Becky about Vanessa “F**k her word! I vomit in my mouth every time she says “My word!””

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 11-14-52-407
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10:20am – 11:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Johnny Mac and Becky lower the awnings. Steve comes out and says that he keeps losing socks. Johnny says that’s weird because I keep gaining more socks. Steve says he only has 5 pairs of socks now and should have double that. Becky, James and Johnny hangout by the pool. Becky says that for the veto competition she was locked in the storage room for 4 hours. (It was an individual competition where they had to be separated) James heads back to bed. Becky and Johnny talk about home reno tv shows. Johnny asks has she (Vanessa) come to you worrying yet? Becky says yeah. She’s psycho. She came to James and pretty much kind of threatening each one of us in like a light way Like she (Becky) would be stupid to put one of us up right?! She would be stupid to not put up Johnny Mac. That’s the only way that Shelli would go home. Becky says after the veto Vanessa flew into the dentist room asking. And Meg was like yeah that’s the plan. Becky says I keep telling her of course the plan! The plan of course Johnny Mac. After she kept saying I have your word right?! I have your word right! She is all about our group she didn’t care about Austin and the twins. Becky says Thank you for bullying me into your plan for my HOH .. like I should protect you when you had mine and James’s a$$ on the block with our suit cases packed. She came up freaking out last night and I told her she’s always so paranoid, you need to relax. I told her I’m not putting her up. Johnny says she’s covering her bases and being really nice to me. I asked her if she would vote Shelli out and Vanessa said yes, I think its the right game move. I was like perfect. Shelli has Vanessa’s back even when she is on the block. The one person that is trusting you right now you’re sh*tting on. I’ll talk to Austin and the twins after the veto ceremony and explain it after. After let her be the crazy one. johnny says the only way I could see it being bad for you is if one of the twins win HOH. Becky says she thinks it will be okay once she explains everything. She threatened to put up Austin and made him feel like he owes her. She’s freaked out at everyone at this point. My hat!? Holding onto her beanie! What just happened!? I don’t know what just happened?! Everything’s been ruined! F**k her word! I vomit in my mouth every time she says “My word!” The people that get you to promise your word so much are the people that lie the most. Vanessa preaches about loyalty and I think she is the one with the least loyalty in this house. I promised her I wouldn’t go after her till jury… its jury .. goodbye!! Becky says between you and I .. you and Steve aren’t really a target for James, Jackie, Meg and I wouldn’t be after you. I think Shelli is still a target. You guys have been so good about things. Meg joins them and the all head over to the hot tub.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 11-39-46-935

11:50am – 12:15pm Becky, Meg and Johnny Mac talk about the veto competition. Meg says I can’t get over the fact that Steve did that in 13 minutes! Becky says I’m convinced he has comp set up in his backyard. Meg says that had a lot of physical to it too. They talk about the possibility of someone coming back from jury. Meg says she (Julie Chen) said that going to jury doesn’t exactly mean your game is over. Becky says we kind of figured it out too from there being an extra week. Everyone kind of already knows that the first 4 people into jury will get a chance to come back. Meg says she’s nervous about double eviction. I just need to win. Becky talks about what to say when she nominates Vanessa. Meg says I think you need to explain it or she will go off even more. If everyone knows then there can’t be any he said she said because that’s how she works. If everyone knows then she can’t go around making up reasons as to why you put her up. Becky says she tells me I need to put up Johnny .. like F**K OFF! Vanessa joins them.

12:25pm – 12:50pm Meg tells Becky the only thing she has on you is that you went back on the plan. Becky says but I didn’t. Meg says you could say that the plan was for double eviction. Becky says that the twins and Austin have been in summer camp but Shelli is one of the people that will be hard to beat. I think she should remain the main target after. Becky says that Steve is Dan Gheesling.. throw throw throw .. then when he is on the block he wins. Every time he is in danger he pulls off a win. He is Ian Terry meets Dan Gheesling. Becky says at the end of the day if we need someone Johnny Mac is with us. If he wins he will go after the twins and Austin. Becky says they can’t win after starting to play after day 57. You think its a blessing but its not. Meg says that’s why Shelli has to go. Meg says that of the four of us if James does go out .. he will be the one to come back. Becky says we need to stick together. Meg says I don’t think any of us would do that. Becky says but Jason did it to me. Vanessa joins them again and the conversation ends. They talk about New York and Miami.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 12-26-55-502

1:15pm Eating and suntanning..

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 13-15-53-496

1:30pm – 2pm Quiet day in the bb house… Backyard – Austin and Johnny Mac are working out. Austin tells Meg AKA grandma (they call her that because of her old style of glasses) that she would be showmancing Jerry (BB10) if he was in here (Jerry was 75 when he was on BB10). In the kitchen – Vanessa asks Shelli are you okay? Shelli says yeah just thinking. Vanessa asks I wonder if you won HOH if BB would let Clay send you a letter. Shelli says I hope so .. I told him if I win he better send me a letter. Even one of our pictures together. Shelli says she’s annoyed that when James was HOH he didn’t even come to them to take an photo with the HOH camera. We were sleeping but still I would have preferred we were woken up.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 13-51-40-653

2pm Backyard – Jackie says we could make a 6 person alliance with Johnny Mac and Steve. Meg says no, Steve has to go. Especially after yesterday (Steve pulling out another win). Meg says there are four of us it will be so easy to get out Johnny Mac and Steve. We just have to get Shelli out. Jackie agrees.

2:30pm Liz asks Austin how he’s trying to impress by lifting 305 pounds? Steve asks Liz does this relationship have potential outside the house? Liz says yes if he will cooperate with me. Steve asks so you want to continue this outside of big brother? Liz says yes, we’ll see though .. we haven’t gotten there yet.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-09 14-28-26-899

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Crazy Eyes

Yay! Vanessa is going to jury! I’m glad that most everyone is playing the game now.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Austin, Liz and Julia are going to get an earful after Vanessa is nominated. Be prepared to hear her talk about “bathing in blood” to protect her alliance, and about how she helped keep Liz and Julia safe when the twin twist was revealed. If Shelli can lay low, she might just survive the double-eviction. In a perfect world, Vanessa AND Shelli would leave Thursday. That would be a satisfying victory for JJMB (Jackie/James/Meg/Becky).


