“I’ll be honest with you Nat is the shot caller.. whatever the old lady wants I’m fine with it”

POV Holder: Victor POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: Paulie AND Corey
Have Nots Michelle AND Nicole

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 20-01-24-261

8:01pm Feeds back after 4 hours down for a Ziggy Marley concert including carnival games. The have nots were selected for next week as part of the carnival game. There was also prizes like TV, Dog visit, money. (feeds are cutting in and out to fish every time they talk about it so it’s hard to figure out what is going on with this party)

Nicole – I wonder how many corn dogs I can fit in my stomach

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 20-04-41-850

Corey has to shower still having to hold the zingbot sign.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 20-08-34-691
James – when will we find out who picked the right number
Natalie – They’ll announce it
(everyone chose a number. Big Brother will announce the number)
James – is everyone going to know.. hey number.. congratulations
Natalie – ya sure I don’t know

Michelle – Me you and James are the ultimate losers..
Michelle – 25 cents, didn’t get TV and am a have not
James – ya
James – I’m just happy I won 5 K

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 20-20-11-723

8:20pm Nicole and Corey
They are starting to get paranoid about Corey going home. Nicole really doesn’t think there is a plan like that in the works. They agree it would be dumb
Nicole – i’m just ready to play.. Feeds cut to Natalie and Michelle in the kitchen.
Nicole thinks Paulie will try hard to stay and she’ll lose repect for him. Corey is starting to lose respect for Paulie and his aunt dying of cancer story.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 20-33-00-730

8:31pm Paulie and James in the London room
Paulie is saying it’s weird that he’s having the same type of conversation with natalie and Paul so he’s wondering where James’s head is at, “From a player perspective”

James- it’s a game.. If you see us on the street it’s not like you’re going to sh1t on us or beat us up..

James – when you back a dog into a corner it might bite you
Paulie – what is that.. Kinda like what I say about a wounded animal.. Oh am I the one backed into a corner right now
James – there’s no secret Victor initially wants you out
Paulie – what’s Paul is saying what’s best for his game may not be best for other people

Jaems – this is a game you shouldn’t roll over and die.. Campaign in a positive light I’m pretty sure he’ll respect that.. But if yo campaign a different way.. I don’t know about that that’s something you have to live with personally

Paulie says he hasn’t started to campaign yet, he’s not sure if he will

Paulie – my social aspect is done.. I don’t want to me in the Jury for XX amount of time.. I don’t want to roll over and die but when it’s my time to go.. I’ll glady lay my self up use me as the nom ..

Paulie – Like Natalie is saying the majority doesn’t matter anymore it’s about personal games.

Paulie says Victor could have at least pulled Corey off the block so that Paulie would “have a chance” to campaign

Paulie – I’m sure I’ll talk to you guys if I decide to campaign for myself.. Takes three votes to stay.. I would want to pick your brains about how you would utilize a deal for me to stay.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 20-40-24-035

Natalie joins them plans to go to bed early.
Natalie asks what the stain is on her shirt ..
James- it’s a poop stain..
Smell it.
Natalie says it’s not poop it’s rust from the “Hook” on one HOH competitions
James- I’m down for whatever is best for my game..
Paulie – what do you want for me to stay.. Whatever you want it stay between us.. At the end of the day you are only 2 votes I’ll need to talk to Paul and Michelle.

Paulie – if I do stay whoever helped save me that’s were it wold go to, you are the first people I am coming to and being like wheres your brain at.. it’s the smarted thing I can do..

Paulie images if JAmes and Natalie decide to keep him they will help him get the other vote he needs.
James – I’ll be honest with you Natalie is the shot caller in the relationship
James – whatever the old lady wants I’m fine with it..
Paulie says he’s not looking for a answer right now but if they want more details to the deal just ask and he can give it to them.
Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 20-36-47-725

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 20-55-41-995

8:50pm Paul and Michelle
Paul – Corey 100% threw that he was the pitcher college .. he was a pitcher for a D1 baseball team…

