Paulie “I just know if I’m there [jury] I will just go nuts. I have deep rooted issues.”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-15 03-42-59-200

12am HOH room – Paul, Vic and Michelle. Paul says and did you know he (Paulie) sh*t on Natalie for talking about her student loans and now he’s crying to us about his aunt with cancer and now he has to pay off his parents mortgage. Don’t put that sympathy on us! Don’t make that our decision. Vic says and he was talking to Paul about needing to get Victor out. Michelle says he told me that too. Paul says wow! He says that Once Corey and Nicole realized the plan wasn’t working, they said they weren’t apart of it. So what we’re going to do is tie in Corey and Nicole .. big brother blocks the feeds. Paul says he (Paulie) says he will leave the jury house if he goes there because he doesn’t need his stipend money .. but he says he needs the money for his aunt? Something doesn’t add up! Michelle says he keeps cornering me. Paul says he cried to me and Natalie. You know he never saw a psychiatrist, right?! He is just saying that to make you feel bad. Michelle says you don’t joke about that. Paul says its a dirty game he is playing. Michelle says you know who did that Dan Gheesling said his aunt died. And she didn’t. Paul asks and did he get in sh*t for it? Michelle says he won. Vic says that’s ridiculous. Paul says and Now Corey and Nicole is we’re not buying it and now they’re abandoning ship.. little do they know they’re going next! Michelle says I had a dream that a package was going to be an HOH take over. Nicole is playing the dumb card too. Vic says if he (Paulie) comes up to me again I am just going to tell him I’m done! DONE! DONE! DONE! In this house we’re done talking. I will lock myself in this room if I have to. Paul says out of respect I want to just pull him aside and say look you’re making yourself look really bad, really bad. Vic says he says he will leave jury. I don’t have that luxury, I need the money.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-15 04-02-27-357

Paul says after he did that I lost respect for him. Putting that sympathy on me. Michelle says when I was campaigning I never brought life into it. Vic says when it comes down to it if you guys get me I’ll be like okay good job, but for him to get me out I would feel so stupid. Vic says I wouldn’t want Corey or Nicole to beat me either because they haven’t done SH*T! Michelle says I think Nicole has done some manipulating. Paul says I’m glad she was safe this week because she wasn’t even a target.. what a waste. Paul says if he comes to me any more I’m going to shut it down. Michelle says that’s what Vic should do in the veto speech. Paul says he will.

12:25am Corey showering with his Zingbot sign. Nicole doesn’t believe he has to shower with it. Corey drops it on the ground and Big Brother immediately calls his name. Corey and Nicole laugh.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-15 04-07-26-864

1:15am HOH room – Paulie and Corey join Paul, Michelle and Vic. Michelle leaves. Paulie follows her to get his water. Paulie follows her into the bathroom and thanks her for keeping everything all secretive and sh*t. Michelle says that Corey knows to about the whole Natalie thing. Paulie asks Natalie thing? Michelle about putting Natalie up. Because I never told them anything. Paulie says no I’m talking about the most recent deal. Michelle says they know about the James thing, I didn’t tell them anything. They just asked me if I knew. Paulie asks what did you say? Michelle says I knew. Its been floating around. Paulie asks do you think even James knows? Michelle says I don’t know. I don’t want to see anything else happen to you. Like people gang up on me. Paulie says I just know me, if I’m there I will just go nuts. Michelle says its like vacation. Paulie says na, I have deep rooted issues when it comes to that stuff.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-15 04-21-31-641

1:40am – 2am HOH room – Paul tells Natalie about how they (Corey & Nicole) asked Victor about a plan that they were never on board with (Paulie wanting James put up on the block) .. but how would they know about the plan if the were never on board with it. Nat says they’re all on board with the plan, they’re all working together and this just proves it. Thanks for telling me. I’ll go tell James. Natalie leaves and goes to tell James about it. Paul joins them and tells James about how Paulie whats Vic to pull Corey down and put you up. Paul says what turned out was just Vic knowing turned into a 3 person o*gy.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-15 04-28-19-601

2:10am Michelle tells James about how Paulie is trying to get him put on the block.

3:30am All the house guests are in bed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-15 04-41-14-929

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Zakiyas pad and chips so gross

Oh pls Paulie!!! BS!!!!!!! Your family must be proud of you!!! Wah wah wah


He better get a penalty vote for refusing to bake the pie. I hope he is booed when he walks out. He thinks he is above the others and his tantrum is annoying.


Completely agree with you Kelly. I don’t think it’ll happen though. He’s not getting a penalty vote bc they like him. It’s BS! If they’re gonna have rules they need to be enforced. You can’t give Audrey a penalty vote for eating an omelette James made her last season then let Paulie cry his way out of a punishment! Not right!
***On another note, don’t y’all think it’s a little “sketch” hearing Michelle say “I had a dream(wink-wink) that a package was going to be an HOH takeover” LMAO! Wonder how she heard that? Thanks production!

