Victoria “I feel Defeated, I can’t do anything .. I’m in my own little world”

How does the final HOH work
  • All three players compete in part 1. (Cody wins part 1 )
  • The two losers of part 1 compete in part 2. (Derrick wins part 2 )
  • Derrick and Cody compete in part 3. The winner of part 3 gets to decide Who to take to the finale.


Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-20 05-11-54-302
1:00AM Derrick, Victoria and Cody
Derrick – Mimosa’s at 12:30
Derrick goes to get them a chug of orange juice.
Cody – Why don’t you cheer up.. you did the best you could
Victoria – My best wasn’t good enough it sucks.
Derrick comes back tells Victoria “You did good kid the best you can”
Derrick – no regrets
Victoria – they asked me if I had any regrets

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-20 05-48-57-761

1:16AM Cody and Victoria
Cody – It took him a 3rd of the time to get over the wall that it took you because of his size of his arms.. The reach that he has also factors in drastically..
Cody explains that Derrick had a big advantage in the competition because he was larger and took go from the bottom right hand corner and the top right hand corner then the top Left hand corner.
Cody – for a small girl it can be tough.. which sucks because you had a competition
Cody – “it’s tougher for someone that’s shorter.. someone that’s taller it helps”
Victoria – I could barley reach it..
Cody – there is a lot of stuff don’t beat yourself up you did do your best.
Victoria says she knew the HOH competition by heart “I never had to stop and question myself”
Cody – that makes it tougher you knew all the answer
Victoria says she never mad a mistake or dropped anything
Cody – you can’t beat yourself up in a situation where you gave it all you could.. You did all you could that is all you can ask for
Victoria – that’s it there is no other cop there’s nothing
Victoria – I went against my best friend in the house.. i’m happy for him but..
Cody knows how she feels say he felt the same way with the before and after.
Victoria – I like truly gave it my all I don’t want to be down these next couple days..
Victoria wants to see how Derrick was able to reach during the last HOH competitions. She wants to know if he was on the bottom he could reach the “the one from the bottom one.. I want to see the difference.. I was flying I was jumping across .. I wasn’t taking my sweet time”
They have a toast “Even though I lost today we will have a very fun couple of days in the Big Brother house cheers to making it to final 3 and cheers to final and let the best person win
Cody – love it I’ll drink to that every time crush it repeat after me … here’s to the breezes,.. that blows through the treezes.. blah blah blah.. (this seems to be Derrick/COdy’s go to toast)

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-20 05-09-56-223
2:06am Derrick and Victoria
Derrick telling her they have 4 days of boredom followed by 5 to 6 days of it being “Nuts”
Derrick says they are going to be texting the entire time “Can you believe that just happened”
Derrick – “We’ll be attached at the hip”

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-20 06-07-50-630
Derrick gets called into the Diary room
Cody – Crush it
Victoria and Cody start going through the memory wall saying one nice thing about every person.
Victoria calls Hayden a sweetheart.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-20 05-19-35-155

3:50AM Victoria and Derrick
Victoria crying “you told me the other night he’s your friend in this game but “
Hints that he calls her family sister and brother
Victoria – I feel defeated Derrick I can’t do anything
Derrick – what do you want me to say to make you feel better
Victoria – Sob Sob
Victoria says she must sound so stupid in the diary room talking about them having a fianl 2 “ I feel so stupid like I’m in my own little world”
Derrick – I don’t talk game with you I talke life ..
Derrick – I don’t care about the game.. I care about the game because it helps my family but I don’t care how I am perceived..
Derrick – Why are you crying
Victoria – I feel so defeated..
Derrick – you are crying for the comp
Victoria – EVERYTHING do you expect me to feel .. how would you feel wouldn’t you feel defeated
Derrick says if she’s crying about the final 2 that is stupid “I haven’t said anything yet.. you are making your own conclusions again.
Victoria says “Someone” has been putting it in her head
Derrick gets up says he’s going to go talk to production and find out who is putting that in her head.
Victoria backtracks says they have only been asking her questions.
Victoria – I just don’t want ot be surprised in a bad way
She’s worried how she is going to be portrayed.
Derrick – It’s 3am in the morning we’ve both had a couple drinks is this the best time to talk about it we’ll be in the backyard for 3 days
Victoria – I’m just so sad
Derrick – Relax we have 4 f****g days to talk about everything
THey hug, Derrick tickles her “Were you tickleious.. “

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-20 05-32-15-074

4:29am Living Room Derrick and Cody
Derrick says they are guaranteed money and guaranteed “things” They both cannot wait for the finale night. They are thinking about carving “HITMEN” in the bathroom stall.
Derrick – lets do it
Cody – Deep.. bigger than beast mode cowboy to.. maybe in bubble letters
Derrick – the legacy.. hopefully it’s a legacy we’ll see how we’re being portrayed out of here it will be interesting.
Cody starts talking about his weight gain and how he’s going to lose the extra pounds. He blames it on the quesadillas and the cookies
Cody saying the cookies were really bad to “Zach ate cookies every night he was fat as f***”
Derrick – he did gain some weight
Cody – Yeah some weight
Derrick – I’m shocked I ate the same as you guys I never gained weight.

Big-Brother-16- 2014-09-20 05-04-05-929

5:02Am talk about the game and the final HOH competition

5:46AM They are finally sleeping

7:43am ZZZZzzzzz
8:36am ZZZZzzz
*** Where’s the updates? ***
There will be no live feed update until Sunday evening. Dawg is getting married tonight out of town and I’ll be attending. I’ll be back on Sunday night to update again. There really isn’t much happening Lots of “HITMEN” and “CRUSH IT” so I’m not expecting us to miss a lot. I’ll still be accessing the comments still so feel free to discuss.

Thanks for understanding you all have been fantastic this season!

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Congratulations Dawg!


Congratulations!! Long life and happiness to Dawg and his Bride!!!


Congratulations (: Also, how come it is a big deal that Derrick made it unnominated, but when Jillian did it, she barely got any credit or acknowledgement?

Pinocchio Obama

Do you really think the guys are going to take each other? If I was them I would take Victoria.


I was wondering who the guys are going to take also..This is only my 2nd year watching. I here some say it would be smart for whichever guy to take Victoria. .but would it? How would the jury react to one of the guys actually taking her to the end? I really don’t know, but how I remember some of them saying she didn’t deserve to be at the end, they could vote for her just to spite the guy that brought her..for cheapening the game..Just wondering what the smart move would be for either guy..Don’t respond because you like or dislike one or the other…just game wise what is the best choice?

Dame Judi Chop

I neither like nor dislike any of them. I find them all equally worthy of disdain. For different reasons.
If Derrick takes Cody, an argument can be made that since Cody did the dirty work in the first part of the game, Derrick only gets credit for removing Caleb. Therefore no blood on his hands. Remember, the jury doesn’t know what we do. That he has in fact been responsible for every eviction since Devin. On paper his credentials look less impressive than Cody’s. If he takes Vivian, then his argument is that “I have done much better with a social game.” Gambling on a not bitter jury handing the 500k to Valine. I personally think he would sell Cody for a bag of nickels.
Cody could use almost the same arguments against Derrick. If he takes Derrick, he says look, I did all the dirty work. If he takes Veronica, then the argument is I floated her to the end. But using that argument can bite either of them. Why did you play it “safe” by bringing Valencia to the end? Why were you disloyal to your alliance?
Both could use the loyalty argument.
The only way Vivian wins, is one of them take her, and a bitter jury. Her only argument is I was on the block almost every week and survived. But, both Cody and Derrick will point out that she was used by their alliance to remove stronger players. But, latching onto another player and letting them tow you to the end is a valid, if not icky, strategy. She is just like a lamprey to Derrick’s shark. Both are really cold blooded, dead eyed fish.


