let’s see what nonsense Brittany spews

6:40 am Turner, Alyssa and Brittany are sleeping. Monte and Taylor are lurking around.
7:10 am Everyone zzzzz
9:52 am Alyssa and Brittany are up getting ready. Turner and Monte still Sleeping.

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They did have a late & long HoH competition so not a surprise. The feeds didn’t come back until around the time I woke up (4 am Eastern time)

No Name

Are Monte and Turner genuine about going to final 3 together?


I hope so!! Would love to see Turner Monte and Taylor in final three.


it would be absolutely crazy for monte not to target turner or taylor. not sure if those two should be initial noms as it would lay his cards out too much, but they’re the biggest comp threats. alyssa and brittany are people you take to the end to beat.


Nah, Alyssa has too many Jury votes


She has 3 votes max. No one has to worry about her.

Palm Oil’s Meds

She has 4 votes or more depending on how bitter the jurors are. Indy, Jasmine, Kyle and Terrence. That might be enough to win.


I honestly don’t think Jasmine would vote for her, I think she would look past the friendship and vote based on game. I’d like to think Kyle would too but he’s kind of a wild card, it would probably depend on who she is sitting next to.


eh, i wouldn’t be surprised to see terrance vote for her even though he said he’d vote taylor or monte. i certainly think he votes her over brittany. don’t think he has much reason not to vote turner instead of her though.

michael also looked super bitter in his exit. i think it was maybe a strategy to make the house target alyssa instead of brittany though.

really it comes down to what are the circumstances of the next 3 jurors’ exits if turner and/or taylor feel particularly betrayed, i can actually see a strong chance they join terrance/kyle/jasmine/indy to give alyssa the 5 votes she needs to win.

Paul Sucks

I was wondering if Michael choreographed that with Brit ahead of time for that exact reason. Now she cries and tries to leverage the sympathy card because that really is her only move.

It doesn’t appear to be working.


brittany has discussed in d/r the need to separate herself from michael and tried to approach other houseguests in ways to suggest she’s not lockstep with him. i’m not sure she had those conversations with michael though. not even hugging her before he leaves would create that effect though.

unfortunately for brittany i just don’t think anyone remaining is going to be that sympathetic to someone as emotional as her. taylor is cold af. alyssa’s already emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed. and turner and monte are both pretty avoidant when people get emotional.


“taylor is cold af”

Taylor is a BOSS. Of course her HOH reign sucked.

Please someone tell Britt to stop crying!


I cringe every time Britt says Michael was not self aware. Yikes…


No one was more self aware than Michael. She threw him under the bus and he completely knew it!


No they didn’t choreograph it. She turned in Michael in the last week and he said he knew it.

un autre nom

Depends. Remember the conversation had with 5 of the leftovers?
If a leftover takes a non leftover to finals, they’ll all vote for the non leftover because the leftover finalist obviously screwed their alliance.
In attendance were Michael, Kyle, Joseph, Turner and Britt. Michael said it. Turner laughed, said facts.


I think monte might send him out too. Alyssa needs to go

Game shows lover

What is possible is the three girls going to final 3 depending on POV and game playing by them.

Game fan

i just wish he can put up tylor, cause if she wins and uses it on brittany
than turner would be gone
also i think tylor should be the target out of the girls (even tho she did very poorly in the hoh apperntly)


i really want him to get out taylor this week too. i think keeping turner in the house means he’s not necessarily the target next week as brittany possibly targets turner ahead of monte (though turner/alyssa probably target monte). if he takes out turner he’s top of the target list for everyone left. next week comes down to veto though and he’s probably better off facing taylor than turner.

Game fan

we might have a second black dude to win in a row,
i would love it if turner cant win. f2 between them would be intersting to see , can go either way


yeah, monte/turner is my ideal final 2 as i think both have strong arguments to win. any guy/girl final, the guy wins. taylor fumbling her jury questions could be epic, but mostly i just want her gone.

Palm Oil’s Meds

Taylor actually deserves to win. She’s had the best underdog story. Everyone else had it easy and were protected by Michael and Kyle throughout most of the season. Monte has been asleep most of this season.


