Big Brother Spoilers “They have bull sp*rm in them.. all energy drinks.. I drink 2-3 a day” Caleb

POV Holder: Victoria Next POV July 19th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 26th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner Jocasta/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 25
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: Brittany & Donny
Have Nots ?
POV Players Cody, Brittany, Victoria, Caleb, Nicole, Zach

BB16-2014-07-22 14-55-36-821

2:53pm Kitchen Caleb, Derrick , Nicole and Victoria
It’s Derrick’s moms birthday he says Happy Birthday to the camera “Happy Birthday Suzanne”
Caleb mentions how weird it is that his mom’s birthday is the day after Derrick’s mom. Derrick asks Caleb if his moms birthday is the 23rd. Caleb says no it’s the 22. Caleb says his mom’s birthday is today. He goes to the camera a.. “you’re not old at all you’re 57 and as beautiful as you mom”
Derrick mentions he told Caleb yesterday it was his moms birthday today the 22nd. Caleb mentions he has a twitter hunting account maybe the “Feedsters” will find out about it and send it stuff. Derrick say no doubt they have found out everything out about Caleb, “Don’t underestimate the power of the feedsters”

BB16-2014-07-22 15-24-35-291

3:07pm Backyard Derrick, Cody, Amber, Christne, Brittany
Cody telling them when he’s in family’s homes he sits when he pees when it’s friends and public he stands. He doesn’t want to leave any pee on the seat.
Cody – “Hashtag sit when you pee”
Cody – “hashtag respect the bowl”
Hayden say he’s like a sniper he hits “Centre Bowl” every single time
Talking about how much Devin sweated when doing cardio. Christine says her two brothers sweat profusely it’s hilarious what the one does to control it.

BB16-2014-07-22 15-39-51-492

3:21pm Cam 3-4 Brittany and Victoria
Brittany is saying how dangerous Zach is “He stirs sh1t up.. that is why I told Devin to put him up.. all he does is sleep”
Brittany points out that a lot of ‘those’ people on the other side of the house won’t put Zach up they all have a deal to make it to jury. She guarantees they are going to get picked off each week, it’s very clear if you look how the things have gone.
Brittany says she wants to work with someone so she can help them out not have them help her out. Brittany adds that Donny will continue to play his own game she;s looking to work with people. Victoria says she never talks game with donny, “I think a lot of people carry him”
Brittnay – THe only way to get rid of him is to backdoor him.. I don’t understand why this is a question”
Brittany says she has 3 for sure votes, she just needs two more to make it a tie
Brittany is not talking to Jocasta about any of this because Donny just gave her the veto and saved her she has to give him her vote. She doesn’t want to give her that pressure.
Britany now says she has 4 for sure, “I don’t know about Frankie I don’t know about Nicole.. Frankie really doesn’t talk to me much anymore.. I don’t know if people are in his ear””

BB16-2014-07-22 15-43-44-477
3:43pm Hammock Brittany

BB16-2014-07-22 15-44-39-262

3:40pm HOH Cody and Caleb
Waiting for the sun to come down to work out. They both agree they don’t want to be staying up late again. Caleb – “I’m going to lose 5 pounds from now until the comp”
Caleb starts talking about when he had 4% body fat. Cody plays along like he hasn’t heard the story 12 times already.
Caleb starts talking about training and his food intake 6 weeks before a competition.
Caleb says the perfect meal is a protein shake and a banana, “have that in the morning.. You’re golden till 12 or 1oclock”
Caleb says he drinks 2-3 white can Monster drinks a day, “Aspartame is the only thing in them that can really harm you”
Cody – What’s that”
Caleb explains its an artificial sweetener
Cody – “I drink the white rockstart 2 of them a day”
Caleb – “You know they have bull sp*rm in them.. all energy drinks do.. the MOnster sure do I read an article about them”
Cody – “I heard about that on red bull but I heard it is false”
Caleb -” Nope it’s true.. none of that is going to harm you I would rather drink 5 monsters a day than smoke one cigarette”
Caleb says as a bodybuilder you have to prep your food for the week it takes 6 hours on Sunday. He say unless your girlfriend likes the bodybuilding lifestyle like food prepping on Sundays you are going to get into fights and it’s not going to work, Caleb mentions how Amber said she likes prepping food caleb says she’s perfect.
Caleb still wants to maintain a good sculpted body even after he gets his record deal.
Caleb says Devin had a good body “Had some nice Cuts”
Cody agrees. Mentions a guy he knows that is MASSIVE

Caleb – He’s probably roided out.. at that age it’s impossible to get that amount of muscle growth.. he probably takes pill form stuff not syringe stuff..
Caleb – If I looked at him I could tell you.. I Would say Devin took something before.. I don’t quite know for sure
Caleb adds it’s hard to tell with Black guys because they are naturally HUGE
Caleb says black guys were bred to be ‘beasts’ back in the slave days that is why there’s a lot of HUGE black guys that are naturally big. Caleb – “Generations and generation they are bread like that they have the best Genes”.
Caleb adds black guys have superior slow twitch muscle fibres.
Caleb says he’s normally two of him when he gets home he’s going to be the smallest guy our of his friends it’s going to be horrible. Caleb says he’s going to start eating better because all the gluten is swelling up his glands.