But could Derrick ‘look’ better to the jury not just for taking Cody because they think Victoria doesn’t deserve to be F2, and it is a sign of weakness to take her, but because by taking Cody he is showing them he is confident that his credentials beat Cody’s? That and that BB fans in the jury will seriously appreciate the F2 long term alliance (from day 2, altho clearly they didn’t have a name until day 27 or something, so is it believable what they are claiming now?). so you have them saying they’ll vote for Victoria if anyone is weak enough to take her, and you have someone who has been subtle thru the game, but talked to enough people that they know he had influence, and as BB fans they would vote for the guy who takes his F2 to the end, has a F2 for that long, and figured out a way for them both to be there. Cody can say the same kind of thing, but at the end of the day F3 includes Derricks back pocket voter, and Cody’s backpocket supporter Christine is long gone.


Lmao at all the different V names u came up with for whats her face….!


My favorite nickname for Victoria is Vamptoria with Vagtoria being a close 2nd.


LMAO@Lamprey. I think that is Vacancies life plan, to attach herself to a man that will carry her through life. Unless of course she drains the life out him first. This is what you get when you’re a self-absorbed, coddled, spoiled brat who receives validation from Mom & Dad for doing squat.

Stephen Harper's Hair

Of course one of the boys will take Victoria. And of course they’ll win if they do. Does anyone really think the jury will reward Victoria for essentially doing nothing all game long?

victoria in F2

Pretty much mean she’s pocketing 500K.


I recently binge-watched both seasons 7 & 12; both were way more entertaining than this snoozefest (16).
Can some of the longtime fans please tell me which one I should watch next? Season 7 or 10?
Thank- you.


Oops. I meant to type that I recently watched seasons 8 & 12.
And ,which is better 7 or 10?
*I blame my fat thumbs for my mistake*

Dame Judi Chop

I recommend any of the following, BBUK, BBCAN, and BBAUS.

The Truth

Hands down season 7!


Derrick game = Flawless


Congratulations to you & your Bride to be Dawg!
As your Journey in life together begins, the 2 of you go into the winds.
Being the rock that each other needs, together you’ll be eternally
XOXOXOXO Much Love & Happiness to you Both


Ok Dawg… So much appreciation for what you and Simon do… Bowing down, and I don’t have pink rooster hair! Thanks… J
And a small token of appreciation.. for you.. My favorite “Marriage” joke I have told at many weddings as a Brides Maid (never a Bride.. LOL!)
SO it is Dawg’s honeymoon night… And Mr. & Mrs. Dawg are finally settling in to a night of passion and disrobing….Dawg strips down to his underwear, takes them off and tosses them to Mrs. Dawg.
“Put those on, PUT those ON!” Dawg says. Mrs. Dawg pulls them up but they keep falling down.
“I can’t wear these!” declares Mrs. Dawg…
Dawg: “YES! And you better realize that the rest of our marriage!!!”
Mrs. Dawg takes her itty bitty thong and shimmies it down her legs over her ankles, throwing them and hitting Dawg in his face! “Put those on… PUT THOSE ON!” she adamantly states…
Dawg grabs them and puts one leg in and then the other… He tries but starts falling from left to right as they will not pull up. “I can’t get into these!” Dawg exclaims…
Mrs. Dawg: “You’re RIGHT!!! And you won’t get into them the rest of this marriage if you don’t change your attitude!”
(Sorry for the long post! … But hope you are laughing!”)
CONGRATS!!! To both you and Simon… I’m going to be a Great Auntie!!!


So what happened to the whole I just want Derrick to win this game bull she was spewing. She really thought that was going to work on him? All of her crying about him being evicted before her was really about it being ‘if he goes, I go’. Now that she’s still there with him, he’s become an opponent and she seems to be having a difficult time being nice to him with all the seething anger that has become so transparent the last couple of days.
He’s walking a delicate line with this one – she is definitely not someone I would want to piss off in the real world because she likes knives and scissors abit too much for my taste.


Vote for Nicole for AFP! Donny ruined Nicole’s game! Nicole deserves to win.


How did Donny ruin Nicole’s game?? Derrick ruined the whole season… Don’t any of you Dumbasses even think he’ll come back to play again, because he won’t.


How did Derrick ruin the whole season? He was by far the best player and gave me someone to root for. I just binge-watched both BB7 and BB10 this summer (aka the clinics on strategy put on by Dr. Will and Dan, respectively), and Derrick really continues that line of great strategic players. One of the top ten, maybe top 5 all time, in my opinion.

In all honesty, the person who really ruined Nicole’s game was Christine. Christine could’ve had a really solid alliance with Nicole, Hayden, and maybe Donny/Jocasta/Victoria, but instead she chose to be on the outskirts of the Bomb Squad/Detonators. If she didn’t know she was the most expendable in the alliance, she was blind, and with that she blew her shot (and also hurt Nicole, Hayden, Donny, etc.).


I agree! Christine was the train wreck that messed it up for Nicole. Typical bitter, ugly, spiteful woman who has no skill of her own and is jealous of Nicole’s lovely personality, physical abilities, and most of all Cody’s attention! She just HAD to find a way to back-stab Nic for all those reasons and More. She got the boos she deserved!

Pink Skunk

Amen, could not agree more. Crusty had potential to be a fan favorite though chose to run with the “cool” guys and became their sloppy seconds; she probably has become one of the most reviled BB contestants ever. Cacklin’ ho!


In your opinion … Derrrick in the top 10? OK, go back to work all you police in Rhode Island.

I Don't Like Derrick

I can promise you, Derrick will not be back to play another season. WHY?? Because HE IS the reason this season was so boring.., and BB has to know that. And No, as I said many times, Derrick, Dr. Will, and Dan were not so great, at all. Dan was better in BB10 than BB14, because his success depended more on other peoples’ stupidity than great gameplay in BB14. DUMBASSES who overrate players, like Dan, Dr. Will, and Derrick need to learn the difference between great gameplay, and gameplay that depends on the stupidity of other people. If the player is great, he is great, regardless if other people fall for ther bullshit or not!!! DAMN!!! Why don’t you DUMBASSES understand that??. Why was Derrick so successful?? Because people diid not do what the average person of average intelligence would have done. Same with Dan,with the so called Great Funeral. PLEASE!!! I did not like Evil Dick, but he was a much better player, because his success did not depend on oher peoples’ stupidity. Ian was much better than Dan, same reason. Janelle never won, made it to Final 3 twice, and was cut. If not, she would have won twice. Her gameplay did not depend on other people being so stupid. If these houseguests did what the average person of average intelligence would do, than would the so called great players be so great?? If the answer is no, and it is, then they are not great players. What is great is the stupidity of the other houseguests. DAMN!!! DUMBASS!!

DERRICK RUINED THIS SEASON BY MAKING IT RIDICULOUSLY BORING. He basically kepy anything interesting, or conflicting from happening. When anyone thought about making any move that would have caused conflict, or drama, he either stopped it from happening, or if he didn’t stop it from happening, he made it so that no one would be mad anyone, not just him, anyone. Regardless, if you call that great gameplay, it still made this season ridiculously boring. Possibilities for ALL STARS are Frankie, Zack, and Donny. Call Donny boring, but he will be invited back before Derrick.