James knows that he’s number 4 of the 4 person alliance, and that he has nobody else. His and Steve’s best move is to evict Shelli. If they are playing the game well they will take on Becky and evict Shelli. They tell Becky, you know how it was in your best interest to put up STeve instead of Jmac? Well, it’s the same thing for me. We both want out Shelli and Vanessa, and it’s best for my game to get out Shelli first, before DE. If we do that, we tell Vanessa that we went with the plan and she protects us with DE. James is being way too loyal to Becky, who is loyal to herself and jmac only.

Zack attack

I am really liking Becky right now. She has a great read on Vanessa. Now we need Steve or Jmac to win the double and shake it up and take out Austin or a twin. They are sitting pretty because there are bigger targets and this season is all about big targets going up. I can’t wait to watch the feeds tomorrow after the veto!

BB tv

the trouble with Jmac or Steve winning hoh next, you never know who they will put up??


I’m pretty sure either of them would target Austin or Liz, whichever makes the most sense for the votes. It may be that the twins are ready to lose him too. The house would be behind them with getting Austin out I’m pretty sure.


I love the statement, Nastin and the twits are at summer camp. Sooooo accurate!


In my mind they are called “Austwat and the Twits”…

Char Y

Johnny says he’ll put up the twins and backdoor Austin, and I believe it. He’s very adamant..


I like that plan. That way, no matter who wins veto, one goes out. Ideally, my mean self would like to send Austin to jury and keep Liz to final three. Haha. I know it’s mean.


Becky is awesome @-;—–


I’m glad to see so many thumbs down on this comment. It restores my faith in humanity. Becky is being so personal and mean, and it’s not becoming given that she is probably a very nice girl. Vanessa doesn’t deserve all of the rudeness coming from Becky and Jackie. Nobody does. Becky and Jackie need to take a step back and realize how their rudeness is not required or rewarded, no matter how hurt they feel.


When Vanessa put up Jason she was uber respectful of him, even offering him a job. Does anyone else find it disturbing how many f-bombs and mean comments Becky and Jackie are making about Vanessa? They are getting very personal, and mean. Imagine Vanessa was your sister or friend, would you want her treated that way?

Vanessa’s play doesn’t warrant such mean-girl behavior from Becky and Jackie. Good for them to be winning right now. But ultimately, their mean-girl spirit will sink them both, I’m afraid. If not in the BB house, in life, in general.


Becky may not realize it, but her crazy faces and bitching are going to replace Vanessa crazy faces after she’s gone. I hope she gets voted out after they have a returning jury member come back.


Becky is becoming the new Vanessa. Crazy crazy crazy. Her hatred is overboard. We get it, you don’t like Vanessa, nominate her and don’t talk about her and the act of nominating her relentlessly. Becky will be the next to go before people will want Shelli out.


The funniest part of the whole situation is that peoplething in the comments section are hating on Becky for the exact same thing they have been doing to Shelli and Vanessa all season. I guess it’s only vile when you do it on TV and not behind the safety of a keyboard? Lol

Becky's boobs

Irrelevant. Most people don’t look at her face anyway.

Lucian Bute

People are just jealous of Becky, if not then why sweat it


Nobody is jealous of Becky. Tonight’s show they aren’t showing just how viscous that Becky is being dropping the f-bomb and saying really degrading things about Vanessa. It is good to see that BB isn’t going to drag Becky or Vanessa through the mud with Becky’s degrading comments. It is national tv. But we on the live feeds know just how dirty Becky has been. I cannot see that helping her in the long run. Perhaps Becky wins the battle of getting Vanessa evicted, but she isn’t winning any wars with her bad attitude.

Guy From Canada

HAve no not laughed your ass off at all the GIF’s Simon and Dawg have put up of her? They have been awesome 🙂


Crazy faces?

She’s probably been through a lot of reconstructive surgery (and perhaps associated nerve damage) due to the train incident. I think she looks amazing.


I like Becky I think she’s beautiful actually. All the girls look great . Im honest with myself, im not a good looking guy at all. Neither one of the ladies would ever talk to me. It’s not like I have a choice. I’m just saying I like that one is all. Don’t know why people are so cruel.


Good comment….
I think Becki is great looking…lol it always looks like she’s chewing on something…makes me hungry lol


About the looks thing…women fall in love with personality,kindness,compassion and many things other than looks. My husband died very young but when I met him he was playing pool with a male Calvin Klein model who was gorgeous,big personality, funny…however, my husband turned out to be the kind one, the funny guy,the sweet guy and after awhile he was stunning to me! Never fell so hard before or since! Keep your chin up!
Regarding Becky, her language this week is appalling and it takes away from her attractive exterior!


How do you take your name off of a post?



BBcan fan

Does anyone think there is a possibility Steve won’t use the veto?
And if he did not use it, do you think JJM would vote out Shelli? Would Vanessaand the twins vote out Shelli?

BB tv

no, steve would be a fool not to use the Veto…he would’nt have won it otherwise


Steve is not going to keep himself on the block for anything. Not even if he had been America’s Player and that was the mission for $5k that week.


If Steve doesn’t take himself down he deserves to go. I think he knows better.


If he doesn’t use it to save hi me self he will be voted out.

Canadian Kevin

Steve, as a super fan, knows if he doesn’t use the veto, he’ll be voted out, simply because he messed with the majority of the house.


I think it would be great if he did not use it and at the POV ceremony expose Becky’s game. He knows he would be on the bottom of the Shelli/Becky/John/Steve alliance. He really hates Becky. No way would he want to work with her. I think it would be a great game move. Exposes Becky for what she is and put new targets in the game. I really want Shelli to leave and Vanessa to stay. Hate all the mean girl talk of Jackie, Meg and Becky.

If that happens, would love for James, Steve and Vanessa to work together. Great game and great TV.

Chill this Town

ok, Marcellus…its not cute anymore. its time to let it go. no one is going to make such a painful mistake, and Steve not using POV would lead to him getting voted out. it still wouldn’t be worse than your decision to not use POV

we know its you Marcellus.


Silly post he won to use it.
The fun part is Vanessa ballsy enough to ask Steve not to use it so she is safe. I want that convo to happen so bad it would be epic. Could be the start of Chilltown 2 in the DR with Johnnie and Steve lighting it up on the don’t use the veto convo. These 2 together might make some good DR going forward.


How do you delete a post off of this site?


I figured it out. Thanks Dawg! By the way this site is awesome. You & Simon do such a great job.

