Derrick to Christine – “Jenn City called she wants her game back.. ZING”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Frankie
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine


BB16-2014-08-16 14-59-35-328
2:58pm Living Room Derrick, Christine, and Zach
Derrick says Nicole is the only person to have carved their name on the bathroom door that is gone. Derrick felts bad ebcuase she was

They bring up Nicole carving her name in the bathroom she did it once but not deep enough so she carved it out a second time. Zach wonders why she just didn’t make the first one deeper.
Derrick says Nicole was all over the place “She definitely screwed that up”
Zach tells Christine she has to do her, Christine is scared to because it’s breaking the rules, “I’m such a scaredy cat”
Derrick – Loser”

They are suspecting zingbot is coming today. Trying to figure out what the zing will be for Derrick, Something about him being old man going to the old folks home or perhaps something about his daughters blanket.
Zach – “Hey Derrick are you going to use the money to enter a retirement home”
Zach can’t wait to be Zinged. They joke Zing bot will say to Christine “Jenn City called she said she wants her game back”.
Christine laughing – That’s horrible Derrick
Derrick jokes Christine will jump on Zing Bot with a

Christine mentions the zingbot will reveal how they are being portrayed. They start talking about Andy’s (BB15) Zing, “Whats pale and floats.. Andy” Derrick remembers Andy was pissed by the zing because he didn’t want to be a floater kept saying he made powerful moves. Zach says Andy was a floater.

Talk moves to Season 14 where Dan played Danielle the entire season. Derrick says Danielle was good person for Dan to get because she could win Competitions.
Derrick – I hope our season’s not lame.. We don’t know it now but I hope there’s a Dan in this house that’s Running through this house.” They thin they have all the characters covered this season.. Caleb is the good guy, Donny is the Underdogs, They have a Eval Di!ck character…

Derrick tells them they have to win Endurance on Thursday if he falls off first he’ll rub their feet to help them stay in the competition. Derrick says the one good thing about losing this weeks HOH is he gets to compete in the next HOH
Zach – Dude and you got pictures bro you made out like a bandit
Victoria and Caleb joins them
Zach brings up how funny Caleb has been lately, Christine, Derrick and Cody Agree. They all start laughing at some of Caleb’s activities..

Zach brings up MindCraft his brother started getting obsessed about it he almost lost his mind.. Christine and Zach try to explain it.. the graphics are horrible but is a lot of fun.

Zach and Derrick starts to organize a Madden video game night when they get out. 9:30 Tuesday nights is tentatively set.

BB16-2014-08-16 15-35-09-267

3:41pm Chit chating checking out the irregularities in the Jenga blocks

Christine joking that her and Tim are investments to each other.. He invested in her to become a milf one day and she invested in Tim to be a rock star
Christine says Tim is great he’s the nicest guy he’ll love all of them.
Derrick says he’ll like everyone but Cody.
Christine – Tim, I love you… Mom tell Tim I love him..

BB16-2014-08-16 15-52-08-304
3:50pm HOH Frankie and Derrick
Derrick – I’m on the f*** prowl..
Derrick is going to grab Victoria’s purple robe the one she wears all the time.
Derrick – You good to go
Frankie – Ya
Derrick asks about Frankie’s talk with Donny, “Does he suspect Christine threw it”
Frankie doesn’t know. Donny said he respected them both being competition beasts.
Frankie didn’t get much information out of Donny, “I think we’re still OK”

BB16-2014-08-16 15-59-19-807

3:52pm Derrick steals Victoria’s Purple Robe as part of the TA Task

BB16-2014-08-16 16-01-36-496

Tosses it in the bottom of the recycling bin

BB16-2014-08-16 16-11-21-740

Derrick – “That’s One”

4:10pm Living Room Chit chat
Food chains, chick fil a, Sonic’s, Moes, Chipotla
Talk moves to Joey stripping naked as soon as the feeds went on. Joey told them her boyfriends would have been cool with it.

BB16-2014-08-16 16-48-47-312

4:46pm Derrick shows Donny the stash

Derrick – THat purple thing she wears every day
Donny oh you got it..
Derrick is a bit worried someone will find it there..
Donny – She’s going to notice that today
Derrick is going to take his beanie because he wears it everyday.

4:49pm Feeds go to Jeff.. POV Being played.

