Big Brother Spoilers Final 5 Power of Veto results “call the family.. call them up”

POV Holder: Cody POV Used ?
HOH Winner Caleb Nominations: Frankie and Victoria

BB16 2014-09-12 21-00-26-916

Cody wins the POV
8:58pm Cody – hopes they get beers and the backyard soon, “Oh my god I can’t believe it”
Caleb to Cody – if you didn’t beat him Derrick would .. it’s crazy how much better everyone did
Claeb – It’s cray.. call the family.. call them up”
Caleb – I guaranteed us to the final 4 you guaranteed us to the final 3..
Cody – that’s huge bro.. biggest wins of the game so far..

BB16 2014-09-12 21-00-18-913

9:08pm Kitchen Frankie, Derrick, Caleb
Frankie twirling around “Can we have another button.. I want to press another button”
Caleb says there was a clock showing their previous numbers to beat. Frankie shares what he said when he walked out into the backyard, “Wow my a$$hole is bleeding I’ve just been f***ed in the a$$ so hard.. You guys Victoria beat me..”
They correct him Victoria didn’t beat him.

BB16 2014-09-12 21-12-41-560

9:12pm Frankie hugging away telling Claeb he’s so proud of him loves him so much. Frnakei – You hungry I’m making white fish”

BB16 2014-09-12 21-13-42-913

9:13pm Kitchen Caleb, Victoria and Derrick
Caleb telling her the Veto is not getting used and the two people voting are Cody and Derrick. Nobody is changing their minds Frankie is going home. Caleb says he wants the vote to be split so he can send Frankie home personally.
Derrick – Frankie I never promised you that the pawn doesn’t go home.. In Big Brother the pawns do go home”

BB16 2014-09-12 21-21-00-838
9:21pm Kitchen
Frankie is blaming his predicament on pushing the button. He’s talking to the camera acting sarcastic “I’m so glad I pushed the button.. Hurrah for the button.. I like the button”

BB16 2014-09-12 21-32-38-122

9:29pm Derrick and Cody
Derrick – I f***g love you dude… honestly you are a smart dude you know how big this is.. We’re going to the final 2 he (Caleb) can’t beat us”
Cody wonders if they should break the news to Frankie after the veto ceremony. Derrick says Caleb wants to do it now.
Cody – I know he doesn’t think
Talking about taking Caleb to the final 3. Cody wants to Derrick says he’s on board. Frankie comes in says he hates it when they do that he thinks they are talking about him. Cody says they were talking about Caleb.
Frankie – His ego is the size of a planet”

BB16 2014-09-12 21-35-01-601

9:34pm HOH Caleb and Cody
Caleb wants the have a split vote says he talked to Derrick and derrick is down for it.
Cody doesn’t want to do that he’s not going to do that.
Derrick joins them. Derrick says there is no chance they’ll split the vote “It makes us look like shmucks”

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203 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers Final 5 Power of Veto results “call the family.. call them up”

    1. production will be working on Derrick to save Frankie. Derrick will work Caleb to be the tie breaker to save Frankie. it’s either that or production is gonna give Caleb Pandora’s box. this is far from over to have Frankie evicted this week. “EXPECT THE EXPECTED”.

      1. Sure production. Caleb wants a split vote so he can send Frankie home. Sure. Just what Derrick needs to keep Franky. Of course it not in his best interest. Cause Cody will be coming after him. But then again he will have Frankie for the win to send Caleb home.

      2. Ok boys…here’s what you gotta do…do NOT tell Frankie he’s going home until right before the voting. Telling him early leaves him that much more time to work on Caleb who is far too easily manipulated. And splitting the vote is the stupidest move ever this late in the game just to let Caleb be the one to send him to jury.

        But if Derrick (and production) decide to save Frankie then we’re all screwed. Frankie is who I want to win the least (even after Victoria)….but if he’s saved this week then they might as well just give him the money and be done with it.

        1. You can’t put your personal feeling aside about Frankie and even acknowledge that he is the best competition player this season and will earn his place among the best players of all time with all his competition wins? I can’t stand Derrick personally, but I do admire he is a master manipulator which is all part of the game and has earned his spot in the final 3.

      3. just a few mins ago DR called for Victoria. Victoria walks in the HOH room and tells Frankie, Cody and Caleb that production purchased a new chain for her. looks like production just paid off Victoria in order for them to save Frankie.

        1. How the heck is giving Vic a new necklace an attempt for production to save Frankie? She’s on the block, has no vote, can’t do jack…how does that relate to saving Frankie in any way?

      4. Can you imagine how much Whining Skankie can do between now and Tuesday when we will FINALLY see the big Eviction? Then another Eviction on Wednesday (presumably Victoria’s weepy exit)….just so we can finally get Down To IT!!!! Get this train wreck over, for heaven’s sake! If Caleb or Cody go limp and let Derrick save the pink-haired a**hole, I will never watch BB again. Period.

        1. Victoria might not be headed out next as she’s the golden airhead and the easiest to beat. Caleb is the next target now that Derrick has the numbers he wants. Derrick won’t risk Caleb at the final two because of the comp wins and delusional loyalty. I really wish Victoria would win an HoH now. Maybe it can be a guess that price game…or which Kardashian said this?

      5. I like your idea better than mine about Frankie. A Pandora’s Box could be introduced and that “surprise” would be that Caleb has to take one nomination off the block and name another. I mentioned Frankie finding a secret veto in the house. Caleb wants to take off Frankie and be the one who sends him home. I bet Allison Grodner is working overtime to see that Frankie is saved at the last minute. I want to see a final two between the best players this season; Derrick and Frankie. Derrick the master manipulator and Frankie the competition dominator.