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-15 21-07-48-238

9:01pm London room Paul, James and Natalie
joking that Natalie and James are a old couple they don’t even sleep in the same bed. They all have noticed Nicole and Corey kiss under the covers but never on the camera. Paul mentions everyone knows whats going on.
Paul says Paulie and Zakiyah had a “Home run” 5 times
Paul – “One of them in the bumper cars.. I can’t even fit in a bumper car and these people are boning”
James – if it was 5 times they (Feed watchers) at least caught 2 of them
Paul says Paulie didn’t wear protection.. “Full comes out has a BB baby”
Natalie – 5 times shut the front door
Paul – the back door too
Natalie – wait what.. is this a porno
Paul – it’s very interesting
Natalie – that’s why emotions are so high with him
Paul – fool breaks the door down when he finds his Girlfriend is going..
James – oh my god if they go to Jury that 5 will turn into 25
Paul says Corey/Nicole and Paulei/Zakiyah won’t continue outside the house
Paul- Corey will be boning anything with legs.. never cared.. Paulie is going back to his ex wife.. (Sarcastically saying ex wife)
Paul – I just really want them on the block together (Nicole and Corey)
Natalie now they are being so nice to everyone.. now Corey has to bite his tongue he can’t be mean to people

They talk about how the other side was goign to take out Victor, James and Paul. They find it funny that now they want to “legit” work with them.
They agree if Paulie stays he would stick with Nicole and try to pull in Meech.

9:34pm Security check

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Are people really still voting for Michelle??? Or is the poll just not up to date?
Because that would sad. Very very sad :/


Yah, but a vote for Vic is a vote for Paul…. nah, I’ll pass.


James your a fool.
Your getting played by letting your game go.
Your focus should be your and what’s good for your family (daughter).
Strategic planning/play doesn’t have to mean letting someone else call shots for you.
You and your family is the drive you need.
Not someone that you’d like to think would have you after the show.
It won’t work James do you.
Natalie looks great but focus guy.
Don’t be blinded by her Venezuelan booty.

Powder Puff Girl

I read that comment as a put down to Paulie due to the disrespect Paulie gave to Z/women in the house. To show Paulie he respected how Natalie felt. James has been the decision maker of the two. Natalie used strategy on James to get him to vote Z out/care package prior to that he Paulie was “his leader”.

Cody the repeating parrot

Ummm…paulie, you don’t want to campaign against Corey…right? Then why are you campaigning against Corey?


James is not serious. That’s his way of getting out of having to entertain a conversation about voting with Paulie.


the way Vic handled this HOH, he deserves the CO-HOH care package for next week.

sunny dee

he may deserve it, but i have a feeling he will still be OK given his ability to win comps. even on the slight chance he is on the block, it would give him the chance to play and win veto, which is what he’s really concerned about. getting a care package to be co HOH may mean he can’t play and actually win the next HOH.. meaning he loses a chance to win a comp towards his number 10.

Karma is what is driving the votes in the poll, for michelle to get it. and be the one to put up whoever corey/nicole. divine karma is corey goes up, nicole is the winner of the HOH, she puts up vic, he wins his veto, and she replaces with whoever, but corey still goes home, on HER HOH. really rattled, and she can’t play in the next HOH, so out she goes, maybe.

what i wanted to see next care package is paul wins the bribe, and successfully bribes Vic to lose a comp. vic gets that 5 K, so its a win win.

Powder Puff Girl

I think the poll was up before Victor put up Paulie. I was voting for Meech but changed it to Victor just in case Paulie has the RT seeing he cannot play in the next HOH. On the poll I voted for Meech and it was at 49% in her favour the day it went up.

Franks fumes

Not ideal for meech to win ACP but I think Paul is more than capable of keeping Big Meech in line if she does……Besides it would be hilarious!


Paul is cracking me up on those security checks. He looks so funny.


It would be fun to watch Michelle be co-hoh.


I’m voting for meech. She needs an advantage. Plus she’ll drive the HOH nuts. I like the idea of more drama.

TX rar

I think people voted on the poll early b4 anything really happened in the house and actual voting began so the results may be skewed. Comments seem to indicate they are actually casting votes for VICTOR ??


Pathetic Paulie (still uses his baby name) needs to go home
Maybe he needs lots of kisses from Daddy? Freakin weird sh!t

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Paul and his daddy like to kiss don’t they? And the south gets a bad rep. Maybe his ex couldn’t handle the competition from his incessual family

Frank's Tasty Butt Juice

There’s nothing like a daddy’s affection towards his son.


They say they’re a very touchy feely family. A little weird if you ask me.

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

Sometimes it seems like Michele is trying to make the feeds go to fish.She is a “super fan” so she knows what happens when you talk about certain things. She needs to STFU about non game stuff so we can watch the gaming. Very annoying.


Good Grief!!!!!!!!!!! Will Thursday EVER get here??????????????