Nicole's long l@bia

Someone should pull him aside and tell him the numbers aren’t there and to stop acting like an idiot.

beautiful big labia are delicious

Just should go up to, make him sweat but I want Corey out and away from Nicole, she needs to grow the f#@# up. Then Paulie out next week, keep him to make things interesting. And finally Nicole will be truly alone. It would be wonderful to see her breakdown over the next couple of weeks only to leave a miserable shell of herself.


You know Nicole has played tjis game before. You act like she doesn’t know how to be evicted. I think she’ll be fine.


She should be used to it… she was evicted TWICE in her other season.


Evict James so Paulie can hook up with Natalie.
I’m sure Paulie will get some tongue action, show’em how Jersey does it.
If Paulie does go he’ll make the move on Natalie back @ Jersey.
You know they’re going to hook up while James is waiting for a text reply for days on end.


Nicole is used to walking out the door and men walking out on her. maybe send her a bonus care package after Corey leaves that includes a pet cat a dildo and a letter saying you cuddled with a gay dude all summer you clueless broad.

Zakiyas pad and chips

Omg!! Your nickname!!!! Hahaha


We can’t have someone playing the game to try and stay. That would be so boring!

Paulie is deaf

They have told him. Victors told him to quit asking. He refuses to listen.


Cool guy not so cool after all.


The real problem that PaulZ must face going to Jury is Zakiyas. She is waiting to get cozy. And he is sick thinking about it.

He was playing her. When she realize he’s not into her, she will unleash some Voo Doo on him so bad he will need to see a doctor to pull the pins out.

Remember he don’t like strong women. And surely not ones with pins.


i think you are probably right!


There are no strong women this year.
Z ain’t strong when ya giving the booty in the BB house.
Da’s comp play sucks and social game worse. Only good braiding weave and scratching her scalp with scabs and diarrhea of the mouth.
Bridgette Frank’s Cabbage Patch slave.
Michelle Nicole Natalie s#!@@ don’t make me laugh


Paulie dropped her panties got it in and dug it out about 6 time without kissing Z on the lips one single time…
YEAH, very empowering very strong, there is someone you can look to….
The only voo doo working is Paulie’s over Z. And she’s in jury praying he gets evicted next, ah the power of prayer. and he’s on his way, maybe.


Just sayin, Paulie wanted Z out. Took the chance of putting her up, cuz it didn’t matter…ops but he changed his mind ‘sorta’, then blamed e1 else for her going home, when he held her safety in his hands & refusing to use the POV after assuring her he would…just dumb that he would blame others. Even if Z isn’t preggers, she should tell him she is for at least 9 months lol….ZING


i don’t think that will be z’s reaction. She will say, “I have fantastic news!!! We are going to have the 1st BB Baby! I want a baby shower, 4 caret diamond ring and a mansion!” Welcome to your next reality braw!

Southern Charm

If he didn’t have mental issues before this he definitely will after watching how he made a fool of himself on TV they will probably have to put him on suicide watch after he gets crowned by his hometown


Still don’t get what the difference is (as far as feeling claustrophobic) between being in the BB house and the jury house. Paulie knew going in how long the game lasts. Oh yeah – the difference is I really think he assumed (because of the help of Derrick and Cody) that he would make it all the way to the end and win and going to the jury house means he lost!


No difference … Paulie just knows there is only women he has wronged in the Jury house and none of his boys to protect him from the shit storm the girls in the Jury house may unleash on him. He is a scared little boy pissing his pants knowing he is going into the Jury house.


He stayed in a small hotel room during sequester. He is full of $#it.


CBS should relocate their cameras to the jury house when Paulie moves in this week!

An ornery mouse

I still think the only things Z will be “unleashing” on Paulie are more helpings of her ass….. if he’ll have them, that is. I really doubt she will have snapped out of it in a week and I bet she now has all her hopes pinned on the out-of-the-game Paulie being more receptive to her than the inside-the-game Paulie.


Paulie presents as a borderline narcissist. Psychiatrists hate treating people with this issue because they are manipulative, have massive erratic mood swings, never accept responsibility and do not work on their issues. Don’t casting do psychological tests on these people to make sure they are healthy and safe to be on the show? Or maybe they prefer people who aren’t.


I hate an armchair psychiatrist. Paulie is a an Asshole. Plain and simple. I thought his brother was a dimwitted fool, but Paulie? He’ just a jerk. I am so jaded though. I remember thinking they should remove Rachel Reilly because I thought- OMG this girl is losing it. ACTING. For all we know he’s probably getting paid extra to make a fool out of himself. If you think he’s afraid to go t the jury house- he’s not. Matt said you don’t have to interact with others if you don’t want to. Everyone just chills. He doesn’t want to go because he’s PAULIE! I don’t care if the rest of the season sucks- get rid of that germ.


