Big Brother Spoilers: SURPRISE! Jordan & Rachel used the VETO, Adam & Shelly are on the block! *Updated*

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11:50am When the live feeds come back from TRIVIA, Kalia and Porsche are in the HOH room. Kalia is telling Porsche that she would never willingly put Porsche up on the block and if she had to it would only because she had to and that she would be the pawn. Kalia and Porsche start going through all the scenarios of what might or could happen. Kalia says that Jordan is a really, really, really bad liar… and that anything that happened before was Jeff. Kalia says that if Jordan says its the four of us working together then .. we are working together. Kalia says that she really wants to talk to Rachel because of the her speech. Kalia says that she needs to confront her about calling her and her alliance out in her speech. Kalia says that she will say that if we are working together as a final four we need to know we can trust you. Kalia starts going through the scenarios again.. she says if they put up Rachel and Adam… Porsche says that’s the ideal situation.

Meanwhile out in the backyard, Adam, Jordan, Rachel and Shelly are talking. Rachel is talking about how the duo’s twist has been affecting the whole game. Jordan and Adam think that the twists are far from over, there will be another Pandora’s Box or something during the next HOH.
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12pm – 12:15pm Porsche says that they are on cloud nine .. it’s my HOH and they get to decide everything. Kalia says that they are just happy because they were so low a couple days ago. Porsche says that Rachel has a good chance of winning this … she has won more HOH’s and POV’s than anyone.. and was on the bottom and came back so many times. Kalia agrees. Porsche says that now we know that Adam and Shelly were with Jeff and Jordan for sure now. They talk about how it doesn’t even matter about back dooring anyone anymore because everyone plays for the POV now. Kalia says sorry Shelly but we need you gone this week. Meanwhile Rachel, Adam, Jordan and Shelly are talking about dogs and other random stuff. Porsche and Kalia decide to head downstairs. Kalia says that she really needs Rachel not to win HOH. Porsche says yeah me too. Kalia heads out into the backyard and they continue to talk about their dogs.

12:15pm – 1pm The houseguests continue to talk about their dogs. Adam goes to layout in the lounger. Jordan heads inside. Adam starts talking to himself about who he can trust …he says trusts Jordan. Adam says that its so hard to just be honest in this game.. and that he is working so hard to be true to his word. Adam says that no one wants to take him to the end. Adam says god everyone seems to love me today.. I really wanted to be the manipulator be strong and win competitions .. I really wanted to fight hard and prove I wanted to be here .. we will see how far that gets me.. Adam asks why did I ever trust Shelly ..I never should have trusted her… .I should have seen the writing on the wall …Big Brother Bus Depot. Adam says that he is so stupid sometimes… my stupidity works for me sometimes though. Adam recounts the competitions he should have won. Adam says he misses his girl, friends, brother ..his life. Adam talks about how he hopes he hasn’t embarrassed anyone ..especially Fara… he says he hasn’t done anything that would be embarrassing other than suck at competitions.. Adam starts studying the events of the house.

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209 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: SURPRISE! Jordan & Rachel used the VETO, Adam & Shelly are on the block! *Updated*

    1. Sorry, do not have the live feeds anymore but just read on Facebook that Kalia said once she threw her little dog against a wall, and I really hope not because out of all the newbies Kalia was the one that I sort of liked. Do not really believe everything that is wrote on that Facebook but can anyone attest to this if it is the truth. It takes a special type of cruelty in a person to be that cruel to a small animal to throw it up against a wall, and if it is true then what type of crazies did BB put in this house this season. We have the liar who steals and then claims she is the innocent one, Shelly, we have the one that thinks it is a good idea to hit Rachel with a medicine ball, Porsche, and now Kalia who apparently harms defenseless animals. They all need to go home because people like these three do not deserve to win the $500,000. COME ON JORDAN and RACHEL win HOH and send these crazies home. Geez, did Shelly, Porsche or Kalia never ever learn the word compassion.

        1. Are you kidding me?…Just because she gets a little emotional and lets the stress of the game get to her doesn;t make her crazy…People should be judged during emotional highs and lows…in now way does she even come close the those other witches!

      1. Kalia did say that today on the feeds, and I also heard her and Dani talked about it earlier this season. When she said that Rachel and Shelly were disgusted, and she’s like “well he’s just a dog, and he bit me”

      2. For that sake, all of them is crazy. But seriously Kalia and Porshe are really the best one and I hope they go to the F2.

        1. Kaalia and Porsche are the best !

          You’re kidding…right? They are two evil, mean-spirited imbeciles.

      1. I hate kalia. Adam keeps switching back and forth yet nobody says anything about it. Shelly is an idiot and a backstabber/liar. She would have gotten farther than she is now if she stuck with Jeff an Jordan. Now she won’t even make it to final four. Way to go Shelly. You learned the hard way that lies to get money never works. Look at Jeff. He told one lie about the cornhole comp and he is now eliminated. Greed.

        1. Jeff didn’t leave because of the cornhole game, it was because shelmeister believed she would get further in the game by listening to the 3 stooges (DPK). Like you said she would have made it further in the game by sticking with JJ but she has lied so much she doesn’t know what IS the truth. Buh bye shilly…no money, no friends, no CLASS straight shooter…what a freakin moron!!

        2. With all the lies Shelly (aka Skeletor) made this on the show this season (even to viewers watching her spout off in the DR) you really have to wonder if her whole life is a lie. How are we to know if she’s really an exec, maybe her family hates her, she probably paid (before entering the house) strangers to pose as friends for the shots from her house to make it look like she actually has friends….