Yes. And there’s something about Monte I don’t care for. He’s just been meh all season. I think Taylor could beat him in a final 2. His best bet is Turner or Brittany.


underdog stories suck. go watch the first season of king of the nerds if that’s what you want. genevieve was robbed so hard they changed the format of future seasons.

and what’s more underdog than making final 2 despite never being in the power alliance?


Alyssa never in the power alliance has always been way more of an underdog than Taylor. That is not even close.


Taylor put the target on her back.


by playing badly. not really why she deserve to win. the objective is to keep the target off your back, which alyssa has done incredibly well.


Taylor does not deserve to win whatsoever LOL. She hasn’t won a single comp. She hides in her hood and is boring af. No fucking way. You can’t send a black person to the end just out of pure pity.

If lazy ass boring black people like Big D and Taylor make it to the end merely because they are black, while everyone knows they don’t deserve it, does having a black person win serve any purpose at that point?

Turner deserves to win. Monte deserves second. That’s all there is. Michael just played too hard, glad he is gone.


she won the wall comp. but she’s been nothing but cold and flakey. not really a great way to win over the jury. more likely she tries to claim credit for things the jury knows she didn’t do and continues her acting superior to everyone shtick which is more likely to cost her the win than earn it for her.


I want Taylor, Monte, and Turner in the F3 so I hope Monte gets out Alyssa. She really is a jury threat.

Brittany has no shot to win at all. Taylor will get second to Monte and Turner for sure now. She really needs to win another competition or preferably two/three/four…

This upcoming Veto may be do or die since I know Turner will want her out if he has his wish (and he should want her out to be honest).

She really needs to convince Monte that she will take him to F2. He would be dumb to not go with her and Turner since both should be taking him should he lose that final HOH.

At worst Turner would clip him but if Taylor and him have an agreement then he has a 2/3rds chance to get to the Final 2.

Those odds are better than taking Brittany to F3 since she already said she wants to sit next to Turner. And if Turner really is going to take Monte out at F3 then that scenario means he HAS to win the final HOH or he gets third.

Alyssa is in the same situation as Brittany as far as being the third person for a Monte/Turner F3. She’ll take Turner for sure and Monte will have to win. Plus she has a much better chance to pick up votes from Jasmine, Indy, Kyle, and Terrance. Additionally, if Michael/Brittany/Taylor feel especially fucked over by Turner and or Monte then they could really sabotage Turner/Monte’s chances of winning against Alyssa by joining any combination of two voters who want Alyssa to win (Jasmine/Indy/Kyle/Terrance). Indy and Jasmine seem like they’d be the easiest to get to 5 since they’d want to see a girl ‘their girl’ win the season. And if Kyle is simping he’ll have to go along smh…

I would really hope Alyssa would NOT have a shot to win but I could easily see it happening. Too many votes are up in the air with her so Monte should get her out if he can.


alyssa has so consistently proved her weakness in comps that everyone should be trying to take her to final 3. i don’t think you want her going to final 2 though because indy, kyle, and jasmine should all be voting for her and the bitterness of michael and terrance’s exits would make me super nervous that you have a jury bitter enough to give the win to someone who’s done literally nothing all season.


That’s why you don’t even risk her getting lucky.

Take her out this week or next week for sure.


nah, taking alyssa guarantees you’re playing in the 3rd part of the final hoh. too important of an hoh to risk not competing in it.


That would be classic if BB had a winner that literally won nothing during the season. Not only win nothing but not even come close to winning anything. I dont think I have seen anyone as bad as her in these comps.

Game fan

I actually don’t feel like jas is a lock vote to Alyssa against monte.
When she left, she felt like Alyssa was doing her wrong , telling info about her game.
She also saw monte as really a big player that she wanted out because of it, so she might as well feel he is worthy as a winner.
Terrance is FOR SURE voting one of they guys, if they make it, and monte is probably the first to get him.
Alyssa stand no chance against monte . I don’t think someone is mad at him
At least joe and jas are hurt by turner, but everyone likes monte as of now


jas will vote with majority in all likelihood, so she’ll vote for one of the guys if she can. if it’s an all girls final 2 i don’t really see her supporting brittany or taylor though.