Caren in Canada

You are so brilliantly correct on this, I said back in week four that he is the smartest in a household of idiots, and that that is by no means a compliment! A great player needs to go through some adversity and fight for his life in the house, this idiot never once had to fight for his bb life, so please somebody please explain to me how he is such a “great” player when he slept through the entire season!


Caren, I’m a writer and so this is my explanation.
In a drama, like a thriller, you’d be right. The main character has to go through H E Double L in order to defeat enemies and to commit to his cause, face conflict and to grow as a person through the trials of his or her story. We love that. But, this isn’t that kind of drama. Derrick wrote his own playbook, his own script. He played a perfect game because he was able to read his competiitors and see so many steps ahead in the game. He was able to get the other players to trust him and to look up to him as a leader while he was saying aw shucks, I’m no threat to you. I think this was pretty unique gameplay that Derrick could pull off because of his training and experience as an undercover cop. His game is both subtle and masterful game. I don’t think he’s made a mistake so far. He should win.


ITA no way Dereck gets an invite back. He was the main reason this season was so weak. It became so stale and every time there was the possibility for a little drama he threw cold water on it. On top of that he was the leader of a bang of bullies more obsessed with AFP and twitter followers then how they were actually coming off in this house.

He is no Dan, Dr. Will or any so called “BB Great/Allstar”. He is a pig nosed bore whose endless pandering to the camera and BS DR sessions were grating. He owes some of that TA $ to Victoria for the therapy she is going to require when she realizes her whole “relationship” with Derek was just “mist”.

faulty logic

Tired of hearing this lame ass excuse that just doesn’t hold up. You have zero way to know if the cast is idiots or the player makes them look like idiots.
Great players can only be judged by their record. That is it
Anything else is butt hurt hearsay by the person making the argument because they either like or dislike a certain player.
Dr Will was decent but Dan was great all based upon performance
Derrick has the resume of one of the all time greats plain and simple.
All you cry babies about how bad the opponents are, are just making excuses. The seem dumb because he is that persuasive. His magic has worked on every houseguest and he controlled the entire game
BTW. .. your silly great players are always great? is just immature faulty logic. There is no such thing as an always great big brother player because it is so circumstantial.
Production can also interfere at will so those things have to be taken into account. Jesse was playing one of the best games ever when production gave Jeff the coup de tat
Evil dick only work because americas player saved him.
Derrick is worthy of top 5 minimum . nobody has a better resume then Dan with a 1st and 2nd place finish and the only unanimous winner that makes him the best. Dr Will has more fans than his resume merits but that counts for something so he is number two.
Jillian in Canada didn’t deserve her win (vote snafu) but Gary didn’t either bc he had already been eliminated and no eliminated players should be eligible for greatness because they had to be saved by production.
Everything ELSE is just your sorry ass opinion.
Resume and records are all we can use to judge…
The rest weather you agree or not or like it or not is nothing but tor opinion
Keep it to the facts and Derrick is top 5
If he wins unanimously he is top two.
It may surprise you all now to know I do not personally like Derrick
But rational facts are facts the rest doesn’t matter….
Stop your crying you sound ridiculous.
Derrick sucks they are just dumb…
Want some cheese for that whine?
They look dumb because Derrick makes them look that way…


No, Dumbass, I actually do have a way of knowing if the houseguest are idiots, or if the player makes them look like idiots. If the houseguest doesn’t do what the average person of average intelligence/common sense would do, then yes, I can call stupidity on that houseguest. And what I said, is not an excuse. Derrick was very lucky to be in a house full of dumbasses. Do you not think it was stupid for Nicole and Frankie to not expose Derrick to Zack, when Derrick was planning on evicting him?? That’s not Derrick being “That Good.” That is the other houseguest being absolutely stupid. That is just one example of the stupidity of the houseguests. And what do you mean that’s “Faulty Logic??” DUMBASS PLEASE!!! And you are one big dumbass for saying that he makes them seem dumb, because he is that great. PLEASE!!! Derrick did not persuade Nicole or Frankie to not expose him. And way to twist my words. When did I ever say, “Great players are always great.” I never said that. I said great gameplay does not depend on other peoples’ stupidity. So, if a player is great, they are great regardless if the other houseguests fall for their bullshit or not, because their gameplay does not depend on their stupidity. That is different from great players are always great. Of course, I know circumstances are going to play apart, Don’t twist my words, which you wouldn’t do if you felt confident in your argument, because you wouldn’t feel a need to. And it’s real funny that you say, everything is my opinion, but what you say is fact. PLEASE DUMBASS!! No one is falling for your bullshit.


Damn…calm down! Everything is going to be ok…I promise.

faulty again

It is apparent that all you are able to do is YELL.
You cannot tell which house guests are dumber than other seasons as you have no point of reference
DUMBASS oh i see this is fun… (dumbass)
Anybody Derrick couldnt pursuade ala nic and frank, did you see that he had them evicted? DUMBASS!
Man i could go on all DUMBASS but I am solid in my logic and have no reason to need to continue DUMBASS
So next time leave your water guns and rubber knives at home…
This is a Judi Chop Fight! SMH

I Don't Like Derrick

DUMBASS PLEASE!!! Oh, Is that what you mean by all caps?? How much of my post is all caps, compared to yours?? It’s real funny how people always say others are yelling, simply because they are using caps. It’s also real funny how dumbasses like you try to challenge me, but never respond to the points. Your post is absolutely ridiculous, and makes no sense. You say that Nicole and Frankie are gone because Derrick couldn’t persuade them. YOU’RE WRONG!!! Derrick did persuade them, and had them fooled. Again, other peoples’ stupidity. It was just their time. Every person, except the Final 2 have to go at some point, so you would have been able to say that about every houseguest. And when did I ever compare these houseguests with houseguests of other seasons?? There you go again, twisting my words. You wouldn’t feel a need to, if you were so confident in your argument. If you’re going to challenge me, then respond to the points.

faulty one more time

Let me explain, try to follow silly rabbit…(it is nicer than DUMBASS)
Your opinion of the players intelligence is just that….
your only reference is that they listen yo derrick. What if they only fooled by Derrick bc he was convincing?
you dont know… there is NO possible way to tell. You are making stuff that is called opinion
When I say he is playing well it is based upon stats that can be measured.
How many times was Derrick in trouble? NEVER that means it is a FACT that he played better than the others. Another point of Reference is if people were better than Derrick they should have had just as easy of a time manipulating these stupid (your opinion) houseguests. They couldn’t, at least not as well as Derrick (another fact reference point for me bc i like to use facts) go back to JV kiddo
you have been weighed Measured and found wanting…
Morning everybody….