Better Than Last Year

I can’t wait for Wednesday to hear the words, “Vanessa…take a seat”.

Simon & Dawg….get your sleep now cause from Monday to Thursday it’s gonna be like a tornado hit the house!

This is the best BB in the last few years. Thanks to James & Becky!

Love the suspense!


I’m sorry but how is this week suspenceful? We already know what’s going to happen.


Vanessa or Austin and the twins could have won the veto and not used it. Or one of them could have used it to save Shelli and we would ha been stuck with a Vanessa/Shelli combo in the game.


Did anyone notice last night after the veto comp when Vanessa was talking to Shelli that she lost the veto comp because production messed up her meds? I think that is the best excuse ever. Vanessa just admit you lost it because you’re not as smart as you think you are and not as fast. Just because you’ve won a couple mental comp you think no one can beat you. Can’t wait till Becky tells Shelli Vanessa agreed to vote her out. Vanessa will also throw Steve under the bus when she goes on the block and then I wonder if Steve will be so willing to keep her. Can’t wait to watch the feeds tomorrow after Vanessa goes on the block and what she does after Becky gives her speech why she is putting her up. FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!!


I have always wondered if her meds are not for what she says they are. It’s just that she does get quite scary sometimes with her faces and rambling. She blows up at small things as well.

I am kind of hoping she will just mildly blow up for entertainment’s sake but not embarrass herself too much.

And then we’ll have Becky’s lovely reenactment of her I am sure, since she thinks she’s bulletproof after Vanessa is gone. Lots of people want to take her out now because she’s good in physical comps and she got out Vanessa (good story to Jury).


I have wondered the same thing. If it is anti anxiety meds ( which I doubt) they have never worked….Something is very odd with her. I think Becky should use Vanessa’s same speech for changing her mind when she puts her up. Verbatim. Starting with I have heard things and……


Besides, James, Jackie, and Meg, there is no one in the house that will target Shelli,, That is why it would be smart for James, Jackie, and Meg to evict Shelli instead of Vanessa. Becky and Johnny will still target Vanessa after Shelli is gone, but who will target Shelli after Vanessa is gone? Austin and the twins will evict Shelli over Vanessa, so this will probably be one of the last chances for JJM to get rid of Shelli. They will have other chances to get rid of Vanessa.


James may realize this if he’s voted out for the Clelli front door, but Meg and Jackie don’t care. They just hate Vanessa that they wouldn’t see that getting out Shelli is going to be a huge uphill climb after this week unless James wins HOH. Plus Becky is egging the Vanessa hate at an all time high so Meg and Jackie have the girl gang mentality going.

Plus Shelli has this ability to make the women of this house think she is super cool. I guess she is somehow a woman’s woman.

I wish Vanessa booted Austin instead as he’s done nothing for her. He and Meg might stay for a long long time.

Canadian Kevin

If Austin had gone, then Clay would probably still be in the game, and Vanessa wouldn’t be a back door (probably).

That one move pretty much set the current course of action in place.

Jason was liked, and Vanessa, Shelli and Clay made a huge mistake. They’re currently paying for it.

Veto ceremony

When is the veto ceremony ? Is it today !


Veto ceremony is usually Monday late morning/early afternoon


Veto ceremony is usually Monday afternoon.


Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely–While I like Becky’s backdoor plan,I don’t think all the attitude she’s putting out right now is necessary.


the attitude may not be necessary, but it is justified.


Justified my ass. She is attacking the side of the house that protected her. And why the hell is Meg in the top 5 in this voting poll – she shouldn’t even be on this list!


Re: Meg

See bikini pictures above …

Canadian Kevin

protected her from who?

The only people talking about putting her up were the sixth sense.


God they didn’t protect her….geez….they used her and thought of her as NO LOSS..if their plan backfired…what show u watching?

Becky's boobs

Yeah, protected her after putting her on the block to begin with. Screw that. She was never in the Sixth Sense so she owes them nothing. She’s aligning herself with better people.


“Better people”? After last nights display that’s highly debatable…


All she is doing is venting. Clearly she’s upset at how Vanessa played her over the last several weeks. And really what else is she suppose to talk about? I think we underestimate how boring it gets in that house. There’s really nothing much else to do but talk talk talk.

JMac 4 The Win

Becky’s biggest problem (among many) is that she can’t see how close Shelli and Vanessa are, even after Vanessa’s one woman campaign to save Shelli last week. Of course Vanessa will throw Shelli under the bus when they are head to head, but Becky sounds like she would be loyal to Shelli even over JJM, Shelli is just laying low knowing Vanessa is on borrowed time. Shelli will not be loyal to Becky. If Shelli wins HOH on Thursday, the NOMS will be James & Becky. They both put her up and no one else has made any game move.
As much as I don’t like Jackie’s personality, Johnny Mac should get closer to her, because they have the best read on everyone.

BB tv

If Shelli wins HOH next week the noms will be James and Jackie! she’s gotta keep becky in her back pocket…As much as I hate to say it I think Shelli knows how to play the game better than Vanessa, knows when to lay low, and keep her mouth shut, and she(Shelli) will probably make it a lot further in the game..the only way I see her maybe going next, is if James or Jackie win the next HOH, and then I think she has about a 50/50 shot at going home.


As much as I am super glad that Vanessa will be on the block and Becky will be giving a great speech as to ‘why’ she is putting her on the block, I don’t think she realizes OR any of these idiots realize is the fact that Vanessa lied to her by saying she would VOTE out Shelli over Johnny Mac. The reason why Vanessa wants JohnnyMac up there is because she KNOWS she controls Austin & the Twins and she would get them to vote out JohnnyMac as well as herself. She probably also told Shelli this plan as well (aka – listen Shelli, I’m going to ‘pretend’ that I will be voting you out, BUT as the past has dictated, I always find a way to switch the house and vote the other way. Even this past week with Clay, — she wanted to do it on the ‘sneak’ as she told James over and over that she would vote Shelli but it was AUSTIN who felt bad blindsiding James and that forced Vanessa to come clean that she was voting out Clay. I think if Becky tells Shelli that Vanessa was willing to vote her out and sell her down the river, I feel that Shelli already knows that Vanessa was just saying that so Becky would feel confident that her target was going home. Does anyone else agree with this? Regardless of this, I think there are so many more ways to focus on with Vanessa than this reason. I would bring up the fact that for both of her HOH’s she switched her ‘target’ and the original backdoor was changed as well as the fact that she did really want to put AUSTIN up and everyone knows this was her idea and it was only when Steve & Clelli told her that voting out Austin would loose one of their alliance members. I think Vanessa should stick to making her millions playing POKER. I watched some videos of her and she is good.. She needs to stop playing this game so super hard. I liked her the first few weeks. I think I would have liked her a lot more if she aligned with Dae & Jason instead of going with the crew she is running with. And, let’s just say that she has used Steve since day one… He is too blinded to see that she will sell him out in a heartbeat in order to save her own skin. Steve – WAKE UP and start aligning with Johnny Mac & Becky! I want this season to have a bunch of good people in the finals. I like JohnnyMAC, BECKY, JACKIE, JAMES & MEG. Between Austin & the Twins – I prefer Julia over Liz and Austin is just a waste of space IMO. Once Vanessa goes, they should target Austin & Liz. Julia will keep her sister for sure.