Game fan

Yeah she would support Alyssa against the other girls.
But monte, joe , Brittany, Michael would to Tylor for the win .
Than it’s on Terrance or turner , Tylor can win against Alyssa. (Brittany is getting only Michael vote in every scenrio)


i think there’s a way for the girls to survive this week
so let’s say monte puts up brittany and taylor/alyssa OTB and the girls make a plan to have one of them win the veto and take down one of the girls and have turner be nominated automatically then send him to the jury house in a 2-0 vote without giving monte a chance of breaking a tie

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

It could happen if there’s a “crazy eyes” competition.


Would be ideal for them if they do lock in a final 3 but the chances the one who isn’t on the block winning are really low imo.

If there was a way to throw it to the one off the block that would help their plan but a lot of these later challenges are individually timed so nobody knows how the others are doing. And the two girls on the block would be stupid to throw it hoping that the one off would somehow win by beating Turner and Monte who have much more competition wins under their belts.

So on the off chance a female did win there is a 2/3 chance she is already on the block and would just be replaced by the other woman most likely.

I mean unless Monte really has a change of heart to take out Turner this week then I would be very surprised if Turner ends up on the block come next Thursday.


girls should survive this week so long as turner doesn’t win veto. i guess monte could keep turner around by choice, but i don’t think it terribly benefits his game. he wants to give himself best odds at next week’s veto and imo that means taking out turner.


Monte has based his game on “honorable play”. He has formed a final two with Turner. The only way he will put him up is if Taylor wins the veto and takes one of the two girls off, leaving him no choice. In addition, Monte has been a pro guy fellow from the beginning of the game.


at this point i figure that taylor/brittany/alyssa all want to be each others’ final 3 with monte and turner also wanting to take brittany and alyssa. turner or monte make it to the end, they win. not sure what happens if they’re head to head but either of them win final hoh they’d be crazy to let that happen anyway. taylor’s a bit of a wild card, and for this reason brittany should probably want to take her instead of alyssa. taylor has such an arrogant streak to how she responds to people, i’m pretty sure it could completely sabotage her in front of the jury (much like it did with amanda on survivor. twice. beauty pageant contestants are pretty bad at these finals). alyssa can possibly beat either brittany or taylor but is much safer to face off against brittany (and hope brittany overlooks alyssa’s jury management and taylor’s penchant for self-sabotage).

un autre nom

Apparently Britt lost to Monte by 9 seconds if i’m getting this right.
Individual time comp… I hate individual time comps.
I don’t trust them. No way was she only 9 seconds behind.
That was for drama sake. Probably far longer between times.
Everyone is talking about Michael’s campaigning and exit.
They all think he should have bowed out gracefully.
Meh. Did I like it? No. Does it matter how he left? No.
When you put yourself on the must win every comp path, and you leave in the stronger competitors to take out the weaker… You already lost.
Wait… Britt has come in second in the last 2 HOH’s, and Third in a recent veto? That’s… weird.
Maybe my math was wrong… but I had the last question on the double HOH with only Britt and Turner getting it right.
Meaning the scores were: Turner 6, Brit 5. Monte 4, Taylor 4, Alyssa 3. Did i get that wrong? Monte kept saying it would have been a four way tie if Turner got the last one wrong. Hmm. either my error or ego on his part. I don’t know, I’m too lazy to look back. I’ll assume it’s my error.

I guess veto tells the tale this week. If Monte puts up Alyssa and Britt, and either Turner or Taylor win veto…. there is a world where either Britt and Taylor evict Turner, or Alyssa and Turner pull a fast one and evict Taylor… with Monte powerless to stop it and unable to compete in the next HOH. With Alyssa trying to grab on to the boys to protect her I reiterate what I said week one: Alyssa is the worst woman to have in a women’s alliance. She narrowly beats Britt even, and that’s saying something cus whoooa.


Monte had 5. He missed the last two. (5-5-3-3-2 T-M-B-T-A after dive questions). Turner and Monte missed the sixth, Brittany got it right. Monte missed on seven, Turner and Brittany were right. So 6-5-5. I can’t remember Taylor’s last two answers.


Based on the conversations I heard them have when I woke up, to answer your question on the last post, it seems the comp was part timed and part psychological since Taylor couldn’t handle whatever else was going on in that HOH comp area besides it being pitch black. I think that competition (or a version of that competition) was previously a Power of Veto competition

un autre nom

We’ve seen black box before. means there were noises and goo or obstructions.