Cbs. Big. Brother. Should. Dump. Pauli. From. The. Show. He. Can’t. Play. By. The. Rules. Of. The. Game. Sore. Loser. In. The. Game. Hate. This. Season. Because. Of. Pauli. Attune. Dump. Him. Now. Before. You. Lose. Your. Views. The. Rest. Of. The. Seasons.


I think the main difference is that he will finally be forced to be honest with MaxZ, and will no longer have the excuse of not kissing her because the cameras are around. The fact that he banged her multiple times without kissing her must have made her feel like a hooker. I can’t imagine that she will continue to allow this after spending a week with Day and Bridgette talking to her. Also, he fears having to face Bridgette and her all of her feminism!

Gordon Ramsey

Did Paulie and Z actually bang? I see people mentioning it at times, but was it ever on the live feeds? What room did they think was secretive enough to get away with it? Doesn’t he have a fiancé at home? Please elaborate!


Paulie claims he “boned” Z six times…without protection. He said right after she was evicted.
According to the posts, he did it right in front of whoever, in whatever bed they slept in. It could be seen on the live feeds.


Paulie is a liar, I agree Z is sprung on him, but I don’t think he banged her 6x. Maybe once though, Show me the film! He’s a pathetic excuse for a man. Someone please post any footage of them bangin, proof?


Hmm, do you want to see the feeds for proof or just to see lol. *cough, creep, cough cough*


according to his “x”‘s friends on Twitter his finance gave him back the ring. He had apparently cheated on her with 5 other women.


I’m wondering if she is a hooker put in there for Paulie–she did no game talk. and is Corey a hooker put in for nichole–he latched onto her fast and has done nothing but agree with people.


He’ll be in there with three women, no boys. It terrifies him. Three women who don’t think much of him.


What I don’t get is why Paulie isn’t blowing up others games? Like the all guy alliance and the fact James was fine with “clipping” nat when he needed to! And most of all, the PP alliance! Not sure any of the dumbass girls would believe him but he needs to. Let Vic know about the PP thing and how Paul was also going to clip him! Paul was in so deep with Paulie and he’s acting like Paulie was so shady! I’m glad Paulie’s going, I would just like to see him turn the house upside down before he goes! In my opinion, Paul and James are equally, if not worse, than Paulie! Please Paulie, get your head out of your ass and blow them up!


at this point, the 5 guy alliance has been revealed and debated. As for saying anything about who was in on what and who was willing to “clip” who … who will believe anything Paulie says at this point. It will all only been seen as more spin and him trying to pit other players against each other piled on top of all the bs and guilt trips he has already tried to use to save himself. He no longer has the power to blow up anyone’s game … he has absolutely no credibility with anyone in the game any longer.


The thing is that Paulie could read from the Bible and no one would believe a word that comes out of his mouth. I think they know about the whole PP thing for the most part and at this point don’t care because Paul has turned on PC with a vengence. As far as James turning on Nat, that could be shrugged off as strategy/info gathering. I am hoping the rest of the week is a continuation of what was shown yesterday, with no mercy shown.

There is no difference

Paulie doesn’t have clausaphobia. He wouldn’t have climbed into the bed frame with Natalie if he did.

Phobias don’t change based on how badly you want to participate in something. Someone with a fear of heights wouldn’t be suddenly fine just because they *really want* to see the view of the edge of a building.


Cry baby


That’s why he was named Paulie, cause he’s a cry baby.


PAULIE … You came, you played, you lost …. Just be happy you got the opportunity to play … go bake your pies.


He is the worst sore loser I’ve ever seen on BB. Even Cody and Derrick suddenly have nothing to say on twitter. So glad CBS decided to show some of his antics on the show last night.


So right now Meech is in the lead for the care package. What happens if she wins hoh? Will it go to the next person or will she just be alone?

Really Paulie?

I love how Paulie has treated people like their feelings don’t matter yet when it comes to his feelings everyone is supposed to care. He sent people to jury and basically told them to suck it up, threatened other people they were next, only to find himself next. When it was him putting them on the block he would laugh and tell them youre out of here. Now all the sudden he’s got deep rooted issues, he’s clausterphobic, he’s sick, he needs to pay his parents mortgage, pay for his sick aunt, etc. Dude, take it on the chin and go to the jury just like the rest of the people u sent there. Did they freak out like you are? No. Stop with this pity party. Youre not going to feel enclosed when you go to a jury house that has more room and space and outside freedom than the studio you’re living in now. Let’s be real, you’re just trying to get people to feel sorry for you so you can stay.


To be fair… he definitely does have deep-rooted issues.


Yeah, if you call being a dick an issue.


When Paulie was confronting Paul in the havenots room, he said, ‘he’s grandma, ops Aunt’…slip of the tongue or didn’t have his lie down pat? Anyone catch that mistake on Paulie’s part??