I agree with most of what you say. I like Vanessa.
The only thing I disagree with is the the Steve part. I think Vanessa in some ways like and would keep Steve over Shelli or Austwins. I think she would have taken Shelli down because she was more vulnerable but campaign to get at least one person on the other side to vote Johnny Mac out. I think that was her goal this week.

I think when it comes down to it she would pick Steve over all of them.


Beckys biggest problem is herself. She’s so wrapped up in herself it’s amazing to watch. She talks about herself or should I say brags continually. She behaves like she’s on stage attempting to be a comedian begging for attention. Not liking Vanessa’s strategy is one thing but she’s over the top with trying to destroy her in a hateful way. I liked her then got to see who she really is hard to watch. I hope she goes soon. Starting to see Aaron


Ok I’m lost. Why does Becky have so much hate for van? It seems personal like when she said she doesn’t hate anyone on this house but she hates van? And yea her ugly faces are the best!


Because Vanessa kills the mood. People are having a good time and she ruins it by being so paranoid. Also because she tried to ruin Becky’s game and is now saying she did so much to protect her.


Actually Becky was a great candidate to put up in place of Austin and Jason which would have been better for Sixth Sense in the long run. Vanessa said something about “not being able to do that to Becky” which I thought was odd, but maybe because Becky seemed harmless at the time and was Clelli’s rat.

So I think Vanessa is kicking herself now about that (if she can acknowledge her mistakes, which I am not sure of).


I think it was Shelli who made that “let her stay” comment, and Vanessa agreed to focus on Jason instead.


I think if they understood Vanessa’s well-hidden 6th sense and even Freaks and Geeks alliances they would “get” why she has done what she has done. They just think she’s wacko because they don’t know she’s trying to advance her game by keeping her alliances safe.

Yes, one or two of Vanessa’s moves were bold and tricked them aka Big Brother play, and they feel stupid for being duped thus are taking it personally and are vengeful. If this was really just about game play, they would say “Vanessa is a sly player, we need to take her out.” But they aren’t focusing on that.

I’d like to know whatever happened to “We have to get Shelli out, she’s the one behind all of this” conversation of the previous week. Duh!?


Vanessa is more of a threat to Becky than Shelli. Becky feels she can beat everyone except for Vanessa


They now know it’s Vanessa whose been pulling the strings; last week, they thought it was Shelli.


Vanessa has been too domineering and has dictated each hoh’s game. Usually by lying or steering thoughts. She always controls by vague threats disguised as promises and perceived loyalty. She is quite a character. Everyone should see the importance of getting rid of her.


I thought Becky found out about Vanessa wanting to out her as being a flip flopper.


I am seriously laughing hysterically over Becky’s reenactment with Van & her greenie beanie-hilarious! Karma is about to blind side Van right up side the head. Even if Van comes back in the game, which she probably will( I see production wanting Van’s hysteria, paranoid, back stabbing behavior in the house to create drama), there MAY be enough of her people gone to not allow her to bully others with having the #’s. Definitely get her out this week!


Now I’m curious.?..what comment did the person want deleted?


Me too


Look at the post…he said he figured it out? Now I really want to know what the comment was Simon? And how did he delete it?


Ahh…never thought of that! That’s why you get paid the big bucks lol…thanks…keep up the great work!


Yeah bro what did you say.
Tell us.Tell us. We won’t judge 😉

Geez Louise

Lol… me too


Lol I guess Becky really doesn’t like Vanessa.Not that Vanessa doesn’t deserve it because she does. Her way of going about has been too in your face and egotistical. But I hope Becky gets that Vanessa was able to act like that because she was part of a bigger alliance that also included Shelli, Clay, Austin, and the twins. And it seems like she didn’t put them Shellie and Vanessa up even with the risk of it falling apart just so she could have the enjoyment of backdooring her after getting her to believe she’s not the target. Shes lucky it worked out that way it did in the veto comp but I guess she thought it was worth the risk.


The stupidest move ever would be to not target the Austwins at double evict. A solid 3 known alliance has to be split really soon.


a solid 3 that cant win anything doesn’t really say much.. but a person that CAN win HOHs and POVs is extremely dangerous. hence the case of vanessa vs shelli, shelli cant really manipulate, lie(vanessa is a better liar) and control people like vanessa can. thats why vanessa is wayyy too dangerous to keep around.


Hmmm. Both Liz and Austin have won HOH, and Julia came close to winning this HOH. They are hardly not winning.


RIP Frank Gifford : (

Doug Flutie

Frank Gifford RIP a great has left us


Who is that?


Serious, a great has left us? He cheated on his wife, allegedly. Did you forget that?


Becky becoming a really mean bitch in the HoH room. I don’t ever recall Vanessa mocking the people she was about to put up. Can you?


Vanessa runs around screaming crying in everyone’s faces, openly confronting people with lies she concocts to kill their game, calling them rats if they compare notes, etc. turning them against each other to create fear that can only be resolved if they follow Vanessa blindly, keep her secrets, and don’t put her name out there while she puts everyone on the block as her pawns. She calls them stupid, floaters, coasters, liars, mean and crazy when she’s caught in her lies, what is more personal than that. She’s an intellectual she prefers character assassination, turning twins against Austin, Shelli against Clay even though they were on her side…hard to figure out. She demonized Audrey but Vanessa couldn’t stick to a side and be loyal either.