Who else thinks that if they made a fourth installment of Austin Powers that Turner could be the missing hidden evil twin brother of Scott Evil. When Frau Farbissina gave birth to Scott Evil in secret caves the doctors removed a large “placenta” and threw in dumpster but hidden inside was Turner as he chewed his way out the garbage men discovered him and raised him to be like them and named him “Chad”. When Chad discovers his heritage he plans to kill off Dr. Evil and Chad’s evil twin brother Scott but Dr. Evil needs Austin Powers to save him. This idea came to me watching the live feeds and Turner said “Pour One for me and one for my Homies!” I fell out of my sofa cracking up!

It's me

I thought Michael was CLASSLESS
I actually thought Britt was playing a good game.
Terrace and Monte FINAL 2!


Terrace is gone buddy

Game fan

He was fighting to stay. I liked it when someone is finally trying to get votes rather that saying hello to their family. He shouldn’t have got out without saying goodbye tho. But he was too sad


Nope. I woulda zooped outta there. I don’t like BB goodbyes they’re fake AF.

Game fan

He was living with them for a month. He had a good alliance with almost everyone there. A deep friendship with Brittany that he JUST throw under the bus. So that was game related, at least when the vote was done he could of hugged her. At least HER. But i still don’t think he is a jerk or something like that. He had no time to get over by his demise . Terrance had the whole week and was a real bitter person. Michael was mostly disappointed to lose.

It's me


oh dude

cool. get rid of Turner


Question? Why is it okay for one group to form an alliance with a certain race but another group can’t even discuss it?


Let it go.

Game fan

Terrance was so hurt kyle would say that. He then the following week was trying to form alliance between himself, tylor and monte , saying a black person should win.




learn the difference between racism and prejudice.

Daniel Sucks

They are both discrimination and they are both wrong.

The Kats Meow

Dude had been gone for 2 weeks and the pity party continues, ugh. Isn’t it time yall let go of the incessant hand ringing and tears over Kyle’s dumb*ss. I truly envision some of you with snot all over your face, like little kids caterwauling ha. It’s Big Brother people get evicted for lots of reasons every year. His reason was because he was ignorant. He was seeing the minorities in the house working together in his biased manbaby mind, when there was no evidence of that happening at all. Hell half of them hated each other lol

Surf all day

Micheal’s exit was dramatic BUT Britney got what she deserved. Playing like she was some innocent victim when she actually was telling Turner she would be fine with him taking that shot. They all know she’s acting but Monte needs to take out Alyssa first then Taylor, if him and Turner want a chance to win. Britney barely has any jury votes.


She can only go downhill from her. Brittney is pooching herself!

Side note: I bet Pooch squirms every time someone uses his name to describe someone shooting them selves in the foot. I have a feeling it’s going to be a thing/term used in future games. Lol!


yeah, pooching yourself is definitely going to be a term in future seasons.


Loved seeing Michael getting a visit from Karma! His exit was pathetic. They need to get rid of Taylor she seems to think she is going to win and definitely does not deserve it. Brittany and Alyssa don’t either so they should get rid of Brittany after Taylor then Alyssa. Turner and Monte final 2 may the best man win.


Well his fans all over the internet disagree with you. His exit is being called “iconic “ and loved it! And I thank Michael tremendously for this last bit of fun, leaving a worthless bunch of HG behind.

oh and he’s also being interviewed by internet magazines and being referred to as a “legend”. He’s being humble and happy to have played a game he loves so well. And Janelle has told Michael’s fiancé that she can’t wait to celebrate with him when he gets home to Minnesota!


At this point, I want to see Turner win the veto and take down Alyssa. The meltdown on Twitter will be the best read I’ve had since The Sun Also Rises.


anything that gets taylor out this week i’ll be happy with. twitter needs to stop pretending she’s someone we actually want to see in this game any more.

Team Taylor

What a wild Double Eviction!!

Now that Monte is HOH, the best case scenario is for Taylor to win Veto, save Alyssa/Brittany, and get Turner out. He’s the next best competitor and will win the Final Veto if he gets to Final Four (the “What Day Did This Event Happened?” Comp).