I’m sure he can build some schools in Africa too

Floating Around

How do you know Meech is in the lead for ACP? I went on CBS’ page and I can’t see anything that tells me that kind of info. Can you link me?


I hope Da’vonne comes back. That would be interesting because right now it looks like it will be a few easy weeks of taking out Paulie, Nicole, and Corey. Even if Nicole or Corey wins HOH, they still would get taken out later, especially with co-hoh next week because there’s no way Corey’s getting it. If Da’ returns, it could add some interesting shifts because she may well try to take out Victor or Paul, who is playing an incredible floater game, because he evicted her. The problem would be that she can’t win, and the people she could rally can’t win (except maybe James, but James wouldn’t go after Victor because he hates making waves). It could even lead to an unstable alliance with Nicorey, which would be fun to watch. Even though I like Vic/Paul/James/Nat/Meech, I like power shifts, surprises, and drama more, and I think Da’ would bring the most of those.


I hope Da’vonne comes back. That would be interesting because right now it looks like it will be a few easy weeks of taking out Paulie, Nicole, and Corey. Even if Nicole or Corey wins HOH, they still would get taken out later, especially with co-hoh next week because there’s no way Corey’s getting it. If Da’ returns, it could add some interesting shifts because she may well try to take out Victor or Paul, who is playing an incredible floater game, because he evicted her. The problem would be that she can’t win, and the people she could rally can’t win (except maybe James, but James wouldn’t go after Victor because he hates making waves). It could even lead to an unstable alliance with Nicorey, which would be fun to watch. Even though I like Vic/Paul/James/Nat/Meech, I like the drama more, and I think Da’ would bring the most.


Paulie really needs to stop with the proclamations of mental illness that suddenly appeared once he was thrown out of power. It’s not fooling anyone and is just making me sick to my stomach at this point that he thinks mental illness is something to blame all his bad gameplay on


I’ll be glad if Paulie goes, because it’s not fun to watch him unravel. I have a feeling that he is a case of incestuous child abuse. The P/A behavior of pissing in the shower, hottub, etc. seems like a habit he has developed to get back at Dad and Bro for abusing him. His hatred of “Jersey Girls” is aimed at his Mom who failed to protect or believe him. I think the prospect of returning home a failure, to face more judgement and abuse from Dad and Bro, is actuay causing him to panic. This is not fun to watch. Get it over with.

Misty Beethoven

Unless you have an MD or PhD after your name, please don’t play armchair psychiatrist. It’s speculation on your part, and potentially damaging to others beyond Paulie. I think he’s just a spoiled brat who has been indulged way too much. Don’t bring child abuse into it.


Even worse if you have an MD or PhD. You’re diagnosing current behaviors by assuming past traumas. Plus you are accusing his dad and brother of sexually abusing Paulie and his mother of knowing about it and doing nothing based on your guess. That’s dangerous territory for internet speculation. There is a ton of possible reasons why Paulie is the way he is.

Misty Beethoven

I am not disagreeing with you at all; I was just illustrating how irresponsible it would be for anyone to put that theory out there, and how only a medical professional who is treating the person can make that observation, not a blurb on WebMD


Misty, you are an enabler. Papa Calafiore knows he can count on people like you to cover for him. The fact that bullying behavior is rooted in childhood abuse is not acceptable to you, so you jump up to protect the perp.You and your kind are more of a problem than the actual perps.

No one important

It’s all just game talk I suspect.

But I can’t believe he is THIS pathetic. I mean this is way beyond Audrey territory.

He is on his way to becoming a BB word. Don’t get Paulied!!


What I don’t get is why Paulie is doing what he’s doing? If by some unfortunate circumstance he gets the round trip ticket , no one is gonna play with him if he comes back in the house , he’ll have no allies. All the crying and whining is really embarrassing and pathetic. I feel bad for his friends and family having to watch him wash up on the rocks like a dead rotting fish.


Paulie just just keeps digging himself deeper. Leave with some class boy!! What little you have!

TX rar

He needs to quit talking in circles. I’m tired of hearing him and I am not stuck on that house. I hope Victor & Paul follow thru and talk to him.

“Vic says if he (Paulie) comes up to me again I am just going to tell him I’m done! DONE! DONE! DONE! In this house we’re done talking. I will lock myself in this room if I have to.

Paul says out of respect I want to just pull him aside and say look you’re making yourself look really bad,really bad.”


Paulie is the biggest baby I’ve ever seen. He’s been consistently putting down every player every week and being like its a game get over it you got outplayed, well Paulie take a piece of your own advice and calm the F down. It’s just a game. When he was waving the flag and started crying, i felt uncomfortable just from watching the feeds I can’t even imagine how awkward it would’ve been in the house. He realizes everyones gonna see all this right? But I would sympathize for him, if he hadnt been such a rude cocky arrogant lil sh*t the whole game, especially his comments about so many people. Cant wait to see him leave and hopefully he gets booed because this guy needs a reality check.