“Vanessa runs around screaming crying in everyone’s faces, openly confronting people with lies she concocts to kill their game, calling them rats if they compare notes, etc. turning them against each other to create fear that can only be resolved if they follow Vanessa blindly, keep her secrets, and don’t put her name out there while she puts everyone on the block as her pawns.”

The only person she’s ever called a rat is Becky. That was because Becky one week attempted to start an alliance with Van and Shay and named her next targets as James and Jackie. As soon as James was in power, she changed her tune. That is a rat.

“She’s an intellectual she prefers character assassination, turning twins against Austin, Shelli against Clay even though they were on her side…hard to figure out.”

Turning the twins against Austin? Um, they are upset with him all by themselves. It wasn’t Van who told Austin to tell Jason he’d like to get Julia out. Julia hates him for that. Liz isn’t attracted to him at all and is becoming increasingly annoyed with his inability to win anything. Again, nothing to do with Vanessa. She’s made no attempt whatsoever to drive a wedge between those three and the fact that you assert this shows you either aren’t a feeds watcher or aren’t a very perceptive one.

And she never got between Clay and Shelli accept when they were both on the block and one of them actually asked her to vote him out. Again, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

“She demonized Audrey but Vanessa couldn’t stick to a side and be loyal either.”

Her loyalty was to Sixth Sense. Always was. What was the other “side” that she ever worked with against her own alliance? You might say Dark Moon but that was a sham alliance that she never planned to work with beyond getting Austin out. Austin went rogue and his ENTIRE alliance was pissed at him and was on board to get him out. They finally rallied to save him but that was the result of movement within the alliance and she decided to keep him knowing it would piss off anyone who was part of Dark Moon but not a part of Sixth Sense. Vanessa has done more work to keep that alliance together than anyone. To think Vanessa doesn’t have a side that she’s stuck to is just absurd and once again shows you just don’t have the information necessary to form an intelligent opinion.

Are U Fo Real?

“I can’t ever remember Vanessa mocking someone before she put someone up. Can You?” Whoops struck a nerve didn’t we? That was rhetorical right? You didn’t want another opinion.

Do you watch the feeds or read blogs. More than a couple of people remember Vanessa losing her wig for no reason on all her back up plans every day of the week. So she’s had fake alliances with Steve JMAC Freaks Geeks then Freaks Geeks + Beauty & Geeks then all her Final 2s just to throw you off her trail of 6th Sense that turned to 7, then 8 Sense. Who didn’t she add to the secret alliance? The joke of this season on every blog is THAT ARE NO FUNCTIONING ALLIANCES. Vanessa’s the only running on hyper paranoia then making 15 deals, turning on all of them, expecting its gonna stay a secret after she’s put them all on the block multiple times.

She didn’t put up Austin, flip on Jason keep Shelli or cover for Austwins because they vote with her or to help 6th Sense, she was 2 busy covering herself, HER game, deflecting, lying to create reaons to kill her deals. No one bought her false tears over Jason & Clay. All her manic gibberish is no more coherent than Clay’s mumbling. But hey, if you want to call it articulate strategy, no one’s blaming you. She’ll explain it in interviews after eviction this week.


I don’t believe Jurers get to do interviews while in house.


“Do you watch the feeds or read blogs. More than a couple of people remember Vanessa losing her wig for no reason on all her back up plans every day of the week. So she’s had fake alliances with Steve JMAC Freaks Geeks then Freaks Geeks + Beauty & Geeks then all her Final 2s just to throw you off her trail of 6th Sense that turned to 7, then 8 Sense.”

Well if you knew what was going on you would know that her real alliances never extended to 8 people. It was basically Sixth Sense plus Steve in another alliance. She never intended for Dark Moon to be a final 8. That wasn’t even her idea. It was a deal meant to get out Austin. Other people wanted to make it a final 8 deal and give it a name. That would be people who hadn’t really been playing the game and were lost and confused and wanted to be a part of something (Jackie). None of that has anything at all to do with her mocking people.

“Who didn’t she add to the secret alliance? The joke of this season on every blog is THAT ARE NO FUNCTIONING ALLIANCES.”

It is you who haven’t been paying attention. The Sixth Sense was definitely a functioning alliance. It only started to crumble when the other side started to pick apart it’s leaders and pit them against each other. The problem is the the SS decided to draw a line in the sand with the Jason eviction. That turned everything around. Up until that point, the SS was a pretty unified group. They rallied behind Austin for the sole purpose of keeping the alliance intact.

“She didn’t put up Austin, flip on Jason keep Shelli or cover for Austwins because they vote with her or to help 6th Sense, she was 2 busy covering herself, HER game, deflecting, lying to create reaons to kill her deals.”

Vanessa, Shelli, Clay and Julia ALL flipped on Austin. Why? Because he suggested that he wouldn’t mind targeting one of their own members and a twin sister of one of them no less. It had everything to do with betraying the alliance. Go back and watch the conversations with her and Shay when they first learned of it. Ultimately they decided that while he was an idiot, he was THEIR idiot and could, once he apologized profusely, at least count on him for a vote. They flipped but both times it was with the intention of keeping the alliance strong although their ideas about what that meant clearly changed. Going back on Dark Moon did NOTHING for her game. It destroyed her game and she knew there was a chance it would.

“No one bought her false tears over Jason & Clay. All her manic gibberish is no more coherent than Clay’s mumbling. But hey, if you want to call it articulate strategy, no one’s blaming you. She’ll explain it in interviews after eviction this week.”

Again, nothing to do with her mocking people or not having stayed loyal to a side. Nothing at all. I think I see your problem though. You can’t recognize an alliance that everyone is genuinely committed to and wants to work with one in which some of it’s members have no intention of working with on a long term basis. To you it all looks like the same thing. You’re incapable of differentiating between actual motivations and outward actions. It’s like saying that Derrick was never loyal to the Hitmen because he made so many side deals. Were you confused last year as to where Derrick’s loyalties were?


You can’t really say Vanessa didn’t stick to a side. If anything her game was blown when she was TOO loyal to her side. If Vanessa goes home for good this week her BB tombstone will read: “Should have evicted Austin.” It doesn’t look like she’s loyal to anyone from Becky’s perspective but that’s because Becky has no idea about the Sixth Sense and what’s been going on within it.


You may need to refresh your memory of the Sixth Sense. Vanessa totally killed her own game for Austin and Clelli the past two weeks. She stuck to Austin, Twins, Clelli very early on, probably week two and then it was locked in after Julia revealed to her she’s the twin.