          She is quite the piece of work: makes you wonder if her employer likes what he / she sees?

    1. If plans all go well they won’t be anymore rigging needed, but if Kalia ends up winning HOH in the next 2 weeks another helping hand will come outta production’s ass to save the hopeless Vets..Go Production

      1. Could have another hanging comp (like POV that will air Wed.) Shelly has a pin in her back and adam is too short to clamp his legs around anything. The only chance was that Porche or Kahlia could hold on longer. Fortunately the cutouts were of their partners so production didn’t have to worry about luck of the draw. They knew what contestants would get. It should be pretty easy to see that Rachels dummy was easir to hold on to. I image they definately want J and R to stay in through final four for ratings. Adam or Kahlia will be leaving.

        1. …..people, get a grip !

          This is a reality show, probably scripted and definately filled with the kind of people you’d expect to encounter at a “lunatics anonymous” meeting…. CBS wants viewers and high ratings. You actually think they want normal people on the show?

    2. The possibilities are endless, next power might be if your first name starts with the letter J and Jordan will say “that sucks why don’t they give us a power” only to have Rachel say I’m glad my name starts with a J. Or BB will announce if you are a previous winner of BB please go to the diary room to get your final two pass and wait there is more this pass will also count as four votes from the jury. Again Jordan will say “this sucks why do they cater to those who don’t do anything” They should change the name of this show from BB to BJ (boring jordan)

        1. Thanks A. I just try to think of what it would take for everyone to say screw this it’s too dumb to watch anymore. I really feel that CBS should hire me for their production team and let me get drunk and then come up with ideas, but I feel someone already has that job. Could it be the vets know how to handle production better than the newbs? Maybe Brendon isn’t the baby’s father maybe Rachel will do anything to win? Was the baby conceived in the diary room? When will Jordan come out about her pregnancy?

        1. Production HAD TO STEP IN !!!

          Can you imagine how boring it would be watching Adam, Kalia, Porsche and Shelly for the next couple of weeks?

          Shelly and Adam sitting out in the yard in a cloud of smoke (Adam inhaling with those horrid, gasping sounds), Kalia sleeping and sleeping and sleeping, getting up to take a piss and then going to sleep some more, Porsche eating non-stop… Cripes, people would abandon the show in droves.

            1. Simon, read my comment below. I’m just pointing out the ridiculous conspiracies that BB Production rigged the game. Sure they opened the opportunity for R&J to save themselves this week, however, if it weren’t for Porsche going for Pandora’s box, nothing would have changed… so.

      1. It already happened, Jeff’s HOH. However, Jeff was at least able to get lying snake Dani out moments before he got screwed.

    3. Probably a double wedding for the two happy couples, a christening for the expectant parents, and all expense paid vacations to all the other HGs for throwing all the next HOH and Veto’s and to all those in the Jury house yet another chance to be on BB “Rigged” again in the future. To those that got evicted before jury or had to leave, they are also eligible to return whenever they want. It will now be known as Club BB Rigged Productions sorta like Club Med, but only better.

    4. I agree its not worth watching anymore. I will just read about it and not give production the satisfaction of believing I am stupid enough to buy the bull

  1. Dani did make some money on this show. She’s charging Kalia for the buttons by the hour. The two stacked orange ones or Kalia based on personal weight. Ok, Kalia, you don’t need buttons to know that if you don’t win that next HOH or POV your GONE.

  2. Who received the other $5000 from Pandora’s box? Kahlia? Why isn’t anyone talking about that? It’s as if Kahlia doesn’t know.

      1. Didn’t I hear Porsche read from the card in front of all the HG that it was 10,000 to be split with another HG and that the duo was now in effect because she chose to take the prize money, so I think they know, but I could be mistaken

      2. I did read that porchia’s partner for the other 5g’s. It showed 2 cards with 5,000 on each of them. Neither are talking about it though! SOOOO Happy Shelly got put up. lies only take you so far. I am surprised that her husband hasn’t divorced her since he found out she was really lying about being a woman… haha

      3. No, she has to share it. It said it right in the text of the envelope she opened (and the photo of two separate $5K gold boxes) That was the whole concept of the Pandora’s box–duos.

      4. I was also wondering this – the clue said that she would be sharing the champagne and other $5,000 with another houseguest? Maybe we’ll find out on Wednesday.

      5. On last night’s show when she opened the envelope it said she had to share the $10k with someone else, but they never said who. I would expect it to be Kalia since she is the other half of the duo for the week, but who knows.

        1. She received $5,000 and she had to share or give the other $5,000 away to the other house guests but we don’t
          know if that meant one house guest or all of them sharing the other $5,000. I hope they show us live!

      6. the cow got the other half … it read that she has to share .. and since she picked tha cow as her partner the cow gets the other half … pairs remember … as for not telling anyone .. well the car has now reason … and now way is the cow gonna tell anyone … it will have to be the CAR letting the cat out of the bag ….lol… but she did have to give $5,000 to her now new partner … ps; neither is too bright … time will bite them in the butts …lol… and they do have large butts.. :-)

  3. The duo twist was really stupid. The newbies were easily picked one by one. CBS should have given the HG at least a week before they revealed the twist & made them choose their partner.