The remaining house guests deserve some big bonus for just having to live with, and listen to Paulie. He needs to self evict before they all need extensive therapy.


I feel like he’s been a bully his whole life. Now even when he returns to Jersey he won’t be the “cool kid” anymore. He will be a laughing stock.


Did anyone watch Rob has a Podcast with Derrick last night? I am so annoyed how easy Rob went on Paulie just because Derrick was in the podcast, plus Derrick was as unbearable as expected i’m sick of how smug that guy is. He was only lucky he played with one of the dumbest casts ever.

I don’t buy into the Derrick hype at all and always using his excuse of the others taking the food out of his daughter’s mouth if he loses, what a scumbag.


As an undercover cop, Derrick was a well-paid, highly trained LIAR and MANIPULATOR. BB should never allow someone like that in the game again, unless they’re in the house with other undercover cops (without knowing they are ALL undercover cops) – or with prior BB winners.


Derrick’s game was great for the circumstances. There is no one exact way to play this game. You can study the greats…Dr. Will / Boogie (Chill Town), Dan, Janelle and Rachell, to name a few…but you have to bring your own unique strategy or you will fail.

Janelle fan

I agree. Never could stand his smug, piggy face and the fact that the cast was dumb as rocks and easily picked off.


It really is delicious how Paul is doing Paulie like Paulie did Frank, where Paulie trust few more than Paul, which makes it so easy for Paul to shutdown anything he tries to get started….but the question Paul should really be more cognizant of is can he get to the end before the house sees his overplay? If he just toned it down, stopped trying to micromanage, he’s sitting in the best spot.


I don’t think he’s over playing. We see all the conversations but the people in the house don’t. He’s just repeating the same thing over and over to his side right now. Corey and Nicole are going after Paulie is gone. He revisits it with Michelle and James because they are a little flaky.


And we saw conversations Paulie had, conversations Frank had, that the rest of the house didn’t see, until they started to feel in danger and began comparing notes….hence why Paul trying to micromanage things and cover himself is no different than what blew up on Paulie and Frank.

Not sure why this is hard to grasp. It’s no different than if you see a stretch of road where cops target speeders that pass on the right. The one thing you should avoid is passing on the right. Paul’s in a spot here he should do twice as much listening as talking. Let Vic pound his chest about comp wins, let Corey and Nicole dig their own grave, let Nat thinks she’s the new leader, let James think he’s America’s player. Right now, we have a floaters revolt and that majority will look for “strong” targets be it comp or social strength, so let others feel and act like the “leader” then strike in about a month.


paulies prideful self will lie to us on Thursday that all the tantrums where strategy like Dans. ain’t no one gonna buy that from u dude. u just a weakling.


You’re going Paulie. Accept it like they did in Derrick and Cody’s season. Most annoying house guest there.

Deep rooted issues

Wow…so you’ll go crazy in jury and you want them to keep you in the BB house where you are even more confined? Way to sell it…what a bozo!


Tall weird dude looks like a serial killer in that shot. I think Con Corleone chose his summer dummy well. It must run in the family Derrick sensed right away who was the dumbest fool of that group that would blindly follow him (and in the end proved correct as he handed him the 500K) and Con was trying to do the same. Did you see tall dude laughing and grinning while Bridgette and Natalie were calling out Con up in the HOH? And when he clapped as Natalie left his hand puppet clapped right along with him. Nic-Whiney calls him dreamy?? I call him spacey. He is always on his own planet or some crap. Totally freaky. I can’t say I am much of an expert on guys looks but he doesn’t appear to be anything special. Tall goofy jock type (who has a frat buddy that tried to set a goat on fire which he finds so funny) I would think he is just a face in the crowd. Ladies of OBB tell us is he the greatest catch? Most honorable selfless, adorable dreamy and all of the other things Nic-Whiney says? Not to mention now he is snuggled up with his leader in the smallest bed in the house. dude pick a team. it is 2016 nobody cares


I just watched last nights show and saw Cory clapping with his Paulie boy. They are discussing and Paulie is worst than I originally thought. Zak, hmmm that girl needs to get some self respect. Listening to Paulie speak about
Nichole’s voice and Cory joining in makes me sick. I am NOT a Nichole fan at all, but reading above how the boys are talking about her makes me sick. Nic needs to get some self respect as well, it is obvious by the cameras what she was doing under the covers. Gross


I thought they were referring to Natalie’s voice but I could be wrong. I am sure if the Con was bashing Nicole the tall dude would join in. He is a follower and will do anything to be one of the boys. “dude we got boned” “I know I can’t believe we got boned, want some wheat thins?”

Nicole's Slitstrils

Spot on! Amen brotha!

Mrs. Mac

Paulie has deep rooted issues about being locked in a house, so instead he wants to stay locked in a house?