I Don't Like Derrick

AWW!!! Are you trying to tell me off and put me in place?? Do you not like the way I have expressed my points. TOO BAD DUMBASS!!! According to you, the houseguests may not be that stupid. It could be possible that they are actually smart, and Derrick convinced them to listen to him, because he is that good. And what the hell do you call that DUMBASS??? A fact or an opinion?? And how do you figure my only reference to the houseguest being so stupid is because they listened to Derrick?? At times, Yes, They did listen to Derrick. STUPIDITY, NOT DERRICK’S GREATNESS?? Why?? Because some things should have been absolute common sense. At other times, the houseguests stupidity had nothing to do with them listening to Derrick. Not exposing him, not comparing notes, etc. And another one of your points doesn’t make any sense. The other houseguests, that are better (Your words Dumbass) should have had just as easy a time manipulating the other houseguests, that I call stupid… Well , that would be the stupidity of the houseguest against the stupidity of the other houseguests. And when did I say any of the houseguests were better?? So now, your putting words in my mouth, in addition to twisting them. The stupidity of the houseguests is just my opinion?? Derrick’s so called great gameplay is just your opinion. He hasn’t even won yet. And if Cody wins the Final HOH, and takes Derrick, then that is just another example of plain stupidity. Because you know, it is common sense for Cody to take Victoria. But of course, you will just call that an opinion, and not common sense. DUMBASS PLEASE!!!

faulty back again...

you sure are a glutton for punishment.
I’ll let you off the hook at this point because clearly you do not know what logic is nor do you understand the points I have been making. You can try and turn the argument over any which way you like.
I only state things based on measurable data…
You have an opinion about Derrick that you cannot justify with facts…
SOOO Sad you are having a rough time.
I will leave you alone now before you blow a gasket.
It is ok to be wrong little grasshopper
I’ll prove it to you one last time…
You said my thinking Derrick playing well was my opinion?
Then why did you try and back me up with your WHAT IF scenario of Cody winning and Bringing Derrick to the final as being “more stupidity” rather than good game play by Derrick?
Why is that stupid for Cody to take Derrick? because he will lose?
Because Derrick was the better player?
that means in your own words Derrick is the better player…
using logic oops forgot you don’t know what that is…


I agree, everyone just calm down it’s just a game. We don’t know these people personally so to call them names is uncalled for. Everyone who leaves BB say that they don’t know who to trust, who is lying and their paranoia level is way up. Derrick is very convincing and people looked up to him because of his calm demeanor. I wouldn’t say they are morons, they were just outplayed. Nicole, Donny and Zach did try to expose them, but there were too many people on the other side. Whenever someone was on to them they were targeted.


I think it was Dawg who said roughly “I’d like to spend my summer sleeping my way to 500 grand. I don’t know which hg he was referring to in fairness to him, but it turns out that was the greatest line of the season. IMHO Derelict talked, ate, laid around and slept. Period. He even admitted he doesn’t do much with his child because he hits the couch when he gets home from work. This is my whole problem with him. Taking the easy, lazy way out. Get a 2nd job if it is so hard to feed your child like most of the country does. Lay around for 3 months and GAMBLE you will win that much money? Easy! I saw the guys on tv tonight who risked their lives as private contractors in Benghazi so they could feed their families. Now that is HARD work. I guess talking is hard work for him. I like to see a little “drive and athleticism and guts” in my BB all-star and that is another reason why this season was so boring and he won’t be back.


Derrick made it look easy, but there was nothing easy about it. Not a single mistake — so far!


Yeah, I feel so bad for those contractors, then I remember they’re getting alot of money and have the best security in the world. After last season, BB did not need another bunch of racist, morons, so they opted for your basic unopinionated morons. Derek deserves the win, having to deal with these fools. I can’t understand all the cop hate either, I sure as hell would’nt want to be one, I’m too chicken. I guess the only one that I fully liked was Donny, but he’s a homeboy.


Definitely NOT a cop hater which was your rude implication! That was my point. The contractors that volunteered in Benghazi DO make good money. Brave work to bring home money to their family. Gambling on winning BB, not so much! Much braver than desk work at home and using a girl at BB.


Some good points. Donny for all stars a no brainer. Imagine walking into the house a second time and seeing Donny. Loyal and competitive those are great qualities. He’d be a force running in a 4 man alliance 1st 1/2 of the season. Zack for all the Zack attack reasons. Frankie is dram got no problem with him returning. Hard time even suggesting a girl from this group. Nicole’s sweet and all but all star material I think not. Lets just hope there are no multiple season players. We don’t need to see Dan again, ect. The exception would be Brit. BB gold in the diary room or the outdoor coach. Best entertainment in years.

I’d add for delusion HG add in Caleb as doubt watching himself would fix anything but god no Amber!


For being a super fan, Christine played a dumb game. Working with Frankie was a mistake. Derrick said – loose lips sink ships and that was so true of both Christine and Frankie. They were relaying information to Derrick not realizing he was the puppet master of the game. The Detonators was a cover for Derrick. He used them to gain information to evict whoever was a threat to his game. Her BIG mistake was getting too frisky with Cody. It became obvious to everyone in the house that she was way too emotionally involved with him. When the HG’s are claiming a married woman is in love with a single man on the show, it’s not a good thing. Her game became about lust and not logic. She will regret not playing a more logical game during her time on BB. Christine entered the house as a well liked HG and left as one of the most disliked players in BB history. Sadly, the boos she got on her way out of the house reflect exactly how she played her game. Not good.


Christine is so disrespectful. I can’t stand her stupid constant nervous laugh. Her own family said she was an embarrassment and Christine herself said she has never acted like a married woman even at work during live feeds. Listen.. After seeing her husband I can sure see why she would run towards Cody. However, as much as I like Cody myself I think he was totally out of line as well!! I damn sure wouldn’t act that way with may BFF spouse! Cody should have shown gentlemanly respect. IMO! Christine’s exit interview with Jeff was super short! Only 15 min. Other HG are 30-38 mins.

Cacklin' Rosie

We all saw that she was at the bottom of the totem pole from day 1 … so why didn’t she see it!? Blinded by the light of finally being a member of the “cool” group? Instead of working with Nicole and Hayden she acted like their BFF to their faces, while undermining them and ultimately stabbing them in the back. The topper was Cackles’ “literally” adding insult to injury with her speech to Nicole about removing the knife from her back etc. etc.


I had hopes for Christine in the beginning. I just don’t get how she didn’t realize she was at the bottom of the boys alliance and continued to play their game. Pissed me off that she did not commit to Nic/Hayden/Donny. She should not have been surprised to be evicted. We all know her character is disgusting but I do agree a couple different choices from her(after Devin & Brittany evicted) could have sent this season in an entire different direction. If there is a next season I will give it a chance but if it’s one big alliance and unanimous voting I will tune out. I miss a divided house with 2 or 3 groups trying to gain control, maybe that becomes 2 groups and the usual 3 or 4 on the fringe being used by both sides. I’m a guy and I cheer more than not for the women. Please BB go get some strong minded, smart professional women. No push overs. LEADERS!


Only Zankie will be invited back next season for All-Stars. They are the fan favorites that can actually entertain.


BB needs to send a MEMO to Victoria – The game is over on Wednesday, September 24, 2014. You will have to leave the building and get on with your life. Derrick is NOT your brother, cousin or husband. He lives with his wife and child in the state of Rhode Island. He is a cop who played a game called Big Brother where 16 people (you were one of them) competed to win a LOT of money. Good luck in the future – please do not call us – we will call you…




you’re disgusting


You’re absolutely right! Where’s the gratitude? Where’s the “Thank You Derrick, for bringing me to the end of this game and carrying my lazy a** through it ALL”…..even when Cody was trying to get her to hear him, when he told her “This guy has had your back ALL the Way HERE!” She is the most self-absorbed, clueless piece of work I’ve ever had the misfortune to see, in my Life! I just hope Derrick holds firm and takes his man Cody to the end. I don’t envy him these last 4 days with her whining and snotting every minute, as if THAT will convince him he OWES her even MORE than he has already done!!! Grow up girl, and put on your big girl thong! Sheesh!!!!!!!