    2. Love the cotton candy head reference! Hey Frankie -Don’t forget to thank Jocasta again for the beautiful memorial she so kindly performed when your Grandfather passed away. How quickly you forgot!

      1. Frankie and Derrick! Jocasta had a memorial for both of your Grandfathers. Now, you bad mouth her as easily as you breathe.

    1. So the only drama left is if Cody is smart enough if he wins to take Victoria to final 2 instead of Derrick or otherwise Derrick officially wins big brother….

    1. I’m doing the Zach “twerk” right now. Bye Frankie! *sings* “I got one less problem without ya…one less…one less…problem!”

    1. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Frankie suggests a TA mission to save himself? lol
      Karma is a B!t@#. Zach Attack. FearTheBeard.

  1. If this means Frankie will go to the jury house, I’ll erase Tampax from the Tampax-Cody.

    God help us getting rid of the evil!

    1. I hope y’all can start looking at Cody for what he is: He’s made the smart decisions even if they weren’t the spectacular ones, and let’s face it, everybody playing BB does this whole spiel of telling people “oh, I’m so mad at X, I’m about to blow up on him!” to make them believe you like them more than that person, and to try to rally them against that person.
      And if you go in there with the strategy to be flirtatious with the girls, then you have to figure out just how flirtatious the girls are willing to get without feeling uncomfortable. Not his responsability to tell the married woman “no, stop! we shouldn’t cuddle. you’re married!”
      I saw a good genuine guy in Cody (just like Donny did, btw!) in the beginning weeks, and then when he had to act a certain way to “keep on good terms” with a$$holes he was playing the game with, I knew he was still a good guy. That’s when many people on here started insulting him.
      I hope we can put that to rest now.
      He’s a good guy and I’m rooting for him.

      1. Oh give us a break. Cody Castrate is a spineless turd who should go home next following Pinky the Narcissist.
        Victoria for F2. OMG, I can’t believe I just said that.
        * ZachAttack. FearTheBeard. Derrick’sMist. *
        (Warrior Princess…soon to follow)

      2. I’m rooting for: Caleb, Victoria (I know she did nothing, but she skated through because they used her) and Cody in that order, If she could win HOH next time that would really put some shocks on all our faces. To see Derrick leave with just enough money to feed his daughter would be eye opening.

        Bless her heart as goofy as she is – she still is a nice girl, just a little bit to much air in her head, I’m quite sure if she won some money she would loan Derrick some. Then again after the game and she finds out everything, well that would be something to see.

        1. Victoria is not a nice girl. She is doesnt have a sweet heart. If you are looking for a nice girl that would more likely be Amber. Victoria is a dunce. She says obnoxious things when voting and takes pleasure in trying to hurt others. Also can dish but can’t take … Where is the nice part ??? Her job in the game is to lose so smarter players can go farther .. And she is so dense she won’t even realize how used she was when she leaves. She did zero growing in the house … She could have used this time away from her family for some soul searching. Instead .. She remained close minded and shallow. Nice is not Victoria … Maybe when she grows up … But now she is just a bumbling child who needs to learn the value of being nice to others and not sinking to someone’s level if she finds them distasteful .. Be a Better person. (I know this is big brother but she is doing these low class actions when the person is already leaving this is not game play .. This is immaturity and a window into who she is .. I would never want to be her client .. Would u want your photographer to be laughing at you??

          1. I’m glad I got to improve my opinion of Victoria over the past weeks (given her over-exposure since overstaying her welcome…), but there’s no doubt in my mind when she got recruited, they saw her as BB’s own Paris Hilton: obnoxious, socially unaware and dumb. A joke, entertaining to look at. Kinda like Caleb.

      3. Your opinion license is hereby revoked. Knowing she was married and that her husband would be watching, Cotex went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on cooing with Christine, letting her pet him, cuddling, snuggling, etc.

        This was blatant disregard for her husband. Actions speak louder than words: disrespectful, and egotistical describe him best. Can’t be a good guy with those attributes.

        If Cody was on the other end of this love triangle, he would shout at the television,

        “This guy is all over my wife! That’s it! I’m gonna call him out!!”

        (and then do, uh… nothing)

        Yeah, great guy. SMH

  2. Yes!! Now this is good news!
    Cody won’t use it…unless he wants Derrick to go up…

    Derrick May have used it. Victoria and Frankie-stein would have for sure. Perfect scenario!! Now all that is left is to vote the rat face out

    1. There is PLENTY of time for Production to make sure the crowd is very Pro-Frankie. They won’t want another Christine style boo. I mean it took 16 seasons for a good boo like that.

      This is where I really wish BB-US was like BB-UK where they evicted outside the house and there are a lot of people outside letting them know how the feel about them without “canned” applause or cheering.

        1. We use to say what is on our minds. Now the PC police are everywhere in our lives and when it comes to important events that shape the future of our country, forget about speaking your mind or waving the flag. That is a no, no.

      1. Big Brother After Dark should be called Frankie Grandie After Dark. It’s pathetic how much air time this waste of flesh gets. There could be a room of hg’s talking but all cameras are on Frankie! I’ve given up watching BBAD. Frankie is unwatchable. BB needs villains to make the show exciting and get people to tune in. But Frankie’s the complete opposite. Everything about him makes it unbearable to watch.

    2. I have read no live audience for Tuesday’s eviction. How convenient of course. Hope Skankie is ostracized in the jury house. Hope Zach has got a clue about him.