BB16-2014-07-22 16-11-22-266

4:11pm Frankie and Zach
Frankie says in his regular life his schedule is sleep until 4 stay up until 5

BB16-2014-07-22 16-20-11-940

4:18pm Backyard Donny and Zach
Zach asks him if he’s campaigning because there is no need it’s going to be 10 to zero
Donny asks if he’s campaigning.
Zach doesn’t know for sure he’s always sleeping but he thinks she is. Mentions that apparently Brittany was out in the backyard crying saying she feels like she’s just starting to play the game “It’s day 36”
Zach gave her a little hope cause you have to.
Donny know they all say he’s safe but in the back of his head he’s a bit worried,.

Donny says they have heard very little building in the backyard so he’s thinking the competition will be done before the show is over. Donny thinks it will be mental.
Zach – “Next thursday we’ll be half way done”
Donny – “Thats a long time”
Nicole joins them they start talking about types of competitions.
Nicole wants it to be endurance. Donny says if they gave him a seat he could sit for 6 to 8 hours.
Amber joins them. They talk about there being only 5 girls and 7 boys. The HOH competition has 5 girls against 6 boys.
Zach – “They can’t keep doing this double head of household bullsh1t”
Nicole thinks it will end soon otherwise ½ the house will be on the block.

BB16-2014-07-22 16-27-03-948

4:25pm HOH Frankie, Cody, Christine, and Caleb
Cody rubbing Christine’s arm.

BB16-2014-07-22 16-46-11-287

4:46pm Backyard Nicole is doing Victoria’s Nails
(Just Chit chat and it’s not even funny)

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Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
The bottom Feeders = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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I just had to get this off my chest..
Reading Nicole and Christine’s comments I couldn’t help but feel like I’ve seen those ugly personalities somewhere else. Now I realise that they are just like Cinderella’s step-sister’s.
Nicole is just the mean one trying to keep up with her other sister(Christine) and her mother (In this case the house but more specificly the detonators).
Christine is the mean and rude one, and when you actually think about it is over all madly jouleous of Cinderella(Brittany/Amber)
And by no means am i saying that Amber and Brittany and saints and are just like Cinderella. They both have done stuff that even got me mad, like how Brittany feels like she’s entitled to stay because she has three kids or how Amber goes from guy (Devin)to guy (Hayden)to guy(Caleb) to guy(Cody). but it doesn’t change the fact that every single time these girls(Christine and Nicole) open their mouth to say something about Brittany and Amber is to talk about them using their looks or joke about how they don’t understand the game as good as they do and i think those comments are made out of jeoulousy. For example why would Christine freak because Brittany was alone with Cody in his room. If she knows there is nothing left do to save her i just cannot undestand why she would be mad because of it. Or how Nicole was saying that she hates Amber when all Amber has been trying to do is work with her and be real… I hope that gremlin 2.0 allience falls soon because i cannot even imagine having to see Christine ugly face for the rest of the summer. I don’t even want her in jury.




Your 100% correct.


I’m with you on Christine not being particularly likeable. I do think she has benefitted immensely thus far from being the human equivalent of wall paper. She is privy to all sorts of information and included in alliances simply because she is mistaken for furniture in the rooms where the real plotting occurs. Once people differentiate between her and the chair she is sitting upon they say “What the hell, you’re in the alliance.”

Additionally the other houseguests have seen enough teen movies that they associate glasses with smart. So basically her glasses are playing a killer game so far in that people believe she has brains to contribute to an alliance despite everything else about her suggesting that these people are sorely mistaken.

