Big Brother Canada 3 – “Eat your heart out live feeders!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Bobby Next HOH April 1st
Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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4am In the living room – Sarah, Naeha, Johnny, Ash, Kevin and Pilar are watching Willow break dance. “Eat your heart out live feeders!”

4:10am In the living room – Sarah, Naeha, Zach and Johnny are chatting. Zach wonders what tomorrow will bring. They think Have/Havenot competition tomorrow and Bobby getting his HOH room. Kevin thinks Nominations will be the next day. Naeha suggests they go to bed just in case they have to get up for something. The others agree and all head upstairs.

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4:15am – 4:35am In the bathroom – Zach, Ash and Johnny are in the bathroom. Zach they talk about what they think the Have/havenot competition might be. They agree they’re going to have to wear some ridiculous costume. The conversation turns to talking about the HOH competition. Zach says he realized he was f**ked when they had to take their hands off the rope and it lifted up. He says he only lasted another half hour. The conversation turns to talking about Zach’s sports injuries. Kevin joins them and Big Brother tells him to put on his mic. Johnny, Ash and Zach laugh at how he left it in the bedroom and has to go back in there where the others are sleeping to get it. Zach heads to bed. Ash says and then there were 3. Kevin jokes that he’ll be nominated along with Godfrey because he keeps opening the bedroom door at night. And Godfrey you’re the pawn. Johnny laughs and says no.

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4:40am – 5am Ash, Johnny and Kevin wonder who Bobby will nominate along with Godfrey. They all agree that Godfrey is a given. Ash thinks that tomorrow there will be a lot of game talk. Things will get heated. Johnny says that Bobby being up there, he was one of the only people he wasn’t sure what he would do. Kevin asks he would nominate Godfrey for sure after what he did. Johnny says the way Godfrey did it in front of everyone was disrespectful. Like he made Pili cry. The conversation turns to what the havenot room will be like. Johnny says it will be bad this year. The won’t turn off the lights, they’re make it as uncomfortable as possible. More talk about who Bobby will nominate. Kevin says I don’t think it would be any of the three of us. Ash agrees and says I think all three of us are good.

Kevin asks so a pawn isn’t a good thing? Johnny says no. Kevin says but in chess if a pawn makes it to the end, then they become the queen. So I shouldn’t volunteer as a pawn? Ash says I would probably vote you out. They laugh. Ash heads to bed. Kevin and Johnny talk about what a sweet girl Ash is. Kevin says the girls here are unbelievably gorgeous! Johnny says the guys are too. Kevin agrees. Johnny tells Kevin he likes him a lot. Kevin says I like you too. I like your cuddles too. Johnny says I haven’t encountered this before. To cuddle with a straight guy. Kevin says I am just not sexually attracted to men. If I was I would act on it for sure. That would be amazing to have s*x with everyone.

5:35am – 5:45am Kevin and Johnny climb into bed together and snuggle. All of the house guests are now sleeping..

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pls post Jordan/Zach convo around 4:15-4:30 i think.

pls upload it on youtube coz the dvr on the site is acting up on my end. 🙁



So everyone who is not the nicest to the sweet, innocent, fragile Pilar is always enemy number one. Johnny does not realize that he is the biggest target in the house, and something tells me Kevin does not even know yet.

Antony G

Godrey = Paul
Graig = Kyle

I really don’t like Zach. Favourite housemates so far are Willow, Bobby, Sindy, Kevin, Jordan and Johnny.


Does anyone know what Godfrey said to make Pilar cry?

Who's Nick?

Simon, are you calling Zach by the name “Nick” because he sort of looks like a younger, straight version of Nick Uhas…or was this a mistake due to lack of sleep?


That’s what I figured. It’s the first night…you guys deserve to be cut some slack since you have to readjust to the swing of things. I am still consulting your face chart in the upper right (very helpful, btw) to figure out who the heck you are referring to in the recaps. Just a little friendly ribbing. Thanks, Dawg!


who is Nick?


Who the hell is Nick? lol

4:10am In the living room – Sarah, Naeha, Nick and Johnny are chatting. Nick wonders what tomorrow will bring.

another name

so… kevin stole risha’s eviction dress and uses it as a robe?
watched a bit of after dark. it was taped pre-eviction. still doesn’t show what godfrey said. according to risha speaking to sarah, she didn’t know g. would go that hard in calling out pilar and willow to try to shift the vote her way. since then there have been g. made willow and pilar cry comments.
if zack and Jordan spend much more time stroking their own and each others’ egos, it’s going to look like a circle jerk. great that they’re in game mode; horrible they act like they are the bastard love children of sheyld meets derrick /cody bbus16.


Oh for crying out loud, not a Zankie 2.0!