Bobby – “someones panties are in the middle of the floor”

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2:49am Kitchen The guys are talking about the competition… sounds like they went to bed early last night. Godfrey mentions he hasn’t slept in two days.

On their way to bed Bruno and Bobby find some loose panties on the upstairs
Bruno – “There’s some panties here I don’t know whose they are.. but ”
Bobby – “someones panties are in the middle of the floor”
When their alone in the bedroom Bobby tells Bruno he’s got a plan to not get any blood on his hands.

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-26 00-25-57-442

3:26Am Chit chat..

Some goofing around over tired ..

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-03-26 00-49-37-416

2:40 Jordan and Zach

Congratulating each other on being so awesome. Jordan is happy Bobby won the HOH because it puts a larger target on his back.
Zach – “Neaha wants to go after Bobby and Graig so bad”
Jordan says they are sitting in the middle. the young girls will go after neaha
Zach says the girls won’t come after them “they don’t have the nuts” Feeds cut
Jordan says Bobby is one of those guys that haven’t seen much BB. Jordan adds that Bobby is going to try and win every competition, “He’s a f****g idiot”
Zach says it’s classic too hard too fast “they are going to come in and go nuts.. we’ll ride the wave.. I’m going to keep surfing that thing”

Jordan and Zach agree Graig, Godfrey and Bruno are good guys but horrible game players. Jordan points out that is why they need to get out jonny because he’s such a good game player.

Jordan says he hates graig more than anyone else in the house.
Zach fills Jordan in on what Graig does for a living. Saying he doesn’t work for Costco he’s ex professional baseball player.

Zach “Fucking cindy can go any time”
They talk about throwing competition for the first 5 weeks. They agree that Jonny is after them because he knows their capability. They call their alliance the fortress.

Willow comes in and Jordan because very awkward tells her they were talking guy stuff “D1ck sizes.. what size is the norm for you”
Zach tells her they weren’t talking about that.

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So in general, most of the guys wants Godfrey and Jonny out. Bobby is so gonna get screwed. Did Graig tell Zach his real job, or did he find out on his own? I wonder if he is going to use that as leverage.

Godfrey wants a guys alliance, though he does not even know that everyone wants him out. Him, Bruno, and Graig seem like the outsiders of the guys.


Jordan is going to get played by Zack – Jordan isn’t the white buffalo that he thinks he is…. So far his skills seem weaker than the Shield

Fan-with an "F"

I believe that is Sindy–with an “S”