  4. Does anyone else think that this pb was bs?! I know Rachel & Jordan are good for ratings cause Rachel is a crazy person, and Jordan just acts cute for tv but really? I don’t appreciate CBS trying to help them out when porche won the HOH fair and square.. One of them should have went home! CBS better throw in a twist to help the newbies because that would only be fair

      1. Let’s review. Who decided to go with Pandora’s Box–CBS or Porsche (who, beforehand, kept insisting everything was JUST PERFECT)? …all for $5K. And when was Pandora’ Box presented–before or after the Veto Comp was played? And who decided on who the duos would be–CBS or the HGs? I believe maybe the black helicopters over your house are zapping your brain cells. :)

    1. um, excuse me, but who the hell told P to open the stupid box?! She could’ve just left well enough alone! especially since her entire alliance told her to! I hope the newbs get picked off now just b/c she was dumb enough to risk it! they had that house on lock once Jeff was out the door & she blew it! bahahahahaha high five P! you’re the best player on JR’s team!! Team JeJo!!!! side note….I hope R is pregnant & can no longer compete…then CBS can bring back the most recently evicted houseguest….JEFF!!!!!

    2. No way will Production throw in another twist to help the newbies, have ANY of the twists helped the newbies? NO they were all geared towards the Vets

    3. This is the second time this season Production has nullified a HOH. First Dani’s when she got Brendon out the first time. Now with Porsche’s current HOH.

      I have never seen them do this in all of the BB seasons.

      HOH doesn’t mean crap anymore.

      1. Yep, and I know that “Production” voted for Brendon instead of Dani’s boy Dom. Damn, it’s like they’re the Matrix, only more diabolical. That is rich :)

        My side isn’t winning (Dani people only)……………………………..It must be a set up by “Production”!

    4. i reall ythink jordan was supposed to win the HOH comp that Kalia did i think production made a mistake and this is how they are making it up to Jordan cause that was the week she lost Jeff,….justa thought

    5. Oh I see in your opinion it’s only rigged if someone you don’t wont to win in involved.By helping You mean like how conveniently the Double Eviction twist happened on Jeff’s HOH week insuring he couldn’t compete for HOH and didn’t have time to fight for votes? I guess you’re right, BB is rigged!! ….NOT!…Production didn’t choose the pairs, and Porche has been doing better at physical comps than Rachael. These conspiracy theories are ridiculous. Sure production provides some intel in the DR, but it is impossible for production to completely determine who will win a comp. The POV comp was more geared toward Porche to begin with considering she is the best physical player left.Every year that Pandora’s box has come out – people whine the same crap. She didn’t have to open it, she knew it could be bad. No one’s fault but the idiot Porsche.

      1. Ummmmm Pandora’s Box is ALWAYS announced in advance by Julie, just like the double eviction night is announce in advance by Julie. The POV comp was totally geared to Rachel, she excels at that type of comp.

        So stop talking like Shelly and speak the truth….sheesh

        BB has the fix in totally!

        1. Production also saved Dani in week 5. If she leaves then its a totally different game. So you can’t complain about production near the end when they have fiddled with the competitions throughout the entire game.

          And anyone can still win any competition, so its not completely rigged.

      2. See the trick to choosing the pairs was that Porsche had to give the 5k to somebody else which automatically made them a pair. Production knew she would not give Rachel or Jordan 5k dollars. That was the whole point of making the Pandora’s box money to be spilt up and not all go to the HOH. Everyone opens pandora’s box period.

    6. Porscha had a choice, either to open the PB or not. She was tempted w/the $$. No one forced her to open the box. If she had not opened it Rachael would have been evicted. Instead she opened it & screwed her own HOH & alliance. Plus what’s more she doubly screwed Khalia since she told them she only got $5k but got $10k that she could share w/another Hg. She chose to keep it all for herself. Can anyone say “Greedy”.

    7. What is it you cant understand its about the vets not about anything else, when you have someone like POR WHOS trying to hide the 5,000 from Kalia. These two don’t deserve to have a full ho they can’t even trust each other go Dani you taught thenm good job, I hear that there doing a job on you in the jury house I heard you said this was the worst summer of your life as well as worst birthday oh well maybe next year bb will bring you back so you can winn bb and say I am the best player

    8. Then your hero Porsche should NOT have taken the money. She has got a lot of nerve sitting there whining about how “They” get to make the decision while she is HOH. And everyone calls Jordan dumb??? Porsche is very nasty- she has said someone horrible and uncalled for things about everyone in the house- except her hero Dani.

      1. Porsche has skated through this entire season. She has never had to worry about her safety in this game once. The worse thing that has happened to her is being on slop and even that wasn’t for an entire week. She has had a wonderful summer really.

    9. yep and production made all the others loose right …. NOT …or mayber they rigged it so they would all drop but Rachel… and like BB hasnt thrown in things to make it more interesting .. they didnt tell CAR to open the box … she chose to do so … so get off of productions back ….lol. its their job to throw in a mix or two or three….lol…or should i say twists …they have said it time and time again ….CAR knew what she was doing …

  5. Is anyone else annoyed with KP and these stupid game chips? There’s only six people in there, not a football team or basketball team with actual plays. They are just dumb!

    1. Next HOH Competition: P N A Cup.

      Each houseguest will p in a cup for pregnancy testing. The houseguest whose cup turns out positive is the new HOH.

      Just sayin. Go Team Production, yo!

    2. Yes Go production, but if you want ratings evict Jordan and bring in Dr. Will don’t say it can’t be done look at how many times the vets are getting things handed to them or taken away from the newbs. I think the newbs are more interesting than most of the vets. Less sense of entitlement, only vet that entered this house to ever win this was Dick, Jordan just coasted through and was the less annoying but she is still proud of it.