Vanessa pretended to promise that fake 8 alliance (that was a stupid short lived alliance and everyone knew it) for good of Sixth Sense and Jackie was ready to boot her at any chance, she just had no shot that week.

Loyalty wasn’t Vanessa’s problem. It was the way she talked to people outside of Sixth Sense. The nagging and the deals and the threats. She never enticed nor acknowledged that she didn’t offer enough to demand things.

The train should have won

By turning the twins against Austin, you mean telling them both that he told Jason he wouldn’t mind getting one of them out in order to be alone with the other? Telling them the truth about someone they thought they could trust floating the idea of splitting them up? Yeah, how horrible of her to let them know that. And then she saved him anyway…

Becky's boobs

Vanessa deserves to be mocked. She has bullied and backstabbed for weeks.


Can’t wait to see what side Shelli ends up with if Austin & twins vote for her to go (which would probably be the case). Austin/twins need to go up (& out) during DE, preferably Austin. Exciting week!

Hang Tough Becky

Why do Becky haters hold her to higher standards than Vanessa & admire Vans ruthlessness in the name of strategy expecting the underdogs to offer flowers after every slap? How many scams can Vanessa pull? Crisco, hands & arms stuffed in the cookie jar, planting lies to humiliate & blow up games, meds too much, not enough, mixed them up, NOW BLAMING PRODUCTION BECAUSE SHE CAN’T TELL HER OWN MEDS APART? Fed law all pills different sizes, colors, shapes, marking to avoid mix up. Now Productions fault her brain is scrambled, after blaming JMAC Clay Steve didn’t work and she can’t win comps? She will always take the low road. And she had so much compassion for Audrey NOT! If she were smart, why did she hook up with the only guy who’s not playing except in Liz pants. She thinks she’s got Austwins mesmerized with Vegas party tricks and they are the only ones throwing the hinky votes. Back to fireworks, screaming, crying and throwing her arms around threatening them into loyalty like all emperors before Rome burns. Et tu Brute’?


First of ll I love Vanessa, but I am not or ever bashed Becky.
I think as I have said before when people called Becky a flatter… Becky is not a Floatter she has just been overlooked by most of the alliances even though she has won comps. Actually Becky is a part of Alliances I wished happened in the house.

I wish Vanessa and Jackie had formed an alliance… the two of them together would have been awesome.

I wish the sixth sence was not Austin, Liz Julia Shelli Clay, Vanessa and Steve…. I wish it was Vanessa, Steve, Jackie, Jeff, BECKY and Johnny Mac…. that would have been a team to watch…. didn’t happen… boo

I have said this a dozen times, there is something about Becky that makes her overlooked even when she wins… Becky will go back to being overlooked even after being the one that took out Vanessa… Houseguests will just go back to.. “Who’s Becky???? lets get out James or Jackie/ Shelli or a twin.” She is just overlooked and it seems she is also overlooked by BB Fans as a strong player… she is a real good player one of the best this Season.

Becky's boobs

Because some people are trendy and just hate whoever is in power.


What the heck.. People can delete our post. How is that alright? Let people say what they want to say.


They deleted their own post, not someone else’s.


Ok thanks for clearing things up. I enjoyed Vanessa’s game in the beginning. Despite her always being emotional. But I agree she is paranoid. I just hate when there’s personal attacks. But I know it makes for good tv!


Becky is certainly acting all Abercombie and Bitch. I am loving this season (especially after the snorefest that was BB16) but Becky is over the top with her vitriol. The chip on her shoulder is huge. I’ll bet she NEVER gets to sit at the cool kids table and that is where she desperately wants to be. She just needs to sit at her own table and make THAT ONE the cool table but she is too busy thinking poor little ol’ me, I’m gonna get them one day. She should be handling this way more graciously. The people you step on on the way up are the very ones that will let you fall on your way down-so take care of business but don’t be a douche doing it.

Guy From Canada

You try being trapped in a house with crazy. I am sure it would rub off on you, and piss you off a lot when you get the same conversations over and over again.


Lol…Jace must of had a brain hemorage when Steve said Geek Squad Mickey…lol Steve said it that way on purpose for 2 reasons:
1. To piss Jace off if he is watching
2. To see if anyone corrects him saying no its
Geek Squad MCGEE. .


Becky has great cans.

Misty Beethoven

Okay, we get it – Becky has boobs. She has breasts, boobage, hooters, knockers, jugs, tits, tatas, and Winnebagos. Are you happy now? Get over it. You sounds like you’re 13.


Funbags, melons, bazookas, meat rack, gazongas…


My personal favourite: sweater puppies



Becky's boobs



I hope that all the people who have been hating on Johnny Macs game are now realizing that he has been playing. He is not a floater in my mind. He voted to keep Jeff because he wanted to knowing full well he was going against “the house”. He was still going to vote for Clay up until the last minute. No one has been able to manipulate him. Yes he went up as a pawn but I think he saw that as a game move because he wasn’t really in any alliances. Now that the game is getting good we are seeing that he is playing his game and working with those that want to see the same results. I think Vanessa doesn’t like him because she knows he can see right through her. In my mind he doesn’t need to pair up with Jackie, he just needs to continue to play his game.


Totally agree. In my mind he already hurts himself by liking Shelli too much, so being closer to both Becky and Jackie will muddy his game, and he needs to get rid of James so buddying with Jackie and Meg will make it more difficult.

JMac 4 The Win

Totally agree. Let’s face it, in a season with so many people over=playing (Jeff, Audrey, Chelli, Vanessa) He figured out early on to lay low, observe and let them all teake each other out. And what happened? Exactly that. Now that the fruit loop dinguses have basically eradicated themselves, he’s starting to do some careful gameplay in a house full of people who have limited social awareness. After this eviction, the only ones left that are game players are (probably) Shelli, Jackie and James.

He’s tried to pull Steve in, but Steve was too worried about Vanessa (who I liked at first, but damn, way to go off the rails). He needs to realize Shelli is the biggest obstacle to him winning and at least “allow” her to be evicted. Then he should have smooth sailing.


Becky has the right in BB house to behave however she wants BUT it’s disgusting to watch anyone be so hateful. Lies are acceptable in the house it’s a big part of the game BUT to be so incredibly in your face Spewing hate is horrible. It’s ruining the enjoyment of reading and watching the feeds. Guess that’s Beckys strategy …. How creative. She’s not to person or player I thought she was. Disappointing


Her personality has been fake up until this week. It must have been hard for her to keep in. She is completey opposite all of sudden. She is making the right game move, but chill out girl.