Powder Puff Girl

Paulie saying he is not campaigning yet but then campaigns to James.


He’s been campaigning but not really campaigning this whole time. Ugh he’s such a douche


“On my Aunt that is dying of cancer” Using your family’s pain to try and get ahead in a game… The most pitiful comment of the season.


It is driving Nichole and Cory crazy, so that is fun to watch. Paranoia is creeping in like Paul said. I am thinking Paul is running the game now. Not my favorite, but he has creep into the leader spot without anyone noticing it.

TX rar

Paulie has zero self awareness.


And Down Goes Paulie….He’s Staggering to Get Up. His legs look wobbly. He’s down again. It’s a Knockout!

Paulie =

giant douche


Watching Paulie talking to Meech on BBAD – jeez, he must have gotten the mother of all come to Jesus meetings, because he is sounding normal and rational. Still campaigning hard, but the histrionics are gone for now. But they either laid down the law hard or gave him a shot of something. Frankly I wish they had evicted him for behavior above and beyond what’s acceptable.
Paul and Vic, Nat and James, stand firm! Meech, just stand. Upright preferably.


Wish there was an LOL button….sitting here laughing at the Meech comment…


Ziggy Marley made a pass at Natalie but she’ll never tell James until she needs something from James.

Only can wish

Paul, Vic, Natalie and James stand firm
Meech just stand, preferably upright.


Paulie once told Frank not to make a fool out of himself – pot meet kettle.

Powder Puff Girl

I wish Paul would repeat the speech Paulie gave to Frank that would put the icing on the cake for the feeders.

Froot Loop Dingus

#1. – “Paulie says he hasn’t started to campaign yet, he’s not sure if he will” – So Paulie, let’s see if I have this down. You won’t campaign against Corey. So that kind of sounds like he’s your number one ally, but you want people to vote him out and keep you. So isn’t that actually campaigning? And screwing your number one ally?
And if they save you you won’t put them up… but won’t you have to put someone up at some point if you want to win or even get to final 2.

#2 “Paulie – my social aspect is done.. I don’t want to be in the Jury for XX amount of time.. I don’t want to roll over and die but when it’s my time to go.. I’ll gladly lay my self up use me as the nom ”
—- You’re the nom now… it’s your time to go dude.

#3 – “Paul says Paulie didn’t wear protection.. “Full comes out has a BB baby”” —- He better hope a baby is the only thing he got from that… Zakiyah sure was scratching her woman parts a lot.

Only can wish

I guess Paulie is trying to use reverse psychology on the HGS. He really sound stupid.

Reality Check

Paulie reminds me of the Looney Tune Character Wile E. Coyote. The Coyote is so dumb yet he still try to get the road runner…same thing applies to Paulie


If anything Z caught something from Paulie. Wait till she sees the feeds. She was too good for him. She should have made him kiss her a$$.


What he got from her? I think it’s the other way around. Paulie has been digging at his balls every time he sits down for 2 months straight! Must have picked up something from all the girls he boned before his girlfriend became his “ex”


I started out really wanting to root against Paul, but he is so darned funny! Yeah, he’s a bit of a sneaky player. Who cares? It’s Big Brother! I find myself actually laughing out loud at things he says.


Yeah.. that awkward moment towards the end of the argument between Paulie, Natalie and Bridgette. During a tense silent pause Paul trying to quietly reach for a Cheeto. Ended up being loud. Too funny. Then when Paulie said, “he didn’t care.” Bridgett replied, “wow.” And the look between Paul and Victor. Priceless.

Victor's Missing Facial Hair

I know it’s like they were there for the show! Best big brother moment this season in my opinion.


I laughed so hard at Paul trying to quietly get that Cheeto that I cried lol. Hysterical.


Why is Paulie not required to do his punishment of baking pies? Why does he get a free pass? I call BS!

Only can wish

I call it favoritism, Shar. It’s not right!!!

Another Anonymous

Wake me when it’s Thursday. I’ve had enough of Pitiful Paulie.

Vic for the win!

Paulie might have a bb baby! Lmao…. maybe dumbo shld of used a condom they have them in the house. Z wow girl he used u and abused u and u still want that cry baby??? Im still voting all votes everyday for vic, so if ppl want vic vote vic for co-hoh do it cuz on other sites there all voting for him too.