  6. u people need to stop crying about this being rigged… yes cbs did put the pandoras box in place to give jordan and rachel a chance to both stay but in the end it all came down to the veto and every house guest had an equal chance to win the veto…. also people talk about the veto being geared towards rachel but tell me what type of comps is rachel good at? she has shown she is just as good at mental comps as physical comps….. and from what i hear it seems like it was a physical comp which both porsche and kalia have shown themselves to be pretty good at…. does cbs effect the results yes but they didnt hand rachel and jordan anything because in the end they still had to win

    1. don’t listen to him. It will happen Jordan win BB in the history. First woman ever win Big Brother twice since Sandra Diaz-Twine. No other BB contestant ever comeback and win twice. Let’s make it happen. I will back you up on this one. People in her hometown will be celebrating that Jordan Lloyd wins Big Brother history twice. No other contestant winners win it twice.

  7. Sorry Shelly, sad to see you go after making such a huge game move. Oh well, that’s life! Your in one day and out the next.

    Kalia or Adam really need to win the next HOH. Specifically, if they want to see a possible Final 3 of AKP.

    The most intriguing scenario would be if Adam finally stepped up and won. Would think he would nominate Rachel and Kalia, with his primary target being Rachel. Now the twist would be his nomination choice if either Rachel or Kalia would win POV. Because, I somehow believe he cares about both Porsche and Jordan.

    1. This is a big IF he wins HOH.

      If Rachel wins POV, J goes up; if Kalia wins POV, P goes up. Partners vote to keep their allies. The question is, how does Adam break the tie? Then that’s one moment America will see if he got some cojones.

      This would really show where he stands. Go Team Production, yo!

      1. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! If he votes for MY side, he’s got cajones. If he doesn’t…………well then that means he’s all over Jeff’s ball sack and it is being completely rigged by “Production”.

        YEEEEEAAAAAWWWW (In my best Howard Dean voice).

    1. the Duo thing was put in to save JR nothing more, that’s why the comp was singles, would’ve seemed less a rig maybe if they had to compete as duos in the comp

      1. Except the first POV where they were doing the puzzle as a pair, the other POVs when there were duos were still single events where one person of the duo would win and take both down. Like the gum chewing one when Dom won and took himself and Adam down.

    2. Sorry but did you not watch the first of the season? There were individual comps where if one person won the duo was saved. Dom and Adam were saved when Dom won the bubble gum one (the one when rachel cried in the bush after).

    1. I thought $5 were for her and the other $5 designated for a HG of her choosing. Not telling K makes me think she’ll save it to use as a bribe for someone’s vote later in the game.

      1. You make the complicated season more complicated. You sound like someone they can hire at Production.

        Go Team Production, yo!

  8. “Punch in the face with a ham”

    Best. Line. Ever.

    I’m totally stealing it……

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud!!!

  9. So if Adam/Shelly won POV took Rachel/Jordan of the block, who goes up?

    That is why this DUO twist is a complete sham.

  10. LOL! I like what your puttin down.

    But if Porsche snacked dumbass with a ham, she’d think it was a gift and not a threat.
    She’d be going to town on it like there was no tomorrow and growl at anyone who came near her while she’s stuffing her face.

  11. Porsche did not have to open the box.. She chose the money and knew something would help out the vets if she did… If you want to blame anyone for this, blame blondie… Yes production offered her a bribe, but in the end she took it!!!

  12. I don’t care if Shelly or Adam leaves they won’t be miss is not like they
    brought anything to this game. They both look like birds flying around the BB house.

    1. I second that one! Hope it happens once they know for sure she is leaving because it will not affect the jury vote at all!

  13. Cant wait for shelly to gooooooo now wooop must be a defo i doubt jordan will vote to save her now …… i agress that the people still in the house don’t deserve to be there FLOATERS would have been a way better game with the early evicteees but still enjoyed it …….

  14. Yes production did create the duo’s with Pandora’s box but they STILL did have to win it. Production can’t control that!

    1. Agreed. TEAM PRODUCTION can do things that favor certain people, but they can’t fully control the outcomes. They can offer a Pandora’s Box, but they couldn’t force Porsche to take it, she did that on her own. And JR still had to win the POV to stay. Even if they gear the comp to someone’s strengths, it doesn’t guarantee they will win. I think the POV on the double eviction night was geared for Jeff to win, but shit happens and his second shoe fell outside the box without him knowing. Had he seen it, he would have beaten Porsche by a long shot.

      1. yeah i dont know why jeff jumped in the box flailing wildly… its like his strategy was to knock all the balls out the pit and get the shoes at the bottom…. but as that shows production can influence results but they cant completely control them because anybody can win any given comp

      2. Ummm yes they can, when have they ever had an endurance veto? Never! And out of the remaining house guests who was most likely to win? Rachel! Hence the duo twists because they knew jordan would never win

    1. I hope Rachel isn’t prego how unfair for the child to have such a horrible excuse for a human as it’s mother, “I think I’m pregnant I’ll go drink myself drunk again” In all honesty if she is I hope she puts it up for adoption. Just can’t wait to hear her tell the child “see this is the episode you were conceived” and yes all of America was watching. Then “oh you will love this, this is where I got so drunk I puked my guts out” Rachel only makes white trash feel better about themselves.