I don’t think she has much actual influence beyond Nicole so I really don’t see her making it beyond about 6th or 7th place. I honestly don’t think you’ll have to suffer her presence very much longer!


but amber isn’t jumping from guy to guy to guy. that’s a misunderstanding. she’s trying to be friendly with all the guys, but part of her predicament is that a couple of the guys are very aggressively forcing themselves on her, so she isn’t just playing the game everyone else is playing (i.e. paranoia, trying to maintain relationships, trying to stay off the block and keep the blood off your hands), but she also has to play a second, much more challenging game of managing the feelings of men who are clearly into her without getting them angry. amber is doing twice as much work as anyone in the house and she’s still getting treated like she’s a tease, even though the only thing she has done is be friendly (like everyone else), be flirty (like everyone else… i mean, is anyone picking on hayden for flirting with both victoria and nicole? is anyone picking on cody for cuddling with every girl in the house? or christine for hardcore cuddling cody even though she’s got a boyfriend outside the house?), and trying not to make any enemies.


I am utterly sick of Brittany mostly because she’s an unbelievable bitch but also that her time was up when devin was hoh and she went to grovel in the dirt to him. How is she gonna make Cody feel bad for her this time does she have cancer?


Amber is also dealing with sexual harassment, and it’s wrong.


Agree. Want to give you 1 million likes. Its not only christine’s looks, but also cant tolerate her annoying voice and the way shes constantly giggling when she talks. Sorry Tim, but your wifer is seriously crushing BIG on Cody. Everyone sees it.

Big Sister

Christine’s incessant laughter is causing me to mute my tv when she is on.


You just lost all credibility when you called Christine ugly…

What does that have to do with being mean?


Cody sits when he pees……….


All guys should! There’d be less pi$$ all over the toilets and floors, god I love him for doing that!


agree 100% w/Paulie… after i read that, i was like, “ooooh no wonder he’s the house hottie… not peeing on the seat is hot.”


That explains why he is so scared to put up caleb, i hope he goes soon for putting up donny


In other news Caleb believes Amber will cook meals for him according to his diet.


I hate Brittany saying she deserves to be there and zack doesn’t because zack has undoubtedly played a better game, he doesn’t do much because he hadn’t gotten in much trouble and had to bust his ass like Britt has. It’s a strategy, not just being lazy

Jimmy 64

If you are picked to be on the show you deserve to be there.


oh sleeping all day and night is just a strategy now?? That is a esay one. Imagine if all the houseguests chooses this strategy?


Look how far that got McRae and Amanda. don’t underestimate the game play of staying in bed all day. also hard to get into trouble, plus no one remembers you are still in the game.

Caleb’s race comments seem very innocent, not malicious, (like past houseguests) plus not sure anyone can completely discount it when you know that black slaves were treated like cattle in America.


It’s not that, it’s just he doesn’t need to be up and running his mouth all the time because he hasn’t been in any real trouble so for now he can just relax. And whenever he is up he’s constantly talking game with his alliance members.

Christine's Wedding Vow

I don’t know if I can be faithful. Cody is just so dreamy. What happens in BBH stays in BBH, correct? I might have to try Victoria’s El-blow job.




I love how Caleb speaks to people like he is the only one on earth who knows how to be healthy and workout. I don’t know what’s harder, playing the game or keeping a straight face while talking to him.


Also, I thought Cody was so dreamy until he professed his love for Zac Efron AND admitted that he sits when he pees……really? Never mind.


lot of the guys this year seemed to have been chosen for their non-machoness. More of them are crying than the girls. 🙂


Wow! Caleb! Can someone pls put a sock in his mouth so he can stop talking. Or give him a sleeping pill or something. Everything he talks about are always about how awesome he is, how perfect Amber is, how he wants to have a date with her and some other crazy things he thinks he knows but … He is so dumb. He is so full of himself. I feel so bad for him. I don’t think he is ok upstairs. Lol.


Isn’t Christine married? I trust my spouse but I don’t think id be all ok with them cuddling up like her and Cody are. I don’t cuddle with my guy friends that I’ve known for 15 years since I got married. Everyone’s different I guess.

ljs hater

married for 15 years but sleeping around for 10…


Haven’t been married for 15 years. I said guys that I have been friends with for 15 years. Read it and get it right honey.


Christiane is really strange. I think her marriage is open. And Remember she only stays naked in her house. She probably wants all the girls gone so she can get naked with all the guys in the house.

Michael from Canada

It’s not an open marriage. I’ve heard her say that her husband is the only guy she’s ever been with.


look at christines husbands twitter. he’s hella pissed


I fundamentally believe that Christine has a crush on Cody. She always talks smack about Amber and Brittany, the two girls that Cody has eyes for, and it’s often ratcheted up when they are with Cody.


Christine is fugly as shit


Her face would scare the paint off a tin barn.


Can someone tell me if Cody prefers Nicole or Amber.