His deep-seated issues are his fear of women. Now he knows he will be going to jury where there are 3 women there who think he is scum, and no bros to boast with. He knows he could be toast.

Ino Yamanaka

I have listen to alot of what Paulie is saying. NOTHING seems to be paulies fault..He saids that everyone is ganging up on HIm.Did he not see hisself ganging up on Da, Tiffany, Frank and now James?? Its ALWAYS someone else’s fault with Paulie..

Hush Paul and Natalie

They ALL say it’s someone else’s fault.

Nonon Jakuzure

Yes I am loving watching Paulie lose it, and trying to get everyone to feel sorry for him, he never flelt sorry for those he sent out to the house and yet he still thinks he was as good as his brother and Derrick. I like how he said he is going to leave Jury house, who would leave a perfect vacation


Paulie is using the claustrophobia problem as a manipulation to keep him in the house and send Corey to Jury instead of him. He also told Corey he wouldn’t campaign against him. This is his way of doing it. He climbed through the Paris tunnel and stayed in a hotel for a week without mentioning he had any problems. He wants them to think that how can we send this guy to jury when he has deep rooted problems and if he quits he will lose his stipend (his sob story about parents and aunt needing the money).


Corey looks disturbing in that picture from the shower, i wonder if zingbot mentioned his serial killer eyes…

Nonon Jakuzure

On BBAD Overnight Paulie was whining about how his “Ex may have been watching BB18 and he is So Concerned about how his Ex may feel about his actions on BB18″…..also it was Nice watching him Squirm now that he is Not in control!….I would love to see Paulie, Corey, Nicole go in that order…..after them trolls are out…I really don’t care who wins….this season hasn’t been great


Corey, anyone that would consider harming an animal is questionable to say the least. If the live goat story is true that he and others wanted to set a goat on fire and watch it suffer, is sick. He needs to get checked out in the head.

Guy From Canada

Best updates of the year so far. Thanks for making another graveyard more enjoyable Dawg 🙂


Michelle dreamt that its a HOH takeover for next Care Package? If she really dreamt about it that would be super cool (assuming she’s no producer’s favourite to stay).

Houka Inumuta

I’m curious who people r actally rooting for. I love the show n watch every year but this season the cast was awful. I don’t get why people like James. He bores me to death and this season he hasn’t done a thing except pray that natalie will kiss him. Which she wont. Nicole sux, just trying to bone as Paul wud say with boring gay corey. Paulie is an arrogant ego maniac but is gone this Thursday. And I may be wrong on this one but I think Natalies a fake. She comes off as sweet and innocent and I just have a gut feeling she has no feelings for James at all, and it’s all for the game. Smart on her part, but would make her not nearly as “sweet” as she tries to appear. She always talks to America on bbad also which is beyond annoying. I could go on and on about each person. I guess if I’m forced to root for someone it’s michelle. Yes she cries alot and bullied Bridgette but I like her more than anyone else in that house.


If he actually refuses to go to jury I hope he is remembered as the worst player to ever play this game. What disrespect for this game we love. He doesn’t even realize he’s bringing Cody down with him


Paulie has got to go…I can’t with him anymore. This is no longer entertaining, it’s cringeworthy. I feel badly because I really liked him in the beginning but he can go to jury, Jersey or the nearest psych ward. Just out of that house.
He is balking at jury because the tape will tell the tale and he will have no one to blame it on unless he says he broke down after Z was evicted but only Z will buy it.
Glad to see the Sitting Ducks are going after Nicorey instead of James.
Has anyone seen the #Wewantpie hashtag on Twitter? Hilarious!
And I posted this on the previous thread but the Co-HOH votes are being split 4 ways: Meech, Vic, Paul and Corey


Does anyone agree that this season has gone in the tank since Z left? She was the star.


That comment gave me aids.


Completely disagree.
Star of what? Having sex with Paulie on the feeds!
I actually feel sorry for her…


Z? Ummm which show were you watching?


If you meant porn star of the season you would be correct.


Zakiyah was more interested in keeping Paulie interested in her than winning this game. I’m wondering will she have a job when she returns to the real world after the ongoing inappropriate behavior of a ‘teacher’. Its sad, because I don’t feel Z will back off Paulie till he totally uses her up, no matter how many people inform her of his lack of interests. I don’t even think her loving family can convince her that she was used on national tv. She will have to accept it in time and I hope she comes out a stronger person. Shame on you Paulie!


It’s too funny how it goes from Everyone is up and talking about Paulie’s ‘James on the block’ deal to All houseguests asleep.

It ain't the right P

Paulie’s “strategy” is getting more pathetic by the hour. He’s the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen on big brother. We called it a while ago, but it’s gotten absurd now.