    2. And you know them personally, or watching a different show where there is group sex? Get a grip fool! Rachel is mentally unstable and should not procreate under any circumstances until she gets on some medication and for Jordan-dang-Grow a brain! Remember her interview questions with Shelley-I wouldn’t hire her to clean the cat’s litter box! BB has set this whole season set up-it was so planned by putting the idiots in house with newbies. Wrong moves by some newbies, but the rest had the game from the beginning. Now we wait for Rachel or Jordan to win -there sits the so-called Brendan with his degrees ( HMMM, if he was smart, he should recognize he’s engaged to a spoiled child that fit quite while into the padded room) and Jeff is a controlling jerk that has a mentally challenged twit to deal with. This has been the worse set up that BB has foisted on the public…………………….

  15. porscha and kalia are the two dumbest players ever. kalia thinks and brags that she has gotten brendan and jeff out alll by herself. if the fat cow had a brain she then would know that she really has done nothing by herself other than talk and talk and talk, just to hear herself talk. KALIA SHUT THE F UP WE ARE SICK OF YOU. can’t wait until she and porscha are gone. porscha what a skank. she is a lazy bitch. she and shelly must really have gotten along the way they open their mouths and they lie. shelly,i wonder if you husband or who ever you babys daddy is watching realized that you were getting caught lieing ALL THE TIME. you lied when it wasn’t necessary. so he somehow contacted the big brothers office just made up the story of death threats. you see we all think you are white trash and a very bad mom to leave your child for 3 months. if you have this great job then you don,t need to be on this show. to have started out disliking rachel, she grew on me this time and i hope jordan comes in 1st and rachel is 2nd. if three are involved then adam 3rd.

  16. LOL, oh boo hoo this pandora’s box was unfair, wah wah wah. If Rachel didn’t win an endurance comp it wouldn’t matter at all (it’s not like it was some sort of moronic pick a number between 1 and 1000 comp or did your best friend do this before or after he told you a secret comp). It’s not like she was answering questions that hadn’t been asked yet. It’s not like they got 4 free weeks of safety from the very beginning of the game because of who their daddy is.

    Oh and concerning the Jordan is useless stuff, yes because of her poor knowledge of Dominic’s actions before and after certain events vs Kalia. Yes how terribly unskilled and dumb, would that she were as smart as Dani and guessed the closest number production was thinking that was between 1 and 1000.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself! I agree 100%, all of thats right. No one understands that Pandora’s box always inflicts something negative and positive. Positive, Porche won 5000. Negative, their was a possibility, JUST a possibility that Jordan and Rachel could both be safe for the week. Rachel duked it out for her and her ally.
      And What you said about Jordan, too-Porche and Kalia are no better than Jordan. And, even better, when Jordan wins competitions she doesn’t act like she’s gods gift.

  17. They know it’s a possibility she is pregnant and you can force anyone to submit to a pregnancy test. However, they did stop supplying the house with alcohol.

  18. The best write-up of the current BB

    Because we TV junkies are all warped individuals, it doesn’t take long for us to begin looking at reality show contestants as family. Especially when it comes to Big Brother. I may see my parents once a week, but I spend three days a week catching up with my Big Brother family. And I don’t even have to bother showering before I see them! So it’s sad, in a way, to watch my Big Brother brothers and sisters fight. Whereas before, the house generally lived in harmony, with the exception of one blow-up or two that was remedied over a nice slop dinner, last night, we watched the family explode as soon as its big patriarch walked out the door.

    When you think about it, the final seven contestants in the house were like a family: You had Big Jeff, the level-headed dad who’s still behind the times enough to hold a grudge against gay wizards. You have Kalia, the emotional — sometimes to the point of irrational — mom who enjoys nights with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and Mr. Big. You have Shelly, the kooky aunt who will tell you how much she loves your cooking to your face, but then goes to run to the other side of the family to talk about how much that cooking just has to go. You have Rachel, the angst-y teenage daughter who just doesn’t understand why you want to keep her apart from her man, and if you keep doing it, she’ll sneak into your house, muffle you with a furry boot, and make you pay, oh my god sequins HAHAHA! You have Porsche, the younger, quieter daughter so above it all, she has no choice but to just roll her eyes and go to get her oil changed. You have Jordan, the pet kitten who just looks so adorable trying to catch butterflies between her paws. And you have Adam, the pet puppy who does absolutely nothing except beg for bacon.

    Turns out Big Daddy Jeff was the glue that held together this very sticky group of people. Because as soon as it became clear that he may not make it to the end with his supposed alliance, all hell broke loose. In a Big Brother first, we rewound to last Thursday’s episode to watch the mystery fight Shelly and Jeff had prior to Daniele’s eviction. So let’s run it down, shall we? One day before Daniele went home, Rachel confronted Big Daddy Jeff to talk about cornholes. (They have a very comfortable relationship.) Shelly had told her that he threw the competition, and that left Rachel no choice but to drop the f-bomb — fiancé. Then, Big Daddy Jeff — angry that Aunt Shelly would go behind his back — only got angrier when he discovered that she had considered trying to keep Daniele in the house. In the purple room, Jeff picked up pet puppy Adam, and said, “Shelly’s such a rat. And Joe Dirt was terrible!” Aunt Shelly overheard the conversation, barged in, and begged to differ, telling Daddy Jeff that she, in fact, is not a rat, but a horse. Jeff disagreed, and announced that she had made final three deals with everyone — that’s something he would never do, because he’s straight up and doesn’t lie to anyone, which is a lie, since he lied to Daniele, and, wait, is he a truthful Whitefoot or a lying Blackfoot, and maybe I should just go and watch Charade than deal with this mess. Adam then tried to offer an opinion, but Big Daddy Jeff just handed him a Bacon Strip to gnaw on. “I’m just worried about us!” the house patriarch yelled. Eventually, the whole argument got so noisy, even Rachel had no choice but to say, “I just don’t want to deal with all this fighting.” Big Brother’s Rachel, unlikely voice of reason!