This is a crazy season. Everyone needs a sleeping pill. Too much speed not enuf sleep leads to paranoia . It’s rampant. Caleb is just plain weird. so many flat out lies . If they slept some that woulda understand


I just notice that Christine is grinning like a chess-cat in the arms of Cody. That’s what she wants his attention. And was talking about elbow Victoria!


Cody did not put Caleb on the block


Caleb or Amber win HOH they will put cody and zach on the block


Christine you wh*re


I want caleb gone just so cody and amber get closer. But caleb is great tv and idk… I think coder would be perfecr. Cinderellas( amber) prince charming ( cody). Idk maybe just me.

Michael from Canada

Amber isn’t Cody’s type. She’s not married or in a relationship.


Oh look, I spy Christine laying real close next to Cody. I don’t see brittany complaining how Christine is up there with Cody. Shows how much Christine is a jealous little girl. I also thought Christine is marry. Christine must be jealous that those pretty girls (brittany, Amber, Nicole) have boys just cuddle with them.

Word on the street

read an article a day or two ago that actually touched on Christines behavior in the house with being married and all. It said that her husband Tim was not happy with her actions at all and was planning on waiting until she was out of the big brother house to tell her he was planning on splitting up. it’s crazy what the big brother house can do to real life relationships


That is absolute nonsense. He is easy to find on twitter, Timothy Brecht posted a few hours ago, “YEAH CHRISTINE, YOU KEEP DEM STEPS UP”


Ha! That’s hilarious and I hope it’s true! Doesn’t she know that she’s being recorded every second in that house?


link please.


I don’t think that’s true because he’s still posting positive things about her AND her pictures are all over his twitter page. He did say he’s not happy about it, but it’s no one else’s business (which is true, BUT she is in the BB house and talking mad crap about Brittany (who’s single) cuddling with Cody, so she’s going to be judged pretty harshly)


BB 17 better be an all star season!!!


HOLY COW! Does anyone take Caleb’s comments about African Am.’s a LITTLE offensively? it’s not necessarily racial but it COULD be offensive. Everything he says is just complete bull-shi*… or should i say sperm? Lol. Sorry but Caleb needs some counseling and a new brain!

My name is Caleb and I have a problem...

Yes, it can be seen as offensive if coming from someone not as idiotic as this tool. From him it is another thing to add to his inbred poster child resume.

Jimmy The Greek

Hey, I lost my job with CBS for making those comments.

Caleb stands when he poops...

So True, Jimmy The Greek!!
Thought I was the only one who remembered when that happened…


Don’t look for things to be offended about. He says ignorant stuff all the time, so what?

Big Sister

A little bit of Caleb goes a long way with me. Remember that this is the guy whose racist comment about President Obama was publicized before BB16 even began. What an idiot!


Yep I found those remarks ignorant and racist. Those same sort of remarks got Al Campanis fired from the Dodgers in 1987 and Jimmy the Greek from CBS back in 1988. 25 years later Caleb’s repeating the same B.S.? What are they teaching the youngun’s in Kentucky?


My bad Al Campanis was fired for saying blacks didn’t have the mental “neccessites” to manage in the big leagues (like Tommy Lasorda was a mental giant). Not the same as Caleb or Jimmy the Greek, but equally as offensive.


Why does Cody have to snort his snot into his throat all the time??? Blow your nose!! Your wearing a microphone and we can all hear it and it makes me want to puke!


Christine’s thoughts, “He’s touching my arm, he’s touching my arm, he’s touching my arm. Finallyyyyyyy, my turn!!!”

christine's husband

Thats bat crap crazy how Christine is snuggling up to him like that. Id be crazy pissed if I was married to her and had to sit at home and watch this.


Wish the punishment for Caleb would be taping his mouth shut. Props to Jocasta, Brittany and Amber for being nice to each other. The last photos of Cody and Christine made my skin crawl. Yikes!


I guess Caleb is studying Black History now he knows all about why Black men’s has muscle and kiss Amber why she is asleep Jocasta please pray for Caleb.LoL


she is one ugly person inside and out, I don’t like Derrick but I do like the way he act in the house around the women. He told one of the girls they could not sleep in the HOH room with him because he was married. Christine should carry herself the same way.

Bull Sperm

Caleb drinks plenty of me, but I’m not in energy drinks.

Caleb stands when he poops...

That is so foul, that it made me totally laugh out loud.

Christine's husband say

That’s ok. I haven’t been able to get it up ever since the second bag on her head broke. I guess she’ a three bagger.

Cody's inner thoughts

She’s no Amber or Brittany, but at least she’s got decent boobs. The girls in this house are too easy! Well… except for Jesus-lovin, bible-thumpin Jocasta and Brittany the milf.

Shut up Caleb!