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Great, i hope he would when Alyssa is hoh so he can be the sole vote to evict Brittany or Tylor, it would be so awesome

Bad Twists Save Bad Players

Thank God! I am good with him taking out anyone but Turner. Monte and Turner final 2 would save this season.


I must be really ignorant, but I don’t get how what Kyle did was so wrong. Could someone please explain? I sincerely do not get it but want to understand. Last year, the brilliant cookout alliance was 6 POC and each having their own parachute player that would be nominated next to them and be voted out as a way to conceal the alliance. They were constantly nominating their own alliance members and no one was the wiser. Now that the cookout has existed and has been so successful, wouldn’t others have to be aware that it could be replicated? So why is that so wrong to be on guard for? I honestly do not get it, because I was proud of the cookout and how they stuck together no matter what. Why is it wrong to assume POC could band together, the same way it would be fine for a womens alliance to be formed based on gender? Players are all in multiple alliance with different groups in the house. It’s fluid. Same thing with Brittany and Mike revealing it when they did. They were aligned with Kyle. Why would they blow that up for looking out for a potential alliance. And then when he stabbed them in the back and flipped and their backs against the wall, why was it wrong for them to reveal to the house that this is who you are siding with, a guy who assumed you were all aligned. With no intended disrespect or malice in my heart, I just do not get it but would like to.

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I think the problem is the race aspect. I agree with you. From my POV, The Cookout was a very successful alliance. BB players tend to try to duplicate success. So, for Kyle to see, misinterpret, things and bring it to the attention of what he probably saw as the best player/competitor and HOH, he probably didn’t think much of it. Up till the point I stopped watching last year, it seemed like those not in the CO were pretty willing to be picked off.

My big comparable is this. It is OK to question if the women have an alliance, if the muscle dudes have an alliance, but it’s not ok talk ask if anyone else thinks there may be a CO 2.0? If you’re not at least curious, you are going to get picked off by whatever the major alliance is.

Terrence seemed to be trying to form an alliance of three; Monte, Taylor, and himself. He seemed to be the only one interested, but, by their own words, shouldn’t Monte and Taylor have shared Terrence’s intentions to the house?? And, I was a big Terrence supporter. I would have loved to see an older dude win the game. But, his desperation got the better of him. Doesn’t make him a bad person for suggesting a small CO.


Build a bridge and get over it.


kyle’s views on race are pretty ignorant, but ignorant doesn’t mean intolerant or hateful. michael set a trap for kyle to turn the perception of that ignorance to intolerance and hate though and kyle in his ignorance just put his foot in his mouth so hard they had no choice because in addition to being ignorant, kyle’s also a fairly unintelligent person. a smarter person would have called michael out on this instead of trying to apologize and find explanations for their ignorance (or well… doesn’t make these comments in the first place).

ultimately i think conversations should have been had much much earlier when taylor refused to nominate jasmine. joe, taylor, and monte then trying to force kyle to put up alyssa really created a double standard and i understand kyle being concerned about that. michael, turner, and brittany had an opportunity to step in here and try to mend the fracture that was growing in the alliance over this, but turner didn’t really want jasmine to know how much he disliked her (which was likely to come out) and brittany and michael were uncomfortably cool with allowing to use this information the way they did. i think worrying that joe, taylor, monte, and jasmine had a side alliance was completely reasonable, but thinking the race aspect was more than coincidence had kyle pulling in indy and terrance who there really wasn’t much evidence to include beyond that sending alyssa home also protected them. the pushing alyssa was really really bad, and i get kyle’s concerns about it when there were 4 non-leftovers. any of them going should be fine. why focus so hard on alyssa? ultimately it just had kyle falling down a rabbithole with his racial ignorance that michael and brittany were waaaaaaaaaaaaay too comfortable to exploit.

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Please just shut up Brittany. UGH!


Fortunately I’m not watching anymore. She’s become an annoying pity party which isn’t surprising now that her backbone Michael is gone.

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I am all in on Team Monte at this point.


This episode was the most exciting of the whole season. I was tired of saying “Michael won again… Michael won again…Michael won again. Now Monte wins the veto and makes a big move with the cooperation of Turner, Alyssa, and Taylor. Too bad we got to see a dark side of Michael but Monte for the win!!