    If things were bad before Jeff left the house, things only got worse once everyone witnessed “The Hardest Thing”: Jeff walking out the door. Following his exit, Rachel and Jordan gathered in a room, whipped out their tiny violins, and blew up balloons for their exclusive pity party. “I don’t understand how we could be so bad at this game,” sobbed Rachel. The whole scene was one Eric Carmen song away from being Bridget Jones’s Diary, which, incidentally, is likely the next film on Kalia’s Netflix. Then, to make matters worse, Shelly entered. You know when you see your kitten sprawled out on her back, appearing as though she wants attention? And when you approach her, she suddenly and inexplicably unleashes a petrifying attack, clawing and biting at your hands with astounding blood-thirst? I give you Jordan, post-Jeff. Turns out this adorable kitten can be quite ugly. “You should feel like s—!” Jordan yelled at Shelly, insisting the outdoors executive is following in Daniele’s footsteps. “[Daniele’s] season was four years ago, and who gives a f—? And I want my $10 back for Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star!” Calm yourself, Jordan. You may have been handed Big Brother 11 on a silver platter, but the game doesn’t always work that way. Being a piece of s— is a Big Brother requirement. Entering the Big Brother house expecting people to tell the truth is like going to White Castle expecting not to spend your night in the bathroom. You should know what you’re getting into before you enter the Big Brother house — especially for a second time.

    Time for the ever-important Head of Household. It was a game we’d seen in a previous episode — Adam had found a long piece of wood and ball in the Big Brother backyard a week back, and had practiced the balancing game with Jeff. Surely, he would have the advantage, yes? No, silly! Adam is a useless dog! Though the snake-themed game was close — Jordan and Porsche seemed evenly matched at the end — Porsche eventually pulled through with the win, since, as we saw with the last veto, the VIP waitress knows her way around balls. Naturally, the waterworks continued until Jordan eventually ran dry. “I’ve cried so much, I can’t cry anymore,” she said. That’s okay — Rachel had enough tears for the two of them, and continued to sob about the house, Brendon, life, Hurricane Irene, world hunger, getting dumped by Bobby Smith behind the bleachers in 7th grade, the European debt crisis, her roots, Darfur, and her inability to find waterproof mascara.

    Time to see Porsche’s HOH room! But, wait, we didn’t actually get to watch her unveil her room to her Big Brother houseguests. No problem. I’m pretty sure this is how it went down: The VIP waitress guides her five housemates through framed photos of her loved ones. “That’s Tiger, that’s Charlie… ” She begins to tear up when she sees a picture of a Porsche 911 Classic. “Oh, that’s Daddy! And he wrote a letter!” She opens it up, picks up a tissue, and cries as she reads: “Vroom.”

    But — shocker! — there’s a twist! Tempted by $10,000, Porsche decides to open Pandora’s Box, which unleashed something very bad on the houseguests. And Big Brother’s viewers. That’s right — the duos twist is back. Just when we thought it had walked out the door with Adam’s metal beard, it returns in the house, giving Jordan and Rachel a distinct advantage during a week when their fates were pretty much sealed.

    So, time to turn it over to you, fellow Big Brother fans: Should Porsche nominate Jordan and Rachel for eviction, banking on the fact that they won’t win the veto, or should she try to backdoor them? Is Shelly screwed this week? Can the Big Brother family exist without Big Daddy Jeff? Do you accept Jordan’s new attitude, since all adorable kittens are all secretly spoiled assholes anyway? Or did the Southern belle suddenly get ugly? And are you, like me, angry to see the return of the duos twist?

    1. For a “Casual Observer”, you’re pretty damn specific. Instead of clogging up the comments section with a novel, you could have simply written the last sentence.

  19. Hey no one forced P to open Pandora’s box. So don’t blame CBS/BB. Bye, Bye Shelly. I wonder how many lies she will tell in the Jury House.

  20. Lol I agree. Best line ever! It sucks that the newbies suck but they are so fn lame and have zero entertainment value. Plus the newbies that remain do not deserve to win. Because they suck.

  21. They really need to work on the comps in the game, get rid of the before and afters, get rid of the count the objects in a bottle, puzzles and endurance are fine but those first two are really dumb, might as well just have the HGs flip a coin or do paper rock scissors. And LOL at those who cite how great a “player” is based on performance in competitions that involve guessing and luck. Dude this player has totally done nothing, they suck. Why? Well because they lost a luck based competition… makes no sense.

  22. If production had anything to do with this twist — SHAME ON THEM. Don’t they get that Jordan should be OUT because she WON ALREADY. Adam is a punk and has his nose so far up Jeff’s butt its ridiculous. Rachel — even though she is a moaner, she is the underdog and you want her to win. Kalia if you don’t win HOH this week, you are going next! They now have the numbers unless they give Kalia and Porsche a FORTUNE TELLER POWER!

    Okay production make that happen — FORTUNE TELLER POWER

  23. Did anyone notice this comment from Dawg’s post last night:

    Shelly looks up at Jordan with a funny look on her face (I would almost say it was a bit of a smirk), “We have big killer dogs and a body guard.. we’re never alone”.. ??