Caleb needs to keep his mouth shut and study before he try to speak on black history. The purpose of slave breeding was simply for having new slaves without incurring the cost of purchase, to fill labor shortage because Atlantic slave trade termination.

Don’t he remember a famous CBS sports commentator, Jimmy the Greek (aka Jimmy Snyder) destroyed his lifelong career with the following comment:

“The black is a better athlete to begin with because he’s been bred to be that way — because of his high thighs and big thighs that goes up into his back, and they can jump higher and run faster because of their bigger thighs. This goes back all the way to the Civil War when during the slave trading, the owner — the slave owner would breed his big black to his big woman so that he could have a big black kid.”


I think Caleb’s comments are ignorant more than anything else. I honestly don’t think he is even aware of the extent of how ignorant and backwards he comes off at times from how he views women to that stuff like that gem he said with conviction. I bet he’s repeating some myth he heard. He maybe needs someone to correct him without going crazy on him or he needs to get out more and off the invisible beast mode cowboy ranch.


Ummmm….wtf Christine?

Caked has poopy pants

Christine: I’m sooo happy, now I have a place to rest my hand.

Danielle's Cankles

Hey y’all. Why’s nobody talking about me anymore? I’m still the prettiest girl to ever play Big Brother. Plus, I’m a nurse which means I’m super smart…a nurse is like a female doctor y’all.


Keep your friends close but your enemies closer….Christine has been saying things to Victoria so Cody is reeling her in to make sure she keeps her mouth shut.


someone please explain to me why Christine was getting mad at Brittany last night for spending so much time with Cody and is continuing to snuggle up with him. I swear they said she was married when she came in. My husband would have some serious problems with me snuggling up with some young (and very attractive) guy on national television.

sick of entitlement

So tired of Brittany saying she deserves to stay b/c she has kids. Who cares?! CBS picked all of the house guests. Until they’re voted out, they each ‘deserve’ to be there.

Michael from Canada

Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.


I’m glad Caleb’s comment wasnt even mentioned till about 30 comments in … I thought it was telling not offensive … Caleb is just a true narcissist. Glad peeps are not going psychotic crazy on the race card .. Hats off to you 🙂

Caleb stands when he poops...

Great comment!
I’m assuming people are smart enough to just consider the ignorant source.
Let’s hope so…

Caked has poopy pants

Ummm, Caleb, my sweet, slow boy from down the lane, don’t let anybody stop you from being the special sunshiny train wreck that you are. Because, God knows, you simply take my breath away.
Cody, if you just lay there and play dead, the critter that has you in its grasp may eventually loose interest. Or, ya know, not.

christine suffer

From fugly girl syndrome .
Inside and out .what a jealous mean girl .


I’ve never seen so much “cuddling” in my life, especially gay man/straight man. Christine is married…this is not normal…strange bunch.


Christine is a frustrated and mean witch. Do you wonder when you look at her? Her husband has probably run out of paper bags……..the ones he put over her face before intimacy. Lol!


I don’t know any black woman or even half-black like Amber who would date Caleb and not knock his head off his block when he spouts crap like the breeding of black men. No black woman would put up with that sh*t! This guy was obviously raised by racist parents and fed this crap at an early age. I truly don’t think he is racist but he’s totally ignorant now that he is a grown man and can make his own judgement. Where ignorance is bliss tis folly to be wise!


Looks like we all know now why Christine was so mad at Brittany being in Cody’s bed……that’s where she wanted to be. Calling a single woman names for doing less than what you are doing now with Cody? You are gross jealous little troll and I hope your poor husband doesn’t see you on the feeds with any of his friends and family to spare him from your behavior in front of people. SHAME ON YOU!!!!


WTF!? I really hope BB rigs the game so that Donny wins! I can’t stand anyone else on this show!!!! With the exception of Donny… these are some of the most delusional people to have ever played this game! Ok, I will say that this cast is still a teensy bit better than last year’s cast… but only because there is only one known seriously, uneducated ignoramus this year (Caleb). It’s 2014…. how does he not know that those comments about black men are not okay to say???? I am embarrassed for his family. I feel so much sympathy for Christine’s husband. Christine knows that out in the real world, she would never have the opportunity to cuddle with someone as good looking as Cody. She’s loving every minute of being in this tiny bubble…. Based on her looks and personality…. In this house she’s a 6. In the real world, she’s a 2. And Hayden and Nicole…. sure, in the real world, they would be a cute couple…. but only in some weird, back roads-type area where people are missing teeth from drinking mountain dew all day….like in the movie Deliverance! All I have left to say, at this very moment is…. the new nerd herd needs to go!!!!