Cwazy Wabbit

I saw Cody tell her to put down the knife the other night and thought his reaction was pretty intense.

Fatal Attraction

Vacancy is already a young Alex Forrest!


Have a great time at the wedding guys!! Dawg I just want to wish you much joy and happiness on your big day and for the rest of your life!!! Thank you both for the best BB site on the internet…..looking forward to BBCan!


A big “CONGRATS!” to Mr. and Mrs. Dawg from all of us fans here in Western Maryland.
Best Wishes!

Dame Judi Chop

Thank you Simon and Dawg. You guys have really worked hard this season. Congrats on all the new wonderful things in your lives.


Congratulations Dawg & bride! I hope you have the nicest Wedding with everything you ever hoped it would be.

Dawg and Simon thanks for all the work you have done during this strange season and I hope BB Canada turns out much better, (and I’m sure it will, being Canadian).

Enjoy the wedding, enjoy each other, enjoy Simon’s new baby, enjoy your guests, enjoy your families and come back refreshed.

Thanks for everything. 🙂

How long till BB17 ???

Victoria………. You were defeated the minute You walked in the House

I would gain a bit of respect for Cody or Derrick if they do not take Her to the Final 2…But I hope in the long run CBS makes wholesale changes to the casting and screening processes for BB17


I’d like to think an overhaul would be enough – but you are forgetting the main players in the game – Production.


The thing that gets my goat is how BB, in the DR, is trying to stir up Victoria even more than she already is, by putting thoughts in her head that Derrick is ‘betraying’ her and what she should DO about it. She ought to simply be happy and grateful that she got to come (free of charge) this far due to Derrick, and quit trying to drive a wedge between him and Cody because that’s just gonna be the straw that broke the camel’s back…..I hope!

I Don't Like Derrick

YEAH!!! That’s a great idea for her!!! She shouldn’t try to put a wedge between Derrick and Cody. She shouldn’t try to fight for a Final 2 spot, and just be happy about Derrick taking Cody to Final 2 and vice versa. After all, That’s exactly what you would do, isn’t it??


Derrick made a chariot to bring Victoria to the end and now claims SHE has no right to be there?! So that would make Derrick?……………………………………….


Hey CBS, quit recruiting characters and start casting competitors.


Congrats Dawg!


How much money did Derrick win so far in the big brother house?

am talking

he no deserve money

hey its me

why you say dat 4, derek big guy he win mad much money

Pinocchio Obama

I think Team America has three wins so far at least:

Spreading the rumor Zach was related to Amanda.
Getting rid of a physical threat….Amber.
The rat patrol mission.


Plus neighborhood watch. Four in all.

Losing Interest

I don’t think they got the rat one because it was rewind. I think it showed that they did not get it because of that. I think they got the one where they hid the things.


it was 4 wins, they won the one where they hid clothing and got people to do a patrol for 24 hours.

4 out of 8 possible, and he and Frankie believe they won at least 5 maybe 6, because they think they won the ‘get two HGs to argue” mission.

So Derrick has 20K from that, 5K from the slippery comp, an extra 50K for getting to F2, so that’s 75K without the F2 win of 500 or 50K. And i think that might be why he is going to risk going F2 with Cody. I think he can make a good case for getting jury votes over Cody, as long as he wins the final comp, their comp wins will be closer in numbers. Derrick can also mention throwing that one comp to Frankie when Frankies grandfather died, which everyone saw and that can be added to his wins count. he can also say his social game had to be spot on, he’d never once been on the block.

Pinocchio Obama

You guys are all right. I forgot about the neighborhood watch program.

The Bank

Derrick $25,000 Frankie $20,000 Donny $15,000


By the end of these next 3 to 4 days of listening to Victoria whine and cry and berate him for ‘betraying’ her (even though she has “earned” NOTHING)….Derrick will have EARNED every cent!!! GO D and C…Hitmen!!!!!


Derrick doesn’t get an extra $50,000 just for making it to Final 2. He has to win first place in order to be awarded the extra $50,000.


sunnydee, I thought Julie said that they (Frankie or Derrick) would win an extra $50K if the WON the game – I didn’t hear that they just had to make it to final 2. Of course, I could have easily misunderstood. Thanks!


How much money did Derrick win so far?

Derrick to wife...

They way I am figuring it,,,,20,000 in TA money and 5,000 for filling water jar in comp….could be wrong???

Pinocchio Obama

At least 15K for Team America and an extra 5K for the Holla comp.


So if he win he could get between 570,000 or 575,000 wow


Did she REALLY just figure out that she is useless? Don’t know for sure.

If Derrick still wants to win the game he still needs to win the final comp. That secures his spot in the final 2. You never know, Cody was counting jury votes while waiting for that comp to finish last night. If he wins he just might take Victoria.


Cody is not as stupid as Caleb and he will not take Derrick to final 2. Just don’t see that happening.

Joe's Unwashed Hands

You just know that Cody will pull a Powerhouse move and take Victoria. If he is smart he will wait until the very-very end thus giving Derrick no time at all to get in his head/change his mind. Derrick will be bummed but I suspect his cop-sense is warning him about this now…

echo 1

Im sure codys brother and father are say WTF is he thinking !!!!


I agree with you. He looked like he figured out it was best to take Victoria to ensure his win. Derrick will do the same thing if he wins HOH3. The only reason he is allowing Cody to think that he will take him is he does not know if he will win HOH3 yet. Once he does, he will take Victoria. If he doesn’t win, he wants Cody to take him to the final 2.

Sandyha's pink onesy

Victrola is actually demanding that Derrick carry her to the end, as if he owes her … wheedling and whining that he may not be following through on his commitment. I don’t get it. Weird sense of entitlement.


I think it’s fairly obvious what’s going to happen here. Derrick will somehow throw the final competition so that he leaves it up to Cody to decide to make the final choice. Of course Cody will bring PIG NOSE so once again, piggy doesn’t get any blood on his hands with having to send Victoria out the door. Poor Vic but good lord, how do you not win ONE competition?


Ahhh now, pig nose? I bet if simon or dawg posted a pic of Derrick wearing his hat backwards next to the face of a bat, it would be scary close in resemblance. A pig is too cute for him.


i don’t think he will throw it, but he (and everyone else) are going to be super surprised at how well Cody does on the final comp. He is expected to be physical/athletic, but i think he still surprises everyone with how good he is at these competitions.

If he doesn’t win, it will be very close and probably decided by a chalkboard computation, at which i don’t think he is as good.

State trooper

Cody is competing against Derrick (Buzz from home alone) and Victoria (I am the prettiest girl in the room, oh wait I’m the only girl in the room). It is not like he is “crushing” it versus Caleb, Devin, Hayden or Nicole. He should be winning everything by now. I would respect his game more if he always thought for himself and wanted to challenge the best of the best from the get go.

Derek's Small lady hand

I’ve stroked Vicky’s ego and rubbed her back so well that she really thinks she got to this point on her own merit. Damn I am really good.


Simon, have a great time at the wedding and thank you for all you do for us here. Dawg wrote you have a new addition in your family-congrats! Wishing you all the best.

Derrick to wife...

Jana ….Hide the BUNNY!!!!!

wife to Derrick...