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This has finally been a season where we can have several people we like AND it not be a boring season because everyone is trying to get along. Ultimately, I have been more and more on Team Monte over the last several weeks. You could tell in the double, VETO in hand, he was going to force the issue that Turner was not as much on board with. KUDOS to Monte for breaking the “not just yet” cycle!!!


What if Alyssa’s game is better than we think? She’s pretty, friendly, not threatening to anyone’s game and there’s someone who’s a bigger threat than her each week and she did the math? What if she has been laying low until now. What if she wins veto? What if she wins HOH. “The best laid plans of mice and men”. The vitriol directed at Alyssa says more about her detractors than it does her.


imo alyssa is playing a pretty good game. everyone likes her, and she’s kept blood off her hands. she hasn’t had power, but remained in the house in spite of it.

survivor defines play as outwit, outplay, outlast. which generally breaks down to a players performance in three categories: strategy, competitions, and social.

strategy i’m going to define as how involved a player was in making moves to eliminate other players. alyssa definitely has like zero cred on this. kyle made most of these moves for her and the only evictions she can therefore say she was in with the alliance when the move was made are the evictions of pooch and joe.

competitions she has zero wins and hasn’t even placed particularly well in any of them either.

social is where she’s really killing it though. everyone likes her and it’s compensated for her weaknesses in strategy and competitions to get this far. brittany and taylor meanwhile are over reliant on strategy bailing them out, because their competitions and social play is pretty bad. and while strategy is definitely the aspect viewers tend to value the most, the jury frequently puts much more stock in social, which makes me consider her a better player than taylor or brittany. monte and turner are playing much more balanced games with pretty decent play in all three categories. i’d be most happy with monte or turner winning, but i can see the jury favoring alyssa if it’s an all girl final 2, and i wouldn’t be upset if she wins.


Alyssa is classic goat to win Survivor!

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You must really like fiction.


According to my clairvoyant boot list made back on Aug 19th. Alyssa is next to go. lol Monte for the win! Boot list: Kyle-Terrance-Alyssa-Taylor-Michael. Final 3 Brit-Monte-Turner – Final 2: Turner/Monte Votes for Monte 6 to 3


I hope Brit goes this week. She is being a bit of a hypocrite saying Michael threw her under the bus after she tried all week to set him up as the target. She would have been gone weeks ago had she not rode his back like a leech all summer. I don’t much care who wins at this point but please send Brit packing this week.


Yes I hope she goes too. Tired of looking at those crazy eyes


Brittany is the best choice for Monte and Turner to take to final three, but less so for Monte. She is unlikely to win and get final two, but if she does I think she would take Turner. I would love to see Brittany go, but literally anyone would win against her. She would likely get 0 votes, as I don’t think even Michael would.


And Michael knew she had betrayed their alliance. I do agree with you that she should be next to go, but Monte has no choice but to back door Turner.


Please Evict Brittany!!

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If he’s smart and want the $750k, then he’d get Turner out! Everyone knows that if you want to vastly increase your odds of winning, then get out the toughest competition.
Even if Turner were a family member, I’d still give him the boot to get the loot! LOL!!

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He would than relay only on the veto next week, as he can’t win hoh . Sitting next to any girl, it would be so easy to get monte out. But with turner in the game he can convince him to keep him , and can beat him if they are both otb
At f4 not to mention f3, yeah , get turner out. This week? He needs him to stay

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After reading an exit interview with Michael, here is my response.
1) Timing of reveal. Of course he used it for game, and after he did so, everyone used his reveal for game to target him. Everyone that was saying he should be a target for the reveal was already targeting him, but now had justification. My theory was always lock in the Brochella 4 with the reveal before they ever came back. So real reason Michael didn’t is two fold: conflict allergy and middle status stupidity. At that point he’d won 7 comps…. there is no middle for won 7 comps, that’s just silly.
2) Targeting Terrance: he said it was to keep people from choosing Terrance to drag to the end. This is faulty logic. Why? Nobody was choosing won 9 comps, so he had to win out and take out the strongest competition. Doing otherwise was begging to be stabbed. Let’s elaborate on the faulty logic. Michael somehow makes final three and loses final HOH: name one person that says, hey let’s take Michael to the end (even Britt would give pause).
3) Disdain for Turner’s style of game and using LGBT status. Gee, given Michael’s grudge holding and choices regarding using information… pot and kettle.
This isn’t to say I disliked Michael. I’m not on that boat. This is to say that Michael made his own bed through repeated attempts to stay in a middle that didn’t exist anymore once he let comp winning ego get to him.
I have to admit:
I’m still of a mind that production thought they’d handled the BBQ situation, and didn’t want Michael and Britt to reveal it. The edit between week 5 and 7 supports that. They added it due to outcry, and thought that’s that. We know from past houseguests that D/R has a habit of telling houseguests not to discuss some things because they don’t want it to be part of storyline. We’ve been hearing podcasts about that for at least 8 seasons.
Does that mean I am saying Michael gets a pass? Nope. It does make me think that maybe production should be hotseated as well.
And that’s my takeaway reaction to Michael exit interviews.