  3. there was some comments that victoria’s time was better than Frankie’s but just now on the feeds it sounds like she didn’t get that far. There was a clock that they saw with the last shortest time they had to beat I guess.

  4. If they don’t send Frankie Home after Cody winning this POV. I am done watching. This 50K thing seems to be something along the lines of trying to save their cash cow. Frankie is a dirty scumbag

  5. Julie: “By a vote of two to zero, Frankie, you have been evicted from the Big Brother house.”


    1. If that happens, he will probably try to “squash it” right there with you of why you don’t like him. UGH. After all he has to be liked and accepted by everyone cause everyone has to love him. “It’s just the way it is and everything has repercussions.”
      I can see why his guy has a shrink and a “life coach.”

    1. I’m confused how it was made to save Frankie like you claim. He was HOH during the time of the twist so he was the one that was going to get hurt the most. If he was on the block, then maybe I’d agree with you, but this just makes no sense.

      1. If I remember right they announced the twist before the HoH competition Frankie won. Frankie was looking like a target before they sent Nicole and Christine packing. With them gone, Frankie seemed next until he won HoH. If this twist was designed to save Frankie they either jumped the gun or it backfired. Frankie did play it safe with leaving his noms the same and didn’t try to backdoor any one so maybe production told him to hold off on anything major. He maintained the status quo but by winning both comps and wielding a lot of power in the house he made a target of himself.

  6. Let’s hope Production dosen’t do something like **Cough** Rachel and Jordon getting unplanned Pandora’s Box **Cough** to save Frankie.

  7. This 50 K that production trying to rig for Frankie scares the crap outta me. These guys are so weak that I am actually nervous of Derrick misting Caleb and Cody that keeping Frankie is a good idea. However I think (more hoping) Derrick is smart enough to know getting rid of Frankie is a guarantee final two. Well here is to hoping Frankie getting out this week. Will be the most joyful moment of the season for me. Second was Crustine going.

    1. I dont think there is anything to worry about. Derrick knows he can’t manipulate Frankie the way he can to everyone else, Derrick knows he has to go, This is there one and ONLY chance to get rid of him. Im a huge Derrick fan, but I won;t be if he somehow saves Frankie!!

      1. It’s the last chance.. they blew off at least 2 in the last 4 weeks. JUST BOOT THAT BLUE SHORTED BOOBIE OVER TO THE JURY HOUSE. Apologies to the Jury House for having to suffer with him for a week.

    2. But Derrick doesn’t need Skankie to win the 50K. Derrick just needs to win the game to get the extra cash as he is part of Team America.

  8. Enter Frankie jumping and humping on Cody. Cody says stop. Frankie keeps going and says how awesome. Do you want some white fish? Cody wants salmon. Frankie says if I had known I would have made that. What a suck up but we all know that!!!!! Get rid of Frankie now!!!!

  9. Maybe Production will give Skankie another button to push!!! They’d do anything to keep their darling in the game! I think his time is finally over!

  10. “Frankie says public perception of himself is very important to him because it will make or break him.”
    Can’t wait to see the look of shock and Horror when he walks out the door to the thunderous Boo’s from the crowd… Priceless!!!!!

    1. Let’s just hope and pray that CBS allows the audience to boo that little dirtbag! I was so surprised that Christine got booed as bad as she did considering that nasty mouth Aaryn didn’t get very many boos last year, and she was a racist bitch! I think the Christine boos snuck under CBS and once they started, it was too late to stop them. I bet the audience is told beforehand that they aren’t allowed to this time.

    2. That was what he was talking about last week on BBAD in a little side interview that must have been made prior to coming in the house. He said something about how bad it would be for him if anyone was
      “Fundamentally Offended By His Existence As A Human Being”.
      Well Frankie Boy, your worst fear is now your reality!

    3. Tuesday is not a live eviction so any audience present will be CBS staffers who will be instructed to ensure there is a thunderous applause. I am sure prod carefully orchestrated everything knowing that Skankie might be sent packing on Tues.

  11. I’m sorry. He is the worst HG of all time. The combo of the shit he has said (mostly talking crap about past HG and inflating his own self-worth as a megastar who is loved by America, PUKE), and the WAY he says it (I can’t stand his over-the-top flaunting and ‘acting’ every time he knows he is on camera i.e. diary rooms, evictions/ live shows, TA tasks)…

    But the worst thing is that his sister’s fame has made him more or a topic than he otherwise deserves to be… Tonight just goes to show that Donny/ Zach have no chance at AFP… 90% of people that WATCH BB hate Frankie, yet his sister tweets out Frankie4POV and her tween minions get it trending worldwide! As soon as she tweets to vote him AFP they will all do so whether they watch the show or not!

    Donny/Zach fans are going to split the vote and won’t stand a chance… I say we have to ALL vote DONNY!!!! The Zankie thing means Zach winning has Frankie taint! Frankie and his sisters dumbass fans would be okay with Zach because of Zankie… I can’t stand the thought of Frankie thinking his “stardom” in any way helped decide AFP… PUKE

    DONNY FOR AFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. DERRICK FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE! The only tolerable houseguest this year! Donny was a boring old fossil who slept through half the game!

    2. I think that you might be overestimating Zach’s popularity a little. We(on these boards) like him but I think that Donny is considerably more popular with the overall viewing audience. I don’t think that they’ll split votes.