Here’s the divorce papers. Say goodbye to your “fucki7g kid”|!



Why are so many people convinced that Derrick’s wife wants to divorce him? He has done nothing in the house that would warrant that type of response. Maybe it is just wishful thinking from people that have such irrational hatred.


I feel there is no way she will even consider divorcing him but i think you have an irrational hatred of anyone who even questions derricks gameplay

NBC convert

CBS take note: We don’t want to see Frankie ever ever again and we sure as hell don’t want you to cram him down our throats like “BAAWWSTON RAAWWB and AMBUHH”. He’s done. A has been. You tried to sell us glttery Peter Pan but he is just a cliched sequined joke. He has vijayjay envy and we are done.

Any mouse

You are right, Boston Rob was so overrated . Yes he finally won survivor , but how many times did he play 4 or 5 times? There was nothing at all to like about him..I’m convinced CBS would have kept bringing him back until he won. You are also right that he and Amber were shoved down our throats…let’s see…she won a million, they played Amazing Race and lost. He came back to survivor and finally won a million….Oh yeah, didn’t they have a CBS televised wedding? How about from now on, no more returnees? you get your one shot and we never see you again…all these games are much better when it’s new people, not retreads…any body else feel the same?


Could not stand Boston Rob. To cocksure for my liking. I was born, raised and reside in Massachusetts myself and I have never been a fan. Another from New England and an overrated douchebag: Mike Malin.

Big Sister

I am with you 1000%! BTW, today’s Washington Post has an article detailing Ariana’s diva behavior and disputes her “mega, mega superstar” status. Frankie won’t vote for Derrick for the win because he doesn’t want him to get the extra $50,000. Going to vote for Donny again, now!!


I don’t believe CBS cares about our distress about Frankie. They care about how many eyeballs watched BB16 and this data is used to sell airtime to advertisers. Advertisers care what we think. Want to get hurrrrd? Gotta write to the CEO of companies who advertise on BB. Enough letters to them may make a dent. And we have to stop watching BB — but we can’t stop! We’re addicted.


Frankie’s sister been tweeting like crazy to her 18.5M fans to vote for Frankie for AFP. It won’t do any good but I let CBS know my thoughts of including a relative of a celebrity on this show at their feedback link:

Wednesday Can't Come Fast Enough

Cody will loose to either Derrick or Victoria he has to many in the jury dislike him.


cody really is a d-bagger, i hope derrick takes victoria


Congrats Dawg and a long life of blessings!!


Not understanding the thumbs down to the congrats to Dawg.


They’re just silly trolls!

0 0 00()

Zach does not need the team America money, because he is rich, however he got the trip to Germany. I think Donny should win Americas favorite, since he is poor.

Since when

Being rich or poor is a criteria on winning AFP? Nobody is entitled to anything for free just for being poor. Change the mentality and attitude is you want to succeed in life.

Kathie from Canada

Rich/poor is decidedly different for each person. It isn’t that Zach is rich , but it sounds like his parents are. I don’t think Donny considers himself poor as he doesn’t come across as a material man. He and Zach have very individual value systems. I’m always astounded when I read comments as to who ‘deserves’ the money. That part isn’t our business at all. BB is a competitive game where the winner is rewarded with a nice cash prize. It isn’t intended to be a charity for needy people. Just my two cents.


Zach is rich? Didn’t he just graduate from Univ. of Florida. I am so sick of people saying someone is rich because of their parents bank account. That does not make him rich it makes his parents rich. This game is not about if you already have $$$ or come from $$$ should not a factor.


Cody acts like a female, calling Zach Attack “fat as f*ck”… OKAY Regina George!


Derrick saying how fat Zack is. I mean come on now we all saw his wife and she’s also fat. So Derrick I think you should keep your mouth shut regarding that subject.


Derrick is just gross and I had to put sticks in my eyes after those shirtless pictures of him were posted on this site. I can’t even imagine how he can talk trash about Zach.


Derrick’s wife is beautiful.

Derrick isn’t the one who called Zach fat. He mentioned that he had put on a few pounds. Cody is the one who called him fat.


It was Cody who said Zack was fat, when Cody was complaining about gaining weight himself from any too many cookies. Derrick just said he didn’t know why he hadn’t gained any weight because he ate as much as they did. But Derrick never said anything about Zach or anyone else being fat.

Who Cares

So what if Cody called Zach a fat fuck. He obviously was exaggerating(Zach is not fat) and he probably would have said it to Zach and I don’t think Zach would be offended. He’s the type to pat his belly and say “yeah i put on a few”.


Can’t find the pet rabbit?…check the pot on the stove! Lol

big donny fan

In the flashbacks friday didn’t the house guests look younger? It’s only been 3 months, frankie & derrick look years older.

Hayden's Lisp

Dawg can you post a pic of you and the lovely bride?:)


I agree! I would love to a picture.


I will enjoy when I no longer have to hear the words “Crush it”


Victoria always has an excuse about why she didn’t win a comp. Her game strategy is to always ask Derrick about what she should do or what she should say. When all else fails, cry and pout. Awarding her $50,000 for that doesn’t sit well with me.
I’ve watched Cody study, strategize, win comps and make a few big moves in this game. As a grad student with a pile of debt , I can also relate to why he needs the money(pay off student loans). I hope he makes F2 and at least comes in 2nd place. Just being able to pay his high monthly loan payments for a while without worry would be a huge relief. I also like the friendship Derrick and Cody have; it seems genuine. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but when Derrick is with Cody he always has a smile on his face. When Derrick is with Victoria he rarely smiles.
I wish both Derrick and Cody the best of luck and hope they remain friends outside the house.


I agree Derrick and Cody will remain friends after BB is over. They do seem to be good friends who have endured a 3 months of clever teamwork (thanks to Derrick). The Hitmen can wear their shirts proudly as they sit in front of the jury on finale night. Derrick will win almost $600,00. He has played an amazing game and deserves the money. He will probably give Cody kudos for being part of one of the sneakiest teams in BB history. They were under the radar all season with the other HG’s. Even Princess Clueless is starting to realize that they have a huge bond that will go on after the show ends.


If Victoria could’ve found a showmance, and America liked them, the same thing that happened in season 11, would’ve happened again. No hate at all, just facts. – Posted Ill Will.
Ok, here’s my thoughts on your thoughts:
Victoria can’t even find a ‘real life’ romance – she’s not exactly the ‘belle of the ball’ but you can always look away.
Another thing she doesn’t have is a winning personality – humorless, self-absorbed and extreeeeemely shallow existence in my opinion.
‘Where are you going’, ‘What were you talking about’, ‘Are you going to sleep’, ‘Why are you laughing’, ‘How do you think people see me’.
Can you imagine the brain drain being in this girl’s life, having to constantly agree that she is so ‘super-gorgeous’ and girls are jealous of her (yes because of her hair, she claims).
I couldn’t see a showmance happening between her and any other living, thinking human there.
In the other aspect, she is totally and utterly devoid of any skill and any backbone.
Jordan had will and the strength to stand up for herself and was able to compete at a reasonably respectable level in my opinion.
She won, regardless; because she treated people well also so her social skills were respectable (in my opinion again).
Nastily was not going to get the grand prize because well, the fact they nicknamed her Nasily speaks for itself.
Agree to disagree.