Paulie looking to make deals and asking what they want? does this turd have even ounce of self respect? Just evict him already because if any of them James, Nat Paul or Meech vote to keep him and Paulie stays all bets are off Paulie will go back on his word and pull some shady shit to get Paul & Vic on the block or James & Nat on the block. these four need to vote his ass out and let Paulie fist pump his way back to jersey.
Frank & Tiffany must be peeing their pants laughing at Paulies Meltdown….pass the popcorn.

production rigged it

I don’t get the live feeds and I’m behind on the updates on here so I was just wondering if anybody has heard anything about this Friday’s episode. Could it possible be about the carnival games they played at the Ziggy Marley concert maybe?


More than likely the episode will show them at the concert and playing those games. Which is why the feeds will keep cutting out when they get too specific about the events.

TX rar

Im hoping there is no Jury Buy back and it is a filler piece and HaveNot highlighs


Paulie’s all talk, and a whiner at that. But he DID cross the line tonight by saying that he would “Punch one of them (V/P/J).” If he wasn’t called in and severely reprimanded for THAT, then I don’t know what BB has in store for him? I’m banking his Ticket (that he keeps in the top drawer of night stand where it can easily be switched during a lock down…yeah, yeah **FISH**, Don’t talk about Production…) has become a Round Trip!

John Mclane

Hey Corey, ya ever watch that show called The Adams Family? They got a motherfucker on there called LURCH!

Only can wish

Too funny!!! I’m laughing so hard at these comments. I’m dying!!!!


I saw a dude in the grocery store the other day looked just like Corey. Big blonde guy, same stupid no-hawk haircut. Ironically, he was even staring at the wieners.

sunny dee

1. all those condoms, and these fool a$$ idiots can’t figure out maybe use them (altho, have to say, the girls probably on BC and they all got std/hiv tested prior to coming in the house. going to assume that, because the alternative is these people are just idiots and nasty)

2. paulie keeps saying, keep me and when it’s my time to go, no problem. dude, THIS is your time to go. no need to wait for it.

3. paulie keeps saying, really, trust me, i got your backs. Just like a week ago, and two weeks ago and basically every single week ago, he said the same thing to them all. dude, give it up cuz no one believes that based on track record.

4. paulie keeps saying ‘best friend in the house’ to Paul and James. who both thought up until a week or so ago that THEY were Paulie’s bestest friend in the house. dude, should stop talking cuz the hole it’s just getting deeper.

Bolt Uprite

Since Corey is already fisting Baldwin the Eagle, if he was creative he’d use him as a shower loofa, load him up with soap and wash those hard to reach places.


I think to show his genuineness as far as the game goes, Paulie should open his ticket thus making it invalid. If actions speak…

If he has the round trip then vote out Corey, crippling Nicole, and take out Paulie the next week. If he doesn’t have it, vote him out, then round trip twist is over and there is no risk of someone coming back in that you just voted out.

Franks fumes

My girl Bridgette will be back in the house Friday night!……and she’s gonna put up Corine and Ratcole after she wins HOH!…..SWEET KARMA PIE!….THUMBS UP IF YOU AGREE!


Nicole is Coreys girl Not James…LMAO!


I’m sick of the Paulie bashing. Just in case production does troll lets suggest how the show can change.
1. Have the veto winner pick the replacement.
2. Don’t have the votes in private.
3. Comps have to change. My fav was bb Canada’s board game.
4. Secret tasks but not America’s player.
5. No returnees.
6. Have less physical comps – gender fair.
7. Make them earn their food. Don’t give as much.

Anything else anyone wants to add.


I’m sick of the Paulie bashing too!

Paulie Got Got

For the millionth time: Shut up Cody and stay off these boards!

Only can wish

You said make them earn their food. Well the girls would starve to death because they haven’t won s!#t.

Powder Puff Girl

I enjoyed BBCan with 2 International cast members – would love to see half Canadian half American cast – see how that dynamic would play out.


If they had to vote where everyone knew you’d have more predictable votes. Most of the folks they pick now are spineless. I’d rather they not even tell the house guests the vote count.


Good point. So how about don’t announce the vote count?


I’m shocked that you, a woman, I presume, think that less physical comps would be more fair. Women could just as easily win those physical comps, but casting sucks. There just has to be more female players like Janelle, Rachel, and Vanessa. Instead of reducing the amount of physical comps, I’d say fire the casting team and get a new one.