      1. Don’t underestimate Zach’s appeal.. He has a large teen following especially among teenage girls, and of course gay people love him because of his association with Zankie in the beginning as well as being comfortable around gay people. With Donny, you have mostly older viewers who don’t spend time as much on social media as the younger viewers do. Donny did not trend world wide when he was on the block but when Zach was on the block, #SaveZach certainly did!

        1. That’s the thing…Zach won’t be splitting votes with Donny….he’ll be splitting them with Frankie–gays and tweens, as you note.

  12. That Freaky gets booed louder then Christine did when he is evicted, and that he gets the cold shoulder at The Jury House like Christine did,

    1. Seriously, his friends will stop him from reading this type of commentary. However, if he watches the show and gets it, he will be crushed as is Christine. and for Frankie, at least, a lotta therapy will follow. imho. he could come out of this a better person.

  13. Frankie first one to want to push the button. Cody 2nd one to want to. Derrick last one to want to.

    Who does Frankie wish he listened to now?

  14. Wait….Cody won? How the F did that happen? Did the dye in Frankie’s hair finally reach his brain? Did Derrick have a stroke? What the F?

  15. I’m confused about this whole 50k thing and I hope it’s all false ’cause Frankie is as good as gone and I will be pissed if production is saving him. Like come on, they let the game play out with no interference when favorite characters Zach and Donny were on the block, now they can’t let it play out with Frankie ……really?

    They couldn’t help when Donny was fighting for his BB life all the time but for freaking Frankie they do? Must be some damn good business deal they have for them to keep him safe till the very end. Is it true or not, what’s the real story?

    If it is then it sucks when the BBgods themselves are looking out for the most hated houseguest of the season.

    1. Let’s just hope that Derrick stays strong and doesn’t succumb to the ignorant temptation of BB production! My faith is in Derrick’s core principles and integrity. Hells bells, isn’t 500K ENOUGH!?!!!! How many times his regular salary do you suppose this is? I did hear him supposedly ‘make a deal’ with Frankie, who offered Derrick an extra $50,000 to go with his Second Place $50,000….presuming of course, that he (Frankie) will be the final winner. Since this win would require the jury to vote FOR him and Against Derrick….I think that’s about as likely to happen as the sun rising in the West. Frankie has NO idea how many of those people in the jury HATE his sorry a**. Can’t wait to see his plastic face when He gets kicked out of the BB House. Sooner the better!!!!! Be strong Derrick.

  16. Caleb can’t get into the HOH room??? With Cody winning veto and guaranteeing that Derrick can’t save Frankie now, DO NOT be surprised if Pandoras Box is being set up right now…

    1. uh oh Seriously? Pandoras box brings back battle of block, Frankie battles Victoria, loser gets evicted.. I could see them pulling something that stupid…AGAIN..

    2. After seeing how badly the last ‘twist’ bit Skankie in the butt, I think Caleb would throw that Pandora’s Box in the trash so fast it would make everyone’s head spin. LoL Resist the Temptation Caleb, IF the fools at BB Production try another sabotage to keep their evil b*tch (Skankie) in the house one moment longer than necessary!!!

  17. I guess Cody is The Genius and Skankie is The Moron! What goes around comes around! Off to the Jury House you go,you pink haired rooster!

  18. Hey I am not too fond of Skankie no more than I love DerPrick but those 2 are the only ones playing the game, Frankie will dig his way out of this one or production will one, they was already trying to get involved even before the pov so lets not count him out just yet plus if Skanie goes who will derrick have as competition not a soul because lets face none of the others is technically playing the game but if derrick does get rid of him then he deserves to win because he knows he can beat all the others

    1. Remember even if Frankie goes, Derrick still has to win the final comps to guarantee he’ll win.. He hasn’t performed as well in comps as he did in social game..

      1. I think Derrick has been playing ‘under the radar’ and only goes full bore when he HAS to win or die. Don’t underestimate the undercover cop ;)

  19. Frankie is so sure that Derrick will convince the boys to flip and send Victoria out (which he will probably do), but I pray that Cody and Caleb sticks to their guns and send that annoying piece of crap out the door!

  20. The $50K to drag Frankie to the F2 rumor is FALSE. You just have to be part of Team America to get the extra money, so Derrick can still get the money even after Frankie gets booted this week.

  21. Let’s hope the guys don’t back out and evict Frankie…god please don’t have them change their minds! Karma he wanted to press the button. I very much dislike Frankie and hope he gets what he deserves..more boos then Christine. I’ve never seen anyone more into themselves and conceited. He thinks he is all that and a bag of chips…oh boy will he have a rude awakening when he finds out he was the most hated…lol..can’t wait to see his reaction.
    Finally a blindside this season!

    1. Unfortunatley I think, IF production lets Frankie get evicted..They will make damn sure he doesn’t get boo’d..I don;t understand why he is the one production is trying to save..If its becuase of his sister thats stupid. I seriously had no clue who the hell she was before this show started. I guess Frankie accomplished something, all i hear about now is that girl!

    2. And the way he throws his sister’s name out there CONSTANTLY to convince the guys he has some sort of Cred, that is B.S.! Get his pink headed a** OUT THE DOOR…..Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze…..Don’t wimp out C & C.

      1. The sister is a bubble gum star. One of the Nickelodeon or Disney tween/teen creations. They put a bunch of kids on TV to see which one the audience likes and with a little help boom movie star, singer, or whatever. These stars don’t need a lot of talent, just be at least somewhat attractive and do what they are told. As long as the teenie bopper kids can see themselves as the star or hanging with them then the star is famous. Once they are too old then they go away.