6:18pm Still waiting for results
7:04pm Still waiting for results

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Derrick trying to imitate Dan’s game using Victoria like Dan did Danielle, (except Victoria doesn’t win much). He really thinks he is playing like Dan and even said he hope someone is running through the house like Dan, and the Dummies still didn’t catch on. Wow.

The Bible

Dan would have won if he had taken Dani to the end – and fulfilled the mission to take his minion to the end – but his ego and the DR took over…. and I think Derrick is in for the same awakening….


I know right? Production got JennCity to save him after his epic “funeral”, and he returns the favor to them by NOT guaranteeing his victory by taking Dani? Dumb move on his part, honestly didn’t expect that from him..


Ian won the final HOH so dan didn’t even choose

production rigged it

Maybe that’s because he’s not as great a player as everybody says he is. Britney kept telling everybody to beware of the mist and they wouldn’t listen to her and Frank proved how dumb he was by trusting Dan how many times. Dan should have never made it to the final 2 to start with and made a huge mistake like you said by not trying to win and take Danielle. He should have been smart enough to know that he wasn’t going to beat Ian especially with a pissed off jury. Obviously he wasn’t though, I think that proves he’s nowhere near being the best player ever like some people like to claim. Derrick is the same way he’s not nearly as good as he thinks he is and he will soon find that out too.


Maybe Dan didn’t feel like taking $500 000 from a kid who had college debts especially since Dan already won? One can hope haha

production rigged it

If it wasn’t for Dan’s ego I may have agreed with you but with his ego there’s no way Dan didn’t want to be the first ever 2 time winner. He made a mistake in thinking he could talk his way out of screwing everybody over and it cost him.


lol, I thought that as well. Dan had to be with Danielle at the end to win. Ian had the right F2, tho for sure. He’d have been a close competitor with Danielle, because she won a lot. Dan would have won had he been able to say he got to F2 and trained and took Danielle with him, he’d have been able to explain away all of her moves as his moves.

In this update, I noticed Frankie did NOT mention Donny’s F2 talk with him. I wonder what that means lol.


Except Dan didn’t win the last HOH and he admitted that he didn’t throw it.

production rigged it

Whether he did or didn’t it doesn’t matter he looks bad either way. If he didn’t then he shouldn’t have let Ian get to the end. If he did and he admitted it that would hurt his credibility as one of the best players ever. So of course he’s going to say that he didn’t throw it.


He’s toying with them & bragging to us.

Mr. T

I pity the fool that don’t make purchases on Amazon thru OnlineBigBrother!!!


Can someone who is on the final 2 or won the 500k win America’s fav?

BB Production

Yes, any houseguest can win America’s Favorite as of BB11. The years prior it was only for jury members.



Ians Beer

Jenn City: Cody, can I come and lay around with you all day?? I’ll bring my own life vest and we can float together while I play with your hair, your muscles and your low I.Q. You can play with my makeup, hair dye and lack of ambition. We can even sandwich “Beaker the Backstabber” between us if you like….I’m game for that!!

Down with BIG-headed Derrick

What an A HOLE, so very full of HIMSELF! ” Wonder if there’s a DAN running the HOUSE” Wink Wink . iDIOT – hope someone backdoors your ASS. Then we’ll see the WATERWORKS really FLOW!


The difference between Dan and Derricks game is that the hou,se gets left mad at dan and knew they got screwed by him. Derrick hoseguests leave liking him and will probably vote for him in the end. So if derrick makes it to the end, he’ll probably get more votes. Minus Dan’s funeral I would say derrick is playing a better game. But derrick may do something epic too this season. If he does, I hope it involves backdoring Frankie. Frankies attempt to divert attention from his lies to his sisters fame was lame and he didn’t fool anyone. Not even victoria. Lol. As jeff would say he got got!


Thumbs If you hate almost this entire group besides donny!!!!


Zingbot to Derek. ” hey Derrick your not Americas favorite. Zing.


Zingbot to Cody “they told me there were only 2 girls in the house but then I saw you and realized there were 3 – Zing”


Zingbot to Frankie- “Who has America’s favorite sibling? Zach! Zing!


Zingbot to Chirstine: ” Our motto is expect the unexpected, but we’ve changed to expect the divorce papers…Zing!


Zingbot to Caleb: at the end of the day, ya know, Amber still didn’t eat your banana. Maybe we should start calling you Beast Mode Bananas! Zing, ya know!

Power Of Veto Corleone

Zingbot……Hey Zach. See you NEVER! ZZzzzzzzing!


I hope Donny wins POV.