She is a troll just like the rest of the Meg and Jackie side. TROLLS I SAY!


please stop, becky hasn’t insulted vanessa directly to her face, at least not yet. becky and her alliance are venting at the fact that they were manipulated and lied to by the queen V. remember this is ALL recorded, they have nowhere to talk alone without cameras watching them.

i don’t think its wrong for them to speak their mind about how Vanessa did them wrong in whatever tone they want. BUT, it is wrong for them to go up to vanessa and personally insult her, which HAS NOT HAPPENED YET.. cant curse, cant call someones lies, cant talk about someone they dont like in the game, cant be angry, f**k that S**T. politically correct america is just taking over, give me a break


Isn’t imitating someone and calling them a bitch and crazy for hours and hours behind their back worse than directly saying to the person “I think you are a bitch?”

Becky had a very successful HOH week but doesn’t mean her HOH style is good. Shelli, Vanessa, James didn’t make fun of people they nominated. They just nominated them. Becky was a super nice girl the first few weeks and I even liked her, then kind of shady with her rat strategy, and the now, I don’t even recognize her from week 1/2.

Great logic

Mama Joyce sounds very unpleasant, just like Jackie. She sounds like she is a frustrated bitch on the wrong medication, her comments are so full of hate and negativity, she must have lost her mind. She is a hypocritical bitch. I hate her. And me writing this here is totally ok, because i am just angry and venting and not saying this to her face.


Wtf so it’s ok because she’s not “saying it to her face”?? Where I’m from THATS called being a little bitch. The fact is I bet she WOULDNT say crap to anyone’s face. She’s such a little rat. I can’t wait until her idol shelli sends her ass out! I hope shelli wins hoh this Thursday and sends Becky out right behind vanessa.

kathie from canada

Simon and Dawg have had to on very rare occasions. I remember a few years back the language by a small few was way over the edge. Seems reasonable to me.


Van needs to go but Becky does too. I don’t think Becky realizes that Vanessa does keep her word to get actual alliance, duh!!! Can’t wait to see Becky turn on her current group once Van leaves and she has Shelli all to herself, my money is on Havkie taking Becky out!


I’ll give Becky the benefit of a doubt and say that she probably wouldn’t be so unhinged if she even had the slightest idea what is going on in the game. She thinks Vanessa’s moves were random because Becky is just really terrible at this game, as in thinking she’s in like flint with either Shelli or JJM. She’ll be out on her ass and to jury in the next couple of weeks.


What’s happening to Messa is what should have happened to Derick last year except the entire BB16 cast were Morons.


Derrick did not have the Nastiness and in your face style that Vanessa has. Just look at how many fake arguments she made up in order to get someone out. Derrick never did that once in game.


I love the caption “Quiet day in the bb house…” with a photo of Jackie’s arse hanging out…

This is why I just love Dawg and Simon…. 😀

Uh huh...

Becky’s using her HOH the best way she possibly could in my opinion. I’m so glad she knows better than to have gotten sucked into the “comfort” of Vanessa’s trap the same way Steve has.

For Steve, fact is, having Vanessa sent packing gives him a better chance at winning it all as opposed to if she stuck around. And the sad thing is he doesn’t even realize it. Maybe the reality will hit him about that fact once Vanessa goes up in his place and people start openly discussing the manner in which she’s been manipulating everything/one and how she only wanted to use Becky and Steve for extra numbers in steering eviction outcomes before sending them to jury in favor of keeping Shelli and the Austwins around.

The best move for Steve’s game once Vanessa is sent to jury would be to realize he’s hitting it off well with Julia, so he might as well approach her about making a final four alliance amongst himself and the Austwins.

If he can’t figure something like that out, then for as book-smart a person as he seems to be he really has little clue as to where he stands amongst the household… or simply lacks the know how and instincts to strengthen his position within it in a manner that could truly prove to get him further in the game (provided the HOH comps played out with him or the Austwins winning the next one or two of them rather than a win from Jackie, James, Meg, or Becky).


You have to realize though that Vanessa kept Steve safe when the house wanted him out. When Austin was the backdoor plan, Jackie and co would have not been as pissed if she had gone with Steve as he was a backup plan.. so she put her game in the line of fire for her alliance… Steve was also a candidate for going up on the block and Vanessa always managed to keep him off (when she was HOH and when Shelli was HOH)… so Vanessa being in the game had greatly benefited the kid or he could be where Jason is right now

Uh huh...

But the only reason she “protected” him was to have an extra number on her side. Once everyone that she feared would take her or any of “her people” out of the game before SHE was ready for them to go, Steve would soon be sent packing. Vanessa was manipulating him, nothing more.

If I’m in the game, I’m in it to win it. By playing by “Vanessa’s rules” Steve never had a chance to win or make it to the final four. Chances are he would have made it to 6-8 instead. That’s not a poor accomplishment, but when you realize you were always set up to go home/to jury right around then it means all you accomplished was going along for the ride until being dumped as opposed to having any real shot at winning.

And for as much as you would argue Vanessa saved him, I would argue that he made a poor decision by playing into her trap. He could’ve chosen to align himself with others instead of allowing himself to work primarily with and do whatever Vanessa wanted.

And as for Vanessa’s word and loyalty, etc., wasn’t she part of that brief Dark Moon alliance that was set-up for no other reason than to fool the other side of the house into thinking they’d all be safe with her right before she then went and placed Jason on the block?


Can’t wait until Becky gets a nice and delicious taste of double eviction.

Triangles of Love

Becky will scurry back into her little rat hole and be forgotten.

The big targets will once again become the immediate focus:
For J/J/M/B the targets are: Shelly and Austin
For Austwins/Shelly the targets are: Jackie and James


Damn right she will. She will not only scurry but scamper back to her hole.


After this big move, they need to focus on breaking up the Austin, Julia and Liz group.


couple points……

Vanessa is not gone yet! It’s likely 4-4 she needs to turn 1 person and I figure that’s James. They better buddy patrol his azz til Thursday Van can crack him I’m telling you. He wanted Shelli so bad last week. James would of course destroy their whole season but he is that short sited.
If they do get Vanessa out an interesting dynamic happens. Steve had made up his mind to run with her(Freaks and Geeks) til the end. He and Johnnie had looked like an alliance all along but got washed out. Now it will be back. These 2 need to keep the target off them and let the 2 sides have at it.