        Much like Selena, Miley, and the Beibs, who are trying to stay relevant now that the middle school audience has moved on, the bubble gum will lose it’s flavor. This time next year she’ll be playing free concerts at the mall in Bayettville, Ar.

  22. I am ambivalent on this outcome. Would be great for him to be sent packing, but now no one will even attempt to compete with Derrick. Caleb goes next week. Then either Derrick and Cody or Derrick and Victoria. Would have at least been a contest. Now, Snooze fest period.

  23. I wouldn’t say this to her face because it’s very hurtful.

    But I have to get it off my chest.

    The two “wins” that Victoria brags about…were not her individual wins.
    The first “win” she won by default because Caleb chose the 5k.
    The second “win” …she was teamed up with Hayden and HE won.

    I’m curious of what her time was in the freakshow veto

    I feel better. Thank you

  24. Wouldn’t it be great if Victoria pulled an Edward Norton from Primal Fear (if you haven’t seen it, well, see it) and stared into the diary room camera and with a much smarter tone while slowly losing her grin said,

    “Really America…? You all thought I was that dimwitted? That was all strategy biatches. Now that Frankie’s gone and I’m final four, watch me roll these boys. Derrick? Playa please… He manipulated everyone but me. I’ve been letting him call the shots this whole time. And I picked the right BBer because the rest of these house guests STILL haven’t figured him out!!

    I starting leaching onto him and playing the ditzy broad as soon as I knew he was the second shrewdest player after yours truly. Simple, I let him think I’m the one to take to the end, failing miserably in every competition and then I reveal my true self when it’s crunch time. And that’s now America!! These boys don’t have a clue who Victoria really is and what’s about to hit them. Victoria is not even my real name, I came in with it because I will be victorious in a couple of weeks. Game on!!

    Wouldn’t that be beyond awesome? An disgruntled BB fan can dream, can’t he? Oh well… back to ‘reality’.

    (when you watch Primal Fear, you’ll totally feel me)

    1. One of my favorite movies! Unfortunately, I do think you’re dreaming LoL. She has that scary, vacant stare while eating continuously, and sorry, but There Ain’t Nobody Home there.

    1. Give me a break here, Anonymous! In past posts, you’ve claimed to be a married man whose wife agrees with your evaluation of Derrick’s character (a very distasteful eval), a gay man who finds Frankie a deplorable representative of the gay community, a longtime worker in the Entertainment Industry (one with tremendous understanding of the industry’s workings), and now a woman with fond girlhood memories about a favorite candy. Unless there is more than 1 Anonymous ( not Anon or Anonymous,too who are other posters here), what’s your point of pretending to be different in dividuals? It could be amusing I suppose. We all are essentially “anonymous” here; we can reveal or not reveal whatever we choose. Essentially, we’re not accountable to anyone here when we post. However, it does seem to me the majority of people here who are BB Fans don’t have an agenda when they post a comment. It seems like you (Anonymous) are posting more than 95% of the BB contributors and it’s your prerogative to do so. I get that. It just feels (sometimes) that you’re playing your own little game with the rest of us posters—-like you’re trying to “play” us with your multiple identities. I needed to get that off my chest;now I can let it go. (No, I’m not hearing that Disney song, “Let It Go!” over and over again in my head,)

  25. This will strengthen Derrick’s position even further. Cody just padded his resume with a critical veto win, which makes him a less attractive final two for Caleb. Caleb strengthens his resume by being the HOH to get out Frankie, making Caleb a less as attractive final two for Cody. The way I see it, if they stick to their word and vote out Frankie, Derrick is guaranteed final two and probably $500,000 + TA winnings + comp bonuses. Cody, Caleb and Victoria would all choose Derrick thinking he has played a weaker game. The jury knows different and so does Frankie. I can’t see Derrick NOT winning if Frankie goes to jury this week.

    1. Hmm actually don’t agree. Sure the whole jury knows that Derrick had a hand in each of their evictions, but imagine if he takes Vic to the finale. All summer he’s been saying “Anyone that takes vic is a coward and i’ll give her the money”. Most of the other houseguests agree with that. My guess is that he will take Vic as opposed to Cody at final 3, Cody is betrayed, jury finds Derrick to be a coward, and besides Zach (who would vote for a rock before he voted for Vic), the jury awards Vic the money for doing….nothing. Just my opinion.

    2. Agree for the most part but Derrick is not out of the woods yet.

      If Cody wins HoH and Caleb wins POV (a very possible scenario) Derrick will be on the block with Victoria next week and it will still be very tempting for them to send him home and basically guarantee themselves the final 2.

    3. My thoughts Exactly!!! Derrick has stayed under the radar this whole time. Good Job Derrick! You deserve EVERY penny, if for no other reason, the patience it has undoubtedly taken to endure Victoria’s whining and crying, Frankie’s bombastic, egomania, and boasting self-love, Cody’s inconsistency, Caleb’s constant need of ego stroking, and simply being away from his family!!!! I’m rooting for the cop. :D

  26. Caleb wants to be the tie breaker???? There is NO way in hell Cody and Derrick are going for that sh*t! Is Caleb stupid???? After he had the chance to smoke Flakey and punked out…and then told him? What a damn fool he is. Bye bye Flakey…see ya never! We’ve waited far too long to be denied now!!!

    1. Totally True! I’m holding my breath to see if he can hang on until the Tuesday eviction. That’s a lot of hours for Skankie to slither around trying to cut Caleb from the herd and work on his brain and wishy-washy “decisions”!!!! Be strong Caleb! You’re bros are going to try and babysit you every second of the next 3+ days and nights to keep you safe from the evil pink-haired creep. I hope they succeed!