Kathy B

I view Victoria as a child – a very, very exhausting child. She is everything you, and others, say she is: immature, needy, shallow, vapid, vain, insecure, which if you look at her objectively, is extremely sad. If Victoria had exerted 1/4 of the energy towards her game that she did to her hair, her hairs’ hair, her makeup, and her ridiculously wardrobe (seriously, how much clothing did she bring?) she may have won something. But no, she studied the back of a tortilla package instead of the photo wall. Great game prep, Vic. Many have asked, and yet it has not been answered: how did she ever pass the vetting process to get on Big Brother? Sorry for the rant, but it pisses me the hell off that she is STILL there.

Editted for TV

I believe the live feeds actually had Victoria studying the wall quite a bit. The producers just want to play up the fact she’s basically brainless. I think it was unnecessary and unfair when there were so many other things they could of used to display her near vegetative state.


Kathy B. It has been said here and elsewhere that she was recruited. Go figure.

Kathy B

I understand she was recruited; however, when a person is recruited, whether to play football or for a job, one has to meet a certain criteria to qualify. I’m not clear on how she qualified.

Whatever – it’s almost over. Donny for AFP!

Pinocchio Obama

Someone voted for Devin and Joey in the America’s Favorite poll. Really? Maybe evicted house guests do come to this site.

Pinocchio Bush

Yeah, most likely their mouse slipped and they clicked on the wrong picture. Elections can be a funny thing.

Bumbling Bozo Barack

You got that right.


Right. Don’t get me started on the cleaner, no-jihad world we would have had if the state of florida hadn’t thrown the comp to W. (and his brain).

Cough, Derrick!

Frankie and Donny both know Derrick has $20,000 (more than anyone else) they may think $50k is enough for him, especially since he didn’t try to save TA. Caleb seems to feel burned by Derrick, so he’s bitter. Christine will vote for Cody too so he may win it. Finally a BB show with a little suspense.


Guys listen to want Derrick is telling Victoria, He is telling her HE IS NOT TAKING her, she has done nothing but look in the mirror and do her hair. He told her she should be happy that she made it this far. If he does not take Cody, he loses the loyality vote from Caleb and others. He took her along just because if he did not win and she did, she would take him. Cody and Derrick will be the final 2.


It is in Derrick’s best interest to not say anything to Victoria regarding taking her or not taking her. What if Cody wins the final HOH and what if Victoria wants to be in the final 2 with Cody. She can then tell Cody that Derrick was going to take her not him to final 2. I was thinking maybe Derrick is pulling a “Dan” and keeping Victoria in the dark of whether or not he plans on taking her just in case Cody does win the final HOH.

I Agree

And – she’ll vote for Derrick.

Detroit Girl

Congratulations to Dawg and the soon-to-be Mrs. Dawg! Have a great wedding celebration and honeymoon!
A baby and brother-in-law for Simon and a new wife and nephew for Dawg, that’s how you end a summer! Thanks and best wishes to both of you, sorry I didn’t buy more Amazon stuff. If that link works after the summer, please let us know next week.


My read on Victoria is she isn’t crazy or even as naive as she’s sometimes labeled. She’s just pretty self-absorbed and thinks she’s better than some people. People were impressed with how she faked cried with Frankie but she’s been doing that kind of thing all along with Derrick. This is the type of girl who is probably used to getting what she wants in real life. He can talk in the camera about her all he wants as a guise but some of it has worked.
And since she lost she really wants to make sure he’s on task with taking her to the end if he wins the final spot. It’s called appearing weak and guilt tripping. Victoria is no mastermind but a she has her own little manipulation skills with him. And she would have been a bigger b*tch in there if she could have. But in the house has had to pull it way back because she has nothing in there to back it up with. She wasn’t the “fairest of them all”, she sucked at comps, her social is lacking, vapid etc. And as much as she cries on the flip side she can also be very controlled and keep certain complaints or belly aching at a bare minimum. She’s useless in the game but not really that stupid. We’ll see what Derrick does. I’m interested to see if he will throw it to Cody or win himself and have to chose one of them.


Congrats to the happy couple, and thanks to both Simon and Dawg for providing this wonderful site. I only found it during BBCAN, and I totally abandoned jokers for this one immediately.

Great job and thanks so much to the rest of the BB fan community for being here to share all your thoughts.


Is Derrick expecting a sibling rivalry to kick into high gear between his house sister and brother ?
Sounds like psychological abuse.
I wonder if Derrick went through bad childhood relationships within his own family and his personal life ?


Bette++++. All your horrifying childhood experiences are coming through. Not to jump to conclusions of course.


Name one past house guest that referred to their alliance with another person standing as brother or sister ?
Derrick IS “BIG BROTHER” to both V & C.
The power of suggestion is a win win situation for Derrick,…..and the fact that Cody and Victoria haven’t compared Derrick’s scthick is mind boggling.


Another poster mentioned he did have a troubled childhood. I could find no information on this except out of his own mouth to some HG…which I do not trust. I would like to know about this because maybe then I could find some sympathy for him and enjoy the win this year. If he does take Cody to F2 though, I will eat MY pink hat!


This is Derrick’s strategy for winning BB … in his own words from CBS site …
Do you have a strategy for winning Big Brother?: My strategy involves three phases.
First, attempt to find common interests with as many houseguests as I can, while developing a profile on them. Second, start using the facts I learned about the houseguests against them.
Finally, if I’m able to win a few HOH’s/POV’s late in the game, I can make some moves that will determine the winner.

check,check,check !


Hope you guys have plenty of xanax ready next Wed for Frankie’s AFP win!


Sorry little jake but I’m pretty sure Donny will win.


LOL! I think I’m gonna need more than a zanax if Frankie wins AFP!


Ariana and her followers were tweeting like crazy early this morning to vote for Frankie. Unless CBS disregards votes for him I am afraid he may be winning it. I really think it is unfair of CBS to expect ordinary people to be able to compete with a relative of a celebrity especially when she is pushing it so hard.


I get my Tuesday BUT Frankie will not win it will be Donny and Zach in second, Victoria may even bet Frankie in that one (that is how much he is so ugly inside and outside).


Well, at least production has the good sense to know that Victoria, has to get used to the fact, that she is not going to be in the final 2. If Victoria was blindsided. the program would not go on as planned. Derrick as a policeman knows how fragile Victoria is, and yes this is a game, but somewhere a line should of been drawn, and he should of stopped leading her on. This was cruel and unnecessary. The most blame goes to BB, she should of never been on the program.
Cody and Derrick think they are like Memphis and Dan. The sad truth, they are not even close. At the start of season 10, Dan was close to being voted out several times. {Ollie had betrayed his alliance for love} Memphis, had a nasty fight with Jerry, and Jerry wanted him out. Unlike Victoria, Jerry could win HOH. They had some good players in that cast, you were never certain which one was going to win HOH or veto.
The TA tasks were ridiculous this year. Dan accepted the AFP for a week, and he completed his tasks which were more difficult, {they all involved Jesse} {Jesse learned how America felt about him} plus he was suspected of being AP, that caused some problems. A very entertaining season.


I really don’t see Vic as being as frail & innocent as some seem to think. She was actually pretty mean early on in the season. And if at 22, she doesn’t know the difference of a finger or a pen$s, (remember when she was talking to the guys about it & Caleb told her that a finger can’t create a baby) – anyway – I’m just not buying her innocent game.