Michael is being interviewed by a lot of the magazines. He played the middle because it was a strategy that was working for him. Do you remember that he was in the block right away in the early weeks? He knew then he’d have to play a strong comp game. But he also knew he would be the strong target that he became.

He’s got a ton of fans out there who are calling him “iconic “ and “a legend”. The entertainment magazines are asking him how it feels to be a legend, and he’s being humble about it. But he sounds very happy, it was a dream come true.

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Middle stopped working as a strategy for Michael as of House split. He chose a side when he chose who would go inside, vs. who would be at risk in a non-leftover won HOH outdoors. Therefore, the information should have come out then, or even earlier. I will defend that position as his first major game error until the cows come home.
Again, I don’t dislike Michael. I just think he made game errors in weeks 7-9 that led to his loss of the game. To say he played perfectly would be a lie.
He won three comps he didn’t need to win for ego. He threw at least two comps he should have tried to win (week 2 and week 3 HOH). He was good at winning comps, and if you were his ally, that’s great for you. But if he knew information that could help an ally… he sat on it. In this way, he’s a really bad ally to have.
So, as much as I didn’t dislike Michael, i’m not going to be too glowing and full of praise when that would be disingenuous.
If he’d just once between weeks 7 and 9 listened to his allies instead of thinking ‘oh well i’ll just win another comp’ and stay safe… he’d still be in the house. His fall was of his own making because of his hubris. I think that’s what disappoints me most. He let his head get too big of ego to actually use his brain. Smart man, really bad at reading a room, and got cocky. His own damn fault, and that annoys me. He’s humble now about the comp wins… should have stayed humble in the house, and he’d still be there.


Was there an extended interview with Michael? Or, are his “Handlers” protecting him from answering some tough questions?


If there is it will either be up some time today or tomorrow


He’s been interviewed all over the internet today. He handled the tough questions with Reason and intellect and is being humble about now being called a BB legend. He sounds very happy to have come this far.


Ok building my shrine for a Turner veto win. Then use it on Ally’s but Taylor goes up and T&A vote Taylor out.


Michael should have listened to Brit and put Turner up.


He said it wouldn’t have mattered and he still would have been evicted. As a super fan he knew it was his time to go.

Lots of fans and interviews on the internet today calling him a Legend! He’s being happily modest about it!

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No. Play along with this scenario, Dman is on to something.
Instead of taking out Terrance so people wouldn’t have a goat (which is irrelevant, the real reason is Michael felt slighted by Terrance and wanted to be petty back):
IF Michael had taken out Turner or Monte here is he double:
Scenario 1A (Turner evicted): Turner doesn’t win HOH. Maybe Terrance or Monte or Britt win HOH, who knows. that means there is a possible change to the nominations. There is at least a 33% chance He is safe because Britt was tied for second in that HOH comp behind Turner (Terrance is the other 33% because he had good short term visual memory skills). Without Turner as HOH, does Monte try to evict Michael? I’m not sure he does. I think he more likely final 2’s with Michael.
Scenario 1B (Monte evicted): Even if Turner is still in the house and wins HOH, Michael was second in the Veto even with the rope breaking on his belt. So Michael’s chance of winning veto without Monter there? pretty much assured. Therefore Michael is safe.
He didn’t think strategically, he was being petty because he felt insulted by Terrance.

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Michele went home because he didn’t put up Turner. Big mistake. Britt is hopefully going home this week I can’t stand her craziness. Next week hopefully Taylor goes. Final 3 Turner, Monte and Alyssa