– No to #2. That would further cement house voting. Instead don’t reveal house count so people can vote how they want. If I could only make one change, this would have the biggest impact.
– Stop the CBS/BB “it’s who you know” thing in getting players.
– The earn food thing…yes but not as individuals. The house has tasks to complete as a group. If not successful, minimal food for the week. The slop thing is getting tired.
– Simple punishments for breaking rules that make fish come on. Like wear a gag for hours for breaking no singing rule.
– More stuff to do inside and out to keep them out of the beds and make feeds more interesting.

TX rar

I like this one. Tired of hearing “please stop singing”

– Simple punishments for breaking rules that make fish come on. Like wear a gag for hours for breaking no singing rule.


First off – If you don’t like the Paulie bashing ( eye roll ) then skip those comments. You have pretty much come on to a site, where more than a few players, over numerous years have been bashed for tedious things when they do stupid things. But Paulie has had a lot of Glorious mental break downs that he deserves to be called out on. But like I said to each their own.
Next, on your topic of how BB can change it’s structure – DO not Change it like BB Canada. I am Canadian. and I like my BB Canada the one and only – I also like BB US the one and only maybe change a few aspects but don’t change it into one or the other.
– I think Get rid of telling the House Guests the Vote counts that way everyone can vote how they want to.
– Maybe also play for food every week instead of having have nots. That way everyone has to play a more social game. You don’t win food for the house you may get on someone’s bad side !!!
-I would also like to see reward and punishment style type of games throughout the house every week as well you don’t complete the task you don’t get anything. Makes it even more competetitve within the game.
Also they seriously need to make a new BB house. This one is old and decaying. And small. Compared to other BB houses.
That would be, at least, a good starting point I think, for them moving forward with the show. I like the direction they are taking with them going Online – because eventually, that is where most people will get all of their content from!

James game to lose

James needs to cut Nat after Paulie gets evicted. James should still stay close to Nat but play his own game. James got this game in the bag if he just wakes up and come back to reality that Nat will only want James as a friend. It’s so obvious.

Paulie's Psychiatrist

“Keep him making pies, just reduce the level of difficulty.”

The Roach Coach

Whats up with Meech?
I think Ziggy snuck her some Magic Mushrooms….


I am LIVING for Paul’s short sleeved outdoor security suit LOL. Hated him first of season, but he is fricking funny. Over the Paulie drama. Girl, BYE.


Thank you! All they do (Nicole V…for ex) is completely discredit any comment made by the poster IMO.

Paulie's family tree

Way to go Paulie! No son of ours should be seen baking pies. That’s women’s work! You keep whining and threatening to crack some faces or don’t bother coming back home. That’s how real Calafiore men role. So proud!

Franks fumes

Does anybody else think Paul in his outfit looks like a seventies era Ringo Starr.


Did you hear when I told Corey about Cody being in a movie? That’s why I’ve been trying so hard, I have to try to keep up with my movie star brother. You should watch it, it’s great, just like the two Califiore brothers.


Does anyone agree with me that they should send a hair dresser into the house to cut Nick-Holes blond mop. No matter what she tries to do with it, it’s a mess.

Love her orange unitard. Glad she’s wearing it and not Bridgette. Hope she’s told that she came in second in the vote. Burst that bubble for sure.

Powder Puff Girl

I think I will change my name I just found out in the Urban dictionary a PPG is
A girl who commonly uses crack cocaine – I thought it was cute twist on the power puff girls

Cody Calafiore

F#ck you!

Simon Rocks

Thank you Simon

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

Paulie staring at hot tub water at 12:19am. That dude has been medicated. He is on some heavy shit; That is the look of someone on Thorazine. Sad.


I love Paul’s security checks especially last night!!! He kills me when he jumps on people sleeping, and his couch rollovers are halarious… He’s killing it!!! That was funny when paulie asked nicole to open her rt ticket so he can see what his chances are and shes like NO might need it for double eviction… LOL… nicole plz open it so we can see it says winner round trip and paulie is crushed and self evicts!!!


Nicole is such a mean girl!!!!! Why is she ragging about Zakiyah???!!!! Z is out of the BB house and is a jury vote!

If you can’t say anything nice…keep your trap shut!!!! All you do is whine whine whine and moon over Corey. Why take the place of someone who wants to play? You’re so useless and have no value to the game. Corey is in the same boat…. The “S.S. Useless”

She has no awareness of how people are perceiving her. Think she forgets we’re watching.

Corey needs to go next. I want to see what she will do when her shields are gone.


Damn the has to be somewhere close by that they can donate those pies to. All of the starving people everywhere and they just throw stuff away. I can imagine all of the stuff in that overstocked pantry that goes bad just sitting there.