V, I buy it. She has no self-awareness and as you say, is childlike. 22 just doesn’t look/act like this in Miami 2014. My theory, having to do with the hair disease and what ever that was related to, is that she was ill and her over-protective parents thought they could lose her. Still theorizing, they gave her a very slanted view of herself in the world, too much praise, not enough “suck it up,” and now she’s an emotional basket case. I doubt she earns a living. She needs serious marathon therapy, but she won’t get it. Her parents are going to praise her to the moon, and with the $50k affirmation, she’s never going to grow up. She will rest on that laurel for the remains of her life. (not a therapist. just sayin.)


There are two times during the show that I HAVE to turn the volume down or fast forward and they are both to do with Victoria..I always fast forward during her talks with Derrick they are soooooo annoying and whiney. Pathetic mewing whispers,,even Derrick is annoyed you can tell..he will even tell her things like “go do your make-up or hair just to try and get her away from him…he won’t even look at her most of the time while she is talking just puts a pillow over his face..also when she is screaming her nasal sounding valley girl drivel in the D.R . SO annoying ,she acts like a thirteen year old girl… I really think she is emotionally unbalanced. Very sad actually.


Why was Vic recruited? Anyone know?


Congrats Dawg on your wedding! Congrats Simon on that handsome baby boy! I would also like to thank you both for the updates this season! My BB seasons are never complete without this site and you guys!


Hey Dawg,

Crush it!!!! Have the most special day of your and your bride’s life. Simon, relax and enjoy yourself on this amazing family night!!! Love Y’all!!!


First off Congrats Dawg. Also Big thanks to Simon and Dawg for all the updates this Season! – Personally in true Big Brother game fashion it would be in Derrick’s best interest to take Victoria with him to F2 now and evict Cody. He holds the power now and has the chance to secure the money with nothing standing in his way. No way would the jury give the money to Victoria. They all know she did nothing to deserve it.Take Cody and he has the chance of losing a big pay day! Dan would be shaking his fist in the air at Derrick if he took Cody with him instead of Victoria and we all know it!


This is like picking which std you would rather have. The sheeples this season do not deserve to be remembered. Only Donny and Zack. I would like to see Donny in an all-star season to see how he would do. I say Cody for the win. If Piggy takes Vic with him to the end, give it to her. Thanks Simon and Dawg your website has been the saving grace of this season. Definitely much more entertaining than the actual show. I would love to know what Chief Wiggum is going to do if he doesn’t win now that he has exposed himself as a narc on national television. Probably will have a cozy desk job or even better, he can be a traffic cop. Hiding out waiting to bust people for traffic violations would suit him. Sorry Derrick you’ll never be like Alonzo Harris in Training Day.

In memory of...

I think Joey or Pow Pow could have been fun if they understood the game better and had a bit of time to get their feet under them.


He already has a cozy desk job – he hasn’t been an undercover cop in years.


Derrick beats them both 7-0.

I'm No Math Whiz, But

Does Freakie get the other two votes for being the undisputed lord & master of the jury?


You will see Frankie on Broadway within the next year…… walking past one of the theaters.


I know taking Victoria to the final 2 is a guaranteed win for Derrick or Cody, but it’s crazy that she gets 50k for spending summer vacation at “camp princess”, not Big Brother. If I was production I would just straight up tell here, “Victoria you’ve done nothing all season but show the world how a grown women pretending to be a princess acts, you can keep the stipend for being at camp princess, but the 50k goes to charity for the deaf,dumb, and blind, you didn’t earn it”.


Derrick came to play BB and Vacancy thought she was at a 3 month slumber party.


This is my first year watching BB and I was wondering if production does anything to prepare the houseguests to deal with being harassed by angry fans on social media when the show is over? I’d imagine some of these guys are going to get a lot of ugly comments thrown their way once they get back home.


F-Winds_— once this is over it’s over. At that point nobody will care anymore.


supposedly there is someone they talk to when they get evicted, before they meet Julie. Beyond that, i am not sure, they do a whirlwind of interviews before they get to the jury house, if there is any sort of counseling it could be during that, see how they are getting on, in the jury house possibly?

Bumbling Bozo Barack

Well with the delusions that Fakie and Beast Mode have I hope they talk to a man wearing a hand puppet while they are laying on a couch because those two guys have some serious issues.

D-Bag Cody

Cody is a super D-Bag and why does he think once he explains his servitude to Derrick that Hayden would then vote for him its just so ridiculous.

Just Saying

For ppl who thinks Victoria has a chance to win, honestly she will not get any votes from any of the jurors except for maybe Frankie (only if its Cody/Victoria final 2)

Most of jurors even though they are bitter, all respect the game too much to give the win to Victoria, and some of the jurors ie Caleb imo thinks its all about comp wins

Overall Derrick will win if he’s in final 2
But Cody for sure has Christine’s and Caleb’s vote locked in
Ppl may disagree about Caleb voting for Cody, but like I said above I think he’ll vote by competition performance and in his exit interview with Julie was more bitter towards Derrick

Derrick has like 4 votes locked in already imo n thats why i think he’ll win if he’s in final 2
The 4 being Donny, Nicole, Cody/Victoria and Frankie

And I think Zach, Jocosta, and Hayden will most likely vote for Derrick but if Cody has a good speech and answers to the jury questions those 3 may be swayed

In summary I predict
Derrick/Victoria F2: 9-0
Derrick/Cody F2: 7-2
Cody/Victoria F2: 8-1 if not 9-0


Congrats on the nuptials!!


Ok question to everyone. Derrick is most likely going to win round 3,so who should he take? Bc taking Victoria is not a complete no brainer. Reason is it sounded like the jury is bitter and would vote for her out of spite.. Soo what’s the best move for him let’s face it …he’s the best to ever play the game hands down he deserves the money but could get screwed out of it bc of jealousy like Daniele had to deal with in season 3 what does everyone think ????


I really don’t think the jury is bitter to be honest with you. Derrick has left everyone going into the jury house with a feeling of liking him so much. If there is any bitterness it would be Zach, but the ones he is bitter against are with him in the jury house. I think the jury is going to be able to distance themselves emotionally and realize how smart Derrick is, Victoria, not smart, except sticking very close to Derrick to get to the end, not a great strategy, but it worked. Cody thinks he can beat Derrick because he won alot of comps, but I don’t think they will vote him to win, even Christine may vote opposite of Cody to prove she isn’t attached to him. But I can see Nicole, Jacosta, Donny, Hayden, Victoria, Frankie and Caleb voting for Derrick to win, they all said during their evictions they still like Derrick and even said it again when they were watching when Christine was evicted. Also, all voting depends on the final speeches, that tends to earn the win

Nana B

Just watched Caleb’s chat with Jeff on CBS BB site…loved Caleb’s response to Jeff’s comment about “shots of pickle juice”. Caleb reveals more of his thoughts on Frankie. Go Beast Mode!!

Really wonder what all of the HG’s will think if they vote for Derick to win then it is revealed all the “extra” money he has won with TA…not to mention the fact that he misrepresented what his occupation is. I hope they give everyone a chance to express their feelings if he does win, but of course CBS will probably have to give Frankie some more time in the limelight.


watching feeds around 2pm, victoria in the shower, and wow, she looks so much better without those stupid extensions. I think she was sleeping in them. took them out, washed them maybe, always looking and checking no one is looking or something.

Looks so good with her hair back away from her face, and not so much of it, that’s all.


I agree, she looks much prettier without out that hair! She should just go with her own natural hair & throw away those awful extensions!