I get where the houseguests are probably finding it unbearable being around this goof… But if they could handle him another week, it would be best to take out corey. Paulie is on full tilt for comps, and plus, you get rid of the couple Nic and Corey. Then Nic will try to get far away from that floating turd, and team up with girls…


Chubs Roundie

Paulie’s game was blown up and that was great, but who’s going to blow up Paul’s game for me? Anyone? Michelle? Nicole? Corey? Someone step up to the plate, please.


Paul, Nat, and Vic for final 3 please.


That would be awesome if they start calling out her FT’s the moment Nat is out of the final HOH comp. Drive her to tears.

Paul is like, “Who do you think made FT’s a thing? Me!”. And Victor says, “Yeah. And we’ve said worse. You’re actually kind of dumb.”

Then at the finale Paul wins AFP.

And after the show Nat dumps James and hooks up with Victor.

A fairy tale ending.


Maybe they should call a house meeting like they did with Frank and tell Paulie to quit campaigning because he looks like an idiot. I believe it was Paulie that told Frank that in front of everybody. Frank never looked half as stupid or desperate as Paulie looks right now. It’s embarrassing to say the least. And I’m not buying the whole “I won’t campaign against Corey” speech. I think once the veto ceremony is over Paulie will throw Corey under the bus.


Hey Paulie, say Hello to Frankie. Another loser older brother riding on his younger siblings coattails. Get a job. Go pump gas in Jersey, you piece of shit.


Corey is starting to realize that Paulie is off the deep end. He was talking to Nicole about Paulie going crazy before the Double Eviction when James told Paulie that they were voting Zackiyah out. Corey told Nicole that Paulie went into a rage, Nicole said “really” and told her “it was really bad, it was scary” and also told her that Paulie hit Michelle with the door, “I thought Production was going to kick him out the house, before the eviction. He also told Nicole that he understands why James did what he did. Nicole “but James betrayed us”, Corey “no Paulie betrayed James first.”


So Paulie got these “deep rooted issues”, now? He trying too hard for sympathy, it’s making him sound even more pathetic that even if he has the roundtrip it’s not gonna do him too well.


All you Paulie haters will be eating your words, He has the round trip ticket. Mich is an emotional player , he will get her on his side, along with Miss Safety, and Mr. Patriotic. James is playing protector with Nat, play the game James not Romeo, she will be friends with him ,but he will find out, this is a repeat of his game last season. ( Meg). Vic is lost without Someone telling him every step of the game. Paul is the snake whose head should be chopped. Paul the know it all. A$$ hole


He can come back all he wants. He burned all his bridges, showed his true character and has clear mental issues. He’s Fu*ked, both inside and outside the hose, for life.


The only reason Paulie wants Corey off the block is to get Corey’s vote to stay. This way he has Corey and Nicole and is working on winning over Michelle. Which may happen as she can get wishy washy. As long as the HG’s stick to their plan to vote him out then he will get voted out. But I believe that he will have the round trip ticket because BB wants to keep the game interesting and Paulie knows this which is the other reason he is acting so crazy. Which BTW he is truly crazy!!! You can only act so much and you can see it in his eyes that he has completely gone pyscho knowing that the house wants him out. His ego can not handle that he is not in control anymore.


can jury see whays going on ih BB House???


They get a little video of weekly highlights when each evicted person gets there.


I am starting to believe that Paulie does have some “deep rooted issues”, but claustrophobia is the least of them.

Last night, Paul said Paulie is worried about getting a coaching job after BB. Ya think?


He sure won’t be hired to coach a female athletic team.

Janelle fan

Suck it up, Paulie! I’m just reading about his antics and I can’t take it! What a sore loser. He’s trying everything he can to get others to either sympathize for him or get self evicted. The bs with the pie baking, boohooing at facing his teammates in jury, whatever. I guess it truly never crossed his mind that he may actually lose? The only reason why I don’t want him to go to jury is because of the mind games he plays on Z. That poor girl needs to be kept away from him so that she can get some help.

Only can wish

This situation with Paulie has become desperate and sad. The HGS shouldn’t bring up their personal finances. Everyone needs the money, has bills, want to help relatives, etc. Like Michelle said, you don’t bring life into the game. Paulie has lied so much, he can’t even remember who he’s telling the lies to. Corey is sooo stupid that he doesn’t realize that Paulie is campaigning against him. Paulie is telling the others he needs the money in the BB house, but don’t need it in the jury house. He has clausophia, but he’s in the BB house and sometimes they are lock in the house for days. He’s seeing a psychiatrist(playing crazy), but was fine when he was acting like he was KING Ding-a-Ling in the house. Get a clue Corey!!!!
Im starting to respect Victor more. He knows the meaning of stuggle. He said he needs the money. He didn’t go in depth with it. He’s playing his heart out to win it without having to stoop so low. If he lose, he’s man enough to accept defeat, even when he got evicted earlier in the game. Now that’s a True Player