      1. Only two people matter right now and that is Derrick and Cody as they are the only voters. As long as they stick together then they decide. Caleb only votes if Frankie can split Derrick and Cody.

  27. love watching Frankie losing it. He is going crazy now. Panicking and acting whackadoodle. He knows he’s going home! Loving watching him lose his mind!

  28. I’m confused. An eviction on Tuesday with no audience? Why?Also, is there a show on Wednesday too or just that coming Friday??

  29. Frankie leaves.yay! Gets bood yay! But audience will be stacked with his sisters fans and network employees Unfortunately) Caleb cant play so its Cody vs Derrick for HOH (I just can’t count Vic on any win, ever). Then who cares until we get to see Donny get Americas fave and see him and his beard on the soap opera! He wanted to shave when he got to jury but now he can’t if be wants that soap part. Yay Donnie!!

  30. Can you IMAGINE how much hate Caleb would get if he persuaded a split vote to happen and they did and then Caleb voted out Victoria as the tiebreaker? I think that’s probably a good enough reason in Derrick’s head to ensure that him and Cody vote together because I feel like you never know what Caleb is thinking…if at all. I mean we have seen Caleb back down from backdooring Frankie once before so who’s to say he wont chicken out again? DO NOT SPLIT THE VOTE

  31. Here comes a LONG few days of Frankie hugging, touching, kissing ass and sucking up as much as he can to EVERYONE..How many more days til eviction? cannot wait..DONT SCREW THIS UP PRODUCTION!

    1. I hope they tell him they are wanting to so we get to see the begging a maybe some of it will make the show he will be stunned I love this game damn

  32. Since Christine has been gone, Cody has been a like able guy. He’s actually funny! I loathed this kid for almost 3 months, calling him a floater, but now I’m kinda cheering for him to win.

    1. Did you notice how petrified Cody was when Christine was booed? There was some obvious self-reflection that went on there and he changed his behavior accordingly. So maybe he learned something, but the real Cody was the guy before Christine left.

      If Christine had been cheered or if she was still in the house, nothing would be likable about this phony.

  33. I think the players think the audience is younger than it is. They forget 1/2 of us have been watching for 14 or 15 years- was it 2 seasons they gave us 2 shows or one?

  34. Cody should bring down Victoria and Caleb should put up Derrick. That way there is no chance that Derrick will be able to talk the idiots into keeping Frankie.

  35. if caleb wins the veto next week he decides who goes home its time now for anything derrick better win hoh if he does does a caleb won veto derrick may send cody home if cody wins hoh and caleb wins veto could send derrick home calebs best chance so still could be crazy

  36. For the first time since Donny was booted I am finally watching the feeds again….. If Frankie does not go home I might have to steal Dawg’s bone…..

  37. CALEB AND CODY FOR FINAL 2 because if Frankie goes this week it is solely because of the two of them and not because of DERRICK!!!! PLEASE DO NOT CHICKEN OUT AND SEND THAT DERANGED POS FRANKIE OUT OF THE HOUSE, and hope that BB LETS him get the boos that all of America is waiting for and that he deserved after suggesting gang rape, punching a woman in the mouth, and sexually assaulting all of the guys in the house. Talk about racists has anyone listened to Frankie’s rants because he is much worse than Aaryn ever was and Julie has yet to call him out about that and he even made horrible mean comments about a poor woman that had plastic surgery that went wrong. FRANKIE has a black, black heart and NO SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Cody doesn’t use the veto noms stay the same and finally Frankie’s last act takes center stage.Dont think even T A’s bribe can help save the drag swag this time!So it’s off to jury Rose!!!!And it’s big game move goes to Caleb.

    1. That game move doesn’t go to Caleb.
      Since Cody won the POV, it doesn’t matter whether he nominated Frankie or not: If he had nominated Derrick like he was considering, and like Frankie wanted him to, Cody would have used the veto on Derrick and he’d have had no other choice than put Frankie up.
      That’s what’s bugging the crap out of Caleb right now: he’s not the one who holds the power. That’s why he wanted them to split the votes and make it a tie, so he could be the one to make the decision. That dude gets physically ill when he’s not the center of everything.
      He’ll break down in tears after the game is over and he gets told that most of the times he thought he was in power, he was actually getting played by the entire house!
      He told Victoria yesterday about how Amber got evicted, and how HE decided just 1 day before the eviction to send her home. When in fact, the entire house knew she was going home, and they were just giggling at him believing he had any say in it!

  39. OMG get the flags out & let the games begin. Finally something exciting has happened in the big brother house. Hope he gets the worst boo’s ever, for some mad reason he seems to think the public love him, if only he knew.

  40. I love Frankie! All this talk of sending him home, so I quit watching! I’m done with the crooked cop and the 2 dingleberries…I love Frankie! !!!!
    goodbye bb16

  41. As much as I hate to say this I don’t think we can count Frankie out yet. They should have gotten him out much sooner. He has time to campaign to stupid Caleb and derrick may want that extra 50k. Its like Caleb and Cody are handing the win to derrick. They are talking abt how they are where they are BC of comp wins… Yep you guys may be but what about derrick? They don’t even bring him up. He is good. Just for dramatic effect I would like to see a Frankie derrick win BC they are by far the smartest and played the best games. (I hate Frankie BTW and I’m not much of a derrick fan but I can’t deny they have played the best games.)