    I was watching BBAD and missed this – probably because the cameras were on someone else at the time. But I know that Shelly said earlier that night that they have two Yorkies and one dog that weighed 35 pounds (mutt). Obviously, they don’t have big killer dogs and a body guard…

    It makes me think that maybe she is aware of the death threats. I dunno. Maybe I’m reading too much into it… but just struck me as weird.

    1. In her mind they are probably body guard dogs because everything else she says….she actually believes …her own lies!

  24. In the History of BB, was there any HG that didn’t open Pandora’s Box? I’m just curious, I’m sure anybody would open the box if they had the chance.

    1. Well, not really after watching all the outcomes from the other seasons they should know not to do it!
      Temptation is too great but speaks volumes!

  25. Shelly’s family talk of death threats, but this is a family, according to Shelly, that has “killer dogs” and “body guards”?
    I don’t blame Porsche for taking the money. Sure, it screwed over Shelly probably (maybe Adam) but they only show loyalty to who has power that week. If she did not take the cash, there is no guarantee Kahlia would not have screwed her over (whether intentional or through her over-analyzing to the point of stupidity). Who is to say that if she would not have taken the money production wouldn’t have thrown it in via a different twist?
    Whether Dani would still be in the house or not, a large part of why Dani’s game fell apart was Kahlia’s stupid move of sending her own alliance member home, i.e. Lawon. One of the reasons Jeff got Dani out was because she was the biggest threat and he thought he had the numbers (he had the numbers at that moment because Kahlia’s move negated Dani’s HOH the week before, Lawon was gone, and Shelly had not yet flipped).
    I find it funny that everyone thinks BB is rigged. Where was the outrage when Jessie and his bunch got screwed over by production. They threw out the coup de’ta knowing Jeff would get it and Jessie went home because of it – even though he had played a very good game up to that point.
    Final rant: Whoever makes it to the end and gets the jury vote wins the $500k. You do not have to win a competition. You do not have to be liked by America. You are allowed to lie and manipulate. You play to your strengths and to your competition’s weaknesses. Don’t blame the players for playing the game. As far as production, any HG who makes it to the BB house has signed away most of their rights and BB can do whatever they want if they think it will help ratings. Of all the people here, how many would really stop watching because production helped out the vets?

    1. bvan – in my best Rachel banshee voice, “Are you Kidding Me?” Jessie and the wizard powers? what? Where were you? You could not have been here because it was the same thing all over again. Jeff and Jordon are perfect, they never do anything wrong. Jeff and Jordon deserve to win. Jessie is bad, Natalie is horrible and a liar. I’m writing CBS and BB a letter. I hate Natalie, I hate Jessie, every comment. Go back through the archives, look, educate. and yes, we all know you love Jeff and Jordon.

  26. How come everybody is saying Jordan shouldn’t be playing cause she already won, but no one cared about Dick?

  27. Think Rachel just told Jordan that she is not pregnant. Now she just needs to figure out why she’s been feeling sick. Jordan says, probably stress.

  28. Rachel just whispered to Jordan “I took the test. it’s negative” on live feed, camera 1. Less than 2 minutes ago. “one less thing to stress about.” Rachel said.

  29. I hope Adam wins the HOH and puts up KP. Then Rachel can win the POV, and keep it the same. Get Kahlia out! That’s my perfect scenario!

  30. im all for team dani, but porschas dumbass didnt have to open pandoras box!!!i actually really like her though and want to see her win!

  31. SurviBore
    What’s up with that insult about making things more complicated and I should go work for production? Porsche won $10k which she had to split with ANOTHER HG. She didn’t tell K that I know of, so what she holding back for? Wasn’t looking for an insult, just someone else’s opinion.

  32. It’s so obvious that CBS wants Jordan in the game at all costs, that’s why they came up with Pandora’s box at this point in he game, they know Jordan not capable of saving herself and winning a competition without the help of someone else, in this case Rachel……

  33. We now know Porche would sell her soul for $5K!! What a screw up! I don’t think I would even be tempted unless it was for $25K or more.

  34. If CBS is rigging the show, I am sure glad. Shelly is a floater floater, Adam can not win a competition unless it is given to him, Kalia has played Dani’s game, not her own, Porsche flip flops from one side of the house to the other, but Rachel plays the game (emotional and physically) and you watch Jordan turn it up now with Jeff gone. I also hope that Jordan and Rachel are the finally two and the rest of them can sit and wish they would have stayed loyal to their original alliances. Everything about this show is a game. Shelly will get out of that house and be hated by most Americans that are addicted to this show. Watch her, whoever wins the competitions she runs after them, regardless of which side of the house. She is going to watch this and be completely embarrassed. All of Shelly’s co-workers now see what she will do for money, you all better beware of her when she comes home with nothing. Don’t change anything CBS you are doing a great job, if the previous posts really believe what they are saying, there are many other alternatives to watch, except Big Brother, we won’t miss you.

  35. The best thing Shelly has going for her was JJ. She blew it when her head got even bigger about the game she thought she was playing. I will really satisified with J game play if/when Shelly walks out that door. She can apologize all she wants for the blow-up but the fact still remails that Shelly lied like a dog! Adam is the biggest floater I have ever seen in the BB house. OMG ~ is this guy 4 real. He hasn’t won anything so maybe he will come up with a win this week. KP got $5K each. They are being tight lip about it so no one brings it up as a reason to go after them. It would be great if JR would win HOH and have KP sweating bullets for the week. I love to see K squirm. She is so full of herself and thinks she is a mini-Dani. P isn’t far behind thinking she has broken some kind of BB records. Really, these newbees are so whack this year. BB need to keep JR around for rating othewise this show sucks! Glad JR stop crying. That was a bit much. So glad Rac isn’t pregnant. The world isn’t ready for her to procreate.