This is not a defense of Paulie because his narcissism and disrespect for women clearly have no boundaries. However, I have to say that Natalie is out of line as well. I’m an average looking girl at best. However, comments made to me about my appearance or innuendos of a sexual nature are a fairly regular occurrence. I let these comments go as long as they are flattering in nature and don’t cross the line of being crude or threatening. If I made an issue of every such comment I wouldn’t have much time left to get anything else done. I’d be emotionally exhausted as well. In my view Natalie admitting that she is a natural flirt makes her an even bigger target for these comments. You can’t have it both ways. Make an effort to stop being a flirt if you find the consequences of being one to be disturbing. And her “I laugh when I’m uncomfortable” excuse is unacceptable. If a woman doesn’t like the way a man is speaking to her she needs to make that known immediately. To say nothing then talk about it with others behind the scenes shows a lack of character. I’m 100% on board that Paulie’s comments about her breast implants were unacceptable. However, the remarks he made when he was under the bed with Natalie (if she finds him so offensive why was she under the bed with him?) and the statement he made to her about her butt didn’t warrant all the chaos that ensued. Just my opinion. I know others may disagree.


I dislike Natalie more every day.

The Dream

Meech dreamt about an HOH takeover package. Partially correct. Can’t decide if it’s good speculation, she’s a witch, or was tipped off by production.


I think production has tipped her off. It is strange she would have the dream the week voting is taking place.

Nana Jo

Paulie, Paulie pudding and pie
Didn’t kiss the girl, made her cry
When the bros came out to play
Paulie, Paulie ran away!

Every aspect of behavior that Paulie showed complete lack of empathy for in others … crying, whining, begging etc. ..he is now exhibiting himself, only many times magnified. His complete lack of self-awareness and immaturity is unbelievable and nauseating. At first it was rather fun to watch but now it is just cringe worthy!

Also, there is no way he has claustrophobia. He is a narcissistic liar!


Isnt what Paulie is doing the exact same thing Rachel Riley’s sister did on BB15? Crying, saying if she is evicted she will just go home and she wont go to the jury house. She threw a lot of issues out there and “somehow” wound up staying that week.

BB Super Fan

So, my thoughts on this whole issue. Paulie has blown his own game up by acting like a complete a$$ to several people. You can only run the “show” for so long before people start catching on and calling you out on your BS. I liked Paulie at first but after seeing how he treated Nat, he makes my stomach churn. Cody would probably love to smack him up beside the head for making him look bad. I like to think Nat is sincere in that she has feelings for James. They both have gone above and beyond to help protect each other. I think if Nat didn’t have feelings for him, she wouldn’t put her neck on the line and betray others confidence and telling him everything that she knows. Corey seems to be clueless but I would like to see a happy ending for he and Nic. As for Vic, I think he is floating under the protection of Paul. I, myself, like Paul and would love to see him, James and Nat in the final 3!

More Anonymous

Wish BB would donate any pies Paulie makes to women’s and homeless shelters. That would be a further slap in the face to him and Corey. I liked BBAU for having house guests do stuff like wrap Christmas presents for underprivileged children, bring in rescue dogs for them to care for, etc. Should make good use of these people with all the downtime they have.

Crank Case

Oh, my, aren’t you a good person. They could power the internet off of your sense of self-satisfaction.


BBAU was good. So sorry it does not seem to be on again. As far as donating pies, the women in shelters have suffered enough. They do not need those pies. If Polly self-evicts, give his stipend to the shelter.


Silly backstabbing peeps with no one with a pure motive, except greed. It’s big brother and the best Player win’s. Everyone gets played…used and lied to. It is what it is. I just can’t believe the hypocritical viewpoints each person uses to justify their game. In fact each one has said some stuff. Seems like Natalie is stirring the pot these days. Not sure what her motive is? But I think it will come back to bite her. She said her peace already. Why did she wait until Z was out the door to warn her? I mean if it was to look out for girl power. Sorry I don’t buy that. Seems like she doesn’t like James as much as everyone thinks. Also what about Victor and his terrible bead tossing. He did not look like a choir boy. What’s Paul’s game with Meech…I thought he had a girlfriend? Sadly, Z got mixed up with a pretty boy and failed to play her game. Paulie was not very cool there. James is messing his game up. He could have won.

Literally at the end of the day

While I agree they are all a miserable group of people for one reason or another, this has been the best week of BB in a long time. I have not had, and still don’t have someone I’m wildly rooting for. With the exception of Paulie, any are better though than Gina Marie, Andy and Spencer going to final three in 2013.


I know Paulie is full of poop when he says he will be claustrophobic in jury and that he lied about his mental health to get on the show.
If he had lied about his mental health just to get on the show, wouldn’t they remove him automatically?
And I think his playing a mental illness card is just about as low as you can get.
Paulie you don’t have to make up mental issues such as claustrophobia because we can see the real mental issues that you do have. Narcissistic behavior, spoiled brat syndrome, just to name a couple.
You can stop acting now, exit stage left.