  42. take this a bit too seriously.. I have to remember it is a game. A rigged game, but just a game. When it comes down to which new shows I will watch this fall, I will remember CBS’s rigging of this game, and think twice about watching their new shows………..maybe even their old ones. If this $$$ thing is a real CBS stunt, I will write to CBS and tell them what a sham they are. They will not care, but I know it will make me feel better.

  43. Derrick is would actually be risking not winning if he takes Cody depending on the jury’s perception. The game is part games moves to get people out but you also have to balance it out with how you do it. I personally don’t think Cody is a floater. He’s just a coward who didn’t think independently with some of his game moves. For one he maybe should have threw Christine a mercy vote since she was going to the jury. Some peg Caleb as being loyal and I disagree. If you can convince Caleb to turn on someone he will do it with passion and reckless abandonment . He’s just simple. Where as Cody at one point decided to be loyal to Derrick to the end for whatever reason and seems to be sticking to that. So who knows how it would end if Derrick and Cody end up in the final two.
    On that note, I hope Caleb tells Frankie he’s going before Derrick because it will likely be so unfiltered and filled with so much unnecessary detail that it will make Derrick and Cody uncomfortable. And it’s not like Frankie isn’t aware that they want him out. So it’s really not a blindside but more of “I Gotcha” move that should have been made earlier. But Derrick had his TA money in play.

  44. What I see as the twist Derrick would throw for the 50K is to push for the split vote and claim he will vote to keep Victoria and then,,, SURPRISE!! votes with Cody to vote OUT Victoria and Caleb would decide nothing. The week would end up the same and its a 2 on 2 shoot out. cody/caleb vs. frankie/derrick. Please no.

  45. Caleb is so friggen delusional. He is on the block next week and unless he wins the POV, he is going home. Derrick thinks he is playing a great game but I think Frankie is the only person he could beat with the bitter jury that all blame him for being voted out. Nichole told Derrick that if anyone takes Victoria to the end she will win. Derrick was a fool not to change his game and the jury messed with his head by crossing out her name so he thinks they hate her. The best Derrick can do now is second place.

  46. I understand that the overwhelming majority of you are glad to see Frankie going to the jury house. The question I have is who is going to build the schools in Africa if Frankie is evicted? Having trouble keeping a straight face.

      1. Africa called and they said to tell Frankie keep his damn stipend money! (He admitted he only planned to use that and not TA and price money.

  47. “Caleb wants to have a split vote” — Another desperate attempt to save his girlfriend? Dumb rube should go next, after Frankie!

  48. Am I the only one that thinks Caleb asking for a split vote so that he can decide means he is still thinking about keeping Frankie?

    Cody and Derrick better stick to the plan and both vote Frankie out or I’m gonna go just listen to Rickrolling 24/7….

  49. You people are so petty. I don’t like him either, but i would much rather he win than Cody or Victoria, who will both be left in the game when he leaves. And honestly Caleb doesn’t deserve to win that much either. Derrick and Frankie, as much as you may not like one or both of them (ME!!!!!!!), have both played a great game. Derrick with his ability to manipulate and persuade the houseguests and Frankie with his ability to do whatever it took to get the target off of his back and to win what seems like every competition. I may not like either one of them, but that is what makes for good TV on this show.
    Also, all these people talking about how Frankie deserves to leave because he screwed over their favorite player is ridiculous it’s how the game is played. It’s time that people stop being so mad when their favorite player gets evicted because the last thing that anybody would want is for both Frankie and Derrick to be evicted and then you’re left with three people who don’t really deserve to win this game because they have all been pawns in both Derrick and Frankie’s game respectively.
    I personally would have loved to see a Frankie and Derrick final 2, even though they both kinda disgust me, because they are terrific players. And if there is an all star season I definitely think that they should be asked to come back. Face facts, this game isn’t about being the most likable houseguest, it’s about doing what you have to do to win.

    1. Well said BBFF! Dunno y Donny is so well liked. He didn’t play BB. He played for Americas Favorite. He said that from the beginning. Now that he’s in the jury house, his true mean spiritless is showing. Everyone thinks his $h1t don’t stink. BB finally has a chance to have real players make it to the finals.

  50. Production may step in to save convince Cody and Derrick to save Frankie, like they convinced Elissa to save Amanda.
    It scares me because they’ll tell Derrick that if he evicts Frankie, no more TA missions means no more money which will take food out of his daughters mouth.
    For Cody, they’ll just tell him that it benefits Derrick so of course he’ll do the same.

  51. I’m calling it right now. Frankie wins Derrick will place second. Somehow production will get involved and these three will punk out again. I’m a big fan of Derrick’s but I was really disappointed with him changing Calebs mind last time bc he was worried about Nicole comparing him to Dan. He bc too paranoid and has bc too greedy with this TA bs. I would still like for him to win but he’s over thinking now. Hope I’m wrong!

  52. LOVE seeing “POV” over Cody’s pic. Splitting the vote would be a stupid move, and (a) Derrick hasn’t played stupid and (b) Cody generally does what Derrick says … so I don’t think it’ll happen.

  53. I just realised that Caleb Is almost guaranteed to be going home next because if things continue the way they are now, Caleb is really starting to make Cody & Derrick mad so why not get rid of him? he can’t play in HOH so he’s not 100% safe. If Derrick won HOH he’d use it to put up Caleb and Victoria, if Victoria won it she’d put up Caleb and Cody and if Cody won it he’d put up Victotia and Caleb so as long as Caleb doesn’t win POV I think he’s tipping the scales toward leaving the house next does anyone disagree?

  54. I been saying Fg and D have this game to lose….and i think Fg just lost.1st being the main cheerleader to rewind his own achievements, then not winning the veto a second time around.Unless somehow production bends ears then The Flamingo has to forfeit it’s feathers!