HGs made have seen all the places Paulie puts his hands while he’s preparing the pies. Eww!


Sounds like ole Paulie boy does not feel like he has alienated enough people in Jersey. Now he is talking about the Jewish kids in N. Jersey ALL being a$$holes. I would love to see them give him a rash of s*it in the house again. I guarantee he does not have the balls to call all Bruce Lee like he said he would but would cry in the corner once again.


Yeah, after the comment about the Jewish kids- would be astounded if he had the return ticket. I think at this pint, it would be best for this putz to just go away.

Voting for Corey for AMP

I liked James last season when he was not so desperate to have a girlfriend. His behavior this season being “ruled by a girl’s emotions and feelings” is just outright plain ridiculous and embarrassing!! He cannot be that desperate for a girlfriend!! So NOT my favorite this season, same goes with Nicole with her insecurity of a showmance need. They are more concerned about their showmances at this point than the GAME!!

Misty Beethoven

Nicole is hands down the most cringe-worthy female I have seen in a long time. Her comments about it being better to go with the flow instead of protesting and that’s why Bridgette was gone disgusted me. That is the perfect illustration of her: say yes to everything, agree with everyone and don’t stick your neck out for anything.
She needs realize that if people didn’t protest, our country would be vastly different.

Feeling nauseous!

Corey and niccole- your acting weird no your acting weird, no you, no you… Both of you are weird so shut the hell up already!!! These two makee wanna puke! Soo useless and annoying…


Simon…hat tip to you! Your side comment (FUCK!NG HELL) tonight gave me a laugh I really needed. Thanks man!


I want Nicole gone after Paulie. She is a mean, nasty young woman and she needs to do some self reflection, not just looking at her reflection in the mirror.


I loved Nicole on her season, this one… she’s so annoying. I wis they would have brought back J-Macc!

Corey the doufus

No one can have a deep convo with Corey he just sits and stares off into no where because there is nothing in his head. He is just a total doufus. Nothing at all there. Even Paulie seems brilliant compared to this doufus. Paulie tries to talk to him but all Corey can say is “yup” “for sure” and then stare off into his vast world of nothingness.

Nicole and Corey’s convos consist of just fake fights about who’s being weird or Nicole making up some fake ex gf or girl in house drama so Corey will say “No it’s you that I want not them” No one wants your gay dumb as dirt goofy no brain doufus Nicole.

Nicole going on the block and home next week will be wonderful. Just kinda sucks we have to watch her whine and cry for a week how she deserves this more than Natalie. She will cry to Corey all week how he will hook up with Natalie when Nicole leaves. God spare us.

Can’t wait to not have to see Nicole’s rats nest hair or her pushing up her lame big glasses or the stupid look she gets on her face when she looks at her reflection every chance she gets.

No one this season will I enjoy more walking out of that house more than Nicole.


James wake up..she wont sleep in same bed with..and barely talking to you yesterday ..but when Paul came in the room she was laughing and giggling at everything he said…WAKE UP..REALIZE..UR A FRIEND NOTHING MORE! Play ur own game…and we will respect you more!

Sounds like a plan

Now that Nat is in charge she will push them constantly towards the breaking point. As opposed to James’ boring safe game strategy. It does make sense though play safe till jury then go wild making deals and taking out big targets.


A care package, support, an award… something needs to go to Simon and Dawg. Got the feeds (link thru this site) and WOW. Paulie is exhausting. I don’t know how you guys do it. I don’t think I could transcribe his gibberish. Last night when he was talking to Natalie (while James and Paul slept), she showed concern over his aunt dying of cancer and at one point it was like he “forgot” about his aunt. He kept talking game. Everyone show some support for Simon and Dawg.


Thank you! Its definitely not easy doing this 7 days a week. We really appreciate your support.


PAULE … by a vote of 5-0 you are evicted from the Big Brother house …
HOUSE GUESTS … are you ready to see if Paulie has the round trip ticket?
JULIE … open the envelope, pull out the one way ticket, and tell Paulie his game has ended and he will be making his way to the Jury house.

then the following happens …..

Corey wins Hoh and Victor receives America’s Care Package …. Corey nominates Natalie, Victor nominates Nicole. Corey wins Veto and pulls Nicole off … Corey replaces Nicole with James ….

sound like a good scenario? … sure would keep the game interesting wouldn’t you say …


I think the HOH or co-HOH that has a nom pulled would pick the replacement, just like in the roadkill scenario