Love it! Derrick questioning Frankie as to what Donnie had to say. Frankie seems to be holding things close to the chest and only said “I think we are good” not revealing what Donnie actually said.

Who's Victoria?

I will hate Frankie a bit less if he back doors Derrick. But that will be impossible 🙁


I really hope Vic wins Veto. Derrick gets her to use it on Cody. Derrick gets Frankie to put up Zach (he thinks) and Frankie puts up Derrick instead. Then Zach, Donny, and Christine send Derrick to Jury (Cody and Vic won’t). I’d actually prefer Cody go rather than Derrick, but this would be sweet. Nic or Hayden back in (I’d prefer Nic). Get rid of Cody, Vic, Christine, and then Caleb. Zankie, Nic and Donny final 4! (Ok… Got a little greedy there…)


Derek should have told cody that jenn city wants her game back instead it seems more accurate


*Christine says Tim is great he’s the nicest guy he’ll love all of them.
*Derrick says he’ll like everyone but Cody.
*Christine – Tim, I love you… Mom tell Tim I love him.
It’s a little bit to late to be cleaning up your mess. Christine, needs to hope Tim sticks with her because once BB is over so is the romance with Cody. No husband, No Cody and No Money.
Lady’s just remember if you decide to get on BB17 keep your legs closed and your ears, mind and eyes open.


How sick do you have to be to wish that her husband will divorce her because of a game?

I dislike Christine in the game just as much as the next person and hate how she is all over Cody. But her marriage is her personal business. Whether the husband decides to do one thing or another it’s none of your business at the end of the day.

high horse moralists can kma

oh shut up.


I’ve read this about 20 times, and I’m hoping in vain that my repeating it will be the last time it needs to be said.

Christine’s husband has made it clear: He’s not ok with her behavior in the house. He made it our business when he let the public in on his feelings.


Hey I didn’t post that. How come names are getting screwed up quite a bit.


Zingbot: Christine, it must be nice to be in the arms of a handsome guy…without using a major credit card…Zzzzzzzzing!!!


I laughed out loud at that one and secretly wished I had thought of it. Great Zing!!!!


I laughed so hard milk came out my nose. . .and I didn’t even drink milk today!


Victoria I am also a bird abductee zing

we need

Donny to win POV to keep #WILDCARD safe. end of story.

oh and cody sucks, he Is the biggest wussy in the history of big brother. Cody sucks so bad. I can’t stand that lame Zac Efron fan. we have two grown men, one is obsessed with ariana grande, the other loves Zac Efron and thinks he is the man. this cast scares me, legitimately.


Please don’t equate Cody and Zac Efron. I love, love, love Zac Efron.

we need

I would take jenn city over cody.

….yeah actually I really would. screw cody. jenn city has a chance to float to the final 2 without being put up because she sucks to bad…oh wait so does cody.

and the guy wonders why he lacks TV time. Julie thinks you suck too, dude.she obviously thinks Zach is way more awesome.

pants on fire

Christine becoming a milf…that’s a good one!! Derrick talking about an endurance HOH on Thursday…one can only hope that you don’t make it that far!!

Clueless Christine....

MILF?! Nobody wants that Christine. Really. Truly.


Really Derrick with the Dan reference? Maybe that was matter of fact in the way he said it. But I sometimes think he thinks he’s entertaining us watching since he was picked for TA. Looking in the camera etc. Like we are just as clueless and can’t see through him like the house guests. Maybe if he knew that Production comes up with the options and people only have two choices to vote from with the TA stuff which have been lame anyway.So he’s not that special. And I hope he doesn’t think this Victoria thing is in comparison because it seems to be more personal and they clicked early in the game. Danielle was on Dan’s team and everybody knew they were an alliance/team. He may be trying to drag her to end to win but I don’t think it’s all about that but whatever dude.


He’s absolutely trying to “entertain” us.


Derrick talking to the camera tells me this egomaniac thinks he’s got it in the bag……this guy is so full of himself.


Because of people like Donny….I have renewed faith in Mankind. What a wonderful man. I try not to get emotionally invested in reality tv., but watching Donny each day when I get home from a trying day at work , makes me feel good, sad , frustrated when Christine talks about him like he is nothing, tingly inside when he and Zach have heart to hearts(Donny brings out the real Zach). I just pray that he wins because he is too damn good of a guy to be mowing lawns or cleaning floors. He is 42 , he doesn’t have the luxury of time to make his mark in this world like the other young ins in there.