  55. Frankie is going to Jury
    First Off, Derrick will not pull a fast one to save Frankie, for a few simple reasons.
    1) He can not afford to loose Victoria. She is money in the bank. $500,000.00 Money
    in the bank.
    2) If Cody uses the Veto Derrick is the ONLY one that can go up and it is possible that there would be a split vote and Caleb could decide to send Derrick to jury instead of Frankie. To be honest saving Frankie is the best thing for Cody and Caleb’s game. They would be the one that put the best player in the jury, and Derrick has the best resume with the jury even if the blood is not on his hands he is the one that painted it onto their hands.
    3) Derrick does not feel he can beat Frankie…. but he can beat the other three.

    Frankie is going to jury… if with his sisters tween following there will not be enough for a twist to save him… it is his time.

  56. It looks like the jig is up for Frankie unless… Derrick and Cody split their votes.In this case Frankie may split Caleb’s mind (in case it’s not split already) and convince him to keep Frankie.

  57. Will they really let Frankie go home when they want the Arianda Grande attention?? They meaning CBS and production? They want her at the finalle at least thats what I heard so I find it hard to believe he will ever leave! It seems they have been milking the Grande thing the latter part of the season esp with her new album! Hello since when do we see family messages? It was a way to put Ari on the show! It wasnt for any of the hoise house guest it was for what they consider star power! Ugh I have a sick feeling frankie isnt going anywhere since they want to keep the ari fans and attachments to the show! I sure hope I am wrong!!

  58. Am I the only one who has this feeling that somehow a last minute “final” twist will be thrown into the game? Say a “secret power” that will enable Frankie to have a veto, similar to what happened last year on BB Canada 2 when Allison won a secret power of veto from clues that were hid around the house. Allison stumbled across the first clue that gave her hints about the rest and she ended up with this secret of power of veto that no other house guest knew about. Something similar to this could be cooked by Allison Grodner in order to keep Frankie in the game not only for the drama also that it doesn’t appear that Derrick will be walking the golden road unchallenged to the $500,000 grand prize. I have this feeling that producers want both Derrick and Frankie sitting in the final 3 then final 2. This would be a battle between the two most dominant house guests this season with Derrick and his social game vs. Frankie and his competition domination. Could you imagine the look of utter shock that Caleb/Cody/Victoria and especially Derrick would have on their faces if Frankie pulled out a secret veto and took himself off after Cody didn’t use his veto? If Victoria pulls off a miracle and wins the next HOH, she would not only determine who the final 3 would be and of course she would listen to Derrick and the target would be Caleb, she could also play for the final 2 part HOH. Knowing that Caleb/Cody/Derrick will keep her until the last minute this is a scenario that could happen. Then the final 3 incredibly would be Cody, Victoria and Derrick. IS this what viewers or production wants? Worse case scenario in my opinion is a Derrick and Victoria final 2 which we all know is what Derrick wants.

  59. Derrick is making a HUGE mistake if he takes anyone but Frankie to the end. He’ll lose after playing the hardest! He should just go win the 500k, plus the extra 50k for TA getting to the end and let Frankie get some more money to build some more schools. He’s the first person I can ever remember playing for an altruistic reason, and also for the pure fun of it! He’s been quite entertaining. I’ve enjoyed every minute watching him and his crazy antics. I love him and his sister! Don’t mind these haters, kids! They’re just jealous of all of your talents! Much love to both Frankie and Ari! Congrats on games well played Derrick and Frankie! Cody can just go home and rub on and flirt with some SINGLE girls, Caleb can go obsess over himself in the mirror anywhere, and Victoria, well she can just go take her pictures!

  60. Since this eviction will be pre-recorded, CBS will stack the audience with Frankie supporters in the event he is evicted. They don’t dare allow the chorus of boos for Frankie that Christine received.

  61. How many times except for Nicole, has this alliance say that they r going to make a change? And then they talk to Derrick and then there is no change. But since Derrick doesn’t need Frankie to get the Bonus money he may vote him out. Will the jury do him like they did Christine ignore him. As for the BUTTON Julie said ”since all of u pushed the button” he was just a happy as the others. Frankie needs to own up to his misdeeds. And stop saying my sister’s fans or his fans will get them. The Boo’s were his sister in the audience and her fans booing Christine for her talking about him. His fans was going to get Nicole for bad mouthing his sister. The thing he called a play was turned down by America, so he goes to the camera and tell us Fuck u. But he wants us America to vote for him to be America’s Favorite. He likes to rant and rave, like when the audience clapped for Donny he was beside his self ” what did he do he didn’t do anything. When the jury came back he yelled ” what is Jocasta doing here, she didn’t do anything. She’s here to get My Money! Staying in that house may change people, may even bring out, the worst in people. If by sheer luck Victoria should finally WIN something on her own then only will she be a game player. Right now I see her as a PAWN,

  62. Derrick and Cody will NOT keep Frankie. Does anyone remember last week when Caleb ran back and told Frankie that they were considering getting rid of him? Derrick and Cody were pissed. I don’t think they’ll fall for the spllit vote thing. Caleb has shown he can’t be trusted. Cody has been saying Frankie needs to go for a week now. Granted, Cody should heve gotten Frankie out when he was HOH,and he knows it.

  63. Oh, I need to add. This is the same smoke and mirrors they’ve been pulling this whole season. Production cues them to act like they’re gonna save the obvious person going home,and then the vote is unanimous as expected. Just sayin…..

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