I agree, Austin could get James to flip. Tell James that Shelli is with JMac and Becky, and shelli want them to take out James at DE. Get James to join austin, the twins and Steve to keep Vanessa. Van can’t do the talking on this one the deal needs to come from Austin, Unfortunately, Austin has no guts and happy to float to whoever is in power.


Yes thank you! I’ve been saying this for two days! I really think Van and or Austin could get James. She needs to calm down first, take a deep breath then gather up Austin and go lay out a deal James can’t refuse. I really think he’ll do it just going off James and vans interaction during the whole Johnny argument the other day. Not to mention the things he said to Austin last night.

Chill this Town

I agree

however, I prefer Jackie and J-MAC somehow make a deal, play both sides, and make final 2.

ah well.

In Defense of BOB

First, let me say that I hated the BOB this year. It was horrible. Everyone figured out that you put pawns up and then backdoor your real target. That’s why the first couple of weeks were so predictable, other than Audrey’s craziness. That having been said, I just thought of a perfect place for the BOB. That’s double eviction week.
So right now Thursday will be: Eviction (hopefully Van) then HOH, the POV, then second eviction, all in rapid succession. This would actually be a great place to have BOB. You follow the same format. Eviction. The an HOH with two winners. The two winners each rapidly (without time to plan together, the biggest problem with BOB) nominate two HGs. Have a BOB competition. The winning noms are safe, the ones still up on the block without the possibility of POV. Then double eviction. Talk about bloody, chaos…


I can’t wait for this week when vanessa is on the block my god. If she leaves no all stars for her she might played the game way too hard. I felt there were two mistakes that was made she caused too much waves with promising something about putting audrey and austin and back out. She miscalculated the bob and thought it had another week or two. The sixth sense is gone after vanessa is gone. Honestly the hitmen thinke they would do well in bb17 but in my honest opinion derrick could have been nominated or lost the game. IF last season finish bob right after amber the denotators would have been squashed. If donny nominated caleb and victoria derrick will still lost a number and it would have been a different game. Another thing is campaigning against the house wishes of evicting shelli. She showed her cards way too soon and is a comp beast. She wanted to hide like a dan be the weak card she is revealing her true colors to half the house. The only person who is playing a dan card is austin maybe I don;t know if he is throwing the comps or just suck at them. Jmac will mostly likely to win since nobody wants to target him.

So Confused

Why is Becky so mad at Vanessa? She did keep her word and kept her safe when she was on the block. If she didn’t Becky would be at home and Jason would be in the house.


I hate to say this… and I know how horrible it will sound… but….

How pathetic is Austin and the twins that house considers Steve a bigger threat?

Austin and the twins talk major smack but the only reason they are still there is because two girls and Steve are bigger threats than Austin.


If things had turned out differently.the house would have been boring. Thanks to Vanessa we were given drama. She is a loyal person to her people. When all the people you think you hate are gone. What are we left with- boring becky- johnny come lately- and Steve. Amagine the conversations then… Ugh. I really wish it was Shelli going( with a chance to come back) and van staying….just to watch Becky’s smug face fall. Something about that Becky that does not sit right with me. She acts like her shit don’t stink. All on a soap box …preaching her holier than thou spiel..


Ew, becky’s turned out to be such a bitch…


I just had an offsite argument with another BB fan. He thinks Austin should be on the block because he is the biggest Physical threat. Austin is so not the biggest Physical threat in the House… that would be Johnny Mac.

People look at an Austin, Clay, Brendon, Lane, Jeff or a Jesse and see a guy who should be the biggest physical threat (Note: Jannelle and Rachel have won the most physical comps in BB History. When it comes to BB Physical Comps it is all about the Herstory not History. Just being honest.) … but look at who actually wins most comps…. not guys like that.
Guys who are tall and muscular like Austin and those guys do not have the right physical attributes for what I would say 98% of all BB Comps. They are built for Brute strength and quick burst of energy. That’s great but it is not what BB comps are.

Big Brother comps are built for Quick, agile and endurance… the physical threats in Big Brother are the Johnny Macs and James… those are the Big Brother physical threats… not Austin. It’s like last year everybody saw Caleb, Devin or Cody as the huge physical threats when the biggest physical threat in the entire house was Frankie.


This season has too much drama may be a one of good season of bb especially every week on the feeds are good with the fights. I wonder what cards does vanessa up her selves for this week to avoid voting out. The only thing becky has not told the group about was that she told clay and shelli about the backdoor plan before hand and was the rat to them about the conversation. Vanessa was a dud if she leaves this week too bad she does need high praises if voted out. Anyone has a chance to win especially with becky omg she take down vanessa.


I bet Shelli ends up going home and not Vanessa.


Once Vanessa and Shelli and Johhnny Mac leave there’s only immature middle school Children left…we can listen to Becky brag and talk about how proud she is of herself. Jackie say F**k and d**k along with a few other words in her limited vocabulary…Meg giggle and try to learn BB…oh and James can entertain us saying disgusting inappropriate things about women. Season will continue to go downhill fast. Started so good

Chill this Town

I love how they keep saying there is 4 of them

sorry, there really isn’t

right now, how I see it based on an entire season of conversations from J-MAC’s first comment about how he would take becky over any of the other girls in the house(looks)

J-MAC, Steve, Becky are a legitimate trio
Jackie, James, Meg are a trio
Austin, Liz, Julia are a trio
Shelli has suddenly been put on an island if Vanessa goes this week. I know Becky will continue to try to keep J-MAC and Steve off the radar while playing on Jackie/James/Meg’s “side”. but I think Jackie is overlooking Steve and J-MAC, they are being treated a bit like Chill Town was in BB7. oh they can’t win comps, who cares if they stay in the house. OK, except Boogie DID win comps(3 towards the end including HUGE final HOH comp), and J-MAC and Steve have both proven that they can be very formitable in competitions. and J-Mac has been holding back….4 V 2 is not as big of an advantage as it sounds in Big Brother. that is one of the 2 gets HOH, the other wins POV, then its 3 v 2 the next week…and again, this is NOT 4 v 2…its really 3 v 3 v 3 v 1 as of now.

No Beuno

Jackie is shaped like a man. Look at those big broad shoulders. lol