I love Donny but to say “he doesn’t have the luxury of time to make his mark in the world” is just stupid. He is only 42, not 142. Must be 20 something thinking.


I beg ur pardon? I am 44 yrs old. No need to call me stupid. I stated the remark ” luxury of time” meaning ..Donny quit his job to come on BB, he has also said the jobs he has held in life are mostly custodial and land caretaker type of jobs. Unless Donny hit the lotto, or win BB , his chancing of ever obtaining $500,000.00 US dollars in his lifetime are slim to none. Just like mines is at 44 yrs of age no matter how hard I work.


I didn’t call you stupid, I called your comment stupid. I am much older than your 44 and who are you to say what Donny does means he is not making a mark on the world? I am sure the schools he take care of he makes it a much better place for the kids who go there and appreciate what he does. Making millions of dollars does not equate with happiness and doing for others.


OMG…. Forgive me for stating how much Donny inspires me to be a better person . It amazes me how someone can take a positive post and twist it into an argument . ESP the supposedly “grown an sexy ” .


mines? Haha. 🙂


I thought it was just me!! I was in a funk all day Friday . Woke up today read this site and the sun was up. Almost embarrassed that someone I don’t know on reality tv can have such an impact (. I like zach too. Geez I need help


Step away from the remote. Now repeat. I will not fall asleep again before I know what happens on BB. Now it’s a great day


Thanks Daniel! Very funny!


Your post made me laugh all in good humor. I woke up happy myself. Donny pulled off a miracle. Take care Plain.


“Christine joking that her and Tim are investments to each other.. He invested in her to become a milf one day”

MILF? Hell NO, MNWF(Mother Nobody Wants to F**k) is more like it…

“Christine – Tim, I love you… Mom tell Tim I love him.. ”

Trying to cover her bases before she’s alone in jury free to have her way with Cody?

Poor Tim..

Ians Beer

When Crustypants spewed out the MILF thing I threw up in my mouth ughhhhh!!!

Donnie Fan

What is MILF ?


Google is your friend….ever heard of it? I am guessing not since you havent heard of a MILF before…

Ians Beer

Don’t tell me your “google” is broken????

BB Fan

Please Donny win this POV and team up with Zach!

Who's Victoria?

Can somebody tell me?

dot dot hmmm

A love letter to derrick!
You will never be like dan! So stfu and check yourself! <3 mwah x

Who won pov



Still playing yet

Cocoa puffs

It’s still going on.


Personally I would love Frankie to grow some you know what this week and think about the end game! Now would be a perfect time to get Caleb, Cody or Derrick out. Only way Frankie is going to make it to the end is if he has one of those 3 out right now. If not he will be gone first. It was handed to him on a silver platter this week especially considering he can’t compete next week in HoH and someone else will be coming back in to the house! I mean c’mon Frankie they all wanted you gone last week when you had loose lips! You deserve to lose if you don’t backdoor one of those 3 this week!


im a Donnie fan but like derrick a lot more than Frankie .If Frankie was to backdoor derrick then and only then would he start earning respect from bb fans


Derrick is great at lying & getting people to believe things. He’s good at planting seeds & getting people to think ideas were actually theirs (which might hurt him with this jury). He’s really not very good at being able to tell when others are lying to him or not telling everything. He’s lucky he has a bunch of immature morons that run & tell him everything – if any of them had a strategic bone in their body & kept info to themselves or lied he’d be in trouble.


I pray that Frankie’s zing will be about him not being nearly as famous as he thinks he is.


Love this game,soooo much scheming going on this season. People must be forgetting who they are supposed to trust! Go Donny and Zach….


I hope Donny wins pov that whould be great tv two big dogs on the block what will they do now
will they send cody home or cleab I whould love for them to send cody home an hayden Nicole comes back an Donny wins hoh this week men this is a good week to us big brother fans cause Donny is safe this week


Zingbot says: Officer Jamoake, Porky Pig called and would like his snout back.

Ambers Bunny Slippers

Honestly, this is Derricks game to lose. Donny needs to win this next HoH since he is the only one that is actually suspicious of him. The house is full of a bunch of idiots besides Donny and partially Derrick…


Go Zach!!! Show us how to sit and watch!

Ambers Bunny Slippers

Zach too… He and Donny in the final two would be amazing, but I really doubt thats a possibility.