  36. Ever since Dani left, Porche won HOH, and is listening to stupid idiot Kalia about trusting R/J , and Porsche opening Pandora’s Box, I am done with that bunch. Adam, Kalia and Porsche are so stupid I can’t believe that they have outIasted the strongest players. I can’t stand Rachel, but if the final 2 comes down to Rachel and Jordan, I hope Rachel wins. I hate to say it, but she kinda deserves it plus it really seems that Rachel and Brendon can use the money.

    Dani was my girl to win, but other than Dani, Rachel has played this game hard and with focus 24/7. No way should Jordan be allowed to win. She has coasted this whole time to where she is now. Jordan doesn’t win comps except for the golf game that Jeff and Brendon threw to her. She had to stay silent next to Jeff’s side until he left – like she was letting him play the game alone and Jeff only needed her there with him for the vote. In my opinion, Jordan had the WORST social game than anyone else in the house! She never bothered to even get to know anyone other than Jeff and Rachel – I rarely saw her joining the group chats or games until now when Jeff is gone. She didn’t ever talk to Porche, Dani, Dom, barely Kalia (except for the 2 hour chat on the bath tub), didn’t go off and chat with Adam or even Brendon alone – unless jeff was present in the room. She just stayed by herself away from the group for several weeks. Only now has she emerged with any kind of personality since Jeff’s eviction. So, she sucks at comps and social game. PLUS, she has already won the big bucks!! I think she is super cute and seems like a very nice girl, but come on.. no way does she deserve to win a second time. Go Rachel (I can’t believe that is coming out of my mouth!).

  37. The newbies are so stupid – they don’t deserve to win. They aren’t thinking with any brain cells. Too bad Dom and Cassie are long gone – they were the strongest newbies that would have rocked that house and were capable of challenging the vets. Jordan already won $500K – that doesn’t seem fair. It should go at the end to Rachel. She is an envious bitch, but at least she is smart bitch that is trying so hard. She even practices a good social game. Adam and Kalia are tied for worst player in BB history.

  38. stop saying porshe was greedy to open pandora’s box! it’s a game. everyone is in it for the money. and that’s why there will always be backstabbing and lies. some just chooses to play a dirty game. at the end of the day, it’s still a game. do i think bb is rigged? of course! its for entertainment! if everyone was honest and true, the show will be boring – no one will watch! — yes porshe opened the box. who wouldnt?! come one, be real. everyone will if given the opportunity. she got 10k but had to split. she got the 5k and the other 5k was given to kalia. they didnt air it but it was shown on the live feed. so stop saying oh porshe was greedy. she shouldnt open the box. come on — if U were on the show – U WOULD! .. and lets say porshe didnt open the box… then im almost positive that the little fortune teller machine would probably tell them that they would have to do the next veto comp in pairs anyway. so even if she didnt open the box, im sure production would of came up with another plan. so atleast she got the 5k.

    i think with dani’s veto comp. it was geared to whoever can win. it was a puzzle and not that easy of one. everyone had an equal chance to win that one. i dont think that one was geared towards anyone cause they knew ratings would be good either way if dani won or lose.

    for the double eviction — if dani was to stay, i think production had a intended for jordan to win that HOH competition. she came pretty close. jordan and kalia was up head to head. i think if dani was there, jordan would of won that comp. and dani would of been on the block. and that clown shoe game would of been geared for dani to win. but since dani left, it was geared towards jeff. so the shoe game was backup geared for either jeff or dani to win.. but since jeff was ont he block. it was meant for him to save the day! everyone’s happy! jeff- the hero- came through! and took himself off the block. that was the plan. but out of some fluke — cause jeff cant seem to let things go, —he blew up and porshe took it home! it wasnt part of productions plan. so to fix it.. they brought pandoras box. thats the only way to save the show. they need rachel and jordan to stay for rating. .. so now that dani and jeff are gone, they need to bring them back somehow jsut to keep fans watching. they know they cant bring them in the game.. so supposely, (rumors) they will be back to make a vote in the final decsion between adam and shelly on thrusday. (what a twist right?).. so ofcourse, u know this show has a lot to do with production. if u cant see it, then you are guys are in denial. it is reality, but they have to keep it entertaining, so ofcourse any kind of “influence”, they will bring it. :D anyways, dani did get the short end of the stick. porshe got the short in of the stick too. but they need rachel for the ratings. everyone else is gone. thats what happens when u put newbies with veterans. its hard to make a name and image for yoruself when you are new on the block bcause u dont have a fan base yet.. well either way. i do want porshe to win. shes playing a good game. and i ddont think rachel is that bad.. its jsut how they portray it on the show with al lthe editing. i think outside, rachel is porbably a good person. i mean with the whole blow out with jordan and shelly…she showed she can be a good friend. (game aside — she was there for jordan) .. u have to have some kind of heart to do that….(even through all the little evil things she does) .rachel got my respect. and she’s not a bad game player. so if porshe was gone, i would want rachel to win…

    and thats my opinion folks.. we can agree to disagree the end of the day, its still a GAME..

    1. The reason I say she was greedy is she took such a small amount of $$. I think the smaller the $ the better deal it will be for someone else. There are Pros and Cons to openng Pandora’s box. She gets $5K and RJ get a new lease of life at least for now. Before PD they had given up!

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