Zingbot to Frankie “your twitter account was hacked. Your new twitter name is “VerucaSalty”
Zingbot to Derrick: “Your high school yearbook called: you’re still not cool. “


Hoping that Francie and Derrick don’t win. Would love Donnie to win. If Zach or Cody comes in second that’s ok. Victurdia is just that.


I hope that Victoria realizes that she is much prettier when she’s not trying so hard.


Not so much….when a female has to pluck that much hair off her face, there is a problem. A bit manly don’t you think? Her conversations are slow and loopy. Yep, there is a problem.


Just throwing this out there: Zach is backdoored by his alliance but comes back into the game the same episode. The next week would be some A+ TV.

Zitine"s Beak

“My mom said I was so mean as a child” Heee Haaaww Lmao . I wonder why.

Tenley's Blanket

I’m sick of this sucker jerking me around like he does those “skittle picking destiny jamokes”

The Dream

Let me start off by saying that I hope Donny and Zach end up safe this week no matter what happens.

Now my ultimate dream for this week is for Victoria to win the veto and for Derrick to convince her to use it on Cody. Derrick then will go to Frankie and tell him that Zach needs to be put up and has to go because he’s a
“fycking snake” as he always says.

Derrick will then go relax and pat himself on the back thinking he has once again manipulated the house and that he can control and do whatever he wants. His ego will be through the roof at this point!!!

Fast forward to the veto meeting. Little does Derrick know that Zach has already convinced Frankie that Derrick is the biggest target in the house and needs to go. Victoria announces that she has used the veto on Cody. Derrick smiles a sly smile, and gleefully rubs his hands together thinking that Zach is about to get backdoored.

But then, Frankie announce that the replacement nominee is……. Derrick, Derrick looks around bewildered and confused not understanding what is going on.

After the ceremony he goes to be by himself and realizes that in fact all his scheming behind the scenes only worked to end up getting himself evicted!!!

Yes this is my ultimate dream. That Derrick essentially gets himself evicted by forcing Victoria to use the veto so he himself can be backdoored.

A guy can dream right?


hate Frankie but him Zach and caleb if they were smart they need to preact because all 3 have had an bb assination attempt and once you get one its never goes away there is always a contract out on you just a timing issue go donny


Christine has a future in stand up comedy with the milf comment.

cmon donny

win that POV and save Zach, tired of seeing it used for BS backdoors that are totally unnecessary. you lose all of the fun of it when it happens weekly.

Don't Go Into The Mist

Derpric needs to go. He can then go back to lying to the dashcam surveillance cameras on his police car. Does he really think that the fans like his stupid mugging for the BB cameras? He’s like that stupid uncle that tries to be cool at Thanksgiving dinner: “Yo, TA this pumpkin pie is for you boyyyzzzzz”. Such a tooll. And anyone who thinks that he is so slick that his game is not found out…..just wait…Donny knows Derpric is slick. I think you are gonna see the house flip against Derpric. Not this week but next. I can’t wait to see Derprics face when he gets evicted. And I ain’t gonna miss that stupid deformed nose of his either. It’s one of the grossest noses ever.


Victoria is a breautiful women

Frank and Beans

Zingbot to Victoria – “That crow wasn’t trying to abduct you. He was trying to pluck out…your eyebrows. Ziiiiing!!

Zingbot to Christine – “Your husband called…and he wants a divorce!!!…”(in the Zingbot actor’s real voice) “Not a zing. We all just thought you should know.”

Zing Zing

Zingbot: “Hey Caleb, Top Chef, The Real World, Sister Wives, So You Think You Can Dance, Naked & Afraid, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, The Young & The Restless, CSI: Des Moines, Lizard Lick Towing, and Sesame Street all told us to let you and your family know they are not interested. Zing!”


a Donnie fan but derrick is slick he says Victoria will have to go but depending on pov he will slowly turn attention to Zach and try to backdoor him but if I was derrick I wont want anyone to use pov that leaves your whole game in frankies hands


Frankie won veto. How’s this going to play out??? Put Victoria up?


The best thing Frankie could say if he gets to name Derrick as a replacement nominee this week ” Derrick, taste the rainbow”


Frankie just won the veto… this should get interesting.


Oh nooooo! They are going to backdoor Zack!


Yeah….the plan is to back door Zach… stupid and what a wasted HOH. He will definitely return more so than Hayden and WOW ….that house will not be ready…..Hell Hath no fury like Zach scorned….those guys are not thinking!!!!!!